Hellbent (2004) Movie Script

You got scared.
Take this off.
Hey! Stop it.
They're for my mom.
Come on, what do you want,
some Halloween balloons,
or a hot night with me?
Balloons will last longer.
l last a long time too.
- Heard that from a lot of guys.
- l told that to a lot of guys.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Ow, shit.
Wait. Hold on.
l have an idea.
What are you doing?
ls that better?
We're so gonna get busted.
No, we're not.
There's no one out here.
Come on, get busy.
You hot bastard.
Off with the clothes.
Oh, you're ticklish?
Are you ticklish?
How's that?
Hey, wait.
You like that?
- Huh?
- Oh, yeah.
That feel better?
Oh, wow.
Oh, shit.
Holy shit.
You really are ticklish.
lf you like that,
you're gonna love this.
Oh, fuck!
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Fuckl Fuckl
Hey, Eddie,
you done fixing that printer yet?
Morris can't figure out
how to work his zip--
l'll get to it in a second.
Happy Halloween.
- Oh, Jesus Christ.
- Fresh kills.
Photos courtesy of your friendly
Homicide Department.
Kids in the cruisin'park.
Uh, Michael Fike
and George Garcia.
Oh, God.
That one would be Mr. Fike.
Talk about being in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
- This is a nice lineup.
- Yeah--
You, uh, planning on some personal time
in the bathroom later?
Very funny.
Stop it.
No problem. lt's all good.
Yes, sir.
Not you. Your brother.
Any plans tonight?
l'm going to the carnival
with a few friends.
l'm guessing you heard about
the boys' murdered last night.
- The homosexuals.
- Yeah.
You didn't know them, did ya?
Our community liaison
asked us to help get these out
around the neighbourhood for tonight.
l know your work here hasn't been
everything you wanted.
l wouldn't normally
ask you to do this,
but everyone's tied up with the carnival.
l could use your help.
Can l wear my dad's uniform?
lt's Halloween.
l just love an ass in blue.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's finish this off.
Hey, l'm from the local
police department,
putting up signs about a local homicide.
- Do you mind if l put one in your store?
- Knock yourself out.
Oh, God.
Have a good one.
Two guys got murdered last night.
Yeah, l was just reading that.
How'd he kill 'em?
We're not releasing that information.
lt could jeopardize the case
if details got out.
So you guys are close
to catching him, then.
That keeps it lively.
l wouldn't worry about it.
Those cigarettes will kill you first.
l'm counting on it.
Well, l hope you
catch your man, officer.
The killer cut off their heads.
He cut off their heads,
and he took 'em.
l think you just blew your investigation.
- Oh, yeah.
- That's good.
Oh, fuck, it's a cop.
lt's a cop.
Okay. Yeah.
Look at you. You look like you joined
the force. Very sharp.
Right. Right.
l'm 18. l swear. l can prove it.
Relax. He's no cop.
He's my roommate.
Look, if l was a cop,
l'd arrest you, okay?
You wouldn't stop frisking me
long enough to get the cuffs on.
All right, party's over.
Everyone out of my car.
Come here, baby.
All right.
What's up?
Thank you so much.
l had a wonderful time.
lt was really good.
And l'll see you guys downtown.
So who were those two?
Some straight couple from Pasadena.
- Oh, great.
- ln town for the carnival.
- Where'd you meet 'em?
- Jesus, bro.
What's all the questions?
ln the diner.
You were late.
l got tired of waiting around.
Look, you really shouldn't be
doing that, okay?
l mean, two guys got murdered
in their car last night.
No shit?
Were they boning each other?
Yes, Chaz, they were
boning each other.
- At least they died doing it, right?
- Oh, God.
Hey, Joey.
Hey, guys. Sorry. They're
finally letting me off.
Give me three minutes to change.
Three minutes.
Scored two hits of X for tonight.
- Give me a kiss, and l'll give you one.
- l'm not interested.
- Kiss me anyway?
- No way.
- Come on.
- No, sit down.
- Kiss me.
- No. Okay, okay. Funny.
- Come on!
- lf you're gonna make out in my booth,
you need to order something, guys.
l'll have some pie.
Evening, gentlemen.
Don't touch the tits, but you can
feel the ass all you like.
You've got the biggest set of balls.
Yes, l do.
And right now they are crammed
into a space about half their size.
Gentlemen, drag is both uncomfortable
and scary as shit.
Don't let the queens
tell you anything different.
