Heidi (1952) Movie Script

Heidi! Get up!
I'll be right there.
Good morning, grandfather.
So, are you satisfied now?
The weather is beautiful.
The wind changed during the night.
The sky was full of stars.
Now go and get washed.
Otherwise the sun will be laughing at you.
Yes, yes.
I just wanted to say ...
You wanted to say 'good morning'?
No, I wanted to...
Good morning, Alp-hi!
- What do you want?
- Do you have to stay at home now?
- Do I? Who says so?
- The pastor said it.
- I'm ready!
- Do you have cheese and bread?
You're always thinking about food.
Go now!
And don't come home too late.
Hey, Alp-hi!
Nobody told you anything?
What? That you were coming?
I need to discuss something with you.
No time.
I have to work.
I was preparing my sermon on the way.
Is it about charity?
No, about patience.
- Luke 21, 19.
- Why?
Isn't it written: 'In your patience
ye shall win your souls'?
Yes, yes.
May help you a bit?
Surely that's not why
you've come up here.
Doesn't matter.
So what do you want?
You have beautiful grass.
- Well, I'm here with a request.
- With a request?
The new bells will be
raised Saturday after next.
The children do it,
as is the custom.
Your grandchild is one of them.
Will you bring her down?
Heidi does not like to
go down to the village.
But in fall she will have
to go to school anyway.
She should have gone last year already.
No more excuses this time.
Who says so?
The law.
I was given the
child two years ago.
At that time, no one asked
if I wanted the child.
And now I decide what's
to be done with her.
You wouldn't start a fight
with the board of education?
They should leave my Heidi in
peace, she likes to be with me.
Here, take this.
Shall we?
It's far to go up there!
You promised that we would go on
the next sunny day. This is today.
I want to see where
the stream comes from.
We'll get a huge hunger
if we go up any further.
- I have some food left.
- But I have nothing left.
You can have the cheese.
And the piece of sausage?
You'll get that too, but
only once we reach the top.
I'm sorry, you can't have
the piece of sausage anymore.
But are we really going? Word of honor?
- If I say so.
- Hush! Look.
I know what you want of me, Father.
Please sit down.
You think these bells can
just ring in the reconciliation?
That's why you came to me
and not because of Heidi.
That's what I thought.
Why not? When I moved into the village,
the misfortune had already happened.
But the others?!
They claim that I did not quench
the fire in that windy night.
Out of arrogance and ruthlessness.
The embers supposedly
sparked out of my chimney.
And I was to blame that 5 houses
and the church tower burned down.
- Do you want some cider?
- Why not?
And yet I can swear that I did not
even have a fire going that night.
If only I had let the
other houses burn.
But I was the first one trying to
put the fire out. Me and my son.
He was killed while
trying to extinguish it.
Six months later his wife,
Heidi's mother, died out of grief.
Do you think I can simply forget?
And after all that, they
pursued me in justice!
I had enough of these neighbors.
That's why I came up here.
Believe it or not, but
I am as innocent as Job.
Without any misdeed. Innocent.
And here you think that
I'll go to church on Sundays?
It would not bother me.
Even if a biblical man like
yourself has no need for it.
- Think it over again...
- There is nothing to think over!
Just do it for the child!
- Goodbye, Alp-hi. The cider was good.
- Goodbye.
Here, now we are on top.
Give me my sausage.
But we can go still further up.
Higher up there's only rocks.
You can see that.
- And we can't climb up?
- No.
- Why not?
- Because there's only rocks.
- And where does the stream begin?
- This is the source.
- Then where's the beginning of the source?
- Give it a rest!
There, on the top of the ridge
is also a small lake.
- Have you ever seen it?
- Sure!
- So you can go up further!
- Will you promise me...
...that I'll get some of the sausage?
- But are we really going?
- Yes, we're going!
Here it is:
The beginning of the source!
Let's go to the lake.
How beautiful it is up here.
- Where does the water come from?
- From the sky.
But you won't make me go up there,
I'm telling you right now.
Where are we here?
At Echo Ridge. Listen:
Little swan, little bear!
- Grandfather!
- Heidi!
Stupid pig-cat!
You made the echo angry.
Give me your hand.
Let us sing something.
But a beautiful song.
The brook flows into the village.
And where does the water flow then?
Into the Rhine.
And the Rhine?
- Into Lake Constance.
- And it stays there?
