Heights (2017) Movie Script

I love. You love. He loves.
We love. You love. They love.
I have loved.
You have loved. He has loved.
We have loved.
You have loved. They have loved.
I had loved.
You had loved. He had loved...
Gicho ! Gicho !
Come on !
Go ! Come on !
Come on, you nag !
Come on... Nag !
Halt ! Stay where you are !
Look at him coward !
And you hired him to protect you.
Now get off your horse, if you please.
And don't be afraid.
Bring the saddlebags.
What in the world are they doing,
playing cards with him or something ?
Gicho, go see what's going on.
You've really tied him up, eh !
Made him look like a scarecrow.
Turned out the guy's a bit naughty.
First he talks, then he tries to run...
He thought he'll head
in Mecca's direction. To pray to Allah.
I can send him there straight away.
These turtles,
what do we do with them ?
Fuck 'em !
Let them graze.
It's their lucky day.
Graze on what ?
There's the road. And just snow.
Don't think.
It can get you killed.
Fool !
We've got 500 Turkish lira.
We will take 400
and we'll give you back 100.
There you are.
Here you go.
Read what this says.
'BRCC in Bulgaria...'
- Do you know what BRCC stands for ?
- No.
Bulgarian Revolutionary
Central Committee.
Check out the stamp.
What do you see ?
- A fluffy dog.
- Excuse me ?!
A fluffy dog.
Try this again !
What's do you see ?
- A lion.
- Better ! Well done !
You catch on fast.
You're actually right,
no semblance of a lion at all.
They simply couldn't sketch.
- It's Levski who's sketched that.
- Doesn't matter. It's no good.
Good sketching requires talent.
Now, this receipt,
keep it safe, my friend.
When we liberate Bulgaria
you could claim your money
from the Provisional government
of liberated Bulgaria.
Treat this as a loan.
With this money we will buy guns.
- Guns for everybody !
- We'll buy Winchesters.
If you ask me Lefaucheux is better.
Have you seen a Lefaucheux ?
- No.
- They are better !
But this will be decided later.
The point is
the Revolution is coming.
You might get your money back
next year.
- So soon ?
- Even sooner !
Mother Russia is just looking for an
excuse. So are our brothers, the Serbs.
If we start...
Was it Mother or was it Grandma ?
- It's Mother.
- Yes ! We will rise up...
Are you listening ?
Look me in the eye while I speak !
We will declare war on the Turks
and with Russians from the north
and Serbs from the west we will join
forces and cross the mountains
and take Stara Zagora and Plovdiv.
First we'll head to Stara Zagora...
The expanse around us !
And the light, what magic light !
The sky above an endless blue
with no beginning and no end.
Calling upon us:
Rise up ! Be free !
Look at me ! Be like me !
Time never stops,
on its endless march forward.
Our lives set into a routine.
By day we hang out or do chores
by night we drink
and talk about our Revolution,
as we await orders
from our leader Obshti.
I believe Levski's
the top revolutionary.
He is a great revolutionary !
Levski is good,
but Obshti is the greatest
revolutionary in this country !
- But Levski runs the committees...
- Forget the committees !
The Revolution requires money.
You can't fight the Turks
with your bare hands.
Money, you need money for weapons !
Otherwise what good
are the committees for !
Lots of talk, no action.
Look at the people he recruits.
All sorts of clergy types.
Monks, and priests, and abbots..
Obshti, on the other hand
recruits all the innkeepers.
Mr. Tsvyatko for example,
a committee member.
Gabriel Brunchev, he's got an inn
in Orkhanie, a committee member.
Marko, innkeeper at Yablinitsa,
also a committee member.
Cheers !
Gicho, I need to take a dump.
Bloody Hell, Gicho,
where did you find Asencho ?
I mean... Look at his clothes.
He's wearing long johns with the legs
cut off. Looks worse than a pauper.
- You should look at his undershirt !
- Good God !
It has more creases than I can count.
It's like I'm looking
at a human accordion.
By the way, in Russia
that instrument is called a harmonica.
Did you know that ?
Just shut up !
Asencho may be a bit simple
but he means well.
Most importantly,
he's got talent.
He just needs to be polished up a bit
and he'll be a real European.
Or at least half a European...
What are you doing ?
I'm just taking a stroll...
Getting to know the place.
- What's that in your pocket ?
- In my pocket ?
- There's nothing in my pocket.
- Not there, in your jacket's pocket.
That one you mean...
Dunno what it is.
Look at it...
So that's it, ah ?
- You were going to the shitter.
- But I really did go...
And the bell ? Where's it from ?
Was it left in the shitter
so you could give notice as you shit ?
Not really, I found it while
I was sort of... wandering about.
Listen to me carefully !
All that is in the past.
You turn the page here and now.
Put everything back
and don't ever take anything else again.
This is not your shepherd's life.
No stealing cheese
from your mates anymore !
This is the Revolution !
It's serious !
Do you understand ?
I understand.
I swear ! I will die
before I ever steal anything again.
Is that you, Gicho ?
Welcome, Mr. Obshti !
First I want to know who's been
mucking about with whose widow !
And after that I'll tell you
how I made mincemeat of those
bastards on the Lovech committee !
Like a boss !
We received an order from
the Central Committee in Romania
to collect 2,000 Turkish lira
for the Provisional government.
For weapons. This money is to be
collected by the local committees.
Everyone agreed 2,000 is too much,
but that 500 was doable.
But then they can't decide
how much to take from whom.
What a hullaballoo.
Some shouted: Whoever's
richer, should give more.
And the others responded: No way !
