Hebi ichigo (2003) Movie Script

Hallelujah, sakes alive
Damn, it's good to be alive
She's comin' over to my home
Ring-a-ding-ding on my telephone
First thing she'll be eatin'
Is some of my homestyle cookin'
I wanna do up
Some real heart cookin'
She's gonna eat her fill
Gotta scrub the pans
To make the grub
In the foamin' suds
Around and around and
Wash 'em clean
Got to clean 'em up
So she can eat up
I know she wants to eat
My homestyle cookin'
I know she wants to eat
My homestyle cookin'
I want her to eat
My homestyle cookin'
I want her to eat
I want her to eat
I want her to eat
I want her to eat
I want her to eat
I want her to eat
I've gotta set her on fire
I've got to have her eat
Homestyle cookin'
Of my real heart
Homestyle cookin'
Of my real heart
Homestyle cookin'
Of my real heart
Oops, Mother
Wipe it up with this, Tomoko
Oh, thanks
- Any get on you?
- No
Take your sweat suit,
or you'll have to borrow one
from another teacher again
Sure, but not today
You have gym class Wednesdays
This is Wednesday
He's coming tonight, right?
Oops, that means morning assembly
What time is he coming?
About 6pm
Let me know if you're running late
Sure, sure
Tomoko's going
Off you go
Father, can I get you
a fresh bowl of warm soup?
No need to fuss over me
Oh, really?
No, no, he just hasn't
paid the bill
I'll tell him
I can't talk, we're on the train
That cell phone
Sorry, I meant to turn it off
That was Mom for you, Dad
You forgot your lunch box
Aren't you even sorry?
She gets up early to fix it for you
It's your fault rushing off
My fault?
What to do for lunch...
Lucky you have school lunches
Mom tried your cell phone but
the service had been turned off
Don't they bill you electronically?
How pathetic,
having your phone cut off
What do they say at work?
Well, it's not like
I leave the office much
Carry a cell and they'll chase
you down anywhere,
and usually over nothing
I'd like to get rid of it
You were so excited at first
Who asked you?
You're the weirdos,
always calling and sending emails
It's not right. World's going down
the drain, thanks to that crap
Oops, I forgot to answer
Kamata san
Cut it out, not on the train
Makes you look like a fool
I know
Um... You'll be on your
best behavior tonight, right?
What behavior? I'm just
supposed to show up, right?
That's what I mean,
you get so defensive
Don't worry, I'll leave it to
the young guys and be home on time
Thank you
Kamata san knows how busy you are
Did you tell him...
about Grandpa?
Yeah, sort of
No point hiding it
It's nothing to be ashamed of
What about him?
Here, boy,
where'd you come from?
C'mon, good doggie
Hey, Cleo,
don't bite him, don't bite
No need to run
Good doggie, c'mere doggie
Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry
- You call him Cleo?
- Don't mess up his clothes
Not to worry
Cleo, there's a good doggie
Excuse me, I was wondering
Is Myofukuji Temple farther ahead?
You've already passed
Myofukuji Temple
You turn at the second corner
Oh, really? The man at the station
told me to keep walking straight
No, no, turn and it'll be on your left
Just past the corner
Thank you so much
There's a good doggie
Honey, my daughter-in-law's
coming to get me
Father, you're already here
Shoko san, I can't take it here
Hurry! Hurry!
I'm Shoko
No, everything's fine
I'll tell them all about it here
Don't you worry about a thing
She's coming to pick me up in
my truck so I'd better wait outside
Father, it's OK, OK,
just please calm down, calm down
She's a terrible driver,
so I'll have to drive home
you've got to calm down!
Father, open wide
Companies run by
a bunch of kids are so risky
I saw right through 'em
Clever, but that shoddy operation
of theirs gave me the creeps
Reminded me of door-to-door salesmen
I don't want anything to do with 'em
Well, the president apologizes
But he doesn't have any positions...
other than terminal maintenance
He was like, "You do know
your way around a computer?"
"Know my way?"
He can kiss my ass
It's difficult, you know
Akechi san, you're an old school engineer
By the time they've trained you
in the new system,
you'll be ready for retirement
So you can't expect to be
welcomed like a fresh
young employee, frankly
Let me ask you, Maeda
Just who was it who tossed out
a man of that age?
