Hell Up In Harlem (1973) Movie Script

Mr. Diangelo,
I gotta talk to you. It's important.
Hey, call the DA's office.
It's about Tommy Gibbs.
Let the young lady alone.
What about Tommy Gibbs?
It's all set up.
On 57th street
and 5th Avenue, they're gonna kill him.
Why tell me?
Why don't you warn
Gibbs personally?
I'm a part of it. I can't.
You mean you had
a change of heart?
They threatened to kill my kids!
You won't believe me,
but some of your police.
So the police are going
to kill Tommy Gibbs in cold blood
and you want me to stop it?
What should I do? Arrest
the entire New York City police department?
There are ledgers
with names of corrupt city officials.
Tommy thinks
they're still in his safe deposit box.
I made a wax
impression of the key,
and I gave it to those pigs.
They have the ledgers now!
That's the only hold
Tommy had over them.
Get in the car, please.
You black bitches
are all alike. You're stupid!
Gibbs is as good as dead
already. It's done.
Some very important people
have taken care of that.
Please don't kill Tommy!
Kill me!
Do anything, but don't kill Tommy, please!
Irish, don't you think
it's about time?
Drop me a block from Tiffany's.
Please kill me.
Up on the sidewalk! Here's $500!
Get up on that sidewalk!
He's not going anywhere.
He's caught in traffic ahead.
He'll never make it to Broadway.
Run that light!
Run that light!
Step on it, man! Step on it!
Jesus Christ, man,
they got guns!
Don't stop! Don't stop!
He's gonna shoot!
We hit him, but he got away.
He's bleeding like a pig.
He's somewhere in the city now.
You need a Cannon
to kill those niggers, for crying out loud.
Well, we have nothing to worry about
as long as we still
have the ledgers.
It's Tommy.
I'm hurt. I need your help.
You turned your back
on me when I was a kid.
Don't do it to me again.
Meet me where we used to live.
All right.
Son, I came when you called me.
I'm here to help you.
God, what did they do to you?
Get me off the street.
They're looking for me.
God, I've never seen
a man shot before.
I didn't expect my son
to be like this.
Come on, let me give you a hand.
All right? I'll get you
to your friends safely.
They're trying to kill me.
Just put one foot
in front of you...
And just put your weight on me.
We'll go to the park
and rest. You remember?
Where you used to play as a kid.
You're hurt bad.
We'll have to get you
to a hospital.
But they'll have them
all covered, pa.
Sit down here, son.
That's right.
Gotta take over a hospital, pa.
Gotta hide the ledgers
where nobody'll find them.
I can hide them
right here in the park.
Where I used to take you
when you was a small boy.
That hiding place, remember?
That secret place we had?
I got you. Sit down.
There's... a number
on that piece of paper.
It's the number of
some brothers that still may help me.
Get 'em over here.
You got... you got a half hour
before you make that call.
Make sure, pa,
you get through to Diangelo personally!
Mention the word "ledgers."
Sorry to break in
on you like this, but...
We didn't figure
you'd make us a house call.
All right...
Get started, will ya?
Don't put me to sleep, doc.
God damn!
You some kind of horse doctor?
I said no calls.
But he says it's
about some ledgers.
Wait outside.
Put him on and
have the call traced.
This is Mr. Diangelo speaking.
Mr. Diangelo?
We have the ledgers.
Unless Tommy Gibbs
is given safe conduct from the hospital,
copies will be sent
to your superiors.
I don't believe you.
Who is this?
Xerox is a very
useful weapon, Mr. Diangelo.
Don't hang up!
Get me the captain
in charge of Harlem hospital.
Gibbs! We got our orders.
We're gonna give you
an ambulance,
and nobody's gonna follow you.
We're gonna
guarantee your safety.
Are you listening to me, Gibbs?
Now, release the hostages!
Well, answer me!
Look, Diangelo, I talked to him.
He won't even give me an answer.
I know I got my orders,
but I'm not about...
You listen to me.
These are my men here.
I'm not gonna have them
put in a meat chopper.
Those are your orders, captain!
If those bastards in there
so much as twitch
or squeeze off one round,
you nail them!