We'd collect equally from everybody.
And back and forth they went. Like
old grandmas haggling in the market !
Obshti, why are you so quiet ?
What do you think ?
I'm just trying to think.
I say: From the people,
for the people !
The people pay taxes to
the Ottoman treasury, isn't that so ?
And now you want to add to the burden,
this time
for the Provisional government.
- There's no other way.
- It's not that we want to do it.
- We have no choice.
- What do you mean, we have no choice.
We just need to rob the cash convoy
of the Ottoman treasury,
take our people's money back and put it
to work in the name of their freedom.
- From the people...
- For the people !
It's been decided
that the Orkhanie treasury cash convoy
will be robbed. Authorized in writing
with a stamp and everything.
We'll rob it at Arabakonak.
- From the people...
- For the people !
Fuck yes !
Where have you been, you rascals ?!
New people joined our detachment.
Georgi the Pest,
Simo the Vlach, our Totko,
Obshti's spy Velcho Shuntov,
Gligor Stoinevski the Macedonian
and Stephan the Acorn.
We'll dress up like Ottoman soldiers.
That way the authorities will say
that the treasury convoy was robbed
by soldiers discharged after training !
This was a good plan.
No way for it to fail.
Come on, brother !
God be with us !
Dismantle the detachment ?
No way ! No way in hell !
Levski apparently
is categorically opposed
to robbing
the treasury's cash convoy ?
Just listen !
The Provisional government orders that:
The treasury shall not be robbed until
there's 10,000 Turkish lira in it !
These intellectuals
understand nothing !
This means the robbery
will never happen !
Let them intellectuals hanging out in
Romania scribble and print newspapers !
- Levski isn't like that.
- True, he isn't.
He is a fearless man
I admit that.
But he thinks too much.
He wants us to be more cautious.
Move slow !
And even slower !
Music to the cowards' ears.
Best, organize a revolution,
but take no action.
Hot air will not win us our freedom.
A committee here, a committee there...
Debating !
Shame ! Thinking too much
gets you nowhere !
Let your mind do too much work,
and your hands will stay idle.
You'll end up with no decisions
and no actions,
because your life becomes too precious.
And this, what's this ?
Which order am I to carry out ?
What if they keep changing
their minds every five days !
It's too late now.
I've already prepared everything !
And this order,
I will not acknowledge this order !
Everything continues
according to the plan.
Look at us now !
Revolution !
- We're doing it !
- Screw them !
If it weren't for these mates
and the Revolution
I would still be rotting
in some hell hole in Razboina.
Smoking, talking, sneezing and coughing
are strictly forbidden !
If I hear anyone sneeze, cough or talk
I'll cut off his tongue.
Gicho !
They're coming ! Four guards,
one captain and an ox cart.
Two bullets towards the guard in front,
two towards the guards in the back.
Split the rest.
Fire !
Come on !
Look !
This pistol comes all the way
from America. From their civil war.
A 'Colt'. What a beauty !
Let me see...
I'll keep this for myself !
Fine, if you insist.
We did it !
- Look how it turns !
- Of course it turns !
This comes all the way from America.
From another world.
Gicho ! Come here !
We have to load up.
What's with you and that revolver.
You did well !
- You think so ?
- I say so.
But let me tell you something else:
Didn't you notice that none of us
took direct aim at the enemy
but fired above their heads ?
I thought you were just missing.
It's not that.
No one wants blood on his hands.
We all know the Turks will fire a few
shots, and then they'll scarper.
Very rarely does someone
shoot to kill.
- I didn't know.
- That's why I'm telling you.
But don't you worry...
You did well to hit the Captain.
You are a sharpshooter.
I'll take a third.
The rest is for all of you,
to share in equally.
No cheating and fighting !
And tomorrow all of you,
except for Gicho and Asencho,
will break camp and go east
into the mountains, towards Buzluja.
Hide there for a couple of months
until things quiet down.
Once things have died down I'll send
for you and we'll resume the revolution.
I'll shoot anyone who fights
with his mate ! Damn you !
Are you freedom fighters or what ?
Everybody will give 50 percent
of his share for the Revolution.
When I was in Italy with Garibaldi,
I learnt all about this business
from my friend Fra Diavolo.
Fra Diavolo would give
one-third for the Revolution.
Myself, I do the opposite,
I keep a third.
Everything else
I give for the Revolution.
Is it true that Obshti's won
a medal from Garibaldi ?
Obshti, Asencho doesn't believe
you won a medal in Italy.
Come here.
Look... Read here.
'Kingdom of Italy,
Ministry of War, serial number 4772.
To Dimitris the Cosmopolitan...'
You know, this is "Obshti" in Italian.
'... recruited volunteer
by Royal decree
from March 6th
to September 20th, 1866.
The said took part in military campaigns
and was awarded with a silver medal,
Commander of Italy with distinction.'
The medal...
I sold the medal in Belgrade.
- You've been everywhere.
- I was also part of the two Legions !
In Serbia and in Montenegro.
And now I'm in Bulgaria.
This is why they call me 'Obshti',
'Cosmopolitan'. You can do it too.
You just have to want it.
You were right, brother Gicho.
Obshti is a great revolutionary.
Forget Levski !
I was telling you,
but you didn't believe me.
How was I supposed to know.
What can you see
from back home in Zheravna ?
Just your own arse.
It's not that easy
to see your own arse.
Well, it's the same in Kotel.
No way !
Don't compare Kotel to Zheravna.
The people in Kotel are open minded.
They plan for the liberation.
They educate themselves.
They are informed.
You know how many people did Petar
Beron educate with his primer ?
