Heavy (1995) Movie Script

I've never really worked
in a real restaurant before.
- I don't...
- You don't have experience.
Tell me, honey, what does your father
think about you working in a tavern?
Actually, they're both
pretty angry at me right now.
- Because of school?
- Yeah.
Nah. I bet they're just
worried about you.
There's lots to be worried about
in the world these days.
They just wish
I'd finish the semester.
But the people up there...
I don't know.
It's not like I'm never
gonna take any classes.
I'm thinking I might take
a photography course at community...
if the hours didn't, um...
- Conflict.
- Yeah.
- I might take up accounting for my dad.
- Accounting could be useful.
Especially around here.
- Yeah, definitely.
- Callie...
not everybody's
supposed to go to college.
Somebody's gotta roll up
their sleeves and do the work.
- Yep.
- All right.
So when do you
want to start?
Goddamn it!
Typical. So, honey,
when do you want to start?
What do you say tonight? Hmm?
Yeah, sure.
I mean, you don't
have to do this, you know?
I mean, if you can use me,
I'm a very committed person.
- But Syracuse was a whole different...
- Harry?
- Oh, here's your check.
- Thanks, Doll.
Oh, watch your step.
That's my son.
He's doin' the bathrooms.
Delores, I didn't
expect you in so early.
I want you to meet someone.
Sometimes it seems
I can barely breathe
The way this world
is worrying me
Let me do it.
Press in the tax...
before you ring through,
or else it's...
Vic! What's going on?
The pizza's burned to a crisp.
Callie, honey,
the parmesan's up!
Thank you.
Looks good.
Only pizzas
come through the slot.
Oh, thank you.
Maybe Dolly figures she'll bring
in some business or something.
No. I'm being punished.
I gave all my money
to the bank this month
I got no more money to spend
Smiled when he saw me
comin' through the door
When I left
He said
Come back again
I watched some lonesome
boxcar wheels
Turnin' down the tracks
out of town
Some real lonesome
railroad tracks
Make two trips, stupid.
Looked for my man
in the lost and found
He had already been claimed
And I'm gonna find me
a ticket to ride
To a town
never had no name
Leo, it's nice having another
pair of hands around...
isn't it?
Your heart still beating?
I have to keep pressure
on my saliva glands.
Have you ever played spit?
It's kind of like solitaire.
You know:
One, two, three, spit.
It's got another name,
but I don't remember it.
Yeah, I know that one.
It's true, Delores.
You know, Dolly has great teeth.
What is she?
Fifty years older than me?
There's a big old Buick
at the Baptist church
Cadillacs at the Church of Christ
You can put a six.
Pete and Dolly's.
Okay, what can you do?
You can put the king there.
You're good.
My sister and I, we used to play
every day after school.
It's my boyfriend.
Mrs. Modino!
My... My boyfriend's here.
Would it be all right if I...
- You can go.
- Thanks. Bye.
If you ever see the wheels
of a fast freight train
Beatin' out a beautiful tune
You ever seen the cold
blue railroad tracks
Shinin' by the light of the moon
- You!
- What?
You better call a cab.
- What are you talkin' about?
- What am I talkin' about? Look at you.
What is this?
Barmaids Against Drunk Driving?
I don't need you
to take me home again.
Fine. I'll save on gas.
Take me home again.
Sure. You think I'm
one of your boyfriends.
No, I'm thinkin' of the
shit-faced photo delivery man...
sittin' in front of me.
You know, she's what they used
to call "'the marrying type."
Sorry about that.
What's her name?
Hey, Victor.
It's amazing what people
will drop off at the drugstore.
Leo, you remember,
this is not an everyday thing.
- The next time, you take it easy.
- Yes, ma'am.
You know, Vic, if you don't
use it once in a while...
it'll just fall right off.
And when I'm out of cigarettes
I think the whole thing's
so cruel
It ain't no piece of cake
Life ain't dishin' out
Nothin' that my heart
can't fake
Well, some boys
they might fix your car
Or take you out to eat
Well, some boys
they might play guitar
And sing you somethin' sweet
That's all good and proper
What's wrong?
- Keep singing.
- You're not payin' attention.
I am too. I just looked
at the TV for a minute.
Whatever. It's cool.
Jeff, this is...
- This is like...
- It's fine.
It's the tenth time
I've heard this song tonight.
It's the third time.
It's preventative health.