T-tell the boys
not to shoot first.
Don't shoot first...
Whatever you do.
Stay cool.
Hold your fire, Zach!
We got a deal with them!
Hold your fire!
Got a deal going
with the cops. Don't screw it up.
Doc... I hope that ambulance...
Is in the back
for your sake, doc!
Everybody stand back.
Don't interfere
with those men at all.
Stand back. The men are dangerous.
Stay out of their way.
Keep those people back.
Everyone, stay back.
Keep those people back
over there!
All you officers stand back.
They have safe conduct
from the district attorney.
Where are you guys taking me?
What... what are you doing here?
I don't know what
you people want with me.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Mr. Gibbs.
Yes, sir.
My name is Diangelo,
district attorney for this county.
Your son had in his possession
books with the names
of very important people in this city,
and if they get
in the wrong hands,
it's going to cause
a lot of trouble for a lot of people.
I don't know anything
about any books.
Mr. Gibbs, is it because
you don't trust me?
No, sir. That's not it.
Please try to think, Mr. Gibbs.
In truth, sir,
I don't know anything about any books.
I'm trying to help you.
I understand that, sir,
but I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm sorry, Mr. Gibbs.
Can I go home now, sir?
Look, I don't know
anything about any books.
I didn't do anything.
It's the truth!
I didn't do nothin'!
Dirty damn...
I saw those guys
pick you up on the street,
so I thought I'd follow you.
Tommy gonna be proud of you.
Took care of 2 of 'em.
Welcome to the club, pa.
I killed 'em.
I had to.
It all happened so quick.
You done well.
It must run in the family.
I've never hit anyone like
that since I was a child.
They went down so easy.
Got their blood all over me.
We're both
wanted killers now, pa.
Father and son.
But we'll be back on top
soon, running things.
'Cause I got the goods
on everybody.
You know,
I'm gonna take you
in the business, pa, as a partner.
That's right. A partner.
Yes, sure. I appreciate it.
You're gonna have to earn it.
You got a lot
of work to do while I lie low.
I'll be close by
when you need me.
But first...
We gotta pay off everybody
that was involved
in that action outside of Tiffany's.
And we gotta do it quick.
Before they realize
your son is back in operation.
You just give me
the names and places of everybody.
If mama could just
see us now... together.
She'd be happy.
I got something planned for Helen.
She was working with those pigs
like Diangelo to steal the ledgers
so she's got
to pay for that, pa, you understand?
So you find her and you
take away the only thing she really loves.
We've never met.
I'm Tommy's father.
Put them in the car.
You ain't fit to raise children.
I said, put them in the car!
Wait! What are you
going to do with them?
Bring them up
like they were my own.
You've got no love for them.
You're just doing this
to hurt me, to get even.
I got love for them,
and I'm gonna
try to keep them from ever knowing
what their mother
did to their father.
Let me kiss them good-bye?
All right. Go ahead.
Good evening, Mr. Diangelo.
Good to see you again.
Pa, what's the matter?
I just had a bad dream.
I dreamt I... I dreamt
that I killed Diangelo.
In front of a crowd of people.
In front of the opera.
What's wrong with the old man?
Or did he piss in the bed?
You shut your mouth.
You talk when
I tell you to talk!
Now, you apologize to my pa!
It's all right, son.
It's all right.
No, it's not all right.
You show my pa some respect.
You apologize, now!
I'm sorry.
I don't wanna read your lips.
I wanna hear you!
Say it!
Sorry... if that makes you
feel any better.
Your ambition's gonna get you
in a lot of trouble, Zach.
Now, you get out.
Take care of that wound.
I'll take care of it, Zach.
Lay down, pa. Get some rest.
Ok, son.
We'll take care
of Diangelo in due time.
Matter of fact,
I'm gonna give you
a lot of practice tomorrow.
I want you
to take care of that informer
who fingered me
in front of Tiffany's.
They got over 200 kilos of heroin
coming in from Singapore,
shipped out of Tokyo.
Now, we'll shut down
their Japanese connection.
Now, I know you can handle
some of them little
Japanese guys, right, pa?
