Heavens to Betsy 2 (2019) Movie Script

Our God most definitely
answers our prayers,
listens to our prayers and moves
in response to our prayers.
Be thankful for what
God has blessed you with
and for what God will bless you with.
(WHISTLES) Wishes.
Before your sister passed away
you said you prayed night and day.
I have faith that you
will intervene tomorrow
and I will finally get the success
that I've been praying for.
Keep writing, maybe you can get
a smaller publishing company
to put out one of your future books.
You know, what did I do
that was so bad in this life
that you can't answer one,
just one of my prayers?
It's like I can't remember people's names.
You're uh, you're.
- BRIAN: It starts with a B.
- Beltron.
BRIAN: Brian.
And you're the butler.
Only if I've been
demoted from being your PA.
Oh sorry sugar pops
but I'm not gonna be able
to make dinner tonight.
You're Darren Bennett.
We got married?
And you are?
I'm Betsy.
Betsy Simon.
Betsy Simon.
Yeah, no.
I'm married, I live in a mansion
and all of this because
apparently the books I've written
have done really well
and have made me wealthy.
If what you say is true,
then it would appear that God
has answered your prayers.
All of them?
If he answered them all,
then it all makes sense.
He's gotta put things back.
Not now.
BRIAN: Sorry to bother
you, but your sister is here.
So if you ask God to put
things back and he does
then you lose Sally again.
So you finally believe me?
You used to work for us.
For Wishes Incorporated,
until the end of last
year and then you quit.
We caught her, we're taking
her to court and that's it.
You think Sally took the money?
Here we go again, you know this.
She's a criminal.
You're so busy being a celebrity,
you can't even see what it
did to you or your family.
Whatever the reason,
that is no justification for what you did.
So where do I go from here?
Let God do what He does and
trust that He knows wisdom.
Not my will, but your will be done.
God answered my prayer
and I returned to the life
I was supposed to live.
I probably won't tell
anyone what happened,
not that they'd believe me.
Except for maybe Pastor John.
Like Ann Westphal suggested
I will continue to write.
My next book will be fiction
to those who read it,
but to me, it really happened.
Want some, here you go.
Now there you go.
Time to celebrate Wishes.
No, this one's not about you.
Heavenly Father, thank you for guiding me
through the pages of this book.
I hope readers will like it
and maybe benefit from it as I did.
If it ever gets published that is.
- Pastor John.
- Betsy.
Oh boy, chocolate chip?
White chocolate chip.
Oh, did you make them?
I did.
Okay well, I'm probably
gonna sneak off with
whatever's left over.
You should, I made 'em just for you.
- Pastor John.
- Yeah.
I have the flyers for the fundraiser
- what do you think?
- Oh Jerry, that looks great.
I really appreciate it.
Okay, I'll take 'em
and give 'em to your wife
and have her run 'em off okay.
- Great, thank you.
- Okay, alright.
How's that fundraising coming along?
Well not as good as we were hoping for.
Yeah, repairing steeples
over 100 years old,
not to mention the roof,
it just isn't cheap.
Well, if we don't raise
the funds where will we go?
The Elders are looking
into moving services.
Maybe, perhaps the community center.
But you know, we are gonna stay positive,
continue our prayers and
God will know what to do.
Speaking of prayer, it's done.
Heavens to Betsy, I
finished it yesterday.
Congratulations, oh my
goodness, how long did it take?
Six months, give or take.
Is that how long the other ones took?
This one came to me a little
easier than the last ones.
But there's no Wishes this time?
Well technically she's in it,
but no, this one isn't about her.
Hmm, I wonder who the
main character is then?
Obviously from the
title she's got my name.
Okay, so what's next?
Um, I copyright it,
send it to potential publishers, agents.
What about the woman
you were working with.
You said she had some sort of connection
to the publishing business?
Oh, things didn't work out with her.
That's too bad.
Well good luck.
And I can't wait any longer,
we've gotta dig into those cookies.
Yeah, let's help you.
Let's see what you did.
Betsy, you look amazing!
Veronica, thanks.
I'm moving to LA.
Did something happen?
Are you gonna be on a TV show?
No, it's just time to go.
There's nothing here in Chicago
for up and coming actors my age.
Bit of a contradiction there.
What do you mean?
Well, isn't up and
coming usually used a term
used for younger...
Never mind.
Uh, what about all the shows
that they shoot here though?
I mean there's Chicago Fire,
Chicago PD, Chicago Plumbers.
Too many actors and not enough shows.
Aren't there more actors out in LA
and wouldn't the
competition be even greater?
Not if you stand out.
You stand out, do you?
What do you mean?
Never mind.
Do you need any furniture?
I'm selling everything.
Uh, no, I don't.
I don't have enough room as it is.
You're not bringing anything with you?
I can't, I'm moving into a commune.
A commune?
Yeah, with other people who
can't afford a place to live.
A lot of actors do that.
It's like a homeless shelter
but with better restroom facilities
and there's a Starbucks nearby.
Wow, that sounds awful.
What do you mean?
Never mind.
Here's my card, with my cell number.
If you know of anyone
looking to buy furniture,
or kitchen stuff, or
things that people need,
you know, to live.
Ronnie Love, professional
actress, model, singer,
dancer, comedian, voiceover
artist, stunt double,
body double, movie extra, poet.
Dark is the night, I can't see.
Death is holding his hands over my eyes.
Dark is the night, on one knee.
Death is stepping on my life.
I can't breathe, take it away, far away.
I know right.
Too much talent and not enough
room on that stupid card.
No, yeah where would you put it?
Say, whatever happened
to that film audition
you had a while back?
Which one?
BETSY: The one with
the killer zombie trees?
Oh, yeah.
Amazing concept, amazing
script and an amazing director.
Couldn't raise the
money, it never got made.
Darren Bennett.
Right, you've heard of him.
Got another audition
in a couple of hours.
Another film audition?
Dog food.