At the same time,
the Kingston Housing Department...
is offering seniors
a wealth of information...
about everything
from medicine to Medicare.
Seniors have needs that sometimes
are not met because they're afraid...
What's the problem
with your son?
He's into drugs.
He's a cocaine user.
- He's got heavy alcohol problems.
- Does he live at home?
He's tried a couple times,
and I've taken your advice...
on not letting him
stay there for free.
That causes nothing but trouble because
my wife says he can stay for free.
Lost eight pounds on that stuff.
I had this dream,
and it's been bothering me...
or on my mind
for about a week now.
Nanny. Here, honey.
There was this individual
telling me...
that I was going
to be getting married...
and I would be
getting married to a pilot...
towards the end of August.
- Are you dating anybody?
- All right.
This may be about you sort
of taking, but he flies away.
It may be that your dream
was flighty or he was flighty.
'Cause the unconscious
is a notorious...
Bud, your fries
are on their way.
Leo, can I get you somethin'?
Dell's gettin' it.
That's okay.
- Chivas neat, right?
- Thanks, Del.
The third winning number is two.
Tonight's fourth
winning number is 13.
A big white...
a white Borden's truck.
And the next thing I know is...
Some trucker smashed his rig...
right into the Borden's...
and stopped it...
stopped it five feet from me.
And through the smoke
and the steam and everything...
walks Burt Lancaster.
I just saw him in a movie.
It was really Pete,
but I swear to God, he looked...
just like Burt Lancaster.
And he leaned over and said,
"Hey, kiddo.
You okay?"
And I said, "Sure."
You didn't know this guy or anything?
He just kind of appeared?
No, not yet.
Pete was...
a trucker,
an interstate trucker.
He was just passing through.
Anyway, the point is...
he put his...
whole livelihood in jeopardy
to save me.
It was his truck.
He owned it.
He did that to save me...
a stranger,
out of the goodness...
of his heart.
Good hearts are good things.
- That's right, Leo.
- And hard to find.
And that too.
Can I... Whoa.
Take this, please.
It's getting all lopsided. I'm sorry.
- That's amazing. Wow.
- Not really.
Yes, it is.
What are you talking about?
You're really good at this.
- I hate making pizza.
- No way.
But he loves making breakfast.
This young man takes
very good care of his mother.
He makes me a whole buffet...
every single morning.
What's the name of that school,
that cooking schooI...
the really fancy one
across the river?
I think you should go there.
I think that you could
become a great chef.
He already is.
Well, of course he is.
I didn't mean to say that...
Callie, they would just
charge us a lot of money...
to teach him
what he already knows.
I don't think so.
Forgot to slice it, chef.
Cursing is not going to make
your argument any more persuasive.
There comes a time, miss,
when you better think about your future.
And what is
the future? Her?
How long do you think she's gonna
hang around this bone orchard?
- That's completely up to my son Victor.
- Bullshit!
All right, I don't want
any more of this tonight.
You have a bad mouth.
You have a bad reputation.
It gets you in trouble
with people...
and I do not want
to have it anymore!
Somebody writes something on the
bathroom mirror. Who knows who did it?
I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
Well, I want to
set this straight.
Somebody writes something on the mirror,
it could be about you.
Yes, I'm sure.
I was the one who took home
that big, ugly trucker.
What do you want from me?
I'm a block of ice!
I'm a goddamn celibate!
That goes for Leo and every other fuckup
who ever waltzed through here.
Tell me something, Delores.
Were you a block of ice
with Pete? Huh?
How were you with my husband?
I want to know.
That was fifteen years ago.
Fifteen years ago.
Jesus Christ.
- Get away from me!
- You're a slut, Delores!
You're a slut!
You've always been one.
What was he like?
- Who?
- Pete.
Pete was a very sad man.
Like me, huh?
How's it goin'?
Please tell me a lie
I don't wanna know
the truth anymore
I don't wanna see you
walk out that door
Just tell me a lie
Please tell me a lie
Tell me that you love me
Just like before
Tell me that you won't be
leavin' anymore
Just tell me a lie
It's breakin' my heart in two
I only know
the sun in the sky
Refuses to shine
So, darlin'
I am beggin' of you
Just tell me a lie
Tell me that you love me
Just like before
Tell me that you
won't be leavin' anymore
Just tell me a lie
Very nice.
I like the ones of you
making pizza.
I don't know about that.
You got somethin' on your chin.
Del, I'm making
the list for Rykoff.