So that they open their minds,
take their heads out of the sand
and see the light of day.
Zheravna has fallen behind.
Did you pick a horse for tomorrow ?
The best one !
You must be kidding me !
This scrawny nag's the best you got ?
- It was dark last night.
- It's only good for dried meat.
Don't say things like that,
horses understand everything.
There's nothing wrong with him.
He's in good shape.
Just a bit old and skinny
but he's strong. Tough.
Gicho !
Now listen, Gicho. Forget
what I said you should do yesterday.
You'll take the money
to Teteven not to Lovech,
and you'll give it
to Haji Stanyo Vrabevski.
He'll send it on to Lovech.
Tell him you are there on behalf of
Fotaki Karaiskaki, the merchant.
You got that ?
Yes. Karaiskaki, the merchant.
And then you will deliver
this letter to Levski.
Haji Stanyo will tell you
where to find him.
You'll be asking
for Aslan the Dervish. Look...
The right people know who he is.
This is a letter from me to Levski.
Not to go through the Committee.
It's personal. You got it ?
It's very important that you find him
and deliver it to him personally.
I understand.
I'll do everything I can.
Don't stop until you find him.
It could be easy or it could be
very hard. It depends.
This is your mission.
Off you go !
Very clever !
Dervish Aslan means Deacon Levski.
Dervish is a Muslim monk.
And aslan means a lion, 'lev'.
If this horse had hair
by the time we got to Teteven
it would've turned completely grey.
Resembling a good old grandma.
The hair on the horse's head
is called a mane, Gicho.
And its mane is not grey at all.
How should we name the horse ?
Considering the mission we are on,
I'd say we should name him
Grandpa Ivan.
Isn't this a rather grand name
for such a lousy horse.
Well then
let's call him the Frenchie.
- It's still a revolutionary name.
- No way !
This will be pure blasphemy.
Then let's go back to Grandpa Ivan.
- Grandpa Ivan... Do you like it ?
- Asencho...
Don't bother the horse,
he's got a heavy load to carry as it is.
I think talking actually
helps him to keep going.
You have to be kind to all animals.
Evening. The merchant
Fotaki Karaiskaki sent us.
If Karaiskaki sent you
then you must have something for me.
Yes, we do.
Go upstairs.
My father Panayot is a Haji too.
This is why his name is Hajidobrev.
His father was a Haji too.
As for me, I am not interested !
Screw this ! One should go to Paris.
What's the point visiting Jerusalem ?!
In order to be a Haji...
God save us from a Haji pauper,
a shabby Greek and a skinny pig.
There are so many Haji in Kotel.
Many of the older shepherds are Haji.
They know everything, they talk big...
And they tend sheep.
Some folk have taken
to washing their hands before eating,
but that's going too far.
In Bulgaria you only have to say
that your crazy idea is something
that everybody in Europe does
and all the people will start doing it.
So much washing, they'll scrape
the skin off their hands.
This is the French way.
Tell them that shitting in the street
is the French way
and they will all
start shitting in the street.
Same with washing your hands
before you eat... Why do it ?!
You've only just begun touching
the meat, getting your hands dirty.
And then you have to wash again.
If people have nothing better to do...
So... Where can we find
Aslan the Dervish ?
He should be in Shipkovo.
Head that way tomorrow.
His breath reeks so badly,
he may just as well be dead.
- He's not ill is he ?
- No, he just stinks.
- Is he hungry ?
- No.
Look at him ! You'd think he's out
for a leisurely stroll in the park.
I wish I could just hang him
on a tree somewhere.
You can't hang him.
The tree would break.
- I'll hang you then !
- You can... But why ?
For having saddled us
with this horse !
- There's nothing wrong with him.
- So why is he not moving then ?
He'll move, alright,
He's just taking a breather.
Maybe he just enjoys having a break
to look around now and again.
Who knows what's on his mind ?
I certainly have no clue.
I've never been an animal.
Come on !
The two of us remind me of two forest
wanderers criss-crossing the woods.
by Georgi Rakovski
I've forgotten everything,
since I became a shepherd.
This is the oldest edition.
I've always wondered...
What does this boy have in his hand ?
Old stuff. Makes no sense.
Why are the pages so shiny ?
My uncle Dimitar
gave me this primer.
He'd have brandy and bacon
for breakfast.
First he'd touch the bacon then turn
the page. This is a memento from him.
Quite some memento !
If Beron sees it he will jump straight
in the river in Paris.
- There is a river in Paris ?
- Sure ! Of course...
Paris has everything. Needless to say,
if Zheravna and Kotel have rivers...
This is my favorite part
of the primer. The verbs.
You can't speak without verbs.
He conjugates 'to love'.
While everyone conjugates 'to work',
he picks "to love".
- To love !
- Let me...
I love. You love. He loves.
We love. You love. They love.
I have loved.
You have loved. He has loved.
We have loved.
You have loved. They have loved.
I had loved.
You had loved. He had loved.
Look at him, Mr. Beron...
This is what I call unexpected.
- Stop eating these green plums.
- I love the sour taste.
You'll get sick.
I've got a really strong stomach.
The things I've eaten,
you have no idea ! I'll be just fine.
Is the bride expecting ?
She is expecting, indeed.
Why did you give that boy the finger ?
This is the secret sign.
The middle finger is meant to resemble
the canon's firing
which in turn is a symbol
of the uprising.
- What brings you here ?
- We're looking for Aslan the Dervish.
- We have a letter for him.
- He left for Beklemeto yesterday.
Darn, so we will have to climb
up the mountain again.
