Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023) Movie Script

(wind whistling softly)
The Carmichael Manor.
Where to begin?
The manor's history is as sordid
as the Carmichaels themselves.
You got this big mansion.
Rockland County, New York...
A county with its own
sordid history.
The Carmichael Manor
was something that fascinated me
as a true crime writer
for a long time.
They were an extremely
wealthy family.
I mean, their home was deep
in the woods,
totally remote
from civilization.
You had to drive literal miles
and miles down dirt roads
just to get to it.
And tragically,
one October morning,
the police discovered Catherine
and Eleanor Carmichael
both dead in their beds,
just horrifically murdered.
The obvious suspect is
the father, Arthur Carmichael.
What's the problem with that?
Well, he and the 20-year-old
son, Patrick Carmichael,
have been missing for
the last 30 years...
Like, completely vanished.
But I think they leaned heavily
on Arthur
because there was early snow
that year,
and there's only one set of
footprints leaving the house.
Nothing coming in.
Most likely Arthur,
since Patrick only had use
of one arm at the time
after the car accident.
Earlier that same year,
Patrick and their
elder sister, Margaret,
were involved in a car crash,
which tragically
killed Margaret.
Patrick was driving
Margaret home from the city
when they were smashed
by a drunk driver.
Patrick ends up
surviving the accident,
just losing the use of one arm.
But Margaret was declared dead
at the scene.
The decades-old murder was ripe
for Reddit conspiracies,
Internet sleuth speculation.
The rumors that it was haunted
started very early on.
(audio warbling)
Carmichael Manor is home to
a grizzly murder
that occurred right upstairs
from where I stand
just one year ago.
Half the family murdered,
while the other half is still
missing, and still no answers.
(object bangs)
Poor Tom Wheeler.
And he had to keep doing takes
after that.
And you can see how
all he wanted to do
was get the hell out of there.
Incidents like that fueled
the ghosts enthusiasts
over the years.
But outside family,
very few people were ever
granted permission
to stay in the home for
an extended period of time...
Until Margot Bentley.
The last time that
I heard from Margot
was the day she drove out to
the Carmichael Manor.
Rebecca was with her.
She always was.
Five days later, I got a call
from a New York State
Police detective.
Their bodies had been found
in the manor.
The only known thing that
happened to Margot and Rebecca
was the 911 call that police
received at around 2:00 a.m.
And this was their fourth night
in the mansion.
Wait, wait. Wait.
It's working. It's working.
My name is Rebecca Vickers.
We're Carmichael Manors,
at 101 Starlight Drive.
Please, something's
in the house with us.
Margot! It's not him!
Most keyboard detectives
stay in the comfort
of their own home.
That wasn't how Margot
did her work.
She was always there,
and she was always
recording everything.
What's on their video
is four nights
of completely perplexing and
unexplainable nights of footage.
Whoever sees this, that's the
best disclaimer I can give.
(Rebecca and Margot shrieking)
How much further?
I'm kinda getting hungry.
I told you a banana
wasn't gonna be filling.
I'm not gonna make it.
I'm not gonna make it.
Let's stop and eat.
Okay. (sighs)
Where would you like to go?
I don't know.
Do you see a sign somewhere?
I... I would.
I would slaughter a chicken
right now.
I will do what I need to do
- Wow.
- I'm at that point right now.
Survival mode.
- Spoons.
- Thank you for paying.
Why, uh,
what's the deal with the camera?
Oh, I'm so happy you asked.
Rebecca, will you hold this
for a second?
- Oh, God.
- Thank you.
So, actually, we are here...
Are you okay with me on camera
for a few minutes?
Uh, what are we gonna
talk about?
So I actually created a website.
It's called netsleuths.com.
And we go investigate
these murder scenes.
And I have a question for you...
Oh, you're going to
the Carmichaels.
Yes! You knew it.
You knew it.
Do you have any opinions
about it?
It's, uh, you know,
it's the local lore legend.
Everybody knows the story
of that place.
You know, that they got
butchered in the bed,
or whatever the heck it was.
That's exactly it.
So, you're going to
check it out?
We're going to check it out.
We're gonna be there
for five days.
You're s... no, you're staying
in the Carmichael?
- We're staying inside.
- Yeah.
- Yes. We got permission.
- Is that crazy?
Wow, okay, yeah,
we used to like, party,
in their backyard and stuff,
'cause it's so remote...
Like, back in high school,
'cause no cops
would go out there-
But we've...
None of us have actually
been inside of it.
All right, sleuthers.
We are about 30 minutes
from our new home
for the next five days...
The Carmichael Manor.
And as you can tell,
Rebecca is as excited,
as always, for a road trip.
I don't see why we can't stay at
a nearby hotel this time.
You can still do your work,
and I can have
reliable Internet.
Yeah, but where's the fun
in that?
And hey, this place
does have Internet.
I promise.
Do you want my tomato?
It better, okay?
Because I can't miss
a single meeting this week.
Oh, I know.
You'll murder me, too,
if you miss
your precious meetings.
(Grunts menacingly)
Stop that.
(Rebecca chuckles)
Will you grab the camera?
You ever been out
this way before?
Uh, to this specific area, no.
But I was in Rockland County
once as a kid.
Oh, is that the thing
with the...
Margot, how off-the-grid
is this place?
We've been driving on a dirt
road for, like, 20 minutes now.
Yeah, it's pretty remote.
Okay. Remote, right?
- Yeah.
- So remote.
And yet, it has Internet?
I'm starting to have doubts.
So, this is what happens
when you have no signal
and you don't know
how to read a map.
Let's go see.
Are you sure we're still in
North America?
Lemme just check really quick.
Yeah, no, that's
North American dirt.
- Oh, that's nice.
- Yeah.
- That is...
- Really nice.
How rich were the Carmichaels?
And this is where we're staying?
Can you believe it?
So, do we just knock?
Yeah. I guess so.
Wait, wait, wait,
you do the filming,
I'm gonna do the talking.
Oh, yeah.