Where are you goin'
with the menu?
You might think that I'm crazy
- Who's that?
- That's Delores.
Last time De Niro won an Oscar
Oh, boy.
- That's Dolly.
- Okay.
Remember what you had at lunchtime
- All right.
- That's nice.
- You guys look really cute together.
- Yeah, you do.
Okay, give me that.
Thank you. That's enough.
You gotta be fat
to be free
And that's Victor.
You gotta be fat
to be free
Is that who Jeff
wrote this song about?
He's never met him before.
Jeff doesn't, uh...
He won't go inside.
I don't know. I guess he thinks
they're all trash or something.
To say the words I feel
This fancy that I'm on
Has been goin' on too long
It's time to stop pretendin'
things are real
To take a chance
on losin' you
Was such a silly thing to do
The chance I might wake up
And find you gone
The blue's so blue
My love is burnin' blue
Nanny, down.
Victor, take Nanny out.
Everything hurts.
Did you eat already?
You mustn't skip breakfast.
It's the most im...
important meal.
I'm fat, Ma.
You are not fat.
You are not.
Honey, you're husky.
You're well-built.
You're macho.
I am fat, Ma!
I'm fat.
Paging technician 5890.
She won't wake up
until the morning.
We can call you
if you need...
I mean, you don't
have to stay.
You can if you want to.
I can get you a pillow.
You wanna talk to the doctor?
Are you sure?
Okay, then. Let us know
if you need anything.
If I kiss somebody,
it just means I'm being friendly.
That may not necessarily
be the case.
So ideas are really for using,
not believing. All right?
I got this card once
from the girls over at Caldor's.
I was out for two weeks with mono.
No comments, please.
And, uh, it had...
This card had a little guy
with a potbelly...
and it looked like he was in bed sick,
but when you open up the card...
he was actually in bed with
a whole bunch of well-endowed women.
- Lucky guy.
- That's what I thought.
Anyway, uh...
What did it say? Shit.
I don't know.
I forgot, but it was funny.
I mean, these cards are...
They're sweet and everything,
but funny cards, you know...
they cheer you up.
Sweetheart, do me a favor.
I need my nail kit.
It's under the sink
in the bathroom.
I'll bring it tomorrow.
I guess it's pretty late.
It's very quiet here too.
Are you all right?
I love your show,
and I listen to it faithfully.
Good woman. Then I won't
give you the pop quiz...
that I was thinking about.
My problem today is that
I have a problem with my sister-in-law.
We were friends before
we were sisters-in-law.
And we were at a family gathering.
They arrived there,
and she didn't speak to me.
I speak to her daily.
We talk...
Victor, remember...
Remember the time
we left you alone?
It was the first time.
It was the Fourth of July, Sunday.
And you...
filled all the Baggies
with colored water.
How old were you?
Nine? Ten?
Your father threw a fit.
When your father went...
But then in a little while...
you began to grow.
And it was almost...
like I had him back again.
The security guard... We were
goin' down to the ward, right?
This little arm just comes right out,
and you hear her screamin' and yellin'.
You should have seen
the look on his face.
- On the third floor.
- Good.
They booked the whole wing,
for the police entourage or whatever.
Witness protection. They should make
assholes like that stand trial, as is.
Dr. Rydell, call the operator.
Take whatever you want.
She don't care.
Dr. Ofey, call the operator.
Buns are right under the counter.
You want me to get you one?
You a fan, or you
just bought the jacket?
Bet you're
a Thurman Munson man.
'79! Am I right?
Me too.
Hey, bud, look.
She don't care.
Just take one. Go on.
Pretend you're in heaven.
Anything you want.
Go on! That's it.
Dr. Hill, 295.
Big as an ox,
but nobody sees you.
I got the same thing.
Only I ain't big. I just talk loud,
and no one hears me.
Then somethin' funny happens.
I start whispering.
Suddenly, everyone hears me.
You're not sick, are you?
Your mother?
That's tough.
That's the toughest one.
Except if you lose a kid.
Watching a kid die...
that is it.
That's the toughest one.
Are you sick?
Well, they say
I'm gettin' better...
but I don't buy
the green bananas anymore.
They just want me outta here.
Munson, he's our type.
Didn't need a plane crash
to get my attention.
That's what he did though,
you know?
He crashed that plane
right on purpose...
'cause he got sick of it.
Losin' all the lime's light
to Reggie.
Now Reggie gets fat.