With this shitty horse.
- We have to leave him, Asencho.
- Sure, do. He'll be well here.
I wish we'd take him with us.
I told you not to eat those green plums.
You have anything
to relieve my friend's constipation ?
I have a herb.
He just needs to drink a cup...
- And by the morning it'll all be out.
- Out which way ?
- He's not going to throw up, is he ?
- No.
No throwing up. It's his arse
that'll take care of things !
This herb is too slow.
Keep pushing ! Stop thinking !
I told you not to eat the plums.
Big mouth, small arse.
It says here,
that in order to avoid constipation
one should eat meat.
The intestines of those,
who eat hard to digest food
are longer than the intestines of those
who eat easy to digest food.
The scientist who wrote that
fed two cats for a year.
One cat ate meat only,
the other one, just plants.
And listen to what happened:
'When he killed the cats
and cut them open
he found that the intestines
of the cat that only ate plants
were 4 inches longer
than the intestines
of the cat that ate just meat.'
You heard that ?
I did !
For half the year, you shepherds
don't eat meat.
Just bread and cheese.
No meat.
Maybe that's why you are constipated.
Who knows how long your intestines are.
4 inches is nothing.
Less than my hand.
They say that on a clear day
you can see as far as Rila.
I wonder which one is Rila.
- My soul is free again !
- Think how little does a soul need ?!
SOPO Todor the Medic ?
There he is.
Good evening.
Bring a chair ! Have a seat...
And the courier said all this ?
The courier from Teteven
who comes here.
He told us about
the heroic act at Arabakonak.
So what happened next ?
Maskhar Pasha met with Todor Peev
the teacher, our man in Etropole.
They chit-chatted in French,
and the Pasha really liked him.
Todor told the Pasha
that some bandits from Romania
robbed the treasury's cash convoy.
Bulgarians or not, none knows.
They came from Romania,
got the money
and went back to Romania.
Cheers !
The Arabakonak money is in my pocket
but sure,
let them look for it in Romania.
I can just about see Obshti laughing.
Rest here tonight.
Head towards Kalofer in the morning.
You will no longer be asking for
Aslan the Dervish there.
Look for Ibryam Aga Anadol instead.
- Ibryam Aga Anadol...
- Tell them doctor Sokolov sends you.
That's me, Todor the Medic.
You've got so many secrets to keep !
With this sort of business,
we just have to stay mum.
And we intend to stand up against
the entire Ottoman Empire.
- Who is that ?
- Some French guy. An engineer.
He's working
for the Austrian railway.
Checking the allocated route
for the rail.
Austrians are starting to take over
everything in the Ottoman Empire:
The Post Office is Austrian,
And the railway...
Gicho ?
Follow me and don't ask questions.
Good morning !
Don't worry, my friend.
We mean no harm.
Let me have this jacket, ok ?
And your bowler hat,
if you've got one.
I'll give you a gold piece.
I can't give you more.
We need the money for the Revolution.
Wait !
I think he wants more money.
No !
Sorry, but we can't give you more.
This is for our Revolution.
I doubt he understands anything. We
don't seem to speak the same language.
Total disaster.
Revolution !
This is a French word.
Don't you get it ?
What am I to do with you ?!
He must be the stupidest Frenchie
on earth !
What if I hit you with my gun ?
I think this will do.
Since you don't get the message
any other way.
I don't think I hit him hard enough.
- I hope you didn't kill him.
- He'll live.
He is a European, he'll be just fine.
Come on...
He is definitely larger than me.
That's because he's
from the German race.
They're tall and handsome.
Screw'em !
Goodness Gracious ! 2 gold pieces.
This is 200 Grosh.
- Isn't this a bit much ?
- Who cares ?
I didn't work for this money.
Let him have something from me
and from Arabakonak.
Nothing left to say !
You shine bright like a diamond !
He'll be fine. Sorry if we said
something wrong, brother.
Sorry we bothered you !
Chasing after Levski
is no easy business.
- We can't find Levski and that's it.
- Forwards, backwards... same, same
How are we going to ever find him ?
By the time we get there,
he's always gone.
One might come to believe
he doesn't exist.
That's because he's hiding.
And he has every right to be hiding.
If he didn't hide, he'd be screwed,
someone would sure as hell kill him.
- Could be the Turks, or the Bulgarians.
- We need a horse, Asencho.
I miss Grandpa Ivan.
I'm sorry but we have
to confiscate your cart.
- For the Revolution.
- Confiscate ?
What revolution ?
Your Revolution.
We fight for your freedom !
Are you swearing at me ?
I bet you're mentally swearing at me !
Hand the cart over !
Your life's worthless !
Asencho, Asencho...
You see how in one day
we ended up with a suit,
a bowler hat, a donkey and a cart ?
When it rains, it pours.
If you ask me,
Bulgarians are not to be trusted.
Bulgarians are of weak spirit.
Servile, envious and worshippers
of all things foreign.
Then why do we bother
fight for their freedom ?
Because ! We are !
They don't want to be free, yet we are
fighting for their liberation.
And liberated they will be !
And once they are free, they'll carry on
living the only way they know.
Only the masters would have changed,
Bulgarians, instead of Turks.
People like Obshti,
worthy, and enlightened.
And people like this will help everyone
reach for the heights.
Say a wise word at first.
And if they don't listen
then forcefully make them want
to reach for the heights.
To the heights !
We reached for the heights, didn't we !
- How long do we keep looking ?
- Till we find him. Obshti's orders.
This secret sign is old.
Give me the new one.
Tell me what the new one is ?
Doesn't matter. Take us to him.