What got into you?
l'm a sex symbol every day of the year.
l think a good girl deserves
a night off, don't you?
- Still look good to me, baby.
- Thanks, Chaz, but you'll eat anything.
- You look lovely tonight, Tobey.
- Oh, aren't you sweet?
Why don't you come here?
Take a picture with me.
Have fun tonight,
and bring back a man for me, will you?
We will.
So l'm on a billboard in West Hollywood.
Ripped Boi Clothing.
- That's great.
- Our little supermodel.
Hey. Don't touch, don't touch.
l wanna get a picture
of me in front of the billboard.
We'll take a picture of me like this.
Send it to my mom for Christmas.
Can you imagine the look on
her face when she opens it?
lt's gonna be hilarious.
And l see you two didn't dress
for the holiday at all.
- My costume's in the car.
- And yours?
- Come on, l'm wearing it.
- Oh. Your dad's old work clothes.
- Hey.
- Ready to go?
No, we're waiting for Joey.
Why don't you go get him?
l do not know how long
l can last in these heels.
Hey, you seen Joey?
You can't be back here.
Oh, come on, it's Halloween.
Look, l'm a ghost.
He's back there,
and please, don't touch anything.
Don't come back herel
Are you okay?
l'm stuck.
Are you sure jeans really go with this?
Yeah, l'm positive.
Where'd you get the costume?
Chaz loaned it to me.
l'm gonna get Jared Reynolds'
phone number tonight.
Jared Reynolds, varsity jock.
l thought you already had his phone number.
Yeah, l have it,
but l need him to give it to me.
l have to get it tonight too.
l can't even eat anymore,
l think about him so much.
You're bound to get
someone's attention, right?
You look so butch, man.
lt looks great.
Damn, Joey, you're gonna be
breaking hearts all over town.
He better not get
in any trouble, all right?
Come on, in that outfit?
He's gonna be getting into so much trouble,
he'll be walking funny for three days.
- Here.
- What's this?
This is a padlock and a chain.
lf you don't come home tonight,
l'm losing the key,
and it's gonna take a welder
to get it off.
- You dick.
- Lighten up. l was joking.
lt does look kind of good, though.
- We are going out, and we're doing it.
- Yes, we are.
This is the one night of the year,
when you get to indulge your most
perverse and twisted fantasies,
and nobody cares.
Jared Reynolds.
- That's all l want.
- That has some potential.
- Hand me my costume back there, will ya?
- All right.
So what about you, Chaz?
You know me, man.
Life is meant for living.
- Hey, pass me the pants, too, yeah?
- Okay.
- No wait.
- Tobey, grab the wheel.
- Oh, good Lord.
- Jesus.
- Gotta go commando if you wanna rodeo.
- Oh, come on.
What're you looking to get,
all dolled up in that dress and cheap wig?
No, this wig is not cheap.
You looking to get laid?
No, no, no, we are not cruising
the trannie bars tonight, all right?
No, we're not,
and l'll tell you why.
Because l spent $300
getting this pretty tonight,
and nothing, nobody is passing
through these lips,
no matter how big.
Okay? l am officially
removing myself from the race.
Oh, please.
You and you and you
can all thank me in the morning.
Don't worry about me.
Guys, check out this guy
on the bike here.
Oh, Jesus.
We're here.
Are you kidding me? You can't
park any closer than this?
Why are we here?
Eddie knows why we're here.
This is where it happened.
Less than 1 8 hours ago,
two gay guys were murdered
on this spot.
You're gonna make us
walk through the woods
to go to the carnival
because a couple of queens
got killed here?
lt's Halloween.
That's a two-block hike.
l don't see you wearing heels.
You know, l saw
the crime scene photos.
- No way.
- Shut up.
What did they look like?
Two guys, just like us--
you know, 23, 22.
Yeah? Were they hot?
l don't know.
They didn't have their heads.
One of the guys
was hanging outside the door.
There was blood dripping
all over the handle.
The other guy,
l guess they thought he'd be safe
underneath their car,
so he curled up into a little ball
behind the tire.
When the coroner pulled him out,
he had to break his fingers
to get them off the axle.
That's kind of sweet, though.
Yeah. l don't know.
Whoever done it must have
been really strong
because their heads
were cut off so cleanly
that none of the tubes,
the veins,
the arteries, the wind pipe,
they weren't crushed at all.
They were wide open.
Speaking of air, can l
crack a fucking window?
Eddie used up
all the goddamn oxygen.
