Heli (2013) Movie Script

Watch out!
Hold his legs.
Hold tight!
Lift him!
Let's go!
Move it! Get in!
Let me see who it is.
Good morning,
I am from the census bureau.
Are you the head of the family?
I guess so.
We are carrying out
a nationwide census,
and I need to ask you a few questions.
It will only take 5 minutes.
Can I come in or should we do it here?
Here is fine.
What's your name?
- Heli Alberto Silva.
- I just need your first name.
- Heli?
- With an H.
Are you employed?
What's your profession?
I work at the Hiro plant.
At the car factory?
Automobile industry.
Do you work full time?
Yes, the night shift.
Are you looking for work?
Another job?
How many people live here?
Four of us.
My dad, my sister,
my wife, the baby.
Make that five!
- Do you have tap water?
- Yes.
Washing machine?
No, my wife washes.
- Refrigerator?
- Yes.
How many bedrooms?
Level of education?
High school.
Any disabled people in the household?
Well, no.
That's all, thanks.
How did it go?
Sabrina left you some dinner.
Do you want the radio?
No, I'm going to take a nap.
Don't get caught.
During lunch break.
See you, then.
What are you doing?
Explanation of social processes,
communication, conflicts,
decision-making, cooperation...
That sort of thing.
I don't remember any of that.
At your age,
I probably won't either.
It's 1 am. Don't overdo it.
Well, I'm off to bed.
Good night.
Good night.
You frightened it.
Do you like the puppy?
Yes, a lot.
Here, let me hold it.
Hold on.
You want to stop?
I think so.
Don't you love me?
I do.
I have to go to training.
Can I come and see you?
It's not allowed.
Do they make you do
very difficult things?
It's easy!
But some can't hack it. Not me.
What do you have to do?
If you want I can show you
how strong I am.
I hope they let me keep it.
It looks much better now.
Have you started having sex again?
Why not?
I haven't wanted to, doctor.
Where did you find it?
Abandoned next to the garambulla cactus.
What are you going to call it?
So, you've even named it.
Will you buy it food?
It can eat leftovers.
Where will you keep it?
In the yard, then on the roof.
She's in her bedroom
I'm in her bedroom
She's in her bed
I'm in her bed
I can't hear you!
Hit the floor, hit it!
Harder, gentlemen!
I'm in her bedroom
She's in her bed
I'm in her bed
She started crying
Don't be such pussies!
Feeling sick, Beto?
Did you puke?
How many rounds have you done?
This is my fourth.
Do another 6 and you'll be done.
OK? Off you go.
The other way.
Roll toward your puke.
Go on, Beto!
Keep going!
Keep rolling, right over your puke!
Go back!
Keep rolling!
Stop right there!
The exercise is over for you.
That's enough, crazy bastards!
That's enough?
Say the number.
I'm asking you the fucking number,
little fag!
That's it!
Want some water?
Answer me. Some water?
Let's give him some water!
The customer always gets
what he wants!
Here's your water.
Do you want more water?
See you later.
I'm going soon.
OK, sweetie.
Can I tell you something?
How did you know that Heli was the one?
The one for what?
To be your boyfriend, and all that.
Are you in love?
I don't know. Maybe.
Just don't be skipping school.
How old is he?
His name is Beto.
He's a bit old for you.
How did it go yesterday?
What did they teach you?
Special techniques,
but I can't tell you.
Do you love me?
Yes, and you?
A lot.
Then why won't you go
all the way with me?
I don't know. I'm scared.
Of getting in trouble?
Yes, or getting pregnant.
I don't want to right now.
The puppy is enough for now?
What did you name it?
Do you want to see something?
Wait here.
Oh shit!
I didn't know that damn dog was there.
What did you want to show me?
Something I was told about.
What is it?
You wouldn't believe me.
Of course I would.
Just tell me!
Tell me.
They found a UFO.
Was there anyone inside?
A goblin who killed the alien.
I'm serious!
Will you marry me?
Yes, of course!
We wouldn't live here, though.
Then I don't know.
Alright. Let's get married.
Introduce him to us!
Sorry, he's my property.
Rent him then!
Good afternoon, dear public.
Today, we are carrying out
the destruction of 22 tons of marihuana,
7 tons of cocaine,
3881 counterfeit products,
including CDs and DVDs,
as well as 10 slot machines.
With these actions,
the federal government
reaffirms its commitment
to an environment
of juridical stability,
in which the people are confident
that they can rely on
government institutions.