There's no point fixating on that
And what if I hadn't
just shut up and taken it?
If I'd sold the bosses'
dirty secrets to the media,
I could've made a bundle
There's no point going over...
I mean, here I am,
using my pull in Human Resources,
and doing everything I can for you
Now there's a spin for you
I'm the one who fixed it
with the president
so you could stay snug-as-a-bug in
Human Resources after R&D went bust
You're sitting pretty
and I'm a tramp
Always sneaking around
You ashamed to be seen with me?
In any case...
Please try this place next
They're supposed to be one of our
more generous subcontractors
I've got to go, but I'll be back in touch
when there's an interview lined up
Here, Akechi san
Oh, please, Maeda, Maeda
Masuda always says he'll
come early but he never does
So Nakatani san always cleans out
that fish tank by herself
Masuda always lies,
and I feel sorry for Nakatani san
getting stuck with all the work
Why can't you come early, Masuda?
Masuda said his mom was
sick so he couldn't come,
but that day, at lunch time,
I saw his mother
riding her bicycle
What do you say, Masuda?
I guess she started
feeling better about noon
But the next day when he didn't
show, he gave the same excuse
She got sick again the next day
Nakatani san,
thank you for taking care
of the gold fish. What do you think?
What do you say?
I don't know
Nakatani san won't say anything,
so I do instead,
but Masuda won't listen to me
It's a lot of work cleaning the
fish tank alone, isn't it, Nakatani san?
That's why it's a two-person job
If you can't come early, Masuda,
you should apologize to Nakatani san
It's very difficult to apologize
and admit your own mistakes
Even grown-ups have to
be brave to do that
But lying your way out of
a difficult spot isn't right, is it?
Once you start lying,
there's no end
Once you've said
your mother's sick,
you have to keep on lying
to prove that it's true
You don't want to do that,
do you, Masuda?
Because nobody wants to pretend
their mother's sick
So I want you to be brave kids
who don't have to lie
and can apologize first, instead
How about giving it a try?
I'm sorry, Nakatani san
Nakatani san, please keep taking
care of the fish with Masuda
Isn't Masuda's mother really sick?
- Bye, bye
- Bye, bye
Long day
Sorry I kept you waiting
Something wrong?
That was a scary face you made,
I'm strict and
I don't compromise
Won't you please look up?
Please look up
How cruel! He's so cruel!
How could he have passed away,
without saying a word to me!
Excuse me
I don't mean to be rude,
but how did you know my brother?
Are you his sister, then?
How I longed to meet you
He always liked to say,
"My sister is so kind"
I'm letting go
How's the placement of
the wreath from Nojima's Office?
I don't know, right next
to the Yamagata wreath?
maybe next to Todo's wreath...
I think it looks great there
No, maybe Yamagata...
Maybe right by the entrance...
- Is it OK here?
- It's fine
I still think it'd be better...
Let's move all the tables
up a little
And let's divide the guest books
into court-related,
Attorney General's Office-related,
academic and the general public
We'll just leave guest books
on the tables,
and leave the funeral offering
records in a box
Excuse me
I'm sorry to be late
I heard you were shorthanded
Oh, I see, why thank you
This loss was so sudden...
Indeed it was
my name is Nagasaki
Nagasaki - Attorney at Law
Why yes, he'd told me about you
He always liked to say
"Nagasaki's really on the ball"
You must be joking
Please sign-in over here
So, Nagasaki san, can I
leave you in charge here?
Oh, why yes...
Thank you, then
Nakatani was an interesting kid
when she was in my class
She's a good kid
Yes, she is
She's a good kid, but sometimes
I can't figure out what she's thinking
She kind of scares me
I don't like the challenge
in those cool eyes
Like somebody else I know
Who? You mean, me?
He's fast asleep
Grandpa's not feeling very well
I'm sorry, Kamata san
I'm sorry
I didn't even get to meet him
Oh, no, we're the ones at fault
Kamata san, please start
while it's hot
But your husband's not...
Her husband?
Is that odd?
How about "father?"
But he wouldn't want me to call
him "father," at our first meeting
I'd hate to lose points on that one...
Not to worry,
he's very understanding
He's quite proud
He doesn't want to act childish,
he wants to seem with-it
Please, have some beer
But let's wait a little longer
Who knows when he'll show up
The night is still young
Calm down, Mother
Am I flustered?
