Hell to Eternity (1960) Movie Script

You're crazy. He's too
big. You'll get murdered.
What's the fight about?
Fatso talks too much.
What did he say?
What did he say?
Is Benson the reason why you have
to go to the principal's office?
Guy, you in trouble again?
You'll get clobbered.
He's got his Jap friends with him.
You want us to take them, Benson?
Nah. Leave them alone.
You stink.
- Blabbing to the cops.
- Me?
Me tell the law you're the jerk
that broke into the market...
...just to steal a few lousy potatoes?
Why, that kind of action ain't
worth talking to nobody about.
How'd it go in the principal's office?
Come on, grab him and get him!
Yeah, come on. Hit him in the face.
Hey, look. A fight.
- Hit him in the face.
- Get up, Guy.
Hit him. Hit him.
- Cut it out.
- I ought to murder you, you fat stoolie.
What's the matter with you two
now? Go on, get out of here.
You and your Jap friends.
Beat it. All of you.
Why'd you let him get into this?
Me? I didn't do nothing.
I told him he'd get clobbered.
Go on home.
Holy cow. It wasn't my fault.
I'll see you at home. I want to talk to you.
There's nothing to talk about.
Look, wipe the blood off your face.
Come with me while I change my
clothes and I'll drive you home.
I don't want no drive home.
I'll give you a choice,
either home or juvenile hall.
I've seen juvenile hall
before. It don't scare me.
It's a good start on something
that can. San Quentin.
Now, come on.
Those your books?
Well, pick them up. They're city property.
Big deal.
I said, pick them up.
You can't tell me what to do.
Pick them up.
Thanks for the ride.
What's the trouble, Guy?
Fighting all the time.
And some worse things I've heard about.
I don't care what you've heard.
I don't care what anybody's heard.
These are rough times for a lot of people.
Not enough jobs, people on relief.
Everybody's got problems.
Is that why you broke
in the market last night?
Things so bad you have to steal?
I didn't say I stole. Benson said it.
What are you doing?
I'm going in with you.
I've never met your folks.
I don't want you to go in.
I won't embarrass you.
I won't tell them anything
about that market. Come on.
You stay out of my house.
Please, please. Don't go in.
Where's your mother?
In the hospital.
How long has she been there?
They took her away last Wednesday.
And your father?
I got no father. He's dead.
You living here all alone?
I can take care of myself. I do all right.
Come on.
You come with me.
You can't go on living this way.
Roaming around loose, stealing your food.
It's no good, Guy.
Go pack some clothes. You'll bunk
up with George for a few days.
I'm not taking anything from anybody.
You won't be taking anything from my
family they don't want to give you.
Now, come on, pack some clothes.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Guy's mother's in the county hospital.
- He'll stay with us until she gets well.
- Say, that's great.
- Can he sleep in my room?
- That's the idea.
Hey, we'll have a ball.
I'm real sorry about your mother.
Come on.
See you in a minute, Guy.
You have come here well.
My mother means you're welcome.
Yes. Welcome.
Thank you, Mrs. Une.
our parents don't speak much English.
You'll have to start learning Japanese, Guy.
Heck, I'm just barely getting
by in 7th grade English.
Hey, come on, Guy. I'll show you our room.
Hey, hurry up. The breakfast is ready.
oh, is that what she said?
She said "good morning" to you.
What do you usually have for breakfast?
Raw fish and rice.
Chilled pigeon eggs.
Yesterday it was octopus.
If we're lucky, there'll be some left.
Especially with that
sauce made from fish eyes.
Fish eyes?
What did you think we eat around here?
Even if Papa and Mama aren't
citizens, Kaz and I are.
We're Americans. All of us.
Yeah, not as dumb as me.
oh, sugar is osato.
Make you all-America boy.
Already all-America boy.
No need cereal.
oh, tell your Mom I didn't mean that.
I like this kind of cereal best of all.
Pop says he hopes you slept okay.
oh, yes, sir. Just fine.
Automobile is jidousha?
Is that for taxi too?
- No, taxi is taxi.
- Taxi.
What'd you say?
That means you're doing very
well. You're joto... okay.
okay. I like that.
Broom is hoki.
A vacuum cleaner would be easier and better.
This is a carpet sweeper.
I know what it is in Japanese.
you say it in English.
Carpet sweeper.
Carpet-a sweeper.
Yes, that's good.
Now, if we had a motor... Motah.
It would be a vacuum cleaner.
vacu-um clean?
Er... vacuum cleaner.
Er? vacu-um cleaner.
Now... This is...
In Japanese it's a hoki...
...but in English it's a broom.
A broom.
- Yes.
- You teach me.
That's a mado but in English it's a window.
Yes. Why didn't you ever help
your mother learn English?
Gosh, I don't know.
This is a broom.
oh, boy, you teach me.
George, the work's all done.
How about some basketball?
Sure. Let's go.
His mother?
She's... She's dying.
Can this be his home?
Yes, his home.
Come here.
I tell you a story.
very old.
It is...
An ancient legend.
All Japanese boy know.
You learn too now.
once upon a time...
...old woman go to river to wash clothes.
In river large peach come floating.
old woman take peach home...
...and peach open up in two pieces.
out jump kawaii boy.
Beautiful boy.
old woman and husband name him Peach Boy.
Peach Boy.
Soon, Peach Boy grow big and strong.
He want to go...
He wants to conquer Devil's Island.
