Hector (2015) Movie Script

["Anywhere Away" playing]
Nowhere to you is anywhere to me
And anywhere away is where I wanna be
I watch the clouds change
The skies are wild with rain
I would leave you here
If only you would stay
I hold onto nothing now
You were everything to me
Anywhere away is where I wanna be
I live on the path between
Somewhere and somebody
Anywhere away is where I wanna be
The wind the wind it blows
It moves us down the road
The land it changes
Still you're all I see
I broke waves against the shore
I broke bottles at your door
[hand dryer whirring]
-Hey ya.
-Hi there.
How you feel?
Fairly hellish.
Must've been freezing
out there last night?
Baltic, so it was.
Oh Jesus, the monkeys are still
looking for the proverbials.
You ought to get yourself
a nice sugar mommy.
Was that an offer?
How much?
Forget it.
-It's fine.
Thanks very much.
Nice start to the day.
-Biscuits, sugar mommy.
[instrumental music playing]
Dougie? Dougie, you up?
I am now, you fuck wit.
What the fuck?
Oh, Christ.
Sorry, wee fella, I didn't mean to...
What is it anyway,
what the fuck do you want?
Would you look after my bag? I'm going to
go to the post office and get my pension.
Jesus wept.
Could you not have asked wee Hazel?
Where's it anyway?
-Where's what?
-Oh fuck, man, your bag!
It's there at the end.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
Who's gonna nick your bag, out here?
Who'd want to nick your bag anyway?
-All right, Hec.
-All right, Haze.
I'll mind your bag for you.
-You sure?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes I am.
Thanks, hon.
Yeah, I'm going down to
the shops, you want anything?
No, I'm all right.
You want anything from the shops?
Christ, Jesus.
-Well, thanks sweetheart.
[car revving]
[indistinct chatter]
All right, team.
-All right, Hec.
-Hey, mate, you all right?
All right, how you doing?
Righto, best be off then,
you know a long day ahead and all that.
Yous take care of yourselves
now, boys and girls, eh?
-Thanks for the tea.
-Eh, no bother.
See you later.
See ya, bro, all the best.
All right.
Early Christmas presents comin up?
Eh, what we got in here?
For lovely Hazel.
For looking after my bag.
What else have I got?
For you, for being such a lovely dog.
And I almost forgot...
For Lord Douglas.
For being a crabbit ol' bastard.
Oh, Jesus, you're
a fucking mind-reader, old boy.
So is that... So you're not
coming south with us?
-What's that?
-You're not coming south with us?
No, I need to go back to Glasgow, honey.
What for?
But you'll be coming
down to London, after?
I need to go and get some tests done.
What tests?
It's just... Just tests... Anyway...
-If I get the all clear--
-[car honks]
I'll come back to join you in London--
Jesus Christ, what now?
I have something for you,
may be of interest.
[chuckles happily]
One of the boxes...
got damaged at the warehouse
when they were coming out,
if you ken what I mean?
Here you go. And they're, like,
fully waterproof, you know, like.
Nice fleece lining and all that,
you know, nice and cozy, so...
[Hazel] Fuckin' tight in here. Brilliant.
Eh, is this a right size for me, pal?
I mean is this a size that'll fit me.
There's no point taking it if it
doesn't even fucking fit me, is there?
The fuckin' fellas given us it for free.
Shut the fuck up and just take it.
Okay, I think they're like, uh,
one size fits all,
-but listen if you don't want it--
-No, no, no.
Don't worry, don't worry, pal.
I'll take my chances, all right?
-He loves it, he loves it, he'll take it.
-Listen man, I never got your name?
-That's it.
Thanks again, man.
No worries at all, all right.
-Take care.
-God bless you.
Look after that leg, eh.
I will, I will.
[Hazel] Oh, this'll fit me.
-Heh? Heh?
-[Hazel laughing]
[laughing] Yeah.
-I'll see you later, guys.
See you later, Santa.
[Davey laughing]
[Hazel] That's the one that you were
given, I got given this one, that is fair.
[truck speeding]
[inaudible chatter in background]
[Dougie] Come on,
just fucking give it to me.
[Hazel] Of all the things I've done
for you, just let me have this one.
Come on Haze, you've got to swap me,
you have... Give me a break.
I don't give a fuck. No!
Oh, come on, for fuck's sake, give it.
I'm not doing it--
So, guys, guys, guys,
look I appreciate the send off, but you're
really fucking cramping my style.
You know what I mean?
Oh, for fuck's sake.
I see what you mean.
Oh, we look like the three fucking
lollipop men of to the apocalypse.
Come on, Haze, give the man some space.