Like you're staring
at an endangered species
How old are you, Kamata san?
I'm thirty-something,
31, soon
Oh my, year of the Boar
That was fast
Year of the Boars are very strange
Obsessive and quick to react,
but blindly
And they get quite frantic
All my friends are like that
Mother, why not try
calling Dad again?
I doubt I'll get through
Try him again
How did she figure
that out so fast?
I don't know
I guess she's into it
Beer's OK?
Yeah, sure, sure
You don't even like beer
Stop pretending
Oh, father
I'm sorry, come, father
Nice to meet you
Such a lovely home
Chief, sir!
I'm sorry
Father, you're awake
You seem much better
I wasn't asleep even
for a moment
Oh, sorry, kept you waiting
You've kept him waiting
Sir! Director General
Reporting home
That damned meeting
just dragged on and on
You could have called
How? From a meeting?
They go on and on
about the stupidest things
I'm very sorry
Welcome to our home
I'm Kamata Kensaku
Forgive me for imposing
Oh, not at all
Please, have a seat
Oh, thank you
A toast, then
Dad, he doesn't drink beer...
Oh, no it's fine
Oh, no, we want you to be yourself
At ease, at ease
What do you usually start with?
A glass of sherry or sparkling wine...
Have any wine?
But you have to warn me
Wine, huh?
I can't serve cooking wine, right?
Oh, I'm easy
Beer's just fine
Oh, well, thanks
A beer toast, then
Oh, why thank you
Thank you
Your turn, father...
Oh, thank you
I'm sorry
I'm fine, I'll pour my own
A toast, then
Welcome to our home
Nice to meet you
- Um...
- Your work...
- Excuse me, you go first
- No, you first
Oh, no, you're the guest
Well, thank you
Um... your work
seems to keep you really busy
Not busy, really,
but with this economy,
manufacturing's in a squeeze
Our meetings run late every day,
just trying to get by
My hat's off to you
I'm off the free market
But I hear it's tough
in the schools these days
Neither teachers nor students
are the same these days
When I read about teachers refusing
to go to school or committing suicide,
I get frightened,
wondering if she's next
Tomoko's fine
She's got a solid disposition
I'm much more likely
to get carried away
How can you say that?
Women are so strong
We men are likely to get
eaten up some day
I know we men are
doomed to extinction
No, no, serve Kanno san here
another bowl of rice
It's Kamata san, dear
You only got the K right
Oh, excuse me, Kamata san
Gotta watch those slippery K's
The phone
Your father's interesting
Yes, he is
Akechi san, you're getting
to be a real problem
I've already gone over it
with the Division Chief
What Division Chief?
Not good enough?
No way
So I've got to go myself?
What a pain
I'll be sending Sato to see you
Sure, sure, sure
Great work
Please, go have a bite
Hardly a relaxing meal
I was mortified
Not at all
Everybody in your family's so open
I really enjoyed myself
Well, I'm glad
Your dad's going back to work now
Tough, being a company man
He acts stuffy, but he's so
sweet he takes on thankless work
An honest man's always a poor one
No, seriously, I'm really moved
My Dad was born with a silver spoon,
inherited his wealth,
so it's like, he just
lacks conviction, somehow
In a word, he's stagnating
But you'll inherit his
I'm so uncomfortable with that
But about your grandfather...
Shocked? He's been like that
a year and a half now
Must be hard on your mom
But she's the only one
Grandpa really trusts
And in some ways,
she depends on his need
It's like they both need each other
That's so admirable
So strong
Stop singing our praises
But I felt like Mom
took a liking to you, too
Your eyes are exactly like hers
You're strong like your mother
and a hard worker, like your father
I'm sure it can't be easy,
but you have a wonderful family
We're just average
Just a normal, normal family
That's what's so wonderful
What was with that
"Sparkling wine" crap?
Who does he think he is?
I should've said,
"Oh, Sherry, who's that?"
He must come from a good family
Who cares. It takes a day
of real sweat and blood
to appreciate a glass of beer
But you yourself said,
"It's tough in the schools, too"
Finish college and
go right back into school
By the time they're 22,
kids call 'em "Teacher"
They don't know shit
about real life
Tomoko's a teacher, too
Girls don't need
to go out into real world
In any case,
he sure seemed like a wimp
Totally conventionally refined,
full of himself
Don't you think?