Excuse me?
It's for the role of a dog owner
that believes her dog is
going to be a movie star,
even though it's a mutt.
You'll nail it.
Break a leg.
You bet.
My leg!
Oh my goodness.
I can't move it.
They're here Mr. Dackery.
And they have been here for
at least the past six decades.
Why can't we see them Mr. Carter?
Well, they have
infiltrated our world leaders
and are slowly taking
over other countries.
The United States?
Especially the United States.
I mean, how else would you
explain all the chaos and mayhem?
Dividing our country right now?
They control us Mr. Dackery
and they are everywhere.
They do subliminal messages
in our newspapers, magazines,
TV commercials, billboards,
internet websites.
Who is doing this Mr. Carter?
Illegal aliens.
No, no, aliens from another universe.
Extra terrestrials.
Those little guys who like
to phone home, no doubt.
And I suppose they look like us
which makes it hard for us to see them.
Not unless you're wearing these.
What'd I tell you?
You're an idiot Mr. Carter.
Alright somebody contact the
producers of Finding Bigfoot
and tell 'em we've got another nut ball
that's looking for his own reality show.
I have a PHD in
Neuro Extra Terrestrial
Science from Cambridge.
And you told me you believed me,
and you wanted to enlighten the world
and bring this important
matter to the light.
And now you.
Oh you're rude.
No doubt.
Hi Betsy.
Mrs. Poscotti.
I really like the look of this place.
Oh thanks, we just finished
remodeling last week.
You don't have an appointment.
But I have a concern.
You remember that tooth
that the dentist couldn't put back in?
I've given it more than enough time
but I just can't go on eating without it.
It's caused a lot of lopsided chewing,
as I knew it would.
So, I need him to pull
the one on the other side.
You know, for balance.
I'm assuming there's nothing
wrong with the other tooth?
No, no.
Mrs. Poscotti.
I am sure that the dentist
will not pull a healthy tooth.
It would have to be infected or cracked.
Oh, okay.
I'll see what I can do.
Mrs. Poscotti wait.
How have you been?
I've been good.
Heavens to Betsy.
I'd like to read it.
An associate of mine, Stacey
Blair told me about it.
I'm sorry Miss Westphal,
haven't we been here before?
It's obvious there are
still some bad feelings
about what happened.
Otherwise you would have sent
me a copy of the manuscript
instead of me finding out
about it from other agents
through the grapevine.
And I understand.
And there's probably no way I can convince you
I did nothing wrong.
So, I'm not even going to try.
Instead, let me make it up to you.
Give me a chance to read the book
and if it's as good as Stacey says it is,
we'll take it from there.
What have you got to lose?
Should I?
You better be right about this.
I'm very impressed.
I like the story,
the whole idea of God answering
the main character's prayers
all at once is very clever.
The story has been done before of course.
It's A Wonderful Life and such,
but it's so sweet, so heartfelt
and what happens with the
sister, heartbreaking.
I also like the whole thing
about the main character being
a writer of children's books
with dreams of success.
Inspired by personal experiences.
Uh huh.
The main character even has
a similar name Betsy Simmons.
I've never named a
character after myself before.
Uh huh.
However, I did not like the publisher
who may have been a con artist.
All writers draw from
experience one way or another.
Even if your facts weren't quite right.
Even though most would
consider it a religious novel,
I think the story has
great crossover appeal
to both religious and mainstream markets.
I know a couple of publishers
who might be interested in the book.
But, before I can send it to them
I need to become your agent.
No money up front.
I get the usual 15%
but only when they pay.
I'm willing to do this if you are?
If you will trust me?
He did it Wishes.
God is still answering my prayers.
You don't start helping out,
you're not getting any of this.
Terrence has a very
unique writing style.
Ann, good to see you.
Dorothy, how's he doing?
You know Terrence, he's
working the room the best he can.
Dorothy, this is Betsy
Simon, she's the author of...
Heavens to Betsy, yeah.
So you've read it?
No, but I've heard a lot about it.
I'll take your coats.
Help yourself to finger food and drinks
and I'll let Terrence know you're here.
Mostly mainstream
authors and PR people here.
I'll introduce you to them later,
be yourself, talk, mingle.
That's why we're here.
But stay away from the
religious aspects of the book.
We need to focus on the
mainstream audience,
keep it low key for now.
There may already be an 800
pound white gorilla in the room
from the title alone.
A white gorilla?
I think we've got Simon
and Garfunkel, England, um.
Peter and Gordon.
- Yes.
- Your age is showing.
Well let it.
It was a better time, magical.
Speaking of magical, love the book.
Oh well thank you.
Me too.
So you've read it?
No, but I've heard of it.
Well, I did and it was wonderful.
It reminded me a little bit
of the movie, The Family Man,
you know the one with Nicolas Cage.
Oh so it's fiction?
Oh tell us a little bit about it
from the mouth and the mind of the author.
Well it follows the lead
character, Betsy Simmons.
- Simmons.
- Oh.
She is a children's book author
who prays for a big
publishing deal to happen
and then when it doesn't she blames God
for not answering that, or
any of her other prayers ever.
Then all of a sudden, He does.
He answers all of them at once.
So it's like the book The
Shack, a book about God.
It's doing very well.
A Christian book?
It's a book everyone can enjoy.
It's such a heartfelt, delightful story.
You'll laugh, you'll cry.
just as bored as I am?
It could be worse.
Beats moving around new furniture.
Are you an author, an agent or other?
An author.
And you?
A friend of a friend
of the wife of the host.
What's the name of your book?
Heavens to Betsy.
And I'm sure you haven't read it.
Of course not.
Interesting title though.
How's that?
The phrase Heavens to Betsy.
It's a mild American exclamation
of shock or surprise.
It's dated, only really
encountered in print
and then most often as
an evocation of times past.
It was also used as a
substitute for swearing,
but where it comes from
nobody has the slightest idea.
