Hell Night (1981) Movie Script

(upbeat party music)
If you can't see
If you can't hide
That something's closer
And it's standing right outside
Look out, look out
It will grab hold of you
All alone in the dark
Where there's nothing you can do
Got real sharp teeth
Got eyes that shine
If you can't get away tonight
You won't come back alive
Look out, look out
It will grab hold of you
All alone in the dark
Where there's nothing you can do
- Hi.
I'm Peter Bennett, president
of Alpha Sigma Rho.
Are you one of our sorority sisters?
- Who do you think I am,
your fairy godmother?
- No.
But you're certainly everything
I could've wished for.
- Peter, everything's all set up.
- Wonderful, Scott.
- You're in your big brother fraternity,
don't you think you ought
to show a little respect?
- I'm showing more than respect, honey.
- Listen, why don't you
and I go on upstairs
and exchange phone numbers?
Take over, will you?
Hey, who's she?
- Oh, that's one of the new pledges.
They call her Marti.
- So who is the Zorro
impersonator in the purple cape
at the bar staring at me?
- That's Peter Bennett, president
of the fraternity house.
He lives all year for Hell Night.
This is when he really
puts it to the pledges.
- Can I resign now?
- No, you don't.
We got a deal.
I've already given you the
best room in the house,
not to mention the car and the clothes.
You're not quitting now.
Mingle, dear, mingle.
See the candle blow out
It's colder than before
Standing in the shadows
- Thanks, little doll.
Yes-siree Bob.
- Look what just walked in.
- Not my type.
See that?
That's my type.
- Hey Peter, isn't it about time
you start the initiation?
- Nah, it's still early.
Look at Sicowski!
He hasn't even barfed
on the trophy case yet.
And the front windows still aren't broken.
(glass shattering)
Well, I guess it's time to
get this show on the road!
- Alright!
- Let's go!
(bugle music)
(cars honking)
- Quiet!
(loud gunshot)
(gate creaking)
Welcome to Garth Manor.
In order to be a member
of Alpha Sigma Rho,
one has to do what?
Mr. Reed?
- To stay in Garth Manor
one night, Mr. President.
- Very good, Jeff.
And why is this night so special?
Ms. Dunsmore?
- Because 12 years ago,
Raymond Garth murdered his family here
and then committed suicide!
- And is there something funny
about a man murdering his family
and then killing himself?
- I'm just a little tipsy.
- [Peter] I hope you
didn't bring any other
intoxicants in here with you.
- Oh, of course not!
- Well, just to make sure,
I'll have to personally
search you before we leave.
- It'd be a pleasure.
- Shall we go?
In 1850, Virgil Garth built this mansion
with the gold that was
pouring out of his mines.
Since then, four generations
of Garths have lived here,
until 12 years ago.
The last people to live in the house
were Raymond and Lillian
Garth, and their four children.
Now, Lillian Garth was
a hopeless simpleton.
About the only thing she was
good for was childbearing,
and she didn't turn out
to be too hot at that.
First child she bore Raymond was a boy.
A mongoloid boy they called Morris.
Now, Morris brought great
sorrow to the Garths,
and they immediately set
about to have another child,
and they were soon cursed
with a baby girl, Suzanne.
Now, she was so hideously deformed,
that it was impossible to
tell from looking at her
if she was male or female!
And to her father's immense disgust,
she used to drag herself around the house
with the help of her one good leg.
Now, the Garths were very
fanatical about their privacy.
They didn't want to have to
be dependent on anyone else,
so they isolated themselves up here.
That is why they never put
in any modern utilities.
There's no gas, no
electricity, and no phone.
So, again, they tried to have a child,
and within the year the
Garths added Margret.
But unfortunately, it soon became apparent
that poor little Margret
could neither hear,
nor speak, nor see.
But good old Ray was determined,
and he decided to have one last go.
So Lillian got pregnant again.