Hey, take care of yourself
while you're out there.
Don't let the bastards get you down.
Oh, good luck, Hec.
All right.
-Give me the fuck--
-I said no!
[indistinct chatter]
[car speeding]
[cars honking]
You believe some fuckin' people, eh?
No fuckin' respect.
You got a problem,
I'll give you a lift, eh?
Come on.
Excuse me?
Where's your toilets?
Uh, just use the bathroom right in there,
second door on the right.
Could you keep an eye on my bag for me?
[inaudible announcements]
[hand dryer whirring]
[receptionist] Mr. McAdam?
Hector McAdam?
The doctor will see you now.
If you'd follow me please.
[receptionist] So this is
your appointment card.
Now you have to come back
on the 3rd of January
and you have to be here by 7:00 AM.
[blurred sound] Now, you're not to eat
or drink anything
after 9:00 PM the night before,
because you'll be getting
a general anesthetic.
Now, did she give you a new prescription?
Right, well, take that down
to the pharmacy on the ground floor
they'll sort that out for you.
Oh, uh, Mr. McAdam, I've got
a phone number here for you,
but I don't seem to have an address.
Thank you.
-Excuse me.
Hey, hold on a minute, I know you.
Oh, hey, I know you.
Fuck me.
Hey, it's you, Hec, isn't it?
Hec McAdam! Hey, do you remember me?
Laurie McNiesh. Remember
down the Mossdale Arms
back in the day.
Jeez, hey, don't be a prat man,
I know it's you.
Where the fuck have you been?
I haven't seen you for...
God, ten, 15 years.
You just totally disappeared.
Hey, listen, Peter used to come round
The Mossdale Arms once a week,
asking if we'd seen ya.
Aye, your brother.
I knew it was you.
What happened to ya?
I never saw you after... Well, Jesus.
The fuck.
Oh, come on, wait, what's the hurry?
What's your problem, pal, eh?
What's your fucking problem?
[slow music playing]
You lost, gramps. Can we help?
-I'm all right, lads.
-Come on, let us take a bag for you.
Where you going?
-Give me the bag.
-There's nothing in there.
-Give me the bag.
-There's nothing in there.
Give me the fucking bag!
-You can tell your mate--
Oi, you wee fucker, you want
some of this thing? You want some?
What about you, man?
You wee fucking babies?
Fuck off! Fuck off, run off to your mommy.
-Fuck you.
-Aye, whatever!
Hey, bud, bud.
Listen let's get you up, let's get you up.
You all right, man? Hey, hey.
No, no, just, you stay down there,
just stay down there, okay?
-We'll sort you out in a second.
Hold on, I'll just
get your bag, yeah? You okay?
Get you inside.
All right, here we go.
Sorry, sorry.
-Is that okay?
-It's fine?
-You sure?
Okay, that's you sorted.
Let's sort your bag out, mate.
-What's wrong with my bag?
-Nothing, nothing.
Just the handle broke, it's fine.
Did they, did they
take anything from my bag?
Everything's still there.
So I'll fix the handle for you
and you can get on your way.
Listen, do you
want a wee nip of something?
-No, no, no, I don't drink.
-You sure?
Just gonna get some parcel tape.
-I'll sort your bag out.
-Yeah, okay.
-You'll be okay?
Just calm down.
Thanks very much for that.
No worries, man.
[phone line ringing]
Hello, Peter?
-How are you?
-Who's this?
Looking for, um, Peter McAdam?
Is that 0-1-4-1-4-9-6-0?
-Going anywhere near Newcastle...
[operator]The number you've
called has not been recognized.
The number you've called...
[dramatic music playing]
[operator] Sir, what name please?
-What town?
-Is that Newcastle upon Tyne?
-What's the initial please?
-No, D.
D for Derek.
No, no listing for
Derek Smith, I'm afraid.
Ah, could you look under...
Ah, Smith, D. Smith.
Sixteen Cherry Tree Avenue.
[operator] No, we don't have
a listing for that either.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
No, thank you.
What do you want?
[baby crying]
Looking for a Liz Smith.
Used to live here with her husband?
Yeah, well, they don't now, do they?
Do you know where they moved to?
Um, no...
I don't know who lived here before me.
[baby crying]
Sorry to bother you.
Do you know the used car
salesman in Dunston, is he still there?
Look, I'm sorry, I've got to go.
Please hold, I'll put you through now.
[inaudible whispering]
Can I help ya?
Looking for Derek Smith,
used to work here.
Please, if you'll just wait over there.
Derek, Mr. Smith,
there's a gentleman here to see ya.
I'm not sure, why.
I don't know. I think
you ought to come over.