Could definitely see a horrific
murder happening here.
Yeah, no kidding.
We spoke on the phone last week.
So nice to meet you in person.
Nice to meet you, as well.
This is my girlfriend, Rebecca.
She's gonna be keeping me
company on this journey.
Great. I am very sorry.
I did not hear you pull in.
I have been trying to get things
ready in here.
Also, are you okay with being
on camera for a few minutes?
That's fine.
Oh, this.
That is the family portrait.
Eleanor had that commissioned
one year
before Margaret's death in the,
um, car accident.
Normally, we have a third party
come in,
and turn the place around
for us.
But we've had
a bit of a hard time
getting companies to come out
this far.
The house is pretty remote,
and, of course by now,
everyone knows.
Knows what?
Do members of the family
still use it?
Well, it's still in
the Carmichael family name.
It went to
Eleanor's family first,
after everything happened.
More recently,
her sister Beatrice.
Now, Beatrice is 83,
so, we basically look after
the whole estate for her.
I am sorry, by the way,
about all the time constraints.
Some of our estate overseers
just want this place
to be completely closed off
to the public.
Liability concerns.
Right now, short-term stays
are the middle ground.
You guys.
Thank you so much
for getting everyone to agree.
Five days is plenty.
Well, I told them
to give you 10 days.
I mean, truthfully,
you could have 20 if you wanted.
Really, nobody stays here
more than a few nights.
Oh God,
Is it because of the Internet?
Please don't say
it's the Internet.
As I told Margot on the phone,
that is reliable.
I told you so.
What's this.
On the wall?
You can't hear anything,
but back in the day,
that would actually buzz
the kitchen,
when there was a full-time staff
working here.
Very "Downton Abbey."
(Donald laughs)
Of course, you'll have
everything you need...
Linens, food.
Which one of you likes coffee?
- Oh, me.
- I do.
(Laughs) Good.
'Cause we have plenty.
(Margot chuckles)
Believe it or not,
the entire house is pretty much
exactly as it was
in October of '89.
Nobody's really lived here
full-time since then.
This was Catherine's bedroom...
Arthur Carmichael's
youngest daughter.
She was only 17
when the whole thing happened.
Apparently, she wanted to be
a filmmaker.
It was said that she was always
filming around the house,
capturing home movies
of some kind or another.
She might have had a future
in that.
Reports say her murder
was brutal, right?
Like, it had to be
a crime of rage.
(Sighs) And personal.
I consider myself lucky
I didn't see
the crime scene photos.
I can't even imagine
what happened in here.
This is the master bedroom,
largest room we have.
So, Arthur and Eleanor
slept in here?
Can I ask you
a personal question?
Of course.
Do you think Arthur did it?
What's in here?
Uh, that is old storage.
Truthfully, I haven't been
in there in years.
I don't even have a key for it anymore.
This is Patrick's bedroom.
Sadly, they never found
Patrick's body.
Suffered a broken arm
in the car accident
that killed Margaret.
Apparently, he was very
traumatized by her death.
They were driving home
from the city,
hit by a truckload
of town drunks.
I can't even imagine.
Our offices are 15 minutes
away, so don't hesitate to call.
We can usually get here
pretty quick.
Thank you very much.
Are you familiar with
the Abaddon Hotel a town over?
It burned to the ground
a few years ago.
Well, yes,
it's an empty field now,
but there is an antique store
that recovered quite a few
of the items.
Given the work
that you're doing,
I thought that might
interest you.
Ooh, definitely interested in
the antique store.
Call if you need anything.
Thanks again.
Seems nice.
I mean, my company
would definitely buy it
if it weren't so huge.
So, Chase is gonna be here
in an hour.
Okay, yeah, no,
don't gimme that, please.
I think it's gonna be great.
He's gonna be an extra hand.
Margot, he's not an extra set
of hands.
He's a liability.
Listen, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry.
I love him, too, but he is.
I know.
But I think he's got
his shit together,
and just give him
a chance, okay?
Can I shut this thing off now?
I'm not gonna lie,
this is not... not as bad
as I thought it would be.
I told you so.
Oh. Hey.
You got it open?
Are we even allowed
to be in there, or...?
What is all this?
I don't know.
Well, I could see why
they would keep it locked.
We should do the same.
Hello? Margot?
Hey, he's here.
(floor creaking)
Where are you guys?
- Hey.
- Hey. Hi.
- Hi.
- Oh, my God.
- I missed you.
- I missed you!
You started already, huh?
- Yeah.
- This is how it's done?
This is how it's done.
- Wow.
- Oh, my God. Hi.
Your face. How are you?
Good? Yeah?
You seeing someone?
You got here safe?
Everything good with that?
Here we go.
I'm fine, all right?
And I am seeing somebody.
Hey, Scorsese.
How are you doing?
Hey, Chase.
How you doing?
Did you just say
you're seeing somebody.
She's making you film
every conversation?
- Yep. Pretty much.
- Wow.
Oh, I'm still here.
What, y-you're seeing somebody?
I'm sure this is gonna make for
some great TV someday.
Don't... Don't walk away from me.
Are you getting married
What's... What's her name?
Is she... Is she beautiful?
Cut it out!
When you look back
at Margot's history,
you can see where she grew
her own passion
for solving cold cases.
I mean, what happened to her
at a county fair as a child,
that would leave a mark
on anyone.
When Margot was about 10,
her family took her and Chase
to the county fair.
She got separated
from them somehow,
and a man she didn't know
tried to lure her away
from the fairgrounds.
It took her a little while
to realize something was wrong,
and she started to scream.
The guy ran off.
She couldn't help her parents
or the police identify him.
I think, as she got older,
it really must have sunk in
that she could have died
that day,
because several others went
missing from that same fair,
and they were never seen again
over the years.
I think, in some ways,
she felt partially responsible.
In college, she and I
envisioned the website
that would become Net Sleuths.
And, over the years,
we developed it into
a pretty significant community
of Internet detectives focused
on solving the unsolved.