You can't stand unconventionality
Hey, take care of this mess
I can't take them from him
He makes a huge fuss
His suspicious streak's still...
Don't. He understands
What a human wreck
A living corpse
I'm off
What's this crap!
How dare you feed an
Imperial soldier such crappy food!
"Cuckoo, cuckoo
"In the forest
"Look, look
Akechi san
Ogi Family Funeral
Akechl Family Funeral
C'mon, come out
It's stuck
Attention, guests of
the Kumagai Family
The hearse is ready to depart
Please gather In the Lotus Flower Room
There it is
Nice funeral you're
putting on here, Akechi san
Gold brocade on the altar
You pay for this with
the money you owe us?
Are there lots of guests?
It's a funeral
Bet you've never been to a funeral
Well, no
As the disinherited son, I'm rarely
in demand at family gatherings
Who told you about it?
Remember Takagi from my class?
He told me about it
You mean Takagi who died
in a car crash last year?
No, no, I meant Takada
I've got friends you never knew
He told me about it
You didn't show up
for Grandma's funeral
But Grandpa always loved you
I'm sure he'd be delighted
Grandpa, huh...
The hearse is pulling out
You should've come earlier
A stomach virus
You're scared
Of what?
Of seeing Dad
I'm scared
I'm scared, Tomoko
Don't worry
I'II stand up for you
No, no, Daddy's too scary
You're a nut
You're getting some
of your dead dad's money, right?
My ass is on the line
Please, don't
You related to this guy?
Talk some fucking sense into him!
We look the other way for this asshole
and he gets the wrong idea
Time's up, Akechi san
How 'bout a little fucking honesty?
You got laid off a long time ago
and now you're choking in debt
Might as well come clean
at your father's funeral!
Just the right time to get
some help from your relatives
You fucked over every other
loan shark around
You selfish bastard
What do you say!
Daughter, right?
You're still young
There's all sorts of ways to
help out old dad, here
Quit your lousy job teaching brats
Don't touch her!
How dare you bastard!
Akechi san, Akechi san,
get ahold of yourself
What are you doing here?
I'm going to be managing
Akechi san's liabilities
I'm his attorney, my name's Nagasaki
Look forward to working with you
I'm sure you're aware
that intruding on a debtor's
misfortune, assaulting him
with abusive language,
publicly exposing his finances, and
threatening innocent family members
All of these actions
violate loan regulations
We'll be taking legal
recourse promptly
Give me your name and
the company name
What's all this!
What the fuck!
I don't think so
It's not good to grab, is it?
It's bad, it's bad
Your company should have
received a letter,
outlining my role as
his legal representative
If you should contact Akechi san
directly in the future,
I'll see that your operating license
is revoked immediately
We're willing to regard
this incident as a misunderstanding
That's how things are
Please go
That's Shuji
Just wait a second
I'm not dressed
Hurry, finish packing
Arrives Osaka at 824,
that's the train for us
Hey, what are liabilities?
Shut up
Hurry up and
pack up your pants
and your games
I'm coming in, Sister
Why, Shoko san,
thank you so much
You really handled it all
The sun's already setting
Why not go home tomorrow?
Why not take it easy tonight?
Don't you agree, Brother?
My husband's so lazy,
I can't let him rest
One day off and he forgets
all about our bar
Got us tickets
Smoking section
Why Smoking? It stinks
You go sneak your smokes
But Sister, we have to go over
his things and the inheritance
What do you mean?
You took care of everything
No reason for me
to stick my nose in
You two do whatever
you think is best
Please, Sister
It's not really for me to say,
but I looked after your
senile father all by myself
Now that that's finally over,
suddenly, this mess
"Finally over," huh?
Wonder how Dad would feel
I'd heard Dad really liked you
We never got along and I figured
he was better off with you
so I stayed out of it on purpose
Must've been a real challenge
I certainly wasn't up to it
He may have been my own father,
but I would've gone crazy after
2 days and strangled him
Only you could've handled it
I'm deeply grateful for
everything you did for him
Grab 3 funeral lunch boxes
But that's got nothing to do
with this new mess
My brother went deep into debt
out of concern for you, right?