[chuckles] Yes, thank you.
Mr. Smith will be with you directly.
Hello, I'm Derek Smith, can I help you?
Hey, Derek.
Fuck me, Hector.
Where the fuck did you come from?
Oh, what're you doing here? I take
it that you're not here to buy a car.
You better come through
to my office, bring your stuff.
Dawn, if, uh, Mr. Aldridge calls about
the Jag be sure
to put him straight through, won't ya.
Sit down.
So what do you want?
I was just passing through and I thought
I might call and see my sister.
Oh, just passin'?
The fuck are you talkin' about?
You disappeared into thin air
without a word, what...
twelve, fifteen year ago
and you think you can just
waltz back into
Lizzie's life just like that?
You got some fuckin' nerve, man.
I just want to see Lizzie, that's all.
What for? Hmm?
Kiss and make up?
Bit fucking late
for apologies, don't you think?
-I should punch your fuckin' lights out.
-I just...
I don't want any trouble.
I just... I just want you to call her.
Just call her and tell her that her
brother's back from
the dead, just like that?
Please, I'm begging you, man.
Please... please.
[sighs heavily]
Just stay right where you are.
And don't touch
a fuckin' thing, understood?
[slow music playing]
So where are we going?
Lizzie said I have to give you a choice.
The bus or the train station, you choose.
Lizzie said that?
Look, if you wanna get the bus...
I'll pay for your ticket.
No, it's all right.
Where are you gonna go to?
There's a place I go to,
in London, every Christmas.
I've got some friends there.
A shelter?
Aye, Derek, a fuckin' shelter.
[door shuts]
No hard feelings, huh?
Oh, suit yourself.
Lizzie, really didn't want to see ya.
So do yourself a favor...
don't bother coming back. All right?
Do you know what a peer is?
Your number?
[car starts]
Yeah, good to see you and all.
[slow music playing]
South, mate?
[slow music continues]
Going south?
[Hector sniffing]
Do you want a ride?
Yeah, yeah.
Fasten your seatbelt.
[car revving]
Thanks, mate.
[loud scream] Hey, you!
[Hazel] Hector!
[loud screaming and chuckling]
You nearly gave me a fuckin' heart attack.
Well, we weren't really
expecting to see yous here.
[Dougie] Come and sit
yourself down, old boy.
Hazel... Make room for a man, will ya?
Make yourself at home, mate.
Well, eh...
How was Glasgow?
Ah, it was all right.
What happened to your face?
Oh, it's not worth talking about.
Aye, what about the...
How did it go with the hospital
and all... the test results?
They want me to go back
after Christmas for an operation.
Fucking quacks for ya.
Yeah, you're best stayin' away from
all those doctors and all that shit.
Hey, you look like
you could use a good drop of this.
So you going down to London
to that shelter right?
Yeah, looks like it.
You see, I knew you wouldn't leave
me alone with this old dozer.
Hec... you sure you'll not
take a wee bevvy, man?
Oh, don't worry about it.
You sure you're okay?
You look like shite, if you don't
mind me saying.
You know, Hec, you looks like shite.
I don't know what those doctors
are doing to you, but...
I don't think they're
doing you any favors.
You'd be best to stay inside tonight.
In the warm.
There's a big spans bog
right down, by the Jet ski.
You could camp in there.
What about you two?
Don't mind us. We're fine out here...
I've got my wee hot water bottle here.
I've given it a little fill. And if...
if we get lucky, we'll have our rides.
By this time tomorrow,
we'll be topped up in a warm bed
with a belly full of hot grub.
Go inside, man,
go on, go inside.
Just take your time, eh?
[slow music playing]
[knocking at door]
[loud knocking]
-You all right in there, pal?
Come on, bud, I need you out of there.
Yeah, just coming.
Dougie, Hazel.
Get up, guys.
-Christ, what time is it?
-Around 9 o'clock.
Dougie, come on, son.
Time to hit the road. Dougie.
Ah, Jesus.
[Hazel] What is it? What's wrong with him?
Oh, no.
Dougie, wake up.
Oh, fuck.
[screaming] Oh!
Oh, Jesus, oh Jesus!
[inaudible whispering]
What you doin'?
Gettin' the fuck outta here.
Hazel, we can't just leave him here.
[screaming] The fuck I can!
There's nothing we can do
for him, is there?
And I don't need no
bother from the police.
I'm outta here.
What about Braveheart?
What about Braveheart?
Come on, seriously, what am I
gonna do with a fuckin' dog?
I'm sorry, pal,
but I cannot handle this shit.
I'll see you later, man.
Well, if we can't trace any relatives,
then the local council will take
care of the arrangements.
