Heavysaurs The Movie (2015) Movie Script

In her home cave
in Mystic Mountain, -
on a quite ordinary day,
one quite ordinary witch -
decided to entertain herself -
by rocking with her guitar.
It's cramped in here.
- I want out!
I need space.
Here we come! We're on a world tour!
- Rock and roll!
That tiny thump caused a crack
in the wall of the cave.
Inside the rock,
a secret was revealed.
It had been hidden by Mystic Mountain
for millions of years.
- Oh.
From the eggs,
four Heavysaurs emerged.
But the pink egg
still hadn't hatched.
The tiny lizards grew up
to be enormous dinosaurs.
You should start cooking
for yourselves. -Why?
Even though I'm 600 years young,
witches don't live forever.
Really? -Who's going to feed you
when I'm gone?
Eat slowly.
First the food spell.
And now the chow
will feed us somehow
Saurs is our name,
food is our game
Ready, steady...
Mommy, I won!
- Way to go, boys.
You've learned to enjoy
the taste of food.
Oh yeah.
Dear Mommy. As today is
International Witch's Day...
Oh, no.
We'd like to dedicate
this song to you.
A real cool song.
- Annoying!
Why do you have to
tease your old mother?
That's what we do.
You have a very huge nose
It's bumpy and it sways
when the wind blows
Your eyes are like a pig's,
so small
You laugh with your teeth,
that's three in all
You wash your hair
in the toilet bowl
And use your cat
to dry that nightmare
Your deodorant is
the poop of a bird
And you grin in the mirror,
or so I've heard
But who stares back at you?
It's the same old witch, no one new
Are you pretty enough,
that's what you wonder
Don't change a thing,
that would be a blunder
Scruffy Mama,
you're the prettiest one of all
Our Scruffy Mama
Scruffy Mama
We all adore you
And I'm sure you know it too
What's that?
What's the noise?
Stay here.
- Help.
Should we be worried?
- A cool sound.
This way, boys and girls.
Hurry up.
Come here.
You all have your life jackets?
- Good. Listen.
We have a surprise for you
after the boat trip.
Director Maxim has invited us all
to his new Fun World.
But it's not even ready yet.
True, but he has great plans
for our village.
We should all be very polite
to him. Okay?
Okay, let's move.
We have a nice clay ahead of us.
Welcome to the best amusement park
in the Nordic countries, Fun World.
I hope I'll be seeing
a lot of you here.
He wants us to spend
all our money here.
In honor of your trip -
I got you some high quality sausages.
There's nitrite in sausages.
And monosodium glutamate.
It messes up your brain and
causes behavioral problems.
You must've eaten tons.
Let me show you
what the park is all about.
Iivari, turn on the power. Mk and
Lk, hand me the megaphone.
Fun World will expand -
towards the cape. On top of
Majestic Mountain we'll build -
the highest Ferris Wheel
in the Nordic countries.
You'll be able to see Tallinn.
The quarrying has already started.
That much digging
for a Ferris wheel?
Well just shave off a bit
on the side of a rock.
Let me assure you,
I'm a real nature lover.
In Fun World, you'll be able to see
animals from the Stone Age.
For instance, this ferocious
carnivore, Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous.
That's a Plateosaurus, a herbivore.
Plateo... Whatever, wise guy.
Who cares about a few dead lizards?
If you build a dinosaur park, you
have to get your facts straight.
You should open a bacteria park
and be the germophobic guide in it.
You could be
the origin of all the germs. -Suvi.
I'll move to Grandma's
if he comes to stay with us.
Behave yourself and listen.
- Let me tell you more about the park.
Boys! Come here immediately!
They're going to blow up
Mystic Mountain.
Oh no! Should we hide
in a hole in the ground?
We're inside a hole in the ground.
- They can't beat me.
I'll stop them.
- Should we come with you?
No. You stay here.
- Mom.
And Mr. Heavysaur.
If I'm not back by the time
all the sand has fallen, -
take your sister
and get out of here.
- Her name shall be Milly-Pilly.
Remember, you're a band.
Together you can do anything.
Find a new home.
It's about time for that anyway.
Ill join you there a little later.
Bye now.
- Bye.
And she's gone.
- What now?
Mommy's instructions were clear.
We'll watch the sand falling.
Hi everyone. My name is Lasse.
Welcome aboard the M/S Suvi.
This boat was named after our Suvi.
Dad, you're embarrassing me.
- Welcome aboard, Mrs. Principal.
Where's Toni?
- He said he's seasick.
We arranged
other activities for him.
He had an argument with Suvi.
Again. -I see.
Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy.
Izzy, wizzy, let's get busy.
Where did she come from?
Off with all these!
Get out!
It's going to explode!