Margot always had to take things
a step further.
She began this routine
of staying in the places
where she was investigating,
taking a ton of photos
and video.
(subdued music)
Her last investigation ended up
being the Carmichael Manor.
It's alleged that,
on October 10th, 1989,
Arthur killed his wife,
daughter, and son
during the night,
just brutally stabbing them.
And then, he leaves the manor
with Patrick,
dumping his body
in some unknown location.
And then, Arthur just
completely disappears.
What makes him the main suspect?
Because there was no
forced entry.
And there was also early snow
that year,
so it was very easy for
the police to see a single set
of footprints leaving the house
and going into the woods.
What about Patrick?
So, his body was never found,
but there was blood
all over his bed,
so the police think that he may
have been Arthur's first victim,
killing him first,
then Catherine, and then
Eleanor, stabbing them.
Oh, my God.
And Catherine,
she was killed in our room?
Mm, can we switch with Chase?
Okay, so, theoretically,
Arthur Carmichael
walks down these stairs,
and he's covered in blood, and
wouldn't have time to change.
So... hold on, Chase. Move.
He walks down this way,
to the left,
right outside these doors.
But no, he's gone.
Just vanishes.
Not a drop of blood anywhere.
Not even in the snow.
But, okay,
what about Patrick's body?
Was he carrying it?
Or how is that explained?
Oh, it's not.
What do you want from me?
I mean, I... don't get me wrong,
I'm... I'm glad you called.
I'm just, I'm not much of a...
A sloth.
(Rebecca and Margot laugh)
- No, Chase. No.
- What?
- It's... I'm sorry.
- It's sleuth.
I'm not much of a sleuth.
So, I need at least two cameras
filming at all times.
Thank you.
Even the most mundane stuff,
not even relating to
the investigation.
Margot thinks, of all the places
that we've been to that
are supposedly haunted,
this one's actually for real
this time.
(phone chimes)
Shoot, I gotta get this.
Hi. Linda.
Can you... Can you hear me?
Linda, can you...?
Aw, dammit.
All right, sleuthers,
this is our first official night
at the Carmichael Manor,
Manor, Manor, Manor.
And everyone seems to be
settling in.
How's it going?
I'll... I'll be more help
in the morning.
Before we left,
my job sent all these listings
for me to sort
before my presentation.
But thank God the Internet
does work, though.
Hey, I totally get it.
New job, new responsibilities.
But hey, seriously,
I'm just very thankful
that you came with me at all
this time.
So, thank you.
Listen, about that.
You know I love going on
these adventures with you,
cracking old mysteries.
Truly, I... I love it.
I feel like there's a "but"
coming, here.
This is probably gonna be
one of the last times
I'm able to go with you...
At least for a little while.
I really like this job,
and I need it to stick.
And going to old murder houses, I...
Can you turn that thing off
for a second?
Thank you for the big room.
This is... well, probably the
nicest room I've ever slept in.
I thought you'd have me
in the attic or something.
Oh, I...
I haven't ruled that out.
Where's your, uh, what...
What's it called again?
A... A camera?
Tomorrow, I promise.
I won't ever put it down.
I will take it with me
to the bathroom.
Okay, okay.
I'm just saying.
Do you actually think
this place is haunted?
I don't know.
But if it is,
please get it on camera.
Yeah, but none of the places
that you've...
You've been to before
were actually haunted?
(Chuckles) No.
So why call me now?
What do you want me to say,
here, Chase?
That... That... That mom called,
and told you I had an incident,
and... and you thought that
this would be the best way
to keep an eye on me.
And what if that's true?
Is that so bad?
You get to help me.
Now I get to help you, too.
- I... I don't need help, Margot.
- Oh, you don't?
Because last I heard,
you went missing for two days,
and nobody knew where you went.
That's... (chuckles)...
That's not what happened.
It's not.
(Wind whistling)
What was that?
What's going on?
- Did you hear it?
- I don't know.
What did you hear?
Itit-it sounded like...
Like what?
It sounded like someone
was singing downstairs,
- Singing?
- Like a girl was singing.
Where... Where are you going?
Did you get it on camera?
Um, I don't think I recorded
in time, but at least I tried.
(wind continues whistling)
Thanks for using the camera.
You got it.
Hey, sleuthers.
Sorry, I can't take
that seriously.
Okay, so, last night
was the last night
I'm staying on these sheets.
I got some new ones yesterday.
The old ones had, like,
a weird odor to them.
And Margot, since you want me
to film everything,
you're gonna get all of this.
We have not yet invented
a better way
of figuring out which corner
goes where.
She is conveniently absent
when I have to make the bed.
All right.
There you go, Margot.
See that?
It wasn't so hard.
Nice and clean.
You can thank me later.
Figure, if this is gonna be
our last adventure together,
may as well have fresh sheets, right?
Love you.
Like, I slept like a baby,
though, right through the night.
What time was it?
Good morning, my little sleuths.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
Do you wanna go to
that antique store today?
You know, we could get lucky
with some really good clues.
And then, on the way, you know,
we might find
the perfect wooden bench...
For the foot of our bed!
There it is.
What should I do?
Oh, you should definitely
just stay here.
Please film.
That's it?
You don't need me
to do anything?
No. That's it.
I guess I will hang out here,
and, uh, let you know
if I see any ghosts.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, you might get lucky.
You might get breakfast
and a show,
because, according to Rebecca,
they love to sing.
- (Chase chuckles)
- Mm. No.
I said it sounded like singing.
I didn't say it was
actually singing.
(Margot sighs)
(Margo exhales shakily)
Thought we were leaving.
God, what is all this?
Giving creepy carny vibes.
Hey. You okay?
I'm fine.
We should get on the road.
- Chase?
- Hey.
This place is incredible.
I feel like I'm on vacation.
So, Rebecca and I
were gonna go antiquing.
I just wanna make sure
you're all good,
that you're gonna be good
by yourself.
I'm fine.
I... I will keep an eye on
the place for you, all right?