I can't let you in.
Unless you give me the new secret sign.
This is why I don't like committees.
Always coming up
with some new nonsense !
See this ?
We have to deliver it.
Now let us in
so we could complete our mission.
I cannot do that.
Unless you give me the new sign !
Don't make me hit you !
Open the goddamn door !
So, sir... We are looking
for Ibryam Aga Anadol.
We have a letter for him.
He is not here.
He left a few days ago.
- You've just missed him.
- Not again !
We are tired of missing him.
You can leave the letter with me.
I am his representative.
- I will give it to him.
- No way.
Mr. Obshti ordered me
to deliver it personally.
Then let me read the letter.
Later when I see him
I'll pass on what's written.
And you can keep the letter.
It has to get to him, right ?
How long have you been carrying it
up and down the roads...
Todor from Shumen and his detachment
are now on Buzluja.
If you hurry
you might catch up with them.
All right...
Read it and give it back to me.
Very well.
I'll pass it on to him.
Thank you and fare well !
I think this guy was Levski himself.
- Who ?
- This guy. The representative.
- I think he was Levski.
- This guy ?
No... He was just a representative.
Didn't you see his face ?
A modest man with a distracted look.
And no beard.
Looked like a teacher.
Just another man in the street.
That couldn't have been Levski.
Levski's gotta be formidable !
Seeing him must send shivers
down one's spine.
How could you think
this guy was Levski ?!
I don't know.
I had a weird feeling.
I'm a silly fool.
But we didn't deliver the letter.
The revolution's going to happen
with or without it.
I don't get it. What good's that
writing all about anyhow ?
The fight for freedom needs more action.
Less thinking !
Agree... But what do we do
with the letter ?
- Eat it maybe ?
- Forget about it !
We will shove it somewhere.
Up some dog's arse, if need be.
And the dog,
who will hold the dog ?
Was that necessary ?
It'll either bring the guys
or the bears.
Beetle !
Beetle, wait !
Where do you think you are,
firing your gun like this ?
We've been searching for you all day.
You finally heard us.
We heard you, but the Turkish
suckers could've heard you too.
In honour of Haji Dimitar and his men,
killed here by the Turks.
God rest their souls !
Let's fire our guns
in their honour !
- No ! They could hear us.
- So what ? Let them hear us !
No !
We don't do stupid things !
I have an idea !
Let's write a letter.
A proclamation of sorts
in honour of the fallen heroes.
A proclamation to the Bulgarian people !
This is hogwash.
But you can write it if you want.
We'll read it.
Dear brothers !
The time has finally come
for us to rise up.
We must stand up
for swift and decisive change.
What have our long oppressed fellows
been doing for so long ?
Banging their heads against the wall
year after year for centuries on end.
A man who's not free,
is not truly alive.
Wake up, my brothers !
Stand up on your two feet
start roaring like a lion
and reject the slavery
and tyranny of the Empire !
Our people have dreamed
of freedom for so long
and yearned for it
in their minds forthwith...
You don't write forth, but fo-urth.
Do you have any idea
what you're talking about ?
Just think it over for a moment,
what you're saying makes no sense.
- Do you say forth or fo-urth ?
- Forthwith is written with a 'U'.
You say monks but you're not going
to say they live in a monkastery ?
Monkastery may be not,
but forthwith is written with a 'U'.
You lot there in Shumen
call pigs hot spice if you so wish,
but don't distract me from
properly completing the task at hand.
Todor, Acorn...
Don't go where you need not to be.
Let Gicho carry on writing.
He's been taught
in Kotel by Mr. Beron himself.
You really don't get it, do you ?
I've dedicated myself not only
to the Revolution
but also to educating the lot.
No education, no revolution. The
uneducated cannot make a revolution.
You have to reach for the heights,
open your mind, enlighten yourself
so as to start having
honorable thoughts,
and realize not only that you can speak,
but that you can think too,
and this is what
makes you a human being !
From realizing this
to rising up is but one step.
You said it brilliantly, Gicho !
- Don't pay mind to the ignorant.
- I don't.
Because I know there is hope.
What exactly are you doing ?
I'm washing up. You don't know
how it's done Gicho, do you ?
You lather the dry clothes
with soap like this
then you rub everything off
with a cloth.
And then you're all done.
I learnt this while shepherding.
The things you know, precious !
The fight for our freedom would require
that we rob all the tax
cash convoys in the land !
This is needed, so that there's means
to finance our fight for freedom,
and in order to buy weapons
for all the brave men,
before they go out to face
the blood-sucking Turks in the fields.
To this end, every Bulgarian
must support with all available means
the fighters already up in arms
in the woods.
And at every opportunity that presents
itself remember to stick to the rule:
From the people, for the people !
Brothers, fighting for our freedom
is in our own hands !
God be with us !
- Where were you off to, mate ?
- I couldn't stop.
I'm slippery because of the soap.
The Turks found out
we did the robbery.
The Tashev brothers came to me.
They wanted 20,000 Grosh, or else...
They threatened to inform
the Governor about us.
I sent them on their way
thinking they wouldn't dare do that.
But they did.
The Governor knows everything.
Now they're after me.
They are looking for Obshti,
and they know about you too.
We are all in trouble...
All right ! Shuntov...
Tell Obshti that we'll hide our share
of the money at Zlosten.
Then we'll camp out somewhere
in the mountains around Sliven.
We might go to Razboina !
Let them try to catch us there !
What a mess.
Things are not well, brother.
The Revolution might not happen
as fast as we thought.
Together with Todor and Asencho
we moved all the money to Zlosten.
