Heaven Will Wait (2016) Movie Script

My son and I shared everything.
We'd do sport.
We'd go fishing together.
We'd go running...
He was crazy about the mountains.
We'd go climbing in the
We exchanged so much.
They were beautiful together.
Then, out of the blue...
...we had a phone call...
...telling us he had been
arrested at the border.
I saw nothing coming,
nothing at all.
We were extremely close.
I can't talk to her.
She won't celebrate her birthday.
She quit nursing school
My daughter's a ghost.
I want to slam her into a wall!
I know my daughter, okay.
It's a teen thing to piss us off.
She'll soon get over it.
She's 15, it's no big deal.
These things happen.
- It doesn't mean...
- I dyed my hair red once...
...I dressed punk or
grunge style...
She's at that rebellious age.
- We're here.
- We help her.
Don't question your role.
That's not the problem here.
It seems too much.
She's not into that. We know her.
She's seeking a spiritual path.
She's 15!
You feel you've loved her
so much...
- ...she's safe.
- I trusted him completely.
Completely. We had a close
I see it as a betrayal.
You talk as if he had deliberately
...to leave and join some jihadis.
That's not how it happens.
How then?
They made him feel guilty,
saying, "Your dad's Catholic...
..."his skin will be flayed.
It will be horrible.
"If you love your father,
come to die...
...as the world ends tomorrow.
"Quick, take your things. Go, go!"
- Want one?
- What's in them?
Camembert or salami.
Sonia, are you ready?
We are coming.
We stay over for dinner?
Depends when we arrive.
Sonia, you'll come back next year?
- What's going on?
- Freeze!
- Hold on...
- Don't move, please.
- Freeze!
- Check the bag!
Lie down!
Show us your hands!
- Do it!
- Mum!
- Suspicious package located.
- Sit down.
- Can I see my daughter?
- Sonia Bouzaria?
You're placed in custody at 5:27 am
because you are suspected...
...of attempting to commit a crime
punishable by imprisonment.
Do you want a lawyer?
You may remain silent.
- And in French?
- 15/20.
I deserved better,
but it's the teacher.
You're seeing the gynaecologist.
Don't forget. It's next Wednesday.
Mum, we said I wasn't sure
about getting the vaccine.
Fine, as long as it's before
your first intercourse.
I understand, okay.
I don't like to talk about that..
Mum! Don't walk around naked
like that!
What if we changed the world?
It's crazy, she's saying,
"I don't love you."
But she's totally into him.
Hold on, it's Tressia.
Would it suit me if I was blond
like her?
No, I keep my brain.
Just my hair, I mean.
- Bullshit...
- Mel!
This will do it good.
Wanna try?
Souad, what do you think?
It's weird with your hair.
You're right.
Can we go?
- Cut it out!
- It suits you.
I hate that!
- Can we go?
- Yeah, let's move.
Pencils for Burkina-Faso.
Thanks, that's kind.
- They're beautiful.
- Yeah, it's wild.
I swear that's what he said.
- Jacking off with a friend.
- If it's big, maybe he needs help.
If you don't fuck him
straight off...
...he'll find someone else,
he's too hot.
What happened?
He touched your tits? Fingered you?
Freedom Lover wants to be friends
- You know if he did or not.
- Maybe she doesn't want to tell us
- Forget it, Pauline.
- Chill, Ginger.
The jerk can go to hell.
I'm losing my bag.
I hear you, Counsellor. But you
can allow her to come home.
Two months ago your daughter
was about to leave for Syria.
You got her back in time.
On her arrest four days ago
she was in touch...
...with an Islamist network about
to carry out an attack in France.
I'm aware Sonia's family
environment seems stable.
So, yes, going home remains
an option.
But with the same constraints
as in a closed centre.
Absolutely no Internet or
phone access.
And she could only go out with
one of you or her youth worker.
Do you realize what that means for
...your husband...
...and your other child?
- Give it back to me!
- I have to protect your sister!
- Stop with the Arabic!