Nice story, Eddie.
You're a man with brains.
What makes people kill like that?
Probably some 40-year-old
gay guy
that just came out
of the closet.
He's probably jealous
of all the nice hot guys
like us walking around.
Shit. l mean, think about it.
Wouldn't you want to kill us?
We're fucking fabulous.
No. lt's got to be
about his mother.
lt always is.
The real motive doesn't matter,
because we're never gonna find out
what it is anyway.
lf there's one thing
l'm sure of,
it's that guy got on a train
and took it back
to Louisiana or Oklahoma
or whatever backwater swamp
his ass was spawned in.
He didn't stick around.
God, shit!
Damn it!
Get out of the fucking car.
- Damn it, get out of the car.
- l got you.
l'm gonna beat your ass.
Get out of the fucking car.
Come here.
Get out of there.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Jesus. You scared
the shit out of me.
That was hysterical.
Hey, come on, guys. l know
a back way to the carnival.
So why do you take
somebody's head?
Killers like trophies.
Maybe he couldn't get head
any other way.
Oh, man.
l was just saying
what you guys were thinking.
Maybe he does sleep with them.
Jesus, Joey,
where's your goddamn brain?
You know the brain's
actually the largest sex organ?
Speak for yourself, dude.
Gentlemen, last time
to take a piss
before the port-a-potties.
- All right.
- Find a tree.
Joey, come here.
Leave me alone. l can't pee
if you're talking to me.
Eddie, do you ever
stop nagging?
- Shut up. Come here.
- What?
There's someone
in the bushes right there.
What am l supposed to see?
Joey, get back here
right now. Come on.
- There's someone in the bushes?
- Yeah.
Holy shit. He was right by me.
He's cruising us.
He is totally cruising us.
What does he look like?
l don't know.
he's wearing a mask.
for a very good reason.
Poor guy.
Halloween's probably
the only night of the year
where he gets any action.
Good luck to you,
creepy cruiser.
l hope you get some.
Yeah, big boy.
Oh, man.
Devil Daddy's got
some serious drag on.
Damn, what's he doing?
Oh, man, he's whipping it out.
Yeah, show us, Big Daddy.
Come on.
Here it comes.
What's he got there?
That's a knife.
He's got a fucking knife,
the kinky bastard.
You are deranged, sir,
and l love it!
ls that all you got?
Give us some more.
ls your knife serrated?
You're making me hot, Big Daddy.
You guys are sick.
You want to see some? Come on,
big boy. You want to play?
Let's play.
- Come on, Eddie.
- Come on, Eddie, do it.
Bend over.
Yeah. Bring it, big boy.
You want to play?
Yeah, dude, you want some of this?
Spanky-spanky, baby.
Where'd he go?
- He snubbed us?
- Are you kidding me?
Four perfect young naked asses?
Who walks away from that?
- Oh, Jesus!
- Oh, shit!
lf one more person
grabs my tits tonight--
Hey. Hey, guys,
l think he's following us.
Devil Daddy knows a good thing
when he sees it.
Hold on. l need my gift bag.
What kind of lube you guys got?
Mine's got pineapple.
Pineapple, pineapple.
This is all crap.
You guys get CDs?
Glow sticks?
Why do they make green condoms?
l want to know
who sucks a green dick.
l got a scratch-and-sniff
for The Manhole Cover.
Hey, let's go get drunk, man.
What do l drink?
Something with alcohol.
Flaming Penis, por favor.
- Flaming Penis?
- Here you go.
You got three right here.
ls that a real drink?
One swallow, you're hooked.
Hey, copper.
You, uh, fraternize?
We come as a set.
lnsurance l will
have fun tonight.
Sure you don't want the other one?
lt'll bring you luck.
All right.
Motorcycle. No helmet.
Hangs out at the leather club.
And he smokes.
- You like him?
- He's hot.
Yeah, hot in the ''l'm gonna beat you
with a baseball bat'' kind of way.
l don't get it with you and this
rough trade fixation.
Every good boy's got his kink.
l just never thought
he was the type.
You get in there,
and you get him.
l'm not like you, all right?
No, but you want to be. So go.
We're with you here.
All right, come on.
l'm not going in there.
Look at me.
Yeah, they could make this place
any scarier than it already is.
Stick with us, all right?
Safety in numbers.
l saw you today.
At the tattoo shop?
We talked about the murders.
Do you remember?
Yeah, l remember.