Now, we'll pull our own
little Pearl harbor on them, right?
We'll put the syndicate
out of business,
dry up their sources of revenue.
Then they got no money
for payoffs,
and Diangelo comes to us.
Now, you watch the store for me, pa.
I got some island-hopping to do.
I'll bring you back a souvenir?
The heads of the crime syndicate
as our prisoners of war.
Then we sort of
exchange pows, right?
I mean, they give us
our freedom,
clear us of all charges,
and we let the big bosses
live a little bit longer.
Who made up all that bullshit
that black people
don't know how to swim?
How do you like
the hired help, palermo?
They'll clean up
the mess they made, won't you, ladies?
Now, see, that just goes
to show you,
you never know who's
doing up your socks and underwear.
No more killing.
We'll negotiate.
We'll work this out.
How can I?
I'm a wanted man, me and my pa.
That could be fixed up.
We got judges,
prosecutors, on our payroll.
The ladies here
cooked something in the kitchen.
Go bring it in, ladies.
Now, you gentlemen
are gonna be my guests
till after my acquittal.
Sorta like my, security.
Now, that's what they call...
Soul food.
Now, you got black-eyed peas,
turnip Greens... Chitlins...
Collard Greens, pig
feet, cornbread...
Pork butts... And for dessert...
Eat heartily, gentlemen.
The grand jury is gonna
fail to indict Tommy Gibbs and his old man.
That's right.
We're both gonna be
found innocent...
Victims of racial slurs
and police conspiracy.
Diangelo here is gonna
fix it up for me.
Ain't that right, Diangelo?
Anything can be fixed
in the good ol' usa.
Didn't have to do this, Tommy.
We could've sat down and talked.
Well, maybe
I just wasn't brought up right.
I don't happen to trust people.
I sorta figured
if you thought I was weak,
you'd mop the street up with me,
and I'd have to kill a lot more of
your people to put you in your place.
Now, if I don't get
what I want, Diangelo,
that means war.
War like you never seen before.
None of this old-time bullshit
going after
your numbers runners or your pushers.
No, I'll be going after your...
Bank presidents,
heads of corporations.
It'll look like
a race riot to everybody.
But you'll know what it is.
Tell you what
I'm gonna do, Diangelo.
I'm gonna make you a hero.
I'm gonna let you
arrest Tommy Gibbs.
A grand jury today
dismissed all charges
against Tommy Gibbs
and his father Thomas Gibbs, sr.
A massive investigation
has been ordered
into alleged police conspiracies
to assassinate Gibbs,
the self-styled "Black Caesar"
of Harlem's underworld.
Got the man working late.
Well... Gentlemen.
Mr. Diangelo.
I want you to know that I,
certainly appreciate you
fixing up
them murder charges against me.
However, you will not be taking
your instructions from me.
You'll be getting them
from Mr. Gibbs, sr. Over there.
I think you know him.
Yes, we know one another.
We have met in very high places.
Mr. Gibbs, I... I...
I mean, the whole thing
was... was a terrible mistake.
I... I...
That's all right, Mr. Diangelo.
I'd like for you to meet
very important member of my organization.
This here is Mr. Zachariah,
my enforcer. However,
I suggest you call him Zach.
He's a very ambitious young man.
I'm gonna follow you all over.
When you go to the airport,
I'll be your ticket.
When you walk down the street,
I'll be your shadow.
In other words,
I'm gonna be all over your ass.
I mean, after all, gentlemen,
you can trust me.
I mean, let's...
Let's look forward
to the future.
Let's not dwell on the past.
Let's forget the past.
No, we won't forget
the past, Mr. Diangelo.
It's the past. Yes, the past.
Look around.
When we close down his drug operation,
poor Diangelo ain't gonna
have nothing left
but his salary
as a public servant.
Let me hear
somebody say "wonderful"!
Let me hear
somebody say "hallelujah"!
Let me hear somebody say "amen"!
I want you
to lift your head up high
and... and hold your hands apart
and just clench your fists
and tighten them up.
I want you to go out
in the streets
and... and fight the dope
and fight the crime
and fight the murdering.
