Hell Hath No Fury (2021) Movie Script

[Music in soundtrack]
[Car approaching]
Marie. Are you ok?
Tell me again.
My driver will hear.
Tell me in French.
Love is stronger than death.
You believe so?
Oh I know so.
We will miss you.
Promise to return to us soon.
[Car hits bump in road]
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
[Gun being cocked]
Wait here.
No, no, no don't leave me.
[Car engine cranking but
not starting]
Thank god you're safe my love.
I am so sorry you
had to see that.
Please come. We need to hurry.
Please, please come on.
Come Marie. Let's go. We're in
danger here.
[Vintage news announcers]
I think that's someone's grave sir.
American soldiers. No need to be afraid.
Go ahead and tell him we're on a
very important mission.
We're looking for the grave of a
man called Von bruckner.
He said there's no Germans
buried here sir.
He said it's war.
Yeah. Caught that.
Somebody's bullshitting.
Come mademoiselle. Walk straight ahead.
All right you got it.
Whoa peanut. Looks like you were
rode hard and put up wet.
Move kraut-fucker.
What's he saying? Does he have a
fucking problem?
He gets the point sir. Is this necessary?
God damn right it's necessary. Corporal?
All clear top.
Get him the fuck out of here.
Go on get out of here.
There's a shack. Vic.
Move it frenchie.
I don't trust it.
Relax and have a seat.
Make yourself comfortable. We
might be here for a while.
We've come too far to go home
empty handed. That's for sure
and I swear to you I will show
no remorse whatsoever
in leaving you in one of these
open graves.
Am I making myself clear Marie?
That's good.
Come on. I'm gonna
help you up now.
You ok? Tell us where Von
bruckner's grave is.
I can't remember.
You don't know? She don't...
You're the one that told us
there was
fucking gold here Marie.
I can't remember.
What if I take her back behind
those trees? Get some answers.
Like you did with that Italian broad?
Got the job done didn't it?
She would have said anything.
Man what's your problem! Huh?
What is it to you?
God damn it! We ain't no fucking
Nazis! Am I right?
You should fucking know that
better than anyone!
You know what, you're gonna
talk. She's gonna talk to us.
You wanna know why you're gonna
talk to us.
Because we are no longer enemies
We're all allies now whether we
like it or not.
The sooner we find the grave,
the sooner we can all go home.
The cemetery's changed.
So many more graves now.
You have a general fucking idea maybe?
Maybe this?
Right here over the stream?
Right here?
Ok. Looks like we're digging.
Let's find some shovels.
You're with me.
It's a cemetery corporal.
You just know they got shovels
around here somewhere.
They're doctor recommended. I've
been party to some questionable
stuff during this here war of ours
but this here takes the biscuit. Your
people were going to tar
and feather that girl. She
begged us to help her.
Promised the major buried treasure.
He's risking a court marshal if
we get caught.
Here. Like I said we're allies
now Marie. Come on. You need it.
Just remember one thing. I find
out you're fucking with me
I will kill you deader than dirt.
Thank you for the cigarette.
See there you go. You do speak
some English.
So you are African?
African? No sir. I'm from
Harlem. New York City.
New York.
Greatest city in the world baby.
Home of nat king Cole. Ella
Fitzgerald. Louie Armstrong.
Louie Armstrong. West town blues.
West town blues that's right.
Sometimes during this here war
I close my eyes and I swear I
can hear that music
playing in my head. You like
them American cigarettes I see.
Don't get paid enough for this shit.
Let's have a look Marie.
You ok corporal?
There's a body but there's no gold.
Well if you keep playing with us
this will not
end nicely for you. Come on.
Right there?
Next one boys. We keep digging. Let's go.
Ah fuck.
You have nothing to worry about.
They're not gonna hurt you.
Just keep your mouth shut and
I'll make sure that you're safe
and believe me when I say I've
never seen
assholes like these guys before.
Major maitland.
He's good people. He just got
lost somewhere along the way.
But those other two assholes now
I've followed along side
them and I've seen them do things.