I don't get it
What kind of couple can't share
losing a job?
He'II only spend it on crap
But we appreciate the gesture
I don't need it
You shut up
But it's really not much
Think about your father's condition
Hardly time for you to give it away
Excuse me, Shuji
Oh, Dad, what can I say...
Hey, cut it out
Shuji set you
a real good example
Go hire an attorney
That's about the size of it, right?
I just imitated what lawyers said
to me when I was a loan shark
Sorry it was half-baked
You'll survive anything, won't you?
I told you, cut it out
OK, time to go
Thank you, no really, I'm serious
I'm sure Dad was really happy
that his busy daughter came home
Thank you, Brother, Ryo
Have a safe trip home
Your sarcasm's always
been first class
Pisses me off just to hear her
Faking that vulgar Osaka-accent
She'll do anything for money
Some fancy Buddhist name
you got for Grandpa
Don't touch it
Put it back
Not to worry
You've got company
Akechi san
Open up, Akechi san!
Go back inside
Hey, go get him
Let's call the police, right?
It'll get serious, then
Better not
Hey, do it again
That legal stuff
No good
They'll figure it out
Don't be so mean
I'm begging you
If you borrow something,
you have to pay it back, Dad
Here's 1.2 million yen clear
I swear I'll pay you back
Just this once
Bet you use that line on everyone
But then, you had
quite a day, didn't you?
Let's go ahead and
send them home
Don't, Shuji
You can't
What are you thinking, Dad?
This won't solve anything
C'mon, Dad
You know what you're
up against? What's your plan, then?
Start from zero,
go back to work...
We're comin' in, Akechi san
The question is how to deal
with this situation right now
We all bow and apologize to them
Ask them for some time
You're an idiot!
You go back inside
God knows what they'll say to you
Go back inside
I said, open up!
Right away
He's out there
What's so funny?
You're the apple of his eye
Where'd you get all that cash?
Just come listen,
this is great stuff
Listen, Mom...
Isn't your father amazing?
He's taking money off the same son
he kicked out as a thief
When it's all said and done,
Shuji's a chip off the old block
Thinks nothing of lying, deceiving
Even us
Shuji's exactly the same
That's why your father
couldn't stand him
I finally figured it out
What a sad story
I guess
Right? He made a fool
of you, too!
But Dad didn't squander the money
or go into debt to spite us
Oh, wake up, you baby
Making total fools of us with
everyone we know, that's spiteful
I thought your father was solid
as a rock, straight as an arrow
So I kept this family together,
never complaining
Now everything's shot to shit
What's going to happen?
What's gonna happen now?
Lucky you, huh
You saw Aunt Kimiko
Once a girl leaves her family,
what does she care?
Hurry up and marry into
some fine family
This family's screwed
Just screwed
I said, listen!
You're sure lively,
all of a sudden
Yes, I'll be right there
Thank you
Frankly, I was shocked
I'm so sorry, Kamata san
But thank goodness,
I feel so much better, seeing you
That lawyer really saved the day
I'm sure he'll work it all out
The way he parted the crowd
That was really cool
I'm sorry
That's actually my big brother
You have a big brother?
He's a lawyer?
He's not?
It sounds strange, but he can
talk his way out of anything
You mean, he made it all up?
He's really odd
He got Dad so angry,
he left the family 10 years ago
Your brother, huh?
He was a real oddball,
even for our family
Oh, yeah?
Actually, he fits right in
I'm starting to lose my grip
Frankly, you scare me
Why'd you even introduce me
to them?
All that cozy family stuff,
turns out to be a big lie, right?
And I was genuinely moved
Guess I was a fool
to fall for it
Fall for it?
I even told my folks about it
"Our family may be wealthy,
"but the Akechis seem to have
something we don't"
Made my own Mom and Dad
stop to think
What am I supposed
to tell them now?
"I guess having
money's the answer?"
Just wait a minute
- Whatever
- Whatever?
What'll you do?
You can't
just waltz right back to school
I've taken time off
through tomorrow
Nobody at school knows
about us, do they?
I'll just pretend
I don't know, either
So, until things settle down
Why don't you calm down
and really think things over
Well, I guess,
if you really get stuck,
try calling me
"If I really get stuck?"