- What now?
I'll show them.
You can't blast around here.
Sorry guys.
- We must do what Mommy said.
Farewell, Mystic Mountain,
- Bye, home. Thanks for everything.
But where will we find a new home?
- That's right.
We'll find one. We're big boys.
So big that nothing scares us.
And so it was time for the Heavysaurs
to go and see the world.
Bye bye.
- Take my hand.
Towards a new home!
I wish this whizzing
in my ears would stop.
Maybe I should've listened to
the long-haired demolition dudes.
I'm not going to completely
abandon the Saurs.
I'll watch from the sidelines,
to see how they do.
Raisa, thanks for letting us know.
- Well.
Our son also suffers from
seasickness, if you didn't know.
They gave him stuff to do while
the others went on the boat trip.
He also had an argument with Suvi.
Can we leave him for a week?
You can leave a child for
as many clays as he is years old.
Toni is ten, and we'll
only be gone for eight days.
Maybe I should stay home.
It's your business trip anyway.
Toni could've traveled with us
if he didn't refuse to fly.
"The same bacteria
circulates in the airplane".
Look. Could that be our new home?
Is that how humans live?
- Pretty ugly.
It sure is ugly.
- Disgustingly colorful.
Not cozy like a cave.
- Come along now.
No way could we live there.
- We'd need to fix it up.
It needs a coat of gray paint.
- Like our cave had.
That's right.
That little human ran fast!
- Humans must be very busy.
We've never walked this much.
- I've never been this hungry.
Look at that.
The little human must've been
cooking. Fire and everything.
Let's see if there's anything to eat.
- Lunch break, boys.
All sorts of interesting
stuff here. Go for it!
Give me some.
- This looks good.
There's chili in the aftertaste. -How
do you know what chili tastes like?
Let's keep on going.
We should find a home
before it gets dark.
Toni. Where are the sausages?
- I think I heard a bear.
He thought about our health and
threw them into the sea. -Stop.
Looks like we don't have any
sausages. Let's head back to school.
You can have
crackers and yoghurt there.
I know you're all hungry,
but we still have to walk back.
If you have friends over,
be careful with this.
The vases are so special
we can't even use them.
I'll take your books over
to Suvi's house.
You feel uncomfortable
staying at the neighbors'?
- No.
But it's so dirty at their house.
- They live like normal people.
You'll be just fine.
Suvi, can you wash the bathroom?
I already cleaned the kitchen.
Isn't that enough? -No.
It's so annoying to have to clean
the house for that loony freak.
The loony freak's books are here.
- She's right. In a way.
Toni has character.
That's not a bad thing.
I hope he won't get on your nerves.
- We'll get some cleaning done.
Maybe it's good for him
to stay in a messy...
I mean, in a home with
normal hygiene standards.
At least he's nice and
not a troublemaker.
I'm hungry again. And we just ate.
- Same here.
And it's cold.
Don't worry, Muffy-Puffy.
We'll find a home soon.
But who'll cook for us there?
- Good question.
Let's check if the little human has
more of those meat sticks.
Meat sticks?
Lunch is ready!
- Ill just wash my hands.
What's holding Toni up? -I guess
our bathroom wasn't clean enough.
Did he go home to use
the bathroom there? -Yup.
Enough on this topic.
Here you go.
I don't believe you.
- Not at the table.
What footprint is this?
- Stegosaurus.
Where do they live?
If you've found one,
you'll be world-famous!
The award for Young Scientist
of the Year goes to...
Can you get the cookies?
I already put the movie on.
My legs are all stiff.
Us Heavysaurs go stiff
when it gets cold.
Don't you remember what I am?
I'm a dragon!
I can warm you up.
And a bit of heat for you, too.
Alrighty. Another potential new home.
- Come and have a look.
What's that?
- It looks pretty gloomy.
Have we become picky?
We have to have some standards.
- You're right about that.
How does one get in there?
- We have to be cautious.
Police.- Hi, it's Roikonen. It looks
like an open night here at the mall.
Who's there?
A bunch of dinosaurs eating
the frozen food section empty.
Stop joking.
- I'm not joking.
They look like lizards to me.
- Right.
They'll make a cool sound.
- Never seen a better pantry.
Mommy would be proud of us for
finding a home this quick. -Yeah.
That's right.
Let's play
now that our bellies are full.
Like back in the home cave.
Here we go.
One, two, one, two,
one, two, one, two, three, four.
Hey. What's that noise?
That's heavy metal.
- What's that?
What's going on?
- Hi.
We want food, we want chow
- We're not on a diet
Bring me tons and tons of food!
- I love to see my belly inflate
Dinosaurs will eat anything yummy
Their studded belts explode
from an expanding tummy
No problem. I'll protect you.
