Hell Bank Presents: Running Ghost (2020) Movie Script

Go, go, go!
Excuse me, was it a score?
He knew something was wrong
Yet he went ahead to pick up his phone
He's doomed
He could've gotten away
But he chose to scare the crap out of himself
The living
are just idiots
Well said
That's lit
Our competition is about to begin
Proudly presented by JP Morbid
Star ducks Coffins
And CemeteryPlex Cinemas
Running Ghost
Scaring Contest
With amazing prizes
We received over 260 million applications
Go to the living's world
And pass a series of scaring challenges
And you'll win
A chance to be resurrected
Come! Resurrection awaits
After the commercial break
We'll announce the six selected contestants
As the saying goes
Every ghost knows
It takes forever to be reincarnated
Some have been waiting for centuries
Now is your chance!
Join the Running Ghost Competition!
The champion wins a resurrection pass
Choose your preferred time and place
To resurrect and
finish your unfinished business
You only need to pass three challenges
Make a person faint
Possess a person
Scare a person to death
The champion is set to be
Sign up for JP Morbid's
Running Ghost Competition now!
Terms and conditions apply
Is there any
Life achievement you can share with us?
I was really awesome
I sold fried chitterlings
And had many returning customers
Chitterlings should taste like chitterlings
Shall I fry some for you to try?
The Labour Department of Hell provides
Customised services
We will find you a matching job
And we take training seriously too
Your previous chitterling frying experience
Opens you to a bright future here
Therefore we will recommend
You to work at the 16th level of Hell
To fry those scumbags
So what will I fry?
When you get there
You will start from tongue extraction
Thank you
The rundown's wrong
Hold on
-Do your thing first
-Got it
What's the fuss?
Come have a look
He's dying
Stop kidding me
He's a ghost
Can't feel pain
Hang in there
You're next
He's getting worse
What should we do?
I know!
Makeup artist
You're right here! Doll him up
I can't
He's melting away
They are ushering him out of hell
Do you have any lifetime achievement
Can you share with us?
I used to install internet cables
I was really fast
Installing internet cables?
Most people don't understand
They think it's very easy
But it's not
It's about speed
And distance
Gotta use eight core wire
It's the best
Because eight core vs four...
Actually here in Hell
Is fully covered by WiFi already
Internet cable installation is not needed
It's ok
Let's start over
Do it again
Delete and start over
Do you have any lifetime achievement
Can you share with us?
The how did you pass away section
Why is it blank?
Don't remember
How come, kiddo
The most important thing
In life
Is to know how we die
How can you forget?
I don't remember
Three minutes
I let you jog your memory
Brought to you by JP Morbid
Star ducks Coffins
And CemeteryPlex Cinemas
Running Ghost Scare You To Death Competition
Will announce
The first contestant
He's capable of sneakily
Hiding in the street
To trip people into traffic
Jack the Tripper!
Wow... Awesome
Everybody knows
When we're alive
We got tripped over all the time
It was this guy
Pulling your legs
Let's give a big hand
To Jack the Flippin' Tripper
What should we do
You two, think now!
I know!
I can cover the mantra by singing
It'll work
Sing then, hurry up
I wasn't a good singer, feeling nervous now
Wherever you go...
I did a Richard Marx already
Hello, May
I'm David Fatcher
A contestant has just reincarnated
We need someone to replace him quickly
Otherwise boss will blame us
Mr Wong, listen up
I have a great job for you
I didn't like hard work when I was still alive
So now that I'm here
I'd like to take it easy
Mr Wong
Look over there
You have two choices
Get lost through that door
As if nothing happened
End of the story
You're back as a lonely ghost
Wandering around
Or stride on this boulevard
With this offer
Those questions in your head
Will all be answered
Ahead of you lies a winding
Yet opportunities-filled road
I'm not sure if I could handle it
Mr Wong
Look into my eyes
I believe in you
You'll make it
She has faith in you
Really, this job
Deserves someone better
I'm not up for it
I'll pass
I'm so sorry
(Sending to backstage)
For wasting your time
Welcome on board
Good to have you here
You look like you've got guts
Before a superhero
Becomes a superhero
They would look just like you
Huh what?