- Give me back my Koran!
- It's over!
- Jaddi gave it to me!
The hell with your grandfather!
No more prayers, hijab, nothing!
It's my home. I decide.
I'm your father!
Allah comes first.
We'll see if Allah comes first.
I only obey Allah, okay.
I hate you!
I hate you!
- Did you hear something?
- What?
I heard a key in the front door.
It's nothing. Go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep.
Any visit from Uncle?
No, not this week.
Really? Too busy with work?
I suppose so. No doubt.
- Here.
- Too bad..
Thank you, sweetie.
Tonight, two reds, one white.
Don't forget it, Grannie.
Yes, all right.
I found yesterday's in your sheets.
I hate when they call you Grannie.
They can't remember every name.
It's not their fault.
All the same...
They wouldn't call you that
if you owned L'Oral.
What's that you say?
Forget it.
You little devil!
My sweet girl...
That's a pretty one.
Really? I like it too.
- You're pretty.
- Thank you.
Pretty as a picture.
So pretty...
What's wrong?
There are men outside.
There are men outside.
There's no one there.
Mum, please, let me go.
I beg you, let me go,
or we'll all be lost.
Let me go.
Listen to yourself.
You sound like a madwoman.
- A fanatic.
- You're the mad one!
You're the mad one!
You don't get it!
We're all going to die!
It's the end of the world, Mum!!
You're an infidel.
You'll go to hell, never to heaven.
The hell with your heaven!
If I do it all... Listen to me!
If I do it all for the Prophet...
...we'll both be united, Mum,
we'll be together forever.
- Stop this!
- Forever...
I am in a nightmare...
Is it your mission
to be among the bombs?
You know what's happening there?
Think about it.
Why would you want to die at 17?
You hear me?
We love death more than
you love life.
Your daughter has just turned
to Islam?
You worry about her name change.
You feel she's calling...
...your bond into question. You
feel she questions your motherhood.
We'll look at it step by step.
If she's severed the bond,
she is radicalized.
But she can be Muslim and
remain your daughter.
The Koran... the prayers...
...are Islam, unlike terrorism.
We'll see what her new name is.
We'll look at its meaning.
Is it a Muslim name
or is it "Oum" something?
In the radical networks,
they're always "Oum" something.
"Oum" means "mother of".
Is it "Mother of God's Sword"?
Or "Mother of the Tranquil River"?
We're going to analyse all that
to see...
...if it's "freedom of conscience"
or if it's "captured conscience".
Why can't she come?
I already told you why.
Not right now.
It's not fair.
I haven't had a friend over
in ages.
You eat, please.
Sonia, I'm talking to you.
Keep on pretending.
Enough. Go to your room.
Starve if you want.
Assia's face has become the symbol
of the parents' struggle.
Tired of fighting alone, they
have joined Dounia Bouzar...
...to issue an appeal to the
How many more children of France
will die?
I don't have her jewellery.
My mother took it.
Okay, I prefer to hear that.
I'll leave you.
What Fernand Lger paints
are human machines, human parts.
Firstly, as they have to face
unprecedented firepower.
They are dislocated men.
Secondly, 70 million men were
It's a mass experience,
a collective experience.
Mlanie, we've lost you.
- Sorry.
- Pay attention.
- Dad!
- Sonia, open this door!
- What are you doing? What is it?
- I did nothing!
- You're mad!
- I know what you're doing!
You don't pray and do your
ablutions in there?
Stop it!
She thinks we're idiots!
Go ahead...
Cry to Mum then make her suffer,
Mum, I wasn't doing anything!
Sure. From now on,
I'll know what's what!
Why did you knock so hard?
Don't worry.
Your grannie was awesome.
Mel, my condolences!
Freedom Lover
"I hope you feel better today.
It's hard losing a loved one."
Yes, it's hard.
Why do we have to lose
the people we love?
My grandmother believed.
She said she wasn't afraid
of dying.
Do you believe?
I don't know.
I believe in something.
But priests and mass...
...that's all so fake.