Thurman, he's the goddamn
patron saint of baseball.
What seems to be the matter?
He's been having
left lower quadrant pain and vomiting.
I think we better
get him to emergency...
I'm gonna need a decaf.
Check on those two...
Hey. Okay.
What the hell's a kilo?
Anybody know?
How's Dolly?
Can you be
a little more specific?
They took that...
the thing out of her neck.
And that's the end of it?
They got everything? Whatever?
they're runnin' tests.
I'm gonna need a lift tonight.
My car's dead.
Hi. It's 94 even.
How's Dolly?
She's fine.
I thought only pizzas
came through the slot.
Oh, sorry.
Let me get that out of your way.
Can you keep this
back here for me, please?
You know, I have something...
Make a right. Turn right.
Relax, Victor.
It's great, huh?
What's that?
Can I have one?
Saving yourself
for someone special?
Just don't put in anything for now.
I am going through a tough time
in my marriage.
My wife is leaving me...
this is kind of out of the blue.
No, it's not. You may not
have been paying attention...
but very few people,
unless they're psychotic...
just sort of say, "Yesterday
I was happy. Today, I'm outta here."
Since they've been known as the world's
most prestigious culinary college...
there are 2,000 students
on campus now...
as compared to the 50 that started
when the Institute was founded.
We'll now head into
our baking and pastry building.
For those of you dining tonight
in the Bounty, note the flags above you.
Those are from the wine-producing states
throughout the country.
Tonight you'll be dining exclusively
on American regional cuisine...
and you'll be drinking
American wines.
Now let me show you
one of our bakeshops...
where our baking and pastry
students are at work...
putting the final details on
what looks like some wedding cakes...
and some breads
and some different pastries.
You'll notice the chef
supervising them.
He has the green and gold
around his collar.
All of these desserts
will be sent to our restaurants...
where they will be served
for lunch and dinner.
Now, we have four different restaurants.
You know about the American Bounty.
We also have Saint Andrew's Cafe
and our Nutrition Center...
which opened in 1989 as a way
to help the public...
have nutritional meals,
since that's what they're asking for.
We also have
a French restaurant...
Jeff, no. Because I can't just quit
on her. She's in the hospital.
That's 'cause that's what I promised.
Yes, because that's
what I promised.
Jeff, please.
I really can't deal
with all this right now.
Please don't do this.
I'm gonna freak out.
I told her
she was gonna drop 'em.
Told her to make two trips.
Jeff, no. Because I can't just quit.
It's not possible.
Hey Vic.
Why did you come here? I told you
I can't talk now. Why are you here?
This fuckin' place is empty, Callie.
Why can't we talk?
Because we can't. I'm working.
What is goin' on?
I want to know.
Nothing's going on.
Please, I can't talk now.
- All right, whatever.
- Jeff, I...
- Lovers' spat?
- Fuck you.
Excuse me?
Fuck you!
- You little cock-tease.
- Get out of my way!
- And you have a big mouth.
- I do then, don't I?
- I guess you do.
- Come on, girls.
You better stay in there
for a while.
Don't say anything to her.
She's not ready
for this world, huh?
Ma and Pa must treat her
like a goddamn little princess.
Can't you be nicer...
to her?
Nice? Did you hear
what she said to me?
You don't have to be nice,
just be nicer.
Or what?
Or what, Victor?
Or I'll fire you.
Last I heard, your mother
still ran this place!
Hi, I'm late.
Yeah, it's Callie.
Listen, I'm here
at the tavern and...
I got into a really big fight
with Jeff earlier today...
and he's not showing up
to pick me up.
Here he comes.
I'll take care of this.
Maybe you could get the car
and come pick me up.
Don't you think...
I don't know. I...
Somebody ought to talk
to that girl.
Del don't need that shit.
She said some
pretty nasty things, Vic.
Somebody ought to straighten
that girl out, huh?
What does he do?
He goes to Del.
She's innocent, for Chrissake.
Workin' this crummy joint for fifteen years!
Innocent as driven snow!
And he tells her...
Oh, you didn't? You didn't?
Well, I'm glad you didn't.
Because then I would have
to fuck you up, Vic.
Delores is a very fine
lady friend of mine, Vic.
And I don't think that's
the way to treat her. I...
Don't you walk away.
I'm talkin' to you.
Just because your mommy's sick, it
doesn't mean you can shit on people...
you fat fuck.
Can you give me a ride home?