This sounds pretty bad. Let's go.
Did we sound that bad?
- Run!
What about us?
- I guess we run too.
Rock and roll!
- Guys, let's split.
Quick, let's go.
What's going on in here?
- They were green.
One ran in that direction.
- Lizards.
One had red hair.
- Red and green.
Where are you coming from?
- The karaoke bar.
Maybe you sang
one song too many.
They were dinosaurs.
They ran over there, fast.
I know it sounds strange.
- They had big teeth.
They had studs everywhere.
- Metalhead dinosaurs.
Are you still up? I've got
something you'll want to hear.
Now that you woke me up
let's hear it.
Stegosaurus, also known
as the roof lizard.
It lived in the Late Jurassic Period.
8 meters long, 3 meters tall.
Weight over 3,000 kilos.
Did you wake me up to look
at pictures of lizards?
Yes, because they're roaming
around here as we speak.
You've lost your mind for good.
They must've eaten the sausages.
- You don't have to explain.
I wouldn't have eaten
Maxim's sausages anyway.
Tell me who this footprint
belongs to then?
It's Maxim's PR stunt. He dressed
someone in a dinosaur costume.
How would that help him?
Okay, let's pretend
that they're real legosaurs.
- Whatever.
You want to catch them or what?
First I'd take photos, then inform
researchers and maybe the police.
Well, go and take photos.
Or are you scared? -No.
So you're scared.
I'm not. I just need a witness in
case the photos don't turn out good.
I'll go with you.
Because you're scared.
Hey Metalhead, you have
any idea where we're going?
That way.
- What's over there?
I don't know.
We could also go that way.
Or that way if it seems better.
Look at that.
- Good evening.
- Yoo-hoo!
We're Heavysaurs.
- And one dragon.
Are you also a band?
What music do you play?
- They seem like the silent type.
Vicious-looking bunch.
- Right.
Did you see that?
- Some of them ran away.
What's up? Who ran away?
- The dinos.
They went that way.
Go and get some sleep, boys.
See, here they are. -That's where
Maxim's PR stuntmen have gone.
Wait a minute. What sound is this?
Look at that!
What's that?
- It's definitely alive.
One of us, for sure.
- Must be.
Let's go!
Wait! Wait!
Hey, buddy! Stop!
We're family!
Wait! Wait!
Told you so.
The footprints continue here.
We're family!
This is horrible.
Howdy, buddy.
Is this supposed to be a saurus?
What sort of cave is this?
So this is one of us?
- Who told you that?
You, for one.
- You ran after him too.
It was too dark to see.
- It looked like us in the dark.
What place is this? Is there food?
You look pretty real.
But I'm not scared of you.
Not at all. You ran away
from Fun World.
We're the real deal.
Do you happen to have any food?
Maxim, hi. I know it's late.
I just wanted to let you know
your creatures are here.
Those dinosaurs. Or the dudes
dressed up as dinosaurs.
Could we play in here?
- Let's taste this.
Maxim, I'll call you back.
- Hunger! Hunger! like a thunder!
Bring us a scoop
if there's pea soup
Who are you, anyway?
We're Heavysaurs.
- And one dragon.
- We're a band.
Our bellies are empty.
We need food. We're starving.
Dinosaurs eat tons, you know.
Where do you come from?
- Mystic Mountain.
You don't look that dangerous.
But we are. Mommy always
says we're a wild bunch.
I bet. And now you need a home?
- Right on.
And food?
- Exactly.
Well, stay here then.
I'll get you some food.
Maxim, hi. It's me again.
I have
a business proposal for you.
I wonder what's inside.
- Let's wait until he goes to bed.
We have to go home.
- So you're scared.
I'm not. But we can't go there
as long as he's around.
We can come back in the morning.
This isn't as nice as Mystic
Mountain, but it's a home.
Let's sleep; breakfast time
will come sooner that way.
You have a point there.
We forgot our little sister.
We have to get her.
We'll do that in the morning.
I'm hungry and it's cold and dark.
Besides we have to figure out
how to find our way back there.
Here's oatmeal. It'll give you
energy for the long day ahead.
Lasse. This would be a good time
to reveal the surprise.
Let's pretend we're still fighting
so they don't suspect anything.
As soon as you're finished,
we'll go to the car. Dad's waiting.
We'll take a three-day cruise
aboard the M/S Suvi.
Three clays?
- I'm not going to sea with him.
It means a lot to Daddy. He's been
fixing that boat for five years.
I'm allergic to fish.
The sea is full of fish.
I'm not going, either.
- Why not?
I have to feed the hamster.
- I'm in the middle of a book.
All I'm asking for
is one sane answer.
A hamster!
