Heaven's Prisoners (1996) Movie Script

I want a drink.
I want a drink all the time.
Sometimes I wake up in
the morning, my eyes pop open...
and I think,
I got to have a drink...
beer, bloody mary, whatever.
Even now, and I don't know why.
I haven't had a drink
in three years.
- Three years, huh?
- Yeah.
Sometimes I'll be talking
with my wife...
and the whole time
we're talking...
I'm thinking about this bar
I used to go to.
The whole conversation,
I'm thinking...
I'd rather be in that bar
than anywhere.
The glasses all lined up...
my seat right on the corner...
all those colored bottles...
the ice in my glass, that burn.
Man, it felt real good
going down.
That'll never happen again.
I can't drink. I know that.
fucked up my whole life.
Excuse me, Father. I'm sorry.
That's all right, Dave.
How is your wife?
How's Annie?
You love your wife, don't you?
You have a good life now since
you left the police department.
Yes, I do.
And if you begin
drinking again...
what will happen?
I would lose everything.
But knowing this...
knowing that
you would lose everything...
you would lose your wife...
your business,
and your self-respect...
still you want to drink?
Yes, I do.
You're absolved of your sins.
Go in peace.
- What you got there?
- Lunch.
What's for lunch?
What do you want?
Let's get the air mattress
out of the locker.
What if one of the reels
goes out?
You'll never notice.
There's a plane.
So wave.
No, no, no, no, no.
Look. It's in trouble.
- Jesus.
- Oh, God.
You take the wheel right now.
Coast guard New Orleans...
this is Whiskey, Alpha, Bravo
4-7-2-7. Come in. Over.
Coast guard, New Orleans.
Come in.
We've got a small
twin-engine plane crash...
one mile due north
of the southwest pass.
- Over.
- What's its status?
It's sinking. In need of
immediate assistance. Over.
On our way.
Dave, we didn't refill
the air tanks last time.
There's still some in there.
Not more than
twenty-five feet here...
if they haven't
settled into the silt.
I think I can get the door open.
It's deeper than twenty-five
feet. You know it is.
There's a trench
running right through the pass.
Hang outside
in case one of them...
comes up underneath the boat.
Come on.
Grab her.
Hand her to me.
Oh, God.
Come on.
Come on. Oh, baby.
All right, now.
What's the little girl's name?
I'm sorry?
Her name.
Is she your daughter?
That's right.
I'll go look in on her for you.
In the meantime, why don't you
look over that information...
and make sure that
I wrote it down accurately.
That was your mother's name.
She's probably an illegal,
We wouldn't want
to make problems...
for the nuns, now, would we?
What if she is an illegal?
is gonna send her right back.
My, what an interesting family
you have.
Did you know your daughter
speaks nothing but Spanish?
She told me that her father
and her uncle...
were killed by soldiers
in El Salvador.
She said that a priest
was bringing her...
and her mother to America...
when the plane caught fire
and crashed into the water.
Is she going to be all right,
She's fine.
What she needs now
is someone to care for her.
I'll get her.
Oh, honey, it's all right.
It's all right.
You're just having a dream.
It's OK.
Donde esta mi mama?
That's where your mother is.
Up in the sky.
En el cielo. In heaven.
En el cielo.
You come with me, little guy.
I want you to light a candle.
Por su mama.
Can I help you?
Minos Dautrieve.
Drug enforcement administration.
Who did you expect?
lmmigration, maybe?
Well, I'd invite you in,
Mr. Dautrieve...
but I got to go to work.
That's all right.
I just wanted to ask you...
one or two things
about the plane crash.
Like what?
Like, why didn't you all wait
for the coast guard...
after you called in
on the emergency channel?
My wife gave them the position.
They could see the oil
and the gas on the water.
No need for us to stick around,
was there?
Hey, do I know you?
I don't think so.
- Huh.
- See, I got this problem.
A diver found a suitcase...
with a bunch of child's clothes
in it.
Little girl's, in fact...
but there wasn't a kid
on that plane.
Now, what does that
suggest to you?
Since when does the DEA
care about some little kid?
Actually, it's the other three
I'm worried about.
What do you mean, three?
Two women and the priest.
What about the guy
in the pink shirt...
the one with the tattoo?
What guy in what pink shirt?
Well, there were
four adults on that plane.
From what I hear,
it's kind of murky down there.
Maybe you only thought
you saw four people.
I read your file, Robicheaux.
Tell me, did you really do
all that shit?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You smoked three guys when
you were on the New Orleans PD.
One of them
was a government witness.
He was a pimp
and a drug dealer...
and he dealt to play when he
drew down on me and my partner.
Is that when they asked you
to retire from the force?
Hey, wait a minute.
I do know you.
You were that point guard
at LSU about fifteen years ago.
Downtown Dautrieve.
You were all-American
or something, am I right?
- Honorable mention.
- Yeah.
Well, I guess I wasted my time
coming out here...
you a model citizen and all.
So, uh...
I know y'all gonna forget about
meddling in DEA business...