She carried the child
for 10 and a half months,
until finally she delivered
a little gork named Andrew.
Andrew never spoke a word
in his first 14 years.
He just made these grunts and groans,
like the sounds of wild animals.
Now, Raymond Garth lived
isolated in this house
for 14 years with this freak show,
until he couldn't stand it any more.
12 years ago, he assembled the
entire family in the parlor,
and then he took his dear wife, Lillian,
and he strangled her to death.
Then he took the mongoloid son Morris
and he bashed out what
little brains he had
with the fireplace poker.
Then he took the deformed little Suzanne
and he impaled her with the same poker.
Then he took the deaf, dumb,
and blind little Margret,
and he slit her throat.
And then Raymond Garth got a rope
and hung himself to death.
Leaving the cruelest punishment of all
to his 14 year old gorked-out son, Andrew,
who was forced to witness the slaughter
of his entire family.
Now, when the police arrived,
they discovered a note
written by Raymond Garth
describing the entire gruesome act.
But strangely,
they only discovered three dead bodies.
And young Andrew was nowhere to be found.
Well, they search the house
as thoroughly as they could,
but still only came up with three corpses.
Andrew is still believed by some
to be living somewhere within this house.
(ominous music)
(loud bang)
Come in!
You four may sleep anywhere
you want in the house.
Either separately or otherwise.
But remember, you may not leave
the confines of the estate.
That shouldn't be too hard.
You'll find the gate is virtually
impossible to climb over.
Any questions?
(thunder rumbling)
Now, the only way out of Garth Manor
is to shoot your way out.
Don't use it unless you have to.
And don't try climbing the fence.
You might cut your nuts off.
See you four at dawn.
Just about six hours.
Have fun.
(rock music)
(cars revving)
- Wow, this place is pretty radical.
- It is that.
- You know, this would be
a hot place to go hunting.
- Hunting?
Ugh, I hate guns!
- Yeah, but sometimes
they come in pretty handy.
Like one summer I was camping out
on the north shore of Oahu,
and these locals used
to come by every night
and beat the crap out of us, you know?
So listen to this, one day, we go down,
we buy ourselves a shotgun.
Go down to the local bar,
and really put the fear of God into them.
Needless to say, we didn't have
too many hassles after that.
- So you guys really believe this story
about old Raymond Garth and
gorked-out Andrew and all that?
- No, Peter's full of shit.
- Actually, I think there's
some truth to that story.
That guy Garth did kill his family here.
- Oh, is that right?
Well let me tell you,
find me a little gork in
there tonight named Garth.
I'm gonna ask him for an
extra pair of long underwear,
because it's getting as cold
as a hound's pecker in December out here.
- I'll keep you warm, Wes.
- The name is Seth,
and you've got a date,
you little beach bunny.
(ominous music)
(hawk shrieking)
- Hey, let's party!
- [Seth] Alright!
- Quaaludes.
- [Seth] Lookie here!
- And Jack Daniel's.
- Okay!
- You sure caught onto the
American lifestyle fast.
- And...
(light rock music)
- Oh my gosh.
This is one radical chick!
- I thought Peter was supposed
to search you before he left.
- He did, and he took half an ounce
of excellent Columbian from me,
and half a gram of coke.
- Please don't tell me
where he found them,
I'll just get so jealous.
- Don't be jealous, love.
There's plenty for everybody.
(playful shouting)
- Last call from the bar.
(soft orchestral music)
(fire crackling)
I don't think it's gonna
get much cozier than this.
- So you live around here?
- [Jeff] Yeah, around here.
- Where around here?
- Hillsdown.
- Oh, so rich.
- [Jeff] You say that
like I have a disease.
- What's it like to be so rich?
- You see, that's why I never
tell anybody where I'm from.
- Yeah, but shouldn't your name be
Bentley Rhasmus Fairchild
the third or fourth,
or something like that?
- [Jeff] What makes it so evil to be rich,
and so noble to be poor?
