Heist 88. (2023) Movie Script

Dramatic music
(keyboard keys clacking)
I have an international
This is my paperwork.
Dramatic music
(train clacking)
(horn honks)
(trunk closes)
(driver) Welcome to
Chicago, Mr. Horne.
Where am I taking you today?
(bell tolling)
(priest) Thank you all
for being here today
on the ten-year anniversary of
the passing of Merritt King.
Merritt King was the epitome
of Black excellence
in our community.
He formed coalitions,
registered voters,
sought alliances,
and encouraged the
Black community
to always recognize that
our collective voice
is more powerful
than any one of us.
Merritt King worked
outside the system
in order to change the system.
We are very proud of all
that he accomplished.
So let us light a
candle as we leave
and pray for his soul
and for all the
souls he left behind.
Let us pray.
(organ playing)
What up, Uncle Jeremy?
I did not expect
to see you here.
Well, he was my brother.
Just because we werent close
doesnt mean I dont miss him.
(Marshall) My dad
used to tell me,
"Whatever you do,
stay away from your
Uncle Jeremy." (chuckles)
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, its, uh, been good
seeing you, Marshall.
Yo, Unc! Yo, thats it?
Thats the extent
of our relationship.
You just said you were
told to stay away from me.
Hey, hey, look,
what my dad said
about you was wack.
Look, Im just happy to see you.
And, uh, I was
wondering, actually...
Whats going on, Marshall?
Look, Im... Im in trouble.
I owe money... A lot.
Im trying to get, like,
like, a bank loan or something
to keep these folks
up off of me, man.
But... But its serious.
I even got friends that
work at First Chicago,
but I dont know the first steps
to getting a bank loan, Unc.
What do your friends
do at First Chicago?
All I know is that
they deal with money.
But, I mean, youve dealt
with banks and finance, right?
(Jeremy) Hm.
Theyre coming by the studio.
You could meet them tonight.
Your friends?
I got a whole career
going on, Uncle Jeremy.
But I-I need your help.
Dramatic music
(door closes)
(dial tone)
(man on voicemail)
Mr. Jeremy Horne,
this is the Wayne County
Corrections Department
Pre-Incarceration Services.
We have not heard from you
regarding your agreed-upon
surrender in 21 days.
If we do not hear from you,
you will be in direct violation
of your sentencing guidelines.
Get in touch with us as soon
as you receive this message,
or we will be forced
to bring you back
by any means necessary
We can be reached at 705-55...
(upbeat music playing)
Why dont you take my hand
Run away Come
out of the blue
No. Yeah, yeah,
yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Thats the one.
Uncle Jeremy, man.
Oh, man, you made it.
Oh. Yes, sir.
Theres a diner
around the corner.
Why dont you finish up here,
and lets go down and
talk about your situation.
Okay. Cool, cool. Hey. Hey.
Tell Rick, Danny, and LaDonna to
meet us at the diner, alright?
Cool. Come on.
Explain to me this
house music empire.
Whats... Whats your vision?
House is dominating
the charts, Unc.
(dance music playing)
Disco, dance, R&B.
Its cool. But house?
House music is pure Chicago.
And its right now.
It is blowing up in Detroit,
New York, Paris.
I mean, in Manchester, England,
theres a club playing
our mixes, our tracks.
I just got to build
a recording facility,
along with distribution
and manufacturing.
I mean, if I can do that,
I could be the Berry
Gordy of house music.
Just need the money to prove it.
So, Unc, I got mixed up
with loan sharks, man.
They wont back off.
Look, Im trying to
build an empire, okay?
So you owe them, uh, $10,000?
Couldnt get the
money anywhere else.
I didnt know any Black folks
investing in house music.
So until I pay them back,
they gonna keep coming at me.
(crowd screaming)
We want our money!
No, I just... I just...
I just need to get
these guys their money.
- (indistinct conversations)
- (door opens)
Uh... (clears throat)
so, uh, this is Danny,
LaDonna, and Rick.
They all work at
the First Chicago.
- This is my uncle, Jeremy Horne.
- Pleasure.
Pleasure. Pleasure.
Come on in.
Mr. Marshall is
interested in a bank loan.
I take it you all are
junior loan officers
over at First Chicago.
He... He said you
all work with money.
I work in the wire
transfer department.
(Danny) Uh, check clearing.
Me and Rick work the
same night shift.
(LaDonna) And we move millions.
Very impressive.
Would you all be interested
in dinner to discuss further?
On me, of course.
- (LaDonna) Yeah.
- Sure. Yeah.
You all are aware
what a powerful
position youre in,
working at one of
the largest banks
- in the country.
- Yes, sir.
And as you know,
many corporations
move a lot of their
money through your bank.
Chicago is the banking
hub of the country.
And at the Board
of Trade - Uh-huh.
Down on LaSalle
Street, - Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Its probably more
important than Wall Street.
I want to be a stockbroker
on the floor of
the Board of Trade.
Thats my dream.
LaDonna, Danny, you... you...
you have any
ambitions at the bank?
I think Id like to
work on the retail side.
You know, Im good with people.
(Jeremy) Yeah. I can see that.
Uh, Im not.
I like systems, how things work.
(Rick) Yeah, hes good at that.
Mm. What do you all
make? Minimum wage?
What... What is it? $3, $3.30?
(Marshall clears
throat) So, yeah.
What about that bank loan?
Lets, uh... Lets
talk about that.
Ha... Have... Have any
of you ever thought about
how much money goes
directly through you all?
Mm, seven billion-one hundred
and twenty-nine-thousand.
(laughing) Of course you
know the exact amount.
We all do, cause
its not our money.
But I have a good
time counting it.
Oh. And the transfer calls,
you cannot make a mistake.
- (Rick) Oh. Mnh-mnh.
- (Danny) No, no, no.
- Or else youre gone.
- (LaDonna) Mm-hmm.