We don't even have a hamster.
Are you sure he's not there?
- Looks pretty quiet to me.
There must be a way to get in. Come.
This is not a good idea at all.
Chickening out?
There are no real dinosaurs here.
They're related to birds.
We might catch bird flu.
And maybe they're not
herbivores after all.
What? -Let's get out of here!
They're predators!
What was that?
Don't move.
- Oh, I won't.
Is that breakfast?
- Well well, what have we here?
What's wrong with them?
Standing all still.
Looks like the little human.
- He sure does.
That was an awesome meal.
My mouth is still watering.
The meat sticks were alright.
They don't look
very dangerous to me.
We're Heavysaurs.
- Heavysaurs?
If this is a dream, can you wake me up?
- A pretty amusing dream.
Mr. Toni and Miss Suvi.
Can you help us?
We forgot our little sister in the
place where we played last night.
We can't find our way back there.
- Wait a minute.
You played at the mall yesterday?
Your little sister?
Actually, she's still an egg.
Her name will be Milly-Pilly.
- Milly-Pilly!
She'll be this big.
- No, this big.
Pink with stripes on the bottom.
Who cares about the stripes?
- They need a detailed description.
- And maybe a little snack?
- What's that noise?
It's Iivari!
- Someone's coming.
Alrighty. Where are the frogs?
- Whoa whoa. Let's talk money first.
No, no! It was a joke. A joke.
They're inside, in the warehouse.
- Well, what do you say?
A nice addition to Fun World,
Why not. But they look
pretty lethargic and passive.
They could be more energetic.
Boys'. Food!
Well, what do you say?
Do we have a deal?
On one condition.
Can you teach them a few tricks?
Flywheels and stuff.
Yeah. I think so.
- You'd better.
This is for food expenses.
This thing better work. Or...
No problem.
Where will we keep them?
- We'll build them a pen.
They eat a lot.
- I know.
They're fat and lazy. We don't need
them all. We can butcher one of them.
Outrageous. No way.
We have to set them free.
Strings, huh?
What sort of violin do you have?
It's brown.
It has F-shaped holes.
An alto violin or...?
- An electric violin.
It has steel strings.
How many steel strings?
- Five.
Sounds quite interesting.
I'll check our catalogue.
What's that?
A dinosaur egg.
We'll take it to her brothers.
Okay. I see.
We must have a plan.
- We must take them somewhere.
Researchers could arrange
a safe place for them. -What?
This is a scientific sensation.
When you learn to jump
trough the hoop, you'll get food.
Now your bellies should be full.
Go to sleep or something!
- We got the egg back.
- You have to leave quickly.
- Because of Maxim.
We have to set you free.
- I see.
Free? What does that mean, exactly?
That you can go anywhere.
To the forest, for example.
Been there, done that. It's cold
out there. And we get hungry.
What if we find you a new home?
- just a moment.
Here you are.
Easier to cut now.
Is it cozy over there?
Can we play in there? -Yes.
Come on.
- On the road again!
Rock and roll.
- The hula hoop jumps look good.
What? A handstand?
I have to teach them that.
Their tails are pretty long,
And then there's the gas problem.
I've been feeding them pea soup.
How much is
a prefabricated house?
Can you get through?
- Sure, no problem.
Way to go.
- 100 square meters, at least.
Do they have indoor
toilets these clays?
Hey, stop!
We have to hide you somewhere.
- Why the hurry all of a sudden?
Wait for me!
- Iivari's after you!
Careful with the egg!
- We dropped the egg!
The egg is rolling away!
This is getting crazy.
How's it going over here?
Still intact!
- Yay!
Mr. Maxim, they learned the tricks.
- We need PR shots immediately.
The opening is in a few days.
Bring the photos tonight.
Everything will be fine as soon
as I find the dinos.
What?- I mean,
as soon as I find the camera.
If you mess this up,
you'll be in trouble.
I won't mess it up. I won't.
This is not a good idea.
- The house is empty.
What happens when Mom and Dad come back?
- We'll find another place.
A great escape. Now we can
go back to Iivari's for pea soup.
Third potential home!
Wow, this is something...
- Careful!
Is this your home?
- Yes.
This is really ugly.
- Shh!
Toni, you're a nice guy
for inviting us to stay here, -
but where's your mother?
And when do we get some chow?
- That's right.
This is my mom's
super expensive vase collection.
You mustn't knock it down.
- Of course not.
We won't.
- Here we go again.
Everyone, wash up time!
- Exactly.
But who's dirty?
- The drummer is.
Just a little wear and tear
after being on the road.
Look at that dude in the mirror.
A handsome drummer!
Can you really play heavy rock?
- We can play anything.
Check it out and listen!