An environment which guarantees rights
and the protection of property
by the enforcement of the law.
Thank you very much.
I have a damn flat tire.
Too bad, you'll have to walk.
See you.
Excuse me, dog.
Come up!
Tomorrow I will sell it
but we need a place to hide it
until then.
What then?
Then, we'll go to Zacatecas
and get married.
Come here so I can kiss you.
Who's there?
It's me.
Who jumped?
- No one.
- Liar!
He was a friend.
What were you doing here?
Let go of me!
Heli! Estela!
What's going on?
- I'll be waiting for you here.
- Seriously?
Don't step out of the school.
Give me your mobile.
You're being really mean to me!
I'm back.
We're out of water!
I'll check!
I'm going out.
Where to?
To pick some prickly pears,
I'll be back soon.
I'm meeting Rosalinda later.
Will you take Santiago?
Do you want to confess to me
or to the police?
Let me go!
Where are the packages?
I threw them away!
Let me go!
You've ruined everything!
I don't think so.
Open it!
Son of a bitch!
I hate you!
I'm going to marry Beto!
And I'll never come back!
I really hate you!
Aren't you going to work?
I've locked up Estela.
Because of her boyfriend?
You need to go to work
or they'll fire you.
Go, even if you're late.
My dad's here.
Let's take this door down!
Hands up!
Don't move!
Freeze, fucking dog!
Don't move, you idiot!
I can explain everything!
Where are the packages?
I'm asking you!
Where are the packages?
I'm asking you!
Don't move, you idiot!
What are you looking at, fucker?
Into the truck, you prick!
Get in, I don't have all day!
It wasn't me!
He will take us
where he threw them!
Let's go!
Keep your eyes ahead, asshole!
Don't worry, little girl, it won't hurt.
- Don't touch her!
- Keep still!
Don't move, bastard!
Keep still!
He stole them.
Shut the fuck up
or I'll shoot you, son of a bitch!
Don't touch me,
please don't touch me!
You're screwed now.
- Don't leave him here!
- Keep still!
So don't you feel a bit lighter?
as if you were more present?
I resent Heli a little bit.
Because he took me away
from my family,
my friends, my home...
How's that?
Well, he didn't force me.
We fell in love.
He refused to live in Durango
and we moved here with his family.
That's far.
Yes, it is.
Don't they come to visit you?
My mom doesn't like Heli.
Just because he took me so far away.
You'd like to have a profession.
That's what's troubling you.
I'd like to be a nurse, like my mom.
You'll have a long professional career.
That will bring you
spiritual satisfaction.
As long as you follow the right path.
You're from Durango?
Now you'll get to know God
in the land of the damned.
This bastard isn't out yet.
Good evening.
Pay more attention, you fool!
- Which one is Alberto?
- This one.
- Please, let us go.
- Shut up!
Don't hit him!
Which one do you want, blonde?
Where are you taking her?
In you go, bastard!
It didn't work.
That's right.
Hold it.
You're really fucked now,
son of a bitch!
My sister!
- What have you done to her?
- Shut up!
Just like Christmas presents.
Hey man, pass me a beer.
Get one for me too.
Damn it, man.
- Maruchan.
- Don't fuck with me.
Give me all three.
No way, man.
Damn cheapskate.
Fucking girl, fag.
For messing around
with others' property.
These guys are worthless.
That's for being a smart ass.
That's for being a smart ass.
You rat.
Why so gentle?
Hold on, I'm just getting started.
This is an inquisition, buddy!
He's passed out.
Does it hurt nice, comrade?
Are you sorry now?
Here, Guayo.
Take it!
I don't feel like it.
Guayo, you damn fag.
Here, Morocho.
It's your turn now.
Open your eyes
so you don't miss the show.
What did this one do?
Who knows.
Take a look so you can tell everyone
what happens to rats.
Record it, man.
We'll put it on YouTube.
What is that? It doesn't smell.
I don't know, they gave it to me.
The cock has crowed.
Pass it here.
Careful, it's loaded.
He stinks of burnt shrimp!
Now it's your turn, princess.
Grab him!
You're going to like this!
Didn't you see what a great time he had?
We don't burn this one.
Just a little taste.
Today's your lucky day.
Hold his legs!
Leave him there.
Let's go!
Yes, honey.
We've been here for a while...
Hold on.
We need to find Estela.
How many were there?
Dressed in special police force uniforms,
in a black SUV.
Was it a numbered vehicle?
I don't know.
Is this the right way?
Any idea where they took your sister?
