Hell Drivers (1957) Movie Script

- Hey
- Yes?
Er, I'm looking for a job.
Who do I see?
Oh, you're out of luck, chum.
- Who's one, mate?
- It's on now.
I heard you needed drivers. For ballast.
You a ballast driver?
I'm any kind of a driver.
What difference does it make?
That block, first door. Ask for Cartley.
Thanks a lot.
Must be hungry.
Thanks, Terry. Bung it down anywhere.
Lovely work, Jackie-Boy. Lucy loves you.
Oh, you're not Terry.
See you later, Jackie. I thought you were the boy
who was mending my typewriter.
I'm looking for Mr...
Is he expecting you?
I'm looking for a job.
You'll be lucky.
My name's Yately,
Joe Yately.
I met a character called Legoubin.
Oh, you know Leggy?
How is he?
They put a silver plate in his skull.
So I thought there might be a job going.
Why? To get a silver plate put in your skull?
Leggy said there was good money up here.
I'll see what I can do for you.
I heard you needed ballast drivers.
You met Legoubin, is that right?
Did he tell you how much
he cost us in compensation?
He couldn't handle the loads,
not at the speeds we want.
How long have you been driving?
12 years.
- Many accidents?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Now look, I'll prove it.
Hm, no endorsements, no
convictions for speeding. Why not?
I guess I was never caught.
Name and address of your last employer.
I've been out of the country.
I want fast drivers.
50mph touch right round the clock.
- What kind of roads?
- Bad roads. Wet or fine.
- What about the speed limit?
- That's up to you.
If you're caught, you pay your own fine.
So if you don't think you can handle
ten tons at that speed, just say so.
What's the money?
We work a bonus system here.
You get seven shillings a load,
plus four shillings an hour.
Over what distances?
Ten miles each way.
12 loads a day minimum.
Anything under, you're fired.
It's a pretty rough pace, isn't it?
We've got one man that does 18 runs a day.
What about breakdowns?
You maintain your own lorry at night.
If you have a breakdown, it's your fault.
And er...
we like you to keep your vehicle clean. There's
a bonus each week for the best-looking truck.
If you've got one left.
You don't like the idea?
I like the money.
An itchy palm doesn't make a good driver.
It needs guts, confidence.
You don't inspire me.
You're looking for a sucker,
aren't you, Mr Cartley?
- Lucy?
- Yes Mr Cartley?
Phone the shop. Tell Ed to bring
the spare truck. Usual test run.
- Yes Mr Cartley
- Right
you'd better not be wasting
my time, that's all.
Cartley: Ed, the usual.
Once over the run.
Here, you'll want these.
Have you driven one of this kind before?
I said, have you ever driven
one of these before?
Yeah... l've been out of circulation
for a little while.
Hop in, then.
What have you been driving?
Oh, this and that.
Well, take a tip.
These trucks are light on the trigger.
You don't have to fight 'em the way you're doing.
Loosen up a bit.
Now you've a corner.
Now don't check.
It'll run into it.
Joe: we're going too fast.
Ed: no we're not we're going dandy.
Step on it! Boost her round.
Well, let her swing, let her go.
There, see?
The brakes don't work. Didn't you see?
They failed on me.
Well, we stopped, didn't we?
Yeah, maybe they need pulling up a bit.
Come on, back up. I'll guide you.
Straight on.
Left a bit.
Now, straighten up.
Full left.
Look at your face.
Oh, them cows.
Yeah, I forgot about the brakes.
Now, you see, we get
the stuff from that pit there.
You bring it round on this belt
up to the ballast hoppers.
This is the three-eighths half-inch hopper.
This is the quarter-inch gravel.
It's the gravel we use.
- You know how to work it?
- No.
Now, get up there and level it off.
The cops like it that way.
Blimey, they've let you out
today, have they, Ed?
Ed: aye, doctor's orders
That'll keep your tail down. Come on.
From now on, it's the run.
I'm timing you.
Give her the gun.
Doesn't come round so friendly
now she's loaded, does she?
You've got to keep that needle north of 30.
Every mile you get above that
you can reckon on another sixpence an hour.
Drop below it and you're out of a job.
Don't ease up.
- Suppose we meet something?
- Supposing we don't?
Look on the bright side.
Now, keep straight on.
Let the road look after itself.
Good for you.
Red chasing Johnny.
You didn't have to stop.
Come on, get moving.
We're losing time.
We've got a long way to go yet.
What's the matter?
Who says anything's the matter?
Oh, you're improving.
Here we are
You've made it. Wasn't bad, was it?
All right.
OK, tip up.
Nudge her forward a bit.
How did I do?
Didn't get it, eh?
Come on, come on.
What happens now?
- Oh, well, you drive.
- Me? I can't.
The police took away my licence.
Hey come here.
Lucy, come here.
Let's have another look at that licence.
Yes, Mr Cartley?
Truck 1. Make out a log-book.
Yes, Mr Cartley.
When do I start?
start him tomorrow. Cards, particulars,
next of kin. Look after him.