- I don't know.
- Who knows then?
- The teacher. He knows it from books.
- Can't you read them?
- Not those.
- Why not?
You're so nosey!
Come on, let's go.
You have to know what you want:
Either you learn how to read, or...
... you can go up to the mountain.
You can't do both.
Then I don't want to
learn how to read. Never!
I'm sure the pastor means well.
But we two don't want to have
anything to do with the villagers.
Are the bells heavy?
It depends on the size.
Can the children even carry them?
Yes, if they work together.
And if a child is sick?
Then another one takes its place.
But if all are there already,
there's nobody left who can stand in.
Shouldn't we go down after all?
We could wait around.
We'll see.
Thanks, Grandfather!
Shall I sing something?
- Hey mother, it's starting.
- Alright, then go.
I'm going to the village.
Are you sure you don't
want to step inside?
When it's over, I'll knock
at the door and wait here.
Heidi! So you made it?
I can help with the bell. But
grandfather said someone must go with me.
I see!
Close the store already.
We want to be there
when our boys arrive.
He could have come for the entire day!
Let the people talk.
The hens can't do it!
That's right!
What is right?! How dare you!
Let him go.
One should take away the child.
He'll get what's coming to him yet.
Nobody will help him then.
All children to the rope.
But lift the rope only once
the bell founder says so.
Lift the rope!
What's wrong with that little one?
You don't want to join in?
It belongs to Alp-hi.
Come, you're part of it as well.
Come on, pull!
There's enough for all.
All will get a chance.
- Did you also get a sausage?
- Yes.
- But Brigitte, this is white bread.
- This is a soft roll.
- Do you want some?
- A little, but the rest is yours.
My late husband used to bring
me white bread every Saturday.
Didn't it get hard?
Later in the week I roasted it...
... on the fire.
- If I had money, I'd buy you...
- ... white bread daily.
- I can live without it.
- Are you coming to see us?
- Welcome!
Brigitte, your house
looks run down.
Grandfather! I got a sausage
and was allowed to pull too.
I know!
- Do you live...?
- Peter and I live here.
- And in the chambers up there?
- We can't, the roof is broken.
Don't you know how to
use a hammer and nails?
Nobody will show him, how.
I have to climb up every
day with the goats.
Someone else would have to do it.
Why don't you take someone in
the two chambers over winter.
- I could do that.
- I mean for a fee, of course.
Of course. I think I know
now what you mean.
You do. That's good.
Come, Heidi.
Get home safely.
Heidi, come on!
We have a visitor.
Your aunt from Frankfurt.
- Yes?
- Go see her at once.
She has been waiting for 2 hours.
She's upstairs.
She also brought you something.
Look at that! Heidi,
how much you have grown!
Give me your hand.
I hope you remember me?
- You're Aunt Dete.
- So, you have not forgotten me then.
I brought you a dress.
Go ahead, unpack it!
Yes. Thank you.
But why would you deny her happiness?
You only get such an
opportunity once in a lifetime.
The child stays here.
But then my trip from Frankfurt
would have been completely useless.
For the last time:
The child does not belong in the city.
I see. And what gives you
the right to decide that?
I took her in, back then.
And I was entrused with
Heidi by my late sister.
At that time you didn't
have a bad conscience.
But now, after two years...
I had just obtained a position
and could not take care of her.
But now it is high time
for a good education.
In the house there's 2 bathrooms,
a governess, and electricity.
And you can eat for example
chicken or venison even on weekdays.
- I'm sure she'll get a good deal.
- Stop this nonsense!
Make a decision. It's urgent.
Lord Sesemann is going
to America in a few days.
That's why he can't leave
his daughter Klara alone.
Just imagine, she always
has to sit in her chair.
You only ever think of yourself.
That's why you're feuding with everybody.
That's enough. Get out!
Good. I'm leaving on my own.
I won't be sent away. Adieu!
She never received such
a nice dress in her life.
That's ok.
She is also a good kid.
I must go now.
Unfortunately I can't stay here.
Do you want to accompany me for a bit?
- I don't know.
- Of course, just go.
That way we can at least
spend a moment together.
- Adieu.
- Have a good trip.
Listen, Heidi. Are you sure
you don't want to come with me?
Where to?
To the train station, by car.
I need to ask Grandfather first.
Just come with me.
We could surprise him.
You could buy him something.
What? A tobacco pipe?