I like the idea of angels.
"I'm Muslim."
In Burkina, a woman told me
about angels in Islam...
Angels come to you in your dreams
a few days before you die.
My grandmother was Catholic, you
In Islam, it says we're all Muslim.
Those who are lost will return
to Islam.
They will convert back.
Look at this.
It helped when my kid brother died.
Your little brother is dead?
Scooter accident.
That's horrible.
How old was he?
Gotta go.
I like chatting to you.
"Me too."
"I like the colour of your hair."
Call me if you want.
It's me!
I asked you to take the trash out!
I don't believe it!
Come on, Sonia. Let's go.
- Okay, with Ken then.
- Ken?
Quickie can't stay alone.
Quickie, want to go shopping?
- Ken, are you coming down?
- Okay, here I come.
- Are you okay? Yes.
- Homework done?
- Shall we go shopping?
- Okay.
- Are you coming?
- Mum said you had an essay.
- Need help?
- It's okay.
What'll we do?
- Shopping.
- Okay.
Actually, no. My ankle hurts.
Okay. Bye, Sonia.
I gave you this one, right?
Maybe. I forget.
Bye, Quickie.
- Bye, Sonia.
- Bye, At.
Dad said you're nice to me
to get my phone.
Is that true?
- Bye, Sonia.
- Bye..
They got my name wrong.
- It's simple enough.
- You can say you blame me.
Tell me I'm a fucking idiot.
Tell me.
- Please.
- Sylvie...
I could bang my head against
the wall.
Stop it.
I was so fucking dumb.
So stupid.
I saw nothing coming.
Someone so hopeless
shouldn't be a mother.
Stop it.
"You're not smart enough.
Go back to your perms."
- Give me a break!
- Stop it.
Stop it.
Sorry. Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Put away phones and earbuds.
Let's go.
This thing sucks..
How does she seem now?
I don't know.
I feel I control nothing.
I don't do enough, or too much.
She takes up a lot of room.
All the space.
It's tough for her little
sister too.
What has the judge decided?
You watch her around the clock at
home or will she return to school?
In theory, after the Christmas
It depends on your report.
She's a good student.
She should catch up.
Did you tell her we were coming?
She knows it's part of the ruling
and her judicial supervision.
And you? How are you?
I don't know.
We live one day at a time.
I'm learning to live without
thinking, without rationality.
It's all so incomprehensible.
But she's here.
That's the main thing
and it's thanks to you.
We'll manage it.
We've got nothing else to do
but wait for you?
It's true.
Salam aleikoum, my beauty.
- You know Foad is on my team?
- I know who you are.
Everyone knows.
- I don't speak to kafir.
- You see me as a kafir...
It's bad deciding who is
Muslim or not.
Only God knows.
Don't you know that?
I chose Islam at your age to reach
God without the clergy, you see?
I don't care what you say to me.
It's just another way
to bring me down.
It's like the names in my file
I've never heard of.
Everyday they add names.
Soon I'll be a network head!
- Sonia
- It's true!
Sonia! You weren't recruited to go
and buy bread.
Understand that.
You don't know those names.
You chatted to strangers on the Net
who were preparing an attack.
I know you're victims.
But each one is guilty of
recruiting others. It never ends.
You're putting together
a chain of death.
The judge has to compare testimony.
He has to check everything to
determine your exact responsibility
It's perfectly normal.
You should be glad you're at home.
The others are in jail
or in closed centres.
I'd rather be in a juvenile prison
than here.
Yeah, get lost.
Stop that.
This is normal.
You still want to go there,
don't you?
...can you tell me
why you still want to go there?
When they say, "It's the end of
the world, we have to die there"...
...why do you believe them?
There are signs. Bachar Al-Assad...
...gassed his people and no
one reacted.
That's in the Koran.
If I die there as a martyr...
I can save 70 people from hell,
my parents, my sister...
Life is just an ordeal before
I understand.
So how did you feel when you
understood you couldn't go?
- What did you feel?
- Hate.