What does that mean?
What do you expect?
"What do you expect?"
How can you say that?
I have no idea
you're talking about
Just for the record,
I didn't know anything
You feel deceived,
but so do I
The kitchen's closing
We're fine
Thank you
Kamata san!
You staying?
You're hopeless
Really hopeless
I can do it, watch
Look, look
Keep it there, on your thighs
Shut up
Shut up
Wow, he's got more
This is everything
You swear?
That's right
Positive there aren't IOU's
to friends, or notes and stuff?
That's it
I really suggest you come clean
I'm not a crook
Trust me, there's more
There isn't
Yes there is
All right, that's enough
No point bickering about it now
And Mom, stop pissing and moaning
and start sorting those into piles, OK
What's a little bit of debt,
compared to the evils
of the world, right, Dad?
In any case, try to remember
Go back over all
your appointments and notes
But man, for an unemployed guy, you
you sure had a lot of lenders
Dad, I think you've got real talent
Not for me to say,
but no wonder they have it in for you
You know what a lawyer would
charge to get you out of this mess?
But you'd better
get it sorted out now,
or some jerk'll come after you
again and you're back to square one
Excuse me
I'll clear these
We're about ready to close
Thank you
Man, you're in
a real tight spot
Mom, I know you always keep
your own stash
I need you to hand it all over
Nothing stashed...
OK, then insurance or a pension plan
you bought without telling anyone
I know you, Mother, you're cautious
You've got something
If you cash all those in,
you might just squeak by
But those are...
How'd you pay the premiums?
I agonized every day for 30 years,
over whether to
give up coffee or cigarettes
I've always made do,
so we'd make it if you keeled over
How dare you, bitch
Now, now, now
There's go to be
2 or 3 million here
Not after we pay off
the funeral costs
Dammit! That's because you insisted
on that fancy Buddhist name
and that hardwood coffin
Plywood's fine
It's just for burning
Why's it all my fault?
I only wanted to send
your father off in style
What's wrong with that!
I'm sorry
I misread it
It's impossible, I'm sorry
The balance puts you
just over the edge
If only Dad had some income,
we could structure debt payments
You've got zero money coming
into this household, right?
No, not Tomoko
That's cruel
Tomoko's done nothing wrong
No, you can't
But bankruptcy...
Bankruptcy, what's that?
It's OK
I'm sure Tomoko will help out
No you can't
You can't say that, Mother
But what's bankruptcy, Shuji
All your debts get
wiped off the books
But they take every
last one of your assets
In other words,
everything you have here,
and this house
The house?
And what about...
after that?
What do you do,
with no place to live?
Say, Dad
suppose we say you have no assets
Shift the house and your savings
out of your name
But if they're not in my name,
they might as well take them
What if they stayed in the family?
...the Governor has
denied the charges, while
...the Governor has
denied the charges, while
the executive has
confessed to them
Tomorrow, the pollce will re-arrest his
former secretary on bribery charges,
and secure search warrants
for City Hall
Our next story
In an Incident yesterday afternoon,
during the funeral for Ogi Michlo,
Professor Emeritus of Kyonan Unlversity,
at a funeral home in Seno City,
48 funeral offering envelopes,
totaling 1.2 million yen,
intended for hls widow,
were stolen by persons unknown
Given simllarities between
yesterday's incident and
the 6 other funeral robberies
that have plagued
greater Tokyo
since last November,
the pollce suspect the same...
So pretty
Diamonds are so pretty
I never wear it
You sure?
Go right ahead
Try it on
No thanks
It's falling off
I used to be plump
Lost weight
You never noticed things before
When I was around,
Grandpa still drove his truck
Hale and hearty
Grandma was still here, right?
Isn't that right?
It just feels so strange
No warning or nothin'
They just up and go
He had a peaceful death
He was 83, that's plenty long
Don't tell anyone else, OK, Mom
I'm sure you did your best,
knowing you, Mother
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Shuji
No more of that, now
Your mother loved you, Shuji
I always wanted you to be with us
I don't care
Living in this house,
I just felt like I was choking
The whole time, I couldn't bear it
You see how your father is
Tomoko's a good girl,
but she's so perfect,
I can never relax
It's so boring
Tomoko's a good girl
Shuji, you're completely crazy,
but so much fun...