We hid it deep down in a cave.
Safe and sound till we return.
Then Asencho and myself
we went down to Kotel, my hometown.
What's this horse that's neighing
out there ?
It's mine, I bought him
two months ago from the gypsies.
To carry my books.
He's past it,
but I got him on the cheap.
He's just fine for what I need.
I have a feeling. I think
this is my horse, Grandpa Ivan !
You've lost your mind !
What would Grandpa Ivan do here ?
Just listen !
This couldn't be old Grandpa Ivan.
This sounds like a younger horse.
That can't be anyone other
than Grandpa Ivan !
Grandpa Ivan !
I knew it !
I can't believe that !
I wouldn't have bet a Grosh
that this could ever happen !
He sniffed us out.
Grandpa Ivan is coming with us !
Gicho, you're an educated man,
but you're not right about this.
Istanbul is further north.
My friend,
Istanbul is on the edge of Asia !
Don't embarrass yourself. Of course
Thessaloniki is further north !
You wanna bet ?
I bet 500 Grosh.
- Istanbul is further north.
- I bet you my 'Colt' !
And we'll settle this bet right away
so it could be a lesson to you.
They've placed a bet, in cash.
Which one is further north,
Istanbul or Thessaloniki.
- Istanbul, obviously.
- Isn't it Thessaloniki ?
- Istanbul ! Don't embarrass yourself !
- No... Thessaloniki is further up.
Sir, my friend and I, we came
to the townhall to look at the map.
If it's possible.
Whoever bet on Istanbul has won.
Can we be sure that this is the most
accurate map of the Ottoman Empire ?
Come on in and see for yourselves.
That's the most reliable map
in the land.
They've got the same
in Ruse's townhall too.
The best and most accurate work
for a map. No mistake.
There you have it.
Thessaloniki... Istanbul...
Istanbul is further north.
I told you !
You don't seem to be a very educated
person yet you know such things !
Where did you learn this ?
How did you work it out ?
Come on...
Tell us, tell us don't be afraid.
I was a young apprentice shepherd.
14-15 years old.
Me and my mates
we found a Greek map.
That had the Pan-Hellenic dream
all mapped out,
including all the lands that were
supposed to be part of Greater Greece.
This map had a grid.
We used it to measure our...
Measure what ?
We measured our dicks with it.
- That's how I know.
- How far did yours go ? Istanbul ?
Don't underestimate me, sir.
That map began with Crete
and got up as far as Romania.
And mine...
Mine reached from Crete
to say Plovdiv.
- Yeah right, whatever !
- Don't take it personally, now.
No man can know everything.
From Crete... To Plovdiv ?
Way to go !
As a friend and a good mate
and a good human being
I think you should return
the revolver back to me.
Say, had I won your 500 Grosh, I'd have
returned it. Well at least 100 of it.
I wouldn't let you to starve.
Shouldn't you have called on
your family ? See what they're up to ?
They are making coats.
Same as always !
That's not a life for me.
I made the right choice
becoming a revolutionary.
I've committed myself to the revolution.
Check this out,
I took this from the townhall !
Later we can use it to stamp
the proclamation.
Alright then, you know best...
Gicho, you sure ? Wouldn't it be better
for you to come with us ?
No biggie,
we'll be all done in a week !
We'll bring the proclamation
to the Central Committee in Lovech.
Then they'll distribute it and people
will get excited to join the cause.
Very well...
In any case, it seems this
revolution business would take a while.
We will go to Rakovski's cave
and we'll wait for you there.
Not again, Granpa Ivan !
Go, go, go !
Gicho !
Fuck ! Darn river !
Be damned !
Don't worry, Gicho !
All is not lost.
Some of the sheets are bound
to come to shore.
Someone will find them
and read the proclamation.
The sheets will come to shore,
you say ?
And if I threw you in the river,
you think I'll find you later ?
You'd find me.
Motherfucking river !
And this motherfucking cart !
All things Bulgarian
are just like this ! Rubbish !
Everything's bugged, the rivers,
the bridges, the valleys... Everything !
And this fucking horse...
Look at his stupid face !
This is the most
fucked up river in the world !
- I'd like to set it on fire right now.
- You could do no harm to the river.
It has been here
for hundreds of years
and will be here for hundreds more.
It doesn't give a damn about us.
Fuck it ! Maybe not everything's lost
after all !
We might find some printing press
in Lovech and make copies there.
- This cart is done.
- Fuck it !
This is Bulgaria in essence...
A bit Turkish,
a bit German, a bit Russian.
Have you tried cocoa ?
This is German coffee.
They call it Cocoa.
It's much better
than Turkish coffee !
Everything German is the best.
Coffee, guns... Everything.
You are looking very French.
Good job !
This must have been a good suit once.
French, isn't it ?
Looks like it had stripes once.
If there are stripes then it's French.
Take this from me.
The German style is plain single color,
the English is checkered.
It's always like that.
Who knows why !
What do you think ?
Look at this esteemed party !
I heard you have friends visiting.
So I decided to stop by.
And here they are.
You heard right.
This is mister Gicho.
Rashov, pleasure to meet you.
- And this is mister...
- Asencho.
This, my friends, is a musical
instrument, a guitar.
'Vous fatiguez'
means 'are you tired' ?
Mr. Gicho,
what business brings you here ?
We came to deliver
this important proclamation.
Would you be able to make copies ?
'Dear brothers !
The time has finally come...'
You know that I can no longer
listen in on such matters.
It will be best, if you leave
the political discussions for later.
And now...
Would you like me to play
another song on the guitar ?