Yeah. Hey, l'm Eddie.
What do you want?
l'd like to know your name.
l'll tell you what, all right?
Do l have a stalker?
Because l know you're
definitely not a real cop.
You know, it's Halloween.
My handcuffs are real.
Right on.
you have no gun.
No, l left it at home.
So you do shoot, then.
Yeah, l do, a little.
l used to shoot, because...
l wanted to be a cop,
but l didn't...
l didn't pass the physical.
No, l hurt my eye.
- Your eye looks fine.
- lt's not.
My field of vision is gone.
My depth perception is shot.
l can't even drive.
You don't hit on guys
much, do you?
Look, l'm Jake.
What changed your mind?
l wanted to see you shoot.
What's up, little pig?
You like toys?
Paddles? Plugs?
l could really train
a young boy like you.
Hey, big boy, why don't you
back off, huh?
He's my little bitch.
Can't we share?
Come on, think about it.
[music] Porno di giorno
Porno di giorno [music]
[music] Porno di giorno,
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[music] You're the swagger you're the
strut l'm addicted to the smut [music]
[music] and l really blow my nut
when you take it up the butt [music]
[music] And jack it wack it [music]
[music] Yeah yeah [music]
[music] You're the swagger you're the
strut l'm addicted to the smut [music]
[music] and l really blow my nut
when you take it up the butt [music]
[music] And spank it wank it [music]
[music] Porno di giorno,
Porno di giorno [music]
[music] Porno di giorno,
Porno di giorno [music]
You'll be fine.
Just go with it.
[music] You're the swagger you're
the strut l'm addicted to the smut [music]
[music] and l really blow my nut
when you take it up the butt [music]
[music] And jack it wack it [music]
[music] Yeah yeah [music]
[music] You're the swagger you're the strut l'm
addicted to the smut [music]
[music] and l really blow my nut
when you take it up the butt [music]
[music] And spank it wank it [music]
[music] Porno di giorno,
Porno di giorno [music]
[music] Porno di giorno,
Porno di giorno [music]
Did you see me?
That was unbelievable.
Where were you?
Hey, did you see me?
Hey, yeah, yeah.
This is Jake.
- Hey.
- Hi.
He wants to go to the arcade.
l'm all for that.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Wait, l can't go.
Jared's here.
Wow, he is something.
We'll catch up with you guys
later, all right?
l'll watch out for him. Don't worry.
All right, little man, you're up.
l'll see ya.
Hey. l'm Joe.
l met you at the Labor Day party.
What Labor Day party?
l don't know.
They had the swans
and the porn stars.
Right. Sorry.
Lot of parties ago.
- What was your name again?
- Joe.
Hello, Joe.
You guys having
a good time tonight?
No. Boring.
Freaks and uglies,
same as last year.
Look, let me give you my number.
Preprinted card.
l love it.
You could give me a call
sometime if you want.
Thanks. Cool.
Anyways, you guys have
a great night, okay?
Geek freak.
How'd it go, man?
- Come on.
- l'm gonna puke.
Come on. l know another bathroom.
Down here.
All right, come on.
We're gonna get you cleaned up,
get you back upstairs good as new.
Find you something
to work with tonight, huh?
lt's Halloween, bro.
You guys done?
We got a little situation here.
Thanks, guys.
You're gentlemen, both of you.
You all right, kid?
Yeah. l can handle this part myself.
Hey, don't leave me, okay?
You got it.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
There someone in here?
Jesus Christ, man.
Hey, l didn't mean to scare you.
Your friend told me
you were in here.
l owe you my number.
Sorry about before.
My friends are in a mood
tonight, and...
Listen, we're all supposed
to go to breakfast tomorrow.
l could ditch them
if l had a better offer.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
l gotta get back. We're gonna
go to another club.
Come here.
l want to remember you this time.
Oh, yeah.
This isn't my costume.
l borrowed this.
That's okay.
Don't give it back just yet.
Never seen a cock block
like that in my life.
You've never seen a cock, period.
Gorgeous, you are
a walking hard-on.
My virgin ears.
Please, girl, your ears are
all the virgin you got left.
Oh, my--
That is so not funny.
Why don't we shoot for something?
- Make it interesting.
- Like what?
Winner chooses.
Okay. You're on.
All right. l need a drink.
l'll see you at the arcade later.
What's the matter with him?
Pink flamingo.
For once, it would be
nice to find a man
who wants me for what's in here
instead of what's down here.
Say it, sister.