Have you all ever heard of
Ivan Boesky or Michael Milken?
Very prominent in
the financial world.
Little greedy.
Hey, lets just say
theres a lot of
opportunities at a bank
for forward-thinking,
ambitious people
like yourselves.
(clears throat)
Well... thank you so
much for the meal.
(Jeremy) Oh. Okay. Of course.
And its really
nice meeting you.
(LaDonna) And so well
see you later, Marshall.
Thank you guys.
(clears throat)
- (door opens)
- (bell jingles)
You know, can we talk
about the bank loan, Unc?
I need that money.
They cant help you
with a bank loan,
but I can.
Heres $10,000.
And now youre in control.
And now you work for me.
- Damn!
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks, Unc.
Dont you have to DJ tonight?
Oh, shit. Uh...
- Hey, Unc, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
- And, by the way,
what are your
friends names again?
Yo, who was that guy?
Mr. Horne asked a
lot of questions.
I found it a very
stimulating conversation.
Did you notice
Mr. Hornes watch?
A stone-cold Rolex!
- Yeah.
- Damn.
Whats a Rolex?
LaDonna, a Rolex is a watch
worn by men with money.
Arent you looking for
somebody like that?
Woman vocalizing
(elevator bell dings)
Put 40 hours in
at a minimum wage
Fridays here and
you get paid huh
You played some dice...
(radio DJ) And we are
opening up the phone lines
on tonights very big topic...
Did Mayor Harold Washington
really die at his desk?
The rumors have some validity.
Did the power
establishment in Chicago
have the mayor taken out?
Were taking callers after
the break. Stay tuned.
And made big cash
But tell me how long
does that life last
Huh, it might sound sad
or might sound funny
But thats what
people do for money
- (girl 1) Right?
- (girl 2) Look at her.
(girls laughing)
Now how yall gonna do homework
and watch TV at the same time?
Come on. We do it all the time.
Let me see.
And thats why you
need to correct this,
and this.
But, LaDonna, I dont
know the answer.
Okay. Well, until you
do, TV remains off.
Wheres Mama?
- (indistinct conversations)
- (dance music playing)
Ooh, you make my
love come down
(indistinct conversations)
Cant do without
Your tender love
Theres no way out
(telephone ringing)
Hi, Rick. Can we talk a second?
Youre here late.
Whats up?
Rick, we all thought
that this was the year
for your promotion
to the day shift,
but it... it didnt happen.
I... I dont understand.
What happened?
You said I had it.
I-I know, I know. It
just wasnt the time.
Maybe next year.
Ive been here for
six years, Harriet.
I know. And I went
to bat for you.
Im real sorry.
Have a good night.
(dance music playing)
(indistinct conversations)
(Marshall sighs)
(exhales sharply)
(Rick) Harriet says
she went to bat for me.
Yeah, I dont trust any of them.
What am I gonna do?
Look for a new job?
I got bills, man.
Look, Rick, we are pawns
on a chess board, man.
So stop thinking
they care about us.
Why are you so cynical, man?
Because Im Black at a
bank, making $3.35 an hour.
Why arent you cynical?
I still think there are
good people at the bank,
- like Harriet.
- Ah.
Alright, check this out. Go on.
So my boy Joe Simmons,
he investigated this.
So look, he noticed there
was a $1 discrepancy
in everyones paychecks
for three years.
Yeah, thats a hell
of a lot of money.
Youre goddamn right it is.
Alright, so Joe, he decided to
do this statistical analysis.
He then had this
meeting with Harriet.
(Rick) Wait, wait,
wait, hold up.
Wait. Thats... Thats...
- Yo, thats big-time.
- Yeah.
Joe calculated he saved
the bank $12 million.
So Joe said they found
the guy responsible.
Just some guy,
and hes still working
at the bank. And you know
- if he looks like you or me...
- (Rick) Would not still
- be working at the bank.
- Youre damn right.
Joe said they probably
docked his pay.
(chuckles) Yo, thats
not even the worst part.
You know what Joe got?
He got a freakin
dinner at a Ponderosa.
(Rick) Ugh.
Nice little "Attaboy, Joe."
Man, I need a break.
I got to find a way
to make some money.
Man, Rick, either you buy
what they are selling,
which is hope, pray
they advance you.
Or you just let
it go and move on.
(telephone ringing)
("Push It!" by
Salt-N-Pepa playing)
This is LaDonna Paige,
Transfer Operations Department.
This call is being recorded
for security purposes.
Oh, good morning, Mr. Davis.
Hmm. How are your kids doing?
Back in school? That is great.
Oh, you would like to transfer
And what is your transfer code?
Mm, I will repeat that back.
That is correct.
Please hold for a
second confirmation.
(woman 1) Come on,
one more big bite.
We got to say bye to Daddy.
(girl) But Im
eating this apple.
(woman 1) Then finish
the one you have.
(woman 2) Hey, Pumpkin,
you want a cookie?
- Mm-hmm?
- Just one.
But I wanted...
But I just ate one.
- (woman 1) Come on, one more.
- (woman 2) Youre gonna get one.
(woman 1) Mm-hmm. Okay, come on.
Lets say bye to Daddy.
Here, put it down.
(indistinct argument)
(Renee) Where the hell are
we supposed to go, huh?!
(Tyree) I dont know! You
got a husband! Ask his ass.
(Renee) That aint
right! That aint right!
(Tyree) It aint right
what you did, though.
(Renee) You promised.
You can burn in hell.
(Tyree) Burn in hell?
(Renee) Burn in goddamn
hell! You can burn in hell!
- You cant say that to me, Renee
- Stuff it, Tyree! Hey, Danny.
Hey, look here, Danny.
This is my place, alright?
Nobody tell you to
bring these old boxes
of nerdy-ass comic
books in here anyway.
And if I tell you get them
out my living room, I mean it.