What about Braveheart, his dog?
I thought that were yours.
Oh no, it's Dougie's, Dougie's.
It was Dougie's.
Well, I have to call the RSPCA--
-Hi there.
-Chris, hey!
How are you? Didn't know
you were back at work.
Thought you'd be out for much longer.
No, I'm fine now.
I've been off for nearly a month.
Well, don't go overdoing it.
You gotta take care of yourself.
-I will, thanks.
-Oh, sorry, here you go.
Verification of death.
Category One, I think.
My guess is, if the cold didn't get him,
it's probably cardiac.
Probable natural causes.
But you're still gonna need to come in.
Give us a formal statement.
Why? I've told you everything I know.
Well, it shouldn't take
too long then, should it, sir?
[dramatic music playing]
Get up.
[police siren in background]
[footsteps approaching]
[pigeons cooing]
[church bell ringing]
[Hector] Excuse me.
What can I get you, love?
Are you Kate?
Yeah, what is it?
Father O'Connor asked me to give you this.
Still ministering to his flock.
What can I get ya? Anything you want.
It's on the house.
I'll have your breakfast special,
if that's all right?
Yeah, that's fine. Cup of tea?
Or can I get you a coffee?
-No, tea would be great, thanks.
-Go on, go and seat yourself, sir.
-Thanks very much.
Holy moly, you got that down you fast.
You stayin' in Liverpool long?
No, just passing through.
Well, if you promise not to go around
telling all your mates I'm a soft touch,
I might be able to find you some seconds.
There you go, love.
Thank you.
D'you mind if I sit down here?
-Have a quick fag.
-No, go ahead.
So how did you find Father O'Connor?
Or did he find you?
He found me.
And I suppose he snuck you
into St. Isaac's for the night, did he?
So you just passing through, are you?
London, eh?
What're you going there for?
Got a girlfriend?
Going to see my sister.
That's nice.
How are you getting down there?
Get the bus, I guess.
I'll tell you what, love.
I met a man.
He's the dispatcher of
the parcels up and down the road.
They've got loads of everything.
I can give him a call.
I'm sure he'd be able to give you a lift.
-Great, yeah.
-Yep, I'll call him now.
-Sure it's no bother?
-Yeah, it's fine.
Just spoken to him and--
What the fuck d'you think you're doing?
I spilled some tea on the table, I was--
I know what you were doing
you thieving bastard.
-Come on, get out.
Get out of here before I call the bizzies.
Come on, get out.
Come on.
And don't you dare come near here again.
Go on, fuck off.
[TV playing in background]
Oh fuck.
[somber music playing]
[violin music playing]
Hi there.
How can I help you?
Come to stay in?
Well, so the thing is, um...
we're actually full.
So, if I could take some details
from you, uh, we'll try and find you--
No, no, no, no, I come here every year.
Yeah, it's just that we opened this
morning and it's done on a first come--
Yeah, but I couldn't come first thing
as I hitchhiked from Glasgow.
I couldn't come first thing,
otherwise I would have been here.
-What I'll do I'll try my best to find--
-I couldn't come, I was--
-Hector, are you all right?
I was starting to worry about you, 'cause
you're normally first when we open up.
They'll not let me in.
-They'll not let me in.
[whispering] Wait, you said we're full.
No, no, this is Hector.
He's one of our regulars,
he comes every year.
So... uh, okay, uh...
-Um, let him one of the beds we keep back.
Yeah, all right?
All right.
Don't look so worried.
Fill out a form, grab a wristband,
and I'll rustle you up
a little snack, all right?
All right.
Okay, right, sorry about that, um...
So, can I just get you to, um...
Yeah, just sign in the box for me right
there and just put your name down.
And we'll take it from there.
Thanks, man. Brilliant stuff.
-[whispering] You take this one.
All right, yeah? Sleep tight.
-Thanks for the help.
-See you in the morning.
[whispering] Who's that?
Hector is that you?
Who's that?
-It's me, Jimbo.
-Oh, hey Jimbo.
Come to see, I was wondering
when you were gonna show up.
Well, it was a bit
of a trek, but I got here.
Happy days, eh, mate?
We'll catch up in the morning, ya?
-Sleep well.
-Good to see you, mate.
You too, mate.
-Morning, Hec, you all right?
-Morning, Jimbo.
Well, your normal place
saved for you, sir.
Excuse me.
This a very good friend of mine, Hector.
-This is, uh, Ted.
-Hi, Ted.
Ted don't say a lot.
Still waters run deep.
Hey, Sol!
-You remember Solly?
Sit yourself down.
