Heavy Weight (2016) Movie Script

Six, four, three, two.
-Looking strong today, P.
-One, two, tick-tock.
One on its own!
Eight! two!
Well done.
You should've seen everyone after,
everyone was saying the same thing.
Eh P, what do you think?
I was robbed right?
Yeah yeah, of course you was.
Eh, keep your hands up,
Tommy-boy, yeah?
Come on, Tommy, listen,
I'm really proud of you, we all are,
but the best thing you can do
is keep training and move on. Come on.
That's it, go on, Noah.
Come on, P.
Oi Tommy-boy,
should have a pen and paper out,
take some notes, yeah? .
You might actually win sometime.
Oi leave it out, P, that ref stole
point off me, everyone's saying it.
You got knocked out!
Come on then,
touch gloves, away you go.
Come on!
Come on then.
Oi, where do you think you're going?
Get back in the ring,
both of you, and touch gloves.
What's all that about?
Them two know each other or what?
What do you reckon then?
-Ey, what do you reckon?
Sarah. My man banged her,
said she was decent.
Right, everybody, gather round!
-Noah! In.
-Yes, Guv.
What we're working on is the feint
then the jab. Feint! Jab!
That's what we're working on, alright?
Come on.
Feint then jab, feint then jab.
Alright, remember, keep eye
contact with your opponent
cause that's where you're going
to get them, with the eyes. Come on!
Feint then jab, feint then jab.
Left, right. Left, right.
Left, right.
Right, everyone, back to work!
Left, right! Left right
Left, right.
Come on, Noah!
Come on! Come on!
You got a partner, big man?
-So you are new to the area?
-Yeah, but I'm just passing through so!
I travel a lot, you see.
I get it, yeah!
You're a pikey, aren't you?
Excuse me?
You know it's a grand shame
your legs don't run as fast as your mouth.
Nice to meet you.
Last ten boys pick it up!
Good round, Connor.
And, boys, take note:
that is how you hit a bag.
Ey No pressure, big man.
Cheers, son. Make sure it's spick
and span for the morning, yeah?
-You drink?
-Yeah, tea, coffee, juice!
Well, get a touch of that in you, pal,
take the soreness away from that eye of yours.
-It's whiskey.
-Whiskey? How old are you? Like 50?
I'm good with this.
Well, if that's the case, I'm the fittest
50-year-old you've ever seen.
-Suit yourself.
You know,
if you could be any fighter
in the world ever, who would you be?
Um... Probably... Ali.
Ali?! Fuck off! You're more
the Frank Bruno type, you big lump.
Now what you want to be doing,
you want to be looking at the Irish fighters,
they're the deadliest fighters
in the world, I swear to God.
I mean, take your man,
Steve Collins for example.
Did you know back in '94 he was fighting
some yank called Renzo?
The night before the fight
he gets into a touch of bother in the local,
breaks every fucking finger in his left hand
and fractures his right wrist
and he still knocks him out in the first.
Now that's not one word of a lie.
And then, you have
your man Alfie the Irish Ape
he used to move around
the ring like a fucking gorilla.
One hundred and 26 fights,
84 wins by knock out,
now granted some of them
were in the car park but you get th...
Connor, you do chat some absolute shit right
and that's when I actually understand you.
If you ever came at me like that, right,
I would dance around you like a merry-go-round.
Oh yeah? Prove it.
Ah sorry, Gerry, Gerry, Gerry.
I gotcha,
you're not moving anywhere.
-I'm sorry, man.
-What the fuck?!
-I thought you...
-You thought I'm...?
What the fuck?!
I don't.....
Oi, what are you playing at, son?
You trying to kill him or what?
Go again, yeah?
Listen, take the power out.
Now touch gloves
and away you go. Go on.