Rock and roll!
Where are you from?
- We used to live in Mystic Mountain.
Where's that? -Mystic Mountain
is in Mystic Mountain.
Why did you leave? -There was this
big bang. Mommy told us to leave.
- It was not a bang. It was a boom.
It was a bang. A big blast.
It was a boom.
- It was a real bang.
A boom!
- A boom is a different thing.
Something like that.
- What's going on here?
A debate.
- We have to go now.
You can watch TV. But don't run away.
- Okay, we'll watch TV.
A stick. With some buttons on it.
- Don't break it.
Pass the salad, please.
- Here you go.
- Eat!
What's that creature
in the bushes?
What's that?
- What is it doing? Yuck.
Do humans also poop
in plain sight?
Say no more.
Someone else likes
loud music around here, too.
We're not the only noisy ones.
There's a tale from Texas
told far and wide
A lizard jumped a bison for a ride
His Mohawk and
a studded wristband totally rule
He's not an Indian or a cowboy,
but he's just as cool
His purple buddy he longs to meet
Wild West goes totally crazy
With his huge head and purple feet
Dinosaurs love the prairie heat
Riff-Raff, listen.
What's that sound?
Boys, this won't do.
- It won't?
Veggies. Awesome!
Nice pile of food.
What's this?
Can I get mayonnaise, please?
- You dare to eat something like that?
I'll get you some.
Daddy. Can you show Toni
photos of how you fixed the boat?
N Ow?
If he's that interested,
of course. No problem.
I see. The smart asses...
I mean, smart kids.
Hi there. Are your parents home?
- No.
No? Oh, good afternoon.
- Hello.
We need a few signatures
to get this amazing project going.
What project is that?
- A quarry.
I have a map in the car.
I'll show it to you and explain.
Oh no. My belly is too full.
- Same here.
I'm bloated. -I'll wash the food down
with a jug of lemonade.
Too acidic.
I can't swallow another morsel.
But on the other hand...
- Maybe just a tiny bite.
I could choke down a small steak.
- Definitely.
Let's go.
- Rock and roll!
This is Majestic Mountain.
You own some land around here.
We need approval
from all our neighbors.
- Please don't touch my car.
We need to mine large quantities
of rock beneath the Ferris Wheel.
We'll crush the rock -
to use it as the base for the road
that will lead to Fun World.
What is it?
- Mosquitoes. I see.
I'd need a handwriting sample here.
We could do business,
since you have a boat.
Cruises for our customers.
I can see the synergy.
Daddy, don't sign!
This will ruin the landscape.
Don't interfere in grown-up business.
- Kids and grown-ups...
This venture will do
the community good.
- Absolutely.
You can sign here. Go ahead.
This is where the quarry would be?
- Yes. And you sign here.
These contours show that all the
rainwater will run off into the bay.
Rainwater is clean water.
There'll be an awful amount of
rock dust polluting the whole bay.
Well... -It won't be
a beautiful spot anymore.
Kids, this is enough
grown-up stuff for you.
Maybe I should think it over.
- Right. We'll sleep on it.
We'll build the quarry in any case.
- The quarry will be built.
Okay kids, let's eat now.
- We're clone eating. It was delicious.
You're not as dumb as everyone thinks.
- Thanks. Neither are you.
Hi there.
- Help!
This is a catastrophe. -Oh no, Toni.
We're stone-cold embarrassed.
But we were so hungry.
Big Saurs need a lot of food.
They'll strangle me.
- Who?
Mom and Dad.
- I don't think parents do that.
They like kids.
- This isn't working out.
Oh, no. No, no.
- I think he got mad at us.
I'm ashamed. Big time.
Toni is my best friend.
Are you crying?
This is professor Antero Tiukkanen.
Who are you?
Toni. I sent you an e-mail
about the footprints.
So you found dinosaur footprints?
They were real.
- I'm sure.
How about this?
It's cold out there.
We don't want to go there.
- What if we find you a new home?
How did you do that?
- I just shot what happened.
If that's real.-. Oh my.
You 'll be world-famous.
But we have to find them a shelter.
They're destroying my house.
The place won't be a problem.
I'll cut my holiday short
and be right over.
I didn't have time to tell you
they're from Mystic Mountain.
Where's that?
- They don't know.
We should find them a safe place.
Who were you talking to?
- A chat buddy of mine.
We have to find the mountain and
take them so they'll be safe.
Oh, my. How can we make
this up to Toni?
Why were we so stupid?
- Take it easy now.
Pea soup!
- Let's go!
- No way we'll wait!
We mustn't make Toni mad.
But we won't be able to resist this
for very long.
We'll have to figure something out.
- What's he up to?
Let's tie ourselves down. With this.