Is there really such a place?
So the legend goes.
...boy go to onigashima.
And he see big chief and fight.
And kill him.
They very scared. Give up.
And then Peach Boy bring
all treasure back home.
Make old woman and old man very happy.
What was that treasure
that made them so happy?
Yes, love.
I do love you, Mama-san.
I love you very much.
I've listened to that Peach Boy
story a hundred times before...
...and never knew what
the treasure really was.
Because, my brother, you've always had it.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, George.
- Hey, George.
- Coming.
Like, this thing's still loose.
Take it to the filling station...
...to let Mike fix it.
Why aren't you dressed? You'll be late.
Well, we'll skip coffee if we have to.
You told me this is a very important morning.
It is.
But darn it, Guy. I'm afraid she'll say no.
oh, are you nuts?
All you have to do is take a look
at her and it tells the whole story.
I wish I were that sure.
Well, all you're gonna do
is ask her to go steady.
But I can't get the words out.
I've tried a hundred times. The
words just stick in my throat.
Do me a favor?
Sure, I will. What do you want me
to do? Take the car to Mike's...
No. You take Ester to coffee and church.
Find out how I really stand, will you?
Well, now, I just not might come back.
I might take her to the preacher myself.
- Thanks, pal.
- okay, here.
I'll wrap some wire around while you change.
Take a shave while you're at it.
oh, yeah. Gee, I can't go to bat for
my brother looking like a nukka, can I?
So that's why I came to pick
you up instead of George.
He hasn't got a headache.
And you want my answer?
George is a big boy. Why
can't he speak for himself?
oh, well, you know George. He's shy and he...
oh, maybe you'll have a change of
mind when I ask you in church, huh?
- Hey, how about a little
breakfast? oh, fine.
Anything you want up to 40 cents.
You're really a big spender, aren't you?
Well, that date of mine last
night cleaned me out, you know.
So suffer.
That's what you get for going
out with girls like that.
Well, now that's a fine way for my
future sister-in-law to talk to me.
Ladies and gentlemen, we
interrupt this program...
...to bring you a special news bulletin.
Yeah, that's me honking. How
about a little service, huh?
The Japanese have attacked
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by air...
Hey, Jap lover.
How's it feel being out with the enemy?
Are you talking to us?
Come on. Leave them alone.
What do you mean, leave
them alone? That's a Jap.
Hey, punk. What are you
doing out with a Jap broad?
Well, well, now just a minute.
No, no, no, Guy. Don't. Please.
Let's just go someplace else.
Johnny, now, knock it off, will you?
Wait a minute, Johnny, wait a minute.
oh, please.
- Come on, now. Take it easy, will you?
- What do you mean, take it easy?
- What do you expect after what's happened?
- That's what I mean.
- Making cracks at that girl for no reason.
- Wait, listen to this.
At least 2000 Americans have been
killed by Japan's sneak attack.
The great fear of the moment...
...is that more Jap bombers
may be even now on their way.
If you got any sense, get that girl
off the street and out of sight.
From what meager information
we've been able to get...
...from radio reports...
...extensive damage has
been wrought on Hickam Field.
No matter how long it may take us...
...to overcome this premeditated invasion...
...the American people in
their righteous might...
...will win through to absolute victory.
I ask...
...that the congress declare...
...that since the unprovoked...
...and dastardly attack...
...by Japan...
...on Sunday, December 7th...
...a state of war...
...has existed...
...between the United States...
...and the Japanese empire.
We're at war for sure, men.
What should we do about it?
We ought to join the army as fast as we can.
Are you guys crazy?
Crazy? Didn't you hear the president?
Well, sure I heard him. So what?
Enlisting is nuts. We'd
be fighting our own people.
They're not our kind.
They might be coming here to L.A. next.
Sneak up on us, just like at Pearl Harbor.
- Freddy, where's the closest place to join?
- Fort MacArthur.
- Let's get going before the war's over.
- Yeah.
Coming with us, Guy?
You don't think I'm gonna let
you go by yourselves, do you?
- Never passed up a good fight yet.
- George...
...do you know what you're doing?
She's asking if we know what we're doing.
Do we know what we're doing?
Have the coffee ready when we get back.
Yeah, we might be back in uniform.
- Come on, Kaz, let's take off.
- Where you going?
- We're going to Fort MacArthur to join up.
- You're wasting your time.
What do you mean?
I was there yesterday. I tried
to enlist and they laughed at me.
You'd think we're spies or something.
They don't want any of us.
They might accept Guy, but not you two.
Well, if they don't want my
brothers, than the hell with them.
I don't care what you say, it
stinks. The whole thing stinks.
oh, Guy, please don't. Don't blame
them. They're only following orders.
They haven't told you
where they're taking you?
To Santa Anita, the assembly center.
- Then a relocation camp.
- No. Concentration camp is what you mean.
Whatever or wherever it is
we'll all be the same there.
And if they throw rocks in our window...
...or scream dirty names it
won't be because we're Japanese.
You're not, you're Americans.
That's what I'm talking about.
other Americans don't seem to think so.
Goodbye, Guy.
Goodbye, Ester.
I don't want us to be lost, separated.
We may be sent to different camps.
We'll find each other.
We'll write.
- Here we come.
- okay.
There we are.
We look like those refugees
in the newsreel, huh?
Well, so long, Guy.
I'll be seeing you.
In a couple of weeks or so.