If you'd been here,
at least I'd have had a little fun
Thank God you're back
I can't imagine
if you hadn't...
You've got a point
C'mon, stay with us forever
Forever? Well, at least
until this thing's cleared up
Oh, c'mon, stay with us forever
Well, but what about Dad?
Forget about him
Tomoko's going to get married
anyway, she'll leave, too
C'mon, stay, honey
What, you back?
Yeah, I just got back
I'm home
What's this?
Dad's out of the bath,
why don't you take yours?
Shuji's come home especially
I can't bathe before he does
Dad, you should have
let him take his first
You go first, big brother
No, I'm fine last
No, I really mean it
Go ahead and bathe
OK, then
Don't mind if I do...
Bathroom's as chilly as ever
I'll show you how to use the heater
What is going on here?
Don't make such a face
While you were out, your brother
racked his brains over how to save us
Excuse me,
what's that supposed to mean?
Tomoko, everything's fine now
Daddy's bankrupt...
just joking
Bankruptcy's a shock, right?
You think it's scary, right?
But it really isn't
We hand everything, savings,
deed to the house,
over to him temporarily
That way, the debt disappears
and we can keep on living here
the same old way. Right? Right?
He's got his talents. Those years
out in the real world did him good
He's learned about
all kinds of stuff
And you just swallow
any line he feeds you?
What lines?
Now I get it, why he bothered
to come back here
He's going to turn the house upside
down, line his pockets and split
What on earth are you talking about?
Listen carefully, OK?
Dad, first of all,
do you know where
that money came from?
Money? What money?
The cash Shuji gave you
Didn't you even wonder?
How he pulled that much
cash out of nowhere
There's definitely something fishy
Someone stole
the funeral offerings
from the funeral home we used
A total of 1.2 million yen,
from some professor's funeral
Exactly how much did you
turn over to that collector, Dad?
You get it, right?
It's just like him, isn't it?
It was dirty money
Who on earth told you that?
It's all over the national news
He's a serial robber
If he stays here,
we'll get dragged into his mess
I'm sure it's a mistake
Even he couldn't possibly...
What's wrong with you, Dad?
Your son, who pretended to go
to college and kept the tuition
Who sold my panties to the highest
bidder when I was in junior high?
Honestly, him re-arrange
your finances? Never
That 1.2 million was just bait
for catching a bigger fish
Don't you even get that?
Listen, let's pretend
we don't know a thing,
and kick him out
the way we always have
He'll be fine and his chances of
getting away are better that way
No! We need him here with us
What for? Hiding a criminal
is a crime in itself
If we keep him here,
he'll just drag us down, too
Please, just do what I say
Let's make him leave
before our family's finished
This family was finished
a long time ago
We're beyond help now
It's all my fault
What choice do I have, Tomoko?
I can't make miracles happen
At least I wanted
to spare you this mess
I mean it
Forget about the rest
You get away from us
Find your own happiness
Me, leave this family?
I'm exhausted
230 already?
I'm really exhausted
Wait a minute
"Find my own happiness,"
how dare you?
What do you think Kamata san
had to say?
Thanks to you and Shuji,
now I'm a liar, too
He said, that time
he came to dinner...
Oh, let him blab
What does that jerk know?
That's cruel
You said you liked Kamata...
Kamata, Kamata, enough!
That stupid ass fag
He can stuff himself up his own ass!
Is what I'm saying wrong?
No, you're not wrong
Tomoko's always got
the right answer
And that's what's
making you choke?
You're all crazy
I refuse
I absolutely refuse
to fall for it
He's my brother, that monster
You know him, too, Mother
You know, you're scary
Your very own brother
When he gets out of the bath,
kick him out,
or turn him in,
whatever you like
Why do you say that?
Well, what am I supposed to do?
Your mother doesn't know
Do whatever you want
Whatever you think
is always right, anyway. Right?
All yours
I borrowed Dad's
He wears boxers, now
I was terrified he'd
only have briefs
I always think of
Dad wearing briefs
Dad is briefs
Briefs are Dad
Am I getting' a gut?
This is where eating like a teenager
in your 30s will get you
It's all flabby like
Hey, Tomoko
How's it going, Tomoko?
Nothing like a cold beer
after a hot bath
No dice?