Inexcusable things in the name of war.
What we doing right here we just
ain't got cause for.
What's down there?
Motherfucker don't make me hurt
you. What's down there?!
No gold major. No gold.
Major, I can go back and get a
metal detector
from the engineers.
And frenchie is gonna say god
damn it four guys digging up
graves in their graveyard. Hell
no. They're gonna call
all their fucking buddies and be
back here digging up
every god damn grave before your
detector ever gets here.
I am worn god damn threadbare.
You hear me?
She's a liar and a trickster
major. I don't believe there's
any more gold in this here cemetery
as in my dirty, rotten kit bag.
I'm sure.
We'll see.
Yes sir. No sir.
There's no gold in here.
God damn it!
[Unintelligible] Major! You get it?!
Taking us on a wild goose chase
are you!
Is that what you're
doing?! Bitch!
What the fuck's your boy
doing? Why's he left his post?
I don't know. Maybe he wants to
trade out.
I don't like it.
Corporal, go see what's going on.
Yes sir.
Vic what're you doing?
Stay down. Stay close.
Cover me major.
How you doing buddy?
Through and through.
Give me a grenade.
Hold your cover.
No! No! No!
Clear. Fucker just disappeared.
Come on. You go first.
Stay right here.
All clear.
What the fuck is this about?
Look at me.
Were they here waiting for us
Were you setting us up for a
fucking setup?
I don't know. I'm not with them.
We're under strict orders not to
get involved with any reprisals
but we made an exception for you.
Help me she said.
Help me and I'll show you where
they hid the gold right?
Help me and I'll make you god
damn rich.
Risk being court marshaled on
your word.
Do you know what that means?
Badger holes all over the
damn place.
Badger? What the fuck is a badger?
I'm gonna be ok right?
I'm gonna be ok yeah?
100% copacetic brother.
Fuck that redneck boy.
You can't lie worth a shit.
Jerry, don't leave me here.
You have my word.
You have my word.
I do.
Bye old pal.
What do we do with him?
Makes no difference right
now does it?
Let's get to it.
See that bloody mess lying in
the hole right there?
That's our Chris.
We all landed in sicily.
Fought our way up
through southern France fighting
for y'all.
Chris, he killed a lot of Nazis.
He was god damned
good at it too.
Wasn't the youngest man. Wasn't
the smartest man either but well
he was out with me.
There he is lying in that
god damned hole because of you.
Not because of me. Because of
your greed.
You didn't kill Nazis for me or
my people.
You killed them because they
were shooting at you and
wearing a different uniform.
You're no heroes.
You're just survivors. The last
man standing.
Call it a day.
Tired of her shit boss and I'm
done listening to this bitch.
Come on Jerry. Come on now. Give
yourself a second and think
about this. Two of our good men
died digging for that
god damned gold and one of hers
died defending.
I swear to you my brother there
is gold here but hey you want to
slit her throat and get us home
nice and early then be my guest.
Tie her up Jerry and then we'll
go looking for that tunnel rat.
Got a present for you my little
French badger.
God damn!
You ok Jerry?
All ok. That was bigger than I
thought it was going to be.
I don't speak no fucking frog.
You understand that?
Can I tell you a poem?
Especially for you major.
Yeah sure. Why not?
Feet in the gladiolus, he's
sleeping. Smiling like a sick
child would smile he takes a nap.
Nature rocks him warmly for he's
cold. Fragrances do not
make his nostrils quiver. He
sleeps in the sun.
Hands on his chest. He has two
red holes on his right side.
What the fuck is that supposed
to mean?
Rimbaud wrote it when he was
It's about a soldier.
You are good Marie. You know
that? And that smile of yours.
I don't think a Nazi had a god
damned chance
against that smile of yours.
Am I right? What was it?
What security maybe? I wonder.
You know that. I wonder.
They offered you for you to turn
on your own god damned country.
[Music playing]
This song is based on a German
children's story.
The little mermaid.