He brought me to the banquet,
hoisting his banner over me with love.
Jesus Christ, it's a bit fuckin' early
in the day for that isn't it?
Thou shall not take the name
of the Lord, thy God in vain.
[Jimbo chuckles]
You're a lost one,
repentin' heathen, Jim, you were.
Yep, I'm proud of it.
Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive from thy bounty.
All right, tuck in there, tuck in.
Excuse me, I'd like to have
a word with Sara.
-Yes sure, she's just in the office there.
-Right, thank you.
[knock at door]
Morning, Hector, you all right?
Can I ask you a favor?
Yeah, go ahead.
I'm looking for my brother.
And I'm told he's in London,
I've tried directory inquiries.
Tried... What?
No, sorry.
Didn't know you had a brother.
I could check on
the computer for you, if you want.
-Yeah, yeah.
Come in, come in.
What's his name?
Peter. Peter McAdam.
[typing sounds]
Does he have a middle name?
Ooh, 1.6 million hits.
This could take a long time.
D'you know how to use a computer?
-Yeah, okay why don't you sit here?
That's it.
Just have a scroll on that.
You never know, you might get lucky.
Thanks for that.
[instrumental music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
Hector. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I need to talk to you about something.
It's nothing to worry about.
But... if you come outside, I'll explain.
-Okay, all right.
-What's up?
-Sorry about this.
-[screaming] Hey, hey!
Where the fuck have you been?
-I've been tryin' to explain to these--
-Hey, hey, hey.
Just calm down, all right?
Let's go outside and get some
fresh air or something, okay?
Get your bag.
Go on, go on.
Just be outside, okay?
Come on, sit down here.
-What are you looking for?
-My cigs.
-You want one?
-No, I'm okay.
So, where have you been?
You want to tell me
what happened to your face?
You wanna tell me
what happened to your face?
Like, you'd tell me anything.
They won't let me fuckin' stay.
They won't let me stay, the fuckers.
They cannot let you stay here,
it's a men's hostel.
Sara's making a call just now, she's gonna
phone the women's hostel.
-Is that a pizza palace?
Aye, Dougie told me that.
-He's been there before.
Did he tell you he puked
all over a volunteer?
Right down her cashmere jumper.
God rest his soul.
Dougie's the one person you
don't want puking on you.
Oh, you certainly do not.
What happened to Braveheart?
Police have got him.
They'll take care of it. It'll be fine.
-He'll be fine.
I should've took him.
Shouldn't I?
Dougie would've
wanted me to look after him.
Dougie loved that dog.
Dougie's doggy.
Oh, fucking Dougie.
-Should've just swapped jackets with him--
-Oh, stop it.
-Stop it, Hazel, just--
-Like he wanted me to.
-No, there's nothing you could've done.
-No, I fucking, fucked up.
Nothing you could've done, darling.
Nothing to do with the jacket.
-Everything's gonna be fine--
-Oh, what?
-Everything's gonna be all right?
-Yeah, everything's gonna be all right.
Don't give me that shit, Hector.
Look at me.
Look at me, I'm not even 18,
and my life's already fucked.
Don't give me that shit.
"Everything's gonna be all right."
Hazel, we've just had a call
from the women's center
they've got you a bed. Okay?
You see?
I'm gonna order you some transport.
Come inside and get warm, come on.
Hey, come on.
Hector, old boy.
You're a...
You're a real pal.
Go inside.
-Is one of you Hector?
-Yeah, that's me.
The nurse is ready for you.
Do you need a hand?
No, no, I'm fine, thank you.
It's just this way.
Got Hector here for you.
Hello, Hector.
I'm Yvonne, the nurse for today.
Can you just manage to get on the bed?
-I can have a look, look at...
your head, see what the wound is like.
[guitar playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Hector, can I have a quick word?
Yeah... What's up?
You've got a visitor.
Oh God, is Hazel back?
No, no, it's not her.
Just, just come out, come to the office.
Come on.
I'll see yous later, lads... No peeking.
Got it in one, Hec.
You okay with this, Hector?
Sorry, I should've warned you, but
didn't wanna freak you out.
Oh, no, I'm freaked out,
I'm totally freaked out.
How did you find me?
By cycling around most of London.
I phoned Lizzie a couple of days ago
to wish her Merry Christmas and that,
and Derek answered and told me
about you turning up out of the blue,
and about running you out of town,
the fucking toss pot.
-Sorry, excuse me.
-It's all right.
Look, should I leave you to it?
Or do you want me to stay?
Come on, man, act your age.
You'll be fine.
I'm sure you've got
more important things to do.
Is it okay with you, Hector?