I want you to go up against
people like Tommy Gibbs
and his father!
Hello, reverend.
I watched you on TV tonight.
You must get your kicks
out of hearing your name mentioned.
You're causing me
a lot of problems, Rufus.
I'm pleased to hear
I'm so effective.
You weren't so high-and-mighty
when you were
pimping for me up on Lennox Avenue.
That was before
I heard my calling.
Man, don't try to sell me
that you believe
in that religious bullshit!
I know you too well.
It's big money,
and you always did
have some smarts.
Yeah, it started like that.
But I found out that I could...
I could help people.
I'm gonna put you out of Harlem.
You and your old man.
They tried to shoot my ass out,
so I guess you gonna
pray my ass out, right?
I'm gonna appeal
to all the decent black folks
that don't want nobody
like you running their lives.
Why don't you go after
those white bosses
that are selling heroin
to the kids?
And I suppose
you're not into that?
I'm not into drugs, Rufus.
I'm shutting out the suppliers.
I'm knocking out all the pushers
as quick as I can find 'em!
Murdering them.
Well, what the hell do
you think they're doing
selling that shit on
the streets to the kids?
Rufus... Don't turn on me.
Not when I'm trying.
I don't believe you.
If there's money in it
in the black community,
you grab it off the top.
Well, I guess we just
don't know each other anymore,
do we, Rufus?
Take him back where you got him.
Are you comfortable in my chair?
You damn right.
Well, then you get
your dead ass out of it right now.
I caught this broad
running around downstairs again, man.
Why don't you let me off that broad?
I'd have thought that
you'd be gone,
started someplace else.
I couldn't.
What do you want?
I wanna talk to Tommy.
I got the right.
Look, whatever happened to him,
he should settle with me now.
I wanna see him.
Tommy, you're looking at me
as though you've never
seen me before.
We had a lot going once.
You knew I never wanted to
get involved in the business.
You forced me into it.
I just wasn't
strong enough to handle it.
She left me for my best friend Joe.
She had 2 of his kids,
then she had him killed...
Just like she tried to do to me.
Go away!
What do you wanna do, kill me?
I'd welcome that.
Maybe I'll make you kill me.
You won't be
rid of me till you do.
I'm not gonna run away anymore.
And I'm not
gonna keep away from the kids.
They're our kids now.
And if you want me
out of the way,
you'll have to put
a bullet in me,
so you might as well do it now.
Ain't nobody gonna touch
a hair on your head.
the safest woman in New York City.
You can walk any street
any time at night
and ain't nothing
gonna happen to you.
I don't wanna see her again, pa,
any time, any place.
I'll keep her away.
Feel like I'm back
in Sunday school again.
What are you doing here?
Just passing through.
Who's she?
Sister Jennifer.
You do a team act now?
This your number one trick?
You don't have
to antagonize me, Mr. Gibbs.
I happen to believe
that you are a decent man.
He's always had a knack
for foolin' women.
Reverend Rufus,
why must we single him out?
We have the names
of all the syndicate men
who have exploited
the black community
since we were all children.
Why don't we
speak out against them?
Yeah, I'll consider it.
No, no. Answer her now, Rufus.
Tell her
that your financial support
comes from whitey.
And that...
They wanna hear
about blacks exploiting blacks.
You got a program on TV,
you gotta give 'em
what they wanna hear about.
Thank you, miss.
You got a lot to learn, and,
I don't think you're
gonna find it all in the Bible.
How about dinner tomorrow night?
Thank you. No.
Why not?
You scared?
Yes... slightly.
But not nearly as much
as I am amused
of your arrogance, Mr. Gibbs.
You seem to think
that you can handle everyone and everything
by a quick smile
and a fast remark.
Does it bug you
that I can pull it off?
No... But you haven't.
You happen to be
a very lonely man, Mr. Gibbs.
A sad man.
Like the man said, lady...
You givin' me the blues.
I was just passing
through because I,
I thought I'd drop this off
in your collection plate.
I'm sorry about the other night.
No need for
you and I to be enemies.
Don't take that!