'cause I don't want to have
to come back out here...
bring immigration with me.
Maybe take something you were
planning on hanging onto.
Can't stop being a homicide
detective, can you?
Boy, that DEA agent
really got under your skin.
He was trying to give me
some sort of shuck...
about one of the people
on the plane.
Hey, that pilot was a priest
probably just muling illegals.
Nothing new about that...
certainly nothing the DEA
should care about anyway...
but the guy with the tattoo...
they want me to try to pretend
I never saw him.
It sounds like good advice
to me.
Thing is, I think that
whoever blew up that plane...
was trying to smoke that guy.
And we weren't supposed
to see it.
What about Alafair?
Well, that's what's
bothering me.
Whoever took out that plane...
wasn't counting on
anyone else being on board.
They certainly weren't
counting on anyone surviving.
You think someone
might come after her?
I think I need to find out more
about the guy in that plane.
Dave. Dave, Dave.
I'd throw it all
right back in the water, me.
It's nobody's business, Dave.
- Is Robin around?
- Yeah. She's on next.
Hey, customers
aren't allowed back there.
I'm not a customer.
Fuck off, Jerry.
They put the first team
back on the street?
How are you doing, Streak?
I heard you were
back on the bayou...
selling worms and all that jazz.
That's right.
I'm just a tourist here now.
You really hung it up for good?
- That's right.
- That must take guts...
just to boogie on out of it
one day...
and do something weird
like sell bait.
What did you say,
"Sayonara, crime-stoppers?
"Keep your guns in your pants."
- Something like that, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Although I am in town
to find out about a guy.
I think he might have
come in here.
I'm not exactly
an information center, Streak.
A lot of guys come in here.
Well, this one
you definitely would remember.
A big dark guy with a head
the size of a watermelon...
and a tattoo of a green-and-red
snake on his chest.
Now, why would I get to see it?
Here comes the bride.
Robin, you're not
dropping the dime on anybody...
'cause the guy's already dead.
He was killed in a plane crash
with some illegals and a priest.
The only survivor
was a little girl.
And Annie and I
are just trying to find out...
everything about her
that we can.
How is Annie?
She and I really ought to
get together one of these days.
Hey, Jerry, wake up.
The lady wants a drink. Give me
a fresh orange slice this time.
I don't know what Johnny Dartez
would be doing...
with a priest and some illegals.
Who's Johnny Dartez?
A guy who runs drugs for Bubba.
For Bubba Rocque?
I know you, right? You're a cop.
Now, come on, man.
I got two big talents.
One is as a mixologist,
the other's for faces.
I'm no cop.
Maybe not anymore.
Don't you remember me?
It's Jerry something-or-other,
You went up the road
about five years ago...
for bashing in
some tired, wheezing...
broken-down old man
with a lead pipe.
Ain't that right, Jerry?
How was Angola, brother?
Can I buy you a drink,
As I recall, you used to get
kind of thirsty...
about this time of day.
Hey, you're
getting in my face, partner.
So right about now
I'm thinking...
your head would make
a real nice toilet brush.
I ain't no swinging dick.
I know better than to fuck with
the wrong people.
Don't I, Robin?
He ain't no swinging dick.
Hey, listen, you didn't hear
anything from me, all right?
Bubba's crazy, Dave.
I've known Bubba my whole life.
There's nothing
you can tell me about him...
that I haven't heard before.
Take care now, darling.
Oh, Dave, you remember that man,
rent from us this morning...
the one talk funny,
not from around here, no?
No, I don't,
but what about him?
He run the boat up on the bar
and bust off the propeller.
- You want me to go get him?
- No.
- I'll go. Where is he?
- South of the four corners.
You ask him
where he come from...
he don't know how to keep
the boat on the bayou, no.
What's the trouble, partner?
Batist says
you ran over a sandbar.
Let's have a look.
Nice and easy, motherfucker.
Don't look up, my friend.
That would change
everything for us...
and make things real bad
for you.
Looks like it hurts.
Now, you can
get out of this easy...
or Toot could
sculpt your ears over...
and make your head
look like a fucking mannequin.
He'd love to do it for you.
He was a voodoo priest or some
fucking thing down in Haiti.
Tell him what you did
to Robin, Toot.
You talk too much, get finished.
Want to eat.
- Guess what he did to her.
- Fuck you.
You heard me. I said fuck you.
Whatever you do to me here,
I'm going to square.
And if I don't,
I got friends who will.
Yeah? I got news for you.
You're still breathing 'cause
I'm in a good fucking mood.
When you start talking
to somebody else's whores...
when you start
poking your nose...
into other people's shit,
you got to pay the man.
That's the rules.
Old time homicide roach
ought to know that.
Hey, Robin got off easy.
Put her finger in the door,
broke it for her.
Come on, man. I'm hungry.
All right, I'm going
to wrap this up for you...
'cause you're starting
to remind me...
of a dog down there.
You got a house.
You got a boat business.
You got a wife. You got a lot
to be thankful for.