Yes, Mr Cartley.
Well, aren't you the lucky one?
- The fitter had me worried.
- Ed? Oh, you needn't have.
I put in a good word for you.
What did you say?
Oh, I said you were a... friend of mine.
Why should you do that?
Do you always know why you do things?
Yately, Joseph. Same address?
I'm in-between addresses now.
That's your's.
You've got Leggy's old truck, number 1.
For luck.
Got your cards with you?
No, I've been away.
I lost them.
Does Cartley know that?
Well, we won't tell him.
He's got a suspicious mind.
I'll try and get you some new ones.
- Got anywhere to sleep?
- No.
Ask at the gate for Ma West's.
All the boys stay there.
I'll do that.
Oh, by the way, there's a pull-in
across the street where they eat.
Of course, you might get to know
some nice local girl and get invited for supper.
You like home cooking?
Yeah, if it's good.
If I cook, it is good.
Yeah, Joe.
I know this might sound funny, but...
everybody calls me Tom.
Goodbye, Lucy.
So long, Tom.
Woman: pull!
Oh no!
Who's that fiddling with the letterbox?
Come in or stay out I don't care which.
Girl: I just can't pull any harder.
Woman: I'm in the kitchen.
Oh you couldn't pull
your own shoelaces together
Who are you?
Never mind. Come in and make yourself useful.
Oh, Jill, go away.
You're not strong enough.
This needs a man's hand.
Come on, young fella.
Let's see how strong you are.
Well, they told me I could get a room here.
First things first.
Here, get hold of these and pull.
come on you won't hurt me
that's it. Oh.
steel these are, young fella.
Supports my spine.
I had an accident.
How long do you want the room for?
Well, quite a while. I've got a job over the road.
Good enough.
- Thank your mother for the groceries
- OK, Ma.
Come on, then. I'll show you upstairs.
That's the kitchen.
When I'm out, the door's locked.
The front door's locked at midnight.
If you're out after that, you stay out.
That's my husband. Died in a fire 20 years ago.
There's the bath.
That's the other place.
No scribbling.
Meals you eat out.
There's a pull-in over the way.
Most of the men go there.
You can have this one.
Good enough for you?
Yeah. How much?
Three shillings a night, sixpence a bath.
Money in advance.
Any clothes you want boiling,
there's a basket in the bathroom.
I do 'em myself, threepence an article.
Thank you, Mrs West.
Call me Ma.
OK, Ma.
- What do I call you?
- Tom.
All right, then, Tom.
See that you wash the bath out when you finish.
Ah, let me go you silly pillock
if Ma catches you on her flowerbed, it's your lot.
Knock it off, will you?
Hey, look. Ma, she's going
to hit the roof when she sees this.
- Tinker, what you got?
- What's it look like?
- A mess.
- I've wanted it for a month.
You can have it.
No, you don't I'm first.
That's what you think. You were first last night.
Here here, where do you think you're going?
I'll put your names on the bottom of the list.
- You fixed it, didn't you?
- What do you mean, me?
- Come on
- Come on, you dirty bastard get out.
Who's doing that banging and kicking?
Stop that, do you hear me?
- Go take a flying jump...
- What did you say?
Sod you Ma,
I was talking to these tearaways.
disturbing a gentleman in his bath.
Come on, you two get upstairs to your rooms.
Kick my door and I'll kick you
What are those?
I got beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.
Ah, thank you, Gino.
- Got 'em cheap, too.
- The only gentleman among the lot of you.
- Thank you, Gino.
- Don't mention it.
- I'll go and put them in some water.
- Yeah, do that. Quick.
And stop that noise up there.
This place is a loony bin.
Sure. Where else do you put crazy people?
- Who is it?
- It's ok.
- What are you doing here? Who are you?
- This is my room.
Ah, mamma mia. You give me a fright.
- You just arrived, huh?
- Yeah.
A pity.
I come in, you lie there.
You say nothing.
You have a good laugh, huh?
You know, there is so much noise.
You hear the noise, huh?
This room is empty. I use her for a...
like a church. You know?
You want now I should move these things?
Oh, that's ok. Come in when you like.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Thank you.
It's better in here for me.
Some people do not understand.
They make a joke.
I don't mind, but...
thank you.
Er, you drive with us?
- Yes, starting Tomorrow.
- What truck did they give you?
Number 1. Legoubin's.
No good.
You know, you also have Legoubin's room.
Oh, no.
No, listen.
The shell, she never fall in the same place twice.
You're in a very good situation.
- What are you called?
- Tom
To all of the boys, I am Gino,
because I'm Italian, you know.
But my real name is Emanuelo.
Leggy, Legoubin, he was my special friend.
You have friends here?
No, thanks.
- You have met Red?
- No, I haven't met anyone.
He's the boss, what we call the pace-setter.
He drives like the devil, marvellous.
He's got truck number one. When you see him
coming, keep to the side. That is all I tell you.
Yeah, I passed him on the trial run.