Yes, that way for once
you'll have a present for him.
Oh yes! But then we have to hurry.
Where are you going?
To the train station with my aunt.
When will Heidi come back?
Right thereafter.
From the train station?
Who says they're going to the station?
Heidi. Just now.
For God's sake.
Alp-hi! Alp-hi!
Where is the child?
(Man) What a child?
Heidi. Imagine not stupid!
Seek them out yet!
You have Heidi kidnapped!
Why are you raging so?
The baker took her in the car.
You won't find a pipe down here.
What do we do now?
You can get pipes where
I come from. In Frankfurt.
Is it far?
Why don't you go there with me?
I know you'll love it.
But will I be back home tonight?
Otherwise Grandfather will be worried.
But Grandfather would be happy
to let you see something new.
But will I be back tomorrow?
Come with me. And if you want
to, you can be back very quickly.
Just do everything as I told you.
- And what's that...?
- Psst! No time for questions.
There you are.
Good evening, Sebastian.
Is that all?
- This is my niece.
- Then go in, you are expected.
Johann, pick up Lord Sesemann
only after 11 o'clock.
Good night.
Where is the child?
(Man) What a child?
Heidi. Imagine not stupid!
Seek them out yet!
You have Heidi kidnapped!
Why are you raging so?
The baker took her in the car.
You won't find a pipe down here.
What do we do now?
You can get pipes where
I come from. In Frankfurt.
Is it far?
Why don't you go there with me?
I know you'll love it.
But will I be back home tonight?
Otherwise Grandfather will be worried.
But Grandfather would be happy
to let you see something new.
But will I be back tomorrow?
Come with me. And if you want
to, you can be back very quickly.
Just do everything as I told you.
- And what's that...?
- Psst! No time for questions.
There you are.
Good evening, Sebastian.
Is that all?
- This is my niece.
- Then go in, you are expected.
Johann, pick up Lord Sesemann
only after 11 o'clock.
Good night.
(Servant) Please.
Good evening, Miss Klara.
Good evening, Miss Rottenmeyer.
I do apologize,
the train was late.
I am very grateful that the car
could wait that long.
Otherwise everything went fine.
Now, give everyone your hand.
- Hello.
- So this is the child, Dete?
Step closer, girl.
What's your name?
The Miss asked about
your name. Tell her.
What kind of name is that?
That can't be right.
It's the name of her
late mother, Adelheid.
I dare say. How old are you?
8 years.
8 years?
That's impossible.
Is it true, Dete?
It can't really be verified...
...come with me.
Sebastian. Give the child
some soup in the meantime.
Are you Klara?
That's my name.
Can you drive around with the car?
Sit down! You must be hungry
after the long journey .
White bread! Can I have that?
Excuse me?
I want to bring it to Brigitte.
Of course .
The child should learn with Klara .
I am convinced that Mr. Sesemann
sends back the child.
For God's sake !
Tinette , set up the room here!
You may serve the dessert.
Are you from the railway too?
There was a man with a bag.
He has also so beautiful
Had buttons . Like you
What does she say ? That sounds so funny.
Everything is very funny. Go !
Does it taste good to you?
( Dialect ) I do not taste anything .
What does that mean?
You've never been in a
manor house .
It is my duty to you a few
To give rules for your behavior .
Even if you are going soon.
Moment, I'm almost done .
The man who just
walked out is a servant.
With him it does not conduct interviews.
Just remember that! What are you doing?
( Dialect) Mcka .
Mcka ? Who does that?
The grandfather .
Klara, this is not a
reason to laugh.
You are here in Ludwig Sesemann's
house, not on the goose pasture.
Please speak High German,
the language of educated people .
Education is the harmonious development
our forces , said the Councillor .
It makes us happy and healthy.
But a small country girl
does not understand the first day.
Certainly not .
This is the height.
She is tired .
You must be able to control himself .
And now this naughty creature
just falls asleep at the table.
Sebastian, get Tinette. She
shall put the child to bed.
We must act quickly. Fortunately
your father only leaves tomorrow.
So , get up, wash yourself
and get dressed !
The gentlemen have breakfast already .
- Where is Aunt Dete?
- In the kitchen.
The little girl will be here shortly.
Good. Then you can see what kind
of situation we must cope with.
Let the child ... what's her name, anyway?
Heidi .
- We shall call her Adelheid.
- I like "Heidi".