It's been good bunking
with you. You know that.
I know. Stay on the beam, buddy.
okay. You too.
Well, this is it, Guy.
Hey, Kaz, let me ask you something.
The wheels running this war
gotta needle everybody...
...who once maybe came from someplace else.
Now, how about all the Germans,
all the Italians in America too?
I can't answer that, Guy.
Right or wrong, our government's
doing what they think is right.
No one bats a thousand.
Well, good luck, kid.
Good luck to you, Kaz.
oh, I carry it.
I will miss my home.
I'll miss it too, Mama-san.
All-America boy, you good son to me.
oh, Mama-san, how can I ever thank
you for all you've done for me?
Sayonara, my son.
Sorry, son. You've got a perforated eardrum.
Dear buddy, by the time you read this...
...Kaz and I will be on our
way to Fort Meade and overseas.
Address, A.P.O. 449, New York.
Kaz and I spent a couple of days
with the folks before being shipped.
They miss you very much, Guy.
Because of Pop's health...
...the authorities are transferring
them to Camp Manzanar, in California.
Everybody's on the move, huh?
You better write, you bum.
We want to hear that
everything's okay with you.
Your brother, George.
P.S. Phoned Ester to say goodbye.
I started to propose to her
over the phone but got cold feet.
Son Guy!
oh, Mama-san.
oh, and I'm sure glad to be here.
You look wonderful, Mama-san. Wonderful.
How is Papa? Is the
California sun helping him?
oh, help much.
He work in field now. Soon be here.
- Did you see camp?
- Yeah, a little bit of it.
What I saw looked better than I expected.
Not so nice at first.
All dirt and mud.
No flowers.
We worried about you.
Not hear from you.
We wait and wait. For letter.
- For visit.
- Yeah. I...
Well, you know, I was traveling
around here and there and...
Well, now that you're a
lot closer, why, it's...
Are these two heroes anybody I know?
oh, they fight in Italy now.
But daijobu last we hear.
I wish to God it was over so they'd be safe.
Son Guy safe?
oh, sure.
Sure, I'm safe.
You must miss them awful much, Mama-san.
oh, heart cries at night.
But must be. To straighten out this mess.
Son George teach that word. It's good word?
That's a real good word.
oh, it sure is a mess.
All-America boys end
mess. No more mess ever.
We live happy.
How can you be happy? Everything you
and Papa-san ever worked for is gone.
True. Gone.
once before we sit so.
Yeah, I know. It was a
long time ago, wasn't it?
...father of Une family work hard all lives.
Want to build...
- Good...
- Foundation?
oh, hai, hai.
Good foundation.
For future.
Not many years left for
old people to build again.
Sons must build.
Kaz, George, Guy.
Must build home again.
Must build world again.
Must end mess.
All papa-sans,
...all countries, all over the world is same.
This you believe?
What difference does it make
what one man believes or does?
one man must believe.
Must make difference.
Why else Kaz, George go
far away across ocean...
...to kill men look like brother they love?
...are you saying that it's all right
for me to go to war against the Japanese?
oh, you big fellow.
- oh, not so big, Pop.
- Guy, what you do all this time?
No, never mind about me.
I want to know about you.
- How do you feel? You look great.
- I feeling great.
- Eat like horse.
- Horse?
oh, got plenty of hay around here, huh?
Horse, hay.
Mama-san eat a whole... Whole...
- Bale?
- So, so. Bale.
- What was that?
- Meal time.
Gong on every block hit same time.
Eating very punctual.
- Punctual.
- Punctual.
George teach. Good word?
oh, that's a great word.
Come, we eat three bales hay.
Three bales.
- Captain.
- Yes.
There's a man outside,
says he wants to enlist.
But he's been turned down by his own board.
What's he doing here?
Well, he says he speaks
and understands Japanese.
Send him in. We need interpreters.
Yes, sir.
The captain will see you now.
Captain Salter, Mr. Gabaldon.
- Sit down, please.
- Thank you.
Go left. Go left.
Right, back, ho!
Go left. Go left.
Step to the rear, ho!
Go left.
Go left, right, left.
Don't that joker know any
orders besides that one?
Left. Halt.
To the rear. Halt.
Left oblique, halt.
Halt. Halt.
order. Halt.
All right, let's fall in there on the double.
Move it. Gabaldon, front and center.
Now, can't you get it through
your head what oblique means?
- Now, look, sarge...
- You're at attention.
I came into this outfit to talk to
the enemy, not to footrace with them.
Now, let's go through it once more, boot.
In the Marines, it's
"sergeant," not "sarge. "
It is never sarge, you got it?
In the marines you
fight. F-I-G-H-T.
I don't care if you're a cook
or a typist or an interpreter.
I don't care if you got a busted back
or a busted eardrum. You'll fight.
Take my word for it.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, sir.
Fall in!
These things don't weigh very much, do they?
You just kind of take it and throw it
like a football, put it on the target.
Right, isn't it, sarge?
That's not bad, Gabaldon.
That's not bad at all.
But next time pull the pin.
The idea is to kill the Japs.
Next man.
What's the matter with you?
There will be times when you'll find
that your hands are your only weapons.
Now, if I can have a volunteer, I'll
demonstrate the first jujitsu holds.
Is he gonna be surprised.
This is the first basic position.
And now for the second position.
Well, I guess I really
asked for that one, didn't I?
Hey, you want to try for the third position?
