Hellbound (1994) Movie Script

There. There.
There, my Lord.
Help me.
Oh divine master...
most evil and supreme being.
In the name of fear,
hate and destruction,
I prepare this body filled
with royal blood
as my sacrifice and offering.
Through this symbol of your sovereignty,
this scepter...
the key to your resurrection and power.
I will bring about the cataclysm.
The final and decisive clash
between the Sons of Light
and the Sons of Darkness.
Bring torches.
The prince is beyond this breech.
In what evil company,
or what its nature, I cannot tell.
This sign will strengthen and protect us.
I prepare to anoint my spirit
with this royal blood.
I prepare to anoint my spirit
with this royal blood.
Prosatanos! Stop!
Come on!
Put your backs into it.
Quickly, take the Prince to a safe place.
So, Lion Heart,
you think to deny my destiny.
Your life's end is my destiny.
Hurry, my Lord, we must confine him.
-Please open the tomb.
-Help here.
Move this slab.
Faith will not hold him long.
Damn you, spawn of Satan.
-Look to Revelations priest.
-I will betray you.
Look in you Bible.
I will be unchained
-and my freedom will span this globe.
-Seal it! Now!
This is only the beginning.
You, help me.
Un nomenae padres, un file,
un spiritae sanctae.
Un nomenae padres, un file,
un spiritae sanctae.
You say, this is the source of his power?
Yes, my Lord, and the channel
for his vileness.
Un nomenae padres, un file,
un spiritae sanctae.
Un nomenae padres, un file,
un spiritae sanctae.
No, no, my Lord!
No, no. Sire, what are you doing?
Stop, please stop.
No, my Lord.
Please stop!
Console yourself, priest.
If the words he spoke are true,
then I have saved
not only the infant prince,
but the unborn children of generations
to come.
The words are true, sire.
Everything he said is written.
We must leave him in darkness then.
And pray that he never again
sees the light of day.
Seal all entrances to this place.
Come here. Help me.
What was that?
We are rich. We are rich.
Look at the jewels on the crosses.
Get the other one. Hurry.
Let's see what's inside.
Go. Go over there.
Help me push.
Who's your supplier?
You can't do this! You're a cop!
Yeah. Watch this you little piece of shit.
Shatter! Don't shoot him, man.
Don't shoot him.
-All right? Shatter.
-You little scumbag.
Let me talk to him, man.
Just let me talk to him.
You've got a minute.
Look, Jaybird,
why don't you just tell me
who your supplier is, okay?
And I won't let my partner blow
your brains all over the street.
All right?
Okay, just talk to me, man.
I can't, man.
I'm a deadman if I do.
Yeah, but you're a dead man if you don't.
Come on. Why don't you just whisper it
-in my ear. Come on.
-I can't, man.
-Just... Just whisper it in my ear.
-I can't.
-Come on. Come on.
-Man, time's up.
-You're dead.
-No, no.
-Spider, Spider.
-Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Now, get lost.
And if ever see your butt
around here again, it is...
I love this good cop, bad cop stuff, man.
But next time, I wanna be the bad cop.
That feels better.
How'd these things get up here?
Hey, I know this lady.
She's really great.
She's a shrink.
She could help you. I mean...
She's not in my line of work
or anything but...
Hey, what are you doing in there?
Hey, are you listening to me?
Don't you love me anymore?
Come on, baby.
What's the matter?
Oh, whatever.
Hey, man, that was the playoffs.
You know, the playoffs?
Ain't you no sports fan either?
Is it all right if I take shower?
So, what's going on
with my Bulls tickets for Game 2?
I'm working on it.
Who did he say was the supplier was?
Would you believe
that it's that two bit pimp Spider?
And speak of the devil.
What's the matter, honey?
Oh, man.
I hate pimps.
-I tell you...
-What are you trying to say, Jackson?
You do what I tell you, you understand?
He's mine, Shatter.
-He's all mine.
You understand?
You understand?
You understand what I say to you?
Do you understand? Do you understand?
-It's not going to happen again?
-Hey, hey. Hey, hey, man.