- It's just that the rich capitalist
feeds on the life of the downtrodden poor.
- Figures, a radical.
Probably majoring in political science
with an emphasis on terrorism?
- No, actually I don't
give a darn about politics.
I'm beginning not to give a
darn about sororities either.
(rock music)
- You silly bastard.
- Hey!
- Robin Hood to the rescue!
Come on you little--
- Hang on!
Is that all you're after?
- Huh?
- Is that all you're interested in, sex?
- What are you talking about?
- I mean, don't you do
anything but drink and screw?
- Yeah, I surf.
I surf, drink, and screw.
- Well, there's something, then.
Tell me what it's like to surf.
- Boy, you are some buzzy chick.
I mean, first you're all
hot to get me up here,
and now you want to talk?
- We'll get to that later!
First tell me what it's like to surf.
- Well, it's like the ultimate rush.
Paddling out...
The winds are blowing offshore.
Four to six foot swells are rolling in.
And I'm riding my most radical stick,
an 18 inch pinner-gun.
- 18 inches, oh my goodness!
- All of a sudden,
a perfect six footer starts towards me.
I turn around, two, three strokes,
and I'm dropping in!
- Two or three strokes?
That didn't take long.
- And just as I hit the bottom,
I throw the most radical bottom turn
straight up the face,
hit the lip so hard I do a layback!
- Now you're talking!
- I get back down the
wave, get completely tubed,
totally surrounded by
water for an instant,
and then what do I do?
I kick out!
- Sounds wonderful.
- It is.
Now if you behave,
maybe I'll take you
surfing again sometime!
(engine rumbling)
(pensive music)
- [Peter] Dammit, Scott!
Not so much noise!
- Shh!
- Alright.
Alright, you guys go
on up to the north side
and set things up.
I'll go the other way.
And keep out of sight!
- Now the fun begins.
- What are you doing here anyway?
- You'll have to ask my
father that question.
- Why do you say that?
- Because...
He's the one that wanted
me to join Alpha Sigma Rho.
- Why?
- Because he was one.
It builds relationships
you'll have your whole life.
- And what kind of man is your father?
- He's kinda like the father
on Leave It To Beaver.
Just hangs around the
house in his sweater.
Doesn't seem to go to work that much.
- I don't meet too many guys
who do what their fathers want them to do.
I think that's nice.
- No.
You just don't meet
many guys who admit it.
(pensive music)
- Come on!
- So now you know why I'm here.
What's your excuse?
- I don't know.
Seemed like the thing to do at the time.
All my friends are joining sororities.
- Smart girl like you
giving into peer pressure?
- No.
Actually, I didn't make out so bad.
I made a deal with May, the
president of the sorority.
If I supply all the English lit notes,
I get any room in the house, free clothes,
and a car to toodle around in.
The car's not so bad.
I had to a little bit
of work on the brakes,
and the shoes are okay, so it works great.
- Wait a second, you
replaced the brakes yourself?
- Yeah.
- [Jeff] Where'd you learn to do that?
- My father owns a garage,
and I worked in it all
through high school.
- You know, my car's been
making these pained noises.
I think it's the valves--
- Now you know why I don't
tell anybody I'm a mechanic.
- Ow!
- Shh!
- What the hell is this hole?
- It's ventilation for under the house.
There's all sorts of secret rooms
and tunnels running underneath there.
There's a bunch of these vents
all around the outer wall.
Look, don't go underneath the house,
I've got it all wired up.
Besides, it's a mess down there.
You might get lost in one of the tunnels.
- Gee, thanks a lot Scott,
I was just about to slip under there
and grab a quick nap!
- (laughs) Come on, let's get going.
- You're so down on all
this fraternity stuff.
Why are you here?
- (sighs) I've been wondering
the same thing all night.
It came from upstairs.
- What happened?
- What are you people screaming about?
- We weren't screaming.
- Wait a second.
If you weren't screaming,
and we weren't screaming...