Give the child some
time to get used to it.
Klara , how did you like Heidi ?
Ah, I find her quite funny .
Funny is good.
I have the responsibility.
You want to send back Heidi .
No, the little one stays here.
Leave the decision
my mother. She is coming in a few weeks.
Do you understand
I will write to her today.
My mother determined
whether the little remains .
I understood Mr. Sesemann .
Dr. Classen .
Maybe you already start
with the lessons .
Glad . Have you had breakfast ?
- Yes , of course.
I have something on your mind .
It looks as if I were a
'll be gone half a year.
Please do everything ,
what Clare could help !
Be energetic ! The good rotting Meyer
is too fussy .
We need a
Prevent inactivity hypertrophy.
Unfortunately Klara helps us little .
It has become passive.
I'll do my best .
I am under no illusions .
I must reckon with
that my child may never go .
But you'll understand ...
Aha ... Our Swiss child.
Welcome , grezi .
Come, sit with us .
This is the little girl ,
I was allowed to come .
Did you sleep well?
Would you like milk or chocolate?
As on the pasture , no?
There's bread and butter.
" Anke " they say with you .
Thank you. Are you the Lord Sesemann ?
No, I am.
That's the Doctor. The you need
do not . What do you have for mountains?
Echo ridge and ...
I know him not .
Will you accompany me? I must continue .
- I still have time .
If you drank the milk,
go over there !
Come on, after you.
Door slams shut .
Come in!
Come on, if one is calling you .
It does not come with half
Breakfast to class.
Eat quickly !
There is your place . starting tomorrow
We start on time neun clock .
So? Where is Aunt Dete ?
Here no questions are asked ,
here is listened carefully !
We will check you and then probably have to
our claims screw back .
Here, read before !
Oh, will not you read?
Nei .
"No " is the name , not " nei " .
Why not ?
I want to Alp prefer .
Do not do anything stupid ! Read !
I can not read .
Is that true? Can you not read ?
No. The goatherd Peter
it can not.
May I one of the pipes
bring the grandfather?
What about the grandfather?
Let the stuff and sit down !
How should I teach there ?
Could we do something else?
Yes. Read your essay before , Klara .
" The lightning rod. People
try to avert the lightning , -
- Because it great harm
can do . "
" He kills animals and people and ... "
Bell ringing.
Adelheid , let it!
Papa wants us to say "Heidi" .
Read on !
"You could tame him by
anbrachte the house lightning rod. "
A bird chirps .
A little bird !
Why is it in the cage ?
In your place, Adelheid !
Why can not it out ?
We need it but
protect it from the cat.
Why ? There could still fly .
Rest !
soft music
Well, what do you want?
Can not you talk ?
Why not ?
They can not hear .
Sebastian chuckles .
Thou shalt not talk to me?
This need not be taken seriously .
Shall I open the window ?
Well? What is there to see?
Nothing but Homes .
Yes , Frankfurt is a big city .
Come with me on the floor .
As you can see it !
Miss rotting Meyer is not there.
Brings you Mr. Sesemann to the web .
Disregarding the mountains up here ?
Therefore one must rise higher .
Hopp !
Look . This is our Cathedral .
Apart from there the mountains?
Definitely . I was never above.
Now go to your room .
Thank you.
Serious Music
lively music
Car rattles .
marching music
marching music
Postcards? Here , ladies and gentlemen .
Melancholic Music
Careful. Go slow !
Make the door!
Into the study , Johann .
Is Heidi above ?
Yes , yes.
Melancholic Music
Melancholic Music
(Female) Heidi !
Heidi ! Heidi !
- The little one is not there.
I was even on the floor.
What should she there?
No sooner is the Lord away, she runs away .
You scared them.
Go !
Where is Heidi ?
Klara , stay in the room.
(Sebastian ) They must be looking for.
Tinette , you can find them !
I'm leaving.
I should go.
You stay .
I'll show you the way .
I know where Sesemanns live .
A girl alone on the tower!
It could have happened to what .
Now the nose do not let hang!
It was my duty to grumble .
For this, I 'll show you
something beautiful . Come on !
Bells are ringing .
The cat meows softly.
It is unbearable.
The child is something happened .
It's been run over .
hopefully not
of an automobile !
Or from a moving van .
Be calm, my dear .
Sebastian !
Go ! Search the kid!
That's the best .
The kitten meows .