When we call your name
Just walk up there
No way
There're so many people
Just walk up there?
Then what?
Should I go instead?
When you are out there
I'll back you up. Don't worry
Let me introduce our fifth contestant
He is
Wong Hiu Kwai
Your turn, go!
Wong Hiu Kwai
Was 27
Dead 22 days ago
Was a graduate in I His specialty is...
Hiding internet cables perfectly
Don't you get it?
It means he's a concealment expert
Think about it
Suspended ceilings
And pipes, are like the back of his hand
Those are basics to scaring people
Give him a big round of applause
Yo, Wong Hiu Kwai
You're a big boy
Done anything you can show off?
Show off
Going to work
And then
Going home
-And then?
-Going to work
-And then
-Going home
Wow, what a talent
That's lit
Let's give a big hand
To Wong Hiu Kwai
Our final contestant
The audience's favourite
Let's give a big hand to
Brother Mad
Brother Mad... Brother Mad...
Brother Mad was 38
Died 20 years ago
He was the boss of Suet Kee
He could take down a 100 men
Survived two dozens gunshots
But he was ambushed by his own men
Who mixed acid in his shampoo
His face was destroyed
And died of excessive blood loss at the ER
But fortunately
He has since mastered
The unique ability of face-changing
Far better than the maestros from China!
Brother Mad... Brother Mad...
You are everyone's favourite
Brother Mad
Can you show us your trick please
Brother Mad... Brother Mad...
Everyone knows how good I am
Shut your pie hole
Please stay tuned for our updates
May I ask our staff
To give our contestants
A smart watch sponsored by Fat Bit
Brother Mad... Brother Mad...
Put it on
Chop chop
Brother Mad... Brother Mad...
Yo, kiddo, looking for me?
You've picked the wrong guy, sir
Such intelligent competition
Isn't for me
It's for old hands like you
I'm totally hopeless
I'll find another job
And wait to be reincarnated
You said I picked the wrong person?
Hop in!
Let's go
I picked you for a reason
Not again
Lots of folks have no idea why they died
They arrive in hell
Totally clueless
You're one of them
You know how I died?
You will remember eventually
Heroes shouldn't die so young
Believe in yourself
Win the competition
Then you can choose the time
To be resurrected
In our lifetime
There must be regrets
To be redeemed
So you're saying
I have to work again
No thanks
If nothing changes
I'd rather wait for reincarnation
It's a common problem in young generation
Look at yourself
Scruffy. Typical softy
Obviously a great man
If you want to reincarnate
By normal means
You could die a few times more
And still be queuing
I can assure you
The queue for reincarnation
is longer than that for social housing
I'm getting you a fast pass
After winning, you can go back there
To finish your unfinished business
See your loved ones
To see Bo Yee
How's that
Who do you miss?
How about this?
Let's pop by the living's world
If not when?
Let's go to Ian Kwai Fong
Where're you going
Isn't it nice to be alive
You only need to be thick-skinned
To grab a hot chick
I'm a civil servant
Otherwise I'd have joined the competition
Well then
Take this watch
No way
Among the six contestants
You've been dead the shortest
I'm here to teach you how to use the apps
So you won't mess up the competition
I don't understand
To scare people
You must choose the right target
Also, to be able to see us
This guy must be down on luck
What does that mean?
That's what it means
Listen carefully
Have you ever
Tried scaring someone
But it didn't work?
Have you ever
Stood in front of a guy
Yet he couldn't see you?
Helps you search for
The unlucky people in Hong Kong
No more hitting on wrong targets
In the shortest time
And distance
Find your best hapless guy
Scare on the go
But if we scare people so openly
Won't everyone see us
If everybody could see us
The world would fall apart
Where are you?
Here stupid
I've already told you
Only unlucky people can see us
How about this
Try out the app
When the competition starts
You'll be notified
This guy is down on luck
Try scaring him
You stupid fool
Get your hands off my grandson
I've been sticking around for over 30 years
Just to look after my grandson
You stupid fool want to mess with him?