He was going like he'd been fired
from a rocket or something.
That is the one.
That is the one.
I'm glad that you have seen him.
Our Red.
He's a special friend of your's, too?
I hate the sight of him. Come over to eat.
- The pull-in over the road?
- Yeah, that's right.
- The girl in the office told me.
- Ah, that is Lucy.
Funny girl, Lucy. The boys like to make out
she's, what do you call it...
...a hot number.
You mean she's not?
Oh, Lucy's like plenty of people.
Got to make a big impression, you know?
Because er... inside, they are...
...they're lonely.
That is the trouble with girls today.
All the time, they must fight for something.
Fight, fight.
You don't like her?
I love her. She's my girl.
Come over.
OK, come on.
Gino: I tell you something very special
Lucy, she don't know yet,
but when I go back to Italy,
she's going to come with me.
We're going to have our own bambini.
During the war, I am prisoner here.
I like England. I think then I stay forever.
Now I think different.
Bella Italia is all I want.
That and Lucy.
A small place of my own,
the sunlight, the blue sky.
The blue sky, huh?
Do you think she'll go with you?
I pray she will, caro. I pray she will.
Come on get in there.
Hard luck.
- Come on, let's have another game.
- I'd better stop playing.
Come on, let's have something to eat.
- 18.
- 20.
That's 1 s/6d... 1 s/9d you owe me.
Grab a chair. I'll get us some matches.
- Hello. New one? Come to join us, have you?
- Yeah.
- What's the handle?
- Tom.
Mine's Dusty. There's Tinker.
- Stinker
- Watch it
- Barber Joe.
- Yeah, beautiful bonce.
Come on, Pop, wake up. Pop, meet Tom.
There's a seat going here. Sit next to me.
Oh, no, no, you can't do that
to the guest of honour.
- He's going to sit right next to me.
- Yes, you sit here, Tom.
Tinker: Hey Dusty
The new one always gets the head of the table.
- You blab, I'll break your neck.
- You'll do what?
He's got to learn sometime, hasn't he?
This is our little Jill, the little darling.
Scottie: treat her good
you get double portions.
He's big enough to look after himself.
Maybe you're right.
Er, my name's Tub.
Where are you from, mate?
That's up north somewhere, innit?
Go on, can't you tell a good
welshman when you hear one?
Cardiff, innit, mate?
- Near there. Place called Blaen Llechau.
- That's a horrible disease.
No, he's got the hiccups.
Dusty, give him some water.
So you're going to join the hell drivers, are you?
He's a crack driver, I tell you.
He's come to take Red's place.
Have you got your coffin ordered, mate?
What made you decide
to put an end to it all, eh?
Johnny: He's after the money
He's saving for the blind.
Dusty: Hey Red! Red!
The water's getting cold.
There's no need to start anything, Red.
I'll get him to move.
give us it over here, Johnny.
As it comes? Nice and warm?
your cigar's gone out.
My place,
if you think you're good enough
to sit in my place, you'll have to prove it.
He's as brave as the rest of you.
Thought you were going to see something then,
didn't you? Huh?
- Who's the girl guide, anyway?
- He's the new driver.
- What truck's he got?
- Dunno.
Hey, Tom, what truck you got?
He's got Legoubin's truck.
Who asked you, spaghetti?
Nobody asked. But I tell you anyhow.
Ah, I get it.
Him and you's pals, eh?
Well, just watch he doesn't get in my way
out on the run.
who gets it?
I done 18 runs.
- Who beats me?
- Don't look at me. 13's my lot.
Minimum 12. The chicken done it.
15, me. You're still safe.
12. Lucky to get that.
Pressure pump's up the spout.
- 15.
- Johnny: a stinking 14
Hey, pop, you passed me about a dozen times
today. How many runs did you do?
Look at him. Blind, deaf and twice a grandad.
Hey, pop
how many runs did you do?
- Ooh, er... 17.
- 17?
- Hello
- You ain't going to keep that much longer.
It's gold, that case.
Here, let the new boy have a look at it.
Look at that. Isn't that marvellous?
Feel the weight of it.
Solid gold isn't that a beaut?
Johnny: do more rurns than Red in a day
she's yours
He's the pace-setter, see?
He keeps us on the ball.
Tub: that's solid 22-carat gold
It's worth 250 quid
Johnny: 250 quid
just think what you could do with that.
Hey, boys Red's overslept
it's anybody's case today
- Red's overslept
- Come on let's go
Get cracking Red's overslept
Get off there
Get back, get back
- What's going on over there?
- Pop's trying to beat Red's time. Fine chance
What's he want to give way for?
If he don't, he'll have his front stove in
and be off the road for two days.
Hey, Red.
Hurry up the Sun's fading my paintwork.
Hey, Tom. Where you been?
I look for you. You are not in for supper.
I'm working on a sick truck.
Jill, have you got some sandwiches?
I'll see what there is.
Hey, Tom, two guys come looking for you.
In a car. They go away.
For me?