I gotta go.
I guess you'll just have
to buy it to find out.
Nice meeting you.
Betsy Simon.
Terrence McAfee.
The host.
But, not a very good one as you can see
by how long it's taken me
to finally speak to you.
Oh no, hi.
So I'm um, I'm told we
have something in common.
(COUGHS) The same agent.
Oh, yes.
She any good?
Oh I like you already.
Is she?
Yes, but don't feel
obligated to tell her that.
Yep, she knows her stuff.
She can come off a bit cold, or you know,
impersonal at times.
It's the nature of the beast.
Do what she says, you'll
make a lot of money.
Your book, now I'm told
it's doing really well.
Oh, yes, yes.
I've been blessed.
So you're a Christian writer?
Uh, no, not exactly.
I'm just curious.
Ah, you in a hurry?
There is an Elvis
Presley movie marathon on
this afternoon and
Clambake comes on at two.
Oh Clambake, is that a movie?
Oh it's a classic.
Wow, well I didn't know
you were an Elvis fan.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
It's really just all in the lip.
- Oh.
- Oh okay.
Okay, just this one.
Whoa, whoa, something's happening here,
something's different.
Oh, no glasses.
Yep, the book sales are doing well
so I finally saved enough money for Lasik.
Speaking of the book,
tell me you've read it.
I'm so sorry I haven't,
but I promise I will.
Oh okay.
Hypothetically, would it be okay
for someone to keep their faith low key
for the sake of success?
Low key?
The other day I went to a party with Ann
to promote my book.
And of course there were
a lot of people there
associated with the mainstream market.
So Ann told me that I needed
to keep the faith aspects
of my book out of
conversations with others.
I did what she told me to do.
I pretty much denied my
faith and being a Christian.
Three times.
Three times huh?
It was a bit like Peter
and I felt really guilty afterwards.
Whoever denies Me before men
will be denied before the Angels of God.
I know, I know.
Betsy, you know, it's
the 21st Century and,
there's so much political correctness
and the fear of being labeled a fanatic,
it just makes it harder than
ever to stand for something.
Especially for Him.
I know.
And I don't have a problem
doing that one on one,
but in public, I mean
that's a whole other story.
It's, it's so difficult.
I mean in the other life,
I had to speak in front of a
group of atheists, it, it...
I mean, in the book, the character, Betsy,
had to speak in front of
an atheist organization
and it was very, very difficult for her.
Your book has now just gone
to the top of my to do list.
I'm really sorry girl.
Hi Ann.
You missed the phone
interview with Chicago Magazine.
I did?
I am so sorry.
I'll see what I can do,
but this is the second time.
I know, I know.
It's just getting harder to
do all these appearances,
and interviews, and still keep my job.
Well if your book keeps selling,
you may not need that job anymore.
I'll reschedule the interview,
but these are busy people
with limited availability.
Plus, I've had a request for
you to do a podcast appearance.
And what about your next book?
My next book?
Many authors deliver two novels a year.
You're gonna need to start writing soon.
Any ideas?
I haven't really thought about it.
Well you should.
We need to use the exposure
gained from this one
to promote the next.
Um, I'll start thinking
about what I wanna do next.
With all due respect Betsy,
you really should get a
better handle on your time.
Have you considered hiring a
part time personal assistant?
I'm really sorry Ann.
We'll talk later.
Kisses to Wishes.
Where in the world am I gonna find a PA?
Good morning.
Hi, how can I help you?
Have we met?
No, no.
No, no, no.
But I had a feeling it
was one of those B names,
you know like Benson
or Beltron, nevermind.
What size?
Shoe size.
Oh, oh yes.
A nine.
Well, let me see if
we have these in a nine.
Have a seat and I'll be right with you.
Okay, I couldn't find
that particular color,
but let's just try this style
and just make sure we get
a good fit there first.
Oh my.
What service.
Well, you know we've been in business
for quite some time now
and we do things the way we always have.
Oh I see.
And what do you do here?
I mean are you just a salesman?
I'm the store manager.
Ah, right, right.
No of course.
You're so good at keeping track of things
and numbers and organizing, all of that.
No, that makes sense,
that makes perfect sense.
Of course you'd be a store manager.
So how does that feel?
How long have you been doing this?
Managing, the store?
Oh, 26 years.
Hmm, wow and have you
ever given any thought
about doing another line of work?
Maybe something similar, but
you know, a little different.
I suppose.
See that's kind of what happened to me.
I'm doing something that
I've always wanted to do.
How does that feel?
Well, I mean that's why I'm here.
Things are getting out of hand
and I really could use some
help keeping it all together.
I, I meant the shoe.
Oh right the shoe.
It's not really what I'm looking for.
And what might that be?
I have a proposition for you.
I know it might sound a little weird,
and I don't mean it in
any inappropriate way.
No one ever does.
But I wanna talk to you, not here.
Can I buy you lunch?
My name is Betsy Simon, I'm an author.
My latest book Heavens to Betsy
is on the bestsellers list.
Oh, congratulations.
Thank you.
The thing is my career is
really starting to take off
and I'm losing my mind.
I've worked full time at a dentist office
as a receptionist for a long time now.
And because of the success of the book
I've been doing these interviews,
appearances, podcasts,
you name it.
And it's beginning to be a
lot more than I can handle.
My agent wants me to start
working on my next book,
which I'm trying to do
but it's just getting to be more and more
than I can handle alone.
That's where you come in.
You're really good at
organizing and managing things.
That's why you're a store manager.
Yeah, you were born for that.
So you're planning on
opening a shoe store?
No, no, no.
I need a PA.
A personal assistant.
How personal?
You would help me do what I do.
But you write books.
Yeah, yeah I know.
So what does this have to do with shoes?
Alright, well I don't
understand why we're talking.
Other than the possibility
that you actually are losing your mind,
in which case I'm not gonna be interested
in any proposal of any kind.
I'll tell you the truth.