I'm going to kill you!
Get lost!
I'm sorry
Stupid fool
Don't touch my grandson
Or I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!
Don't ever touch my grandson again!
What the hell
That General Bull
Why should I care about people's luck
I'm just a newbie in hell
How can I beat those old hands
Chow Bo Yee
You've said that you like dandelion
This is for you
Thank you, Hiu Kwai
So you're giving me flowers
Wong Hiu Kwai
My mom doesn't allow me to date
She says I'm too young
to have a boyfriend
How did your mom read my mind
What did you say
I said it's good to have a mom
Let's go
It's water under the bridge
You can't step back in time
I'm here for you
Cheer up, dear
Who are you?
Why are you here?
Sit down
Don't cry
You don't understand
It's been over ten years
I just can't get over it
It's really hard for me to take
Bo Yee
I never thought you'd miss me so much
It's already history
Stop brooding
I think the house should be sold ASAP
Come to my office tomorrow
Just sign the papers
You bastard
Tell Bo Yee to sell the house
I will beat you to pulp
What's happening
Why can't I hit you
Don't cry
This is...
For you
You said you've been having nightmares
With this
All those terrifying things
Will be caught
Can you hear me, come to me, my love
Can you hear me, come to me, my love
Can you hear me, come to me, my love
Can you hear me, come to me, my love
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
It finally works!
Let go of me!
I don't want to be your pet
Let you go?
I've tried really hard to catch you
Why should I let you go
I'm an evil spirit
I'll haunt you
If you don't let me go
Evil spirit?
You look more like
A lost sheep to me
Ok, fine
Just let me go
I'll let you off
If you do me a favour
Ok, hurry up
Untie you, untie you now
Nice to meet you young lady
Any questions on future, or boys
Ask Magic Mirror or Magic Wand
I've got to go
Then what are you
Magic Mushroom
See ya
Where're you going?
I don't have time
I have an important mission
You've watched too many movies
Want to scare me with this?
Look at your feet
Are you crazy!
Turn it off
Scared, aren't you
Tell me what important mission you're on
Ok ok
Turn it off first
You're nuts
I see, it's your high school sweetheart
You have to win the competition
To return to life
and see her again
I didn't know a girl can be prettier
Without makeup
I didn't know that ghosts look like this either
I just died 22 days ago
I don't have much power
Hmm, with your looks
Don a uniform
When people see you
They'll think you're just a cable guy
They won't be frightened
You're in luck
To have met me
I don't know you that well
If you need help
Just say it
Just so you know
Don't make me work hard
It's not hard
Let's go shopping at Lane Crawl foot first
This one
This one
I'll take this one
And this too
If I burn these for you
Can you really receive them
How do I know
No one has burnt anything for me
I was orphaned since young
My parents didn't come back
To tell me if they received anything
What's that
There's a QR code
Excuse me, what's that?
The living has AliPay
The dead has HelliPay
Here is one billion
It's not eco-friendly to burn banknotes
Burn this here, cash out in hell
It's so convenient
Who came up with this idea
I'll take it then
It's my idea
May I ask, sir
Can the deceased really receive them
It depends on
The sender's sincerity
Remember to write their name
Then shout
"Get your stuff!"
Right, what's your name
Wong Hiu Kwai
This should be sincere enough
(Old friend Wong Hiu Kwai)
I'll burn you the stuff now
Get your stuff, Wong Hiu Kwai
It works
Why did you burn me a hoverboard
So that you can float around
It's a special trait for ghosts
That's true
What's your name
My name is Chiu Ling Kay
You're so nosey
Eat up
I know what you need
Wait for me here
Where're you going
Wait here
Don't go anywhere
Hello, Mr Wong
The competition will start soon
They told me to get you on stand-by
Right, Chung!
Here's a roast meat rice, take it
Why not?