And I already told
my sister this,
and Im telling you.
As soon as that baby drops,
yall best find
new accommodations
so I can bring my honeys
home and get back to my life.
You feel me?
Tyree, thank you for that.
Also, I really need you
to stop shouting at me!
Knock it off!
Im going to work.
(indistinct conversations)
What you doing in Chicago?
Memorial service for my brother.
(Buddha Ray) So, Jeremy,
I got your message.
Here we are. Whats going down?
(Jeremy) Im
contemplating a big bank.
You ever work with amateurs?
(Buddha Ray) One
of my best scores.
Your amateurs inside?
In good positions.
But youre not convinced.
You know the system?
Very well.
Lets just say the weakness
in the banking system
needs to be tested.
Forty years in the game.
Technology changes. Gadgets
and shit come and go.
But nothing beats
working with people
who want what you want.
Here are the keys.
Its an empty space
over on Washington.
Should be pretty private.
That picture looks
very familiar.
You have the real one, Ray.
We took it together.
Dont you remember?
- Yeah. (laughs)
- Yeah.
- Youre absolutely right.
- Yes.
But, Jeremy...
- Breeze Air?
- Was a disaster.
It was more than that.
I was this close to
being back inside.
Now, if you want to
remain my friend...
Youre more than my friend, Ray.
If you want to
remain my friend...
lets forget about what happened
and pledge never to
work together again.
Can we make that deal?
Have you even spoken to Bree?
Lets go for a walk.
What are you doing here, Jeremy?
I-I admit Breeze Air was a bust.
It could have worked. If
your guy wasnt so greedy.
My guy? Wha...? My guy?
You brought him in.
Are you serious right
now? I was dating Zach.
Nobody told you to recruit him.
Look, we both...
let the wrong guy in.
Yes, we did.
Both let the wrong guy in.
But I have another
opportunity for you.
Ha! I am not messing
with you anymore, Jeremy.
What, you... You havent
even heard me out.
I dont care!
Right now, I am working
a straight gig getting
this guy elected.
Yes, politics.
Its the same game.
Just simple misdirection.
And a steady paycheck.
But you know what, Jeremy?
Ive lost my appetite.
Ive got to get back
to work, alright?
No, no, no, no, no.
Please dont say that.
No. It was fun while it lasted.
Yeah, just leave Chicago, hm?
Forget this opportunity.
Bye, Jeremy.
- (Renee) Fed up. Okay?
- (Danny) Okay.
Im fed up with Tyree.
You know what?
Neither one of yall
are pregnant, okay?
Neither one of yall.
I know. I know. I know.
Were not... Were
not making enough.
But if youre making enough.
- Nothing else I can do.
- Figure it out!
- Okay! Help me!
- I cant!
Get us out of this house, Danny.
(Rick) Ma, I promise, as
soon as I get a raise,
no more riding this bus to work.
- Alright, alright.
- Ill be here. Ill be here.
- (gunshots)
- (tires squeal)
Open up! Open up!
You okay? I love you. You okay?
Please, no!
Just one drink.
Just leave Chicago, hmm?
Forget this opportunity.
surrender in 21 days.
If we do not hear from you,
you will be in direct violation
of your sentencing guidelines.
Get in touch with us as soon as
you receive this message,
or well be forced
to bring you back by
any means necessary.
But nothing beats
working with people
who want what you want.
If you do, youre gold.
(upbeat music playing)
tense orchestration
(LaDonna) Mr. Horne?
Are we in the right place
for the business opportunity?
Yes. Come in.
Im glad youre all here
for the presentation.
Please, take a seat.
Whats up, Unc?
I invited you all here to
present a proposal to yall
because I respect you.
Theres $500 in the
envelope in front of you.
Its yours for being here.
Part of the business
You three work at one of the
largest banks in the country
using wire transfer with
voice phone confirmations.
Now, let me be clear.
Everything Im going to say
to you here Ive done before.
Done what? Why are we here?
- What is this about?
- I will show you
how to move money from
corporate bank accounts
to your own bank account.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come
on. Hear him out. Alright?
Just hear him out. Sit down.
(Jeremy) Everything
you see here...
- I own.
- Damn, Unc!
Where you get all this?
Ive created wealth for myself
by understanding
that a banks loss
is my gain.
I know their system.
Banks lose funds every year.
Theyre careless, bloated,
top-heavy, and inefficient.
Your jobs will be
gone very soon.
Youve been at the
bank for years.
No savings to speak
of, no college degrees,
no opportunities
for advancement.
- Am I wrong?
- Yeah. Whats it to you?
You dont know the first
thing about our lives anyway.
Ive seen your lives.
I know how each
of you are living.
You want better
lives for yourselves,
for your families.
Help me rob
the First National
Bank of Chicago.
And I will make each of
you very, very wealthy.
Tense orchestration
You wire millions every day,
talking to corporate
officers at each company.
They move they own money.
But you have the transfer codes.
They change every hour,
but you have access
to them, yes?
Every transfer needs
a second confirmation
from the corporation.
That is why my plan works.
We set it up so that Danny
or Rick receive
that second call.
Instead of the companys number,
LaDonna will have
a different number to call.
And we will control that call
because we will
be that executive.
Thats crazy.
How are we going to
be that executive?
I will train your
voices to sound like
the corporate officers
approving the transfers.
The transfers confirmed,
millions to our accounts.
The system has a glitch.
We take advantage
of it, get rich,
then leave the country.
We have family here.
(Jeremy) And youll
be millionaires.
They will join you.
You said this money
is mine, right?
Good, because Im taking
my Black ass home.
Thats your prerogative.
And you know what?
I could call the police on you
and tell the bank, too.
Why would you do that,
when you stand to have millions?
If I never speak to you again,
at least youll be $500 richer.
With a new Rolex.
Make a list of all
the corporate officers
requesting wire
transfers weekly.