Somebody's trying to mind-fuck us.
- What happened, Wes?
(smooth rock music)
- My name is Seth, darling.
And I don't know, but it looks like
we have a little trick-or-treat
going on around here.
That's coming from the third floor.
- Let's go.
Here it is.
- Where?
- They ran this wire in through the roof.
You got a knife?
- No, you got a gun?
- Yeah, but it's downstairs, why?
- Well, because if that
thing screams again,
I'm gonna shoot it to death!
- It's connected with screws in the back.
I'll try to undo it with my nail.
- [Denise] Did you find anything?
- It's alright ladies,
it looks like we've
apprehended the culprit.
- Shit.
They must've found it.
- (gasps) Dammit, you scared me.
- Shh, keep your voice down!
Nice atmosphere, huh?
- Yeah, if you want to scare
the crap out of somebody.
- Are we ready yet?
- [Scott] Just about.
- Okay May, you go around to the side
and start the diversion.
- Why don't you go start the diversion?
- Because I want to watch.
- Well, I want to watch, too!
- May, don't give me a problem.
You'll get your kicks later.
- Jesus!
You know, if you guys spent
half the time studying
as you do setting up these stunts,
we'd all be graduating with honors!
- What a little twat!
We should've left her behind.
- Why?
Her behind is the best part.
We should've kept her behind
and left the rest of her!
(light piano music)
(owl hooting)
(bat shrieking)
(intense music)
- I think they're done
scaring us for the night.
- I hope so, but I doubt it.
Maybe they're sneaking
around outside, watching us.
- You think so?
Well, what do you think is out there?
Maybe Peter--
Are they gonna do this all night?
- I hope not.
Wait here, I'll check it out.
- Somebody's got some sense of humor.
- I can see that.
Come on.
It's coming from in here.
(light piano music)
(wind whooshing)
- Jeff, is that you?
(creepy instrumental music)
Okay guys, very scary.
Let's just go home.
(chains clinking)
Oh, you guys.
I'm scared!
Please turn it off!
- Looks like she's been
waiting for you, sport.
- What happened?
- I just had a little trick played on me.
I got locked in there with a ghost.
- Did you see somebody?
- A walking corpse.
- Wow, that sounds very interesting.
You know, I'd like to stay down here
and really help you look
for your little corpse,
but I've got a girl
upstairs who needs my body.
Here you go!
- Don't pay any attention to him.
- Oh, I'm trying not to.
- Show me what happened.
- I think that little weasel Scott
had something to do with this.
- I'm sure he had some help from Peter.
These are the guys I'm
building relationships
that will last me a lifetime.
- Look, anyway, I was sitting over there
and the doors blew open,
and the candles went
out, and I ran over here,
and then these doors shut.
And then I heard this moaning
and groaning behind me,
and I turned around,
and there was the ghost of
Raymond Garth coming at me.
- Where'd it come from?
- From over there.
- Over there.
(stone grinding)
Now it's time for the old
magical looking glass routine.
- I'm going up to the
roof to start phase two,
physical terror!
- You know something, Scott,
I think you enjoy this a little too much.
- There's probably a switch or something
controlling those doors.
I found it.
Close the door.
Okay, now try it.
- Nothing!
- Okay, try it now.
- You're right, it opens.
- Peter!
And all the rest of you!
We know you're here!
There's been a lot of laughs,
but why don't we just shut the
fun-house off now, alright?
(ominous music)
- Who's there?
Peter, is that you?
Cut the bullshit, Peter.
(intense music)
- I thought you disconnected the screamer.
- We did.
- Well then how come I heard
someone screaming a while ago?
- Because they probably
hooked up a bunch of speakers
all over this place.
They want some backup in
case we unhook some of them.
- They, who's they?
- I don't know.
Scott, Chris.
Some of the other Alpha Sigma Rho people.
This place looks clean.
- Except in the closet.
I swear, it's such bullshit.
- Don't get mad at me.