Where's your camera?
It's right there.
And we're here for five days,
so please don't be shy
with the camera, okay?
All right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right.
See you in a few hours.
- Have fun.
- Thank you.
Oh, you wanted footage, Margot,
you're gonna get some footage.
Margot, my dear,
I've solved your murders.
Turns out there were no murders
at all.
The Carmichaels
are alive and well.
They faked their own death
as a tax evasion scheme.
It's me, Arthur Carmichael.
You brought this upon yourself, Margot.
You are gonna get a day
in the life of...
(Chase spits)
Are you guys...
Are you guys home?
Come on, you guys better not
be fucking with me.
(Floorboards creaking)
Come on.
(Creaking continues)
Say something.
All right, all right, all right.
(soft brooding music)
All right, motherfucker.
(dramatic music)
(Chase breathing shakily)
(Soft brooding music)
Oh, come on.
- Wow.
- So cute.
Those are very cute.
- Oh, my god.
- What?
The perfect wooden bench
for the end of our bed.
Oh! There it is.
- It's a little small, but...
- A little small.
- Margot.
- What?
- Oh, look at this.
- Yeah. Wow.
- You from outta town?
- Oh!
God. Yes. Sorry.
(All chuckling)
Yes. No.
Yeah, we're in town
for the week.
Um, what's...
What's all this, here?
Those are all the things found
at the Abaddon Hotel
before it burned to the ground.
I often wonder if anything
would've turned out differently
if Margot and Rebecca
hadn't wandered into
that antique shop.
They find all this junk
from the Abaddon Hotel.
Nothing that big of a deal.
And then,
Rebecca notices something
about that clock,
and everything changes.
- It has compartments.
- What?
It has compartments.
It has secret compartments.
How do you know that?
That's an old German manufacturer.
One of the listings has
the same clock that I have.
Built all the clocks
the same way.
Why are you whispering?
It's secret.
Holy shit.
Oh, my God.
Okay, keep going.
Keep going.
Okay. Yep.
Oh. We can't take that!
Yes, we can.
Look at this.
"All staff must be present
Thursday, September 15th.
Hotel will be closed.
He wants Beverly found, and
safely brought back to hotel,
of fear she might be pregnant"?
"Please handle
with caution."
Who the fuck is Beverly?
Okay, yep.
We're taking all of it.
We can't take everything.
Yes, we can.
Nobody knows it exists.
Hey, you guys back?
Hey, guys, are you here?
And of course,
the fucking power's out.
(chuckles nervously)
(Chase sighs)
The fuck is that?
Oh, shit.
What the fuck?
Who is that?
The fuck?
(Thunder rumbling)
Fucking shit.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
(Chase gasps)
(Chase breathing shakily)
Hey! Who is that?
Say something.
Fucking shit.
Here we go.
(Chase continues
breathing shakily)
(tense music)
Who's in here?
Hey, we're back.
You okay?
Did the power go out?
Yeah, um...
yeah, I, um...
Um, can...
Can I talk to you guys?
(Chase sighs)
Boom. Right there.
Oh, my God.
You can see a face.
Are you sure you were alone?
Who else would be here?
I mean, down here and upstairs?
You might be right
about this place.
It might actually be real.
(subdued music)
- I mean, I...
- Don't.
Don't say
"I told you so."
I've always had my suspicions
that there was something more
behind her going to
the Carmichael Manor...
Like she was after a bigger
piece to a bigger puzzle,
which had eluded people
for years.
But she definitely found it.
The film canister
that they found
inside that old clock
from the Abaddon,
that something so game-changing
was in there
the whole time,
while "Hell House" was there,
"Insomnia," and...
And everyone else, just...
Just waiting for someone
to open it, and find it.
Over 30 years later,
somebody did.
I thought I would see
some footage
of the Abaddon early days,
since the footage was found
inside the hotel.
But when I processed it,
that isn't what I saw at all.
What did you see?
The Carmichaels.
(eerie music)
(Film projector whirring
and clicking)
Are you guys still here?
(Catherine yelps)
(Pat laughs)
You are an asshole, Pat.
You guys scared the shit
outta me.
Hey, don't get mad at me.
It was all Margaret's idea, okay?
My idea?
You're the one who said
we needed to add some drama
to Catherine's movies.
These aren't supposed to be
manufactured drama.
It's like cinema verite.
That's the whole point
of the project.
You're lucky.
Pat wanted me to hide
in your closet.
That would've been awesome.
C'mon, we gotta go.
We gotta avoid
the bridge traffic.
Where are you guys going?
My first rehearsals
in the city today.
We're doing "Faust"
in three weeks.
Pat's gracious enough
to gimme a lift.
Well, can I come with you guys?
I mean, that would make for
some great footage.
Mom said you have to stay here.
Don't worry.
We'll be home before dinner.
Get one last shot of me
before I go shine on stage.
Sadly, that was the last image
ever taken of Margaret.
She was killed
later that evening.
And Patrick was never
the same again.
There really is
no obvious motive here,
and that is
the most frustrating part.
Find anything interesting
at the antique shop?
About the Carmichaels?
Sadly, no.
But we found a lot of weird shit
about the Abaddon Hotel.
So, listen to this.
"Something's coming.
Cold, the nightfall.
All things die and
never come back."
Well, that, that
sounds like a fun nursery rhyme.
It's like a bunch of notes
that were meant to be burned,
but instead someone put
them inside of a clock.
Okay, wait, there's one
more that I wanna read.
This one, this one, this one.
"When they return,
the most common side effect
is bleeding from the face.
Doc says some form of he-
mm, haemo-haemolacria?
Can you Google
that or something?
Return from where?
I don't know.
Hey, what's this?
I found that in the
Abaddon clock, too.
Might keep it in my room.
I could use some good luck.
(entity giggling)
Shit, Chase.
There is a light on the camera.
Just hit that button
on the left side.
All right, hang on, hang on.
- Come on. Not that hard.
- There's a lot of buttons.