I don't know, I just don't know.
Three days and I get no place.
This filly won't post without
a slip from the preacher.
I tell this babe I'm being shipped
overseas just so I'll make out.
Didn't expect orders to break
camp for us the minute we get back.
How'd you do, Mac?
oh, mission accomplished.
Did you do all right, hero?
Are you kidding?
Got a different one every night.
It's a good thing the corps keep me in
shape or I'd be up for another Purple Heart.
Next time, buddy, I'm
taking my liberty with you.
Well, that's the way it goes.
Some guys got it.
Some guys ain't.
All right, saddle up, move out of here.
Anybody know where we're going?
Scuttlebutt has it
Hawaii. We're replacements.
- What for?
- You'll find out when the ship hits port.
Ship? I get seasick taking a bath.
Come on, let's move, let's get out
of here. Come on, let's go. Move it.
Intelligence Section,
2nd Marines, 2nd Division.
Is that a good outfit to be with?
The 2nd is one of the "bleedingest. "
Hey, Bill, is that your old outfit?
Yeah, right from the beginning.
- You mean the "Canal" beginning?
- Yeah. Guadalcanal until I got it on Tarawa.
Where'd you get it, Pete?
Some eager boot like you thought I was
a Jap and stuck his bayonet into me.
oh, that is sort of a running gag, Guy.
Actually, junior here got it
from a sniper on New Britain.
Where that hit, I don't
think it'll ever stop itching.
Where did it hit?
Where the hell do you think you
gotta get hit for a Purple Heart?
Well, I'm glad at least
I belong to something...
...even if it is an outfit
with a couple of tin heroes.
Hey, I didn't know they had
obstacle courses in the trucks.
This is it, you five.
Hey, are you sure this is the right
place? This looks like a beach club to me.
It's a club, all right.
very exclusive.
The members have fought in action
in every island of the Pacific, Boot.
Come on, let's go.
That must be our replacements.
They're fresh. Wonder if
they're seasoned, Lenny.
Two old men and three boots.
Kind of hard to know who
to salute around here.
You can forget about that. I'm Sgt. Leonard.
Private Gabaldon.
Don't get the wrong idea about that either.
We earn our pay.
Come on, I'll take you to the skipper.
You can leave your gear outside, men.
Replacements are here, sir.
Good. Bring them in, sergeant.
Sergeant Hazen reporting as ordered, sir.
Corporal Lewis reporting, sir.
Private Gabaldon reporting as ordered, sir.
Sir, Private Polaski reporting as ordered.
Sir, Private Martini
reporting as ordered, sir.
Stand at ease.
Glad to have you aboard, men.
Welcome back to the 2nd Division, Hazen.
- How was the vacation?
- Things got a little too quiet for me, sir.
I'm glad to be back.
Lewis? How's it going? Says
here you were shot in the ashcan?
Not bad, sir. Could have
been with a howitzer.
Gabaldon. Speak Japanese, eh?
I get only part of that, but
my Japanese is just so-so.
- Where'd you learn the language?
- Well, I learned it from my family...
...and neighbors when I was growing up.
Polaski, Martini. Fine boot records,
men. I need all the good men I can get.
Well, now, officially we're part
of Regimental Headquarters...
...R2 on the organization charts.
But in action, we're so far out in front
we don't have contact with headquarters.
...I make it loud and clear
that I've got the best...
...and toughest collection of
specialists in the whole corps.
Now, you make sure you don't
let anybody think differently.
Sergeant Leonard will fix
you up with 48 hours liberty.
Enjoy yourselves, men.
It might be your last time ashore.
- That'll be all, sir?
- Yeah, carry on.
Aye, aye, sir.
What a dirty slop joint that was.
It's worse than the last three.
Charge you a buck a
drink and nothing happens.
- I don't think they put booze in it.
- Say we get a bottle someplace.
Where are the dames? There's got
to be three broads in this town.
- Here chick, chick.
- Are you kidding?
There's 10 guys for every dame in Honolulu.
Now there's a gal who hopes
the war will never end.
You know those swabbies.
They'll kiss a snake if
somebody'll hold it for them.
That's what old daddy's been looking for.
- oh, shake it baby, shake it.
- visit a Genuine Authentic Hawaiian village.
- That bus doesn't leave for a couple hours.
- Let's take a taxi.
Yeah, let's take a taxi,
there's one right there.
Now, wait a minute, wait a minute.
I'll go make a deal with him.
okay, all you pretty little
babies, get your grass skirts on.
Hey, buddy, you want to take us to that
"Genuine Hawaiian village" over there?
Sure, Mac.
Where can I get some whiskey, good whiskey?
Whiskey's hard to come by.
That's a brand new. 45. I stole
it off the base this morning.
You can get plenty for it.
Now it's still got the Cosmoline
and wax paper wrapped around it.
I'll trade it for three
quarts, and I mean good, now...
...three quarts of good whiskey.
only don't tell them guys
because they're square.
Be my guests.
You mean, this is the Hawaiian village?
Yeah. Look, you wait up there
and I'll see what I can do.
You mean, this is the place?
What about with the hula dolls?
Where are the broads with Hawaiian
skirts shaking their gazoombas?
Hey, we've been took.
- Hey, what's with the boot?
- Watch your language.
What's with the bright boot?
Bonded. Just like the officer's Club's.
Where's the pistol?
All right, you're both under
arrest. I warned you about this.
