Heaven's Burning (1997) Movie Script

Your salad, sir.
Thank you.
You saw her
leaving the lift?
Yes, sir.
And she was heading
towards her room?
Yes, sir.
I got off on this floor
to deliver a fax.
And that was the last time
you saw her?
Our camera's
there and at the staff door.
So that's the hour?
Between when he left
to have a drink
and when he arrived
in his bedroom.
Kind of cute, isn't she?
Well, maybe she was
just pissed off,
couldn't stand him
or something.
It was their honeymoon.
Got something.
Staff entrance.
The hotel manager's
just had a call.
It was her.
All she said was
that she'd been kidnapped.
That's all?
Yes. And then she
put the phone down.
How much English
does he understand?
A little.
Tell him that his wife
has rung,
and all she said was
that she was kidnapped.
Does he have any idea
why she'd be kidnapped?
Now an update
on the kidnapping
of the Japanese honeymooner.
Like this.
So she paid you to
take her out this way?
I felt sorry
for her.
Said she hated
her husband
and she wanted
to leave him.
We know where she is.
Paradiso motel.
The manager just called.
Come on,
let's go!
Use the key
this time.
Police! Down on the floor!
An international code.
Yeah. Japan.
Same number
over and over again.
Could have gone
anywhere, bish.
Hey. Who's gonna pay
the bill?
His wife rang one number
in Tokyo over and over again.
It was the manager of
a software firm she worked for,
a man by the name
of sadao kinugasa.
The Japanese police
spoke to him.
It appears his wife
and sadao had a relationship.
And she planned to leave him
in Australia.
The manager was going
to fly out
and they'd live together,
but at the last moment
he got cold feet.
Thank you...
Mr. bishop.
He took that well.
You think?
Well, I mean, he'd be the most
publicized cuckold in Japan.
This is the, uh, fellow
I was telling you about.
You drive a car good?
Oh, he's brilliant.
This is, uh, gullbuddin,
my brother,
and Tony, a good friend
of the family.
Butchers don't do it right.
What's your name?
Are you gonna help us?
Well, are you?
Yeah, all right.
Why are you doing this?
I need the money.
Now I am gonna trust you.
If you let me
and my sons down...
Then I'm gonna kill you.
What if they
let me down?
You gonna kill them?
I hope...
You drive fancy
as you talk.
I do.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I don't need a gun, mate.
Take the gun.
I'm just the chauffeur.
You do what we agreed.
You share the risk.
Hey, I'm doing you
a favor.
You carry a gun.
Teller 5, miss.
Thank you.
Can you change?
I have to see
your passport.
Get down!
Down! Down!
Get down! Get down!
Get down on the floor,
all of you!
Get on the floor!
Everybody down!
On the floor!
On the floor!
Get down!
You tellers there!
Fill that up.
Do it!
Jesus! Put the fuckin'
screen down!
Let's go! Let's go!
Put it the fuck down!
We're outta here!
Come on!
What about him?
Come on, let's go!
What about him?
We can't leave him there.
It's too late, mate,
too late. Come on, let's go!
Come on,
you're coming with me.
Come on!
Everyone stay down!
Stay down!
Let's go!
Don't shoot!
I swear, we'll shoot her!
Get in there.
Get in the fuckin' car.
Move it. Come on.
Where'd the bloody coppers
come from,
the stupid bastards?!
What happened
to Tony?
The fuckin' idiot
was supposed to watch
the fuckin' tellers,
the stupid bastard!
Shut up!
What do we do?
She's seen you.
So fuckin' what?
You fuckin'
take care of her now!
Shut the fuck up
or I'll kill you!
Come here!
No! No!
What are you doing?
She saw us.
You can't just kill her.
She didn't do anything.
You stay in the car,
You stay
in the fuckin' car!
Get down!
Stay down!
Ah, Jesus.
Go back to the car.
Go back to the car.
She didn't
do anything, man.
She?! Who the fuck is she?!
You killed my brother!
Just stay there.
Stay there!
You fuckin' traitor.
I'm gonna come
and get you!
You'll never get away
with this! I'll find you!
Get in the car!
You're a fuckin' dead man!
You're a dead man, you hear me?!
You're gonna
fuckin' die, man!
It's her, and she left
these behind.
She dropped it
during the robbery.
I had it translated.
It's an apology to him.
He said, "why is she
doing this to me?"
You're on your own.
It's safer
if you stay here.
He took her hostage!
If he'd listened to me,
he wouldn't be shot!
You trusted him.
You give him the gun...
And he killed your brother.
I want to speak to mahood.
It's Colin.
You know it was an accident
with your brother, mahood.
You said to me
no one would get hurt.
I'm not gonna pretend
I'm not angry, Colin.
Th-things just got
a little out of hand, eh?
You know?
Uh, wh-what about you?
You ok?