Thank God , there you are !
Do not say anything ! I know where you were.
But tell the lady-housekeeper Meyer not
that I showed you the tower.
The little one is there.
Adelheid , come here!
Where have you been ?
On the tower .
On the tower ? On what tower?
From the cathedral.
From Dom?
How did you get the idea
come from? Speech !
Say it better .
You do not want to talk about?
What did you do on the Dom?
I have searched the mountains.
The mountains ?
And if it is still so far
I want to go home again .
But we have you yet
be specially come .
You think you can go home .
The promised me my aunt.
Is that the truth?
Yes. In honor and sacred.
She said if it was not
like , I can go home .
And I do not like it . There are
no trees , mountains and goats !
I want to Grandpa .
You can talk if you want.
But if I ask , you're dumb.
You 're making fun of me?
No, but ...
Silence! I will not hear .
Even my patience has an end .
In the corner!
Come in!
You look just right!
Your naughty niece ...
The kitten meows .
Oh! Sebastian !
Sebastian , you create
this beast out!
Sweet kitten .
Kill It !
No, do not kill , do not kill !
Completed !
Be quiet ! The kitten
I bring already under somewhere.
Because you do not me
have betrayed . Get in there !
Why did you say to the child ,
it could go home?
I meant well .
I'd like it to send home .
But I have to wait
to grandmamma comes .
Fortunately .
But you go. Definitely .
Well, I 'm going. But as a cook
You will not find me again so soon .
Go to the kitchen ! I forbid
You every dealing with your niece.
Poor child ! They want to divide us.
Go away ! You lied .
I want to Grandpa .
Then I 'm alone again. dad
said I would get a girlfriend.
Stop it! I am
only human .
I also just nervous .
She sobs .
Bird beep .
We begin with the geography.
We were at the Main
Clara, what do you know about it?
The Main has a length
of around 520 kilometers wide.
It is partly navigable.
And the Rhine ?
Listening to the Bodensee ?
The Rhine River is not a river ,
He is a current.
Clare , do you explain our guest
the difference?
A current usually flows into the sea .
Flows the Rhine really into the sea ?
The question is in the affirmative .
And then what?
The water evaporates
and returns as rain.
But we're talking about from the Main.
Miss rotting Meyer !
What is it for?
I was there, where the water comes from.
There is a small lake at Echo Ridge.
If you call something
you can hear it three times.
If there is no evil.
It's nothing.
Please let them talk .
Are there flowers?
There, not above. But at the cottage
there are flowers: bluebells , -
- Gentians , alpine roses , lobelia ...
How do you know all this?
From grandfather. He has two goats,
one black and one white.
Front of the cottage you can see all the mountains .
In the evening we sit
on the little bench and sing .
If I could go yet !
I would also like to see .
Maybe it 's that. Try it !
Clare can not go. Next !
What should I sing?
Please yet !
( sings ) "Look , mountains and valley
already fled the sunbeam . "
" Check it , on meadows and fields, -
- Grow the dark shadows . "
" Berggifel sonnenumleuchtet ... "
Can I really home again ,
if woman Sesemann comes ?
Child, you have forgotten
what I told you yesterday ?
Yes !
A man wants to Miss Clara .
He will come .
Hopefully I'm not disturbing .
See what I have for you .
The are all mine ?
Oh ... oh!
But dear lady ...
Oh! Sebastian !
Sebastian !
Help !
I so would like to keep.
Are you crazy ? Ms.
Rottenberg Meyer is afraid of cats.
The little girl said , the sick
Miss 'd need something to play with .
The cats must
out of the house . Your also .
S. .. S. .. Sebastian !
I have something under the skirts.
Not possible. Where?
I do not see anything .
These Heidi !
Do not worry . These animals come away .
Heidi ...
I will write to Mrs. Sesemann .
This monster must be out of the house .
Here you go .
Door slams .
I am trying to be objective.
The child is not unintelligent.
It learned to speak well German .
But it does not fit into the house.
It can not read.
It stubbornly refuses
learn to read .
However, this is questionable .
Therefore, it would be best if ...
If you would bring Heidi to me.
As you wish, madam.
Klara .
Grandmama .
Please do not send Heidi away!
It is much nicer to her.
My wheelchair bothers me less.
The lesson goes by quickly.
You happy child !
In my time, he did not passed.
I hope you remember
what I told you yesterday.