It's about immortal who falls in
love with a human
and learns that true love can
have tragic consequences.
It's a fortune.
Money means nothing to me.
I just need you.
You're young and idealistic.
Believe it or not
I was once very much like you.
It's not the gold we need.
It's what it buys us. Freedom,
security, power.
What about the people we've
stolen it from?
I'm sure the chief of the
chancellor in Berlin
is not going to be happy.
No I mean the people it belonged
to before him.
What does it matter? It is ours
now. I stole this for us.
So that when the fighting is
over we can live as befits us.
And what about this? Won't
people know where it's from?
Time passes. Wars end.
We'll wait until it's safe and
then make our escape.
The cemetery was a magnificent
suggestion my love.
Such a prudent place to hide a
Doesn't really matter much
I'm sure you had your reasons.
But I'll tell this is for sure.
We don't find that fucking gold
by sundown you will never smile
again. You understand that?
Go to hell.
Glad we understand each other.
Bear them away on your snow
white wings to their immortal place.
It's a better place now boys with the lord.
[Soldier on radio]
This is the nutmeg. Go ahead 82.
Be advised jayhawk noted company
strength 2nd ss east of
[unintelligible] Headed due
south via route 44. Confirm.
Nutmeg confirmed. Thank you sz.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
You might want to come look at this.
We got us a heap of trouble.
They're coming down here.
Where are we?
Right there.
That does make this route 44 Jerry?
Sure does. 100 percent.
That means they'll be coming
down right on top of us here.
Yes sir. Company 2nd ss.
[Tense music]
Company the 2nd ss division. Das
reich. Hitler's elite guard.
They ain't looking to give
themselves up to
two u. S. Infantrymen.
Heading south.
Launch from the beach maybe?
There's a chance
they just pass us by.
Hell no Jerry.
Hell no they're coming.
I tell you what,
you've been right all long.
She's been fucking with us
since hour one.
But I'll tell you this, my old friend.
When it comes to
this particular little
war we've got going on right
here. It ain't over just yet.
I think it's about time you and
I straighten a few things out.
When you told me you knew that
there was German gold
hidden you were telling the truth
but you weren't being all together too
honest now were you?
I've told you no lies.
Oh I know there's gold here or
so help me I would have
cracked your skull and never
looked back.
Sounds like a good plan boss.
But there is gold here Jerry.
There is gold because
her boyfriend put it here.
And he arranged to meet her
and she kept her promise.
Kraut gets the gold and the girl.
No, no. That ain't gonna happen
Marie. Want to know why?
See your boyfriend. He's still
gotta cross the tracks.
Navigate his way through the
river. Gives us about an hour
or so to play a little game
Sergeant you remember that game
we played in salerno?
Sure do.
Bring me a cadaver skull.
You got it.
If I were you I'd keep real
still Marie.
Now you're sure there's nothing
else you want to tell us?
Easy, easy, easy.
I ain't the best shot by no
means at all.
Tell if you know where it is.
You want to tell us where that
gold is
maybe we can all go home.
No, no, no, no.
You listen to me. Listen to me.
That little kraut pistol ain't
worth squat at this distance so
you stay real still.
That's it little lady. Now.
I'm doing my best to remember.
I promise.
Sun's in his eyes.
You sure you got nothing else to
tell us?
Please. Please don't do this.
Stop! I'll show you where the
fucking grave is!
I'll give you your gold!
Untie me. I'll show you. I'll
take you. Just stop it!
Jerry, you go check
on those krauts. I'm gonna give
her one more chance and then
we're out of here.
Please. It wasn't like you think.
You'll understand
when I tell you.
The cemetery was a magnificent
suggestion my love.
There was a plan.
I knew Von bruckner planned to
be at the cemetery at 10:30.
Punctuality was important to
him. The housekeeper would pass
my note to the resistance to set
up an ambush
to take back the gold.
Wait here. I'll be back.
No, no, no don't leave me.
With you.
Here it is. It hasn't changed a bit.
I hope you're not
afraid of ghosts.
