Heavenly Sword (2014) Movie Script

Prophecies speak of a savior,
a deity born of man,
whose fate is to wield
the heavenly sword.
It is said that a free people
will always choose peace
over war.
My people have never had
that choice.
They called him the raven lord.
Some say he was mortal.
A warlord thirsty for power.
But I swear he rose from hell
to scorch the world with hatred.
All humanity would disappear
like smoke.
But when all was lost,
their salvation, their hope,
came from the heavens.
A warrior...
Mighty enough to challenge
even the raven lord.
And shining through the horror,
a weapon like no other.
When the battle ended,
the heavenly warrior
had vanished,
never to be seen again.
And so was born the legend
of our heavenly sword.
Men tore
each other's flesh apart
to wield the sword's
unearthly power.
This sword,
once a blessing upon mankind,
had become its curse.
So began the story of our clan,
a family of nomadic warriors
dutifully charged as
sole custodians of the sword,
to save man
from destroying himself.
Be wary, clan brothers,
the green witch
is known for her trickery.
Leave kai alone.
You think you can stop us?
I only need to stop you, kyo.
These fools think
you're special.
Our special failure!
The great war will come,
and we will fall...
Because of you, nariko!
The prophet said a savior
was coming, and we got you!
You're a curse upon the clan.
If I'm a curse, then you're
a fool to make me angry.
Apologize to kai.
I don't apologize to orphans.
She's not even
a member of the clan.
She's nothing but a pet.
I'm waiting.
O-okay, I...
What is all of this?
Prophet takashi, she's mad!
She attacked us for no reason!
It was them.
They attacked kai.
He had a dagger.
What dagger?
There. Itsuki has it.
Let go of me!
How dare you speak to your elder
in such a fashion?
Prophet takashi, tell him.
You saw. You know I'm telling...
You try my patience.
You are forbidden from
mixing with the warrior caste.
- But all I...
- go!
My loving father.
I was his great
and only failure.
His living shame.
Kyo was right.
I had cursed him.
Imagine if you actually
allowed her to train.
Perhaps she isn't the failure
you have always
condemned her of being.
Nevertheless, she is not
the chosen one.
Nor is she a kitten.
Get in line, kyo.
You can be next.
Oh, aren't you funny.
You try too hard
to be the son
your father wanted.
So do you.
Kai, stop it.
We do not kill our clansmen.
Kai won't kill.
Just make some blood.
I believe her.
Come on.
We should be training.
To arms! To arms!
Quickly! Get inside!
Kai, we should...
kai? Where are you?
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
After everything I...
why did you...
no matter who we are
or what we do,
this clan is my family.
And family protects its own.
Lower your sword, daughter.
Come with me.
King bohan.
He was a boy of great destiny,
taught to lead and to win.
Bohan was to emerge
as the finest of kings.
He was trained
to fight with dignity.
But honor and goodness,
he did not possess.
Scarred with defeat,
his black heart brooded.
He dreamed of a glorious future,
but those secret hopes
were swiped away
with violence and contempt.
He vowed revenge.
And this much he knew:
His time would come.
Bohan was as malevolent
and vicious then as he is now.
Even as a child,
he thirsted for power.
But the crown wasn't enough to
appease his appetite and rage.
A king?
Bohan wanted to become a God.
And for that he needed
our heavenly sword.
Yes, daddy.
I'll get steady this time.
Those of you
within the fortress,
bring me this heavenly sword
you hold so precious,
and I swear to you
no one will be hurt or killed.
You will be rewarded
for your sacrifice.
How could he know?
How could that monster know?
Turn those walls to rubble.
As you wish, sire.
Take the sword, nariko.
It is yours to protect now.
Our walls cannot withstand
such bombardment.
And bohan must never be allowed
to possess the sword.
Me? You give this task to me?
You defeated
bohan's assassins today.
Your skill surpasses
the best of my clansmen.
It's true you are
no heavenly warrior,
but as takashi said,
clearly you are no kitten.
Take the sword, nariko.
Keep your ego in check.
Remember your chores,
your challenges.
I will lead our people east.
Bohan will follow.
You, nariko,
will take the sword west.
Father, no.
They'll destroy you.
