Hellfighters (1968) Movie Script

[Low Rumble]
Pull that lever!
She's coming in wild!
[Rumbling Increases]
Air-call number JYG 176542.
Mr. Buckman took off
from Houston at 10:22,
destination the Bahamas.
That should put him
about halfway there.
Of course it's emergency priority. Would
I call you if it was anything else?
Happy New Year, Irene.
Yeah. Calhoun number 5,
Any field closer than Houston
can take the Jet Star?
No. Bring 'em back here.
Well, put away your little
whistle, Georgie, and load up.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Hello?
Yes, Irene.
Oh. Well,
hold on a minute.
Bill, what's the flying time
back to Houston?
Ed Calhoun's number 5.
Eighty-eight minutes,
Well, turn around easy.
We wouldn't wanna scatter
Mr. Lomax's winnings.
Irene, you can have the copter
pick me up in an hour and a half.
And a Happy New Year
to you too.
Sorry, folks.
We'll try again next year.
Oh, don't apologize. This is
better than gambling in the Bahamas.
[Bell Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
Yeah, Irene.
Okay. I'm on the way.
And, uh, Happy New Year
to ya.
Bueno. Acapulco Plaza.
No, I'm sorry. Mr. Gregory Parker
is not in his room,
and he does not answer
the page.
Do you have
a Dolores Juarez registered?
How 'bout Lupe Estaban?
Yolanda Rodriquez?
Si. Un momento.
Bueno.? Quien?
Who knows you are here
with me in Acapulco?
Nobody but you, baby...
I thought.
Yeah, Irene.
I'll grab the 6:10 plane
out of Mexico City.
Check arrival time in Houston,
have the chopper meet me.
Same to you.
- It is a fire?
- Yep. You wanna go?
It all started between us
at that fire near Durango.
- No.
- Aw...
I could not live
through another one.
This one's all set.
Well, move it on in.
Pick some of that iron up.
Can you save the wellhead, Chance,
or am I gonna have to redrill it?
Don't cut your throat yet,
We'll do what we can.
- Uh, Mr. Buckman.
- Yeah?
Acquaint our television
audience with what's going on.
Have you got anything to say?
Yeah, your TV truck's
too close.
[Helicopter Whirring]
Happy New Year!
New year, new job,
Helen, this is
Chance Buckman.
- Helen Meadows.
- How do you do?
She was on the plane
from Mexico City.
She's never seen
an oil-well fire.
Well, I hope you find this one
very interesting, Miss Meadows.
Thank you.
I thought your menu
for New Year's was Mexican.
That was last night.
Why waste a perfectly good fire?
Are you gonna watch it
with her, or join us?
Huh? Oh, yeah.
- Uh, where are my work clothes?
- Calhoun's trailer.
- You're going to go into that?
- Uh-huh.
You're insane, and so am I
for not going on to Denver.
Whoa, honey.
Denver's full of ice and snow...
- and very cold people.
- [Laughs]
It's funny.
But for the first time,
I got this sort of a feeling.
It's having met you,
I guess.
I just had to do that.
Greg, what do you think?
What does Chance say?
- Well, not to cut my throat yet.
- Settle for that.
Mr. Parker, what have you got
to say on this situation?
Move your truck back.
- Can't you tell our audience
what's being done?
- Tell 'em, Cal.
- Mr. Calhoun...
- Larkin here will tell ya.
He's my field superintendent.
I notice those fancy
red jumpsuits out there.
Why do Buckman and his crew
wear them?
I gather that's
smart showmanship, eh?
Well, you gather wrong.
Every eye is on those
red suits watching for signals.
- Nobody else gives orders.
- Oh, I see.
Hey, what the hell's
goin' on?
The equipment's
They've got to clear away
every piece of metal,
otherwise when they blow the fire out,
the hot metal will reignite it.
According to Mr. Larkin, that section
of drill pipe you see sticking out...
has to be cut off
right at the wellhead...
before they can move in
with the nitro.
It's spreading the flame.
They've got to have a single
column shooting straight up...
before they'll try
to blow it.
Just how soon before they'll
attempt to blow this fire out?
They won't try to kill it 'til they're
ready to cap the well.
The control head's being assembled
to Buckman's order and isn't here yet.