So don't get in
nobody else's shit.
Now, we'll let the man
pay his tab.
Not for nothing, Toot.
I could eat a little something.
Let's eat.
That's all you think about...
that big, fat belly.
let the sheriff handle it.
The sheriff?
For God's sakes, that guy
is an ex-dry cleaner...
who looks like a frito salesman.
What the hell
is he going to do?
You look good, considering.
Minos Dautrieve.
The door was open.
I'm curious...
why a bunch of moral retards
who deal in dope and whores...
are suddenly
so interested in you.
How come
you didn't want me to know...
Johnny Dartez
was on that plane?
Was Dartez working for you?
He was.
Till he hitched a ride on
that plane rigged with a bomb...
and Bubba Rocque or somebody
that worked for Bubba...
blew him out of the sky.
Along with the other
four fucks on that plane.
Look, all I know
is I want Bubba off the board.
You're never going to do that
by squeezing his people.
No? And how is it you have
all this omniscient knowledge?
Hey, man, we grew up together.
I know Bubba Rocque.
We were in high school.
He was one of those guys
who was eating light bulbs...
and pushing thumb tacks
into his kneecaps.
You know what?
I think you may have
the delusion...
you're still a police officer.
And I want you
to drink it all up.
There you go.
I'm gonna go into New Orleans.
I'll be back tonight,
all right?
You're supposed to be in bed.
Ever since that plane went down,
the DEA has been here twice...
and we've had
our lives threatened.
Now, the sheriff
is a real nice guy...
who should be taking the stains
out of people's clothes.
This situation is not
gonna take care of itself.
I'm just going to go
straighten this out.
What's happening, Streak?
Well, I'll tell you
what's happening.
You are getting on a plane
for Key West, Florida.
Hey, what am I going to do
in Key West?
The boys down there
would rather watch you dance.
You're going to go to work
in a restaurant...
owned by a friend of mine.
That's what you're gonna do.
One of your A.A. pals?
I got enough troubles of my own
getting my head shrunk
by a bunch of ex-drunks.
Hey, this is
a really nice restaurant.
A lot of famous people
go there.
Tennessee Williams
ate there one time.
Listen, Dave...
I got plenty of fingers.
I'm sorry that happened.
That was my fault,
and I'm very sorry about that.
Forget about it.
Comes with my stage career.
- Robin!
- Hey!
I think you're already there,
baby doll.
Give me the damn thing.
No more bullshit.
I'm going to square what those
two guys did to you and me...
and when I do, you're not going
to be welcome in New Orleans.
You understand me?
I got your plane ticket
for you right here...
and I got two hundred dollars
for you.
Just like the old Streak...
riding in on a white horse
to save little Robin again.
Should've been
a priest or something.
My friend's name and number
is right there on the envelope.
There you go.
Would you stay
just a minute, please?
I promise I'll get on the plane.
sit me... sit with me
just for a minute.
- Where's Jerry at?
- He's upstairs in the office.
God damn!
- Jesus Christ!
- Tell me... how much you make...
for dropping that dime
on Robin and me?
What? I didn't get nothing!
What the fuck you talking about?
Stay down, Jerry. You look
real good with the carpet.
You're a fucking psycho.
A guy with the initials
E.L.K. came to see me.
You know who that might be?
He's a fucking hit man.
He'll kill me.
He gonna have to get in line,
Eddie Keats!
That must be who they sent.
Who's they?
Look, everybody does it.
You hear something
about Bubba Rocque...
or one of his people
talking about him...
or somebody
getting out of line...
you call up his club about it,
you get a hundred bucks.
It don't even have
to be important.
I'm going to have a little talk
with Bubba Rocque, brother.
If I were you,
I'd find another zip code.
- Dave Robicheaux.
- Hey, Bubba.
I got your dreamsicle,
hangin' down low.
What's that bull...
what is that bullshit?
Hitting me in the head
without a mouthpiece?
You lucky, man. You are lucky.
What are you drinking, Dave?
Nothing for me right now,
That's right. I heard you were
fighting the hooch for a while.
- You winning?
- Yeah.
Good for you. I got some tea.
Here. Use the coaster for me,
all right?
Mm-hmm! Beautiful.
Thank you, Clarence.
Hey, Bubba,
I got a little problem...
I thought you might be able
to help me out with.
Name it.
A Haitian guy named Toot...
somebody named Eddie Keats
came to see me.
They left me with a couple
of stitches in my head.
Bartender at Smiling Jack's
said he sicked them on me...
by calling one of your clubs.
They also hurt
a friend of mine...
and I wanted to take care of it.
- Is that why you're here?
- Yeah.
What's the name of this
motor-mouth at Smiling Jack's?
I already had a talk with him.
Look, Dave, I know Eddie Keats.
He does not work for me.
And from what I hear...
he don't put stitches in
people's heads, he smokes them.
And this boy Toot,
he's some kind of psycho Zulu...
likes to torture people,
take pictures of it.