Yeah, at Ma West's.
Who were they? What did they look like?
I don't know, I don't see them.
Ma West yell upstairs but you are not there.
I see them drive away in a big car
from the window.
Gino, are you doing anything tonight?
I wait for Lucy now,
take her to see the Italian picture
at the playhouse.
Why? Do you like
I should do something for you?
- No, it's ok.
- You tell me...
No, OK.
You know Chick Keithley?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Do you know if anybody got the case today?
- The case? Ha, ha fat chance
That's all I want to know.
Now, listen, Tom. This is crazy.
I see you try to beat Red today.
Don't do it. You listen to me.
Don't try it.
So long as he uses the short cut,
it's not possible.
Short cut?
Why don't we all use it?
Because we're not pazzo like Red, that's why.
You know the quarry?
It's very dangerous to drive fast there.
If you drive slow, it's no longer a short cut.
It's a long cut, huh?
Have you tried it?
Yeah, we all try it.
Leggy tried.
He was the last.
We don't go there no more.
But Red only drives a truck,
just like you and me.
- Here you are, Tom.
- Oh, thanks.
Ham and cheese.
We've got some chicken in the refrigerator.
No, this is fine.
- No coffee?
- No. Bye.
- Good night, Tom.
- Tom
Don't try it, huh? You listen to Gino.
Jill, are you falling for that guy or something?
I never saw you smile so sweet since we met.
Well, well.
Where have you been? On a picnic?
Yeah. We had champagne.
Well, just fancy.
There was I thinking of inviting you for supper.
- Well, I've got to go back to work.
- Work?
This time of the night? You act as if
you're running away from a wife or something.
I'm working on a truck.
There doesn't always have to be a woman in it.
Well, it's usually either that or money, isn't it?
Is it?
Of course I may be wrong,
and I'm willing to learn.
Why don't you get in and tell me all about it?
I just love life stories.
Gino's waiting for you in there, remember?
You think I'm flinging myself at you, don't you?
You're giving a pretty fair imitation.
What else is wrong with me?
- You want to know?
- Yeah.
- Hi, muscles.
- Hi, Lucy.
Hello, boys.
Hey, Lucy.
Tom, what are you doing here?
Lucy, we've got to hurry
or we'll miss the picture.
Want to knock off and come with us?
- Lucy won't mind.
- I haven't finished the truck.
- Gino.
- Huh?
I'm going to take
that gold cigarette case from Red.
You can help me.
Tom, I told you, don't do it.
Red is pazzo.
He don't let anyone take the case.
He's only a...
how you say? ...A carrot for us donkeys.
Then I'm a donkey.
- Tom.
- Gino
Wait a minute. Tom, how long
have you been driving ballast?
You know how long.
Red's been driving it for 12 years.
He knows all the tricks and you don't.
- So you don't want to help me?
- Tom...
all right, I'm with you.
But what do you want me to do?
I'll tell you tomorrow morning. Thanks, Gino.
Enjoy the picture.
It's like poison in the blood, this thing.
They all get it.
I will try to see he don't get hurt.
- He's a nice boy, huh? You like him?
- He's all right.
He's my friend. You must be nice to him.
Carissima, you look so...
you look so pretty tonight.
Come, I drive. Move over.
Gino, I don't feel like a film tonight,
especially one of those foreign ones.
Oh, no?
It's too bad. This is the last night for it.
I don't get much chance to...
hear my owrn people talking
Hey, Johnny, come on, hurry up.
Where are we going?
Oh, I don't know.
Let's just go somewhere and have a drink.
All right. Whatever you say.
Yeah, we go and we talk, huh?
You don't know yet, but...
I think I've got a surprise for you.
About you and me.
Tonight, I tell you.
if you really want to go and see the picture...
you change your mind again?
Let's go and see the picture.
Whatever you say, carissima.
Come on, Harry
- what's your hurry?
- Come on, shake it up.
Anybody would think you're fond of work.
- He works very hard, doesn't he?
- Yeah.
- Go ahead, boy.
- Yeah
Come on
Red: Come on
Look at that.
Red's getting some of his own medicine.
He'll never get away with it.
Hey, Red how do you like your own medicine?
Here, Gino, get out of my way
That's how it's going to be, huh?
Hey, Gino
get on
What happened?
It don't matter. Get on.
Gino, are you all right?
What happened?
Gino, what's the matter with your leg?
Just a shake-up.
It don't matter, I tell you. Get on, go.
You got a tow-chain?
I've got one.
Hey Tom, get going.
You've got to beat him.
- Thanks, Red. How much is that?
- 13 shillings, Miss Lucy.
Oh, Tom, could you lend me
a couple of bob until tomorrow? I'm short.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you very much.
I er... I see on the progress report
that you didn't break any records today.
- No. Gino went off the road. I had to help him.
- Is he all right?
He's gone to bed. He doesn't feel too good.
- Does he need anything?
- No, I don't think so.
He hurt his leg, got shaken up.
He wants to sleep it off.