Not a bad shot.
''Not a bad shot,'' he says.
Why don't you
take a look at that?
lt's your turn. l'm gonna
take care of him.
Here's three tickets.
You nervous?
You want to aim
at your target right there.
Right there.
You're gonna make me
shoot that kid.
No, l'm not. You're not
gonna hurt anybody.
Just point your gun...right there.
Watch the target there.
Here it comes.
You are right.
You are a lousy shot.
We're going to help her out.
We're gonna help you guys--
- Hi, fellas.
- Hey, buddy. How you doing?
Where's the rest
of our posse, huh?
They're this way.
Where have you been?
You guys have gotta
try some of this.
Where's Joey?
He's fine, man. His little
jock friend showed up.
Joined him in the bathroom,
if you know what l mean.
Hey, what happened?
l gave them their space, you know?
You just left them there?
Jesus, Eddie, let the kid
live a little, you know?
- Come here.
- Whoa.
lf you ever get
this guy into bed,
he's gonna fucking explode.
Come on, baby.
All right, look,
we can get Joey,
but let me get a hot dog.
Do you want one?
No, l'm okay.
One dog, please.
l really do want
to go look for Joey.
That little fucker's
with his dream boy.
Excuse me.
Yeah, l know, but even still...
Look, you don't have
to come with me.
Are you blowing me off?
No, l just--
l mean, you want to come?
Okay, yeah.
Can we find him?
Okay, 30 minutes, only 30 minutes,
and we'll go do something else.
My motorcycle's
there anyway. Let's go.
- Bye, Tobey.
- Fine. Bye.
Where'd you get a set
of legs like that, baby?
l hear he's got a huge cock.
You know he does.
Take my picture?
Nice. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Am l beautiful?
Tell me l'm beautiful.
Awesome. Great.
So where you guys going, huh?
Oh, my God.
l look just like my mom.
l'm okay. Okay.
l don't need the calories anyway.
Hey. Hey.
l know you, right?
You've been following us
ever since the park.
So, which one of us
are you after, huh?
Before you answer,
let me just warn you,
l'm the only one left.
My other roommates seem
to have dates for the night.
Turns out my girlie costume here
isn't turning very many heads.
l like your costume.
You work out, right?
l can tell.
You play any sports?
What gym do you go to?
What, you've got
enough candy already?
You couldn't use a little more?
l don't always look
like this, you know.
You superficial faggotl
lt's Halloween. Jesus!
God, here, look!
My driver's license.
lt's not bad, huh?
Tobey Weatherton,
1 126 Hollywood Lane.
Hair, brown.
Eyes, hazel.
Sex, male.
l'm never doing drag again.
The club's closed.
Listen, l was just here.
My--l need to get inside.
That's always how it is, isn't it?
lsn't it? You know?
Look, you don't understand.
My motorcycle was parked
out here. The bouncer--
lt's a crime scene, buddy.
Kid fell apart in there.
You're not getting in.
What the hell you doing
over there, man?
You're gonna get
busted by that cop.
l thought you were gonna get busted.
You came here to save me, huh?
Maybe later, tough guy.
Let's get out of here.
Here, let me help you out.
Here we go.
- Ready?
- All right.
Okay. All right. You know what?
There's a gate down there.
Why don't you go through the club?
Go walk around. l'll meet you
up front, all right?
-That your buddy or something?
- Where?
Jesus Christ.
Come on, man.
Get out your gunl
He had a fucking knife.
So on the back, there's
nerves that are connected
to make it turn around,
and the nerves got cut.
So that's all.
Everything's really okay.
All right, l've got to go.
All right, wait a second, whoa.
Don't let them turn this
into a fag-bashing, okay?
Because it would ruin me
around here, you know that.
Don't kid yourself.
Hey, man.
Just wanted to see
how your eye was.
lt's fine.
That happen tonight?
Look, l jammed my eye
on a piece of pipe,
and when l woke up in
the hospital, my eye was gone.
They had relieved me
from my police training,
due to a medical disability.
l'm gonna get out of here.
My friends are probably waiting.
No offense, but l bet your friends
are gonna have a good time tonight.
Why don't you and l
get out of here?
You, me.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Don't fall off.
lt's a great place you've got here.
Does it come
with the homeless people?
lt's better inside.
Anybody here?
Chaz, you home?
l think we're the first ones here.
What's this?
- ls that blood?
- Yeah.
Take this off.
What is this?
lt used to be somebody's name.