- Are you serious?
We have to control ourselves.
- I guess you're right.
Hurry up so they don't tear
down the whole house.
We have to get groceries
so my mom doesn't get suspicious.
If they don't get food,
they'll wander off again.
Will they eat that? -We can't
afford to feed them steaks.
Help me.
Come to Daddy.
A tight package!
- Really tight.
It must be tight.
- It's hard to breathe.
One thing just crossed my mind.
How will we tie you down?
- Right. Good question.
On the other hand,
there's the possibility -
that I could sort of go
and check out the situation.
Get back!
- What happened this time?
Who did that to you?
- There was this small incident.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on. Come on.
- What was that?
Was that Compy-Mompy?
- Let's go and have a look.
We have to go.
Toni! Where exactly
are we going this time?
Can't you see that we have to
find a proper shelter for you?
You wait here. We have to take
the groceries to Suvi's parents.
We'll stay right here. Word of honor.
- That's right.
Bye now.
- See you!
Back in the forest again.
Any explanations?
What's that car
doing in your yard?
You take the groceries.
I'll go and have a look.
Toni, I presume.
- Professor Tiukkanen?
Please call me Antero.
Get ready to conquer the world.
I've been in touch with all major
dinosaur research institutes.
New York, Moscow, Paris.
Where are the Anterosaurs?
What? -We can name
one of them Tonisaur, if you want.
They went to get some fresh air.
By themselves?
- They're nearby. You can wait here.
Dinosaur poop!
We're getting nowhere
with this home project.
True. And whose fault is that?
- Yeah.
It's that smell again.
Who were they?
- Who?
The people in your yard.
- Researchers.
They came to get the Saurs.
I can't believe this. You're no
better than Iivari and Maxim.
Where would you put them?
- In the school.
It's empty until August. Meanwhile
we'll look for Mystic Mountain.
It won't work. Use your brain.
Use your heart. Try telling
them you've sold them out.
Don't you know they think
you're their best friend?
Where have they gone? -I wonder if
Iivari has something to do with it.
Boys, come and eat!
- Did you mean us?
I'm only thinking
about what's best for you...
- You invited us to eat, huh?
I'm all stiff.
- Little sister!
Who are you?
- We're your brothers.
You shall be called Milly-Pilly.
- Okay.
Oh, no.
Do you want to join our band?
- Sure thing.
Daddy. Daddy, come here.
There he went!
- Where did Daddy go?
He fell into a pit.
- Daddy, is that your nest?
Milly-Pilly, let's go and see Suvi
and Toni. They're nice little humans.
Only if Daddy comes too.
He's not your daddy.
- Right. We'll leave him in the pit.
He kept us as prisoners.
- Shut your snouts. I want Daddy.
Although he's been a bit mean,
we can't leave him in the pit.
Right on.
- Mr. Heavysaur! Where are you?
Hi Suvi and Toni! Look!
There's one more of us!
Hi! Are you a girl?
- Yep.
Can we be friends
and share all our secrets?
Do you like that boy?
- No. What's he doing here?
He promised to be nice.
- Yeah, he's my daddy.
You shouldn't be so trusting. -You
wouldn't betray us now would you?
No, no. Have mercy!
- Daddy wouldn't betray us.
Toni has something to say to you.
- I have a home for you.
Will you live there with us?
- That's the question.
The school is that way.
As you well know.
Or would you like to introduce
the Heavysaurs to your new friends?
More friends?
Are they as nice as you two?
You go to the school.
I'll go and explain the situation.
Well? Where are they?
- There are no Saurs.
I just wanted some attention.
Don't try to fool me, kiddo.
I saw the video tape.
The footprints. The poop.
This removes all doubts.
- I made the prints myself.
And another potential home.
- We've seen quite a few of them.
You can stay here until
the end of the summer.
- How about the music?
It's been a while since we jammed.
There's a music room here.
- Nice acoustics in here.
How about some food?
- Riff-Raff, this way!
Hit it!
Take me to them now.
Okay. Let's go and have a look.
I saw an old soda bottle
beneath the pier
I scooped it up
I cut my holiday short and drove
200 kilometers to get here.
I'm sorry.
They can't exist -
because there's
no scientific evidence of them.
I told you so. -Don't even
dream of getting into a university.
I dropped the bottle
and realized something
We're going on a wild
treasure hunt! Yo-ho-ho!
We march forward like pirates!
Do you have any recollection
where Mystic Mountain is?
Over there.
- I was in an egg then.
We left in a rush because of the bang.
- It was more like a boom.
You mean the explosion? It happened
on the day you stole the sausages.
There was an explosion then.
- Iivari!
Yes? -Where were they
blasting that day?