You cannot outrun an army.
But you can, and you will.
Their attention will be on us.
That will be your moment.
Kai, come.
Kai will keep you safe.
No, kai, I have to stay.
- Come, kai!
- But...
don't leave me!
Don't leave me, please!
Oh, no.
Over there!
Well done, nariko.
How do you...
how do you know my name?
I am king.
Now hand it over.
- I don't know what you're...
- now!
Or I'll make you beg
for your own death.
Do you want to suffer
as your father suffered?
As your sister suffered?
- I don't have a sister.
- You did.
That little
paint-faced idiot.
You didn't know
she was your sister?
Naive little girl!
you were firstborn daughter
in the year of the firehorse.
But that was only month one.
Your father, the reckless fool,
had plenty of time.
You know about his disappearance
the night of your birth?
Vanished for months.
Everyone thought
he'd done himself in.
He went forth
spreading his useless seed
throughout the land,
infecting women like a virus,
so desperate to correct
his mistake: You.
By December, your sister kai
was born, another failure.
Absolute runt of the litter.
But here is the glorious irony.
Something your dear father
never even knew.
On the 23rd day of
the 12th and very last month,
your father had a son.
From the womb of one of
the many women he took by force.
Yes, against their will.
But hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned.
She gave birth,
faked her own death,
and fled to the high country,
a fishing village in the north,
where now, this so-called
chosen one, your brother,
is a dirty common blacksmith.
You are a monster, bohan.
You are the king of lies.
And while
I don't believe anyone...
let alone
the bastard son of shen...
can bring me harm,
legend claims that
the one thing that can stop me
is the weapon on your back
in the chosen one's hands.
So you see,
both must be destroyed.
It's over, nariko.
Your family, your clan,
your home all gone!
Nothing left to fight for.
So let us be done with it.
Drop the sword.
Now put it down...
And back away.
Don't be a fool.
Even your father knew
that thing is cursed.
Why should I care?
You've left me
with nothing to live for.
So much for the easy way.
Kill her!
In that moment,
nariko sealed her fate.
All she saw was
her fatal mistake:
Delivering the sword to bohan,
to the very evil
it was meant to defeat.
And as her death drew near,
she new that he must never hold
the heavenly sword.
No matter the cost.
And just as it was written,
as the year of the firehorse
our clan prepared for
this most fateful birth.
Our leader master shen
stood by his wife
during this torturous labor,
anxiously awaiting the arrival
of his magnificent child.
But something was wrong,
simply because no one expected
that firstborn son
to be a daughter.
Nariko was to live and grow,
but in the shadows,
away from her father's love
and attention.
How could he know
through those lonely years
that I, his trusted friend,
was silently creating
a warrior of my own?
And for that,
even in the shadow of death,
our people
will always have hope.
Nariko cold.
Fished you out of the river.
You and... and that.
Kai, how did you...
nariko used the sword.
Sword bad.
I did what I had to, kai.
But how did you survive?
How did you find me?
Kai loves nariko.
I saw you on the cliff.
You jumped!
You followed me?
You left the clan
before bohan...
I had to come.
Kai will protect nariko.
I'm glad you're here.
Master shen, he's kai's daddy.
You heard bohan?
Yes, but mama already told kai.
Not kai's secret now.
You knew that we were...
Nariko and kai are sisters!
All these years?
Kai, why didn't you
say anything?
Master shen didn't want
to be kai's daddy.
I can't believe it.
You must have felt so alone.
Kai not alone.
Always have you.
And that man with the raven,
he said we have a brother.
You believe him? A brother?
The chosen one.
We should take it to him.
Yes. Yes, we must kai.
Bohan said a fishing village
to the north.
There's only one place
he could mean.
- It's on the dead marsh.
- We go there then.
A scout!
- No! I can't...
- shh.
Kai, I knew you were good,
but how did you...
nariko, shh.
Don't tell nobody,
but kai likes to make blood.
The village should be
east of here, beyond that Ridge.
Kai. I'd like to hear
about your mother.
I'm sorry. You don't have...
mama was strong and funny.
She sang to kai.
Kai remembers master shen.
He would give mama gold.
He said to help.
Master shen never looked at kai.