- CID, Criminal Investigating Division.
- But look...
We finally caught you, huh, Mac?
You're trading booze for government property.
I didn't steal nothing.
You know what we do to runners?
They get years and years, that's
if we don't shoot them first.
- This kind of guy we hang.
- I've got a wife and kids.
We got the information you're
the top guy in this outfit...
...that's been receiving
this stolen property.
No, I just drive a cab. Tell him.
Tell him it was your idea. Tell him.
Let him go. He don't know nothing about
it. You got me. What more do you want?
...all right. I gotta keep this as evidence.
- Please let me go.
- All right, get out of here.
Look at all the beautiful booze.
You know, buddy, not only
are you a good buddy...
...you're also an A-number one con man.
That's a very rare and valuable combination.
And now...
...for the broad department.
Permit me. Thank you.
- Beachhead established, sir.
- My toast, sir.
Well, here's looking at...
Hello, there, Madame Butterfly.
How would you like to...
Sorry, no speak English.
- Don't let her get away.
- You talk her language.
See if she talks ours.
If he can handle the dames
like he can get the liquor...
...we're going to have a ball.
Yeah, the Iron Petticoat.
Do you know her?
Yeah, I know her. Half the
guys on the island know her.
Well, listen, I'm just passing through,
but how about a little introduction, huh?
Pete, do you remember the football
game we played with Navy back in...
- Don't change the subject, just introduce...
- Not changing the subject.
What was the score?
- Nothing to nothing. There was no score.
- That is my point.
She's a writer for a
magazine back in the States.
She writes about how everyone should
give their all to the servicemen.
She just doesn't practice
what she preaches, that's all.
- What a waste.
- Yeah, forget it.
Half the guys got Purple Hearts from
bumping against the old Iron Petticoat.
Maybe it's time for her to get a
Purple Heart. How about introducing me?
What do you say? Introduce me, come on.
No deal. I'm not wasting a good
liberty on operation Petticoat.
Get her for me.
old dad's got a technique that'll cut that
iron like it was tissue paper. Come on.
Please. For your buddy.
okay, buddy, I'll see what I can do.
Go, man.
For the last time, will you please
keep your clammy hands to yourself?
- Baby, just one little...
- Hi.
My name's Bill Hazen.
You did a story on me about a
year ago and then we went dancing.
And if I know our Sheila, that's all you did.
oh, yes, of course. How are you?
Just fine.
okay, Marine, I suppose you're
gonna try to steal my date.
Ignore him, sergeant. He's drunk.
Well, I'm not gonna let you.
Look, mister.
I'm going to give her to you as a gift.
- You can't treat me as if I were...
- Temper.
What a horrible thing to do
to one of our fighting men.
Iron Petticoat.
I'm so ashamed.
- Drink?
- Yes.
So, what we plan to do is, when you get
off work, then it'll be about a half hour...
That's my buddy.
What have you been doing, Sheila?
oh, a great many things. But I'm
leaving shortly for Australia.
Australia. Well, that's... That's nice.
That's very nice.
What did you guys ever do before I enlisted?
Listen, tell me, what's up?
She gets off in a half an hour, and you
and Bill are gonna flip for the roommate.
- She got a roommate?
- Yeah.
oh, great.
- Well, what's with the roommate?
- Well, sounds great.
She's a dancer from San Francisco.
They've got their own apartment.
- They've got their apartment?
- We'll meet them there.
We don't have to flip. Look,
Bill's got his own date.
I'll tell you what, you go tell
him that you and I are cutting out.
No, you go tell him because Sono
told me where to get some booze.
It looks like we're gonna
really need it. See you later.
See you later.
Hey, Pete. Pete, this is Sheila Lincoln.
- Sheila, this is Pete Lewis.
- Hi.
- You've heard me speak of Sheila.
- I sure have.
Yeah, well, Sheila's magazine
is sending her to Australia.
Well, that's if I can get a seat on the
plane. I have a very low priority though.
- oh, I wouldn't say that.
- What he means to say is he's been...
...dying to meet you, haven't you?
- oh, yeah.
I'm sorry I can't stay and chat
with you. Guy and I have a date...
...with a couple of Japanese
chicks, huh? I'll see you later.
We're going over to their apartment.
- Well, I'll see you later, Bill.
- Yeah, Pete, stay a while.
Look, Sheila...
...why don't we go along? Be a lot
more fun than a bar or restaurant.
What kind of fun can
you have in an apartment?
She serious?
Look at it this way, Sheila.
You can get a lot of local color
for your magazine, isn't that right?
oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I can see it now. A
Sheila Lincoln exclusive:
"I Saw our Fighting Men in Action. "
Hey, Pete, will you turn around?
I can look at yours any day.
Don't you think of anything else?
Not lately, honey.
Hey, Sono, you don't
have to wait on us, honey.
I'm not. I just want
everybody to have a good time.
- okay, honey.
- "Honey. "
Everybody is "honey" to you.
oh, go, girls, go, go, go.
Don't you men realize all
a girl wants is respect?
Well, excuse me, ma'am.
Hey, go, Pete. Go.
Hey, honey, go, go.
Hey, that's it, Pete. Go, honey.
Never run out of ice as
long as that dame's around.
oh, you're mean.
I don't get it. She's got
all the standard equipment...
...she's got the extras. Comes
off the line without a motor.
She's got the motor.
The man with the right
key hasn't shown up yet.