Say woman Sesemann
with " ma'am " to !
If she asks if you home
like, you are telling the truth.
Not you?
What's that ?
They belong to ME!
So, since our little guest would be .
Good evening , Ms. ...
Woman mistress .
Howdy God.
But I am not a " madam " .
I am the grandmother also for you.
May I ask herzusehen ?
I found just this
in the closet of the little ones .
You want the rolls
take home .
They're hard as a rock !
So that no one can do something .
Welfare. Brigitte she roasts over the
Fire. It tastes especially good.
This is very reasonable.
Heidi , is that true that you do not
want to learn to read ? Why not ?
The goatherd Peter said, who read
can , can not on the alp.
Aha . Since he has but you lied .
Seriously ?
Yes , yes.
What do you think ,
if I read you something ?
Yes please .
Then give me the little book .
This ?
You do not need to go away ,
Miss rotting Meyer.
The story of the wise shepherd?
Oh yes, happy .
So :
"Many years ago there lived a shepherd.
He was known for his Klugkeit .
One day the Emperor rode
with his crown over the heath , -
- Stopped and said :
' If you give me answer three questions
can , I will reward you richly . '
' How can I get the number
learn of the stars in the sky? '
Without thinking ,
replied the shepherd :
' Just Send out your servants ,
to count the grains of sand on the beach. ' "
Countless numbers .
" ' Now tell me : how long do I need
to ride down to the earth? ' "
What do you mean what the shepherds said ?
I do not know.
" ' If your rides so that the sun
is always above your crown , -
- You're in twice twelve hours
here again. '
The last question has been
no one answer :
' How long is eternity? '
The shepherd thought and replied :
' Somewhere there is a high mountain . ' "
Higher than the Echo Ridge ?
" Higher than all the mountains of the earth.
' Every 1000 years is of a bird
and sharpens its beak on it.
And when the whole mountain
has worn to the ground , -
- Then the first second
eternity past . ' "
How did you like the story?
Good, very good .
The book is full of stories.
Want they can not read ?
Tomorrow we tried Miss
Rottenberg Meyer again with you.
You have to learn to read ,
before you go home .
Oh, if only I
could read !
Sad Music
Rumble in front of the hut
There is one letter. From Frankfurt.
Who says that?
The mother .
It stands on the postmark .
You shall come to us,
says the mother.
Even if you never go into the village.
This is yours .
Thank you.
Is the letter of this aunt?
From whom then ?
From woman Sesemann , probably
the grandmother of the sick child .
Go now .
Alp -Uncle , Heidi comes
soon home again?
No. The woman writes ...
Read it for yourself!
I'm not curious.
What does she say ?
It's Heidi well .
" ... The child has after
initial homesickness settled in well -
- And feels like home . "
"It can already read quite well. "
Then I go now .
Alp -Uncle , do you mean ...
Heidi has forgotten us.
Now we need to forget them.
I say to you, Heidi in Spring
does not go to Alp with me -
- Then the whole world ... me
Now I have
the clothes together .
Do you think that dress nice , Klara ?
It is quite pretty.
It looks
like a fine young lady.
My daughter worries me.
I pull her to the spring dress .
It's almost time for it.
Children, Johann wants
tell you something .
You allow ? It's about the foal.
It still has no name.
Mr. Sesemann comes back.
The thing rushed.
They might know Miss
a name?
Then you are allowed to visit the horse.
I know something .
In the book of grandmamma
is the story of the mold.
It says :
"Before the morning dawned, -
- Dagobert went to the stable,
to saddle his horse .
' Astrid ' , he said ... "
Astrid is beautiful.
It would never come .
A Germanic name .
You will see
how beautiful the horse is .
The chair is ready.
Love horses !
Now, the Miss
Consider Astrid .
I 'll pick you up then off later.
Do you see it ?
Yes, it is .
Come on, Astrid . Comm
I can stroke it .
It's like velvet.
soft music
Klara !
You can stand !
I call upon the Johann .
No, stay !
I do not believe it . Is it true?
Yes , yes.
I try again .
Are you in pain ?
Why are you crying ?
I ... I can stand .
Serious Music
Serious Music
I can not sleep .
Who can stand , also can go .
Try me !
soft music
What's up?
Do you think I come to the table ?
Definitely .
I bring the chair closer .
Stay there !
You can go .
Yes , but it makes me tired.