With God as my witness,
maybe he'll intervene.
As crazy as it sounds,
you and I have worked together before.
You were my personal assistant
and you were good at what you did.
And you helped me through
some very difficult times,
both professionally and as a friend.
And the reason you don't
remember any of this
is because it happened
in an alternate reality
where God was showing me what
my life would have been like
had all of my prayers been answered.
It's all in my book.
So I decided to track
you down on the internet
and see if, maybe, you wanted
to work for me in this life
because you were so good
at it in the other one.
Well I, I have to get going Miss Simon.
'Cause I uh, I'm due back on planet Earth.
Brian, your watch.
That's the watch that your father gave you
a couple of weeks before he died.
You saw that on the internet?
No, no, no, no.
That was something that you
had told me in the other life.
Okay, just think about it alright.
Take my card, think about it.
You wouldn't even have to quit your job.
It'd be part time, I'd show
you everything you need to know
and pay you whatever you think is fair.
This is Tammy Moore, on
today's Chi-Town Book Review
my guest is book author
Betsy Simon, welcome.
Thanks for having me Tammy.
So your first books which
feature your cat Wishes,
you wrote for children.
Heaven to Betsy is clearly an adult novel,
but it does have some childlike elements.
Maybe left over from your earlier books?
How's that?
It reminded me of a children's story.
Like Willy Wonka or Wizard of Oz.
Hmm-mm, yes it's kind of
like an adult morality story
with a childlike,
simplistic message of sort.
How big a part did your
real experiences play
in creating a work of fiction?
It's not fiction.
It's not fiction.
Everything that happened in
that book, really happened.
God put me in an alternate reality
and showed me what my
world would have been like
had all of my prayers been answered.
Then he put me back and
I wrote a book about it.
Brought you back?
From where?
An alternate reality.
He did?
Yeah, He did.
And how's that even possible?
Got me.
Well I certainly have a few
prayers I'd like answered.
Can you say a few for me?
Well you heard it here first everyone.
Betsy Simon's book Heavens
to Betsy is based on fact,
not fiction, how about that?
What are you doing?
Watching TV.
No, the podcast.
I made a promise to tell the truth.
The truth?
I know how it sounds.
Do you?
So you are telling me
and everyone else who watched that podcast
that you traveled to
an alternate dimension,
or reality, or universe,
or whatever and came back?
Are you sure that
was the right decision?
Uh huh.
I don't know what you're going for here.
But crazy is no way to sell books!
I can't keep doing damage control.
If I can't trust you to stay on message
I can't send you out to
interviews or podcast appearances.
If you're gonna keep
saying things like this,
I need to know about them.
Are we on the same page?
I'm serious, you'll let me know?
I'm letting you know, right now.
What do you mean?
I've gotta go, we'll talk later.
What'd I miss?
During a live podcast,
I did what I felt was the right
thing to do in God's eyes,
and I told the interviewer
that the book wasn't fiction.
Okey doke.
Okay, so if what you're saying is true
and let's just say for the
sake of this very strange,
but very interesting
conversation that it is.
Why are you telling me all this?
Because you read the book.
You believed me in the other life.
But not 'til the end of the book.
Well does it have to
take that long this time?
I just thought because it was me,
Betsy Simon, in this reality,
the one that you knew,
that you would believe me.
So, Sandy in the book,
is your sister Sally?
And then when God put Betsy,
well you, back into this life
you had to lose her again.
Why would you write about
something so painful?
Because it happened.
I really need for you to believe me.
Things are gonna get
complicated from here on out
now that I've told the truth.
Betsy, you know, I've always
been here for you and your family
and I will do my best to be here
for whatever you're going through.
Whether it's in this, or any reality.
I'll take it.
Miss Simon.
I'm calling to let you know that
I'm not a compulsive man
and I never do anything
without doing plenty of research first.
So I bought your book
and I watched the
podcast that you were on.
You didn't have to buy the book,
I would've given you a copy.
Well that's very nice of you,
but considering the circumstances
that's not necessary.
That's what I liked about you.
That's what I like.
Before this becomes another
episode from The Twilight Zone
I just want to say that I have decided,
that no matter how I much I
love my job in shoe sales,
I think it's time to explore
other means of income.
So I accept your offer.
And we can, we can talk about
the salary next time we meet.
That's great.
I'm a little busy over
here, so I've gotta go,
but I will call you later
with a time and a place
that we can meet up.
Thank you.
Well, you're welcome.
Mrs. Potterman, how
good to see you again.
Mrs. Poscotti, what's wrong?
No Mrs. Poscotti, you didn't?
Of course not, I paid the newspaper kid.
Can we do this now?
We're here with our
guest Caroline Hopper
from the organization known as N.O.G.O.D.
A national organization
dedicated to getting out deities
in our society.
Thank you Tandom.
So Caroline, for the sake of our viewers
who are unfamiliar with
you and your organization,
it's been around for how long now?
It officially began three
years ago this November.
And, it's basically another organization
that's attempting to re-enforce
the separation of Church and State.
Oh no no, Tandom, we're
much more than that.
We at N.O.G.O.D. are against all forms
of subliminal force fed religion,
even within the context of
everyday terms and phrases.
Can you give us an example?
CAROLINE: Hmm, sneezing.
Well not sneezing itself,
but the response God bless you.
Okay, so you're saying that
somebody could be doing this out of habit
and be completely unaware
that it's happening.
So who's behind this Miss Hopper?
Well, all perpetrators are unknown
in any proposed conspiracy Mr. Dackery.
No doubt.
Well being agnostic yourself
I'm sure you can agree that
religious agenda is everywhere,
it's sometimes very deep
inside simple things.
Of course, but something
a little more obvious?
Well just the other day
I was watching a podcast
with a young author who
wrote a book about God
placing her in an alternate
universe to teach her a lesson.
And then transporting her back.
TANDOM: Back where?
Well back to this universe,
kind of like Alice in Wonderland.