At Majestic Mountain. The boys saw
a strange creature at the site.
And the demolition went wrong
in a funny way.
But now I have to go to the
warehouse to get more food.
Can Mystic Mountain be the same
as Majestic Mountain?
That's it!
No activity. It looks as
if they stopped digging.
I wonder if Maxim's project has stalled.
- Let's ask Iivari.
Are you ready to talk?
We've had a lot of trouble
with the bees this year.
And there seems to be
more on the way.
I know nothing about the Saurs!
I just want to live in peace!
To build a house.
Let's go!
- Don't go! No!
Don't worry, the little
stingers will take care of you.
Hey! Let me out! I'm scared!
All right, I'll tell you.
If you try to pull our leg, next time
the stingers won't be small.
They'll be big.
Yeah, Gina has bubble gum!
When she blows a bubble
you can watch her fly
Yeah, Gina has bubble gum!
She disappears into the sky
And we can't see her anymore
Yeah, Gina has bubble gum!
She disappears into the sky
You can watch her fly
Yeah, Gina has bubble gum!
She disappears into the sky
And we can't see her anymore,
more, more!
I'm feeling it!
Good news! We found Mystic Mountain!
- There won't be any more explosions.
You can go home now.
- But this is almost as cozy.
The best home so far. -Mommy told us
not to go back there.
And she promised to join us.
She'll be here any second.
She told you that because it was
dangerous. But it's not anymore.
This could be dangerous.
- Really?
It's better to go back
to Mystic Mountain.
The kids are up like clockwork.
From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Here are some pictures.
Please don't touch.
- I see.
Good. We'll strike tonight.
One for you, too.
I want to hear a bedtime story.
- Mommy always read us one.
The one where vultures
and alligators fight over food.
That's a good one.
- I can try.
Once upon a time there
was a great mountain.
Five jolly Heavysaurs lived there.
But one was a dragon!
They had a mother
who cooked them delicious meals.
How much? How much?
- A big plateful.
Must be one enormous plate!
- One's not enough.
At least ten of them.
Or a hundred.
A truckload.
- Now you're talking.
That would be appetizers for me.
I wonder what's holding Iivari up.
You think it's safe to leave them
here by themselves?
Help. I'm afraid.
I see.
- I'll protect you. Have no fear.
Hello there. No need to be scared.
I'm here with my friends
with the best of intentions.
Way to go! Show them!
As a matter of fact, -
your friends Toni and Suvi sent us.
We're offering you
an exceptionally nice home -
where food never runs out.
Where you can play your music.
I might even be able
to line up some gigs for you.
I have experience as a music agent.
- This sounds really good.
I've worked with a number of big
stars and I've sold a lot of gigs.
I'll get you gigs.
- I want to go on a tour.
Yoo-hoo! Where are you?
"Thanks for everything. We've
gone home. We got homesick."
I'm not buying this.
The Saurs don't know how to write.
They wouldn't leave
without saying goodbye.
Mr. Maxim! When do we get food?
- I'm hungry.
Food? Later!
- I see.
Losing weight never hurt anyone.
- What's he saying?
When's our stadium gig?
- In clue time.
Now we'll rehearse the tricks!
- Gigs?
- Gigs!
There'll be a big audience at the
opening. That means a lot of dough.
- Can we eat that?
You two, stand guard at the door.
Don't let anyone in.
Anyone trying to enter
will be sorry.
Let's go then.
- Are we in a bad situation now?
What's going to happen to us?
I know nothing about the Heavysaurs.
- How do you know it's about them?
All right then. But there's
not much I can do about Maxim.
You have to help us.
I'm too scared to show
my face anywhere.
At least we know
where they are now.
Toni and Suvi!
- Can't you get out of there?
No. The lock is much stronger
than the one Iivari had.
We tried, but there's no way out.
They promised us food and gigs.
We were stupid to believe.
Maxim talked about
getting us tons of gigs.
What are you doing?
- Taking a picture of that lock.
Someone can tell us how to open it.
- Tell my daddy to come and get me.
Why don't you say hi
to him yourself?
Daddy. I love you -
because you're the strongest and the
most beautiful daddy in the world.
You make good food
and you would never leave us.
I'll show Maxim what I think
of him. No matter what.
Take it easy.
We must have a proper plan.
The cage is so solid that
we have to take the whole cage.
There's a crane.
But where will we take them?
- To Mystic Mountain, where else?
They have a car. They'll catch us.
The road's not finished.
Let's go somewhere cars can't reach.
- Yeah.
If we took this route,
the scenery would be nice.
We just have to check
the depth here.
Let's go for a spin.
- Wow!
Which way is the wind blowing now?
- From the south.
This is the start button.
Press that -
and the engine cranks.