We try it again tomorrow .
No, come on!
Then you can make me
visit on the alp .
Loud rumbling
What was that?
When Miss Clara fell slightly .
That's not possible.
How do I get back into bed ?
I'll help you .
Dramatic music
Tinette , Sebastian , Dete !
Call a doctor ! Fast !
( Sesemann ) Then I was happy .
You receive me like a prince .
Our Swiss child! Welcome .
I have something for you .
Bring up the .
Let's drink a wine ?
- You're welcome .
Asleep Klara already ?
Then they will wait for me .
My God !
Papa .
Klara !
Is that possible? Can it be?
You come to meet me !
I can walk again .
Classen , you have not said a word !
Pinch me , I can believe it.
You do not have to carry me .
A pity that the lady
is not there. If it's us already unpacked.
Why no one has written to me ?
Sure it was only recently .
And we wanted to surprise you.
This has been achieved you.
Caution , Klara .
You ...
How'd you do that brought about?
- Never give up .
The little one has helped.
- Heidi ?
You gave me courage .
It was touching .
Without them we would not
as rapidly progressed .
Heidi ! Heidi , give me your hand .
This is the down payment.
The rest comes later.
This is yours .
This is for you .
Thank you, Mr. Sesemann .
From now on you say "Daddy " to me.
You're my second daughter .
You can take my word for it .
My lawyer must regulate .
It's time. The child must be up .
Give me the package! I wear it .
Come on !
Good night.
Good night, Heidi .
A doll !
Dressed like the girls in Peru.
Do you like it ?
This is my most beautiful doll.
soft music
This is a beautiful gift.
Do I really have to stay here ?
Course . You have great luck .
Look at the pictures.
The mountains . And a lake.
Does it look like in Switzerland ?
But now quickly go to bed !
Good night.
wistful music
( Dialect ) Our hut.
Sad Music
Sad Music
Why are you standing around ?
I'm waiting for Sebastian .
You go always
only on the screed .
Me bring wild horses
alone up there .
I'm going with .
Ah !
You do not scare .
I bring only a tie .
Crazy women .
Sch ... ashamed of yourself!
Go !
What is it? Do you want all
madden with your anxiety ?
Everyone gets scared here
after what happened.
This morning the front door was again
wide open. For the third time .
Here it spits . " Haunted " Does that mean
And then the groans at night.
And this shuffle.
Stop it !
All right. But the specter
can prohibit anything.
The haunting comes
in the best houses before .
On my old position, it began to
before the Baron divorced .
You told already .
It started in the room of the Baroness .
The groans , scratching and hissing ...
And then a rumble .
And a bang ...
(both) Ah !
What 's going on?
Mr. Sesemann must know that!
It rumbles .
- Where?
On the screed.
Ridiculous ! Like the with the door.
It was a student prank .
- Mr Sesemann gives us the blame .
But I finished !
- I will watch today.
There are no ghosts !
Gloomy Music
Gloomy Music
Menacing music
A door slams shut .
Gloomy Music
Exciting music
Mr. Sesemann , please come out!
What is it?
- I have a clear head.
But here is haunted . - Yes, for you.
Please do not joke .
She came down the stairs heraufgeschwebt .
- The Lady .
The old lady from the image.
Sebastian has dreamed .
That was a pipe dream .
The case will
most naturally explain .
But in the realm of the psyche
there are unexplained facts.
How can you
deal with such a thing?
There is evidence for the occurrence
of occult phenomena -
- Where there is no doubt .
- I only believe what I see.
I once saw the liquid
disappeared from a glass.
Eerie music
Serious Music
Gentle , melancholic music
soft music
Do you think that a crime
Dead do not come to rest can ?
You are an amateur .
- That you may not feed from me.
We have a great-grandmother in the
Family, of which the talk going ...
But that's not important. Sebastian
believes that he has seen them .
Pst !
Exciting music
Dramatic music
soft music
soft music
soft music
But Heidi , you know me , huh?
The nice doctor . Yes.
You have something very beautiful
have dreamed of.
Yes, I always dream .
Ach. Of what ?
From home .
Oh , so from the mountains.
And from the pasture , huh?
Mhm .
Is it not up there
very lonely and boring?
Something better and funnier
does not exist.
soft music
I will not promise you anything. but
everything is sure to come soon in order.
Good night.
And sleep well .
soft music
- The child is moonstruck .