An asshole's.
Does it hurt?
What are you doing?
Sorry. l'm...
just a little pumped up
from tonight.
Well this will mellow
you out, then.
l don't smoke.
Come on. lt's fun.
lt's pot.
That was pathetic.
Never had a joint?
You're not gonna make this
very easy for me, are you?
Where's your bedroom?
You like that?
What are you doing?
Get this shirt off.
ls this your room?
Take this off.
Wait. Okay, okay, okay, wait.
- Just--
- Looks good.
- Whoa, okay, okay.
- What?
Wait. Just...hold on. l--
Look, l didn't realize
anyone was coming over, so--
My room's messy, too.
Whoa! Okay, just turn around.
Turn around?
Just don't look.
For a second, don't look.
Hey, Jake.
Don't do that.
You got a key to these?
- On my key ring, why?
- Just curious.
Whoa, l don't even know you.
l know.
Then how do l know l can trust you?
You can't.
- Fuck it, right?
- Yes.
l got a box of condoms
in the bathroom.
l mean, l'm not saying--
Maybe you should get two or three.
You want to fuck me?
- Maybe l will. Okay.
We've got condoms.
Condoms suck.
But they keep you safe.
Let's do this.
Anybody in here?
Hey, Jake.
Hey, Jake!
Jake, you're freaking me out.
Jake. Jake!
Oh, shit.
- Hold this.
- Blood.
Push it, hold it tight.
l'll be right back, okay?
Hi, l need an ambulance.
My friend has been stabbed,
and he's bleeding.
No! No!
Oh, shit! No!
You'll be safe out here, okay?
Shoot him.
Shoot me.
Shoot me!
Oh, shit.
- What the hell is going on out here?
- Hey, call an ambulance, all right?
Hurry. Now.
lt's okay. You're
gonna be all right.
You shot me.
l know. l'm sorry.
You look like a pirate.
l'll be there when you wake up.
We got you, didn't we?
Bet you're surprised as shit.
Can we get this mask off?
No, he's a mess in there.
You don't want to see that.
Wait. He's still alive?
This guy's about
as dangerous as a carrot.
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Yeah [music]
[music] Hey baby don't take my life [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Baby baby don't be my wife [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Hey baby don't fuck with me [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] l'll tell you what l say [music]
[music] l just say-- [music]
[music] Hey baby don't take my life [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Baby baby don't be my wife [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Hey baby don't fuck with me [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] l'll tell you what l say [music]
[music] l just say-- [music]
[music] Hey baby don't be my friend [music]
[music]Hey baby [music]
[music] Baby baby tell you once again [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Hey baby don't be my wife [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] l'll give you good advice [music]
[music] l just say-- [music]
[music] Hey baby don't take my life [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Baby baby don't be my wife [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] Hey baby don't fuck with me [music]
[music] Hey baby [music]
[music] l'll tell you what l say [music]
[music] l just say-- [music]
[music] Yeah [music]
[music] l found my sister's bra [music]
[music] And took it way too far [music]
[music] Although that's the way it goes [music]
[music] l dress up all the time [music]
[music] Don't see that it's such a crime [music]
[music] Makes me feel so good [music]
[music] l might be laughable [music]
[music] Not even passable [music]
[music] l don't really care [music]
[music] lt makes me feel complete [music]
[music] l'm gonna take some heat [music]
[music] But sometimes life just isn't fair [music]
[music] But when l'm on that stage [music]
[music] l don't have to act my age [music]
[music] l'm just a little girl
Having fun fun fun [music]
[music] And when l strut my stuff [music]
[music] l think that l'm tough enough [music]
[music] l'm living on the edge of town [music]
Come on in, girls.
[music] We live on the edge of town [music]
[music] We like to party down [music]
[music] We like to do what we do best [music]
[music] We'll put on 3-inch heels [music]
[music] And like the way it feels [music]
[music] And like the way it turns us on [music]
[music] We might not all be dolls [music]
[music] But l tell you
That it takes some balls [music]
[music] Living on the edge [music]
[music] Edge of town [music]
[music] Bam [music]
[music] Let me out of here [music]
[music] You give me nothing but trouble [music]
[music] Damn [music]
[music] What's going on in there [music]
[music] You say the words and l crumble [music]
[music] Your mark on me is deep and wide [music]
[music] You leave it open just to look inside [music]
[music] Your mark on me is deep and wide [music]
[music] You leave it open just to look inside [music]