Joe, we better get to work
on that nitro.
Don't tell me, I know.
You're bushed.
You'd like to take a little nap.
Well, I was up
all night.
Of course you couldn't have
slept on the plane.
What'd you use for openers this trip?
The old headache gag?
Why, you poor man.
Perhaps if I rubbed your neck.
True, every word, true.
But it works.
Well, I can't say
I blame ya.
A fella as ugly as you are couldn't get
to first base without a fire.
[Sirens Approaching]
Here's the control head.
Get it rigged.
I'll finish with the nitro.
Okay. George!
Sorry to interrupt
your nap.
Yeah, George said
it broke your heart.
One of these days
some husband or boyfriend's...
gonna show up
with a 12 gauge...
and turn your prat
into a punchboard.
[Engine Starts]
The drum filled with nitro
is covered with asbestos...
and kept wet to keep it
from exploding too soon.
For the benefit of our television
audience, what'll happen if it does?
There won't be enough left of them
to pick up and put together.
Then we better get back
in this remote truck. Come on!
The explosion eliminates the oxygen
which is what kills the fire,
but the nitro drum has to be
placed in exactly the right position.
They're using brass tools
to avoid creating a spark.
Even the static electricity of a man
running his hand through his hair...
could set if off again.
Ah, what a great sound!
That's it!
Now we can get a statement
from Chance Buckman himself!
- [Clang]
- [Gasps]
Back off!
- Ambulance!
- Ambulance!
Come on!
Stay back!
Mr. Parker,
do you think it's serious?
[Siren Blaring]
No, we're still
sweating him out, Cal.
Sure. Sure, Cal.
The minute I know anything.
Joe, how is he?
He's still in surgery,
He took
a real bad beating.
Aw, he's had busted
ribs before.
This time
his lung's punctured.
It's bad enough that Greg got the number
from Irene and called San Francisco.
Madelyn and Tish?
How in the hell
did he hear about them?
- Did you open your...
- One night last year down in Mexi...
Chance got stoned to the eyes, and Greg
spotted a photograph in his wallet.
Greg asked Chance
who it is,
Chance tells him it's
his wife and daughter,
and if Greg ever mentions it again,
he's gonna break him in two, that's how.
They're not
coming here?
Well, Madelyn's in Europe, and
the girl's skiing in Jackson, Wyoming.
Greg flew up to get her.
- You couldn't stop him, eh?
- No. I agreed with him.
Suppose Chance...
Suppose it doesn't look like
he's gonna make it?
At least he might have time enough
to see his child.
- Miss Buckman?
- Yes.
I'm Greg Parker.
I phoned you.
Thank you.
I'm a little uncertain
about this.
Funny time to be uncertain,
isn't it?
I mean, I'm not sure
I should come at all.
That's funnier yet.
Just a minute.
You said he didn't ask for me.
This was your idea.
What difference does that make?
He's your father, and he might die.
Would you get aboard,
You, uh...
you okay?
I don't know.
Frankly, I don't know
how I'm supposed to feel.
I'm sorry he's hurt.
I want him to get better.
But l...
I hardly remember my father.
Your mother never took the time
to fill you in on him?
All she ever told me was that
he was in the oil business,
and that he was
a wonderful man...
and that she was
the wrong woman for him.
When I was old enough to realize
how unhappy it made her,
I stopped asking questions.
Well, she couldn't exactly
rap him for all the dough
he must've been sending her.
She never took a penny
from him, that I know.
Her name was Randolph, of Randolph
Department Stores in San Francisco.
Oh, yeah, Randolph.
Well, that, uh...
That made it easy for her
to walk out on him, didn't it?
You're struggling to be
some sort of boor.
- No, I just know
it wasn't Chance's fault.
- Were you there?
No, no, but I got
a clear picture now.
He had the bad luck
to marry a complete bitch.
Shorty, it's getting
hard to breathe in here.
- Why don't you go forward?
- L...
I, uh...
I will.
Look, I'm sorry.
It's just that your dad,
he means...
I-I'm sorry.
Hiya, Joe.
How is he?
It wasn't near as bad as we were told.
He's gonna be all right.
- Knock wood.
- Tish!
- Uncle Jack!
- So good to see you.
They just brought him down.
The doctor'll be out in a minute.