Derek said you were off to London
to stay in some charity doss house,
is what he said, so...
I got one of the girls in the office
to print out a list of Christmas shelters
off the web.
There's not as many as you'd think.
This is the fifth one I've been to.
Hammersmith, Wandsworth, Kilburn,
I was gonna give up after this one.
You have nothing to say?
[bell ringing]
I need to go and get my dinner.
-The bell. I need to go for my dinner.
You're kidding, man.
I haven't seen ya for 15 years.
I've just cycled around half of London
looking for ya, and you wanna
fuck off for your dinner.
Come on.
I'll take you out. We'll get some grub.
Christ, remember those
picnics Ma used to take us on?
Sitting on a Sunday in the pouring rain.
Lizzie trembling like a leaf.
All of us praying that he'd
have passed out by the time we got home.
Ah, those were the days.
Anyway, why now?
Why not before?
Why at all?
You should've found me, remember?
It's cold. Fancy a wee walk?
Yeah, why not?
[Hector groans]
-So what about you?
-What about me?
What's been happening in your life?
I was married for a while.
You were married?
What's so strange about that?
I never said that it was strange.
Fair enough, you're right,
it didn't last long.
I come down here when it ended.
About five years ago...
Fresh start and all that.
So where you living?
I'm in a council flat over in Acton.
-You working?
-Uh, huh.
Work for a private
contractor for the council.
I drive one of those
wee trucks for the recycling.
[sarcastically] So you're a bin man?
Fuck off.
-Recycling, not rubbish.
-Right, right.
-I'm doing my bit for the planet.
-Of course.
-And "man, we are conscious."
-Fuck off.
So where have you been all this time?
Motorways, shelters, buses, whatever.
What d'you do for money?
Here, you don't...
-You don't...
What? I don't rape my fuckin' arse?
[both laughing]
What the fuck is it with you?
Jesus Christ, where'd you dream that up?
[laughing hard]
Fuckin'... I'm a rent pensioner.
Fuck's sake.
I have a social worker.
She knows all the benefits and...
Got my Merchant Navy pension.
I wasn't selling my fuckin' hairy arse.
I wouldn't really get much for that,
that's for sure.
Fuck's sake.
Oh, man.
Doesn't sound like much of a life to me.
Well if you don't mind me saying,
being a conscientious fucking bin man
doesn't sound like much of a life to me.
-I'm not saying it means--
-It's all right, it's all right.
It's okay.
-You okay?
-Yeah, yeah.
Jesus, man.
-You all right?
-Yeah, yeah.
Man, what is that?
No, I was supposed to take these,
this morning, I forgot.
Hey, I better get back.
-Ooh, come on, hey.
Look... Why don't you come
and stay at mine?
It's not that big,
but I can kip on the sofa.
-Hmm? Come on.
-No, look, I'm... It's fine Peter.
I'm just going back to the shelter.
It's Christmas.
Time to be with family.
[Hector] You still don't get it,
they are my family now, mate.
They are. It's just the way it is.
[door opens]
Hector, you know you can't smoke in here.
Go on, put it out. Go on.
How did it go with your brother?
Yeah, it was all right.
Yeah? You all right?
Did you fall out with him,
not today, but before?
No. No, I never fell out with him.
I fell out with life,
I didn't fall out with him, specifically.
Just woke up one morning and...
fucked off.
Well, you wouldn't be the first.
No, I was just...
having a massive breakdown... really.
Acting like a crazy man.
The police caught me in Manchester.
Apparently I was running
up and down, screaming at cars.
Probably hoping, one of them would just,
fuckin' put me outta my misery.
So they sectioned me.
Hmm, Jesus.
No, no, no, it was good.
Best thing ever happened to me.
Counseling, pills...
Three meals a day, bla, bla, bla...
Then what happens is,
as soon as you get a bit better,
as soon as you calm down, they toss
you out and put you in a halfway house.
You know...
I mean it was better than being
locked up. But, fucking hell...
Some of the broken souls in there, man...
So I took to the motorways again.
I found myself here one Christmas.
-Your first day, if I remember right.
You were just a...
nervous little baby,
with pigtails.
You're making me feel old.
Old and tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Night night, sleep tight.
Sweet dreams.
[instrumental music playing]
How much for this one, mate?
Cheers for that.
I've got five, five is all I've got.
Cheers, man.
Hey, hey. It had to be something, mate.
Oh, I like the hat.
Here's one for you.
Saucy Saskia, 21 from Sidcup,
says she'll certainly be
strippin' off her stockings
and leaving them out for Santa
tonight, eh? Ooh, look at that.
Hector, are you all right, mate?
Yeah, yeah.