- I'm not.
So is everything okay now?
No more visitors in the closet?
No secret passageways or screamers?
- I think so.
- Good, I'm going to bed.
- I suggest you do the same.
Wrong bed.
- Yeah?
- Blow out the candle.
(soft instrumental music)
- Cute, guys.
Really cute.
These quaaludes are murdering my skin.
- Shit.
Hey Scott!
Hey, you guys up there?
Hey Scott, are you up here?
(suspenseful music)
Where are you guys?
(pulley creaking)
(intense music)
(suspenseful music)
(eerie music)
- I'm sorry.
It's just I couldn't sleep.
- That's okay.
Maybe we could just sit
here and talk a while?
- Whatever you want.
- Do you believe in ghosts?
- No.
- When I was a kid, I
thought I saw a witch.
You know how you wake up and see things?
- You know, I saw an elf once.
- An elf?
How do you know it was an elf?
- Well, what would you
call a three foot man,
white beard, pointed ears, red cap.
- A typical textbook elf.
Okay, wow, I think you better
keep that story to yourself.
It's pretty bizarre.
- What about you and your witch?
- Yeah, I guess you're right.
They're both pretty weird.
- Well, I won't tell on you,
if you won't tell on me.
(light piano music)
- So I guess us weirdos will
just have to stick together.
(fire crackling)
(groovy rock music)
- Oh Wes, Wes!
- It's Seth, dammit.
(ominous music)
Well, time for the john.
- John?
I thought your name was Seth.
(eerie music)
(toilet flushing)
- Score another one for the good guys.
Finally crashed out, huh?
(eerie music)
- That sounds like Seth!
- Let's go.
Come on.
What happened?
- She's dead.
- Who's dead?
- I don't know man, that sorority chick.
(shrill music)
- Oh my God!
- Run!
Where's Denise?
- I don't know, I don't know!
- What do you mean you don't know?
- Where are you going?
- There's a dead chick up there, sport.
I'm getting the hell out of here.
Give me that gun!
- Seth!
- What are you gonna do?
- Seth!
Seth, will you tell us what happened?
- I don't know man, I don't know!
Went out to take a leak,
when I came back, Denise is gone,
and there's a dead chick in my bed.
The whole world's gone mad!
- And you don't know where Denise is?
- I don't know where anyone is.
I just know that I am getting out of here.
- Wait, no!
Seth, wait!
- Seth, where is she?
- Seth, Seth!
- [Marti] Would you guys wait up?
What are you guys doing?
- Seth, hold on!
Seth, wait!
- Leave me alone, man!
- What are you doing?
- Blanks!
Those bastards!
- Seth, what the hell are you doing?
- I'm getting out of here, sport.
- Well, what about Marti?
We can't just leave her here.
She can't climb this gate.
- Leave me alone, man!
- Be careful!
- Seth, you're gonna kill yourself
trying to get over in your boots!
- Look out, man!
- Listen, Seth!
Seth, take off your boots and
I'll throw them over to you
when you get to the other side.
- Son of a gun!
- When you get the time,
you gotta call the police.
Seth, do you understand?
You gotta get help!
- Man, I understand, I understand.
- [Marti] I'm gonna try.
- [Jeff] You'll never make it.
- I'm gonna try, will you help me?
(intense music)
- Seth, are you alright!
- I'll live.
Throw me the damn boots, will ya?
- Are you gonna be able to make it?
- I'll make it, sport, I'll make it.
- Seth, hurry!
- I will, darling, I will!
(light piano music)
- We gotta go back in
there and find Denise.
- Denise!
- Denise!
(ominous music)
(shrill music)
- Open the door!
Somebody help!
(tires screeching)
(car honking)
Hey man, there's been a murder man!
You gotta stop!
- Hit the road, asshole!
(eerie music)
- So what do we do now?
- We wait.
- You think that story about the Garths
and little Andrew was true?
- I don't know.