Oh, dear. That means he won't be
taking me to the dance tonight.
That's too bad. Very selfish of him.
I didn't mean it like that.
What way did you mean it?
You know, you've got a nasty habit.
- I've got lots. Which one do you mean?
- I could like you.
Look, nobody's asking you to like me.
You're Gino's girl.
Ever thought of asking me that?
Look, Gino's my pal.
You're not pulling this kind of thing on him.
Don't talk to me like that Gino's my friend, too...
- Treat him like one.
...and that's all.
You know, the way you act, anyone would think
you're the only girl in this town.
Now, get me some fags.
- Is that right, you done 17 runs today?
- Yeah.
- That's pretty close, eh, Red?
- What about it?
Pop's done better than that driving solo.
If you and spaghetti try any more
of them stock tactics on me,
I'll show you a thing or two
you haven't even heard about.
The trouble is, when I teach them,
it's the hard way.
Maybe afterwards, you won't be in any condition
to use them. You understand me?
Yeah, I think so.
Here, where is old spaghetti, anyway?
He's in bed.
Somebody sideswiped him today.
That's what you two was doing
in that ploughed field, is it?
Thought you'd stopped to have a kip.
- If you saw us, why didn't you give us a hand?
- Our job's ballast, not breakdowns.
The recovery people don't like it either.
If they heard what you did today,
you'd wake up wearing their footprints.
Is somebody going to write to them about it?
- What?
- I said, is somebody...
Alright, I heard you.
What are you trying to do? Be funny?
Do you know...
I don't like your attitude.
You've got a chip on your shoulder.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
If I was to knock it off,
your head might go with it.
Well, I'm the last man who'd want
to walk around without a head.
That's better.
Here, get a hold of this, will you?
I've got two jobs here, see?
I'm the pace-setter and the road foreman.
That means I'll be watching you
from two directions at once,
to beat you on the road
and to beat you down when you get out of line.
I'm not looking for trouble.
Unless I'm pushed.
Even if you're pushed.
Hey, Tub
Over here Red
Jill: are you going to the dance tonight Tom?
Yeah, I was just going to ask you.
We're all going in Johnny's car
after you've finished eating.
Do you like my skirt?
Yeah, sensational.
Woman: Jill!
Excuse me.
Hello, Red. You boys going
to behave yourselves tonight?
Why don't you ask them?
- My dance.
- Oh, but I can't.
- Shall we sit this one out?
- Yes, dear. Ha, ha
- You busy?
- I'm waiting for someone...
Then you're not busy.
Excuse me, sonny.
- Remember me last week?
- No.
I'll remind you.
You're not married, are you?
Are you?
Silly I like you. You're real dry.
Hey, Dusty over here.
- Dust, how did you make out?
- All right.
- Hey, boys, there's a bird sitting over there...
- Are you up to your tricks again?
Where are all the seats? What am I, an orphan?
All right. Here you are, sit down.
Hey hey cut it out
Hey, fellas fellas
It can't be.
- It is. It's Lucy
- Done up like a dog's dinner.
How about it?
- Hello, boys.
- Suddenly it's awfully hot in here.
Red: where've you been keeping that dress?
Lucy: mind if I join you?
We've kept this place especially for you.
Any fella that tries to take you
away from us, we'll fix him up.
- You make the birds here look like hyenas.
- Get on your plates of meat...
- give the lady a seat.
- Call yourself a gentleman?
Your ladyship
- thanks, Tinker.
- Oh
He'll live. I want to thank you boys
for all calling round to pick me up.
Johnny: well we thought
you was coming with Gino, Lucy
Jill, want to dance?
Oh, you kids go ahead and dance.
- Don't mind poor little me.
- Lucy, dance with me.
All: No, no
Get out of it
# rock 'n' roll
Hey, remember me?
Having fun?
Yeah, fine. And you?
There's a big brute I want to dance with
and he won't ask me.
That's too bad.
What are you trying to prove?
That you're somebody's best friend?
- Now, look.
- Why don't you get it into your thick skull
that I'm not anybody's girl and I'm not married
Gino's a sweet guy.
He's in a strange country.
I was just trying to be nice to him.
Do I have to suffer for that?
If you don't like it, that's your problem.
I don't want to be the one
that puts him out, that's all.
Come on, let's dance.
- Let's dance.
- I'm waiting for Tom.
On second thoughts, I think I will.
I just can't imagine
what's happened to my boyfriend.
I sent him for a bottle of coke
about half an hour ago.
- Perhaps he thought you said bucket of coke.
- You're very humorous.
don't tell me you don't feel the same way as I do.
What are you trying to do?
I'm human, too, you know.
It's not fair if two people feel
the same way about each other.
What's wrong with admitting it?
I suppose you're the type who'd like to see
two men shooting it out over you.
As long as you win.
Oh, Tom, I don't know what it is.
It's not going to work, Lucy.
It's got to work.
You're crazy.
You don't know anything about me.
I don't.
But I'll just love finding out.
- I'm not kidding, this is a nerve test.