Hang on.
There we go.
Good job.
All right, where
are the breakers?
Do you know?
Yes, they should be, follow me,
closet near the front.
As if this
place can get any creepier.
I know, right?
gonna be fine. Stop.
(Margot sighs)
(knob rattling)
- Oh.
- Oh, fuck.
Well, I guess we
don't need the breakers.
- You got it.
- God,
I was not about to stay
here without any power.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Donald said that might hap...
Margot, what?
What the...
Is that from
the chest that was upstairs.
Shit, Margot.
I'm telling you,
something's not right here.
(brooding music)
Where are you, by the way?
Oh, hey.
Have you seen Margot?
Yeah, she's outside, um,
hey, could I talk
to you for a second?
Yeah, sure.
Like you, you
put on fresh sheets.
Yeah. The the
other ones had like an odor-
Right, like a, like
a, like an old sweater.
Yeah, I guess.
Yeah, yeah, mine too.
Uh, but, what's up?
Is, is this a
camera-friendly conversation?
Oh, yeah.
Keep filming. I, I don't care.
Um, I, I just
wanted to, you know,
gauge your comfort level
with, with all this.
Comfort level?
You know, Margot,
she, she, she goes
on these crusades
and, and she doesn't
know how to stop.
I mean, she can be
a little obsessive
and, and I'm sure that's part
of the reasons you love her.
Right, I just, I
just wanna make sure
that we don't stay any longer
than we have to, you know?
So like, if, if, if at any point
this gets to be too much for you
and you want to leave, just know
that, that I totally
have your back, okay?
Yeah. Thanks, Chase.
I, I think I'm okay for now.
As long as I have internet.
Wait, well, good, good luck
with, with your call now.
Oh! (chuckles)
Oh yeah. Thanks.
(gentle music)
In all the decades of rumors
and stories surrounding
the Carmichael Manor,
you could tell just after
watching the first day
of Margot's footage that
they were all probably true,
but they weren't really
phased at all by any of this.
Oddly enough, it was Chase
who first started urging
a little more caution,
suggesting that maybe
they don't have to stay
the full five days,
but then it got worse.
Hey, Rebecca, how have you been?
Hey. Hey, Linda.
How's it going?
(audio warbling)
Okay. There you go.
Hi. Sorry about
the poor service.
I am out in the
country with Margot.
But I should still be able
to share my presentation.
Fingers crossed.
I love spending
time in the country.
How is it there?
It is different.
(Linda laughs)
That's what makes it great.
All these listings
are old Colonial style,
which is perfect
for us to take on
because they need a lot of work.
Um, here, let me get
a screen share going
and I will show you
the listing pictures.
Oh, wow.
(chuckles) Right?
(chuckles) What was that?
Sorry, I don't know
how that got there.
I love this listing.
What's the ask on
this one again?
This one is 230,000.
Good find, Rebecca.
Here, let me show
you this next one.
I know you're gonna love it too.
I think it's nice,
but that foyer doesn't
really scream fixer upper.
(brooding music)
Wait, I'm sorry.
This, this, this isn't right.
Beautiful staircase.
Is this the wrong file?
This isn't the file.
I, I didn't take these.
Everything okay, Rebecca?
Who is that?
Is that, is that you?
Honey, are you okay?
Do you need to take a
break to sort this out?
(brooding music continues)
(Rebecca and Linda scream)
So theoretically,
Linda has it recorded, yeah?
Margot, I don't care
if they recorded it.
I never wanna see that again.
Do you not get that?
I know you are upset.
That is clear.
No shit I'm upset.
I know. So it doesn't matter.
I need to see it.
Margot, I don't care
if you wanna see it.
I, I probably lost my job today.
Well, wait, what, what happened?
Rebecca said that
she saw something weird
on her video conference,
like a person.
In this room, in a
picture with me in it.
- Shit, are you okay?
- She's fine.
I'm not fucking fine, Margot.
You, you didn't see it. I...
I knew I shouldn't
have come this time.
(laughs) Okay, so
now it's my fault.
Margot, I may have
lost the only job
getting us any income.
You-Listen, I love that you
hunt these old ghost stories,
but I-it's just a hobby.
It doesn't pay the bills,
it does nothing for us.
You and me. Okay?
It just satisfies some
obscure obsession you have.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm getting out of
here, okay? We all should.
Congrats, this place
is the real deal.
Now let's get the
hell out of here.
Okay so where you're losing me
is you mock all these
places that we go to
because "Oh, they
might be haunted,"
but then when a place actually
might be you want to leave?
And I'm sure that I'm not the
only one that feels that way.
I, I, I'm, I-
I agree with Rebecca.
I mean, you know,
I don't think we should
stay longer than we have to.
There you go.
Thank you.
Okay. Okay.
Can you just turn that off
and give me and
Rebecca time to talk?
Hey, Becs. How are
you holding up?
I appreciate your
dedication to the camera.
Hey, if we're
gonna stay one more night,
might as well give
Margot a full card.
Plus, I'm afraid she might
yell at me if I put it down.
(Rebecca chuckles)
One more night, then, then
we leave in the morning.
Hey, you're not
gonna get any pushback from me.
What's she up to now?
Oh, you know,
just retracing the exact steps
of the killer and victims.
For what? Like the
thousandth time?
So, do you still have a job?
The internet hasn't worked
since my presentation,
so who knows.
Hey, you're gonna be all right.
(subdued music)
I can't make this make sense.
It's an old photo
from the Abaddon clock.
Yeah, the pictures
of the Abaddon Hotel,
those make sense.
But this?
- And is that?
- Yes.
What the fuck?
I know. And look at the back.
Clarksburg Fair,
West Virginia, 1975.
Do you see that carnival
game in the back?
That is the exact game
that is currently upstairs
at this very mansion
with the same two clown costumes
on those two mannequins.
- Three mannequins.
- What?
There's three
mannequins upstairs.
I, what does it all mean?
(laughs) I mean,
like, there it is.
There what is?