Forget these clowns. Good
for nothing. Eat some shrimp.
I hear Johnny Dartez
was working for the feds.
Did I make you nervous?
Hey, Dave, you and me,
we got history, right?
I mean, we go way back.
I know you.
Hell, you know me.
How do you think
I have this house...
and all the business I got?
'Cause I run scared
every time some no-dick...
like Minos Dautrieve
and the DEA...
with their thumb
up their ass...
selling that bullshit
they can never prove?
I don't know, Bubba.
I don't know what you think.
Maybe if a person
wants to find out...
you just got to keep fucking
in the same direction.
You know something, partner?
That's a two-way street.
Is that right?
Dave Robicheaux.
I can see
in your baby-blue eyes...
you would just love to take me.
Please, Mr. Robicheaux, hit him.
Dave, you remember Claudette
from New lberia.
I'm a little vague on people
from back home sometimes.
A pleasure.
Well, I'll bet you remember
her mama... Patty Fontaneau.
I'll bet good cash money
you lost your cherry...
at one of her cribs
on Railroad Avenue.
Bubba, fix me a gin rickey.
Thermos in the icebox, baby.
I'd like one in a glass, please.
You know, Dave, this broad
can drink gin rickeys...
all day long and not get loaded.
I think she got a hollow heinie.
I don't think Dave
is used to our kind of talk.
He's married, too, isn't he?
Claudette, honey, come here.
Baby, I don't want to get
on your ass all the time...
but do you think it's possible
that you could put a coaster...
under this goddamn thermos
once in a while?
I got rings on the bar,
I got rings on the table.
I got rings all over
the motherfucking house.
And look... a stack of coasters.
Hey, I got to be running.
I'll see y'all later.
OK, Dave,
I'll make some phone calls.
I'll see if I can't find
this Eddie Keats.
In the meantime, anybody
gives you any problems...
I cancel their act.
give me a hug.
- I'll see you later.
- Yeah.
I'll walk you out.
Eddie Keats owns a club
out on the Pearl Highway...
called the Jungle Room.
Did you like my butterfly?
I didn't notice it.
Sure, you did.
Stay here.
Can I help you?
Lovely little girl.
Go back inside, honey.
I think you better leave.
Tell your husband Victor Romero
stopped by to say hello.
- Hey, Sammy.
- What's up, pal?
Hey, how you doing there, kids?
Come here.
Come here, you little fuck.
What do you think, my friend,
looking for a little taste?
- What do you think, Sammy?
- White, black, or yellow?
My good friend Robicheaux.
You miss me?
You were gone a long time.
Did you take care
of everything?
I found one of those guys
that roughed me up.
Went over to his place,
had a chat with him.
What? What does that mean?
What's the matter?
- Victor Romero says hello.
- Who?
I don't know.
Some guy came by today.
- Somebody came here?
- Yeah.
Don't worry. I took care of it.
What... hey, hey, hey, hey.
Did the guy say what he wanted?
What he wanted
was to scare the shit...
out of me and Alafair,
and that's exactly what he did.
What did the guy look like?
He looked like
a big bad guy, Dave.
So, is this the way
it's going to be?
We can't have kids of our own...
and now I'm here with a child
pretending we have a family?
What the hell do you think
I'm doing all this for?
I'm out there
protecting that family.
Hey, Dave, bullshit.
You're not a cop anymore.
We gave all that up, remember?
What do you mean, we?
I had to live through it, too.
And I won't do it again, Dave.
I can't.
Well, what is that now?
Is that some kind of a threat?
Read it how you want.
What'll it be, Dave?
When a young man such as
yourself reaches out to me...
I take it serious, Bubba.
I invite you and your
lovely wife to New Orleans.
We talk...
work some things out.
I see an opportunity
to do some business.
You wanted to move
into New Orleans...
and I wanted a piece
of northern Louisiana.
I go home, tell my people...
that I think this young man
has some juice.
The next thing I know...
you're blowing up airplanes
full of people.
Calling a lot of unnecessary
attention to your business.
So what I'm wondering now is...
did I make a mistake in
my previous assessment of you?
The guy on the plane...
Johnny Dartez...
was working for the feds.
And I didn't know Dartez was
running wetbacks on the side.
Fine. You turn him off...
but you do it
with a little discretion.
A little fucking precision,
for Christ's sake.
I mean,
even Tony and Dom there...
when they blow out
a guy's candle...
they don't kill women
and children along the way.
There is no problem,
Mr. Giancano.
I hear Dave Robicheaux
came to see you.
Dave and I grew up together.
He ain't gonna be a problem
unless we make him one.
I know Dave Robicheaux, too.
And for a long time,
the man's been...
a massive fucking migraine
to all of us in New Orleans.
I'll also bet you
that barn you call a house...
that he made your boy Dartez
on that plane.
Which makes you responsible
for any future grief...
the man may cause.
Dave is cool.
A few years back,
he bottled out...
and moved to the swamp
to sleep it off.
He don't want
any part of this shit.