Hey, you don't want to do that, man.
Get the hell out of here man!
All right, hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, you guys. You know what, man?
#@% you, man.
Get the hell out of here, man.
You don't need that.
I don't need it to kick your ass.
Is that right, tough guy?
You're really that tough?
Let's see.
Then, hit me.
Hey. Come on. Hit me, tough guy.
-Hey, hey. Come on.
-Come on.
Let's see how tough you really are.
You call that a hit?
That's a hit.
Come on. Be a good little pimp
and give me that hand.
Come on, put it up here. There you go.
Right, right, right.
Sure feels good in here.
Sure you don't want to join me?
For 50, we can do it again in the shower.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Come in.
This is Mr Shindler.
Does he have it?
-Then, your part is finished, Mr Krieger.
You money. Take it and leave.
Bring it to me!
How did you come buy this?
It was entrusted to me.
Thirty years, Prosatanos,
I sought you out.
I know what you are!
I know why you are here!
And I've found what can kill you!
Die. Servant of Satan!
Where are you going?
Hey, Jackson, how about that Bulls Game?
Oh, shit! Bulls game.
You're right about what I am
and why I'm here.
But this...
cannot destroy me.
Time for you to leave.
Oh, shit!
She's alive! Call for an ambulance
and a back up!
Unit 32 to headquarters.
We're at the Blue Ritz Hotel...
-Step out into the light.
-Leave now and I'll let you live.
-You're all heart, buddy.
-Speaking of hearts...
Shatter! Shatter!
I... Get off me.
I said, get off of me.
Oh, man.
-Did you see him?
-See what?
How could I see anything with you
on top of me?
What the hell happened in here?
What if I told you shot a guy
in the chest, twice...
and he still kicked the shit out of me?
Oh, Shatter come on, he was probably
wearing a bullet proof vest, all right?
All right, wise-guy,
explain that down there.
-Take a look.
-Oh, shit! His heart's gone!
-No, it isn't.
It's right there.
Holy shit!
Your attitude pisses me off.
Get the heel out of here.
Sergeant Shatter, I trust
you're not bored by all this?
No, I'm not bored.
All right.
Let's get to it.
What the hell happened?
It's in the report.
The man who was murdered last night
in Polanski Street was a Rabbi.
His name Mordechai Shindler.
And historian. Very highly regarded.
What the hell's a Rabbi doing
in the neighbourhood like that?
I expect you find that out.
And in the interim,
the policy review people will want to know
-where those two rounds went.
-Me too.
Oh, man.
Now, the Captain has taken
some chunks out of my ass before.
But this time, she left nothing but bone.
That the evidence package?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, forensics called and they expedited
your rush job.
-They find any fingerprints on this thing?
The Rabbi's and somebody else's
they can't identify.
I wonder what it is.
I don't know.
So, what are we looking for?
A reason why that Rabbi
was in a hotel room like that,
and who killed him.
Maybe there were all having
a mnage-a trios,
and the Rabbi was getting more
than his share.
What's that?
I saw the Rabbi walk in the hotel
with someone...
so did the desk clerk.
Bet it was this guy. "Reinhard Krieger
Dealer in antiquities.
Professor Malcolm Lockley. M.U."
M.U. That's Mathers University,
right here in Chicago.
Up here.
May I help you?
Man, I hope so.
Chicago Police.
We're here to see Professor Lockley.
Professor Lockley's heading
a research project in Jersusalem,
at the University.
-I'm his assistant.
-Has he been gone long?
A few days.
We have something
we want you take a look at.
I'll be right down.
So from one to 10, what do you think?
Don't say 12 now.
Oh, you read my mind.
I'd be happy to help you if you can.
-I'm Leslie Hawkins.
-I'm Sergeant Shatter.
This is my partner. Detective Jackson.
Why don't you show her what we've got.
Where did you get this?
It turned up as evidence
at a routine investigation.
-Any ideas?
You see?
It's identical.
What is this thing?
This looks like the crown of the scepter
of Prosatanos.
Prosa who?