Just do a bit of breathin', son.
Breathe in.
[breathing heavily]
Do you want a doctor?
No, no, no, I think I just overdone it
with the walking, you know?
Easily done.
"Ah, thy two breasts are like
two young deer that are twins
-which feed among the lilies..."
-Fuck's sake.
"...until the day break
and the shadows flee away."
Fucking hell, son. He's ill.
Cheers, Ted.
Listen, why don't you pop upstairs, eh?
[breathing heavily]
[door opens]
Hector, are you awake?
Do you mind if I sit down?
[whispering] No.
Jimbo said you had a bit of a turn,
so I brought you some tea.
You okay, should I call a doctor?
What is it, then?
Sixteen years ago,
my wife and daughter were
killed by a drunk driver.
Sixteen years ago, today.
[sighs heavily]
I didn't realize.
Why should you?
You've been coming here all these years...
I don't know anything about you.
You've been here all the time
that I've been here,
and I don't know anything about you.
So, the breakdown
and leaving everything...
What were their names?
Ann and Jeannie.
What age are you?
I'm 29.
Jeannie would've been 27...
next month.
Christmas Eve.
Christmas time
Sleigh bells ring
And I love to sing
The songs of Christmas for you
Sittin by the fire
Poking a log...
I'm getting some tea.
Get a round then, Ted.
Good lad, go on,
I'll have milk, two sugars.
-Same for me.
-Bless you, son. Milk and three sugars.
He's a good lad.
"The Lord lifted up the meek,
and cast the wicked to the ground."
The fuck you lookin' at me for?
Fuckin' "wicked," d'you
see him when he's had a few drinks?
Talking of which, Hector...
What are you doing
this fine Christmas morning?
Because me and Sol,
we know this little shop...
fairly local,
that's staying open tomorrow.
I'll crack open this here piece of aid.
Come down to canal with us,
to do a little bit of timber shivering
and a little bit plank walking.
We'd love to have you.
What do you reckon?
No luck here. I have my
chiropodist appointment this morning.
Ahaar! For my...
-Cheers, son.
-Thanks, Ted.
What about you Ted? Fancy a couple
'o drinks before Christmas dinner?
I'll probably be all right,
probably stay in, thank you though.
-So, Sol... Tell me.
Is it true?
-What he tells me.
What's-what's he said?
He tells me that you really
did study to be a priest.
Is that true, or is he winding me up?
Ah, I did have a calling, yes
and spent my time in a seminary.
But in the end, you know I...
just didn't make the grade.
Too many extra curricular interests.
Comin' out for a smoke?
You're trying to change the subject.
Let's go.
[indistinct talking]
...we'll have a look.
All right, I'm just gonna
tidy your feet up a bit.
You know, you really should find
some better shoes than those trainers.
You need something a bit more
waterproof, or perhaps
change your socks a bit more often.
Easier said than done.
Oh, I can give you some
fungal cream to take with you,
but you're going to have to try and keep
these feet dry as much as possible.
It's good of you, giving up
your Christmas day to do this.
Yeah, well you haven't met my in-laws.
[chattering in background]
Do you know, um... Do you know
where Sol and Jimbo are?
No, I don't, I don't, but don't worry.
There's no way they'll miss
the Christmas dinner. They'll be here.
[Sara] Have a seat.
Do you mind if this gentleman joins you?
Okay, enjoy.
How are you, mate?
I'm all right, yeah.
Do you want a cracker?
What did I get?
Do you even know where that is?
They told me I was going out there...
so that the streets of London
would be safe.
For pricks like yous.
There you go, guys.
Nice and hot.
There you go.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[church choir playing]
[choir sings "Abide with Me"]
Swift to its close
Ebbs out life's little day
Earth's joys grow dim
Its glories pass away
Change and decay
In all around I see
O Thou who changest not
Abide with me
I need Thy presence
Every passing hour
What but Thy grace
Can foil the tempter's power
What the fuck you laughing at?
Abide with me
Hold Thou Thy cross
Before my closing eyes
Shine through the gloom
And point me to the skies
Thank you.
So what did they say?
Ahh, we're out, mate.
You're actually getting chucked out?
Yeah, I don't even want my meal.
-I'll have his, if he's not gonna...
-Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
[instrumental music playing]
Oh, yes.
Yeah, help yourself, help yourself,
let me know if you need any help.
-Sorry I'm late.
-Yeah, no problems.
-You been waiting long?
-Nah, not too long.
Come on then.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
You remember giving
me rides like this to school?
Just-just slow down, let me off all right?
-I can't.
-The brakes are buggered. [laughing]
-For fuck's sake.