Take it
You deserve it
Hey...what's his name
It's Wong Hiu Kwai, Director
The competition will begin soon
Let's shoot a tag first
What's his name again
Wong Hiu Kwai, Director
If you win
Which day will you pick to be resurrected
Me too
Can't wait, Director
Ok, rolling
Back to the day...
We made a pinky promise
What's missing
A wee bit
Just a little
Lacking... Lacking emotion
The emotion is missing!
Go help him
Got it. Hold this
I'll help you
This face will do
Ok, ready
I don't want to be like this all my life
I have to resurrect to protect her
I want to go back to the pinky promise day
Ok, good take, that's a wrap
-Let's go
-Let's go
Come on
From now on, you must reach your full potential
Have your eyes on the prize
I'll train you up
The screen is too small, I can't see
That's better
Now show me everything you've learned
I heard that during WWII,
The dorm was a mass grave
Tonnes of people died
No way
But it's been ages
They should have reincarnated already
There's more
Last year, a female student
Killed herself here
Jumped off this dorm apparently
Scary, huh?
You sure it's a girl?
It's a girl
I'm going to take off now
I need a shower
What's wrong
She's scared isn't she
Such a scaredy-cat
No reaction?
Can't she see me
Can't even go through the wall
There's a ghost!
You're such a loser
You missed such a great opportunity
People let down their guards
When they are in the shower
You could've just gone inside
She would have passed out
I don't know why
I felt dizzy inside the bathroom
Do you want to win?
You've got to toughen up
What're you doing?
I want to know what scares ghosts
And what scares the living
So with my help
You'll surely win
Let alone ghosts
Everyone will be scared
What about this
it's just a water gun
Loaded with boy's pee
A few drops
And you're finished
Let alone ghosts
Everyone will be scared
Water gun, flashlight, dream catcher
All need to be blessed to scare ghosts
Don't you have better things to do
What's the matter
Where're you going
Hey Chung
What's going on
I thought something was thrown down
Turned out it's you
You're dead, why do you still jump
Is it your hobby?
Leave me alone
Of course I won't
After all you've had my roast pork bento set
Every day at this hour
I will feel absolutely useless
I felt like I've let everyone down
I don't get you
You dared to kill yourself
Why can't you face your problems
Some people aren't good looking
They're shy, got no friends
Typical computer geeks
On festive days
They go on forum and it makes their day
But you're totally different
You're young and handsome
You went to top school
I thought going to school
Day after day
Was meaningless
But after killing myself
I'm still repeating routines
And even ended up at the lowest level of hell
Every day I must repeat my suicide
Clock in at the 18th level of hell
When can I stop repeating
How about this
Join the competition
If you win
Don't live a routine life again
Forget it
Those who committed suicide don't qualify
Go for it
You can return
To get your loved one back
I don't even know if I'll pass the first round
You shuttle between the living's world and hell
When you have your break
Can you help me
You won't say no right, buddy
That's lit
Our competition is about to begin
Let me introduce our four celebrity judges
Our most popular boy band
Big Dang
(Always Penniless)
(African Boy)
(Big Muscles)
(Count Louis)
The first challenge is to Scare Till Faint
What is Scare Till Faint
Contestants must within the given time
Scare their targets till they faint
The fastest four qualify for the next round
Are you ready
Come on everyone
Where's your friend
Right next to me
He just said hello
His name is Chung
Hello, Chung
Let's watch this movie together
Learn the scare tactics
Are you sure
Of course
Why not?
Scare tactics haven't changed for ages
It's always the same stuff
I'm sure it'll work
Hiu Kwai, use the other car
I can't touch things
Let me do it
Get out now
Hi, auntie
We're twins
Come play with us
What do you think of Hiu Kwai's performance
Eight points
Ten points
Eight points
Ten points!
Congratulations to Wong Hiu Kwai!