Prosatanos is a mythological being
who was present in many of the legends
and stories of some
Middle Eastern civilizations,
before and during the time
of the crusades.
And you just happen to know all this?
No, Professor Lockley has been studying
these myths for quite some time.
He lectures world-wide on a mythology.
If it's a myth, why do we have this?
I know it's confusing but the study
of antiquities
is different from archaeology
or paleonthology.
Well, where's the rest of this scepter?
According to the myth,
the scepter was broken into nine sections
by King Richard the Lion Heart
and by his order,
hidden in nine Holy places, powerless.
So you mean, this is one
of the nine pieces?
I can't be sure.
Professor Lockley would be the one
to authenticate it when he returns.
Okay, would you give us a call
as soon as he returns?
And thank you very much for your time.
My pleasure, sergeant.
Thank you.
I... I'm really feeling quite ill.
Do you wish me to take that for a while?
Thank you, father.
I must use the wash room.
Certainly, we will soon be at the Vatican.
It will be quite safe then.
Do you believe it has begun to happen,
as Father Bertrand warned?
All we can do is hold tightly to our faith
and the will of God will see us through.
I'm going to the washroom.
Certainly. Certainly.
But lock the door at the compartment
Certainly, Father.
You must always cling tightly
to you faith, Father.
Oh, dieu Mia.
No matter how worthless it may be.
Oh, Shatter, take a look at this.
Perot says he'll run again for president
in 1996.
You know, I like this guy, man.
I really do.
Well, I've got some good news
and I've got some bad news.
Which one do you want to hear first?
How bad's the bad?
This bad.
Bulls, 8:00 p.m. tonight.
Shatter! These are tickets for Game 2.
Oh, buddy!
Oh, wait a minute.
If this is the bad news,
then what the hell is the good news?
The Israeli Police want to questions us.
Oh, okay, sure.
-So where are they?
-In Israel.
We leave in four hours.
Say what?
We're also escorting the Rabbi back.
Wait, wait, wait. Shatter. It's... It's...
You were in the room
when the shit hit the fan.
I mean, I didn't see anything!
I mean, why in the hell do I have to go?
Why can't I tell just you everything
that I know and then you can tell them.
How could I possibly leave without you?
You're my partner, man.
So that's it.
You asked for me to go, didn't you?
No, no, no. No, I didn't.
Well, I ain't going.
I ain't going.
I don't care what anybody says.
I ain't going.
Fine. Fine.
Oh, boy, man.
If they were going to pack us
in like sardines,
the least they could have put
some damn olive oil on the seats.
-Long flight, huh?
-It was a long one.
Follow me, please.
Hey, excuse me.
What about the Rabbi's body?
Yeah, we're escorting the remains
of an important Rabbi here.
We see to that. Our driver will take you
to the hotel we have arranged for you.
-What to care?
-I don't care. I just...
I don't care. Whatever you want to do
with yourself.
-Do you want to put this in the trunk?
-Here, here.
-In the front?
-Oh, okay.
You'll meet Captain Harrad this afternoon
and I strongly suggest to you,
dress appropriately.
Of course.
Hey, shalom.
Hey, could you, like, turn up
the air conditioner?
I'm like burning up back here.
The AC. AC.
Any more request?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You think you could go a little faster,
Your sarcasm doesn't translate too well.
You should have grabbed the Coke.
Israeli drive-through, huh?
-And I thought you were a shitty driver.
-What is this word, shitty?
-Oh, shitty.
Oh, it's a... It's a Latin expression
for a hot shot.
Hot shot?
Hot shot. You know, a top gun?
Top Gun Top Gun, yeah,
I've seen this movie.
It's very good. I like it.
-I'm a very shitty driver, yeah?
Short cut.
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Stop this, man!
Yeah, you're right.
You're a shitty driver, all right.
Okay, this is you hotel.
This is our hotel?
What is this?
Hey, this ain't our hotel!
Hey, hey, Shatter. I ain't staying
at no dump like this, Shatter.
You know, I got some pride.
You know, I've got a reputation.