We'll see to your injuries soon, honey.
Let's first see
if we can find your father.
A mountain lion or a puma
may have taken him.
A puma?
Yeah, right!
There are pumas here!
One was run over a while back.
It hurts a lot?
Do not move.
Let's see... Up you go.
Don't hurt him.
How are you?
I brought pictures of Estela.
Very well.
Let's pick up where we left off.
Why did they take all of you?
I don't know.
The men arrived.
They were soldiers or policemen.
They shot your father
and took you all.
Your dad worked at the Hiro plant.
Was he involved in any illegal activities,
as far as you know?
You're lying.
About what?
My dad just worked at the Hiro plant.
But apparently, he shot first.
They broke in.
It was self-defense!
Could you take us to the place
where they were holding you?
It's about an hour away from my house.
Aberto Rios is the young man
who was found hanging from the bridge.
How long had you known him?
I didn't know him.
I didn't even know his name.
Could you take us?
To the bridge?
No, to the place
where they were holding you.
If you don't cooperate,
we can't help you.
Better tell us the truth.
I couldn't see where we were going.
We need your signature here.
To back up what you are telling us.
Then we can take it to a judge
and proceed with the case.
What is this?
It's an official statement.
If I sign this, I'll be saying
my dad was a criminal.
No, if you sign
we'll be able to find your sister.
It was dark.
They kept my head down.
Like this.
Abandoned in the municipality
of Piedra Parada,
placed upon the hood
of their own patrol car,
three severed heads were found.
We only know
that they were males.
The bodies found inside the vehicle
were dressed
in special forces uniforms,
with 2 written signs next to them
thought to be addressed to
criminal groups operating in the region.
The municipal prosecutor
read one of them.
"You'll all end up like these guys.
I'm after you, Goyo. "
Followed by the initials in quote marks,
According to authorities,
this could be the result
of score settling
among organized crime groups.
The identity of the severed heads
is unknown,
although one of them
could be of Captain Mora,
who took part, a week earlier,
- Who's this?
in the burning of confiscated drugs.
Just one moment, please.
It's from work. Are you in?
Hello, Heli.
Don't be scared,
we were waiting for you.
You didn't give us your number,
otherwise we'd have called you.
How are you?
We need to talk to you.
It can be here or wherever you choose.
I'd prefer somewhere else.
I'll just let her in.
- Will you be back for dinner?
- Yes.
Let's see what they want.
What did they say?
They asked me to sign a statement.
But I blew them off.
What about Estela?
No news.
What the hell would they know?
I made you some huitlacoche tacos.
They're in the fridge.
I'm not hungry.
Can you turn it off?
Of course.
I miss my dad.
Stop it or you'll get too excited.
Don't get mad.
This is Heli Silva.
Detective Maribel?
Hello, Heli.
What did you want to tell us?
About my sister...
The kid they hanged was her boyfriend.
Was he?
And he had stashed some packages
in our water tank.
Packages of what?
Why are you telling me this now?
It's been weighing on me.
And if I don't say the truth, who knows
what might happen to my sister.
If she's still alive.
You need all the information
to find her, don't you?
Yes, that's right.
We need to open a new case file
and send a motion to the proper judge.
What for?
Because it's a cold case by now.
We need to open a new one
with this information.
If I had told you
the stuff was in my house
you'd have thought
we were criminals.
How long have you been married?
For a year in February.
You're just getting started.
I almost got married some time ago.
But a younger cadet stole him away
from me.
Do you want some?
Come here.
Don't be shy.
Don't you like it, or what?
I don't know.
Are you gay?
What's up with you, fucking idiot?
I feel bad because of you.
Don't speak of feeling bad.
You must feel great here
without my dad or Estela.
I want to go away
and leave you alone for a while.
Let's go on the Ferris Wheel!
The bastards fired me.
What are we going to do?
I'll get another job, what else?
How nice of them.
Just when your father's job insurance
Open wide.
Can you sit up, Estela?
Take a deep breath.
Breathe out.
Once again.
Beware that in this case
an interruption is not possible.
You'd have to travel to another state.
What do you mean, doctor?
An abortion.
But I can check up on her
once a week.
I'd only charge you 150 pesos per visit.
Why won't she speak?
It must be the trauma
the poor girl experienced.
We can send her
to a mental health specialist.
Where were they holding you?
Your friends want to talk to you.
Don't you want to talk to them anymore?
It seems she's not even going
to talk to us.
Don't worry.
Just rest.
We'll eat soon, OK?