No Marie. I don't fear the dead.
Only the living.
My sweet ss officer, they're
already dead.
There's nothing more that can be
done to them.
There's nothing more they can do
to you.
Did you know them? Marie?
No. It'll be safe here. Nobody
comes here anymore.
Marie, are you all right?
Yeah. I'm fine. I'm just
exhausted my love.
I want to feel you inside of me.
I'm sorry.
For what?
The resistance was supposed to
be waiting at the cemetery
but no one was there. So I had
to do it alone.
When I left I was arrested by
the ss. Without Von bruckner
to protect me they said I had no
right to be there
and threw me in ravensbruck for
three years.
Well Marie, not only are you
a French whore but you're
a murderer as well. You're
family must be proud as punch.
The grave belongs to my family.
My mother and father
were tortured and murdered by an
ss officer called Von bruckner.
They were farmers. They would
never hurt anyone.
They didn't even understand the war.
Where Marie?
Follow me.
This it? Du-jar-din.
Maybe lift Jerry?
Yep. You wanna try sliding it?
Well bless her pea picking
little heart.
No more digging coal for me. You
weren't lying.
Ok. Let's pack this up and get
the hell out of dodge, Jerry.
She's still lying like an old
legged dog, top.
There ain't no kraut in that
Impossible. I shot him.
Maybe he up and flew away.
No, no, no I swear I lifted him
and I put him in the grave myself.
Don't matter much anymore Marie
now does it?
We got the gold Jerry. Let's go
home. I think now would be a
good time for you to kill her
and leave her with her parents.
Music to my ears boss.
You ready Jerry?
You ok sergeant?
Like old blue on the porch
chewing a big old catfish.
I waited for you. Look at me!
Look at me!
Three years I waited!
They tried to kill me.
You're sorry?
I spent three years in
ravensbruck jail.
Let's get this thing done ay.
You got it.
Flank me.
There was nothing I could do.
That was your mistake. Your men
didn't recognize me.
Everything went wrong.
I shot Von bruckner and hid the gold.
I did the job you couldn't.
Put it down.
I was just trying to help you.
Don't look that way from where
I'm standing.
Tell your friend to come on out.
I promise I won't shoot him.
You're one clever trickster
He doesn't believe you.
Tell him we have no beef with
the resistance.
There's more than enough gold to
go around.
Jesus Christ.
You good major?
Yeah I'll live.
I figure we get that one out of
kill 'em both and keep moving.
Too late Jerry. Ss will be here
in minutes. We have to go
down the same road that there
heading toward.
There's no chance we can leave
without them seeing us.
What you figure?
There ain't that many of them
Jerry. Way I see it is if we
ambush them just right, they
won't stand a chance.
But we need shooters.
Ok Marie. You tell him we will
let you both live and we will
give you a piece of the gold
but you gotta help us
kill these Nazis.
I don't like it but I get it.
You tell him we've got
explosives and grenades in the Jeep.
Ok keep him talking Jerry.
You got it.
Come on out my little French
badger. Come on.
So, you in or you out?
[Suspenseful music]
How we looking?
He can see them and they have
lots of guns.
Come on. Let's get ready.
What's he getting excited about?
He thinks it's suicide.
Whoa Marie.
You think it's suicide?
Well we figure they're
on their way cross-country to Spain.
Now the fact that they made a detour here
makes us highly suspicious
of the lovely Marie.
That and the fact
that her lover boy's body
just happens to not be where she
says she left it.
I've already told you I don't
know why he isn't there anymore.
Well, paradise awaits.
Let's get to it. Hey top.
I'd say we got about 15 minutes Max.
Give me that glass.
We've got 3 full out. 3 on the
hip. 10 extra grenades and
some composition from Vic's
backpack. What else we got?
That's about it top.
It's gonna have to suffice.
I guess so.
Let's move.
Are you serious?
Tricky little badger aren't you?
Did you really shoot that kraut,
I shot him in the head.
He went down.
Pretty sure you can't survive that.