Dont take too long to decide.
Im seeing other people.
(door opens)
(train rumbling)
- (mugger 1) Yo, freeze.
- (LaDonna screams)
Shut up! You know
what time it is.
- (Rick) Oh, shit.
- Shut up!
- Watch.
- (Jeremy) Got no watch.
- Wallet.
- Just going real slow, brother.
- Going real slow.
- (Rick) Oh, shit.
- There you go.
- Give me the briefcase.
Now stop. Thats enough.
(mugger 2) Give
me the briefcase!
- No.
- Just give it to him, Unc!
Drop it.
(mugger 2) Ah!
(Marshall) Just shot him?
I really look forward to
seeing you all real soon.
Down-tempo music
(Renee) Danny is my man! Okay?
(Tyree) He aint acting like it!
(Renee) And you!
And you aint acting
like a brother!
(basketball bouncing)
Damn it.
Thats ten grand. Alright?
But you best never
lay hands on me again.
(tires squeal)
(money snaps)
(Danny) I am not clearing
checks till Im 50.
Are you?
What Mr. Hornes
proposing could work.
(Rick) Mmm.
Mr. Horne aint
trying to save us.
He needs us.
We need him.
I dont need anybody.
What is your problem, man?
- Why us?
- Why not us?
This is literally
like a lottery ticket.
To be accurate, the odds
on a single lottery ticket
are 800,500,000 to 1.
This is far better.
I dont know about you, Rick,
but Im tired of
living like Im living.
Ive checked Mr. Hornes facts.
Hes right.
We can redirect that
second call anywhere.
My house. Your
house. A phone booth.
When the first call come in,
Ill just call the
number he gives me
and use the current code.
And if Im the first call,
Rick got to be the second.
Its just risky as hell.
Yo! Man, yall got lunch?
Man, you know, I filmed
a music video right here.
Mm, look at that view.
Marshall, is your
uncle for real?
Cause he coming on
strong, like a bull.
Heres the deal. Alright?
The last thing my dad
told me before he died
was to stay away
from my Uncle Jeremy.
Is he real? (scoffs)
Yeah. Real as a heart attack.
But you dont work at the bank.
What does he want you to do?
Shit. Whatever he
wants. I work for him.
- Bro, youre a criminal?
- Were not criminals.
Look, I call it payback
for being born Black.
Say that again when youre
sitting in the jail cell.
You know what? Im sick of you.
You dress like you went
to some top school,
and you act like you better
than us half the time.
And what now, Rick? Huh?
You punking out?
This is our chance.
Dont you see that?
Thats real talk, Rick.
We are talking about
robbing a goddamn bank.
Where we work!
Hey, look, man, Jeremy Horne
knows what hes doing. Alright?
Look, we listen, learn,
get this money, and
never look back.
We pull this off, we
gonna own Chicago.
We pull this off, well never be
able to live in Chicago again.
Are you ready for that,
Mr. King of House?
Hell, yeah!
Shit, we get this money,
we put this music
out everywhere.
All in or what?
Come on, Danny.
Rick, we do this
together or not.
Come on, man.
Lets get paid.
Here are all the
names you requested.
Thank you, LaDonna.
We focus on these five. Why?
- They keep large balances.
- What else?
The balances are not
checked for 48 to 72 hours.
(Rick) Which means that we can
make transfers that land clear
and can be withdrawn
in that gap time.
By then, the money will be
long gone, but so will we.
Nicely done.
These are our accounts
in the Bank of
Geneva, Switzerland,
for our company, Strand
Investments, LLC.
Im the chairman. Youre
all board members.
These are our targets.
Learn their lives, how
they speak, what they love,
who they love.
Learn this information
and destroy it.
This is Mark Hamilton,
corporate officer
at Northern Levers,
- lives in Wilmette.
- I know. I speak to him weekly.
Good. Well, then
youll follow him.
Learn everything about him.
This is a team effort.
Are we ready?
Watch and learn.
First step, get
close to your target
with the tape recorder.
Then let them talk.
With the recordings, we listen
and learn the details
of their lives
and how they speak.
Then we mimic their voices.
(button clicks)
Excuse me.
Good evening, you two.
Im Sandy Johnson. Im
with the US Census.
We do know that you did
fill out your census.
Im just here with a
few follow-up questions.
Okay. Shoot.
(mans voice) for me to be happy
and my wife to show off.
Long hours at the office.
I need a comfort car. (laughs)
Yeah. This guys an asshole.
These are the facts of his life.
The small talk, his truth.
Listen to this and learn.
(impersonates target)
I bought the BMW
for me to be happy
and for my wife to show off.
Long hours at the office.
I need a comfort car.
(congratulatory chatter)
(Marshall) Not
bad. Hey, look, um,
I need birth dates,
place of births,
and also I need
photos. Okay? ASAP.
- What for?
- Passports.
(voicemail) Jeremy Horne,
this is Mr. Podesky
from the Wayne County
Pre-Incarceration Services
calling you again.
We are aware that you
are currently in Chicago.
You have not checked in.
We must hear from
you immediately
to confirm your surrender,
or were sending
federal marshals
to bring you in.
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
On the day,
LaDonna, Danny, and Rick
will blend in to this crowd
for cover when leaving the bank.
Marshall drives up,
everybody gets in one by one,
- and we go.
- Got you, Unc.
Lets go over it again.
Step by step. Marshall?
8:00 a.m., Im gonna
check on the flights,
travel to OHare,
gas up the car,
confirm where to hide.
- LaDonna?
- Leave my place by 8:00 a.m.
Get on the train.
- Be at my desk by 8:30.
- Danny?
(Danny) 8:00 a.m., wrap up
work on the night shift,
drop off the comic book to
my boy in the wire room,
talk and occupy him
while listening for
incoming corporate
transfer calls.
- Rick?
- 8:00 a.m., get off work,
get on subway, make
it home by 8:30.