I wouldn't mind.
Yeah, baby!
You'd leave little old Sono?
oh, no, I wouldn't leave little old Sono.
I wouldn't want hara-kiri on my conscience.
Don't flatter yourself.
After all the trays I've carried tonight.
I want somebody as tired as me.
Like that one.
Let's go, soldier.
oh, I've had it, honey.
What's the matter, Pete? Did you run out of:
I don't know, I don't know, honey.
If I've got anything left I'm gonna
save it for something important. okay?
Let's catch our breath, huh?
You catch your breath.
I ain't quitting while I'm ahead.
Go, baby.
Hey, let's go, Famika. Go, honey.
oh, yeah.
Now, that's what we're really
fighting for. Not Ma's apple pie.
- Hey, she's the greatest, right, Gabby?
- Great.
She should be. She was the
best stripper in San Francisco.
No kidding.
Hey, Peter.
Famika is a stripper.
- What?
- Famika's a stripper.
- A stripper?
- Yeah.
- For real, baby?
- Are you impressed?
I sure am, honey.
I'm glad.
Hey, Famika, honey, come on, come
on, let's have a little show, huh?
Down, boy. It's my night off. Besides,
it might offend your lady friend.
Who? Sheila?
oh, Sheila wouldn't mind.
You wouldn't mind, would you?
of course you wouldn't, I knew you wouldn't.
We're gonna have a strip...
You'll never attract a stripper
that way. Here, let me show you.
And now, folks, may I present
the Queen of Burlesque:
Famika's going to shake it
from the tips of her toes...
...to the tops of her tiny tassels.
Hey move it, honey. Move it for me.
Come on, Famika.
Fire one.
Come on, shake it, shake it.
Come on, Famika, move it.
Go, baby.
Now, that is not a boy.
Hey, go, Famika, go.
Go, baby, go.
Go, honey.
- Now, that's what I call art.
- I've seen better.
Well, evidently you've been
around a lot more than we have.
If anybody asks you, I went thataway.
Hey, how about that? I've got a
front row seat and I'm not even bald.
You gotta change your seat, buddy.
Your girl's getting lonesome.
Your girl's getting lonesome.
That's my girl. The one
over there catching cold.
Now, buddy, you're forgetting. I remember:
"Get her for me, buddy. I'll cut
through that like tissue paper. "
- I was only kidding.
- Yeah, well, I'm not.
So if you wanna be a buddy-buddy.
Change your seat, buddy.
Come on, honey, go.
Let's go, Famika, come on, honey.
Go, honey.
Hey, that's it, baby, come on, honey.
Hey, come on, honey.
Easy, boy, you'll break our lease.
You're breaking my heart, honey.
Come on, take off a little more.
You're cute, honey, but the show is over.
Come on, honey, come over here.
Well, did you like the show?
You call that a show?
Well, yeah.
Come here.
Come here, honey.
Put on the record.
- Not bad for a girl without a motor.
- Yeah.
Hey, Marine.
Your mouth is open. It's watering too.
Want some advice from an old campaigner?
Deal the cards.
oh, you're kidding.
You want that?
Then turn around and deal.
She can have anyone she wants,
so she doesn't want them.
Show her someone she can't have.
Come on.
She's coming.
- Ignore her.
- I'll try.
What's the matter? Too
much for you, baby boy?
- Whose play?
- Yours.
Nobody turns their back on Sheila.
Why don't you go back and
finish your minuet? I'm busy.
What a waste of good whiskey.
Why, you dirty...
Come on, Guy. Come on, Guy.
- Hey, go, Marine.
- Yeah, come on.
Hey, come on.
Come on, Guy. Pin her down.
Pin her down. Now you got her.
She... She's...
Don't you think it's a little warm in here?
Yeah, well, I think it's
a little warm in here.
Two down and one to go.
Gin rummy?
Gin rummy?
- While those guys are...
- There's a time and place for everything.
You're right. We've got the
time and this must be the place.
The time, yes.
Gin rummy.
At least let's make it interesting.
What'll we play for?
I wish I was smart enough to cheat.
Don't worry.
I'm always unlucky.
Well, we're still dancing.
Don't you ever change the music?
Music. Great bunch of Marines. oh, boy.
Three gorgeous chicks and what do you got?
one guy's dancing, other
guy's playing gin rummy...
...and the other guy's
out there picking flowers.
oh, yes. Some picking, huh?
Hey, they got the right idea.
oh, They sure have. Well, let's go back.
- Guess what?
- What?
I told you I was unlucky.
Still leave the dirty work for
the slobs on the ground, huh?
You're hit?
What's the matter?
Who you feeling sorry
for, your Jap friends...
...or your buddies out
there getting slaughtered?
Look, boot, you're not the first one
that ever cracked up hitting the beach.
Damn it, we're all scared.
We need a satchel charge.
- Gotta get close enough to use it first.
- That gun's gotta be knocked out.
It's you and me, Lewis.
Cover us.
Right flank.
What are you doing here, Gabaldon?
Scratch one pillbox.
They understood you just fine, Marine.
Go. Go.
Hey, I'm...
- I'm sure sorry about what happened.
- Forget it.
You can fight on my team any day.
I... You know... Sounds crazy, but
I don't know what happened to me. I...
You had a problem to solve, that's all.
Yeah, but I'm not sure it's solved yet.
My folks were...
Well, it's kill or be killed, I guess, huh?