We officially have
a direct connection
between this house
and the Abaddon Hotel.
Explain to me how this
game gets from Clarksburg
to the middle of
nowhere, Rockland County.
And then this photo gets
in the Abaddon Hotel clock?
Maybe, um, maybe we
should leave tonight.
No! We are just actually-
(call button ringing)
What the fuck was that?
The, th-th-the call button.
Someone's upstairs c-
calling down to the kitchen.
(call button ringing)
Holy sh-Margot.
Right, how, how, how
do we know what
room's coming from?
It's, it's, it's in
there above the door.
All right, all right. Hang on.
It, it says Patrick.
Okay. Okay.
Come with me. Let's go.
All right, all right,
all right.
You, you guys
are going up there?
Yes. And stay here.
Stay here.
Use the camera.
Looks like the light's
on in the room.
- Was that on before?
- I don't know.
(Chase breathing heavily)
Hang on.
Watch it!
- Holy shit.
- Fuck.
Jesus. How the did
that get in here, Margot?
I don't...
(both breathing heavily)
Oh, shit.
It's fucking staring at us.
I know, I know.
All right, hang on.
- Okay.
- Hang on.
Touch it.
Fuck. Shh.
(Margot sighs)
See, just a mannequin.
Fucking clowns, Margot.
You had to pick somewhere
with clowns.
Dude, shut up. It's fine.
Okay, well.
Anyone up there?
(door clatters and creaks)
(Rebecca breathing shakily)
(ball thuds softly)
(Rebecca gasps)
(gasps) Who's there? (whimpers)
(eerie music)
(Rebecca exhales softly)
(dramatic music)
(Rebecca shrieks)
wrong? What happened?
In t-t-the, in
the closet. In the closet.
- Go!
- All right. All right.
(eerie music)
Fuck. Fucking clowns.
we go? Can we go?
Can we go, now?
What did mom tell you
about what happened to me?
Do you wanna talk about it?
I saw this little
girl all alone,
and then she said that
she couldn't find her mom,
so I wanted to help her.
- Good. That's-
- No, not good.
- Why not?
- Because,
because, she wasn't real.
She kept, she kept disappearing
and then, and appearing
wherever I was that day.
She said that her and her
mom were staying at a hotel
and that she couldn't
find her mom.
I wanted to help her, but
she kept disappearing.
And then I realized that,
well, she's not real.
She must be in my head.
That's okay, Chase.
That's, that's why we want
you to stay on the medication-
But I was.
And it shouldn't have happened.
But she was so real to me.
And the last thing
that she said,
it never stuck out to
me until being here,
she said, "Go with Margot."
Then the next day you called me
and asked me to
come with you here.
- Um...
- No. No
Don't try to bullshit me.
This place is fucked. All right?
Something is, is
messing with us.
It probably doesn't want us
here, so let's not disappoint.
Tomorrow, right?
Yeah. Tomorrow. (groans)
Hey, you gonna be
okay all by yourself?
Do you wanna bunk
with me and Becs?
No. I am gonna drink.
(Margot scoffs)
All right? That
will help the sleep.
you know I love you, right?
I love you too.
Good night.
(wind whistling softly)
Did you hear that?
I thought I heard like a shout
and a thud right
outside our room.
Hold this.
What is it?
We're okay?
I think so.
(door clatters)
What's wrong?
Is, is that Chase's?
Chase? Chase?
Where the hell are you?
He's not downstairs or outside.
Um, can can
you call his phone again?
(phone buzzing)
Um, hey, it's in here.
What do you think?
I, I don't, I don't know.
I guess I got, I-I got a
text from him last night
saying, "Was that you?"
"Was that you," what?
I don't know. You were
sleeping, so I didn't respond.
Um, he, he probably heard
the same thing I did
when I woke up, right?
(dark music)
(Bradley) What we know now
is that Chase didn't wander off.
(scoffs) Of course he didn't.
Hard to understand.
Even harder to watch
if you, you've seen the video.
And I have.
(liquor sloshing)
Well, Margot,
ya really picked a winner with
this place. (chuckles softly)
Let's just hope that we
all live to tell the tale.
(Chase sighs)
(door knocking roughly)
(sighs) All right. I think
that's enough for tonight.
Someone keeps
knocking on the door,
but there's nobody there.
(door knocking roughly)
There it is again, somebody
is outside my fucking door.
(door knocking roughly)
Fuck this.
(Chase breathing steadily)
(Chase grunts)
Nothing. (breathing heavily)
(lock clicks)
All right, Margot,
as soon as the sun comes
up, we are outta here.
I love you. But, but this
place is absolutely fucked.
(Chase breathing heavily)
I just heard my door open.
Fuck. Something
just opened my door.
(dramatic music)
Oh fuck! What the f-
Oh my God.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Oh, fuck. (whimpering)
What the fuck.
Oh shit.
Okay. I'm, I'm gonna, (panting)
I'm, I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna get my bag.
Let me get my bag.
And, and, and, and, and,
and, and I'll leave.
And, and it'll be like, like,
like we were never here.
And I'm sorry. All right?
I'm sorry.
Look, we're gonna go.
What the fuck? (whimpering)
All right, I'm leaving.
I'm so sorry. We're so sorry.
We're gonna go. Okay?
(brooding music)
Oh fuck.
I'm, I'm, uh, I'm going.
We're going.
Oh fuck. Oh fuck.
Oh please, please, please,
please, please, please.
(dramatic music)
(Chase groans)
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh please, please, please,
please, please, please.
Come on. I'm going.
I'm going.
Okay, okay.
(Chase muttering softly)
(Chase yelps)
(static crackling)
(film projector
whirring and clicking)
Pat, are you okay?
(door knocking softly)
Can I do anything for you?
What is all this?
Hey, are you okay?
Why are you filming me?
I told you I don't wanna be
part of your fucking movies.
Oh, Jesus.
Pat, is that Margaret's dress?
Why would you...
What if someone told you
they could bring her back?
I, who told you that?
