Helium (2014) Movie Script

Sorry if I woke you up.
- Where is Larsen?
- I don't know any LarsenLarsen.
- My first day here.
- You are quite clumsy.
- My little brother liked those too.
- How old is he?
I remember he had one like that,
a really cool old russian one.
The one up there is russian, too.
- Ouch!
- Just a second.
- Hello again.
- Hello.
- Do you think your brother is in heaven?
- Sorry?
Isn't he dead?
That's a long time ago.
People say, I will go to heaven.
- Who says that?
- Everyone. The doctors.
And my mom and dad.
Mostly my mom.
They say, I will be asleep for a long time,
like the bears in winter.
I don't really want to
sleep that long.
No. Sounds like a long nap.
I think, heaven looks like a boring place.
I'm not so sure about that.
At least there's a lot of
space there.
But it looks a bit lonely.
- Is Alfred behaving well?
- Absolutely.
- Say good-bye.
- Hi hi.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
Have you ever heard about Helium?
- The stuff inside of balloons?
- Yes.
- Where do you think it comes from?
- I don't know.
Helium is completely it's own world.
Magical and like a fairy tale,
so you won't believe your eyes.
- Everything feels light and floating.
- I don't know that.
It is strange.
One wakes up in Helium
after the long sleep.
Before that, they say, you are flown
there with the Helium Express.
What Express?
It's very much like that big airship
there. They are almost the same.
- What about the cabin?
- The cabin?
- Yes. Is it red?
- Yes. Precisely.
With a lion's head in front
and wings along the sides?
It's exactly that way,
that I remember it.
- Like this?
- Like as two peas.
I knew there was a different place than
Heaven. Hvad else is there in Helium?
I have to work again.
- Tomorrow?
- You promise?
- Yes, of course. Seeya.
- Seeya.
And there we have Enzo.
- What's the dog's name?
- Red... of course.
That's the secret code
for the airship's captain-
- so he knows, which children
are going with him to Helium.
I'm right out there. If there is
something, you call, all right?
Where is Helium?
Helium is right on the other side
of those clouds there.
The sick children are taken there
so they can become strong again.
The air on Helium is actually
different than here on Earth.
It's much cleaner and lighter.
So you feel healthy and strong.
Almost floating.
The people on Helium live in houses,
that are kept up -
- by balloons and airships.
There's an old tree house hanging there,
waiting for you to come, Alfred.
There's the greenest lawn -
- and you can play football
every afternoon.
When the sun goes down -
- you climb on your chimney
with your favorite toys -
- and nobody can disturb you.
- Yes, a little.
- Do you give a cup of coffee?
Thanks... oops, darn.
I guess I'm not
the born janitor.
I think, you're a
much better poet.
Alfred is really cheering up,
since he met you.
Isn't there anything
one can do?
The first two months he was
always in that swing.
- Where is he?
- He has been moved.
His condition becam worse.
We had to move him.
- Can I see him?
- You can't.
He's in intensive care.
It's only for the family.
- But we're not done with the story yet.
- I know that.
You have to accept the hospitals
rules about privacy.
I gotta go, seeya.
- How can I help you?
- I'm about to fetch some buckets.
I just need to see some ID.
That card isn't good
for this ward.
Oh. Well, bye.
Hi, Alfred.
How is the Express supposed
to know, where I am -
- when Red is punctured?
We make a new balloon dog.
That won't be the same.
This is just a balloon anyway.
The important thing is,
what you have in here and up there.
There is nobody,
who can tkae that from you. That's yours.
I'll make a new dog.
- He must be here somewhere.
- I'll have a look.
We better be quiet.
I'm afraid.
I don't want to go to Helium.
I want to stay here with you
and mom and dad.
Alfred, didn't I tell you,
who is waiting in the old tree house?
- Who?
- All those who aren't here anymore.
- My grandma and my granddad?
- Yes, of course.
How about your little brother? Is he there?
The we could play together.
Yes. He's there too, for sure.
Close your eyes, Alfred.
I will tell you about
the magical night in Helium.
You will almost not
believe your eyes.
You see... In Helium the air consists
af krystalpaof crystal particlesrtikler -
- which at night are glowing
in all kind of colours.
But I told you, that you can't
just walk in there.
- He needs a new dog.
- Okay.
- I'll make sure, that he gets a new one.
- It's important.
I understand.
How can you live with a job like this?
Because I can't help it.
It's just how it is with you.
Listen. You helped him more
than you know.
- You have.
- I just give him some lies.
No, you give him hope.
Get some sleep.
I need to see him just five minutes.
I can't.
I might lose my job for it.
I have to tell him the ending.
The write it.
Write the ending,
and I will read it for him.
Where is Enzo? I don't know how
I get on board of the Express.
Now Red is in place again.
You have to tell me, what will happen,
when the Express is coming.
Just tell me,
how I get on board.
The fog is tight now in the town.
You can only see a few meters ahead.
There is a creeching behind the fog.
Suddenly the front of the Express
bursts out.
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