Always made kai very sad.
Kai remembers the fox.
- The fox?
- Flying fox.
He's not very big.
Mama, she knew.
She hid kai in a cave.
- She knew what?
- That fox had come to get kai.
Don't know why, but kai watched.
The fox and his men
make them bleed, nariko.
Then the fox hurt mama.
Kai wanted to help,
but kai was scared.
You were just a child.
We're too late.
No, no, no!
You think murdering
innocent people is funny?
Let's see you laugh
when your guts hit the floor.
The town's blacksmith.
I need to find him right away.
The other end of town.
Northeast corner. The big hut.
Go! Get your family
away from here.
Keep them close, keep them safe.
Bad man take our brother?
There's no body, no blood.
He could still be alive.
Maybe they took him prisoner.
We mean you no harm.
We're looking
for the blacksmith.
You're looking at him.
You're too old.
And you're too thin.
Claude, they're here
to see loki.
I see your father in your faces.
Loki left over a year ago.
This village was always
too small for him.
Do you know where he's gone?
General whiptail and her army
destroyed our home,
wanting the same answer.
They're here to kill him.
Oh. And you want to see him
die an old man?
This sword is his destiny.
Hmm. Just what your father said.
Whiptail is nothing.
A cruel servant.
But her master is pure evil,
lighting a flame of terror.
And the world will burn.
Only your son can stop it.
Loki traveled to the northeast,
beyond the great mountains.
He was going as blacksmith
for a foreign king.
Went to find his fortune.
Thank you.
Yes, thank you.
King bohan can't wait
to meet your boy at last.
Sorry you're going to miss it.
Kill them all
and bring me the pretty sword.
Go. We're fine.
Stop that serpent hag
before she leads them to my son.
Never follow the spider
onto its web.
You're a fly, little one.
I will suck the life out of you
and take the sword to my master.
You think you've won?
I told the villagers
from that burning cesspool
that whoever informs king bohan
of the chosen one's whereabouts
will be rewarded
beyond his wildest dreams.
You see, you lose.
Our task is to deliver
this sword to our brother.
Maybe kai was wrong.
What nariko did protected kai.
Sword stopped
that horrid fish lady.
Maybe sword isn't bad.
Kai, I felt its power
flowing through me.
But as it did, I could feel
the sword tearing my soul apart.
The sword will kill the bearer.
It's only a matter of time.
It's too powerful.
Two sisters,
two warriors,
each with their strengths
and frailties,
who grew up alone
behind a wall of lies
their father had built for them.
Innocent children
who only knew betrayal
and disappointment at his hand.
This shame
will haunt him forever.
At least now
they have each other.
But for how long?
Man with the raven knows.
Kai and nariko too late.
Kai, I don't think he does know.
He'd be racing to get there,
wouldn't he?
We have to get there first.
It's going to be hard enough
trying to find loki
in a fortress that big.
Once bohan's army
starts destroying the place,
it'll be impossible.
Shall we race?
Kai, look out!
Well, they started it.
Nariko make more blood than kai.
We're close.
You know what's strange?
I can feel it.
He's in there.
Sword is bad.
Very bad.
It wants to kill nariko.
The night is ours, at least.
Bohan's army won't attack
until morning.
We have to hurry.
I'm nearly there.
Why do I get the feeling
you're about to drop this rope?
Oh, no.
This is much worse.
The boy,
kai and nariko's brother,
the chosen one,
traveled to a distant land.
Blacksmith for a foreign king.
Bohan isn't coming
to attack the fortress.
He's coming home.
Our brother's working for a king
who's desperate to kill him.
Unlucky, isn't he?
Or stupid as an ass.
Nariko, no!
He's alive, kai.
He's alive.
Man with raven lies.
If father's alive,
then perhaps the others...
Must be in prison or worse.
Come on.
Faster, old man,
or would you rather be
tomorrow's stew?
Hold still.
We saw father.
What happened to him?
- Well?
- They tortured him.
He is guarded at all times.
They never leave his...
nariko, is it really you?
What have you done?
Why would you bring the sword
to this place?
Foolish girl.
I didn't ask to be rescued!
We're not here for you.
Little brother is here.
What is she talking about?