- Really?
A test for steady nerves, steady hands.
You'll never drive a truck
if you can't hold these like this.
- Oh, you're not going to burn me?
- No, no.
- Oh, careful
- Steady
This is where it becomes very important.
You've got to hold still now.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you...
Oh where have you been?
I was told my old man wanted to see me
in the pub opposite.
- Wasn't he there?
- No. I looked in all the pubs to make sure.
That's funny.
Must have been some other Bill
I was told to look for.
Maybe you invented the story
so you could walk off with my girl.
That's right. You've had a good drink,
now insult me.
A man of my position, taking care of your girl.
You're lucky I didn't charge you for my time.
Piecework rates ha, ha
- Excuse me.
- Oh, sure.
Ha, ha
- Oh, no, you don't. Not this time.
- Look, I said "excuse me" once.
Do you mind?
Get over there.
Don't worry, we won't fall over ya.
I said, let go. She's my girl
and I was dancing with her.
Now, look, boy, steady.
This is only a joke. Don't get rough.
Why don't you buzz off? We let you truck drivers
use our hall and you muck up our evening.
Ask anyone, they'll say the same.
- We're sick and tired of you.
- Hey, Red
There's a bloke here says him and his mates
are sick and tired of the lot of us
Ask him what he's going to do about it.
Hey, Tub, Scottie, Johnny come on.
Now, then, Red, no trouble. No trouble, please.
Get the police immediately.
Come on, your right your right
Red, Red, the cops!
Blow the cops. You get stuck in. Come in.
Hey, come back, yellow belly
Come back, you
- Tom, Tom
- Hey come back yellow belly!
Hey, you we're coming up
better say your prayers.
- There he is
Dusty: Come on, boys.
- Come out, yellow
- Come on, get out of there
Ma west: stop that!
Stop that this instant do you hear?
- But we all got rnicked except him
- Red come away from that door
r d t's bt ts a y o
m a w s o't car at t's abott!
Get back to your rooms this minute
or I'll hay into you with this poker
Red: all right we'll be seeing him
Tub: all right yellow belly
we'll get you tomorrow
How many of those green sweets
can you get for a penny?
- Three.
- Oh.
Here, you'll like these.
Buttered Brazils
Oh, boy!
- You've got more than half
- I haven't.
Yes, you have. Come back, you dirty little rat.
I'll get you for this.
Got a packet of fags?
On credit.
Jimmy you all right?
I'm all right.
How are you?
Well, you look marvellous.
We heard you were out.
- Where have you been?
- What do you mean?
- Don't you read my letters?
- Letters? What letters?
How's mum?
I thought I'd try to get you
while she was in church.
Tom, mum wouldn't keep your letters from me.
Jimmy, the shop look s good.
How's business?
You know this neighbourhood Tom
We've been paying our way... so far.
Any of the boys still come round, Jimmy?
Oh, yeah. For cigarettes, you know.
How are the legs, kid?
Just the same, Tom.
Excuse me, Tom.
Morrning Mrs Lipton what'll it be?
Good morrning Jimmy
I want a pound of sausages
Myrtle's bringing her man to dinner
I have to make the roast stretch
- Anything else?
- No, thank you.
That'll be three shillings, please, Mrs Lipton.
Oh, dear. Up again, aren't they?
Oh, well, maybe Myrtle will be
off our hands before long.
- Remember me to your mother.
- I will. Bye, Mrs Lipton.
Thank you.
How was it inside, Tom?
Well, bad, Jimmy.
I can't ever let that happen to me again.
I can't be tied down.
I know what you mean.
It killed me, Jimmy, knowing what I did to you.
It was an accident. I never blamed you.
It's more than just making it up to you, Jimmy.
I've got to make the grade for once.
The right way.
You know what I mean?
Yeah, I know, Tom.
I took a job.
- What are you doing?
- Driving.
Driving again?
Not what you think.
Listen, Jimmy, it's tough when you come out.
There's only the lousiest jobs,
no money and nobody wants you.
Now I took this one
As long as you're behind the wheel,
you can go anywhere.
I'm driving ballast, Jimmy.
It's tough but...
well, it's good money.
There's even a solid gold bonus
waiting for me at the end of it.
I want you to have this. It's not much
but I've only been working two weeks.
- No, Tom, I can't...
- Take it.
No, please, I...
What's that?
Now, Ma, take it easy.
Tom's just trying to help us.
Take it back.
Why should I? It's Jimmy's money.
I gave it to him.
I make the money that comes into this house
and I make it honest, with the sweat of my brow.
Maybe it's not much,
but what there is is clean.
This is clean, too.
Mum, we've got to have a talk.
Nothing you ever touched was clean.
Ma, Tom's trying to help us.
He's got an honest job...
- I don't believe it.
- Let him finish.
Will you let him finish?
- Look, Mum, you've got to forget the past.
- It's not past.
It's here all the time. I live with it.
For you it was just a year in jail
for Jim and me,
it's a life sentence.