Kill or be killed, that's all you
have to remember. Just don't forget it.
Your turn to play spy, Gabby.
Looks like we're gonna
have a rough night tonight.
oh, Sono, why did I leave you in Honolulu?
oh, yeah.
Yeah, I see something.
Please, not while I'm eating.
Nellie Bly. Go ahead.
Pass the word to the skipper.
Here they come. Two tanks...
...about half the Japanese army.
Sir, two tanks moving
in on Hill 3-6-8.
Notify Black Jack Six. We're moving out.
We're moving out. on the double.
Black Jack?
Give me Black Jack Six.
All right, get the lead out of your pockets.
Man, they're really whooping it up.
Looks like they're loaded on sake.
Banzai attack for sure.
How we gonna see them?
Man, I tell you, the
Navy thinks of everything.
No sweat.
No worry.
Here come our boys.
That's all there is to it?
And everybody says a prayer it won't be him.
- Hi, Gabby.
- Hey, what do you say, buddy?
I thought I saw some movement
there about 10 minutes ago...
...but I'm so bleary-eyed
looking through these things.
Where did you get the fancy hat and popgun?
oh, I traded a samurai
sword for the pistol...
...and picked up the baseball
cap at a Seabee outfit.
I thought it'd help me pitch
grenades a little better.
This is Gabaldon. I've
been relieved by Martini.
Tell the admiral to put the
coffee on. I'm coming home.
This is Bird's Nest, this is Bird's Nest.
Enemy infiltration in sector 4.
Three Japs just scooted into a cave.
Roger. Bird's Nest report
infiltration in section 4, sir.
Hazen, get your people and move out.
Search squad, saddle up, let's move.
- okay, number 3. Let's go.
- Go.
- What's up?
- Activity at the oP.
I knew I saw something.
You were just relieved, Gabaldon.
Maybe you need somebody to yak at the enemy.
Let's not push our luck too far, huh?
Hazen, get a grenade in there.
She says her mother and brother and
some other children are in there.
Get her a medic, will you?
Watch yourself.
Let's go.
I knew he'd get it. I just knew it.
Move in and blast them.
Well, some prisoners at last, huh?
- Ricco, take them to interrogation.
- Yes, sir.
These people have been holed up for
three days without any food or water.
Ricco, feed them first, huh?
Right, captain.
Gabby, what was that
shooting all about in there?
oh, I had to let one of them have it.
An Imperial Marine, it's
the first one I've seen.
Captain, where's the girl?
I was sweating you out in there.
How is she?
Hey, captain.
There must be a lot of soldiers and civilians
left up in these hills, including women.
Most of them are starving. Maybe
I try to talk them into giving up.
Galbaldon, are you out of your mind?
You're looking to get your head blown off.
Yeah, but I'd still like to try, sir.
Better go with him, Polaski.
Go on.
You know, girls are nuts.
Imagine, she asks if I've been true to her.
How can I be anything else with nothing
but lousy trees, gyrenes and Japs?
oh, what a guy.
- Who?
- George, my brother.
You'd think he'd tell me himself? No.
- Kaz has got to do it.
- Kaz?
- George?
- Yeah, he made corporal.
He knocks out a tank and discovers
1500 cases of wine in a cellar.
I'll bet you that whole
442nd went on a binge.
You got brothers in that outfit?
Well, now, don't knock it, jarhead.
They wind up with more medals
than any outfit in the service.
our patrol got jumped, captain, but good.
Split us up. Hazen's
bottled up in a shell hole.
Polaski and Andrews are trying
to keep Japs off his back.
All you men move out. Lead off, Martini.
on the double.
All right, you men here. Circle
around, try to set up a crossfire.
Maybe that'll give him a chance. Move. Move.
Hey, Bill.
Hey, Bill.
- Gabby?
- Bill, are you okay?
I took one in the leg.
Hang on, buddy, hang on.
Haven't got much to hang on with.
Get them with a grenade. We'll cover you.
Move. Move.
They're almost on him.
- Gabby.
- Bill.
You lousy bastards.
You rats.
- Gabby.
- Gabby.
Want to fight?
- Sir, you wanted to see me?
- Yeah.
- No, thanks.
- Smoke your own brand if you wish.
Gabby, you're a damn good Marine.
I'm not saying that what
you're doing is wrong.
But we have plenty of men
around here who can kill Japs.
That's the general idea isn't it, to kill?
That's right.
But you're the exception.
I'm sure the campaign here on
Saipan has been shortened...
...because of the
prisoners you've brought in.
Is that all, captain?
No, that's not all.
Look, you can't bring Hazen back, he's dead.
There are still a lot of live Marines
and you can help them stay that way.
All right, that's all.
...every man killed in action leaves
behind him a friend like you...
...who'll remember him forever.
Mail call.
What about me, handsome?
It's straight v-mail. It
ain't special delivery.
Dear All-American boy:
Here you see I write English now.
Papa is fine. Still work in fields.
Son George being sent
home now for healing wound.
He be well soon, marry Ester.
They engaged by mail.
Son Kaz stay yet in Italy and be hero.
We very proud of you.
You hero too.
It is good what you write of the little girl.
And the old man and women.
To live in cave much
worse than a camp. Not so?
Let everyone pray. Soon all war be over.
No more mess.
We be together again...
...happy, laughing.
Sons give many grandchilds.
Nobody enemy anymore.
I now hug you with love. Mama-san.