You, uh...
You need some money?
No, I'll manage, mate.
Look, uh, things got
a bit messy, didn't they?
Just... Thought I'd try
and do you a bit of a favor.
Where are you, mate?
I'm in the middle
of nowhere.
I'll call you
when I get to a town.
We get gasoline
for the car?
Can you get me
a hamburger?
Yeah. Hamburger.
Just right over there.
Christ, I've never seen one
without a camera before.
Ha ha ha!
Excuse me.
Can I have
a hamburger?
Sure. What
would you like on it?
A hamburger.
Do you want the lot?
A lot?
The lot--lettuce, cheese,
tomatoes, sauce.
The lot.
What the hell
are you doing
with my truck?
Don't you realize
that stealing is a crime?
You're so lucky
I'm not on benzedrine
Otherwise, I'd be
doing a lot more
than hurting you.
I think I'll ask
what his hamburger
Thank you.
Don't do that!
Piss off!
Naughty boy!
You let
our standards slip
by interbreeding
with inferior races,
and before you know it,
we'll be breeding
half-wits and mongrels!
You ok?
Why didn't you
just tell him?
I was coward.
He was so desperate
to marry me.
And my parents says...
It's a good choice.
I thought I could do it...
But I was wrong.
Why don't you just
give yourself up,
tell him I kidnapped you
and forced you
to help me?
Don't you want
to get back to Japan?
I don't want to go back.
I have no future there.
Many people in Japan,
they have no true life.
Everybody has dream,
but they scared
to make dream come true
because they are raised
in a certain way.
That's why...
I liked sadao.
He was my lover.
He said...
We would live here...
You know?
We would have a future.
But he was too scared
to live.
I was stupid.
But I dreamt
that I could have
a new life.
It was all my fault.
I think I should have
told yukio the truth
from the beginning.
What is that?
It's a kookaburra.
It's a bird.
The bird?
The bird laughs?
This is strange country.
I can breathe here.
What do we do now?
Keep on going?
Not without money.
I know how to get money.
From a bank.
I've had enough of banks.
We can do better
than your friend.
When we do it...
We can't go backward.
I hate people staring
at me when I eat.
Sorry, bish.
Yeah? So what?
This morning
at a country bank.
This morning.
Looks like they're a team.
What'd he say?
He said...
She's a strange woman.
She's one in a million,
all right.
Were you in on
the robbery
with your brother?
So he did it
without your knowledge.
I was not my brother's
keeper, all right?
You seem to me to be
a pretty close-knit family.
He was a bad boy.
So it would seem.
Do you know
who these people are?
Well, my bet is...
That the bloke
in the balaclava
shot your son.
We'll keep an eye
on them.
fancy living here
with that yodeling
5 times a day.
You might as well be
in fuckin' Arabia.
Can you hack into systems?
What sort?
You know, American express
or something like that.
Sure, given time.
What about
hotel/motel chains?
Check it out.
Well, he's always been
wearing a balaclava.
So nobody knows
who he is.
He's traveling
across country.
He'll check into
a motel...
And use his real name.
We'll check every day.
I will be vengeance.
There's no a.C.
Fair enough.
I'll give you 250 off.
Indicators don't work.
It's only a fuse.
Hand brake's fucked.
Well, don't park
on any hills.
All right, 300 off.
That's it.
We'll leave that
for 30 minutes.
Nice hands.
Nice lines.
Except for that one.
What does it mean?
You or somebody
important to you
dies suddenly.
I don't know.
Palms don't have dates.
I've got a line like yours.
But the rest
of your palm's great.
You got any
welding gear?
Can I use it?
Be my guest.
It's 25 bucks an hour.
2 hours minimum.
Thank you.
What a spunk.
It's when
you give a blow job
on the first date.
Blow job?
Something to do
with whales.
I can breathe!
I can breathe!
What are you doing?
Changing our fate.
You ok?
Jesus. The japs
taken over heaven, too?
You're lucky
we didn't kill you.
You call that luck?
Unless you've got
a bottle of scotch.
Where are youse two headin'?
My dad's got a farm
outside rileytown.
Rileytown. I used to
shear sheep down there.
What's his name?
I know him.
Did a season for him.
He's ok.
Top man in his field.
Why are you out here?
Couple of smart bastards
kidnapped me
in the pub last night.
Pissed as they were.
They dropped me out here.
They're fuckin' wankers,
that's why.
They know nothing
about classical music...
And nothing
about accordions.
Maybe your mates
know something
about noise pollution.
What the fuck
do you mean by that?
Don't you know
any other tunes?
This isn't a tune, mate.
This is a masterpiece.
Hey. Why don't you
play something we all know?
What would you
fuckin' know, pal?
Why don't you just
stop fuckin' playin', mate?
Fuckin' make me!
Maybe I fuckin' will.