I didn't read the book, I
only watched the podcast
because someone told me that N.O.G.O.D.
is mentioned in the book.
There's even a character
that resembles me (LAUGHS).
- Really?
- Yes (LAUGHS).
Does she have an obnoxious giggle?
I'm sorry, giggle?
You're so bad.
Thank you.
Great show.
She's a nut.
Yeah, I know who she was talking about.
That author, that wrote
that book Heavens to Betsy,
I saw a clip of the podcast on Facebook.
Pretty weird stuff.
How's that?
Thing is, she really believes
she was in an alternate universe,
just like Alice in Wonderland,
and returned and wrote a book about it.
No doubt.
Like Miss Hopper said,
she could be just doing it
to increase her book sales.
You said you needed
some more filler shows,
Tandom in Wonderland.
Think of what you could do with that?
We just did a show with a delusional woman
who doesn't believe in God,
how about one about a
delusional woman who does?
Put someone on it.
Already did.
Well I think that about covers it.
You should be good to go.
BRIAN: What?
Is that new?
Well I just bought it, why?
You just had one like
it in the other life.
Well, where do you think
I got the idea for it?
What was it like?
What was what like?
The other life?
It was unreal.
Everything was the same.
The people, the places, I was
there but I was somebody else.
Betsy Simmons-Burnett, the
famous children's book author.
Except for there I was
Betsy Simon-Bennett.
Fame, fortune, it all became so important.
And I turned my back on my family,
and most important, God.
Aren't you afraid that maybe
you'll go down that same path again?
No, I know that I'm human
and that I'm gonna make mistakes.
But as long as I put God
first, I'm in good hands.
Not your will, but His will be done.
(LAUGHS) Exactly.
Well, I've got to get going.
I have a lot of reading to catch up on.
Oh and I'm just curious,
in the book you said
that you changed all the
names of the characters,
so why didn't you change mine?
Um, I guess because you
were from the other life,
I didn't think it'd matter
and to be honest I wasn't
even sure that you existed.
Maybe I don't.
Well for what it's worth,
it's great to have you back.
Well, I'll have to
take your word for it.
Have a good day.
Oh hi.
Mind if I join you?
Uh, no, no, not at all.
Betsy Simon.
The author right?
Uh, Robert Trainer.
The friend of a friends
wife of this thing that yeah.
Yes, that's me.
Do you live near her?
Uh no, but I heard about this place
and yeah, it's becoming a regular.
Or I'm becoming a regular.
Never knew there were
Christian coffee shops.
Yeah, all the proceeds
go to various Christian
charities and organizations.
I take it you are?
I am, and you?
As far as I know I am.
You sound a little unsure.
When I was a teenager,
my parents sent me to this
Christian summer camp.
I went with a friend.
It was a lot of fun, you know,
camp fires, games, girls, puberty.
Each night after dinner
there was a service.
Some kids would sing songs,
tell jokes or read the Bible.
And then the camp leader
would try to get the kids
to come to the altar, you know, to be saved.
But, they were really pushy about it.
Really, in what way?
It seemed like they
wouldn't end the service
until someone went to the altar.
Oh, really?
Anyway, there was this girl
and I was infatuated with her.
And one night she went to the altar so...
You did too.
So even though I was way too young,
to know what it meant,
I guess I was saved.
And now?
I don't know.
Over the years, I've
drifted away from Church.
Life has a way of complicating things.
How about you?
Ever been to a Christian camp?
No, I haven't.
But I was raised in a Christian home
and my parents always went
to Church when I was little.
I'd say we prayed a lot.
Unlike my older sister,
Sally, I loved to pray.
We were close Sally and I.
You don't see her anymore?
She died, my mom too.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
My mom died not too long ago
and when she did my dad moved to Arizona.
And your sister?
She died when we were teenagers.
She was 18, I was 17.
Can I help you?
Yes I'm here to see Dr. Jorgensen.
- Please sign in.
- Okay.
Where's mom and dad?
Oh, they just went to
get something to eat.
It's not good.
When do you start the treatments?
I'm not.
I don't get it, why not?
You can't stop the inevitable.
I put myself through hell,
feel like crap, look
like crap and for what?
To live.
It's stage four Betsy.
Mom and dad aren't gonna let you.
I'm 18, it's not up to them.
You've gotta fight this.
No, no I don't.
I am not gonna let them put all that crap in me
and spend what time I have
left bald and throwing up.
I wanna enjoy whatever time I have left.
I'll pray for you.
Malignant neoplasm of the
cervix, it was rare for her age.
That's why I thought that she'd beat it.
And she might have, had
she not been so stubborn.
She'd be hospitalized towards the end.
Maybe that was too much too soon.
Oh that's okay.
I was thinking the same thing, for me.
Especially when I mentioned the puberty.
Would you like to go out
for dinner one night?
Let me think about it.
For those of you just tuning in tonight
on Chicago Christian Network,
we have with us a very interesting
and controversial guest.
Who's latest book Heavens to Betsy
has generated quite a bit of interest
due to a recent podcast
that has gone viral.
Betsy Simon, you said
that you had to be honest
and tell the truth?
Yes Grace.
Apparently you also are generating
a bit of negative publicity,
both you and your book.
People have called you crazy.
A self proclaimed phony
baloney prophet is it?
And worse.
Oh really.
Well I want you to know
that I for one, believe you.
Thank you.
A book like this can
impact so many people,
I mean not just Christians,
but people of all different
faiths and backgrounds.
And so what if not everyone
believes that it happened.
Pick up the book, read it,
and decide for yourselves.
Heavens to Betsy, the book.
An amazing testimony into
understanding God's will
and one woman's spiritual journey.
BETSY: I like the new look.
Thank you.
Oh you have a 4:00 p.m.
phone interview tomorrow
with the Christian Faith News Program
and oh, there's a Pastor Thomas
from a Church in the city
and he would like you to speak
before his sermon on Sunday.