This is the throttle.
This controls the speed.
This is the steering wheel.
Easy, right?
Ticket sales have started.
Money will be rolling in!
Hey. How about us?
You? What about you?
You'll get paid in due time.
Remember that the minister
is coming. Nothing can go wrong.
The future of the Ferris Wheel
and quarry depends on it.
You understand?
- Yes.
Out! Chop-chop!
You sure you know how to do it?
- Yes.
- Let'$ go!
You'll need this.
- Catch us if you can!
The cables are cut.
- You can't drive with that!
Another set of wheels, and fast!
Here we go! Yippee! Bye-bye!
What's holding him up?
- Here we are!
We have to get this open.
We have to!
Watch out!
- Hurry! Open the hatch!
There's no time
to unleash the hook!
- How does this work?
We'll get this open.
Remember what Mommy said.
We're a band and
together we can do anything.
Fire, Riff-Raff!
Look at that.
- Good job!
Damn snot-nosed brats
stole my dinosaurs.
Mk!! Lk! Quick! After them!
Shall we go, dear?
By all means, but should we
deal with them first?
My luck's changing.
Suvi! Suvi!
- Suvi and Toni!
Where are you? -Where can they be
in the middle of the night?
- Suvi! Toni!
Where's the boat?
- Their bikes are here.
I knew they were up to something.
- They can't be...
Look! There! This is an emergency.
We'll borrow this.
- Untie the boat.
Come and help!
What on earth have you done? -Is Toni
here? We want an explanation.
Yeah, but first we have to save
the Heavysaurs.
That's not funny anymore.
We get to meet
Suvi's parents, at last. -Hi.
Thanks for helping us go home.
My name is Milly-Pilly.
- What's wrong with her?
- Sleepy time!
You're not tired, are you?
It's good to take a power nap.
A power nappy?
- I wonder where Daddy is.
Now can we move into your house?
- Maybe the school is better.
Thanks for helping us out.
Toni, give me
antibacterial wet wipes!
I ran out ages ago. -What
happened to your bacteriophobia?
What's a bacteria?
- Maybe it's a spice.
Stop, everyone! Quiet!
I just smelled Mommy.
This way, ladies and gentlemen.
Mr. Maxim has promised
to give you your money back.
Otherwise he has to spend
quite some time in this cage.
You all, including Mr. Minister,
are welcome to see -
the free concert
at the schoolyard.
The Heavysaurs will be playing!
Mr. Maxim, your Ferris Wheel
project is hereby cancelled.
This is a story of an alien race
A big creature from outer space
He made an emergency landing
on his flying saucer
He took the leadership and ordered:
"Listen to metal or you'll be doomed"
He fried a delicious steak and
made a riff only his brain could make
It's in the chorus,
you can hear it for sure
I'm sure the tune rings a bell
You've heard it before, I can tell
The Great juranoid rides on
a ball lightning all over the place
The Great juranoid defeats
earth's gravity with his rapid pace
At the speed of light,
the Great juranoid dashes off
Into space
Thank you!
- Mom! Where have you been?
It's been a while.
But I was watching you all along.
You did so well on your own.
Hi, Mommy.
- I'm so proud of you.
Muffy-Puffy, you scoundrel.
Have you had that the whole time?
Oh, no.
We didn't miss you at all.
Good to be back home. -Nice to know
the house will be clean.
Maybe Toni has eased up a bit.
I'm so tired of cleaning.
Oh my. Maybe less progress
would've been enough.
Don't touch that
or terrible things will happen.
Where are you heading now?
- We'll see.
Get a room!
You'll be just fine.
- We will indeed.
We'll be fine.
- Bye, bye.
Bye, Mom.
- Bye, Mommy and Iivari.
Suvi and Toni.
It's our turn to treat you
to a delicious meal.
The best thing we tasted
at your place.
Go for it! Yummy!
At least there are no additives.
- Organic food, you see.
Back in the 60s,
how strange music had become
Groovy sounds, no double strokes
on the old bass drum
We dug those records
in the days of old
Then we cast them
in a brand new mold
We rocked our guitars
and it got crazy
The piano was dismissed
And so was born heavy, heavy,
heavy, heavy metal twist!
Now you can mosh the night away
Though some may be scared to stay
Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy,
heavy metal twist!
Everybody runs to the pit
Right on. The room is packed.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Riding home on our tour bus
Compy-Mompy turned on the TV
Rock and roll!
You say that all the time.
What does it mean?
The TV reception was bad,
lots of snow
I guess it was a recording
from our show
Our driver cranked up the volume
With a turn of the wrist
And we heard our song "Heavy,
Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Metal Twist"!
Now you can mosh the night away
This is my first time
in an elevator. Whoah.