Him stuck in the shop all day, never going out.
- I know all that
- Tom Tom...
Look, Mum, I'm only trying to put things right.
- How can I make you see?
- I'm not listening.
please give him a chance.
You and him.
Always the same.
He led, you followed.
I wish you were still inside.
Oh, Mum, no.
All right, Mum.
You don't have to draw a picture.
Don't worry, kid.
Maybe it'll work out.
Gino: Tom!
Well, what are you waiting for, yellow belly?
All right, boys. On the road.
18 today. Who gets it?
- Not me.
- No.
No good.
Here, Dust, pass the A1.
Look at him go.
- Fill this out, Tink.
- Righto, Luce.
G Redman, 18.
Fill this out, Red, please.
J Yately, 18.
Tinker: 18? Aye, aye
Johnny: He went over the quarry I saw him
Scottie: so another brave one eh?
E Rossi 14
See you tonight.
Miracolo magnifico
How you do this thing, Tom? It's a miracle.
Yeah, it's a miracle somebody didn't get killed.
Tom, today, you proved to me
that you are a great driver.
Oh well, you can be brave,
but everybody is against you.
If you had a clear road, bah.
Yeah, if I had a clear road.
Tom, domani, tomorrow...
I see you get it.
We will change plates.
You take my number plate, it's number.
I put your number 1 on my truck.
Then, for me, the boys make all the trouble.
For you, there is the clear road.
You like Gino's idea?
You be number 3.
- Yeah, but, Gino...
- No buts.
After, finito, finish here.
You go north, look for a good job.
I go south. You take the gold case, I take Lucy.
Va bene?
Va bene.
Something stinks around here, don't it?
- Maybe you ought to change your socks.
- Quick as a whip, ain't we?
As a wop, you mean?
Watch your tongue, Scotch boy.
Oh, dear, dear. We're getting tough, eh?
Tub: yeah, tough as macarorni!
- Hey, Gino, something's wrong here.
- Huh?
24 deduction.
What advance you take?
Five tax... five...
no, it's wrong, this. We see about it.
Buzz off. There's other fellas waiting to get paid.
He's got all he's going to get.
- No, he's not got all. There's been a mistake.
- There's no mistake.
What do you know about it?
You, I'm talking to you.
I'm er... not talking to the yellow belly.
If he wants to find out
why his pay was stopped, ask Ed.
- Ed?
- Yeah.
His stuff he wrecked.
- Who put this on Tom?
- You mean on yellow belly?
I'm the road foreman.
Yeah. And that's not all you are.
What else am I?
You're scum.
Go on, Red
- Go on, Red.
Dusty: come on then Red!
Go on, get in there
Come on, Red, kick him
Get into him!
- Come on, Red.
- Come on.
Sort him out
- Pick up, come on.
- Come on, Red.
Dusty: you've got him now
Go on, Red. Go on.
Hey, stop the assistant manager.
- What the devil's going on here?
- Oh, it's nothing, sir.
A test of strength, huh?
A bet. Nothing.
Nothing? Fighting like animals?
- Gibson, why didn't you stop them?
- Well, you see...
You'll pay for this damage, both of you.
You've got your pay, get out.
Go on, get out, all of you.
Once more and it'll be for good.
As for you,
you're a foreman.
You're supposed to keep discipline.
I may be a foreman,
but I'm not a prison warden.
Think I don't know you just done a spell?
How can I keep discipline
if we're hiring convicts?
All right, you know.
What are you going to do about it?
It's nothing to do with us, sir.
He already paid once for what he done.
He told me.
I'll have to check with Mr Cartley in the morning.
- All right.
- Come on, Red.
He can look after himself, that boy,
no doubt about it.
Come on, I'm hungry.
- You'd better come and lie down, huh?
- No, I got to work.
This looks bad. You'd better come
and get cleaned up, anyway.
- All right, Red?
- Yeah.
He kneed me. You saw what happened.
Otherwise I'd have killed him.
Ah, well.
Good night...
What do you want?
I hear you're eating in the village by yourself
these days. How's that?
I like it that way.
I heard what they're saying. Is it true?
It's true.
And I wasn't framed and
nobody talked me into anything.
And the judge didn't give me a raw deal.
You still have an invitation to eat at my place.
Where's Gino?
We're through.
What have you done to him?
I told him the truth.
I told him I liked him but I'm not in love with him.
And I never was.
You had no right to do that.
Whose right is it?
Gino are you awake?
Gino, I want to talk to you.
London, one way.
The early's gone, mate. That was it.
9:35, the next.
All right, let's have it.
Don't you characters ever say please?
Excuse me.
- Is that Jimmy?
- Tom
Hello, boy.
Jimmy, if Topper or Mac
or any of the boys come round,
Tell them to get in touch with Sammy o'Dea.
- Sammy o'Dea? Are you sure...?
- Leave me alone Jimmy I know what I'm doing.
Tell Sammy I'll be round at Harry's place
about three o'clock, all right?
OK, Tom.