I felt hate
and they felt hate for me too.
Hate for you?
They said it was over for me.
I can't go now I'm on file.
The only thing left was action.
They asked you
to carry out an attack in France.
They asked you to kill innocents.
Do you realize?
And your mother?
You think of her?
If you go to Syria, she dies.
You carry out an attack, you
kill people, your mother dies.
You realize she's suffering?
- I'm sorry.
- It's normal.
In Islam, paradise lies
at a mother's feet. You know that?
Go and give your mum a kiss.
Give her a kiss.
I saw your new photos on Facebook.
You're beautiful.
Could you please read
those few lines for us?
"All religions are stupid
with their...
...puerile morality and selfish
Only death is a certainty."
I bet your skin is soft.
I love its pale colour.
I want it for myself so no other
man can touch it or see it.
You're as beautiful as a queen.
I'd like you to be mine.
I want you to be mine.
He glances at his mistress.
And the final words of this novel
are the following:
"on getting out of bed."
Let's go!
Axel, Mohammed...
Careful, Mlanie...
We are being programmed.
Mentally and intellectually.
One must be aware of this being
...like a computer.
Programming that we are constantly
assaulted by the other life.
Because of this, it programs us
toward particular world view.
First of all, we are encouraged
in the race towards perversion...
the loss of values and faith.
All in the name
of entertainment and liberty.
In a land where men's law rules.
An imperfect law subject to
the moods...
...the bestial soul, mistakes
and passions of humankind.
Over time, they become
increasingly perverse...
...increasingly immodest,
increasingly lost...
The way to success is simple
in this system.
One needs to validate
the obligatory school syllabus...
...imposed by the National
Education system...
..to condition you for this society
in order to meekly conform to it.
Work and use your health
to feed the country's economy...
...own a few things,
a few dreams...
...then live with the hope and
illusion of owning more and more.
Wait a year for the brief pleasures
of summer holidays.
And, in the end, wait a
lifetime until...
...retirement for the missed
...and to make the most
of the remaining years.
Yet die after a life
that is useless, futile...
...pitiful and senseless.
Banking cartel, corruption...
Corporate power.
Electoral masquerades.
Secret societies.
The power of money.
Conspiracies. Annihilation.
Wake Up!
Is someone there?
See the smoke appearing?
The 5 and 10-dollar ones. Line
them up and you get the chronology.
- Still on that?
- She won't give up.
See the tower? And the smoke?
Like the TV footage of 9-11.
Nothing on the 50
as the towers have fallen.
Let me see.
How is it possible?
- It was all planned.
- Come on...
- You don't believe me?
- It's bullshit.
- Maybe she's not wrong.
- Don't you start too.
Ok, I'm mad
and we're not manipulated.
Yep, you're mad.
- Prove it's true.
- It's too much.
So what's this?
- Let's see. What is it?
- A Fanta label.
- And?
- It's a devil's head...
...with his hands
gripping the world.
- That's wild.
- What does it mean?
We're lied to all the time.
The world's run by interests
way beyond us.
You're deducing that from a
drawing. It's not very scientific.
Maybe a guy drew on the label.
It's the real label.
Look, an Illuminati pyramid.
So, for you, they're just
- Yeah.
- They are coincidences, Mel.
- You're naive.
- It freaks me out.
You start seeing shit like this
in everything.
You can make crazy links.
Anything on the other bottles?
- Look, a six.
- My God!
- Two more...
- Stop it
That's 666!
Stop making fun.
Ever wondered why we're addicted
to Coke and Big Macs?
It's because they're good.
Shit, Pauline, I'm serious.
They stuff us with junk
and we know the diseases it causes.
- There's no link.
- Mad Cow?
- It's a disease.
- And HIV??
- And chikungunya?
- Hold on...
- Who profits?
- Who do you think?
Who profited from Mediator?
You can find signs anywhere.
Gotta go and see my marabout.
Hi, it's me.
I wanted to talk to you.
Where are you?
At a party, at a friend's place.