In front of the whole Church?
It looks like you're a hit
with the Christians and
religious organizations
ever since your interview
with Miss Staples.
That's great.
You know I wasn't expecting all this.
Wishes is staring at me again.
You know what they say about animals,
they can sense things.
ROBERT: I saw you on
that Christian TV show.
- How did you know about...
- Your website.
Oh, it shows how little I
can keep track of those things.
Thank God for Brian.
Brian, yeah, he's my personal assistant.
Like Brian.
Betsy Simmons-Burnett's PA in the book.
You read it?
You told me to buy it.
Okay, so where do you stand?
Well you gotta admit,
it's pretty hard to believe.
I know, I'm pretty used
to people looking at me
like I'm a total crazy person.
Well maybe I am
attracted to crazy women?
And who are you Robert Trainer?
Uh, I come from a very poor family.
I lost my father when I was a boy.
Moved with my mom and sister to Chicago
after I graduated high school.
Went to Chicago State
University, graduated
and now I'm an intern in the city.
My favorite color is purple,
pizza is my comfort food and
I love Swiss almond ice cream.
And I have a bad habit of
picking my nose, at stop signs.
Too much?
Seriously, I'm a nobody right now,
hoping that someday I'll be a somebody.
Just like Betsy Simmons did in the book.
Are you sure you read it?
I don't know if you wanna
be that kind of somebody.
She was on Christian talk show recently,
and they believed her.
Well, that's not surprising.
She's pretty convincing.
Either she's one of the
best manipulators I've seen
in a long time or she really
believes what she says.
So now she's playing
to the Christian market.
Smart move, God bless her.
I know, but I was just thinking about
the Dr. Hager interview we
did, the plastic surgeon.
Oh, the guy from Indonesia.
Didn't even have his license,
performed all those surgeries.
Yeah, that was like 60 minute stuff.
Our highest rated show.
No doubt.
Don't do that.
I'm sorry.
How is this even close?
Maybe we can make it sound that way?
Like she's fooling Christians.
Using their faith to sell books.
That won't be hard,
especially if you can get
her to break down on camera.
Okay, let's do it.
Give me a copy of her book.
You're good.
I know.
But there is one problem, though.
Her agent told us she said no.
Quote "I'm not stepping
one foot on that set."
Patty, what are we doing here?
What if we told her
we'll do the interview wherever she wants.
The Church she goes to is very old
and they're trying to
raise money for repairs
to keep it open.
What if we offer to
make a sizeable donation
in exchange for doing the interview there?
That could be fine.
PATTY: I'll contact her agent.
Like you said, we're
still gonna need something
that'll make her lose
it during the interview.
You have something, don't you?
Yes I do.
Do you know who Tamdon Dackery is?
I do, I am not fond of him, but I do.
He wants me on his show,
but I've seen what he does to his guests
so I told him no.
Good, you don't need him.
I know.
But I was thinking maybe the Church does.
How's that?
Ann called me yesterday.
She says he wants to donate
to the Church's fundraiser
in exchange for an interview with me.
A very generous donation.
Uh huh.
But I already refused to do
an interview at his studio,
so he said he'd go anywhere that I wanted.
Why would that go to that extreme?
I don't know, for ratings?
Because he thinks I'm crazy
and wants to embarrass me?
That's just what he does.
But I was thinking, maybe
we could do it here?
Oh Betsy.
I know that the Church needs the money
and I really don't mind taking
a little verbal beating
and embarrassment, especially
if it will do some good.
And I bet your agents all
about it for the exposure right?
But that's not why I'm willing to do it.
What if this is God's will?
Maybe all of this is falling into place
because he wants me to do this.
And the exposure will be great
for the Church's fundraiser.
That would depend on Tandom Dackery,
he can not only make you look foolish
for what you said about the
book, he can ruin your career.
That is also something he does.
I know.
Plus the Elders would never
approve doing it for the money
and I would have to agree with them.
Well, why not?
To do so, would be to sell out.
It would dishonor God.
No, it would have to
be for another reason.
A matter of faith for example.
It is wonderful that you would consider
risking your career for the
Church, it means the world.
And it shows that even
with all your success,
it hasn't changed who
you are in this world,
like it did in the other one.
Wait, what?
So you believe me?
TANDOM: Pastor John?
Tandom Dackery.
Sorry for the intrusion.
What a surprise.
I'll bet.
So I heard you turned
down Betsy's proposal.
It wasn't just my decision.
Of course.
Actually, that's why I'm here.
I just wanted to tell you in person
how much I admire that decision.
Even in light of the Church's
need for financial support
that they would turn
such a generous donation,
really is a story within itself.
A story for another show, not yours.
I do have a reputation, I know.
Beautiful Church.
When was it built?
And the bell in the
steeple, does it still ring?
It would be a shame to
have to close the doors.
How's the fundraiser going?
We are hopeful that God
will hear our prayers
and provide what we need.
Or maybe he won't.
Like in Betsy Simon's book.
- Huh.
- You know on the other hand,
with her track record, maybe
she should do all the prayers.
Anyway I'm sure you're a busy man.
I know I am.
Again, I just wanted to stop by
and let you know that I
really respect the decision
not to let Betsy Simon use the Church.
You know, it's pretty obvious
that she's not mentally stable.
And an interview like this
could be embarrassing
for everyone involved.
The truth is Mr. Dackery,
that you have little, if any,
respect for anyone you
interview on your show.
That's my job.
And it's your job not to support
someone like Betsy Simon,
whose motivations are clearly not,
for lack of a better phrase, faith based.
Have a good day Pastor.
Oh and Pastor, if she doesn't
wanna defend herself here.
I'll just go on the air and
rip her to shreds there.
Pastor John, what a surprise.
I'm sorry.
I hope it's okay to show up unannounced.
You know what, I should have called...
No, it's fine.
Hey come on in.
Are you sure?