Didn't Levski forbid this robbery ?
He did. But Obshti
said we should do it.
Didn't the money for the Committee
in Romania get to you ?
I haven't seen any money.
If it's arrived, it should be with
Father Krastyo. He is the treasurer.
How is this possible ?
This is serious.
The money should've been here
long ago.
May be it is. May be.
Don't work yourself up.
As I told you,
It's just that I don't know.
Father Krastyo doesn't show
the accounts to me.
He doesn't show them to anyone really.
But no one has caught him
cheating either.
If none sees the accounts
then of course it's hard to get caught.
All these committees
function the same way.
All the committee people care about
is their own business,
their interest and comfort.
And us, we are out in the woods
organizing a revolution !
Goddamn money, where is the money ?
Is it here, or is it not ?
And there's no one
you could ask.
The money will be found.
It's not going to run away.
If the money's not found,
Obshti would be blamed for it.
- Obshti would never do such a thing.
- Of course he wouldn't.
I often wonder what explains
the weakness and incompetence
in the Bulgarian character ?
- What explains it ?
- Ignorance.
Not so much smugness,
or a herd mentality,
or narrow mindedness...
As just plain ignorance.
Ignorance is the root of all trouble.
The ignorant man
lives in a tiny world.
He won't build a bridge
from one bank of the river to the other.
The other bank doesn't concern him.
There you have it
Rakovski said it too:
'Our ignorance is their joy.
They'd like us to live our lives
in everlasting sullen darkness.
So they could benefit
from our blindness !
And milk us like good natured sheep.
In time they'd even skin us alive
if only God would allow it.'
Gicho !
Nencho Kehaya left a message for you.
He wants you to go down
to Kotel straight away.
The house of Peter Mateev.
Apparently it is urgent.
Any idea what's it about ?
So... First, return
the townhall's stamp.
How do I know, you won't decide
to use it again.
The Turks found your proclamation.
It floated down the river.
They figured out the townhall stamp
belonged to Kotel.
They took the proclamation straight
to the Governor in Lovech,
who said this is revolution.
A call for a revolt.
Some people
came here to investigate.
We sent them away,
we didn't tell them it was you
but it cost us 4,000 Grosh
bribe money.
Of those 2,000 Grosh were paid
from the Coat makers guild
and Haji Peter Mateev paid 2,000.
So that means
I now owe 4,000 Grosh ?
Don't worry about these 4,000,
I'll pay it, it's on me.
But I'd ask something in return.
- What ?
- A new tax collector's turned up.
Yusuf Aga from Tatar Pazarjik.
A Muslim Bulgarian.
This man is causing me trouble.
He's poking his nose into my
business, he wants a big payoff.
I need you to give him a good beating so
he gets the message. But nothing else !
I want him alive.
And lose these clothes !
We're done.
Damn !
He's as strong as a bull !
You know, a diet of lead
could greatly help with weight loss.
- We hit them, right ?
- We missed the bastards !
What shall we do with you now ?
I say we kill the loser !
Well, then kill him !
Bloody animal !
Stop staring at me ! Till now
you were alive and now you are dead !
I asked you to just beat him up.
You shouldn't have killed him.
Right. It was an accident.
He started fighting back.
Suppose this was his destiny.
Let it go.
What's happened is now history.
As for the money, don't worry,
I'll take care of it. We're done.
And make sure you go see
your mother and your sister.
They haven't stopped crying, ever since
they got news of your adventures.
Speak up ! Where is Yusuf Aga ?
Who are the others ?
Do you hear me ?
Who are the others ?
The investigator was called to Medven.
They'll take you there too.
A friend of the tax collector who's
disappeared will try to identify you.
He was wounded during the attack.
If he identifies you,
they'll take you on to Tarnovo.
And afterwards... I don't know.
We're done.
Mother, I've taken care
of the money.
We don't owe anything.
Everything will be fine.
God willing !
God is gracious to all.
He will help us too.
You're alive ! Come on...
There... It's yours.
I give it back to you.
Look ! Did you see that one ?
If you make a wish
on every shooting star
the whole world will become yours
yet, more stars will follow.
The whole world's easily won.
But can you come up with just one wish
that takes care of it all.
I can. Live forever !
Never look Death in the eye.
Here goes another one.
So what you mean
is you don't wanna get old.
One wish is still not enough.
Be young forever...
There goes another one !
What took you so long ?
Gicho, Gicho...
Did I not tell you to come with us ?
You and your proclamation !
Here... Eat.
It's a bit salty but...
Acorn, where is Grandpa Ivan ?
Ask Peyo the Beetle.
He is in charge of the horses.
Peyo, where is Grandpa Ivan ?
Grandpa Ivan was limping.
He was old.
He could hardly walk.
To spare him the suffering
we ate him.
- You what ?
- Here...
We've left a share for everyone.
How could you eat Grandpa Ivan ?
He was our horse ! Our animal.
We ate him.
Grandpa Ivan, he had a soul.
He was our friend.
And these bastards...
May they rot in hell,
and their revolution, too !
Let's go to Zlosten, take the money
and start living our own lives !
The Devil is speaking
through you, Asencho !
It's not the Devil.
It is the Devil.
Easiest time for the devil to catch
a man, is when desperation settles in.
I can't take this anymore.
I'm going down to Yambol.
I'll meet with the local committee
try to find out what's going on.
What happened with the Revolution ?!
- Can I go with you ?
- Sure.
- We'll bring supplies on the way back.
- Don't forget to bring tobacco too !
Man, us humans we are like pest
on the face of the Earth.
What are people here for anyhow ?