Are you there?
Why did you call?
I'm not like your pals. I'm not
into parties, booze, making out...
I didn't think you were either.
- What?
- I was wrong. You're materialistic.
Not at all.
I'm not into that either.
It's a friend's birthday,
but I don't care about that.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Ready to prove it to me?
When your children went on
those sites...
...they didn't realize
they'd be talking to touts.
They never say, "I'll recruit you."
On the contrary.
They tell them they'll be useful...
...and act out their rebellion
at last.
They're told, You show discernment.
The others are simply sleeping.
They tell them that the white lines
in the sky...
...are chemical products used by
secret companies to put us to sleep
- Rubbish.
- They tell them, "We'll free you."
- Free them from what?
- They say...
...the unease you've always felt on
contemplating this unfair world...
...is actually due to the fact...
God has chosen you to sense things
that others don't feel.
"But you're more sensitive,
"you're more discerning.
Your mission is to regenerate
this rotten world.
"You cannot stay blind
to all this misery."
We have in fact two main characters
in this play by Molire.
Tartuffe, whom we have worked on
...with hypocrisy...
...as one of his major
I'd now like to look more closely
at Orgon...
I see you accept brothers.
Don't talk to men.
I don't want that.
You are my pearl, inch Allah.
You're precious for me, see?
I want to preserve you.
- Phones aren't allowed.
- Sorry.
Okay, I promise, I won't talk to
men again. Only to you.
When Orgon hides under the table...
- Watch this.
- Tartuffe courts his wife...
...and Orgon doesn't hear...
or see.
He is blinded by Tartuffe.
Listen, listen to the screams
Palestine children's screams
Over there
In Palestine, in Palestine
It's horrible. They attack kids,
no one does anything.
It makes me sick.
I'm ashamed.
People prefer not to know.
You're different.
Islam fights these conspiracies.
They know it, so they massacre us.
- That's why I'm doing the jihad.
- What?
You've heard of Assad,
that Shiite dog?
I'm going there,
to Syria, even if I end up dead.
You're not afraid of dying?
I don't want you to die.
When are you leaving?
I'm in Allah's hands.
You're beautiful.
You're my raw diamond.
You can't kiss me.
I'm not your husband.
I respect you. You're pure.
Your heart is pure.
You're not like those around you.
You're special.
I knew that right away.
Islam is all you're lacking.
- Looking for something?
- A holiday DVD.
Dounia says to wake the child
inside her.
You believe that crap?
As if a holiday movie
could change things.
You believe Marseille can win the
Just you wait and see.
Some of us are working.
Something in your hair.
Can I pull it off?
Look at the camera.
And his ears!
Something black here...
Give it here.
I'll keep it.
Sonia, look. It's Pistache.
- Remember Pistache?
- I don't have amnesia.
You liked that dog.
I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
Sing as if you had to die tomorrow
As if nothing mattered anymore
Sing, yes, sing
Party, have a party
For a lover, a friend or nothing
To forget it rains on your holiday
Sing, yes
And you'll see that it's good
To leave all reason behind
Climb out of the windows
Walk on your head
For a change of tradition
But never forget
Sing life, sing
As if you had to die tomorrow
As if nothing mattered anymore
Sing, yes
My questions may seem silly.
Don't worry.
How much money do I need?
I'm selling my car,
but that may not be enough cash.
What'll the weather be like in two
weeks? Do I need warm clothes?
- Sylvie...
- And tell me...
Do I need to buy a fake passport?
How much is one?
Like I said...
...they're pretty silly questions.
Sylvie, you can't go to Syria.
You went for your reports.
I can't stay here waiting.
You understand?
The government isn't doing a thing.
I'm going mad.
The border is a huge ditch.
I heard it's hard to climb out of.
I can buy a rope.
- Sylvie...
- I can buy a rope.
It can come in handy.
Even if you get across,
ISIS won't let you back.
You don't get it.
I'm already there.
- Yes?
- I'm signing in.
- Your name?
- Sonia Bouzaria.