Ill be at Dearborn,
outside the bank at 8:30.
Were on, transfer everything
by 10:00. Understood?
(all) Got it.
We will use these pagers to
communicate on the big day.
Our codes will be simple.
One is approved.
Two is stop.
And three is hurry.
Memorize this.
- Danny, youre up.
- (Danny) Ready.
(recorded voice) Well, I like
to deal with my employees
- in a very specific way.
- (Danny) Okay.
(impersonating target)
Well, I like to deal
with my employees in
a very specific way.
- Yes?
- Id say.
(clears throat)
(impersonating target) Our
company really wants people
who understand the culture
and understand the tools, uh,
that I think really make us
the best company to work for.
(LaDonna) And thats
how its done!
- Boom! You see that?
- Yes!
Ah, its Geneva with an "E."
Why Im the only one to
get called out like that?
Yes. Thank you so much.
- (knocks on glass)
- Hes going to appreciate it.
Alright. Thank you. Bye-bye.
Hello. Oh. Thank you.
(Harriet) This is Check Clearing
and the Transfers Department.
Everyone here, with their
years of experience,
have helped decrease
clearance times considerably.
Hmm. We hear about
across all departments.
You are prepared for
this? Do you feel ready?
Yes. We have already
started the transition.
In two weeks, this department
will be completely computerized
with a new system in place.
So verbal confirmations
of funds transferred
will no longer be necessary.
First National Bank of Chicago
should be fully computerized
by the end of the month.
Mr. Horne, we have
a big problem.
If we want this to happen,
we need to move now.
The bank is computerizing
top to bottom.
Accounting, auditing,
check clearing,
and wire transfers.
The department keeps the updated
account balances on printouts.
Harriet gets a copy from
her secretary daily.
A duplicate copy
is kept on ledgers
on the 11th floor
in the machine room
next to Harriets office.
Nowhere else.
The only way to get in that room
is with a key card.
I mean, I could get
the codes, but...
Without the printouts
with the current
balances, we cant move.
We wont know the balances,
- but I could estimate based on...
- No, its too risky.
I need to go in the bank
and get the printouts.
And I need key cards.
Is this really gonna
happen, Mr. Horne?
New plan.
Instead of going after
the entire $235 million,
we will target the $80 million
from the three companies
you speak to daily.
So its on Rick to handle
the second confirmation.
He will be the
corporate officers
from Ben Holland Distillers,
Kebler Byers,
Northern Levers.
Call Rick,
tell him he must get a meeting
with Harriet for Friday morning
and a key card for
the computer room.
LaDonna, okay?
(siren wailing in distance)
(high class music playing)
Buddha Ray, what
are you doing here?
I was about to ask
you the same thing.
I think I need to
get up out of here.
Good to see you.
Im so glad you could make it.
Oh, please, sit, sit.
If a SWAT team rolls
up on us right now,
I will never forgive you.
(Jeremy) Fear not, Buddha Ray.
Were just here having
a lovely dinner.
When was the last time
we were all together?
Detroit. Breeze Air, Jeremy.
The bane of my existence.
I second that.
I know the awkward position
I put you in recently.
(Buddha Ray) Awkward?
(scoffs) Unbelievable.
See, I cant speak
for Buddha Ray, but,
Jeremy, life is much too short.
And thats why Ive
asked you both here.
(Buddha Ray) Shit, Jeremy,
a tracking bracelet?
Whatd you do now?
Im going to do
five for Breeze Air.
Zach got probation naming names.
And instead of him burning you,
I took a plea.
I surrender in a few weeks.
So this is one last score?
$80 million.
(sighs) So, well, youll
be set when you get out.
No, no, no. Im doing
this score for you.
You both get part of the split
because I blew it for
Breeze Air, youre family.
I needed to make it right.
This is not free money.
What do you need, Jeremy?
Two hours this Friday.
Youre a pair of bank
auditors. Youre not the show.
Youre decoys so I
can grab some intel.
Youre in and out.
This last go-round really
didnt sit well with me.
I shouldnt even be thinking
about this shit, but...
screw it!
Any opportunity to
stick it to the man
is worth my time and attention.
- Whatever you need.
- Just like that?
Bree, we stick together.
We always stick together, right?
you two need to get
your shit together.
Contact me with the particulars.
Now Im... Im going to go
soak my veins in some Popeyes.
This shit is too
rich for my blood.
The white gloves always
work, and you know it.
(indistinct talking on TV)
Rick Lewis!
Its great to see you.
- Are you here watching the game?
- Yep.
This is my husband, John.
John works for the
Board of Trade.
Honey, this is Rick
Lewis from the bank.
Oh, yes.
Harriet is very high on you.
Said youre headed for
bigger and better places.
(Harriet) Yeah.
Would you like to join us?
Id love to.
(Harriet) Great.
I love finance.
You know, stocks, bonds.
Ive really studied
it for some while now.
But they say that you learn
when youre on the floor.
Now, thats true.
College isnt always
that important for this,
just sharp decision-making.
I have a market maker
trainee position open.
It pays a competitive rate
with room for advancement.
Its yours if you want it.
(Harriet) I could
arrange for you
to transition out of
the bank in 30 days.
Its more money. A new career.
I would be sad to see you go.
(laughs) Wow.
Uh, Harriet, I...
C-Can... Can we meet in your
office on Friday t-to...
to talk about everything?
I can stay after my shift.
Hows 10:00 a.m.?
Perfect. Thats per...
(John) More wine?
- (Rick) Please.
- (Harriet) Yes.
(glasses clink)
(knocking on door)
(drawer opens)
(knocking continues)
Whats up?
I need to talk to you.
This is a nice place.
Itll do in a pinch.
Uh, okay. Um...
(clears throat)
Everythings set with Harriet,
10:00 a.m. Her office.
The computer room
is right next door.
Heres the key card to get in.