Jump in, I want to show you something.
That's a P.W. talking, one of their own.
It was hammered into them that
we torture and butcher them.
They believe it.
Now they're killing
themselves in wholesale lots.
oh, not the kid.
You want to bet?
Mama-san, wait.
- I was gonna wing her.
- We don't shoot civilians.
But we've got to stop her.
- I could have stopped her.
- No, Gabby.
Not with a rifle.
Gabby, we've been scouting out in the
boondocks all night. No prisoners, nothing.
It's daylight. Let's get some sack time.
okay, there's some cover over there.
Hey, Lenny, look. Jap rations and ammo.
Yeah, with things going so
rough, they wouldn't leave stuff.
That sounded close to the ground.
Yeah. A spider pit guarding those supplies.
Your eviction notice, buddy.
Here, I'll give you a hand.
Smells like a bunch of mackerel
crawled in here and died.
Yeah, well, they ought to
be coming back for supplies.
- Maybe we can pick up something.
- I think I already have.
- Who's that? Your wife?
- Yeah.
That's a nice picture.
I think I'll get some shuteye.
- Hey, Lenny.
- Yeah.
Look out.
He says General Matsui is coming.
- Matsui?
- Yeah.
Something big must be going on.
He's one of the high
mucky-mucks on this island.
He says they're running low on ammo
and the men are sick and starving.
They're out of food.
He says in death there is honor.
And American blood's gonna flow like a river.
They're going to attack,
with one against one.
He says the attack's
gonna start at 0700 hours.
They're gonna group at a
point that's marked on the map.
That's only one hour away.
I'd sure like to get my hands on that map.
Watch it.
Hey, Lenny, look, he's going into a cave.
We've got to get that map to headquarters.
A sudden banzai attack could
wipe out thousands of our men...
...before they ever know what hit them.
All right. Get Back. Get back inside.
All clear. Grab the imperial peacock
and let's get out of here, Guy.
- I will not go with you.
- No?
Let's blast him right
now and get it over with.
Shooting me will not serve your purpose.
Good soldiers prepare for any contingency.
Capture or death.
The orders have been given.
All right, we're just wasting time talking.
- Take the map and get out.
- What'll you do with him?
oh, I'll play it by ear. Go on, get going.
All right. I'll catch hell for this but
- Good luck, Mac.
- Hey, Lenny.
- Yeah?
You be back by 0700 or there
ain't gonna be no Mac, okay?
You're either a very brave man or you're mad.
In either case you are
dead if you remain here.
You let me worry about that.
Those guys will be back before you know it.
Whenever I choose to leave, I'll do so.
You try it and I'll put a
bullet through your head.
You better come off it, general.
To die in battle or a banzai
charge, that's one thing.
To be shot in a cave by a
Marine PFC is something else.
There's no honor, no glory in that,
so you sit down and sweat it out.
You will permit me to smoke?
How do you figure you can get
away with something like this?
Tanks, heavy artillery, a thousand Marines
waiting for you, you haven't got a chance.
If but one American loses his
life, it shall be worth the effort.
one American for hundreds of Japanese?
That's pretty stinking odds, isn't it?
Isn't it?
...surely you know our code of war.
That's not war, general, that's slaughter.
The slaughter of people
who can't help themselves.
...it is time to go to my men.
Sit down.
My soldiers will be ready by now.
- We shall strike before the appointed hour.
- I said sit down, damn it.
You see, soldier...
...you believe you have captured me.
It is not so.
Even with that gun in your
hand, you are the captured.
It's over.
...your sergeant failed to get through.
You have lost.
But because you have great courage...
...I admire that.
I'll let you live.
For now.
Stay here if you wish.
Tell them to face the wall with
their hands behind their heads.
Tell them!
Soldier, you have-
I understood that double-crossing speech.
These men died without any reason. I
didn't want to kill them. You killed them.
You and your code of war killed them.
You want to go to your army? All right,
I'll let you go, but I'm going with you.
And you're going to tell those people
that the war is over. Now, let's move!
God, what a pathetic sight.
There is much strength left.
They will fight.
We will pursue our attack.
I'll lay you odds you'll be dead
before you can give an order.
My order has already been given.
Even if I were dead...
...they will obey just the same.
Shoot me if you will.
I'll never tell my men to surrender.
Let me give it you straight.
Saipan is secured.
Do you know what that means?
General, please take a
look at your army, will you?
They're sick, wounded, starving.
Civilians, women and children
throwing themselves into the sea.
Is this your code of honor?
Is this what you mean by honor?
Well, what's the reason for all this?
Throw away human lives without any purpose?
Is that what you want to
do? You want to destroy them?
They want to live just as much as I do.
Look, I was raised by Japanese.
And that's the only love I ever
knew and I want to go back to it.
Just like they do.
Now, I know the decision is up to you.
But if you'll tell them to lay down their arms
and surrender I promise nothing will happen.
Just give them a chance to go
back when it's all over with.
It's your move, general.
This is not a pretty sight for me to see.
Neither was Pearl Harbor.
Pied Piper of Saipan.
I asked for some prisoners...
...he brings in the whole damn island.
Hey, Gabby. Gabby.
- Hey, Gabby, what do you say?
- Hey, gang.
All right, form a line to
the left. on the double!
Who is it?
I'm going to take him home with me.
- Gabby, you done gone and hit the jackpot.
- Yeah. His name is Kioshi.