- It seems you know each other.
- I've known him all my life.
- This is Joe Horn, dear. George Harris.
- Hi.
The last time I saw you,
you were in rompers.
Hello again.
I didn't know
you knew my father.
Your father
wanted it that way.
And your mother
went along with it.
I've just been keeping track
of both of you... for him.
I'm completely...
Not nearly as surprised,
if that's what you mean, as I am.
Here's the doctor.
Well, as usual, he's not what you'd
call the most cooperative patient.
Halfway out of the anesthetic
he says, "Where's my pants?
I want to get out
of this hospital."
- May we see him?
- No, I had to put him out but good.
It looks like we're gonna have to keep
him unconscious to hold him a spell.
- Could I see him?
- It'll be at least the end of the week.
Bill, this is
his daughter.
Oh? Oh, well, then come along,
Miss Buckman, come along.
what-what's all
the mystery about?
There's no mystery.
There just seems to be.
Boy, there's nothing like a nice
clean-cut, straightforward answer.
- Thank you, Jack.
- [Laughs]
This is my place,
and this is your father's.
We both have guest rooms.
I think you'd prefer
your father's.
Mr. Lomax!
How is he, Mr. Lomax?
- Ah, he's gonna be fine, Hernando.
- Gracias a Dios.
This is Mr. Buckman's daughter.
She'll be staying with us.
Put her bags in
the guest room, will you?
Anything I can
get you, senorita?
- Uh, no, thank you.
- You can turn in now, Hernando.
- Bueno. Buenas noches.
- Good night.
Well, as long as I've got
a lot of talking to do,
- I think I can do it better
with a drink.
- All right.
Comin' right up.
Uh, Scotch rocks, now that you don't
look like you want to slip me a mickey.
Seems we started off
with sort of a ruckus.
Divided loyalties
over my mother and father.
Here you are.
You're on, Uncle Jack.
Honey, a long time ago,
I fought oil fires for a living too.
Your dad and I were, well,
just like he and Greg are now.
We were coming back
from a job in Indonesia,
and we stopped off
in San Francisco.
Chance had promised
some gal a fur coat,
and he went to Randolph's
to buy it.
I never did know
what happened to that fur coat.
But two weeks later he showed up
here in Houston...
married to your mother.
I knew from the start
our work terrified her.
But she wouldn't let on to Chance,
and she wouldn't let me tell him.
Then you came along.
And two weeks later,
I broke my back in a fire.
The next few months,
every job Chance went on
was a nightmare for her.
She couldn't hide it anymore
and he couldn't quit,
so she packed up and took
you back to San Francisco.
Then how is it
I remember him?
I must've been
five or six.
That's right, honey.
Then went back together
a half dozen times,
but your mother could never
get over her fear.
And your father knew
if she was to be happy,
he'd have to stay
out of her life.
So, that's the decision
he made for them.
I understand a lot of things
about my mother now.
I don't think she's ever been
out of love with him.
Oh, well, I know he's never
been out of love with her.
But still, he couldn't
give up his work.
Honey, since my accident,
I've been extremely lucky
in everything I've touched.
But I'm just another Texas oil man
with his own building.
Your father is
one of a kind.
The best there is
in what he does.
No man can walk away
from that.
Thank you for
bringing me here.
You're welcome.
How do you think he'll feel
about seeing me?
Am I going to remind him of something
he'd rather leave forgotten?
Forgotten? Honey, he's followed
you two like a hungry man.
Through me, the San Francisco papers,
any way he could.
I remember once
when you had the chicken pox,
I had to stop him from flying
in half the Mayo Clinic.
I'll be damned.
I've known this man
for ten years,
and he's kept all this
under wraps.
The investments
you made for me.
The money came from
my father, didn't it?
Yes, but you're not
to tell him I told you.
Tish, it's been a day for you.
Why don't we all turn in? Greg?
I'll check with the hospital
and keep you both posted.
Your room is the first door on the left
at the top of the stairs.
Just buzz Hernando
if you need anything.
And if you'll knock
on my door in the morning,
I'll buy you a cup
of coffee.
- Thanks for everything.
- Good night, dear.
- You too, Greg.
- Good night, Tish.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'm Letitia Buckman.
Oh, well, I'm Irene Foster.