He qualifies for the next round
Let's see the other
three contestants performance later
Now, let's watch
the interviews of our contestants
If I may
I'll choose to stay home the day I died
Then the bed sheet
Wouldn't have fallen on me
I'll listen to my mom
Study hard
Stay away from bad kids
I don't want to go on with life like this
I want to resurrect so that I can protect her
I'll choose the day we made pinky promise
Should I set the table for your friend
He can't make it
He has to report for duty in hell
But General Bull is here
Why do you only see me
This girl is nice
Ask her to come play with us sometimes
You're thousands years old
Don't mess with little girls
Hiu Kwai
You've made it to the next round
This corn
Is for you
Do you remember what you've promised me
Oh, did |
You promised me
If I teach you how to scare people
You'll help me in return
I can let you go
But you must do something for me
Just let me go
I guess so
You guess?
You promised me
What do you want then
I just want to know
How my dad is doing in hell
Can General Bull help?
I have his photo
His name is Chiu Sai Wing
His date of birth
Is November 1966
Tell her
I'm a busy man
Don't they have psychics
Those who smash tables
And say all sorts of ghost nonsense
They're nothing compared to you
Help me please
I neither smash table
nor change my voice
Listen to my voice
It's like a bull's
I can't fake another voice
Help me please
At least tell me how to find him
There is a way
Go to the 18th level of hell
You're joking right
Does it sound like a joke
I'm serious
Has he found him?
He said he's still looking
It'll take a while
Thank you, Hiu Kwai
Thank you, General Bull
If you have news
Let me know
What else do you want to eat
I'm full
How's General Bull?
He's drunk
Look at that tree
What's so special
There's trash all over it
You're the trash!
Can you see the kite on the tree
It's a kite?
I thought it's just a mouldy newspaper
This kite
Was a gift from my dad
I was his little princess
You bluffed me
You promised me
To fly a kite with me today
But you have a dictation test tomorrow
You need to be home studying
I don't want to
You promised me we'll go today
Saturday is day-off
We can play longer
I don't want to
Let's play for a while
Don't throw tantrums
You won't look pretty if you do
But you must promise daddy
That you'll get 100 for your dictation
Will 99 do
Wow it's so high
Daddy look
Watch out darling
Daddy, daddy
The kite got caught up there
Let's call it a day then
Head home for your homework
No I don't want to
I've only just started
Then what should I do
You can get the kite back
More to the side, daddy
A little bit more, daddy
Just a bit
You're almost there
Watch out, Wing
This kite
Has been hanging on this tree ever since
I feel really guilty
I wish I could see dad once more
To ask him if he blamed me
Don't be silly
Perhaps he has never blamed you
I hope so
Sometimes I wonder
What am I living for
For people that you love
But my loved ones are no longer around
Then.. for...
For letting him know
You're good
And doing well
That's true
Let me tell you a secret
No thanks
Keeping a secret is tough
Look up the tree
See the wishing papers
Since that day
I've been writing on these pieces of papers
The stuff I wanted to tell my dad
Then threw them onto the tree
I believed he would see them
So this tree
Is my own wishing tree
Perhaps it's just as you said
To let him know that I'm well
You should try it too
Try what
Write down your wish
It's tailor made for you
It'll come true
What should I write
You're a big guy, don't be shy
I want to win Bo Yee back
Bo Yee
Hiu Kwai
I won't look, I promise
Hurry up
You have to put your faith in it
Muster your strength
Throw it up hard
To make it come true
You're so lame
You can do it
It's getting chilly now
Autumn is coming soon probably
I don't understand
Why is Wong Hiu Kwai such a useless ghost
If he stays so crappy
he wouldn't be able to find daddy
The special power of a ghost
Is related to the cause of his death
So how did Hiu Kwai die
After days of studying
And researching
My conclusion is
Both you and your friend are ghosts
Every dead body knows
I'm not finished
He can move objects
But you can't
Why so?
I don't know
I guess I'm weak
There're two reasons
First, your death wasn't tragic enough
There's not enough grudge
Do I have to die again?