- Your identity card.
- Is she serious?
I get that each time?
- You know it's been withdrawn.
- That's right.
Sign here.
The seat is taken.
I didn't recognize you.
How do you feel in the jilbab?
It's like being... in a bubble.
You're protected...
You feel like...
...you exist.
See what I mean?
Sisters recognize
each other on the street.
You don't feel alone.
- You feel stronger.
- Yes.
That's over for me.
I wouldn't feel myself like that.
It's deliberate. It was invented
so you wouldn't be you.
Unlike the headscarf, the jilbab...
...conceals the shape that
identifies you.
It makes you look all alike.
It's what they want.
Little by little, the group
replaces you as your identity.
You will no longer exist.
I'll say it again...
...but the jilbab and the niqab
are not part of Islam.
They're a pre-Islamic tradition of
the Pashtun tribes of Afghanistan.
The Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia
made the outfit sacred...
...but did so just 80 years ago.
When Islam is 1400 years old.
They told me the jilbab
was obligatory.
They told me my mother would
have to accept it.
She'd get used to it.
It's a strategy to cut you off.
And the goal is conflict.
The less you get on with your mum,
the more they seem to protect you.
You think you'll be cocooned,
that they'll never abandon you.
So you end up needing them
more than your own family.
That's deliberate too, you see?
What's wrong, Naomi?
Naomi was my kafir life.
It's mostly my mother.
She's obsessed with me eating pork.
You do nothing to reassure them.
She feels she's losing you.
Look at your hand.
Give me your hand.
Come on. She can't even recognize
it. Look, it has disappeared.
Can I remove this
so she'll recognize it?
Look... If she can rediscover
tiny parts of you...
...that'll reassure her.
You're the one who matters
for your mum.
No one asks you to disappear.
On the contrary, Islam is
a resource...
...to help you live better.
You understand?
Take off the other glove.
That's good.
Your parents have been
...by something resembling Islam.
They find it hard working out
when you leave recruitment...
...and become Muslims again.
We prefer converts.
You're more serious about religion.
And you're better wives.
Chosen your kunya?
Oum Hawa.
Hawa is Eve.
I have an important question.
Are you a virgin?
Southeast Asia is the world's most
populous region.
Its population, 3.8 billion,
...just over half the population...
...of the world.
It includes two demographic giants.
We've worked on China...
Her population...
...more or less?
- 1.36 billion?
- Exactly.
I understand your emotion, madam.
It's not that. You're kind,
but that's not what matters.
I want to know what you're doing.
Our home is searched, we give
information. What are you doing?
You tell us nothing. What is my
country doing for my daughter?
And for the other children
being dragged into it?
Waiting for them all to die?
Is that it?
They deserve it, right?
If we could go and fetch them,
how do we choose those to save?
How can we tell if they
want to come back?
We never know where they are.
Do you know where your daughter is?
How do we manage?
- You have kids?
- That's not the issue.
It is, a little.
I bet you sit in that comfy
...convinced you know
what goes on in your kid's mind.
Because you've told him enough
not to talk to strangers.
Never to get into a stranger's car.
That if some weird person...
...asked him to go and get blown up
4,000 km away...
...he'd run and tell his dad
and mum.
We know nothing, sir.
We're in the dark.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
What's wrong?
I went back online.
I couldn't stop myself.
What with?
A phone I stole at school.
It's like dozens of voices in my
head telling me to go back there.
I can't take it anymore, Mum!
I'm scared of being stuck,
scared of leaving it all...
...scared of staying...
- No...
- I'm going mad.
No, don't worry.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I've got you.
I've got you.
I need to know what you like.
I like apples...
I don't like savoury food.
And I like Abou Hussein.
When I tell you to call, call me.
Be pious and submissive,
to Allah and me.
I can't wait to see your eyes
under the niqab.
Remember, shake hands with another
man and I won't marry you.
I want you pure.
Have you kept your promise?
Have you given up music?
- Emilie's in her room?
- She's doing her homework.