All right.
Bit of radio, hey?
I should hang on to this
and do your mates a favor.
Just give it here
and get fucked.
Look after yourself,
Yeah, thanks
for the lift.
Which way's that motel?
About an hour
down the road.
You can't miss it.
Straight ahead.
Bye, Jonah.
See ya later.
A beer!
Aw, give us
a break, Gloria.
Oh, he's got one!
Fucking ignorant cunt.
Could I have a beer,
You couldn't fucking
get rid of me, could you,
you pack of scumbags?
Jonah, stop it!
Get out of here!
Go on, get!
Now throw me out!
You stop
that bloody racket!
It's not racket,
it's music.
How long
do you want to stay?
Just a day.
Maybe 2.
Room 19.
thank you very much.
Are you sure that's him?
The woman
at the motel said
he's with a Japanese
or Chinese girl.
That's him
all right.
How long will it take us
to get there?
If we hire
a light plane,
3, 4 hours.
We are not
hiring a plane.
We can be traced then.
It's 14 or 15
by car.
We are going to do it
in my way.
Owns a bike.
Look out!
Now let me
get this right.
You're Laurel...
And I'm Hardy.
You can take the double.
I like this one.
Good night.
Good night.
I really like this.
I feel like I'm alive.
I like you very much.
Do you like me?
Yes, I do.
I made a mistake
with my husband.
I didn't love him.
And my other mistake
was my boss.
I thought I loved him.
That's ok.
People make mistakes.
Two bad, bad mistakes.
You're not a mistake.
I really feel...
Deep thing
in my heart for you.
There's nothing
wrong with that.
I don't want
to hurt you.
I'm bad luck.
Bad luck for any man.
I have dreamt of this
even when I was awake.
She's not here.
Where's the jap?
She left me.
Where is she?
You are not
going to tell us.
Very well.
We'd sooner
talk to you.
I didn't mean
to kill your son.
There is a hurt...
Where my son
should be.
Now I have to fix
this hurt.
What is the saying?
An eye for an eye.
A hand for a hand.
I want a heart
for a heart.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Are you looking for
something in particular?
Can I have a makeup?
We don't have
Just what you see.
Come here. Here.
You have
a beautiful face.
Thank you.
He was gonna kill
an innocent woman.
I think
that before you talk,
you best listen to me.
See these eyes?
They have seen a lot.
I have seen men naked
on stone floors,
shitting themselves in fear.
I have seen men with broken
backs and torn-out eyes
begging to be killed.
I have seen men...
Strong men...
Weeping tears of blood
when I have touched
electrodes to their pricks.
I have seen what men
are capable of doing
to other men,
and what men go to
is without boundaries.
In Afghanistan,
where I come from,
I was an interrogator
for the Russians
after they had invaded us.
People ask me why did I
interrogate my own people?
The answer was simple.
I was good at it.
Oh, God, no.
The important thing
is to see what
is happening to you,
which is why mirrors
are great help.
Can I buy these things?
What things?
Clothes on these dolls.
The store dummies?
But you'll have to
undress them yourself.
The other one.
I said the other one!
A hand for a hand...
Plus interest.
This is only the beginning.
You see my son die.
You will see
yourself die...
But only with one eye.
This eye?
Or this eye?
Pluck out his eye.
Let's see if you have
the guts to do it.
You come from
a weak generation.
I'll show you
how to do it.
I've blinded many men,
but I'll take
only one eye from you
so you can see what else
happen to you.
Once you are dead,
I'll pluck out
your other eye
so you will be eyeless
in heaven.
Get your hands up.
Shut the door.
Shut the fucking
Kill her.
What was his name?
The name of the bloke
that bought the room?
Colin o'brien.
G'day, dad.
Long time no see.
This is midori.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
What happened?
Bit of an accident.
Some accident.
Come on.
Let's get inside.
Fix him up properly.
You in trouble?
Nothing I can't handle.
'Cause if you are...
Maybe I can help.
Just being here's
help enough, mate.
Who took all them?
I take 'em
to prove I exist.
You see, sometimes
I don't know.
Rembrandt did it.
Painted himself
a lot.
How is he?
He having rest.
They're beautiful.
Not really.
They've eaten
all the grass,
and they've taken the last
water from the dam.
Why are they
doing that?
The drought.
I just sit here every day,
watch all my land
blow away.
What are you and Colin
doing out here?
You know?
Just traveling.
You didn't see Colin
for a long time?
Not a very close family.
That's not very good.
I don't know.
Don't get in each other's
pockets that way.
What about you?
Know him long?
Not so long.
I ran away
from my husband
a few days ago.
What are you
laughing at?
I forgot people
did things like that.
You don't like me
much, do you?
You think
that's beautiful?
Well, I don't.
It's in the eyes
of the beholder.
Some of the most
beautiful bird calls
are their cries
of distress...