- This was supposed to be a joke.
I can't believe it.
- Wait a minute!
There's light coming
from the garden out here.
I gotta go down there.
- Don't go down there!
You'll get yourself killed.
- What if it's Denise down there
and she needs our help?
- And what if it's Andrew?
- Don't worry.
- Jeff, don't go!
- Marti, just stay here.
Put the chair back after I'm gone.
- Jeff, I don't want
to be left alone here!
(light instrumental music)
- It's gonna be okay.
(suspenseful music)
(intense music)
(radio chatter)
- Hey, help!
There's been a murder!
(phone ringing)
- Sam, can you handle this for me?
- Yeah.
- What fraternity are you with?
- The Alpha Sigma Rho.
- And that little wiseguy
Peter Bennett's president, huh?
Well you go back up there
and you tell that little
smartass president of yours
that if I even see
another Alpha Sig tonight
I'm gonna throw his butt
in jail for 30 days!
- Wait a second, you don't understand!
This is for real!
We were up at Garth Manor
and somebody was killed!
- Hey Ross, I got another one
for the tank for you here.
- What?
No, no, this is no stunt!
Listen, there's kids up
there getting murdered!
- Son, you kids have been getting away
with murder all night long.
Now either you get the hell out of here,
or you're gonna spend the night in jail.
- You heard him, now move it.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but we'll send a unit
as soon as one is available.
(bells ringing)
(ominous music)
- How long do you think Seth's been gone?
- Couple hours maybe, I don't know.
- Do you think we're gonna make it?
- We'll make it.
All we can do is wait right now.
It's gonna be okay.
(eerie music)
Pull it back.
He's still alive!
And he's down there someplace.
I'm going after him.
- Are you crazy?
- Look, I'm not waiting for
him to come back here again!
- What about Seth, Seth
is bringing back help.
- Seth isn't coming back!
- What do you mean?
- Because if he was coming back
he would've been here by now!
- Then we'll wait, we'll
wait until morning.
Peter and the other kids will be here.
- Peter's dead.
- What?
- I found him out there in the garden,
I didn't want to tell you before.
Okay, just stay here, I'm going after him.
- No, I'm coming with you!
(suspenseful music)
- Watch your head.
- Jeff, this is crazy.
- I'm not stopping 'til I get him.
He knows this house better than we do,
and if we don't get him
now, he's gonna get us.
- We're at the basement already.
Let's go back.
- I'm not...
It goes deeper.
Come on.
He must be in there.
Come on.
There must be tunnels leading
all over under this place.
- Please, let's go back.
We're gonna get lost down here.
- Let's take a look.
There's some sort of light down there.
(eerie music)
(intense music)
Marti, here!
- No!
Give me your arm!
- Get out.
- What do you want?
- I want your car, now get out!
- You can't do this!
I'm gonna call the cops!
- Good idea, tell the cops!
Tell them I'll be at Garth Manor!
(tires screeching)
- How's your leg?
- Hurts really bad.
I don't believe what was down there.
Denise is dead too.
What are we gonna do now?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
(dramatic music)
(tires screeching)
(shotgun pumping)
(suspenseful music)
(intense music)
(loud bang)
Jeff! Marti!
I killed him!
I killed him...
- Seth!
Oh my God, we didn't think
you were coming back.
- He killed everybody but us.
Peter, Scott, May,
Denise, they're all dead!
- The stinking cops wouldn't believe me,
so I had to come here by myself.
I killed him out by the pond!
You should've seen him, man.
It was like--
- Jeff!
(intense music)
(loud bang)
- Seth!
- I'm gonna get the gun.
- No!
- I'm gonna get the gun!
(eerie music)
(intense music)
- Who did Seth kill?
- I don't know!
Keep going!
- Jeff!
(wind howling)
(suspenseful music)
(glass shattering)
(suspenseful music)
(ignition sputtering)
(car humming)
(tires screeching)
(dramatic music)
(light piano music)