He was cold when I moved him.
Well you can talk the talk but
can you walk the walk?
You said you can shoot. Question
is can you really?
I grew up on a farm. I know guns.
Ok. You just follow your
instincts Marie
and you'll be just fine.
You think we'll make it.
Well I've always been good at
it. Survival, I mean.
Never really been good at
anything else.
That don't mean much in the real
world. I don't mean much either.
Too poor to paint. Too proud to
See that's why I need the gold Marie.
I need a fresh start.
I need to start over.
You're mocking me.
You think gold pulled from the
teeth of Jews,
wedding rings stolen from their cold hands,
menorahs snatched from their fireplaces
doesn't come with a price?
Look around you. I didn't hide
the gold for myself.
I hid it because it's cursed.
But I'm an American Marie. We
don't believe in spirits.
We don't believe in no curses.
We believe in gold.
Yeah that's right Marie.
In gold we trust.
All good top?
Yeah I'm good.
You ok there frenchie?
That's good.
[Soldier on radio]
S1 patch me through to bomber command.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
We're probably gonna die here.
You know that?
I don't know.
You regret your part in this?
Well I got a whole belly full of
regrets since I signed up
for this war, miss.
So why did you do it? Why did
you come with him?
Don't rightly know.
Maitland, he's my friend I guess.
We're older than the others.
Army signed us because they
needed mature leaders of men.
Men of character.
Seems like age doesn't define
character quite the way they figured.
Maybe it's like you.
Sometimes life takes the lead
and you've no choice but to follow.
Good luck Marie.
[Ghostly whispering]
[Soldiers chattering in German]
[Soldiers chattering in German]
[German soldier exclaims panic]
[Yelling orders in German]
[Soldiers chattering in German]
[Soldiers chattering in German]
Viva France!
[Soldiers chattering in German]
[Soldiers chattering in German]
Bad fucking luck. Picked one
that knew how to tangle.
Can you move?
Feels like I was 'et by a wolf
and shit over a cliff.
Oh no you'll be just fine my old
I've seen lesser men recover
from a lot worse buddy.
Don't give up do you top?
Never. Never.
I may have something to warm you
up on the inside.
When I was alone
I called for backup.
Told them there were some Fritz
around our location and if
we don't call them back with an
all clear you have permission
to bomb the fuck out of this
goddamned graveyard. Yeah.
You see, we die Jerry, they die.
No one gets the fucking gold.
Let me get that last asshole,
Can't move my hand. Give me my
You got it.
I got it. I got it.
Good. I'll be right back.
Don't be long.
Yeah not bad. Not bad at all.
You have succeeded in killing
a broken regiment.
Let's discuss a truce.
Marie always had a thing for a
man in uniform.
No, that's not possible.
A man - I shot him.
Who will fight for her.
Kill for her. Don't you see?
She's using you.
You must practice extreme caution with
the likes of Marie, major.
German, French, American
she makes no distinction. What she
wants is simply to achieve her end.
Then she will stab you
in the back or put a bullet
between your eyes. If you're
lucky she'll shoot off-center.
You're luck has run out Von bruckner.
I hate to break up this
beautiful reunion but
I'm still here.
You pull that trigger,
we both die. Marie.
There's something you two need
to know. I called in our
location to air force control.
See, if they don't hear an all
clear in about 4 minutes from
right now they've got orders
to bomb this graveyard in to
next fucking year. So I say
maybe we put down these guns.
We all get a little piece of
that goddamned gold. We can go
on our merry little way.
Well... what do you say?
We got a deal?
That's a very wise decision colonel.
No more deals.
Marie, we can be together again.
Sugar 57 this is hound dog 3
This is sugar 57.
Hound dog 3 responding to
that... sugar 57, advise. Over.
Roger hound dog 3. No cancel command.
Repeat, no cancel command.
Go ahead and
deliver your payload. Over.
We're coming up on that position.
[Bomber planes approaching]
Hound dog 3 has delivered payload.
Good shooting hound dog 3. Over.