Patrick, she's dead.
I'm sorry.
I miss her too, but this,
this isn't right. (sniffles)
Don't look in there.
Please leave.
I want you to have something.
I don't expect you
to wear this, but,
just keep it on you, okay?
It helped me when I needed it.
(film whirring)
(film whirring)
(film whirring)
(film whirring)
(film projector
whirring and clicking)
For some reason, the
people my brother works for
asked him to store
their junk in our house.
And I went through
a trunk of theirs.
What was inside?
Well, a lot of things,
but I found this.
It's sheet music.
So let's see.
(piano chimes)
Somethings coming
Cold the nightfall
All things die
And never come back
Throw the ashes
Grasp your crosses
Pray to him
You'll never come back
(dark piano music)
Life's a circle
Full of darkness
Stay with him
And never come back
Jesus. Pat, where
do you work? (gulps)
(film projector
whirring and clicking)
Where'd you go, Chase?
Come on.
Hey, Margot.
Margot, it's time to go.
No, we are not leaving
here without my brother.
And what if
something happened to him?
What are we gonna do?
Just wait for something
to happen to us?
No it's, you know my brother.
He's gonna be fine.
He probably just had another
episode and he's coming back.
Right, right.
He just wandered off again
with his bag in the
middle of the hallway
without his phone.
Are you serious right now?
Let's at least give him
some more time while
the the sun is up.
Doesn't that make more sense?
I don't wanna wait
here another second.
Please don't make me.
Can we just give him
more time and we will
leave before it's dark?
I promise.
Please. (sobbing lightly)
Fine, okay? Fine.
Two o'clock. Okay?
And that's it. That's it.
I am driving out of here
with or without Chase.
(gentle music)
Or you.
Very little is known about
Andrew Tully's early days,
but we've been able to
figure out a few details.
Tully was once a
deeply-religious man
with a family living in
Arkansas in the 1960s.
He had a younger daughter
who died tragically,
Abigail Tully.
And from there it
becomes a little hazy
because he fled
an arrest warrant.
That much we know,
it's on record.
On the run in your home
state, what do you do?
Where do you go?
Tully goes to Clarksburg,
West Virginia,
meets two men named Thomas
Rollins and Freddy Perkins.
What we know about Thomas
Rollins and Freddy Perkins
before they moved to
Abaddon, New York,
is that they ran a gaming
stand, Down-A-Clown,
just the two of them,
throughout the late
'60s and early '70s.
But in Catherine's footage,
there's a third clown suit.
Who does that belong to?
There is a case to be made
that the cult
started right there
at a small-town fair
in West Virginia,
where Tully would meet with
his closest confidants.
And they followed him
to Abaddon, New York,
where they built their
cover story hotel
and hired a bunch of
locals to work there.
Locals like Patrick Carmichael.
Margot, now it's four o'clock.
Okay? We, we gave
him two extra hours.
He's not here. It's time to go.
Okay? Let's go to the car.
No. Oh...
Fuck, okay, yeah.
I'm sorry, Chase. I'm sorry.
Once we get into town,
we'll go straight
to the police, okay?
They'll find him, Margot.
Okay. They, they're
good at that stuff.
Right now, we have
to look after ours...
(car chimes)
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
What's wrong?
(stammers) I don't know. I'm,
I'm not a goddamn mechanic.
I don't... (shrieks)
Rebecca. Rebecca, Jesus.
Okay. Um-
I knew I shouldn't
have come here.
I knew I shouldn't
have fucking come here.
It's okay, okay,
listen. Listen.
It's 4 o'clock.
If we leave right now on foot,
we will make it to the main
road before the sun goes down.
That's 12 miles through
woods and back roads.
We'll never make it.
II know we'll make it,
um, unless you want to stay.
We wait till tomorrow.
Donald comes back and
we just stay the night.
Oh, fuck.
Okay, if we
go right now on foot,
we walk a mile, what,
every 15, 20 minutes?
We can make it back
before it is dark.
Come on. We gotta go now.
Okay, let, let's do it.
Let, let's walk.
(brooding music)
The Carmichael Woods is acres
and acres of private woods.
And that's even before
you get to the miles
of back roads and small paths.
So sure, they probably
could have made it
to town before nightfall,
but that was going
to be a challenge.
And that was before
they saw what they saw.
(brooding music continues)
(leaves crunching)
(Margot sighs)
(Rebecca sighs)
Still nothing.
Careful, careful.
I'm okay.
(Margot sighs)
So we've been walking
for about an hour
and we're making good time.
And I think, I think
we're gonna make it
before the sun's down.
God, I hope so.
And yeah. So that's
all I got for you.
I guess tomorrow
we're gonna get a tow
and keep looking for Chase.
Do you see anything?
Let's just keep going.
(birds chirping)
(dark discomforting music)
(crows cawing)
Did you hear that?
(crows cawing)
Was that like a bird?
(entity shrieking)
The hell was that?
(entity shrieking)
Oh shit. Let's run.
No, we can't run.
Just, just walk
fast. Walk fast, go.
We can't run nine miles.
Why on God's earth is
there a hearse out here?
Oh my God.
Come on. Let's keep going.
(haunting music)
What is that?
Oh my God.
Yeah, okay.
(Rebecca shrieks)
Holy shit. Holy shit.
Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.
Holy shit, holy shit. Holy shit.
(entity shrieking)
(Rebecca whimpers)
(crows cawing)
I can't, I can't run anymore.
Yes, you can give me your hand.
We are not staying out here
with whatever the fuck that was.
Come on.
(Margot breathing heavily)
- I see it.
- Go.
- I see it.
- Thank God. Thank God.
(both panting)
Go, go. Go.
Do you have to film
right now? Just stop.
If there was
ever a time to make sure
that we were filming everything,
it is literally right now.
Margot, I just
wanna get out of here.
Okay. I don't care about
your stupid murders.
I never did-
There's a reason
that this is happening.
Everything that we've seen,
those things in the woods,
it means that we're getting
closer to the truth.