-I'll pick you up in an hour.
Yeah, but I've got our expense money.
Oh, okay, okay. You've got
the money. All right.
All right.
Man, we're in the middle
of a damn swap meet.
They've called flea markets here.
Yeah, well, I don't care
what they call it.
I don't want to be in the middle of one.
Jet lag.
Shatter, look. I can't sleep on that bed.
-What's wrong with that bed?
-Because I've got to be near the AC vent.
Do you want to tell me why?
Hey, I'm just looking out for you,
all right?
You know, if I get too hot
while I'm sleeping.
I snore like a garbage disposal. Okay?
Okay, okay.
Whatever works.
Look, can you get ready now.
I am Captain Harrad.
I have some questions to ask you.
Is that the way Chicago police dress
for business?
On our better days.
I should hate to see you
on one of your bad days.
My questions have to do
with the background investigations,
regarding Rabbi Shindler's activities
and associations
during his brief stay
in the United States.
Excuse me, Captain Harrad.
Is this going to take a long time?
Due to the circumstances of the crime
and the condition
of Rabbi Schindler's body,
my intentions is to be precise,
Detective Jackson.
And I take it you are not unfamiliar
with that word.
Let's begin from the time of his entry
into your country nine weeks ago.
That completes the inquiry, gentlemen.
I have no more questions at this time.
-You may leave now.
-Thank, God.
I get the impression
that Rabbi Shindler's murder...
is not an isolated case.
Keep your impressions to yourself,
Oh, excuse me, Captain.
You know, we're all cops here.
I'm the only cop.
You two are tourists.
And that will be your only status
while you are in Israel.
See that you remember that.
Attempt to practice your trade here,
and I promise you...
I will bury you in the deepest, darkest,
filthiest hole I can find.
We get your point, Captain.
You may go now.
Number 20.
-Any messages?
I think we'll give this guy Krieger
a call tomorrow.
Wait, wait, wait.
Didn't you hear what Harrad said?
He told us to keep our noses out of it.
-Out of it, Shatter.
-I heard what Harrad said.
We'll rent a car tomorrow morning.
So, what are we coming to this guy
for, huh?
Oh, it's the only lead we've got.
This must be the place.
-May I help you?
-Reinhard Krieger?
Do I know you, gentlemen?
-I know you Reinhard.
-You were referred to me.
Do you know where I found this?
At the Blue Ritz Hotel in Chicago.
Who are you?
I'm Sergeant Shatter
and this is Detective Jackson.
Chicago police.
Very good, Reinhard. Very good.
-What's up here?
-That is my home!
You can't go up there!
Who's Malcolm Lockley, Kreiger?
Why is his name on you business card.
He's a professor at Jerusalem University.
Anyway, you have no authority here.
Well, what were you doing in a hotel
like that with Rabbi Shindler?
That was private business
and you have no right here.
-Now, get out of my house.
-Oh, yeah.
Well, what was that private business?
Was that private business this?
Who was in the room with you
and Rabbi Shindler?
Who was it that ripped the heart right out
of his chest?
-You were in that room, Krieger.
-You know who killed that rabbi.
-I don't know.
That makes you an accessory murder,
-I don't know what you're talking bout.
-You're going down, Krieger.
-You're going down!
-Get out!
-Get out!
-You're going to jail, Krieger!
Get out of my house!
It's all over, Krieger.
Think we upset him?
Could be.
You know, I thought
you were going to play good cop.
I thought you were going
to play good cop.
Oh, man, you know,
we've got to figure this out, Shatter.
-Can't you read a map? Which way?
-Just turn down here.
I'm pulling over.
-Do you have any idea where we are?
I mean, kind of.
Oh, hell, no.
Do you have any idea
where the university is?
I don't know and I don't give a shit.
Then, why did you tell me
to turn back there?
Because I'm tired
of you always going straight.
What are you all pissed off about?
I don't like it here.
I'm hot, I'm sweaty
and I'm so damn hungry, man.
I could eat the south end
of a northbound skunk.
You ate on the plane.
Shatter, do you realize
how long ago that was?