Good job.
But you could have given this
to me at our next meet-up.
Why are you here tonight?
Harriets husband works
for the Board of Trade.
And he just offered
me a great job.
I-Ive always wanted to
work at the Board of Trade.
They want me to
start in 30 days.
In 30 days, youll
be worth millions.
I-I know, but
this is like a really
huge opportunity for me.
You can fill the seas
with the promises
made to Black folks
in this country,
but nothings going
to change until...
we do what needs to be done.
And after the millions
are in your account,
I think youll feel like I do.
The power to do
anything for anyone.
I do. I honestly do
want to help people.
Mm-hmm. And you will.
Why do you want to do this?
Because the system
needs to be tested.
They... They tried to
rob you, Mr. Horne.
That is correct.
And they work for me.
At home,
do you have a cordless,
touch-tone phone
or a rotary dial phone?
A rotary. Its on my wall.
Okay. Take that, please.
On transfer day,
unplug your home phone
and plug that one in.
Dont screw this up, Rick.
See yourself out.
Dramatic music
(elevator bell dings)
(British accent) Excuse me.
Are the loan offices on this
floor or the 10th floor?
Well, commercial loans are
on ten, retails on five.
(British accent)
And on this floor,
its mostly personal
and home loans, correct?
- (woman) Thats correct.
- (Bree) Oh. Alright.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- (Buddha Ray) Thank you so much.
(Bree) And I love your hair.
All of you. (laughs)
So its 10th floor.
- (Buddha Ray) 10th floor.
- (Bree) Right.
(Buddha Ray) Shall
we? 10th floor...
(elevator bell dings)
- Oh, the lift is here.
- Ah.
Here we are. 10th floor.
Lo-fi heist beats
(lock chimes)
Im so sorry. Im Bridget Mason.
(Buddha Ray) And
Im Raymond Oliver.
Were independent
outside auditors,
and we feel a bit
lost right now.
(Buddha Ray) Is the
audit department
on this floor?
(Harriet) Oh, I wonder
how you two wound up here.
(Bree) Oh, we wondered
that ourselves.
Independent auditors are always
given the wrong information.
(Harriet) Oh, well.
That is too true.
No, the audit department...
(lock chimes)
Uh, Rick, I will
be right with you.
Why dont you have a
seat in my office, okay?
Come with me. I love
your gloves, by the way.
Thank you.
Top floor, right?
Yes. Youre going to
come right on over here.
- (key card slides)
- (beep)
(Rick) Harriet!
- 10:00, right?
- Uh, yeah, Rick.
Im sorry.
- No worries.
- (chuckling) Come on in.
After you.
(Marshall sighs) I
got your page, Rick.
Whats up, man?
I was in Harriets office.
And I saw two other people
Mr. Hornes working with.
Mr. Horne got the
printouts, but...
- but its weird.
- Tell him the rest.
The guys that tried to
rob Mr. Horne that night,
they now work for him.
So theyre now in the deal, too?
We do all the work,
take all the risk,
but other people
are in on the deal?
We may not get our share,
and we lose our jobs, too.
I dont trust him.
Did your uncle mention anything
about these two people,
these dudes that mugged us?
Man, hell naw.
Look, I need to...
Why is she talking to
that record company?
(door opens)
Hey, what are you doing?
(woman) Marshall,
calm down, brother.
You a lot of talk but no money.
You been talking to do
this song for months.
Look, I got a
British distributor,
and they ordered
100,000 copies, alright?
And this how you going to do me?
You know, this shit
is unprofessional.
Im signing with them.
Okay? Im out.
Oh, you just going
to walk off? You...
(exhales sharply)
(normal voice)
Your crew is late.
(normal voice) Not
a good look, Jeremy.
(door opens)
(Marshall) Why you
always got to be late?
- (LaDonna) Boy!
- Youre late!
Yo, Unc, who these folks?
Theyre professionals I
trust who show up on time.
Hold on, Unc.
See, all I asked for
was a little help.
But now we all knee deep
and robbing a damn bank!
Lower your voice, son.
This does not look like
commitment to me, Jeremy.
You know, I know youre
going to prison soon,
but with this crew,
you might want to think about
turning yourself in
a little earlier.
Yeah, um, I dont know
how all of this is
going to work out,
but it wont be with us.
Lets go.
Going to jail?
Do you even care about
what happens to us?
(LaDonna) I really
dont give a damn
who those people are.
I just know that we
leavin our families,
and well never see them again.
What is our future?
I have no idea what your
future will be, LaDonna.
But when I was 14
and the teacher said
I was good with numbers,
what was my future?
When I was on the honor roll
and got into the top schools but
we couldnt afford for me to go,
what was my future?
When I fought, scrapped,
and begged my way to get into
Bayer Schaeffer Securities
and became the top
trader, as an intern,
but they didnt want me,
what was my future?
When I knew I could
figure out anything to do
with the movement of capital
anywhere in the world...
what was my future?
I tried to go in the front
door with my gifts, LaDonna.
But the back door is where
the opportunities came
for me to have a future.
Yes, I got caught,
and Im going to go to prison.
Im going to do my
prison term because...
I love my family.
Marshall, youre
my brothers son,
and youre my family.
You all are my family now.
And I want you all to have life
the way you want to take it,
and not struggle and
grind and be shat on.
Like I was.
LaDonna, Marshall, Danny, Rick,
whats your future going to be?
I say we go get this money.
Down-tempo music
(Renee) You have a good
time at Music Fest, baby.
- Youve been working hard.
- Thanks, Renee.
It was just a couple days.
You know,
I cannot wait for our
daughter to be born.
Me too, honey.
(laughing and joyful groaning)
- Well, we are going to go play.
- Okay.
Yeah, Daddy, were
going to the park.
What are you doing?
Baby girl, I already told you.
Im going to Music Fest
with Daddys friends.