I'm not done yet
Second, you haven't truly discovered
Your potential
What does that mean
Hang in there. You can do it
No way
It's too high
You can do it
Look outside
You can do it
No I can't
Yes you can
Believe in yourself
No I can't
I can look now
It's ok now
I can't grab it
Let me unleash your potential
Hey look
I just moved that cloud
Look, so many bubbles
I did it again
How awesome
See, so many and so pretty
Aren't you too old to play with bubbles
Carousel's better
It's more fun
Let's go
The carousel has closed
Let's go home
I know you miss your dad
So what
Are you going to be mad whenever
You see people playing with bubbles
That's not right
I'm not like you
You're a lazy bone all your life
Everything is too tough for you
You never try hard enough
What's the point of resurrecting
Do you dare to win Bo Yee back
It's on again
I can...
You can accompany me
Let's have a go
Let's go
Just quietly
Approach your target
Tap his shoulder
Then shout his full name
Hey Andy Lau
I'm not Andy Lau
I'm Wah Dee
Remember me?
"I hate myself for loving you"
Hey, Wah Dee
It's lunch break now
Oh great
This is possession
What comes next
Make him
Absolutely miserable. Unleash mayhem
Best to take his life
Are you ready, contestants?
Off you go
Find your prey
(Possess a person)
Are you Miss Chiu?
I'm Li Chun Shek, your real estate agent
This is my business card
Mr Li Chun Shek
I'll cut to the chase
The thing is
I have some spare money
And want to buy a stigmatized flat
For the priests to collect rental
Any recommendation?
Stigmatized flats are great
High potential return
Miss Chiu
This way please
This flat is incredible
The wife found out about the husband's affair
One night when he was sleeping
She cut his thing off
The husband died in bed from
Excessive blood loss
The wife jumped off the building the next day
-Good right
Has anyone seen any ghost
Do you want another flat?
No need
These priests are fearless
They study exorcism in Vatican
They can practice here every day
You're so right
This way please
Sorry for troubling you
We're here for a viewing
No problem
Miss Chiu
Please come in
Why's there a Xmas tree?
Everything is left untouched
If you like
I can find some cleaners
This flat is quite practical
Rectangular layout
Large living room
The priests can practice here
Did the guy die in this bed
As for the exact spot
I can't say for sure
Shall we look at the kitchen
Do you cook, Miss Chiu?
Are you ok
I'm fine
Maybe I ate too much
Hence the hiccup
The flat makes me feel
Quite uncomfortable
So about the price
Can you negotiate with the owner?
Of course
When I'm back in the office
I can ask them
Shall we go then?
Stop him, quick
Wait, I'm not done yet
There's nothing left to see
I want to check if the taps are running
The priests need water for blessing
I'll wait for you at the door, Miss Chiu
Stall him
I'm almost done
Mi...Miss Chiu
Don't play with the light switch
I didn't play with it
Help me hold the baubles
What's going on
Why are the lights out?
Turn them on
Hold the baubles
Put the baubles back
Put the baubles back
Put the baubles back
I'm scared!
What's that?
Go away
What's going on
What go away
Put the baubles back
There's a ghost!
What ghost?
It's disgusting
Put them back!
Turn on the lights
He's passed out
Possess him now
You're right
Hiu Kwai
Who are you?
It works
Well done!
I made it!
Let's get out of here
Wong Hiu Kwai passed the challenge
Running Ghostthe Final!
It's Brother Mad versus Wong Hiu Kwai!
Try rehearsing first
This is my new girlfriend
I'm officially breaking up with you
Take care
Sorry, you're out
Come on. Watch and learn
This is my new girl
I'm here to ditch you
Don't miss me too much
Then turn around and leave
For better effect
Slap her face too
Isn't it...
Too cruel for Bo Yee
Hey hey
Maybe she's not home
Let's try another day
We're the bad guys
Bad guys don't wait around
Come on
Hey what're you doing
Getting the keys
Hey hey
Stop it
What're you doing
Is it going to work?
When she comes back
And sees such an intense scene
She'll know
What do you mean?
Don't worry
When she comes in
Repeat what I told you
I'm breaking up with you now
Don't miss me too much
Then turn around and leave
What're you doing here
Didn't we just break up yesterday
Stop wasting your time
You're right
I also think...
We don't get along
You may as well pack your things
Also, don't worry about the flat
I'll deal with it
Pack stuff?