Fuck's sake.
Did you know he was coming?
Hey, Lizzie.
Jesus, look at you.
I could've walked straight past you.
Peter says you're not well.
You tellin' tales out of school again?
For fuck's sake I've driven
her 300 miles to come and see you.
I'll be right there, pet.
If you need me. Right there.
-Sorry about him.
-We're all sorry about fuckin' Derek.
Have you any idea...
not a word...
All this time, not a single word.
Is that why you came to Newcastle
'cause you're not well?
I'm fine.
I've got eyes, Hec.
Sweet Jesus, I thought
you'd topped yourself.
I didn't know whether
you were alive or dead.
Do you want me just to come give you
a hug, and invite you home, is that it?
I couldn't stay in that flat.
I was hearing voices...
I could hear them laughing in the kitchen.
It was my fault.
You weren't even there.
It was that drunk Gibson, he ran them over
and he went to prison for it.
Yeah, I know.
They should've been in the house.
-It was an accident.
-I know it was a fuckin' accident.
They should've been in the house, with me,
but they were out, an argument.
It was just a fuckin' argument.
My fault.
So, Annie took my daughter,
to her mum's. My fault.
One minute earlier,
one minute later, they'd still be alive.
No argument, they'd still be alive.
My fault.
That's crazy.
Yeah, yeah, well, I know, and I was crazy.
That's it?
-Just packed a bag and buggered off?
D'you know what a shock it was when Derek
called to say you were with him?
I was in the kitchen when he called.
I was sick.
Physically sick. I threw up in the sink.
It's like being kicked in the stomach.
Why did you not come to me?
I don't want to lose you again.
-[men fighting] What the fucking hell!
-[Hector] Hey.
-[Lizzie] Peter!
-What are you fuckin' doing?
Get off me, you smug bastard.
-Someone get him off me, he's mental.
-Peter. Peter.
-[Hector] Fucking hell.
-Hec. Sorry.
You okay?
Oof, oh Jesus.
-[Lizzie] You all right?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What is it with your fuckin' family?
[dog barking]
Don't fuckin' touch it.
That's an improvement.
-Let me see.
-What the fuck are you laughing at?
I'm not laughing.
You're fuckin' laughing. Don't
fuckin' laugh, you just whacked me.
Aye, whacked me, you.
-Fuck off.
-[chuckles] Easy.
Jesus, I saw fuckin' stars there.
-Stop it.
-Aye. Behave.
-There's no mark.
I don't give a fuck if there's
a mark, the pain's there.
[Lizzie] It's red.
-Is it swelling up?
Hector, um...
I'm gonna shoot off.
I'll see you next year.
Yeah, probably, yeah.
-Okay, um...
-You okay?
Yeah, no, just um, it's fine-fine,
thanks, you know, so...
All right.
-Look after yourself, Ted.
-Uh, yeah, mate, you too.
Looking very glamorous.
Oh, right.
Oh no, it looks good.
It's just normally I see you in
work clothes and all that, the jumper...
the jeans.
How's your eye?
Ah, it's been worse, believe me.
Yeah, I bet.
So you're all packed up, ready to go?
Aye, nearly there.
-Back to Glasgow.
-Hmm, what's happening up there?
Just a wee operation.
-Nothing serious I hope.
-No, no, thanks, it's just routine.
Where are you stayin' afterwards?
My sister said I could stay
at hers for a bit.
Very nice.
I think she just doin' it
to wind up her man to be honest.
Right, I better make a move.
See you next year?
Peter is talkin' about
a family Christmas next year.
Well, that sounds like a plan.
Heh, hmm...
Yeah, we'll see.
We'll miss you here, though.
Yeah, we'll probably all end up punching
lumps at each other, so I'll be here.
Eating my Christmas food, as usual.
Oh, come on, Hec.
-Try and stay positive.
I think we're both
gonna turn corners this year.
How do you mean?
Well, you're not
the only one without... you know.
Oh, I don't know, I don't know.
I'll see you when I see you, then.
Oh, I thought you could do with these.
-Oh, thanks very much.
-All right.
Take care of yourself.
Yeah, you too.
-I mean it, you look after yourself, yeah?
You look after yourself.
All right, it's a deal. Bye.
[door shuts]
Thanks, man.
[slow music playing]
[lively music playing]
["Anywhere Away" playing]
Nowhere to you is anywhere to me
And anywhere away is where I wanna be
I watch the clouds change,
The skies are wild with rain
I would leave you here
If only you would stay
I hold onto nothing now
You were everything to me
Anywhere away is where I wanna be
I live on the path
Between somewhere and somebody
Anywhere away is where I wanna be