What's the point of it all ?
It's all rubbish.
Freedom for the people ?
None gives a damn about the people !
And truth be told, the people
don't give a damn either.
The best kept secret
is there's no such thing as a nation,
a people.
They've made this all up.
It's all a lie.
Lie after lie after lie...
And if you think too much
about these lies,
the whole world can come crashing in.
Obshti's been captured !
The Turks captured Shuntov
and locked him up.
When Obshti found out, he went
straight to Teteven to seek help.
But Haji Stanyo Vrabevski, the Chairman
told the committee not to rush it.
So Obshti had to wait.
In the morning 50 armed guards
arrived in Teteven.
When Obshti saw this,
he went on the run
dressed up like a vinegar trader.
They captured him that night
while sleeping in a barn.
Haji Stanyo was the first to start
talking. Gave them 100 names and all.
Then Obshti broke down
and gave them another 200 names.
Ivan Furnajiev gave them
a written description of Levski.
After which they found
a photograph of Levski too.
And so things started unravelling.
Within a month all committees
will blow up.
Falling like dominoes
one after the other.
We have to get out of here.
Let's go back to the mountains.
- Asencho... where is he ?
- He stayed behind to get supplies.
He'll meet us
at the Marash Pass.
I was part of the two Legions too.
In Serbia and in Montenegro.
And now I'm in Bulgaria.
This is why they call me
'Obshti', 'Cosmopolitan'.
You can do it too.
You just have to want it.
To be Bulgarian is to be cursed !
As if it's not the name of a nation,
but some kind of disease !
Asencho is not coming.
If he's not here by now...
Let's get moving !
I'd recognize this cuckoo
even from the grave.
What happened to you ?
We thought you'd gotten back
to shepherding.
No way ! I've had enough
shepherding !
Look ! Look over there !
I'll be damned !
- Let's head this way !
- Why ?
Maybe we get lucky and meet
mermaids up there on the heights.
Turks below !
Where did this lot come from ?
We could escape, from the side,
through the forest along the ridge.
We'll get further into the mountain
and then, let'em find us.
Enough of hiding ! No more running !
Look at all the weapons we have !
The spot between the rocks
is very good.
We'll keep firing till dusk.
And when it gets dark we'll escape.
- They aren't that many anyhow.
- These aren't regular guards, Todor.
They are professional soldiers.
Look at their uniforms !
So ? Is this to say
they've got God on their side.
We'll kill'em !
Go to hell !
Let's get on with it !
First shot on my mark !
Everybody shoots as best you can after !
Bulgaria is risen !
I'll be damned !
Where did they come from ?
Goodness gracious ! Look at this !
Some tactics !
Take aim at the ones kneeling !
Let's show them some tactics !
That's it ! We can't stop them.
Acorn !
Acorn... Stephan !
Stephan !
May they burn in hell !
I will not get out of here.
No way.
At least shoot me !
Petko ! Shoot me !
Don't be afraid.
I'll set your soul free.
Now, when the officer comes out again,
all of you aim two feet in front
of the horse, and fire at my signal.
- The bastard hit me...
- You can't give up !
I'm not giving up, but...
Don't worry, Gicho.
I'll live... a long life.
Don't be afraid !
- Don't be afraid...
- I'm not.
I'm not afraid.
Petko ! Let's get out of here !
Now !
We can't move now.
They'll just kill us.
We have to wait till dusk.
God damn it ! What did we sow,
and look what we reap now.
I told Todor... Todor, I told you
it'll all end this way !
Well I'm gonna give it a go.
The forest is so close.
If I get through,
you'll get through.
You shouldn't have taken it out !
I cannot leave him just like that !
Gicho... The man is dying.
He'll just suffer longer.
He won't live.
I'll set his soul free.
Come over here !
Let's get down !
Turn ourselves in !
Do you even realise what you're saying !
Either they'll shoot us on the spot,
or first they'll torture us,
then hang us like dogs.
They won't hang us.
I've taken care of everything.
I personally spoke with the Governor.
They'll let us go.
There will be no Revolution.
And these people,
they were no good.
Whoever wants a revolution,
let him.
I've taken care of everything, Gicho.
Let's get down there.
What have you done, Asencho ?
We can save our lives, Gicho.
They could have killed you.
We are the only ones left,
This is a sign from God.
Don't involve God
in this bloody deed !
Let's get down, Gicho.
We'll save our lives.
We'll get the money,
we'll start a business.
We'll start living, our own lives.
This will not be a life,
but a disgrace !
An eternal disgrace.
It'll haunt you, wherever you go.
First Obshti, now you...
Don't you think this is like stealing
from a church. It's a bloody betrayal.
And a death sentence.
I'm getting down, Gicho.
Asencho from Zheravna.
Poor, poor Asencho.
He's dead, and his soul...
His soul is in Hell.
You'll survive Gicho,
you'll survive !
'Everyone wants to live.'
The world is full
of beauty and wonder.
Which makes you wanna stay
a bit longer.
Just a moment longer,
or maybe a minute.
Will you return some day ?
Who knows...
Freedom is but a big lie,
my brother !
It belongs to the fairy-tales, or is it
a fruit of somebody's imagination.
But cast freedom aside
and life becomes less sweet.
Yet we all want the sweetness
the way the bees want their honey.
We are loved.
You are loved.
They are loved.
We were loved.
You were loved.
They were loved.
I was loved. You were loved.
He was loved...
Dear God ! Take me from here !
Help me reach for the heights !
Well then,
fare well to you all !
We may see each other again.
Down here, or up there.
You'll tell me
which one is which.