Mm-hmm. Have a good
time this weekend.
(girl) Okay. Yeah.
Why cant we go to Music Fest?
Because yall too young.
Ill call yall. Come here.
(switch clicks)
(door closes)
(Renee) You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, Im good.
Bye, baby.
Dramatic music
(indistinct conversations)
(man) Hey, Danny, what
are you still doing here?
Uh, working a double shift.
Bills to pay.
(telephone ringing)
This is it. The rare edition.
Oh, man! You brought it!
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Wait. Where are you going?
Oh. Wait.
Taking my morning dump,
then Im reading this.
Cover my phone.
Yeah, yeah, I got you.
Hes going to the
bathroom. Just covering.
(computer beeps)
(telephone ringing in distance)
(pagers ring, buzz)
(siren wailing in distance)
(coin jingles)
(telephone ringing)
This is First Chicago
Transfer Operations.
This phone call
is being recorded
for security purposes.
How may I help you this morning?
(southern drawl) Good morning.
This is Peter Jenkins
at Northern Levers.
Id like to wire $22 million
to Strand Investments.
$22 million to
Strand Investments.
Your transfer code, sir.
(Jeremy) 8-7-
- 6-7.
- (woman) Thank you, sir.
- I repeat 8-7-star
- 2-4-5-9-dash-5-6-7.
Please hold for
second confirmation.
(tap on glass)
(telephone dialing)
(telephone ringing)
(line ringing)
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
(line ringing)
No. Damn it. Shit.
They must not sync. Damn it!
(line ringing)
(panicked repetition) Come on.
- Hello?
- This is LaDonna
- in Transfer Operations.
- Yes!
This call is being recorded
for security purposes.
Calling for a second
confirmation on a transfer.
$22 million from Northern Levers
to Strand Investments, LLC.
And who am I speaking
with, please?
This is Mark Hampton,
corporate finance officer
at Northern Levers.
Good morning, Mr. Hampton.
How is that car of yours?
LaDonna, you
wouldnt believe it.
I tell you, that wife of mine,
she drove straight
into the city.
She knows good and well
she cant drive in traffic.
Came back with a dent.
Just unbelievable.
Oh, no. Will it be okay?
Itll be fine.
Ive got the best
auto body guy in the city.
Turns old into new,
takes accidents, make
em non-accidents.
Please approve a
transfer of $22 million
from Northern Levers to
Strand Investments, LLC.
Code number, please.
Okay. Code number
The code is correct. This
transfer is approved.
You have a great
day, Mr. Hampton.
Same to you.
(receiver hangs up)
(pagers ring, buzz)
(smooches) Lets go!
(coin clinks)
(telephone ringing)
This is Danny in
Transfers Operations.
(Joe) Yo!
Great story, man.
Forgot my glasses.
Im almost done.
You can keep it.
This is good. Its good.
(Danny) I am so
sorry about that.
This is Danny in
Transfers Operations.
This phone call will be recorded
for security purposes.
How can I help you?
(stilted) Yes, this
is Robert Williams
from Kebler Byers.
Id like to transfer $25 million
to Strand Investments, LLC.
- How are you?
- I am doing great, Mr. Williams.
I have it you will be
rooting for U of I this year.
Thats right. Thats my
team. Yes, they are my team.
Excellent. Excellent.
Do you have the transfer
code for this transaction?
Of course I do. You ready?
(LaDonna) This is LaDonna
from First National
Bank of Chicago,
calling for second confirmation
on a transfer of $25 million
from Kebler Byers to
Strand Investments, LLC.
Code? Of course.
Uh, its 8-7-star...
The code is correct.
(Danny) All right, sir.
Thats $33 million from
Ben Holland Distillers
to Strand Investments,
LLC. Please hold
- for second confirmation.
- (LaDonna) This is LaDonna
in Transfer Operations...
Code number is 8-7-star...
(LaDonna) This
transfer is approved.
You have a good day.
(pagers ring, buzz)
Lets go! Whoo!
(engine starts)
dramatic music
(train hissing)
(protestors chanting)
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
(elevator bell dings)
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
(Rick) Marshall,
get us out of here!
Lets go. Lets go.
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
- (leader) What do we want?
- (protestors) Justice!
- (leader) When do we want it?
- (protestors) Now!
(leader) When do we want it?
(Rick) I cant believe
you pulled it off.
- This is crazy!
- (LaDonna) We did it! We did it!
(Marshall) Calm down,
alright? Its not over yet.
Stick to the plan,
okay? We got to lay low.
(car doors close)
(Jeremy) I dont understand
what the issue is.
Just transfer the funds
from Strand Investment, LLC
to the Bank of Geneva.
Ive already authorized it.
You... You... You
have my code number.
(woman) That is correct,
sir. It has been authorized.
But you must come into the bank.
That is the regulation
for this transaction.
Theres no way around this?
Im... Im on my way to Geneva.
No, sir. For this
level of transfer,
the new Bank of Chicago requires
you to be here in person.
(man, over TV) And in
addition to the Dow,
broader gauges of the
market performance
fell in the last hour.
The New York Stock
Exchange composite index
declined to 0.60 from 146.17.
(man, over TV
continues, indistinct)
Weve been in here for hours.
Mr. Horne is gone.
I can just feel it.
Yeah, hes gone.
Probably in Geneva by now.
Hey, look, yall,
Im sorry. For real.
(glass shatters)
Come on, Marshall.
(door slams)
dramatic music
(helicopter blades whirring)
(line ringing)
- (man) Hello?
- Yeah, hi, Charlie. Its Harriet
Um, I seem to be missing
a couple of balance
report cover sheets.
Yeah, can you pull the
current balances of
Northern Levers,
Ben Holland Distillers,
and Kebler Byers?
(knocking on door)
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
It is time to eat.
There you go. Thank you.
I am truly sorry
about yesterday.
Here are the tickets
and passports.