You know, I, I wa...
I want my share of the per Diem, man.
-And I want it right now.
-Okay, okay.
Here. Now, do you feel better.
-[Where are you going to eat around here?
-]Hey, hey, hey.
Where doesn't matter, you know?
It's the principle, you know?
Now, I can eat when I want to.
Fine. Fine.
You see, Shatter, man, you know,
you're problem is you're a control freak.
It's either your way or no way.
Hey, but that ain't my way.
-What the hell is this?
-Hey, get out of here.
-Out of the car, kid.
-No, please, hide me. He'll kill me.
-Who's trying to kill you?
He, he wants money.
He beats me if I won't pay.
What? Where?
It's him. Please hide me, I beg you.
That kid? I'll take care of this.
Come on, hey.
Come on.
Don't worry, come on. Don't worry.
-I'm going to get you.
-Don't worry. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Knock it off. Knock it off.
What's the matter with you, guys?
Can't you get along?
Did I say knock it off?
Knock it off.
-I'm going to beat the hell of him.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Knock it off. Hey, I want you
to play fair with each other.
All right.
All right, now, I want you guys
to be friends here.
Come on now and shake hands. Come on.
There you go.
Good, good.
You see, now, that's the American away.
Right there.
All right, buddies.
Yeah, the American way.
Yeah, okay, good, good.
-Thanks for everything.
Hey, that's all right, buddy. Anytime.
You see that?
I know how to deal with kids.
It don't matter which part of the world
you're in,
you just treat them as equals.
-Yeah. Equals, huh?
It sounds good, Cal, but, don't you think
we should chase those two kids down
-and get your wallet back.
Why that lousy little lying punk
snaked my wallet.
-He sure did.
-Oh, man.
You go down that way, I'll take this way.
All right
but if you catch that little turd,
you hold for me because I'm going
to break every bone in his body.
-Equals remember?
-Equals my ass.
How long do you think you can hang there?
Tell me where the wallet is.
And I'll pick you up.
You have me at a disadvantage, sir.
My back pocket.
What's your name, kid?
This scam work on everyone?
Only Americans.
That figures.
You know my buddy's really upset with you.
I don't think you want to run
into him again.
Oh, I would hope not, sir.
I'll tell you what,
you tell me where Jerusalem University is
and I'll let you go.
So how do I get there?
Oh, you find the little shit?
You found my wallet.
-Oh, man, the money's gone.
-Oh, really.
Tough break, partner.
You know, I like to eat every day or so.
Anything wrong with that?
No. There's nothing wrong with that.
Oh, all right.
Too bad about your money though.
Oh, too bad about my money, huh?
So, what are you trying to tell me?
That you're not going to share with me?
-Is that what you're trying to say?
-No. I wouldn't do that.
There's his office.
-You think this guy really exists?
-Yeah, he exists.
Isn't that the girl
from Mathers University?
Yeah, it is.
Do you want it right away?
In 10 minutes?
-I could get it together for you.
-Hello again.
-This is quite a surprise.
That goes both ways, Miss Hawkins.
I hadn't expected to see you again
so soon, Sergeant Shatter.
Excuse me. I'm here too.
Yes you are, Detective...?
-Jackson, Jackson.
Clarit, I'd like you to meet
two Chicago cops.
-How do you do?
Clarit is Professor Lockley's secretary.
That's why we're here.
We'd like to talk to him.
He's at the excavation site.
How do we get there?
I can take you.
What's to find in the middle of nowhere?
It wasn't always the middle of nowhere,
Mr. Jackson.
Bechung existed more than a thousand years
before Christ.
During the Roman empire,
it was one of the largest cities.
Then, the first crusaders built forts
and churches
that were already crumbling
by the time Richard the Lion Heart
led the third expedition
into the Holy Land.
You may find Professor Lockley
rather eccentric.
How so?
He spends most of this time
absorbed in a period
that existed 2,000 years ago.
The professor's very touchy about his work
but his interest in this Church
he is excavating is extraordinary.
Some areas of this dig are off limits
to everyone, including me.