I can help
Bo Yee
I'm glad that you broke up
I was also thinking
That you're not over it yet
What're you talking about
I saw you the other night
You're broken hearted
I know it's because...
You miss me
I mean you miss Hiu Kwai
I don't get you
Wong Hiu Kwai
I know you're never over with Hiu Kwai
I know you're sad
But it's ok
Give it some time
Perhaps the dead could rise again
Why do you bring him up
Because he died in my toilet,
The value of my flat dropped by 30%
I worked my neck off
Only to pay for this flat
You should know why I'm sad
I don't understand
Didn't you make pinky promise
To let Hiu Kwai care for you forever?
He beeps you a lot
He beeps me a lot?
Who are you?
He and I had always been
Like brother and sister
It had never changed
Like a big brother
taking care of his little sister
But Wong Hiu Kwai
My mom doesn't allow me to date
She said I'm too young
It's not the time yet
How come your mom could read my mind
How about this
You can be my god brother
I'll be your god sister
As long as you stay by my side
I'll protect you
Let's go
He and I had always been
Like brother and sister
It had never changed
Because he died in my toilet,
The value of my flat dropped by 30%
Why do you bring him up
How is it
The heater keeps acting up
What's wrong with it
No worries
It's probably just loose wires
You're so capable
I thought you're just an IT guy
But you're an electrician too
Just a little bit
Let's get it fixed
Then we'll order a pizza
Sounds good
It's all set
You can turn the power back on
That's fast
Wait till I count to three
Then turn on the power
Are you alright
Where're you going
Hiu Kwai
Wong Hiu Kwai
Stop following me
I can't help you
What's wrong with you
-I didn't say anything
-After all
I'm just a good-for-nothing
I was useless when I was alive
When I'm dead
I'm still as useless
I ain't no hero at all
Get someone else to help you
Are you ok
Just a scratch
That's a relief
Thank you, Hiu Kwai
Where are you going?
Hiu Kwai
Wong Hiu Kwai, wait
Stop following me
I can't help you
You're not that useless
Think about it
You can hoverboard
It's not easy
I know I can't do it
You also
Scare the women till she fainted
Although I did help you
You can possess people too
Most importantly
You can control electricity
How cool is that
Stop comforting me
I know myself very well
You saved my life
So you're really awesome
You must carry on with the competition
Bo Yee has never loved me
It's my wishful thinking
So what's the point
Think again
Are you in this competition
Only for Bo Yee
Wong Hiu Kwai
HK Chief Executive's Residence
Underground cargo lift
What's the matter
It's the address you bugged me for
The location of the 18th level of hell
Thank you, General Bull
No wonder
I always thought something creepy
Is hiding inside CE's residence
Alright then, take care of yourself
If you're in trouble
And need to log in
Remember this password
Mrs Bull
What the heck!
Mrs Bull
What the heck Mrs Bull
No no
Head home first
I've got stuff to do
(18 Levels of Hell Entrance)
(Hell Guard)
May I ask
Is this the way to the 18th level of Hell
You are not allowed here
Get lost
Do me a favour please, sir
I have an Apple 10 here
Don't you try this on me
I'm a dedicated and loyal
Senior Officer of the Hell Government
I have one billion in HelliPay
Is it useful?
Mr Wong, this way please
Watch your step
Thank you
Take care
Thank you
Shush, just come with me
What're you doing here
I'm helping Ling Kay to find her dad
I didn't know the 18th level of hell
Has self service kiosks for punishment
Keep it down
Those sentenced to 18th level
Have to report
at designated time for punishment
There's a computer there
Which may help you find the person you want
That's great then
You will help me out right, buddy
It's very risky
If the guards catch you
They'll suck out all your energy
And you'll vanish into thin air
Wish me luck then
Alright alright
Let's give it a try
18th level of hell
Is so high tech
Stop babbling
Hurry up
They're all tablets
Do you have the password
Of course
I'll be on the look out
Ok. Thank you
What Mistress Bull
No record
At least he's not at the 18th level of hell
Are you done yet
Hold on
Just a sec
Watch your back
Hiu Kwai
Let's go
(Hope to see daddy again)
Hiu Kwai
Who are you?