Southern Comfort.
Do you want some?
So did you go
to the hospital today?
Well, do you think you might
go to the hospital tomorrow?
Maybe. Very early.
Well, can I go with you?
Please, Victor?
I really need to talk to Dolly.
A lot of things
have been happening lately.
Why'd you stop?
Holy shit!
Oh, my God, that's amazing.
You know, you're
a really cool person, Victor.
Cooler than someone would think.
And there's more of you
to love, right?
It's okay.
What am I doing
with my life, Victor?
I don't know anything anymore.
I think we should go now.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'm sorry.
You said early.
Do you want me to come back
in an hour or something?
I got your mom
some chocolates.
I thought she'd like that.
Do you think she'll like these?
Open 'em.
Where'd you get that?
Cleaning up behind the booth.
I thought I'd show it to Ma.
we say it's okay.
These are things God has said are wrong,
and if our society...
Do you mind if I change this?
Not only aren't they wrong,
they're okay, they're good.
- The problem...
- All right, I see what...
High off the roof we rise
Flying to a hand up in the sky
All the bells in the city ring
I'm doing my California thing
- My California thing
It was a lie, a lie
A lie
You like these guys?
- I'm doing
- I love 'em.
- They're great. They're real, you know? - My California thing
Not like these fake pretty boys.
- I'm doing my California thing
It's happening
Doin' my California thing
All right
What are we doing?
Dolly's dead?
When did it happen?
Two weeks ago.
Nobody knows?
You didn't tell anybody?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
I didn't want anything to change.
Everybody's got
off-road vehicles.
Pete & Dolly's.
No, we don't deliver.
So call Domino's then.
Maybe this is her way of quitting.
She didn't pick up her money.
Not that it's any
of my business.
What's goin' on?
I'm hungry.
Any news from
the Listerine factory?
What's that look you're giving me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Okay.
Here's a buck.
Leo, get outta the kitchen.
Go answer the phone
if you feel so at home.
- What?
- What's happening at the hospital?
What's happening
with all the tests?
Pete & Dolly's. Hey, Eddie.
Well, let him finish his drink.
I need him to take me home,
unless you will.
Now they tell me
it's the transmission.
No, that's okay.
Why don't you go home.
Feed your bird.
Why don't you get Leo and take him
to the airport and watch the airplanes?
Your sister-in-law?
Over at Mid Hudson?
Two weeks ago?
Yeah, it's just that, we...
I mean, I didn't...
Well, I know, but you know...
- Diana, what's cookin' for the weekend?
- Blue skies and...
The sun will rise tomorrow at 7:03 a.m.
And set at 4:29 p.m.
Now a look at temperatures
around the Valley. In the 30s...
So that was Eddie Hubbard
who called before...
and he said that...
he heard that...
that Dolly...
From his sister-in-law there, over...
She's a nurse at Mid Hudson.
Well, someone's
gotta tell Delores.
What is this,
some insurance thing?
What are you two talkin' about?
Nothin', Del.
Man talk.
- See you tomorrow.
- See ya.
- What were you doin'?
- Big news.
What's goin' on?
What are you talkin' about?
Gain energy and lose weight
with Light & Fit.
This delicious, thick shake
is today's essential fuel replacement.
All natural, high protein
and non-dairy.
- Look and feeI...
- Don't wait on Dolly. Dolly's dead...
and he's been sittin' there
sayin' nothin' for two weeks.
- Two weeks?
- Yeah, it's two weeks.
Come on.
Why do you wanna go in there?
Oh, my God.
Jeff, maybe we should call
the police or something.
Are you okay?
- She's quitting. She wants her pay.
- Jeff, please.
She's had to deal with all
this bullshit, and she's had enough.
Why don't you
just go outside, okay?
I'm really sorry
about your mother.
And I didn't mean
to get so angry.
It was really, really nice...
for you guys to hire me
and everything, but...
I just feel like...
you don't really need the help.
You're a really wonderful
person, Victor.
I have to go now.
you could come by sometime
to visit.
You know, once in a while.
Yeah, sure.
I mean...
I might be going back
to school for a while.
You okay?
Goddamn it!
Oh, my God,
did I knock all those off?
No, just one.
Let me just...
You know, I do that sometimes.
Oh, yeah, I'm a cook.
I don't even think about it.
Sometimes I make something...
and then I don't remember
having made it.
- And I'm not sure I made it.
- You forget.