The chosen one.
All your hard work paid off.
You had a son.
He knows nothing of his destiny.
I... have a son?
So there is hope.
Yeah, thanks to the daughter
you ignored
and the daughter you rejected.
But don't you worry, father.
We'll deliver the sword
you worshipped
to the clueless son
you never knew existed.
I was doing the right thing
for the clan, for the world,
and I won't apologize
for the choices I made,
especially not to...
Your worthless daughters?
I'm so sorry.
I am truly sorry.
I understand.
But know as I leave this world,
I journey to a dark place
where I will rightly suffer
for my sins.
Kai not want the first touch
to be a hawk.
Thank you, my daughter.
Forgive me.
Nariko, now go.
Both of you.
Find your brother.
Save this world.
Please. I don't want you
to see me die.
How... how is this?
You are not the chosen one,
You're right, father.
I am not the chosen one.
You must never do that again.
You understand?
- I know what I'm doing.
- Hush!
Don't ever let me do that again.
Now, how do we get you all
out of here?
Don't be a fool.
Bohan's returning.
Just leave us.
You have a job to do.
First we're getting you
off this rock,
then you're on your own.
We can cross the narrow path
to the outer wall,
but the trolley is guarded.
Not anymore it isn't
oh! Trolley ride?
Make sure it's still clear.
All dead.
Go now.
Lead our people to safety.
Father, where's kyo?
He bought us time to escape.
One man against an army.
Had he known of bohan's trap,
perhaps he would have stayed.
Perhaps he would have lived.
He died bravely, nariko,
for the sake of the clan.
Go, father.
Go with your people.
Nariko, how do we find
little brother?
An army like this would need
a huge forge.
That's where to find
a blacksmith.
That's where we'll meet
our brother.
Race me?
Of course I'll race you.
We're too late.
Loki, the chosen one.
Little brother.
That's right!
You and the villagers have
turned against one of your own.
I know what you were told.
You come seeking reward.
Others arrived after you.
Within minutes, in fact,
all carrying
the same information.
They, too, came seeking reward.
They're all dead now.
But you were the first.
Your reward is gold.
Now go.
I must inform your father
that we have...
The chosen one.
They have found him!
And they know their orders
to kill him... now!
So, this is the chosen one.
Daddy been lookin' for you.
For a hundred years.
Twenty years.
Yeah, twenty, yeah.
Never had time for me.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
He's saying his daddy
wasn't a very good daddy.
I never knew my father.
Let me buy us both a mug of ale,
and we can weep into them.
He's so funny!
I like him!
Oh, yeah.
I got a nicer dada.
Let him go, big man,
if you want to live.
Nariko, give loki the sword!
The sword!
Get the sword!
Who are you?
We are your sisters.
I don't, uh...
I don't understand.
Do you know the legend
of the heavenly sword?
I've heard others speak of it.
What does this
have to do with me?
Our father is master shen.
The protector of the sword
is my father?
Our father?
And you are his only born son.
That means...
Brother is the chosen one.
I'm honored to have two brave
and beautiful little sisters.
Are you certain that I am?
All my life I have dreamed
of this very moment,
but I never thought
it could be real.
Never understood
what it meant...
Until now.
The chosen one.
The king's oafish son,
I take it.
He'll be angry.
I'm going to do a lot more
than make bohan angry.
Not the king.
His imbecile man-child.
A fall like that
wouldn't kill him.
Just make him mad.
Oh, yes, yes.
Now I understand.
And what of the curse?
You seem more or less
alive to me.
Perhaps I shan't deliver this
immaculate weapon to my master.
With this sword,
I should be master.
I will never let that happen.
I respect your commitment
in the face of total failure.
You've got a lot of passion
for a dead girl.
You of all people should know
that holding the sword
and wielding it
are not the same thing.
You think I haven't
held it long enough
to know its little tricks,
am I right?
Well, let's see, shall we?
My turn.
I know some tricks, too.
Would you like to see another?
You are formidable,
which is both unnerving
and refreshing.
It's your concentration.
You control your fear,
your anger, the sword,
and the curse,
all at the same time.
but I'm wondering what happens
when you're distracted.
You know what I find
Some people though
you would be the chosen one.