After 25, even men put on fat
It's hard to lose, too
Like you know all about it
Go ahead, touch it
No way
I said, no way
So you're getting married?
Mother tell you that?
What did she tell you?
She sounded like she really liked
the guy, but I don't really know
She's showing her age
She's so scatterbrained
"This is this and that's that,
so there"
So I just kept on nodding
Wiped me out
I put up with her every day
Not for me
One day's enough for me
Man, you're a cheater
In any case, she likes him,
so that's great
It's too early to tell
What about you?
Me? Forget about it
We're talking about me here
Would you marry me?
No, I wouldn't
But you sure got pretty
You look nice in mourning
That's a lie
It is
No, it isn't, it isn't
I really mean it
I thought I'd closed it
It's letting in a draft
Grandpa just opened it
Cut it out
Weren't you scared of ghosts?
Don't believe in any of that stuff
And not God, either?
Not at all
Don't you believe in anything?
Well, me
I mean, not for me
But whatever I say,
as long as you believe
in God or ghosts,
or love or friendship
it must be real, right?
Like they say,
"where there's a wish, there's a way"
That's "where there's a will"
Oh, yeah?
Half-assed, as always
Give me some
Sure, eat, eat
Better to eat
Man, these beans are tasty
No, I refuse to believe you
I swear, with my own eyes
It was an illusion
He just looked 10-feet tall
If somebody was really that tall,
he'd be on TV
No, the thing is,
I'm 5' 7", right?
I stood next to him
and my friend checked
And the guy really was
twice my height
That's so repulsive,
it's not funny
It's not about funny,
there really are giants in Beijing
All you ever talked about, ever
About what?
The pack of lies you made up
Well, it's true, you don't
have a shred of that
I can't remember your
ever making up anything
What's that got...
No, I really can't
You're right,
I don't trick people
That's good
Very good
I'm envious
You're like holy or something
Listen, Shuji
Remember how you lied to me
about finding wild berries
growing on the hill behind
our elementary school
And how great they tasted?
When I drew you that map?
That's right,
but there weren't any
There weren't any and it got dark
and I got lost and it was a big mess
I cried so hard
When I was crying, I thought
"I'll never cry like this again"
You got it all wrong, you dummy
You just couldn't find them
You laughed
Maybe I laughed,
but they were really there
I still remember exactly
where they were
And now, more on yesterday's
funeral robbery
Shortly after noon on the 26th,
unknown suspects stole a large
sum of funeral donations from
the funeral of Professor Ogi Michlo...
Alright, take me there
What, now?
Yeah, now
Bad idea, it's dark out
Let's not
Then, admit that you lied
The circumstances of thls crime
closely resemble
a series of robberles
around greater Tokyo...
You're shaking
Chickening out?
I told you we shouldn't bother
I'm not scared
Just a little farther
Just up this hill
You never crossed this river
No wonder you couldn't find 'em
I can't
Sure you can
I'll pull you across
That's right, give it a running
start from there and jump
Ready and...
Hey, if you start that far back,
you'll go too far
Here we go, ready and...
I saw the funeral robber you want,
up behind the elementary school
I was at the funeral hall yesterday
Yes, I just saw him on the hill
He ran into the thick forest
I'm absolutely certain
Yes, I'll wait here
Miyasako Hiroyuki
Tsumiki Miho
Tsumiki Miho
The drowning moon
The drowning moon
Hiraizumi Sei
The drowning moon
Hiraizumi Sei
The fading song
Otani Naoko
The fading song
Otani Naoko
The drowning moon
The fading song
Tezuka Toru, Ezawa Moeko
Terajima Susumu
Shoufukutei Matsunosuke
Executive Producer Yasuda Masahiro
Producer Kore-eda Hirokazu
Line Producer Taguchi Hijiri
Cinematographer Yamamoto Hideo
Production Designer: Isomi Toshihiro
Sound Tsurumaki Hitoshi
Composer Nakamura Masaru
Editor: Miyajima Ryuji
Script Supervisor: Togawa Mieko
Assistant Director Take Masaharu
Production Supervisor Shiraishi Osamu
Music performed by Cauliflowers
Production Assistance: TV MAN UNION, Inc.
Distribution XANADEUX
Written and Directed by
Nishikawa Miwa