The boys told me you were in town.
They're back here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello, there.
- What a surprise.
A business office.
Fine thing.
Won't they let you
play with them?
No, I'm into them for too much.
This is my game.
- It's an exhausting business.
- Mmm.
I'll bring some coffee.
I just missed you
at the hospital.
You were pulling out
as I was pulling in.
- How good is Dr. Forrest?
- The best.
I wonder. He tells me
Dad is fine,
then he tells me it's no use
coming back for another week.
He told you he was
gonna keep him sedated.
It's the only way the doc can keep
from tangling with your old man.
That reminds me.
I have a message from Uncle Jack.
He's gonna take the blame
for my being here.
- Lomax doesn't have to...
- Buy it, will ya?
These are incredible!
Is this what they're
really like?
Kind of, yeah,
but no two are ever the same.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
This is where your dad
signs the checks,
when he gets around
to it.
From an African
tribal chief.
His presentation speech
lasted over an hour.
What he was saying was that to him,
Chance hung the moon.
My work room.
Except Chance uses it for
all the junk he collects.
This one's oddball.
That's live steam shooting up
under 6,000 pounds pressure.
- No oil?
- They drilled into
an underground volcano.
Chance capped that one
by himself.
- Where were you?
- In Nigeria on another job.
Chance talked them into
building a power plant.
Says it'll supply eight Mexican towns
for the next hundred years.
That's wonderful.
Coffee's ready!
Oh, here you are.
- Thank you.
- [Phone Rings]
Buckman Company.
From another African chief?
No, a witch doctor.
I told Chance he ought to wear it.
It improves his looks.
Just a moment.
It's Chuck Barton.
Yeah, Chuck.
Greg Parker.
Chance can't make it.
Joe and I'll handle it.
Be there in two hours.
Barton number 7,
Landry Parrish, Louisiana.
Barton number 7,
Landry Parrish, Louisiana.
Irene, pull the file on...
Tri-State Acadia
Parrish fire.
- We'll take the chopper, George.
- Right.
What's he looking at?
We keep a record of equipment we've
had manufactured all over the world.
- That's the list nearest this job.
- Is it a big fire?
Big or small,
it's money.
I'll go with you.
Uh, I don't think your father
would want that. What do you say, Joe?
No, Chance... He's kinda
funny that way, huh, Irene?
Oh, well, he does get
definite ideas about things. No!
Sorry, Tish.
Call Tri-State and tell them to roll
the entire list over to Barton 7.
Wait a minute.
- How far is New Orleans from this fire?
- About 90 miles.
I was thinking of going
to New Orleans, anyway.
I thought I could visit a friend
until I can see my father.
All right, you can use the jet.
Irene'll arrange it.
Ten thousand scattered
and fifteen miles. Thanks.
- No sweat. We're all clear.
- Bye-bye.
Joe, George.
See ya when we get back.
Would you, uh,
like to let your friend
know you're coming?
Yes, I would.
New Orleans information.
Miss Joan Gilman,
112 Elm Street.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Come on!
- What's the big rush?
I got to get me
a rent car.
- You going to a fire or something?
- Yes.
- What for?
- I met a fireman.
- Hi, George.
- How'd you get here?
In this.
Would you tell this officer
that I am Chance Buckman's daughter?
She sure is.
I'm sorry, Miss.
If I was to let everybody through,
there'd be a thousand sightseers.
I saw them. It took me hours
to get through the traffic.
- Where are Greg and Joe?
- At the motel before the turn-off.
You passed it comin' in.
What're they doing there?
Is anything wrong?
No. Greg's a little unhappy about the
water supply, but it's being worked on.
Thank you.
- Hi, Joe.
- How'd you get here?
In that.
Tish, what the hell
are you doin' here?
At least you didn't ask me
how I got here.
I thought I'd drop by
and see what was going on,
as long as I was this close.
New Orleans is
a hundred miles from here!
It's practically
in the neighborhood.
You know, you ought to
put on a little weight.
Don't bother.
I'm family.
I take it you've been
to the fire.
- Yes.
- Then you've seen
about everything there is.
What about your
putting it out?
The drilling contractor has to rerig his
pumps. He won't be ready 'til tomorrow.
I don't mind waiting.
There are lots of rooms.