No, I don't have the energy
to hate anyone.
I wish I did.
I thought you asleep.
I was just dozing.
Can't get my boots off.
I'll help.
No, that's all right.
Yeah, I'll help.
Did you live here?
When I was young.
There was grass
everywhere then.
Every year
it got drier.
Mom was lonely.
She likes people.
Dad doesn't
need 'em.
There was lots
of arguments.
One day...
Mom just ran off
with this guy who
was passing through.
Took me and my
sister to the city.
The city first.
Eventually all the way
up to cairns.
Only seen dad a couple
of times since then.
Where is she now?
Up in queensland
with some new guy.
My sister's in
the Philippines, I think.
You think?
We're not
a close family.
When you take this off,
you will have new lines
and new fate.
Fate brought us
Why would you want
to change that?
I'll tell you what.
Let's go down South
to the coast.
We could take dad.
There's a beach there.
It's wonderful.
I'd like that.
Moon is going.
The moon is waning.
Moon is waning.
Now I know what love is...
Real love is...
What I feel for you.
It's real love,
what I feel for you.
Pie and chips.
No worries.
You should dye
your hair blond,
excuse me?
You people
look good blond.
That was fucking embarrassing.
Have you seen her?
It was her?
Bit hard to see
with chicken soup
in my eyes, but maybe.
Which way they went?
Jesus, that was
some good stuff.
Which way?!
Don't yell at me.
Which way?!
Fuck you.
Stupid woman!
I'm leaving
this fucking town.
Good riddance.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Yes. Beer, please.
Long way from home?
Go on past me!
You've got plenty of room.
Oh, get fucked!
All right, smile.
Sure you won't come?
No. You always
liked the sea.
I wasn't as keen on it
as your mother.
Have a good trip.
Thank you, cam.
Oh, I'll, uh...
Get the shirt back
in about a week.
Son, I can wait
for years.
Thanks, mate.
Take care.
Thank you, cam.
Thank you!
I want information.
Where is beach?
Who are you?
Where is beach?
I said, who are you?
My wife.
I don't know
where she is.
Where the sea?
Where is the beach?
I said I don't know
where she is.
You do!
You tell me!
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you
But I don't know
if you'll understand me.
What's your name?
Well, there's a word.
It's called karma.
It sort of means you can do
bad or evil for a long time,
but, eventually...
it'll catch up with you,
and you'll be destroyed.
When I was young...
I was a bit of a lad.
I did some bad things.
I ended up in jail
for almost killing
my best friend.
He took my girlfriend
from me.
I served my time,
but it was bad karma,
what I did.
He was my best friend.
Now it's caught up with me.
The bad karma's this land.
There's been a drought
here for 10 years,
and it'll continue
until I die.
But you, yukio...
Japan started a war
against China
and then the world.
You lose the war.
What happens?
You become a world
economic power.
But your karma will change.
Soon, yukio...
Your tiny country
with its millions
of tiny people
will get the karma
it deserves--
tidal waves--
Storms will destroy Japan.
It will sink
below the waves and drown
as if it never existed.
And you will die, yukio.
You will get the karma
you deserve.
You understand?
I understand.
This is your karma.
I understand!
I understand!
I understand!
Want a lift, man?
Come on, it's cool.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Where you headed,
Going this way, man?
Beach direction.
What'd he say?
I don't know.
I think he's been out
in the sun too long, eh?
Oh, true.
You a bit down, eh?
I want to go to beach.
The beach?
Like the sea?
Yes. Yes.
Yeah. Yeah.
Ok. We'll drop you off
in Porter.
That's on the way.
What do you want to go
to the beach for anyway?
To talk to my wife.
You ain't been
married long, eh?
"b & s ball"?
It's a dance for
bachelors and spinsters.
Is it a dance place where
you can wear good clothes?
Oh, yeah. Sunday best
for the b & s.
Hi. It's $25 each,
You won't be
a bachelor for long.
The last of our money.
This is worth it.
My first-time spinster
and bachelor's ball.
and spinster.
2 beers, thanks, mate.
May I have this dance?
I am a spinster tonight.
Uh, no, man.
We're not going there.
Stop car!
We haven't danced yet.
Get down!
Get down!
You don't know
what love is.
I have no time.
Oh, why here?
It's the coldest place
in town.
All the witnesses
saw her do it?
Yeah. Then she and
the guy headed South.
What's South?
The ocean.
It'll be ok, darling.
Tell me.
Tell you?
Tell me about the beach.
About the beach.
This is the first beach
I ever went to.
With my mum and dad
and my sister.
I didn't know it was
going to be so big.
It just went on and on.
The horizon
made me happy.
It meant there are
other places to go.
Places I didn't know
anything about.
The beach
makes things better.
It fixes things.
Are you awake?
My feet are very cold.