This'll feed
an awful lot of families.
Looks like the lady don't
listen too good, Rufus.
Well, babe...
Any time you
get lonely for somebody other than Jesus,
Rufus here
can give you my private number.
Mr. Gibbs, I really would like to see you.
I believe...
You and I could be friends.
Tell Tommy "thanks."
Tommy had nothing to do with it.
Hello, can I speak to Diangelo?
Yes. Hello, Zach.
I've been waiting for your call.
Our little business
is taken care of?
It's all over.
No witnesses?
That's very good to hear, Zach.
You know, I do believe
you and I are gonna have
a great future, kid.
All right, Gibbs,
Diangelo wants you downtown.
Let's go.
Ok, Diangelo, I'm a busy man.
We're looking into the murder
of a young lady named...
Helen Bradley.
Why so shocked?
She was a 2-bit whore.
She worked around
the 47th Street area.
Was better looking
than most, but...
Can't tell that from
the police photographs.
Here... Take a look at them.
Maybe you can identify the body.
You care to go down
to the morgue with me?
Who killed her?
A lot of them end up this way...
Murdered by one of their Johns.
Much more merciful
than an advanced case of syphilis, right?
It was strangulation.
Very professional job.
She was an old friend
of yours, wasn't she?
I knew her.
She must've been
a beautiful woman once.
I understand she,
had a couple of kids.
It's kind of a blessing
that they'll never find out
what kind of profession
mama was in.
What time was she killed?
there's no charge against you,
for crying out loud.
It's a much more
delicate matter than that.
I mean, we're good
friends, aren't we?
And, I mean,
it's really difficult to...
To bring up
the matter of your father.
I mean, what's
one little whore, more or less?
It doesn't make any difference.
But we have very good
reason to believe
your father was responsible.
I don't believe you.
You're a loyal son, Tommy.
Really, I hope my kids
grow up the same way
and feel that way about me.
Probably did it for your sake.
That's the way parents are.
Is that all?
I just want you to know
I'm not gonna do anything about it
out of deference to you.
You know everything
that goes on.
Who killed Helen?
Who killed her?
Your father.
Your father paid for it.
I don't know
what's keeping Mr. Gibbs,
but we'll hold dinner
until he arrives.
Tommy's asked me to be his wife.
What do you think, reverend?
If you want my advice,
you'd go back to your preaching.
It's about time.
I'm starving to death.
is Jennifer gonna be my mommy?
Take him upstairs.
Put him to bed.
I don't wanna go to bed yet.
But he hasn't had his dinner.
Do like I say.
Take him upstairs.
Come on, honey.
Kiss your
grandfather good night.
Good night, grandfather.
Good night, son.
You go save some souls.
Good night, Mr. Gibbs.
Good night, reverend.
It's been good to
see you for a second.
Helen didn't just get killed.
It was a professional job.
Well, why are you telling me?
I thought you might
be interested.
That woman
was nothing but grief to you.
You ought to be grateful.
To you, pa?
You think I
had something to do to do with her death?
I gave you strict orders
that she was to be left alone.
You know I don't
go against you, son.
You're a stinking liar!
This is your father
you're talking to.
Maybe you think
you give the orders around here.
I've been doing pretty good
with the territory you gave me.
You got any complaints?
I got some complaints.
Lots of 'em.
I'm sick of you.
I'm sick of this town!
I haven't had
one moment's pleasure.
You know what I'm gonna do, pa?
I'm gonna give it all to you,
and I'm gonna go to
Detroit and Los Angeles
and look after
my other interests
and leave this all
in your capable hands!
It's getting too expensive
to run an operation
in this town anyway.
Payoffs are too damn high.
I appreciate
your confidence in me.
I'll see how long
you can cut it, old man,
without me around
to protect your black ass.
I don't recall
asking you for anything
in a very long time.
After I'm gone,
a lot of people
are gonna try to move you out of business
so don't expect me
to come back and hold your hand!
Tommy, can't you see?
Even in death, this woman
is tearing us apart!
You had no right
to do that to her!
Whatever she was...
Whatever I say
you wouldn't believe, would you?