The manager's complaining
about you stopping traffic.
- You're murdering his business.
- What happened to your friend?
I picked a terrible time to visit her.
She's got the mumps.
Don't let it scare you.
I didn't go near her.
I'd appreciate it if you
went back to New Orleans...
and grabbed the first plane
to Houston.
I'd appreciate knowing why
everyone is so concerned...
about my being at a fire.
Upsetting my father?
Why should it?
- Well...
- Well, what?
Well, uh, uh...
Nothing. It's just...
you shouldn't be here.
Well, I am, so let's
take it from there.
There's nothing to do here.
We're just sittin' around
playin' gin.
Lovely. You two look
like pigeons.
What're you playin' for?
It's out! It's out!
Oh, no!
Oh, my God!
What's the matter?
We wake you up?
You knew I wanted to be here
when you put the fire out.
We didn't put the fire out. We missed.
We gotta go for another shot.
Good. Then
I made it after all.
Tish, they know you're
Chance's daughter.
Now, what's the matter with you,
bargin' in here with no clothes on?
- You worried about my reputation?
- Yes.
Yes, I am, damn it!
Greg, that's very sweet,
but you might as well begin
to learn when you've lost an argument.
And you've lost this one.
I'm staying right here.
- You didn't!
- [Jack] Yes, I did!
- Without asking me?
- You were in no shape.
Which makes it all the more
stupid your bringing her here.
I'm gonna get out.
Where are my clothes?
Go ahead, act like an idiot.
She's right outside.
The last time I saw you,
your two front teeth
were missing.
I think you bought me a little
live monkey that squeaked.
And it bit too.
So I bought you a toy one, and you were
just as happy because it squeaked also.
I wasn't really,
but Mother wouldn't let me tell you.
All that hollerin'
you were doing,
you're still angry about
my being here?
Worth gettin' all
busted up for.
Speaking of your mother,
what does she say
about your coming here?
She's in Europe.
She doesn't know.
Let's keep it that way.
We can't.
Too much has happened.
- For starters, I went to a fire and...
- You went to an oil fire?
Yes, I went to
an oil fire with Greg.
Pardon me. Greg!
- What the hell?
- You took my daughter to an oil fire.
- What's wrong with that?
- I'll tell you what's wrong with it.
Every time he takes a girl...
Every time...
- Whenever he...
- Sputter away, Dad.
We got married yesterday.
Well, say somethin',
you big ape.
Aren't you gonna
congratulate them?
It was the cutest
Cajun church in Louisiana.
Maybe if it hadn't been there,
we would have waited.
I'd like to talk
to Tish alone.
Doesn't this concern
the three of us?
Greg, please.
- Tish, I, uh...
- I know what you're going to say.
Can I really love a man if
I've known him five days?
Well, I do love him,
and there's not the slightest doubt
that he loves me.
If you're going to bring up about you
and Mother, it won't happen to me.
Uncle Jack told me
about it.
I've been to a fire.
I didn't fall apart.
You know, I'm not
all Mother's daughter.
I'm your daughter too.
Doesn't that make
the difference?
Yeah. Yeah!
What're you standing out there for?
Come on in.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.
And I wish you
everything wonderful, Tish.
Everything in the world.
I got a lot of champagne.
Let's go celebrate.
I'll drink to that.
Wait'll I get my coat.
[Nurse] But, Mr. Buckman,
I don't know about this.
I do, Mrs. Thistlewait.
I'm a new father-in-law.
- I did leave messages.
- [Chance] Well, find him.
- Okay, I'll try again.
- [Door Opening]
Oh, we've been trying
to reach you all afternoon.
I figured it was
a riot call.
Bourbon for me.
You picked a hell of a day
to be out of the office.
I know. Madelyn is
flying in from Paris.
Tish is meeting her plane
about now.
Simmer down.
Pour me my drink.
If you knew,
why didn't you head her off?
They don't call passengers
to the phone.
- How's your arm?
- Fine, fine.
You know who she's gonna
blame for this marriage... me!
I'll testify you didn't
hold a gun on 'em.
Cut out the jokes, and help me
figure out how to handle this.
I am. You're all having
dinner together.
I made a reservation at the club.
Greg is coming to pick you up.
- You've got a suit here, haven't you?