The man may have been asleep...
but that was before
you crashed an airplane...
on top of his fucking head
and woke him up.
Guys like that,
you wake them up...
they don't go back to sleep
so easy.
Not without help, anyway.
Are you telling me
that you don't think...
I know how to play a guy
like Dave Robicheaux?
I'm just telling you
the way it is.
You want to do business
with me...
you clean up your fucking act.
We will, Mr. Giancano.
Oh, and, Bubba.
Tony and Dom will be checking
in on you from time to time.
See what you're up to.
You don't have any problem
with that, do you?
No, not at all.
Come on, baby.
I went to Ti-neg's last night.
Then I went out
to Sycamore Point...
and sat on the dock
all night...
thinking about what an asshole
I've been lately.
You didn't drink?
No, I did not.
Look, Dave, if you want to go
back to the first district...
maybe we should think about it.
No, no.
Why not? Because you don't
think I could handle it?
Because I don't want you
to handle it.
You and me...
that's the only thing
I have in my whole life...
that means anything to me
Please don't let me
mess that up.
I won't.
I'm over here!
- He's out here!
- Go!
You're going to be
all right, doll.
You're going to be all right.
I promise.
I promise.
I love you.
Hey, man, you got to help me.
You got to take her
to the hospital for me.
I know if I set out after them
right now...
I'll be able to catch them.
We got to get her
to the hospital.
I'm gonna jump in the boat.
I know where I can get them,
but you got to hurry up...
and get over there with her
right now.
- Go as soon as you can.
- Dave.
Make sure
you put a coat on her...
because she felt
kind of cold to me.
Annie already gone, Dave.
She gone.
She gone?
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Alafair.
Alafair, you all right?
You all right?
Batist here. Come to Batist.
Come to Batist. Come to Batist.
Oh, honey...
you ain't got to be scared
no more.
It going to be all right.
It going to be all right.
Batist going to take
good care of you, you'll see.
That's right.
It's all right you cry.
It's all right to cry. Mm-hmm.
The truck over here now.
We got supper already fixed.
You ain't eat nothing all day.
We got to take her folks
back to the motel.
They already left.
You put this coat on now.
You want to stand out here
and be a duck?
Come on, now. Come on, let's go.
Feed ducks with Annie?
Hey. Hey.
You just having a bad dream,
little guy.
You got to go back into bed.
Donde esta Annie?
she's gone away.
You got to go to bed now.
Good luck out there, you.
I'm going to take an outboard
down the bayou.
You should close up
in a couple of hours.
You hear me?
Uh-huh. I heard you.
I'll watch Alafair, too.
Yeah, you do that.
Evening, Mrs. Rocque.
Well, Mr. Robicheaux...
last time I saw you,
you were on your way over here.
You must like it.
It's a real swinging place.
Where's your husband?
In Houston, on business.
Well, how nice for you.
And maybe for you, too.
Hey, baby,
what's with the Vitalis twins?
Tony and Dom are friends
of mine from New Orleans.
You care to join us
for a drink?
Well, if you change your mind...
I was very sorry
to hear about your wife.
You a tough guy?
Hey, I got something for you.
What's that?
I got your dreamsicle
hangin' down low, partner.
Are you saying fuck you to me?
I'm saying fuck you,
fuck your mother...
and fuck your dog.
Here's your dreamsicle now.
Pick him up.
Who are you talking to,
you fucking...
Drop the cuervo, partner...
before I blow your shit
all over the bar.
Breathing down there, Dave?
Let's all go have a little
sit-down, shall we?
Any more lube
in that coif of yours, Po-jo...
your hair's going to start
breaking off in the comb.
Honey, get them all
another round...
and bring me a diet coke,
would you?
Well, well, well...
now, isn't this nice?
Although, I got to wonder...
what Bubba would make of
two low-level wop dog-dicks...
sitting here having highballs
with his wife.
Huh, Dave?
why don't you
put that piece away...
for a few minutes
and come outside?
I'm not that kind of guy, Dom.
Ow! I love this song.
You want to dance, Miss Rocque?
On second thought, I better not.
I got to take
my friend Dave home.
Seems he's had himself
one fucker of a night.
Y'all tell Bubba I said hey.
I told him to get out of there.
- I didn't know...
- Oh, yes, he was.
I'm looking for a guy
named Toot.
You know anybody named Toot
lives in this neighborhood?
Yeah, I know Toot. Stays above
the hardware store on Josephine.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, right.
Jesus Christ, how we supposed
to get this up there?
It's a four-man job.
They only ordered two men.
It's way too long,
I'm telling you.
Drop it, Toot,
or I'm going to park one...
in the back
of your fucking head.
what happened to your door?
Come on, Bobby. Two more steps,
and we're going home.
On three here.
Bobby, get it off the railing.
You're going to scratch it.
Now, ease in there.
Please sit down.
It's your play, Toot.
- Shoot that fucker!
- Shoot that motherfucker!
Shoot him! Kill the asshole!
Pontiac catalina. Huh.