Uh, I need to tell you something.
Um, how do I do it?
Okay, you know what, remember
in Rocky Two, the movie,
when Mickey his manager,
shows up unexpectedly at Rocky's house
because he has just heard Apollo Creed
shoot his mouth off on television
and now he tells him that he
should knock his block off.
I never saw Rocky Two.
Oh, uh.
Oh, well there goes that analogy.
Well then, I'm just gonna say it.
I had a visit from Mr. Dackery,
the other day at the Church.
He came to the Church?
Yes, and he lived up to his reputation
as being just a, well
just a real piece of,
well just a, just a real piece of...
Okay, yeah that's better
than where I was going.
The Elders, they have now
approved the interview.
- They did?
- They did.
I don't understand.
Well after my meeting with Mr. Dackery,
I was inspired, let's say,
to go back to the Elders
with a new proposal.
They have approved the
use of the Church for you.
- Yes.
- Why?
Betsy, you are willing
to risk your career
and make of fool of yourself
all to represent our Heavenly Father.
That my dear, is a matter of faith.
There are some conditions though.
The biggest one being,
they have got to give you a complete list
of all the questions they're gonna ask you
for your approval.
So we can somehow minimize
the chance of embarrassment.
- Yeah, I like that.
- Me too.
Any advice on how I
should prepare for this?
Well I would watch a Rocky movie
and lots and lots of prayer.
Which, you know, I read your book,
so I know you're a bit of an expert there.
That's all for today everybody.
(CLEARS THROAT) Mr. Dackery, excuse me.
- Robert.
- Robert.
There's a question here
that has to do with something
she told me in private and...
Ah, the element of surprise
is the key to a good interview Richard.
- Robert.
- Robert.
Unexpected responses, emotions,
drama, all good stuff.
You're an intern, you'll learn.
I'm sure, but in hindsight
it was something she told me in private...
Then you should have kept it in private.
Though I do admire your sense
of fairness, just the same.
He's done.
Got it.
Can you send for another one?
There's something that
I think you should know.
Remember when I told you I was an intern?
Well, I'm an intern at
Tandom Dackery's production company.
So you know about the
interview at the Church.
Okay, so you work for an egotistical,
self-serving, hypocritical media vampire.
Yeah, yeah.
But not for him directly.
So you'll be coming to the interview.
I'd like to.
Look it's okay.
Alright, I'm not gonna
hold it against you.
He is who he is.
I gotta go, I came by just
to stop and get some coffee
on my way home.
I gotta prepare for the interview
and go over all the questions
that he's gonna ask me.
I'll see you at the interview.
Are you okay?
Are you comfortable with the questions?
Yeah, I'm good.
Good, well then, I
will see you afterwards.
Ladies and gentleman, can
I get your attention please.
We are moments away from
starting the interview,
I know we have several Tandom Dackery fans
in the house today.
And of course I know
we have some fans of
Heavens to Betsy, the book.
just like to remind all of you
to please be respectful
throughout the interview
and let everyone up here
do what they need to do.
There's a scene in the first Rocky.
It's the night of the big
fight against Apollo Creed,
and Rocky he's ready to
fight, but he's worried.
So he tells Adrian, that's his girlfriend
that it doesn't matter
if he wins the fight,
as long as he goes the distance.
Because then and only then,
he'll know he's not just
another bum in the neighborhood.
Okay, have you not seen any Rocky films?
I don't know what any of that means.
What it means is that you're like Rocky.
You are not in this for
the fame and fortune,
you're doing it for something
that's important to you.
And in this case, it's
defending the truth.
Let's pray.
Heavenly Father.
We ask that You oversee
the upcoming interview
and that You will help
Betsy find the right words
to express herself, keeping to Your word.
We thank you Father for
answering Betsy's prayers
and giving her the opportunity
for continued success
in Your name.
Okay, what about Creed?
No, no, that's one
where he actually has
to train Apollo's kid.
Everyone has seen Creed.
RONNIE: Betsy's a good friend of mine.
Ronnie Love.
Uh, sorry?
My stage name, maybe you've heard of me.
Oh no, sorry.
You will someday, I'm an actress.
I'm used to all of this,
the cameras, the lights.
When I heard she was going to do this,
I thought I'd come just in case she needed
some professional advice
about how to deal with it.
You sound like an amazing friend.
She's lucky to have you.
I know right.
Tandom Dackery, the host.
Betsy Simon, the crazy Christian.
Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet
prior to the interview,
that would have been the proper thing.
Yes it would have.
Ladies and gentleman.
We are rolling.
In three, two.
Shortly after its release,
Betsy Simon's book Heavens to
Betsy hit the best seller list
and stayed there for the last six months.
The book tells the story
of an aspiring children's
book author who's prayer
for fame and fortune is
answered by God himself.
Transporting her to an alternate universe
where not only does she
get the fame and fortune,
but everything she has ever prayed for.
The book has been called
a modern day Wizard of Oz
or Alice in Wonderland.
David Claymore of the Chicago Press
has called it entertaining,
heartwarming and magical.
But as of late the book has
got even more attention.
Because the author claims
that the story in the book
is not fiction, but fact.
Hello Betsy Simon.
So I read Heavens to Betsy
and I thought it was delightful.
Thank you.
When did you start writing books?
Well, I wrote a short
story in high school
that won an award, and I
just kept writing after that.
You have a mother and a
sister, who are both deceased,
and your father lives in Arizona.
I see you've done your homework.
Yes, that's all correct.
This is not you first
novel, is that correct?
I've written four children's books
that have featured my cat Wishes.
Well that seems obvious,
seeing as how the character
in your book Betsy Simmons
has a cat named Wishes and
writes children's books.
Right, yeah I didn't change her name,
she wouldn't have liked that.
So when the book came out,
your agent promoted it
as a work of fiction.
And now you've said, in many interviews
that it's not fiction, is that correct?