Then, of course,
all the attention turned
to that headless brother
of yours.
But no one ever considered kai.
Childlike, innocent,
the perfect vessel.
Shame, really.
We'll never know.
Take me home, nariko.
Sound the alarm.
All forces to the great forge.
If we are to die,
we will die with our people.
You're just going to die.
Of that, I can assure you.
If you lay down the sword,
I vow that I will make it quick
and relatively painless.
But run, and I assure you
that I will scorch the earth,
slaughtering every man, woman,
and child in my path
until it's in my hands.
How many more innocent people
must die
because of your insolence,
Do you want any more blood
on your hands?
No. It's all over yours.
And if I give in to you,
then we will have died
for nothing.
As you wish.
What are you waiting for?
Kill her and bring me
that sword!
Hold on tight.
I'm sorry.
Muster the army.
The entire army.
Guards, even men in training.
We leave immediately.
Three days.
Shall I send scouts?
She has failed.
You don't know that.
How could she not?
This was never
her burden to bear.
If she had found the chosen one,
we would have
received word by now.
Nariko, daughter.
Please. Look at me.
Where... where is my son?
Where is the chosen one?
Your other daughter is dying,
Do you not care?
We all die without him, nariko.
Please, answer me!
Your son is dead, old man.
He was no more chosen than
the fool that spawned him.
Take her inside.
Make her comfortable.
Bohan approaches.
You led him here?
But what will we do?
The same thing
you always do: Hide.
But you're not...
You can't possibly win.
Why would you fight for us?
I'm going to fight for kai,
the only family I have.
Our journey has ended.
There's no turning back.
You know what to do.
Either move aside or die.
I don't care which.
Hello, nariko.
It doesn't have to end this way.
All he wants is the sword.
Give it to him.
No one has to die.
I... I don't understand.
How did...
it was you.
That's how bohan knew
where to find the sword.
You told him.
For us, nariko.
For the clan.
He was coming.
He was always coming.
It was prophesized.
And with no chosen one
to protect us,
I had to do it...
To save us.
Give him the sword, nariko.
I should have let you die
when I had the chance.
Give him the sword,
and we can finally be free.
Understand this, kyo.
I will never give bohan
the sword.
He will get it, you know.
And every one of you will die.
No, kyo.
For now, only you will die.
All my life, I have listened
to my people praising you,
tell your tales, protect you,
die for you.
Well, I curse you.
You wait until now?
Now to take my life?
Send me back!
My people will die.
My sister will die.
Send me back!
And you?
You will die, too!
Bohan doesn't want to hold you.
He fears you.
He's there to destroy you.
He'll be sneering
as he throws you into his forge.
Your metal will heat, turn red,
and you will melt away
until you are nothing.
If I die, you die.
I don't care about you,
but you need me!
Kill her!
O holy one,
grant me the power to send
this abomination back to hell.
I've given my life to you.
My every waking moment.
Will you not grant me
this one wish?
Do me this honor, and my...
And my soul is yours.
Hell beckons, nariko.
I'm here to send you back!
It seems to me
you're only here to talk.
Help... me.
No, no, no!
Please don't hurt daddy!
Oh, daddy, daddy!
Don't go, dad.
My... son.
I won't let her hurt you
no more, daddy.
You hear me? You go now!
You go now
or roach will fight you!
I'll fight you good.
My dear child.
It was always you.
I should never have doubted.
You are the chosen one.
No, father. You were wrong.
We were all wrong.
The sword did not choose me.
I chose the sword.
I love you, sister.
And I love you, nariko.
I'm sorry I have to... go.
No. No!
What have you done?
I loved...
I loved a sister
I didn't know I had.
Nariko, no! Don't...
Don't leave me.
This was inevitable.
Deities cannot stay, kai.
This way...
This way you can.
The sword, it is yours now.
Keep it safe.
And you, do for her
what you never did for me:
Love her.
Belief can change worlds,
shape lives,
but it can also make us blind.
Kai, you know the truth
about the sword.
Others have worshipped it,
murdered for it,
but you will master it.
Keep the sword safe,
and one day it may be forgotten.
But you will always be
Farewell, my sister.
May we meet again
in a better world.