Had one of these, same color...
a convertible.
Somebody's going
to steal them shoes.
You're a long way
from New lberia, Dave.
The man was involved
in a murder.
You go to his apartment, you're
gonna find a shotgun there.
The sheriff's going to want
to have that as evidence.
Hey. Hey.
Look, the captain's
going to want a statement.
And there may be more,
depending on his blood pressure.
When you get through here...
I'll follow you
down to the first district.
Dave. Dave.
Who'd that bedbug kill?
He killed my wife.
OK, now.
Come back before dark now, OK?
All right.
Hold on, honey.
Wow, this is really out among
the pelicans and the alligators.
Robin, is that you?
Ask me after I'm sure
I'm back on planet earth.
I had to fly one of those
shitty little airlines...
where the pilot's got
a three-day-growth of beard...
and blows garlic and
Boone's Farm all over the place.
We were dropping
through air pockets so fast...
I thought
I was gonna toss my cookies.
Robin, what are you doing here?
Well, now...
Oh, my God.
You said you had
a little girl...
but you never said
she was perfect.
Hi there, sweetie.
What's her name?
Alafair, honey, this is Robin.
Hi. Hola!
Want to show me your house?
Your casa?
Come on.
What happened in Key West,
One of the bartenders found out
I used to s-t-r-i-p...
and he made a move on me
one day during happy hour.
But it's not worth
talking about.
This is really a nice place.
So, what did you do to him?
Let's find your room.
That doesn't look like
your room.
Oh, this is your room.
Is this your monkey?
Robin, what did you do to him?
I broke a bottle of grenadine
across his face.
But it wasn't that bad.
It looked worse than it was...
on account of
the cherry juice and all.
This is the guest room.
Am I right?
You know, you say bayou,
and I think...
the swamp and nets
and shit hanging...
but this is... this is
really nice.
Why don't you, me,
and Alfie here...
go on out to that dock
and have ourselves a soda?
So, can I say something?
You're not going to take it
the wrong way...
I mean, 'cause I mean this
in the nicest possible way.
I just don't want you to think
that I came up here...
to try and straighten you out...
'cause you are who you are.
I'm cool with that.
I just think
that at some point...
you're going to have
to decide...
who it is you want to be
for the rest of your life.
If you want to be
a pissed-off guy...
trying to right every wrong
that's ever been done to him...
or you want to be alive.
either way, Streak...
I'm your biggest fan.
Good night.
- Hello?
- Dave, please help me.
- It's all right.
- Oh, Jesus.
- It's all right.
- Oh, Jesus.
- I'm here, I'm here.
- Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Robin, I was talking
with Annie on the phone.
No, no, no,
you were just dreaming.
- Oh, Jesus.
- You were just dreaming, baby.
- Oh, I got to go get a drink.
- No, no, no, no.
No, no.
I got to get a drink, baby.
No, no, it's not happening, OK?
Just lie down with me, OK?
Lie with me.
There, there, there,
there, there.
That's better. That's better.
That's better.
Who belongs to that?
Bubba's wife.
Hey there, Mrs. Rocque.
I had a flat tire.
Can you give me a ride
back to my aunt's?
Yes, I can...
or I could change that tire
for you.
There's no air
in the spare, either.
What a lovely little girl.
Claudette Rocque,
this is my friend Robin.
She's going to be
staying with us for a while.
Have me met?
Not formally.
You're a performer of some kind.
Oh, that's right. You work at
that little place on Bourbon...
Smiling Jack's.
That's right.
Now I remember you, too.
You came in one time with
a couple of real pretty girls...
asked me to work
a private slumber party.
But I don't really
go in for that sort of thing.
I think you got me mixed up
with someone else.
Well, maybe you're right.
The girl I'm talking about
was real trash.
She had a butterfly tattoo
on her belly.
Well, anyway, it was real nice
to meet you, Claudia.
Come on, sweetie.
Well, she's enchanting.
Nice to see you
back in the swing of things.
What brings you out this way,
Mrs. Rocque?
It's Claudette, Dave.
My cousin lives
down at the end of the road.
I come over to New lberia
about once a month...
to see my relatives.
- I see.
- Am I putting you out?
No. Just give me a minute.
Wait for me in the truck.
You look uncomfortable.
I didn't get very much sleep
last night.
Would you like a gin rickey?
Not for me, thank you.
I gave it up for a while,
almost a year.
Then people started telling me
they liked me better drunk.
Anyone ever say that
to you, Dave?
Hey, let me ask you something...
what do you think
the odds are...
of you having a flat tire
right by my front lane?
Now the good detective is
wondering what the lady wants.
Take a look.
We had a little argument.
Apparently I fell.
At least that's what
Bubba said when I came to.
I'm pretty sure
one of my ribs is cracked.
What do you think?
I think...
you should see a doctor.
Don't you want to know
what we fought about?
That's none of my business.
We fought about you.
You're not afraid of Bubba.
You know
he's not really so tough.
I know you shouldn't
jerk him around.