-Why's that?
-I've learned not to ask.
Oh, look at this!
Oh, princess, what a pleasant surprise.
And we have guests.
I apologize for disturbing you,
Professor Lockley,
but these are the Chicago police officers
I told you about.
This is Sergeant Shatter
and Detective Jackson.
Oh, yes, the gentlemen with the artifact.
Aren't you a triffle off your beaten path?
A little.
I'd like for you to take a look at this.
Does the name Shindler
mean anything to you?
-Should it?
-You tell me.
-What about Krieger, a Reinhard Krieger?
Are you interrogating me?
Your name was found on Krieger's card
at a murder scene.
Yes, Krieger telephoned me.
People seek my services
from all over the world
to authenticate some trinket or other.
Then, you never met Krieger, huh?
I haven't the time to lend credence
to babbling morons
who blindly accept mythology and legend
as fact.
You know, we saw a drawing of this thing
in your office.
I assume you've also seen drawings
of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.
Then, what about this?
That sadly is a fake.
A comparatively modern forgery,
of the crown of the scepter
of the mythological Prosatanos.
Now, why would anyone forge
a piece of something
that never existed?
Human nature, Sergeant.
Where no deity exists, create one!
It's the basis of all religions,
misguided faith.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have work to do.
You know, he's not eccentric.
He's just an asshole.
I said he was touchy.
-Any messages?
Who's it from?
Captain Hull, she wants a report.
You know, I think she misses
the tender tones of your voice.
Well, she's going to be disappointed then.
Because you're going to call her
and make the report.
-Why me?
-Because I'm a Sergeant.
And you're not.
Okay, Frank, old buddy.
I'd be tickled to give Captain Hull
a call.
After all...
this is what friends are for.
Because he's busy bonehead,
just put her on.
Excuse me, Captain,
Jackson's on Line 3 from Israel.
-Hey, Captain.
-Jackson, what the hell's going on?
I specifically asked for Shatter to call.
Well, Captain. I mean, hey, look.
He tried his best to call you himself
but the poor guy, I mean he's as sick
as a dog.
You boys wanna try it again?
Yeah, look, it's not really for me
to mention.
I mean, he'd be the last one
to say anything about it
but he misses you a lot, Captain.
Of course, well, he can call tomorrow,
when he's had a good nights rest.
You... You sure he's all right?
I think he's just fine.
You too.
What happened to you?
Oh, that little shit Krieger.
Oh, he took the scepter piece too.
So that's why they're here.
Let's go get it back.
What the hell.
Ain't no use in locking the door.
You disappoint me greatly, Mr Krieger.
I've only done what you asked.
What you paid me for.
You are messy.
You draw attention to yourself.
Also, me.
It's true. I made some mistakes.
But look, I got if for you.
Oh, no, you haven't.
I have never been interested in fakes,
as you well know.
Have you any idea who I am?
Let me introduce myself.
Welcome to Hell.
Let's try at the back.
What a mess.
Oh, what kind of man kills like this?
No ordinary one.
I'm going to look around.
Nine names. Only Elcazor's left.
Frank, take a look at this.
We need to go see Leslie
about this scroll you found.
Look, Shatter. I'm not going anywhere
until I get something to eat.
-Okay, okay, we'll eat first.
Oh, Shatter, am I starved.
Elcazor. I wonder if that's a name
or a place.
I don't know. All I know
is I've got to get something to eat.
What are you doing there?
Will you kids quit hitting.
-Stop it.
Why don't you go order.
See if anyone knows what Elcazor means.
-I'll be right back.
-Are you all right, son?
-Thank you. Thank you, mister.
-You're welcome.
You're welcome.
Another American?
The wallet.
-What is that?
-What is this?
-Mister, you dropped your wallet.
-I did?
Oh, thank you.
It's, it's just nice to meet
an honest kid.
Thank you very much.
Hey, Shatter, our food's getting cold,
Hey, this is the little punk
that snaked my wallet.
-Where's my money, you little rat?
-What money?
-You know what money.
-Here Bezi, give him his money.