Who cares if we find out
who fucking killed
Kennedy in this house?
None of it matters
if we're dead.
Well, I'm fucking sorry
that I ever brought
you here, okay?
I didn't think I was taking
you against your will,
I thought you
actually wanted to.
(sniffles) Okay?
(Rebecca breathing shakily)
You have service?
It's a text from
Chase. It's a text from Chase.
Okay. Well, what does it say?
It just says, "Hi."
That doesn't make any sense.
Why? Where's this phone?
I-I left it in his room.
H-how is that possible?
I don't know.
G-good. Maybe he's
back in his room.
No don't, don't, don't go.
Just, just text him back.
Okay. Okay.
Um, um.
Hey, where have you been?
(phone chimes)
"Met some new friends."
What does that mean?
I don't know.
Who are your friends?
(phone chimes)
"They wanna meet you."
What is he talking about?
What friends? Who are they?
Why don't you come to our room?
But, no. What
if that's not him.
That's what
I'm trying to find out.
(phone chimes)
"They won't like that."
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Margot, I have to leave here.
I cannot stay here.
(phone chimes)
"Okay, I'll come."
- I'm leaving.
- To where?
Just, Rebecca, stop. Just wait.
Please wait.
(door clatters and creaks)
Who is that?
(footsteps thumping)
(Margot and Rebecca
breathing shakily)
(door knocking)
(Margot gasps)
Chase, is that you?
What are you doing?
Don't stop filming.
I love you.
Don't go, please, don't.
Please. (sniffles)
(door groans)
(both yelp)
No, no,
no, no, no. No.
(eerie music)
(both whimpering softly)
Oh, god.
(phone chimes)
W-what does it say?
It, it says
"They're in your room now."
Stop. It's okay.
I don't wanna
stay here. No fucking way.
Rebecca, stop.
Rebecca, stop.
Come back.
(Rebecca sobbing)
It's okay. Calm down.
Calm down, Rebecca. Calm down.
Don't tell me to
fucking calm down!
(both sobbing)
(film projector
whirring and clicking)
Pat, We,
we thought you were dead.
No, I was in jail.
You arm? How did you?
Won't need that any more.
What happened at that hotel?
They're saying it
was a mass suicide.
Were you there?
No. I told you, I was in jail.
Got into a fight.
Do you know what happened?
The hotel you worked
at, they're all dead.
They didn't die.
They just crossed over.
I was supposed to be there.
Crossed over?
What do you mean, crossed over?
Are you listening to yourself?
You shouldn't be filming me.
Turn the camera off.
(Margaret giggling)
(Catherine breathing shakily)
(footsteps thudding)
Catherine. (giggles)
(light bulb buzzing)
(Catherine shrieking)
(brooding music)
(gentle music)
What we know about the mass
suicide at the Abaddon Hotel
is that in the weeks
leading up to it,
very strange and
unexplainable events
were happening all
around the area.
Almost like whatever they
were doing in that basement
was releasing some
sort of dark energy.
Turns out the Carmichael
Manor was no exception.
You can tell that
something about Patrick
was different that night.
Catherine confronts Patrick
about the suicides
at the Abaddon,
and that was the last
night of her life.
Whatever came for them that
night was able to do so
without leaving a single
track in the snow.
Not a trace.
(film projector
whirring and clicking)
(Catherine sobbing softly)
It's okay.
They're in the house. (sobs)
They're in the house.
(door creaks)
(haunting music)
(Catherine whimpering)
What the hell?
(Margaret shrieking)
(static crackling)
(horn honking)
(Margot and Rebecca
breathing heavily)
Please start, please.
(Rebecca shrieks)
Oh, no, no, no.
(balls thumping)
(both screaming)
Hello? Hello?
Fuck, why won't you work?
fuck, fuck. Okay.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Okay.
I need it to be like
that. I really...
(Rebecca whimpering)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
W-w-what was that?
Margot, please.
(tense music)
Wait, Margot. Margot.
Something's not right. I
don't think that's Chase.
It's him. It's him.
I know it's him.
Margot, I'm asking
you, please, that's not him.
Don't go.
Just stay
here and lock the door.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
It's working. It's working.
Hi, my name is Rebecca Vickers.
We're at Carmichael Manor
at 101 Starlight Drive,
please, something's
in the house with us.
Margot! That's not him!
Hello? Hello?
(tense music continues)
(Rebecca sobbing and whimpering)
(Rebecca shrieks)
(static buzzing)
(Rebecca whimpering)
(Rebecca shrieking)
(wind whistling softly)
(Margot breathing shakily)
Hey, Chase.
Hey, hey Chase.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
Fuck. Fuck, Chase.
Chase, no. (whimpering)
Rebecca, Chase is hurt.
Chase is hurt.
Rebecca, we need to get help.
Rebecca. No, no, no, no.
Rebecca! Rebecca!
Open the door!
Please, please.
Chase is hurt.
Please, we have to-(shrieks)
No, no!
I know what you did.
I was there.
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Please stop, please
stop, please stop.
No, no. (yelps)
No, please. Please, no!
Please, please, please,
please. (sobbing)
Please stop.
Please stop, no please.
Please. No, no, no, no.
No. No, no, please.
I don't, (panting)
It's not over. (shrieks)
(static crackling)
(subdued music)
Evil never dies.
No fire will ever destroy it.
You can never claim
victory over it.
That evil will always exist
and it will always be there.
Sometimes in plain sight.
(eerie music)
(film projector
clicking and whirring)
If anyone finds this recording,
I had no choice. (sobs)
We all serve him
in different ways.
(man groaning)
Stop talking!
It'll be over soon.
(film whirring)
(film whirring)
(gentle dark music)
(film whirring)
(gentle dark music continues)
(gentle dark music continues)
(gentle dark music continues)
Did you guys hear
that Rockland County's
starting the fair up again?
(chuckles) No way.
Yeah, right in Abaddon.
I guess, they figured
since the hotel's gone,
all is well again.
(dark music)