Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) Movie Script

Hedgehog in The Fog
In the evenings, Hedgehog went
to Bear's house to count stars.
Perched on a log, they would sip tea
and gaze into the starry sky.
It hung over the roof,
right behind the chimney.
The stars to the right of the chimney
were Bear's.
The stars to the left
were Hedgehog's.
I'll tell him:
"I've brought you raspberry jam..."
And he'll say:
"The samovar's cooled off
We'd better put some of those...
JUNIPER TWIGS on the fire."
And then I'll tell him...
and I'll tell him... I'll...
I wonder, thought Hedgehog,
If the horse lies down to sleep,
will she suffocate in the fog?
And he started off slowly
down the hill
to get into the fog
and see
what it was like inside there.
Hmm. I can't even see my paw!
But the horse didn't say anything.
What a weirdo.
I'm in the river,
Let the water carry me along,
decided Hedgehog.
He gave a deep sigh and began
to float downstream with the current.
I'm soaked through. I'll drown soon.
Suddenly someone touched his paw.
Excuse me,
said Someone very quietly.
Who are you and
how did you end up here?
I'm Hedgehog. I fell in the river.
Then get on my back.
I'll carry you to the shore.
Thank you.
Don't mention it, said Someone.
Hedgehog! Where were you?
I called and called,
but you didn't answer!
I've already got the samovar going,
And I put our seat out
to be comfortable while we count...
And then I thought
"he'll be here soon...
and we'll sit down and have tea
with raspberry jam"
it is raspberry jam
you brought, isn't it?
And I've got the samovar going,
And put twigs on the fire...
those twigs... those..."
Juniper twigs?
Juniper twigs,
to make the smoke smell nice!
And... and...
because... because...
who else but you
would count the stars properly?"
Bear talked and talked
and Hedgehog thought:
Still, it's wonderful that
we're together again.
And Hedgehog
also thought about the horse:
How is she, there... in the fog?
The End