Flights are on time, and we
are good to go this afternoon.
But something else did come up.
Lay low.
I got to walk into
a clearinghouse bank
to transfer our funds to Geneva.
You know.
This is for real.
As a heart attack.
Oh, thats cool.
(paper rustling)
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit.
Charlie, I need you
to call the management
of the major payment desk
for each of these companies.
I need to speak
with the CFOs now.
And get me the FBI!
Dramatic music
(woman) Just have
a seat right here.
(Jeremy sighs)
(man) This is...
an unusually large
sum, Mr. uh...
(man) Horne. Mr. Horne.
Is there a problem?
(telephone ringing)
(Jeremy) Its me.
Put me on speaker.
(over speakerphone)
Everyone there?
We did it.
Its done.
The transfer went through.
Okay, Ill see you soon.
(celebratory whoops and grunts)
$12 million apiece!
12 apiece! Whoo!
(line ringing)
(Bree) Hello?
Bree. Its me.
Its on.
(Bree) Great. See you tomorrow.
Dramatic music
(distant siren wailing)
(Jeremy) Your take
is the same as Brees
20% of my haul.
Will deposit to your account
same day it hits mine.
Thank you for your
truth, Buddha Ray.
See you soon.
Your take is 25% of my haul,
same as Buddha Rays.
Will deposit to your account
the day it hits mine.
I will always love you.
See you soon.
Dramatic music
I dont think
well ever be back.
Well send for them.
What kind of man would leave
before his daughters born?
All I feel is greed.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Keep
it together, people.
Come on.
We got to keep it together.
There will be no
contact on this plane.
Board separately,
fly quietly,
and dont speak to each other.
Ill page you when we land.
Like Marshall said, keep
your emotions in check.
- Well be fine.
- (P.A.) Your attention, please.
We are now boarding EuroTravel
Air Flight 1179 to Geneva.
Please have your boarding
pass and identification ready.
As CFO of this bank,
I need to know where our
$80 million is right now.
The funds are sitting
in a clearinghouse bank.
Lets just reverse it.
Its our money. They
have to do that.
No, they dont.
The receiving bank
controls the funds.
We need to find our money
before its pushed overseas.
A nationwide alert. Something.
Dramatic music
(Danny speaking indistinctly)
I love you.
What are you doing, Danny?
Calling my wife. Shes pregnant.
(Jeremy) Oh. Okay.
So, listen,
I need you to do me a favor.
As soon as we get on the plane,
I need you to cut off
my ankle bracelet.
Yeah. Yeah.
What did you do, Danny?
I think you need to run.
- (officer 1) Guys, get this guy.
- (officers shouting)
(officer 2) Guys, get this guy.
(officers shouting)
(officer 3) Jeremy Horne,
youre under arrest.
(officer 4) Hands
behind your back.
(officer 5) Hold it!
- (officer 6) Freeze!
- (Marshall) Oh, shit!
(officer 7) Alright,
guys, thats enough.
Alright, guys,
show me your hands.
(officer 8) Let
me see your hands.
Show me your hands.
(Danny) Im telling you.
It is going down in two days.
What do I do?
(agent) Look, son, we
really need to know
if what youre
telling us is real.
First, Im not your son.
I didnt mean it like that.
I would not be sitting
here if this wasnt real.
So learn my name.
Its Daniel Pugh.
I have an IQ of 140.
And I work at
First National Bank
of Chicago in Check
Clearing on the night shift.
Yes, and I can be lazy as hell.
And there are things I can
and will do with my life.
But right now,
after six years
making $3.35 an hour,
my wife is having a baby.
And I want to move them
from the shitty place that
I live to a better life.
So I need this money.
But were going to get caught,
and hes going to
ruin our lives.
if you want information
on Jeremy Horne,
Im going to need a little
bit more than a coupon
to a Ponderosa Steakhouse!
I believe every
word youre saying.
(Danny) Thats him.
Jeremy Horne is a
criminal mastermind.
He has an ability to convince
anyone to do just
about anything.
And he convinced
you and your friends to steal.
(agent 2) Lets just go
pick up Horne right now.
(agent 3) Sure,
we can arrest him.
But a judge will toss
out an indictment
unless he moves the money.
So what do I do?
Do everything as planned.
But we need Hornes words
on tape for a conviction.
Dont deviate from the plan.
Are we clear?
(coin jingles, dial tone)
(Danny) Its me.
Yeah, the tape recorder is
going to be under the bed.
I know a lot of Black
folks who are locked up.
(agent) I got it.
(Jeremy) The transfer
went through.
The funds are on
the way to Geneva.
Bingo. We have it.
So if I help you...
(man, over radio) All
units, suspects spotted
at the International
Terminal, gate six.
Go, go, go.
I want a deal for me and
my friends in writing,
signed by the head
of this office
and the U.S. Attorney.
Are we clear?
(officer 1) Alright,
guys. Show me your hands.
(officer 2) Hands up!
(agent) Show me your hands.
Were clear.
We got to cuff you to
make this look real
(indistinct shouting)
(officer 3) You have the
right to remain silent.
His name is Jeremy Horne.
He was the ring leader.
We dont have the names
of all those involved
in the case at this time.
But what is clear
is that a plan was
concocted by Horne
to steal $80 million from
First National Bank of Chicago.
(reporter) You havent said
what happened to the money.
Was it returned?
(agent) Were working to recover
most of the money.
(reporter) You said
"most of the money."
Are you saying that not
all of it was recovered?
Lets say in the world
of money transfers,
its complicated.
(reporter) So what else
do you want the public
to know about this crime?
People have the right to
know whats going on here.
Did Jeremy Horne
show any remorse?
- (gavel bangs)
- (judge) Order!
Order in the court!
Jeremy Horne, how do you plead?
(Jeremy) Your Honor,
Im only guilty...
of being caught.
Dramatic music