1st basement.
What's the Kalash and kitten
Where did you hear about that?
- Her Facebook page?
- Yes, I think so.
Yes, on Facebook.
The Kalash and the kitten
are the dowry...
...paid to marry a girl.
The touts seduce them...
...on the Net. They appear like
protective princes.
They ask them to marry via Skype.
In Islam, the lion protects.
The Prophet is the lion
protecting his cubs.
As they can't buy baby lions,
they buy kittens.
Once the girls arrive there...
...they have a belt of explosives
or a Kalash. They have to choose.
They think they'll join
the princes who seduced them.
But those guys are married with
kids and live in Chechnya...
...in Nice, in Prague...
They never meet them.
They are held in a maqqar,
a sort of locked house...
...with no water, electricity
or a bed.
They're forced to marry
the first guy who comes for them.
In the recruitment manual you
found, it says...
"Make sure they need you.
Talk to them 20 times a day.
Get them to ask your opinion
on everything they do."
They create an addiction.
It's as intense in a virtual manner
as a genuine romantic encounter.
Sorry, this "prince" concept...
Prince of what?
- I understand.
- Mine married the "prince".
Exactly. They're there.
It's not just some teen meltdown,
you understand?
But if we sever the influence...
- That's all.
- What do we do?
Throw it all out.
- We cut off the Net?
- Let's analyse this.
We have to move beyond the
teen thing.
Assess your fear properly.
- It's unreal...
- Not one female minor's come back.
Not one.
Let's take a break to hug Sylvie.
It's too much...
Damn it.
The kitten and the Kalash on her
Facebook page, I don't like that.
I love your smile.
- Your eyes shine when you smile.
- That's kind.
That's the truth, my future wife.
- Why are you moving?
- I'm going to my room.
- Why?
- My mum wouldn't understand.
She's an infidel. She won't
understand. She never will.
- Say you'll be my wife.
- I'll be your wife, Abou Hussein.
- Say, inch Allah.
- Inchallah.
- You'll be mine.
- Yes.
We'll live for God and we'll
be happy through His Grace.
- I can't wait.
- I'll always be there for you.
- No need to worry.
- I'm not worried.
Talking to you makes me
feel better.
Me too.
And better once we marry.
You know, I want to kiss you,
but I don't know if I can say it.
I want to kiss you too
and hold you in my arms.
- But let's keep the devil away.
- Yes.
- Let's wait until we're married.
- Yes.
You're beautiful, Oum Hawa.
You got 8/20?
Don't you care?
No, I don't.
- Hello, pumpkin.
- Hello.
- Why are you here?
- I finished my course early.
For once, I can pick you up.
We could do something.
- We plan to study with Jamila.
- I'll walk you home...
...and if you finish early...
...we could see a movie or go
to the pool. Come on, let's go.
You smell nice. Is that musk?
- Did you have a good day?
- Yes.
Do the sub-sections need titles
like the main ones?
No, no titles.
- Sugar batteries.
- Thanks.
That's really kind.
- Work hard.
- Thanks. See you later.
- Want one?
- No.
There's pork gelatine
in industrial cakes.
- Who told you that?
- Go online.
There's a list of all the food that
contains it. It's huge.
I don't believe that.
It looks like pork, you don't eat.
It looks like an clair, you do!
Time for Salat.
- We pray together?
- Okay.
- You don't perform your ablutions?
- They're good.
- Why do you lock it?
- For peace.
You lead or I do?
- Lead if you want.
- Okay.
I have to ask about Tachaout.
Is this right?
Do a circle with your thumb and
middle finger...
...extend the forefinger
and move it fast...
...like beating the devil
with a stick.
- What's so funny?
- You're so into it.
I don't think Allah cares
about such details.
It's what's in your heart
that counts.
It's not a trend nor a game.
You don't convert for a man,
you convert for God.
Of course it's not a game.
Has she left?
- She's a kafir.
- What?
She's an idiot.
No one can find grace in your eyes.
- What's that mouldy expression?