Pack your bags.
Pack the kids', too.
We're leaving.
Gonna leave everything
to... to...
Big papa.
We'll get married
in Los Angeles.
Mr. Gibbs...
Is there anything
I can do to help?
No, darling.
Between me and my son.
Hi, mama.
Sorry it took me
so long to get here,
but I've been a very busy man.
I'm in a new life now.
Killing, women.
Lot of women.
Things that you
would be ashamed of,
and I hope you forgive me.
I miss you, and I love you.
Nobody, but nobody,
talks to Tommy.
Listen, Zach killed Helen.
He's trying to make
his own deal with Diangelo.
He's hidin' out
up at Grant's tomb.
Send the boys up there
and ice his bad ass!
Any dealing done in this town
will be done through me.
Son of a bitch!
This is compliments
of me and Mr. Diangelo.
Something's bothering you.
Is it what they say in
the newspapers about you?
Like I promised you
before I married you,
I'm going 100 percent legit.
What about
your father in New York?
The entire organization?
I got no control over that.
They're just friends.
I can't tell them how
to make a living.
You still don't see anything
wrong in killing people
and taking what's theirs.
Not if they took it
from somebody first.
But we've been through all that.
I've already proved
that I was the best,
so I don't need it no more.
Tommy, you talk about
renouncing the rackets
as I would if I were asked
to give up my belief in god.
Son of a bitch! Zach!
Hey, old man.
I see you got your nurses.
Seems to me
you're trying to set yourself up
in your own business?
First Helen...
Then a few of the boys.
Next it'll be me.
Then maybe Tommy?
I already got him.
Look around. I own it.
All of it.
Well, I'm gonna
take back what is mine.
You don't have too long.
You know you got a slow ticker.
You could go any minute.
You need a whipping, boy.
Boy? Where you see a boy?
And I'm gonna do it
with these own 2 hands.
You sure that's the way
you want it, old man?
No guns, fellas.
I'm gonna beat this boy
with my own 2 hands.
The old man's gonna whup my ass?
I want every railroad
terminal, bus depot,
and airport checked.
And the minute Gibbs
gets back in town,
I want to be
notified immediately.
Is that understood?
All right.
Don't go to New York.
They want you
to step back in New York
so they can blow your head off.
Make reservations
to New York City.
You got no organization
back there no more, Tommy.
Zach took it all.
You got nothing.
I started with nothing,
and I can take back what's mine.
Change those
reservations to Philly.
I'm going to ease into
New York... quiet-like.
I got me some
funerals to attend.
Well, Diangelo, here it is.
I got it made.
Yeah, if Gibbs doesn't
take it away from you.
Take what? Hell,
I ain't running.
All he likes to do is read
the wall street journal,
get clean and go to church.
Well, as they say,
a young man should never retire.
Unless he's ready to die.
He's a candy-ass.
I flew
to California, man, out to his house,
fired some shots in the crib,
and he didn't
have the balls to do a damn thing.
He didn't even
have the balls to come after me.
He didn't
have the balls to do nothing.
I even killed his old man.
No balls at all.
"No balls" Gibbs.
Listen close.
I've always been the best
hit man in the business,
and I got a contract to fill
on every son of a bitch that
works for Diangelo or Zach.
I'm closing down the city.
I'm going to make New York
a decent place to live.
Police continue to hunt
the professional killer
who, within the last 24 hours,
has struck down
leading members of New York's underworld.
An official statement
issued by the office
of James Diangelo
concedes that
there are no new leads
as to the identity
of the gunman,
described by witnesses
only as a black man
in his early 30s.
undermining everything we've built up
all these years.
Don't sweat it, man.
We'll ice him.
there's one thing Gibbs prizes
more than anything
in this world,
and that's his family.
His wife gave her soul back
to the almighty
lord Jesus Christ.
And she even ran away
with the baby girl.
There's still the other child.
What's his name?
Must be about 8 years old now.
Hey, hey. Hey,
I thought I'd do anything for the man,
but killing kids, that's a no.
That's why I can't
trust anybody to do anything
except myself.
Senator Brown,
I'm sending you a present for
your investigating committee...