I know that
if you mess with his pride...
you're going to meet the guy...
that wheeled his crippled
cousin into the coolie.
Hadn't heard that one before.
I know one thing
Bubba's afraid of.
And what's that?
Bubba's never done time.
I don't think he could. I don't
think he'd last three days.
I believe he would do anything
to stay out of the joint.
He has nightmares about it.
He's been having a lot of them
since that plane went down.
You know what?
I changed my mind.
I'll get out here.
Say, Dave...
you ever get bored of
the stripper's act, come on by.
How you hangin', Streak?
That's some boat you got.
Hell, take a ride with us.
This baby can eat a trench
all the way across the lake.
What are you doing
with these people?
Friends from New Orleans.
You want a beer?
How deep is the mob into you,
You got to be paying
those guys big dues, huh?
Hey, you got it wrong, Dave.
People pay me dues.
I win, they lose.
Now, you want a beer or not?
- Toot's dead.
- Is that right?
I want those other two men
that killed my wife.
I had nothing to do with that,
When I want to straighten out
a problem...
a person's going to see
this face.
They were your people.
I'm going to tell you
and I'm going to tell you
only once...
now, you can accept it, or
you can stick it up your ass...
I am one guy.
I am not a crime wave. And when
you mess with the action...
out of New Orleans, you
fuck with hundreds of people.
Do you understand,
Dave Robicheaux?
My wife had to be buried
in a closed casket.
I want you to think about that
for a minute.
Now, I'm going to find
those two men...
and when I do, I'm going
to squeeze them extra hard...
and if your name comes out of
either one of their mouths...
I'll be back here to feed your
sorry fucking ass to the shrimp.
You wouldn't leave it alone,
so they closed the door
on your nose.
Leave me out of your shit, Dave.
I'll tell you...
this Dave Robicheaux
makes me very uncomfortable.
You tell me he's not a problem.
Next thing I know, you go out
and kill the man's wife.
What the fuck is that?
Now my people tell me...
Robicheaux smoked one of
the shooters on the streetcar...
which would explain
why Eddie Keats...
is calling me every 5 minutes
asking for my protection.
It sounds like
he's coming apart...
like he might be a problem.
What the fuck is going on?
I'm taking care of it.
You're taking care of it?
That's right.
So, on top of everything else...
your husband doesn't even
show me the proper respect...
of coming in here
to see me himself.
Instead, he sends his wife.
No one sent me.
Bubba doesn't know I'm here.
Bubba's not well.
What the hell does that mean?
Unhappy childhood and all that.
From now on, you need to talk...
I'll be the one listening.
And why should I trust you?
The daughter of some whore.
I learned a lot from my mother.
She was a good businesswoman.
I'm asking
for a second chance...
to prove to you
I can handle things...
Eddie Keats, Dave Robicheaux,
my husband.
And this time, Mr. Giancano...
I promise you,
you won't be disappointed.
N.O.P.D. tells me
our friend Toot had a bad day.
They're saying
he missed the bus.
Well, that's very clever, Minos.
Say, you busy right now?
Eddie Keats wants to say hey.
I saw one like this
once before...
back when I worked homicide
in Atlanta.
This must've been
a real son of a bitch.
You see this, this white stuff
underneath his fingernails?
This guy actually tried to claw
the paint off this bathtub.
So, how come you haven't
called the sheriff yet?
I thought you might want
to have a look...
before they come along,
messed up the crime scene.
That's real considerate of you,
but I'd prefer
if you'd cut the cute act.
I figure
you brought me down here...
to get my reaction to this
to see if I was the guy...
that threw that radio into
that bathtub. Am I right?
Did you?
I wish I had.
You know a guy named
Victor Romero?
Why you want to know?
He came by the house
right before it happened.
He tried to shake Annie's tree.
And you think
he's the third guy?
let me give you some advice
I know you won't take.
Forget about Romero.
Now, I don't know
his resume by heart...
but you are talking about
a true genetic fuck-up...
who gets off on hurting people.
And I'd sure hate to see you
or those close to you...
get hurt
any more than they already have.
Did you hear
what happened to Eddie?
I heard he had
a real nice service.
They cremated him...
put him in a vase or something.
I got up too late to go.
What about Victor Romero?
You seen him lately?
I don't know that person.
You fucking my wife, Dave?
Come on, Dave, get up.
I ain't through.
Hey, Bubba,
you want to go to the hospital?
No, I don't want
to go to no hospital.
Hey, tell me something...
I really shook your peaches
with that first shot, didn't I?
- Let me ask you something.
- Huh?
What makes you think I was
messing around with Claudette?
Cuervo gold.
Well, she said
she was in the truck with you.
And I know she knows
how to get a guy on the bone.
Hey, man,
you're talking about your wife.
Hey, she's human.
You know something, Bubba?
I got a strange suspicion...
that you're a man
without a future.
Why is that?
Well, I mean...
you're in the backyard sparring
with the featherweights...
trying to be 16 years old again,
and one of these days...
somebody's going to come along
and take it all away from you.