- You don't understand?
- Want to go to the wax salon?
- No.
- Why?
- Your eyebrows.
- You don't pluck them anymore?
- No.
I don't have to be like you.
- I thought it mattered, that's all.
- You're not in my head.
I'm not like you. You get it?
We're not the same.
I don't want to eat that.
It's gross.
It's getting tough cooking for you!
Fruit and veg won't feed you.
You've slimmed down now stop.
Is it that boy? What's his name?
Julien? What's going on?
Tell me.
- You tell me nothing.
- Nothing to tell.
- He's a pervert like the others.
- Why am I not surprised...
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Pick a subject then!
I think we've covered them all.
Maybe I'm not smart enough for you.
Mademoiselle feels superior,
she's better than everyone else...
Come back down to earth.
You're right.
You really are too stupid.
Where are you?
What'll you learn with those
Learn Islam.
They put you to sleep with
their lies.
Answer me.
Wake up, sister.
Are you ready to leave it all
like me? Will you serve God?
- Why wait?
- You're my wife.
- They put you to sleep.
- It's almost time to pray.
You have to do all I ask.
Your place is here.
By my side.
I love you for Allah.
You're late for your prayer.
Mlanie, what are you doing?
We'll deal with that later.
Finish first.
If I say, cut off from God,
cut off from the world...
...you understand, right?
When I was little...
...I remember that my
...would talk to me a lot about
We didn't talk much about God.
...he talked a lot about kindness
and what it is.
Being kind to people,
helping others...
...helping a neighbour
to carry her shopping...
That's what it was for him.
That was religion.
And I'd forgotten.
When I was indoctrinated,
all that vanished.
I felt totally empty.
I felt there was no love in me...
...as if I had no heart.
As if I felt nothing and had lost
everything he taught me.
I told myself I had to leave
and go there.
The next day, I felt I had to stay.
I kept wavering
between wanting to leave and stay.
I was so confused.
I couldn't do anything
without asking if it was haram.
But who did you ask those
The sisters.
We'd exchange hundreds of messages
a day before I left.
If they didn't know, they'd ask
another sister or the emir.
I felt like an insect in a...
...well, trapped in a spider's web.
But I felt good too.
I had this force inside driving me
and telling me...
..."I was right. Telling me, if you
do it all properly...
...you will be fine.
I didn't realize.
I didn't realize, I think.
I wasn't myself anymore.
Don't forget what Allah says
in the Kafirun sura.
"Infidels, I do not worship
like you, nor you like me.
To each his religion Remember
what Allah said...
- ...you can become God's servant.
- ...in the Kafirun sura.
What do you prefer? Save the
world or make your mum happy?
What do you prefer? Save the
world or make your mum happy?
Oum Hawa, leave this base world.
Mum, let's go.
Like it?
- I love it.
- Try it on.
Thank you.
- A swimsuit?
- Not now.
So when? You're off to the
sea with your father.
This one's cute. You'd be so sexy.
Stop it.
I want to leave with my prince.
I hate this land of infidels.
I hate France.
We're off.
- Can I have cotton candy?
- Yes, go on.
Two, please.
Thank you.
It's huge!
- Thanks, Mum.
- You're welcome.
What's happening, Sonia?
Two weeks before leaving...
Two weeks before leaving
for Syria...
...they asked me...
...the emir asked me to pick
my favorite two sisters...
...to leave with me. So I chose
Malle, who lived in Nice...
...and Amina.
We talked all the time.
We'd grown very close.
I asked them if they'd leave
with me.
That way, we'd be together there.
Malle was 19.
She told us to dress like grown-ups
the day we left.
- You're beautiful.
- Thank you.
The sisters will be so happy.
It'll be okay, sister.
Undo this.
It'll go well, inch Allah.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
- Excuse me, Mrs. Chedru.
- No worry.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How long?
- Two weeks.
- Bon voyage.
- Thank you.
Bon voyage.
We were to meet up in Istanbul.
They're there because of me.
It's because of me.
Let's go.