Ledgers with the names
of all the politicians
who've been taking payoffs
since the 1950s.
Don't try to find me
to say thanks,
because I'll be
out of the country
by the time you receive this.
I'm giving you some help
by eliminating
a few of the boys myself.
Heh heh.
Bring it on! It's Gibbs!
Where's Zach?
I don't know.
Where's Zach?
TWA... Airport.
Trans world airlines
flight number 27 for Los Angeles
is now in its final
boarding process
at gate 7.
Final call for TWA flight 27
for Los Angeles.
The next flight
to I.A... what gate?
Gate 7.
When's the next flight
to I.A.? Any airline.
American airlines, in 5 minutes.
You'll never make it.
First class, Los Angeles.
American airlines
flight 5 for Los Angeles
is boarding on gate number 7.
Our flight time to Los Angeles
will be 4 hours and 5 minutes.
Please fasten your seatbelts
and extinguish all cigarettes
in preparation
for our landing in Los Angeles.
What the hell are they doing over there?
That's my suitcase!
Jesus Christ! What is this?
Security officer,
report to baggage area
Jesus Christ, he's got a...
Look out! Get out of the way!
Somebody call the police!
Look out! He's got a gun!
Call the police!
They're going up the ramp! Look out!
Look out for that gun!
Isn't there any
security officers around here?
They came here an hour ago.
Your friend
Diangelo. They killed hap.
It's too late!
They took your boy away!
There's nothing
you can do about it.
Why in the hell
did you let it happen?
They had guns.
I'm a man of god now.
I don't use violence anymore.
Where did Diangelo take him?
I don't know.
They said they'd call you,
let you know what the deal was.
I'll kill that honky bastard!
That's all that matters?
Tommy Gibbs
gets to have his sweet revenge.
Well, I'm going
to call the police.
You think they give a damn
if my kid comes back alive?
Rufus, I love my son.
I'll give Diangelo
whatever he wants.
It's kidnapping, murder.
They have to help us.
Let me take it.
Yes, Diangelo.
I'm reverend Rufus Fairchild,
acting as intermediary
on the matter.
What's he after?
State your terms, Diangelo.
They want your life.
Yeah, well, I figured that.
How do we know
Jason is all right?
We want to see Jason first.
An hour.
There's no guarantee
they'll return Jason,
even after they got you.
If I don't come back,
and they return Jason...
Tell Jennifer to leave town,
go someplace else,
change their names.
Forget about me.
Where's my kid? Where is he?
There are no niggers
in this neighborhood.
You don't really expect
to see him, do you?
Is he all right?
Diangelo's got him.
He's the only one
with stomach enough to kill a kid.
What do you want from me?
Just you.
You hear me up there?
Yeah, I hear you.
We can make a deal.
Tommy Gibbs don't make deals.
They're going to kill
your kid tonight.
That's all I know.
Rest in peace, brother.
Well, that's one sinner
that won't sin no more.
Here. I'll take this.
It's been a long time.
Welcome back, brother.
Well, I couldn't
very well let them kill you.
Well, maybe you should have.
Would have saved you
a lot of praying later on.
I still got to save your soul.
Yeah, that's true.
Let's go see if he knows
where my son is.
Mission of San Marco? San Marco?
That's just like
Diangelo to hide out in a church.
Well, you'll feel
right at home, Rufus.
Don't move, Rufus.
Jason, don't move.
Let the kid
alone, Diangelo. Let him walk away.
You're the one to blame, Tommy.
You should've stayed retired.
Instead, you had
to come back into the business
and bring
your whole family with you.
Now, toss those guns away,
or I'll kill
this boy, I swear I will.
My life for his, Diangelo.
All right, Tommy.
You got a deal.
Fair trade.
You know
what I'm going to do to you?
Figure it out, Diangelo.
Figure it out.
I'm going to send you
to wop heaven!
I'm going to make you
famous, Diangelo!
You're going to be
the first whitey ever hung by a nigger!
We're going away, son...
Just the two of us.
We're going to start over
where nobody knows us,
and I'm going to love you
just like I loved my pa.