What happened
He went to the 18th level of hell
For your dad's trace
And got his energy drained out
What shall we do...
He's emptied
Soon, he'll vanish into thin air
What should we...
The energy left in a ghost
Is related to the cause of his death
Hiu Kwai was electrocuted
Perhaps electricity could help him
Move Hiu Kwai into the blue box
Hurry up
Here, Chung
Come on
Is it going to work
I don't know either
Let's see
It's working
Are you ok Hiu Kwai
Ling Kay
Your dad
Is not at 18th level of hell
He must be watching over you from heaven
Think again
Are you in this competition
Only for Bo Yee
I wonder
What am |
Competing for now
Scare you to death, scare you to death
Scare you to death
Scare you to death, scare you to death
Scare you to death
Scare you to death, scare you to death
Scare you to death
Scare you to death, scare you to death
Scare you to death
(We're expert in scaring people)
(Scare the wits out of them)
(With my ghastly face)
(You'll be scared witless)
(Scare you out of the blue)
(No need to wait till Halloween)
(It's the final showdown)
(What will be the challenge)
(Scare someone to death)
(Scare you mom's son to death)
(Who deserves this fate)
(Who's so unfortunate)
(General Bull please)
(Draw the unlucky one)
(Use every way)
(Use deadly trick)
(In the shortest time)
(Scare him dead straight)
(Our unlucky one)
(Who will it be)
(Hope we've never met)
The most anticipated
Final round of our competition begins
We have Brother Mad and Hiu Kwai here
One of them will be resurrected
Now let's invite
General Bull
General Bull...General Bull...
Stay chill everyone
Let's invite General Bull to draw
The unlucky one
Are you ready
The unlucky one, the unlucky one
This girl
Hangs out with ghosts all the time
And brought down her own luck
She reaps what she sowed
She is our unlucky one
General Bull, please hit the gong
General Bull
General Bull...General Bull...
The final begins now
You're finally back
I miss you so much
I'm so sorry
It's my fault
I really want to know how you've been
Whether you blame me for what happened
Silly girl
I've read every one
I wrote this
after getting 99 marks for dictation
This one
I wrote it in the orphanage
It was my first New Year there
Don't leave me again
Have you forgotten
Don't throw tantrums
You won't look pretty if you do
There're still
a lot of things I want to tell you
Wishes won't come true if you say them out loud
Just do as usual
Throw it up there
I'll hear it
That's right
That's the way to go
We'll soon be together again
(To be continued after commercial break)
Wait a moment
Attention please
On Tomb-Sweeping Day
You might have received too many maids
And you can't use them all
Or too many Rolex and jewellery
And you can't wear them all
Sell them on Carousell
You can sell everything
on Carousell
My favourite
Soon we'll be...
Hiu Kwai, Chung
Come down
Why are you not at the competition
The third challenge is to kill you
He's not your dad
He's Brother Mad
Hiu Kwai
Hiu Kwai
Run, Hiu Kwai
Your luck has hit rock bottom
You will die if you stay
Ling Kay
The blessed flashlight
Go get it
Hiu Kwai
I can't do it
It'll burn through you!
I can't hold much longer
It's you who told me to believe in myself
You shrew
I dare you
Hiu Kwai
You can do it
Believe in yourself
I can't do it
Hiu Kwai
Thank you, Ling Kay
Because of you
I finally did something impressive
Thank you
It's a tie
Since there is no winner
We declare that this is a tie
Therefore the prize
Will be carried forward to next year
The next competition
will have two winners
How does that sound?
(LET IT GO - Kwai)
You have to put your faith in it
Muster your strength
Throw it up hard
To make your wish come true
It's you who told me to believe in myself
You can do it
Believe in yourself
Think again
Are you in this competition
only for Bo Yee?
Thank you, Ling Kay
Because of you
I finally did something impressive
Your dad is not at the 18th level of hell
He must be watching over you from heaven