Wait a minute.
Did anyone know
what that name Elcazor mean?
No, no. I haven't found out yet.
-I know the name.
-You do?
It's a place in the north.
Do you know how to get there?
Yes, but it's a long way.
Well, let's go.
-Hey, Shatter, what about our food?
Who lives here?
A strange, blind monk.
A mullah named Farouk.
He lives over there.
He never comes out.
Oh, great.
Another weirdo.
Another holy man.
Oh, I wait in car.
Oh, I think I'll, I'll wait
in the car too.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, come on. Come on.
That's all I ever hear is come on,
come on.
Oh, man.
-This is one spooky place.
-You're not afraid, are you?
Oh, hell, no.
Are you Farouk?
The Rabbi Shindler is dead?
How do you know?
Before he left,
he spoke with me of his plan,
to find Prosatanos with the lure
of his forgery, then kill him.
The servant of Satan
has come to collect the nine pieces.
Who is this servant of Satan
or Prosatanos
or whatever you want to call him?
It is written in many scriptures.
"Then when the heart of mankind
has hardened with greed and hatred,
judgement day will soon follow."
-Judgement day?
the fires of hell unleashed on Earth.
You mean, worse than it is now?
What does all this have to do
with the scepter?
If drenched in royal blood, the scepter
is the key to the gates of hell.
Are you trying to tell us,
that the guy that were looking for,
really is the devil?
Only an emissary, but one to be feared.
Don't even tell me he ain't human.
It is said,
that in the service of the almighty,
one man has the power of 10.
I must go now
and you must leave this place.
Wait a minute.
Who are you talking about?
Leave. Leave.
Either this guy's nuttier
than a Snickers,
or there's some real heavy shit
going down.
Pretty, isn't it?
Hey, Frank, I can't deal
with this devil shit.
Hey, how 'bout we go back to Chicago
and play good cop, bad cop
with our pimps and hookers?
Oh, shit.
Fine. Enough is enough.
It's time to turn this over
to the Israeli Police.
Yeah, you're right.
Why are we stopping, here?
Bezi. Bezi.
Wake up, wake up.
Take this and go on home.
-Okay. See you later.
-See you, Bezi.
It may be tricky getting in
but I think it's possible.
Frank, you said we were going
to turn this over to the police.
-I never said that.
So now, I have to interpret huh?
Come on, Cal,
this is not the time to be...
No, no, it is the time, Frank.
I mean look, you conned me
into coming to this dammed country.
You're been conning me
ever since we got here.
And now, you want me to help you bust
into some damn cop shop?
Hey man, look, why, why, why don't you
just cut my nuts off
with a dull-assed butter knife.
I'm your partner, man.
I deserved some respect, you know?
If I didn't respect you,
you wouldn't be my partner.
All right.
So, what the hell are we breaking
into a police station for, huh?
Shatter, I don't understand.
Why couldn't we just, you know,
why couldn't we just...
Just check the file.
You know, Shatter, these files,
they're all going to be in Hebrew, man.
The file is Interpol, its international.
Oh, great!
That's going to be a big help.
French, and Japanese and whatever else.
Shatter, what is...
Hey, baby, what's happening?
Good night.
Shatter, you are getting us in
deeper and deeper, man.
Oh, I'll take that.
-Cal, come here.
-Eight. There's eight dead bodies in here.
Eight Holy Men.
Now, Farouk, makes nine.
Nine pieces. Think about it.
Nine pieces and the scepter's complete.
All that's needed is royal blood.
I'm curious about something.
Yeah, curious. The last time
you were curious, somebody got killed.
-Oh, this is Sergeant Shatter.
Is Professor Lockley there?
He's not here Frank. This is Leslie.
Oh, hi, Leslie. Maybe you can help me.
I need Professor Lockley's
lecture schedule for the last two years.
Let me check.
All right.
Most recently, June 8th,1992, Rome, Italy.
Rome, Italy.
Oh, bingo.
-Peru, the previous February.
-October 18th, 1991, he was in Manila.
Christ, Shatter,
these are all the same dates.