If that's so, then Betsy
Simmons who is obviously you,
has been transported to
an alternate universe
by a cosmic entity.
It's safe to say God in here.
No need for political
correctness Mr. Dackery.
And what was that like?
TANDOM: Living in
an alternate universe?
It was confusing at first.
No doubt.
It was like I was in
an alternate timeline,
like Back to the Future.
If you have God, who needs a DeLorean?
Miss Simon.
Betsy, please just Betsy.
Are you now or have you
ever been in therapy?
Why, do you need a referral?
I'm sorry.
I can understand how some people,
might think that I was crazy.
But there are others who don't.
Christians, to be exact.
You know, ever since the reveal,
your book has done quite
well in that market.
Why do you think that is?
Because of people of
faith know that through God
all things are possible.
Isn't it unethical to exploit
religion for financial gain?
(LAUGHS) Unethical?
Wow, did you of all people just say that.
You wrote in your
book that at one point,
you asked God to put you
back to your original life.
If I didn't, I wouldn't
be here right now.
And by doing so, you killed
your sister didn't you?
Did it not that bother you
that asking God to put you
back to the way things were
would essentially be killing
your sister for a second time?
And that by asking God to do
that, you would responsible?
You wrote in your book,
that after much prayer,
your sister died while
you were in your teens.
And then when he answered your prayer,
put you into this alternate
universe, he brought her back.
But that didn't go very well,
once you found out she'd been stealing
from you and your husband's company.
At least I know what I did.
I think you'll never forgive me.
I also know what you
guys are going to do,
so just do it!
So if the book is fact,
then you, more or less,
were playing Judge and Jury
in asking God to put things
back the way they were.
Therefore handing your
sister a death sentence.
You see, I think that's
the flaw in your story.
Nobody would honestly do something
that would kill somebody they loved
as much as you apparently
love your sister,
all for the sake of religion.
In 2006, Oprah Winfrey rebuked James Frey,
author of A Million Little Pieces
for lying about his past,
and portraying his book
as a truthful account of his life.
In her words, betraying
millions of readers.
Isn't that what you're doing here?
Look, I know these are
different circumstances,
but tell me, why should we believe you?
Miss Simon.
Why would God allow your sister
to die not once, but twice.
BETSY'S DAD: Peanuts,
he's in a better place now.
I know papa.
BETSY'S DAD: You'll see him again.
Not too soon I hope.
Sally, your sister's very upset.
Betsy would you like to say a prayer?
I don't know.
How about you Sally?
Not really, he's just a...
Peanut is not just cat.
Can I say it to myself papa?
Of course you can honey.
We don't need to hear it, nobody does.
It will just be between you and God.
Because it was God's will.
And being a non-believer
I don't expect you to understand that.
When someone we love dies,
we say how could God let that happen?
I know, I asked that question
over and over again when
my sister passed away.
And it's so easy to blame Him
because it's so much
harder to accept the fact
that these events
ultimately, have a purpose.
So I leave it all up to Him.
Trusting that He will show me the way
to live the life that He wants me to live
and be the person that He wants me to be.
And I'm wanted to take
what God had shown me
and share it with the world,
in the only way I knew how.
Through my passion for writing.
A person's relationship
with God is the most intimate bond
that any human being can have.
And if you reject the possibility
of a creator communicating
with His creation
well there's really nothing that I can say
that will change that.
Mr. Dackery, this interview
isn't about me, or my book,
or why I wrote it.
It's about you, wanting
to make it look like
I'm taking advantage of Christians
by appealing to their sentiments
and faiths, or whatever,
in order to make money.
Which is what you're doing here,
for ratings and to profit off of those
who don't believe in God.
And that, Mr. Dackery
makes you a hypocrite
or should I call you by your real name,
Marione Pickle?
You're not the only one who
did their homework, Mr. Pickle.
What happened was between me and God
and it doesn't matter what you think.
Any more questions?
Nope, I think that covers it.
Fade to black.
Well how about that?
Betsy has left the building,
thank you and goodnight.
You did good.
So did you.
What did I do?
You were there for
me, just like you said.
And you know what?
It doesn't matter if you believe me.
Who said I didn't?
Gotta take care of some business upstairs.
Good show Betsy Simon.
And we want you to know,
we're still going to make the donation.
Even after the way it just ended?
No doubt.
Everyone loves a hero.
Goodnight Betsy Simon.
Your boss just left.
Uh, he's not my boss.
Not anymore.
I was fired.
Oh, for being deceptive?
I objected to him
using the information that I
gave him about your sister.
I'm so sorry Betsy.
When they asked me to get
information about you,
I was just doing my job.
I never expected to feel
the way I do about you.
I, I did a terrible thing.
Any chance you'll forgive me?
You picked a good place
to ask for forgiveness.
Uh, and there's something else.
After watching you, I
decided to ask the Pastor
if he'd help me recommit my life to God.
You sure this isn't just
another case of infatuation?
Good idea.
Thank you.
And congratulations are in order.
For what?
For Heavens to Betsy
selling a million copies.
So how does it feel?
She thinks so too, she feels great.
- Here you go.
- She's a big part of this.
- Yeah I know.
- So you're not afraid
of making the same mistakes again?
No, although it is a little strange
that you're now dressing like
you did in the other life.
Well, one has to keep up appearances.
(LAUGHS) You know, you sound as if
you now believe everything I wrote.
I never told anyone that
my father gave me this watch.
Not in this life.
Well, goodbye Wishes.
Thank you, Brian Manely.
I'm here to tell you, that I'm okay.
The Sally that God showed you, wasn't me.
Not the Sally that you loved,
or the sister that you lost.
I left when I did, because it was time.
I didn't wanna go.
Sometimes it's too soon, I know.
He wanted me to ease your mind
and give you peace so that
you can go on with your life.
I love you.
I love you too.
So you're not here to stay?
But I'll always be here, in your heart.
She's such a beautiful kitty.
Her names Wishes.