Hey, Dave...
nobody is going
to cool out my action.
But it's real nice of you
to worry.
Take it easy.
What are you doing in here?
I couldn't find your keys...
so I had to pry the lock off
with a screwdriver.
I'm sorry about the damage
to the door.
I want you to get out
of this room.
What is this,
like your church...
where you come every day
to suffer?
That's none of your damn
business, what this room is.
That's not a part of your life.
You know what I think?
I think she wouldn't expect you
to be acting this way.
I think she'd be doing
just what I'm doing now.
How would you know that?
I mean, you're not her.
How would you know that?
I'm finished.
Jerry got busted again.
Jerry Falgout... the bartender
over at Smiling Jack's.
He was arrested up in Natchez...
for stealing
social security checks.
Pretty pathetic.
Robin, you and I
ought to have a little talk.
Bien, gracias.
Me llamo Alafair.
Yo soy de El Salvador.
Hey, hey, darling,
let me have that.
Thank you. Thank you.
Can you get yourself
ready for bed?
Sweet girl.
Who is this?
This is Victor Romero.
I'll be in in a minute.
I'm hearing a lot of stuff
I don't like to hear.
Most of it's
got your name on it.
You still there?
Yeah, I'm still here.
I hear you want to cut a slice
out of my ass...
like I'm responsible
for every crime in Louisiana.
You saying I'm killing people
on the airplanes and bathtubs...
going around the quarter
telling people...
I should be
looking over my shoulder...
before something heavy
falls on me.
You there?
I'm listening.
So I'll tell you my deal.
The people I do business with
are saying I'm too hot...
like maybe
I won't be around next year...
that this guy Robicheaux
is a hard tail and don't play...
so you're fucking me, man.
Hey, Victor, I really don't give
a shit about your problems...
so why don't you write
all this down on a postcard...
and maybe I'll read it
if I get some free time.
There's a cello
in the front room...
and a fan in your bedroom
and a telephone in your hall...
except I tore it
out the wall for you.
And while I did your old lady...
you were outside
hiding in the dark.
I'm gonna find you.
Kiss my ass.
If you don't get off my back,
I'm gonna kill the kid,
the whore...
and that old fuck
you got working for you.
You want all that
on a postcard, too?
You're going after him,
aren't you?
Hey, Streak...
you remember the time...
you took me to midnight mass
over at Saint Louis Cathedral?
And afterwards we walked
across the square...
and had beignets
at the Cafe du Monde.
You remember that?
I remember.
I thought you were serious
about me that night.
I was just too messed up...
to realize that all you wanted
was to help me.
That's all you've ever wanted.
I just wish
I could return the favor.
Y'all let me know
if you need anything, Dave.
Hey, thank you, Burgess.
You look like you could
use a shower, Jerry.
Have you not been
showering lately?
I'm floating around
on an ice cube...
that's melting
in a fucking toilet.
That's a swell metaphor, Jerry,
but I need a name.
- What do you want?
- Victor Romero.
Jesus, you've got
a fucking obsession, man.
Look, I don't know where he is,
and I don't want to know!
Give me a name, Jerry.
I ain't got any.
Look, I'm telling you the truth.
I've got no reason
to cover for this cat.
You know why I'm after
these people, don't you?
Hey, I had
nothing to do with that.
Let me tell you something, man.
I'm going to find
those people...
and when I do, you gonna be
real glad you in here.
I'll see you when you get out,
He's got a cousin.
What's that? He's got a cousin?
So fucking what?
- I don't know the cat's name.
- Come on!
Romero brought him
in the bar a couple times.
He had pulled a scam
everybody was laughing about...
counterfeit tuxedos...
like they was Roberto Armani
or some fucking thing.
Where's this cousin at now?
I don't know.
I only met him once or twice.
I think he used to run
a laundry...
in the quarter or something...
called Juan's...
or Jose's.
Who sent you?
What'd you say?
Well, hey there.
I was just about
to go on up to bed.
Can I get you
something to drink, Dave?
I'd like to have a gin rickey.
Where's your little thermos?
Hmm, my thermos is...
I guess your husband
is not in charge anymore...
is he, Mrs. Rocque?
Bubba was never in charge.
All that boxing macho bullshit.
The man's crazy
as a fucking loon.
You really think he could
actually run anything...
for very long
without fucking it up?
And all the while, you're
playing the battered wife.
I am the battered wife.
sent those men to kill my wife,
didn't you?
You bought the hit! Yes or no?
I bought the hit on you.
What are you
going to do now, Dave?
You going to kill me?
Go on. Go on, do it.
Do it!
Come on, Dave.
Come on, blow me away...
so you can go home
to the whore and the kid...
and pretend you're a good man.
Killing a hundred of you...
wouldn't make up for one Annie.
It ain't in there, baby.
Bubba, what are you doing up?
911 emergency.
I'd like to report a shooting...
at Bubba Rocque's house
out on the river.
Your name, sir?
Your name?
Good luck, Bubba.