Okay, that's enough for now, Leslie.
-Do you know where Professor Lockley is?
-No, I don't.
Do you have his address?
134 Hyacon Street.
-What's this all about?
-I want you to stay there, Leslie.
I'll call you later.
-I don't want to alarm you.
But at this point, Professor Lockley
is a murder suspect.
That's not possible.
Professor Lockley is a friend
and a colleague.
I want you to trust me on this, Leslie.
All right. I'll do as you ask
but you're wrong.
I know you're wrong.
We'll see.
Let's get out of here.
I'm sorry. I didn't know you were here.
I've never been far from you, Princess.
You're much too important to me.
As you are to me.
Hardly in the same way, I think.
So, what did Frank want?
-He just wanted to..
-He found me out, hasn't he?
What do you mean?
You know exactly what I mean.
You're scaring me, Professor Lockley.
You have nothing to fear, Princess.
You will have the opportunity
to elevate me
to a place I've awaited for centuries.
I am Prosatanos...
your passage to eternity.
This is it.
-We'll let's go catch us a killer.
-Let's go.
Looks like he's not here.
Let's look around
and see what we can find.
Hey, Cal, come take a look at this.
Who does that look like to you?
Oh, is that Leslie?
Wow, she looks like royalty.
Who are you calling now?
Shalom. Professor Lockleys office.
Clarit speaking.
Oh, this is Sergeant Shatter.
Let me speak to Leslie.
She's not here, Sergeant.
She left some time ago.
I just saw a picture of Leslie
with an older man.
A very distinguished looking fellow.
Oh, yes, that's her father.
Sir Edmond Hawkins, the Duke of Claymore.
A duke?
Her father's a duke?
Royal blood.
Where did she go?
To the excavation site
with Professor Lockley.
Frank, what are we up against?
We'll know soon enough.
Oh, divine master,
I restore this scepter in your honor.
The key to you resurrection and power.
May the union of this being and my spirit
transcend and release your vital presence
into the world once again
to reign forever.
I prepare to anoint my spirit
with this royal blood.
I prepare to anoint my spirit
with this royal blood.
I prepare to anoint my spirit
with this royal blood.
Here, grab a light.
I think we found it.
What the hell?
-Oh, there's Leslie.
-Hold it.
-Does it feel like a trap to you?
You're right.
It's a little too easy.
Get off.
I said, get off me. #@% off.
Take that!
-You okay?
Let's get out of here
before he comes back.
Leslie. Wake up, wake up, wake up.
Leslie, wake up.
Is there anything in the myth
that tells us how to kill this guy?
Come on, think.
Think, Leslie.
How do we kill this guy?
Prosatanos, the servant of Satan,
brought to Earth to end it here.
That which he covets
shall prove to be his demise.
What else?
-Where the hell did he go? Again.
-Beats the hell out of me.
Let's get Leslie and get out of here.
What's happening? Where is he?
What do we do now?
Good cop, bad cop?
Think. That which he covets
shall prove to be his demise.
That which be covets
shall prove to be his demise.
The scepter.
The scepter will kill him!
Eat this!
As it was written,
from the west, again, salvation came.
Two soldiers of another kind
have confronted and destroyed the beast,
with his own weapon.
So it has been done, it was passed to me
by my father's father.
I must take unto myself
the shattered scepter of the demon
to scatter the elements
from whence the came
so that neither human eyes,
nor heaven's light
should ever again fall upon them.
So, what are you plans?
I've got some work to finish up here.
And I hope I will be seeing you
in Chicago.
-Seven, six, five, four...
-You will.
-three, two...
They won! They won!
The Bulls won!
Hey, Shatter, Shatter, the Bulls won
the championship.
I can't believe it. I can't...
-They won!
-We've got a plane to catch, Cal.
-You take care, Bezi.
All right.
-See you in Chicago, okay.
-I've got to go, buddy.
But now, I want you to remember
what I told you, okay?
A life of crime is not the way to go.
All right?
Oh, well.
I've got to, buddy.
-You take care.
Are you missing anything?