Whatever you say.
OK, Jimmy boy.
Tom, thank god. I've been searching
everywhere. Ma West said you'd gone...
- Go away.
- You don't understand. It's Gino.
- Will you leave me alone?
- His truck hit a tree and caught fire.
He's very badly burnt.
You've got to come to the hospital now.
What are they doing in there?
Why don't they ever tell you something?
Tom, maybe...
maybe I ought to go.
Maybe seeing me will just upset him.
No, Lucy.
Look, you've got to go in and see him
and tell him what I told you to tell him.
I'll do whatever you want me to.
But you've got to stop blaming us.
At least yourself.
- What happened...
- I know what happened.
You don't know everything
Tom, listen.
This setup is a racket, Cartley's and Red's.
They don't care how many of you it kills, as long
as they can split their extra 200 every week.
Why do you think they specialise
in hiring drifters like you and Gino
who let themselves be hustled for money?
But how do they make that kind of money?
We get good pay.
Not all of it
Tom, listen.
The head office pays basic salary
for five more drivers than Cartley runs.
Red paces a short-handed crew
to meet the contract.
The cash for five drivers never even reaches
our pay window.
Did you tell Gino about this?
Are you sure about ...?
- These are friends of his, doctor.
- You can see him.
How... how is he, doc?
If you've got anything to say to him,
you'd better say it... now.
It's Lucy, sweet.
Lucy and Tom.
I was leaving when...
I heard what happened.
I was on the railway station. Wasn't I, Lucy?
Gino, it was you she wanted.
All the time she's your girl Gino
you tell him, Lucy.
No... no.
You're right for each other.
Be happy... together.
Tom, you take care of my Lucy, huh?
And one day...
you... you take her to Italy.
Va bene?
- No, Gino...
- Tom
I drew them off like we'd planned.
for you to win
You don't even come.
you changed the number plates?
They thought you were me?
I was number 1.
Who was it, Gino? Was it Red?
wait outside a moment, will you, please?
oh oh, my god
Eddie, collect a recovery truck
and get out there right away.
Write-off or no write-off,
she'll be good for some spares.
- OK
- Cooper
Isn't this Red's truck? What's it doing in?
An oil refill. He's losing it somewhere.
- I'll fix it tonight.
- All right.
He'll be out in a minute.
what are you doing in here? Get off my desk.
Gino's dead.
Oh, that's bad luck.
you helped to kill him, Cartley.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that. I think you'd better
go before you say something you might regret.
About the money you and Red have been
grabbing by running us short-handed?
I know all about it.
You do, now? I see.
Well, if you know so much,
why don't you go and report it somewhere?
Because you'd only get nicked.
That's too good for you.
Why, you cheap lag
you think that I don't know
that you've been driving without a licence?
How long do you think you'll stay out,
with your record?
Then we'll do time together.
And I'm used to it.
I'm giving you a week to pay, Cartley, one week.
- Listen, where are you going?
- You want loads, Cartley, you'll get them.
But from now on, we're getting
all the money that's coming to us.
Every penny of it.
Listen Yately
Now, listen. Wait a minute, damn you.
Now, look here, you're a clever boy
and a grand driver. I've seen it all along.
I can get you a corner on this.
I'll double your wages, a lot better than a bonus.
Tom, listen.
Listen, Tom, I can make things
much easier for you here.
Then I'll take over number 1.
It's better than that junk you gave me.
All right, all right.
If you want it that way, it can be arranged.
But let's talk about it first.
No, Cartley.
I don't want you and Red for partners.
You're not my type.
Oh, now you're being unreasonable.
Tell Red I'm after him.
Tell him I haven't any proof yet
that he smashed Gino.
But one day, he'll show his hand.
And I'll smash him.
What's that rat doing on my truck?
Why didn't you stop him?
Stop him? Huh
He knows.
That slut must have told him.
He's taken your job and your truck.
He says he's going to get you for killing Rossi.
- He is, eh? Rossi's dead?
- Rossi's dead.
Yes, and we're in big trouble.
You'd better get after him quick. Now.
There's number 3.
- How about you?
- I'll back you up.
You will? You're coming with me.
I want a witness in case anything goes wrong.
- I'm sick of taking all the risks.
- Don't be a fool.
I said you're coming.
That means you're coming.
Red. Red.
All right.
What are you going this way for?
I know what I'm doing.
But he's gone to the ballast pit.
Where does he go after that?
What are you doing with number 1?
I am number 1.
- Back?
- We're here.
He's taking it slow.
- Tom came in with your jeep.
- Is he in the office?
No, he went back out on the run.
I think he's in for it, too.
- He took number 1 truck.
- What?
Red and Mr Cartley have gone after him
in number 3.
Oh, no
Open the gate, Harry.
- Red.
- Ssh.
Maybe we ought to...
This is cold blood. It's murder.
And I don't want any part of it
- Let me get out of here
- Oh, sit tight
Sit tight.
- You've got him
- No, we haven't.
What's wrong?
The brakes.