It will develop a neurosis.
- Since you have a safe medicine.
This medicine has no prescription .
Ticket: Frankfurt, Switzerland .
I will send home Heidi ? she has
everything here . And what Clare do?
She finds a different society.
Now Heidi is sick : homesickness .
Where is the book of grandmamma ?
Here it is , yes.
This must necessarily .
There is also the white bread .
Thank you.
The white bread for Brigitte .
Be quick about it ! I'll get the suitcase.
Tonight you're already in Basel.
And tomorrow night I'm home .
Grandfather knows nothing about it .
Are you coming to the station?
Why not ?
I have to cry otherwise .
And that can not stand the dad.
I will be brave.
But Klara , you do not cry.
Now I 'm alone again.
Soon it will be summer. There comes
her to Switzerland.
Oh, I know how that will be.
We sit in Bad Ragaz
with the lady-housekeeper Meyer.
On the Alp I 'm never coming .
Why not ?
They say it's too tiring.
We drive up yourself . you have to
see the hut and the goats .
Do you think I should
sleep once in the hay ?
Course . You can all
Summer stay with us.
I'll talk to Dad.
He wants that I will be healthy.
In Basel you stay.
- Yes .
Close the curtains !
- Why?
So you my great-grandmother
not appear again .
Dete, you do not want to ride ?
- I'd rather not .
I could not carry away Heidi .
I thought it was their luck here .
I meant it's always good to you.
Say that even the grandfather !
Adieu .
- Do not cry !
I'm alone again.
- You will be delighted .
(weeping ) Goodbye, sunshine.
Stop the farewell ! Go!
We adhere
our agreements.
Soon we go to Bad Ragaz.
Klara is healthy
and we visit you.
Oh, yes . Then I see the flowers.
And we milk goats.
Thank you, Mr. Sesemann .
You promised me something.
Should I ?
Course .
You yodels .
Folk music with yodeling
Look what Heidi
has a nice hat .
She is now a fine young lady.
- Run to Brigitte ahead!
(Man ) boy , why are you standing around?
Be gallant ! Heidi wears the suitcase !
If you come alone ?
She stood there at once . A man came
with : an alien, a fine gentleman .
(Man ) If the child on the Alp ?
- The Alp -Uncle .
We need to talk with the pastor .
You have a beautiful coat!
As a real lady.
And the hat!
I do not need .
Is this all you?
Yes , of course.
This is for you.
You have not forgotten that. No.
And this is for you .
Oh ...
(Boy) A sausage ! A giant sausage !
- From Heidi !
Now I have a grandfather .
Just go ! The Peter brings the suitcase
on the alp. Mh , books.
It is said that you can read .
This is not art.
Then show times.
I have no time .
Only one set , there!
" Frieder , the slacker . "
That's just the title .
" Frederick was the youngest of seven
Sons who lived on the farm. "
Now I'm sitting pretty in the dirt.
You want probably
learn to read , you know?
I'll have to.
The devil take it!
lovely music
There she is . Heidi !
Heidi !
Soulful Music
The grandfather .
soft music
Now you can go .
soft music
Joyous Music
soft music
Soulful Music
A goat bleats .
Alp -Uncle .
Your surprised you that I come from?
What do you want ?
I had it a long time ago .
I will not bother . I thought
only because tomorrow is Pentecost ...
I am not alone .
Is Heidi back?
( number of men ) Good evening.
Will not you greet people ?
We come together here ,
not that we are in the majority.
But it is not just a saying
" Alp -Uncle , here's my hand. "
Why not come up with your women ?
The road is very steep.
Be quiet ! Our women see your
tomorrow when they come to church .
Maybe you get there too.
Since you can wait long.
We're going. He knows what it meant
is . Maybe you come yet .
As would take a miracle .
Serious Music
lovely music
Joyous Music
Heidi !
organ Music
They can not understand .
organ Music
Door is opened.
organ Music
Organ music ends .
( Pastor ) Give thanks to the Lord, for
his mercy endureth for ever . Amen .
Sing to the beginning of the service
we hymn 364, verse 1 , 3 and 5
organ Music
( all singing ) "Your word
is our greatest asset. "
" It gives us strength and life. "
"Drum without fear with joyful courage -
- We are completely devoted to you . "
"Let's all be brothers -
- The heart full of confidence -
- And on thee, O Lord , alone -
- Build our hope. "