- You're going, aren't you?
Definitely not.
This is something for
the four of you to hash out.
Madelyn is staying at my place.
I'll get the rundown later.
You're not scared, are you?
You're damn right I am.
Who's got the most
butterflies, you or me?
Mine are dive bombers.
I never met a mother-in-law before,
at least not one of my own.
If you're comin' to me
for advice, I'm a dry hole.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Mother, this is Greg.
- How do you do, Mrs. Buckman?
Please call me Madelyn.
How are you, Chance?
Fine. You're looking well.
Sit down.
Is it still gin and tonic?
Yes, and tonight
I think several.
- Scotch on the rocks for me.
- Yes, ma'am.
Well, Tish told me
how this all came about.
As usual, you came out
of it smiling and happy.
I think we all did.
I understand your first
comment about me...
was that I had to be
a complete bitch.
- I was kind of mad and excited.
- Relax, both of you.
- Mother thought it was funny.
- You did?
I like a man who's honest
and outspoken.
Well, obviously
I was dead wrong.
Well, I want to wish
you two all the...
happiness in the world.
- I'll drink to that.
- Thank you.
How are you
on the dance floor?
Ummm. I knew you'd get
around to that.
No matter what,
I won't throw you back.
[Jazzy Rock]
They're gonna have
a lot of fun, those two.
I hope so. Am I taking this
better than you thought?
Oh, I knew you'd
take it all right.
You never saw anybody as enthused
as that Tish. She's out house hunting...
- We might as well face it, Chance.
- Face what?
Every time he leaves her,
she's going to go through hell.
- She says she's going with him.
- That makes it worse.
I watched them put Jack into
a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
I ran because I couldn't bear
the thought of them doing it to you.
- I don't want Tish...
- Tish isn't you, Madelyn!
She thinks she can make it,
and I think so too.
Besides, there's not
a damn thing we can do about it.
Give 'em a break,
will ya?
- I haven't any alternative, have I?
- No.
You're still wearing it?
I heard you were...
engaged a couple of times.
Well, never seriously enough
to go through with it.
Well, I'd say they were two
very unlucky fellas.
Madelyn, when you came
down those stairs, this...
Why don't you order me a drink
and tell me all the Houston gossip.
They don't let me in
on the gossip,
and you don't need
another drink.
Isn't it beautiful?
It's lovely.
- That settles it, Greg. Let's buy it.
- Seems we've decided.
I wish we could
move into it right now.
I don't think the people
living there now would appreciate that.
Yeah, Irene.
I can't hear you.
No, I still
can't hear you.
- What's the matter?
- Phone's out of whack.
Call her from my place.
We'll talk to you from Chance's.
[Engine Starts]
Let's go.
Yeah, Irene.
Oh, I guess we can get
started about 7:00.
Oh, tell George
he can come along.
- Where is it?
- Canada, outside of Calgary.
- Lightning cracked a control head.
- Why George?
We're not taking
the chopper.
Well, he's been wanting to break in
for a long time. I think he's ready.
- You're not going along.
- What do you mean?
Well, a fella just married
usually goes on a honeymoon.
You got a bum arm.
Ah, that's
the doctor's idea.
I think Canada is
a perfect place for a honeymoon.
You serving
Oh, Mother, here's the key
to Uncle Jack's apartment.
See you in the morning.
[Door Opens,
At least you tried to give them
a decent honeymoon. Thank you for that.
You gonna use that key?
I won't if you ask me not to,
and you know it.
Please don't.
How about a nightcap?
[Loud Thumping]
- You all right?
- What's with you?
I saw that iron falling.
- Then why didn't you move?
- I was movin' when you booted me.
George, Joe'll take in
the nitro.
- Right.
- That's my job.
- Take a breather.
- Who brings in the new control heads?
Chance, I'm okay.
I can do my job.
All right, do it.
What'd you do,
cross your skis?
Tish, I want you to
get back. Way back.
I'll tap you.
Whew. You sure inherited
your old man's luck at cards.
I'm just a better
player than you.
Let me show her how
an expert handles those pasteboards.
Try not to get
wiped out, expert.
Our Houston E.T.A.
Is 6:30.
You got something
on your mind.
- Let's have it.
- Stop looking out for me
because I'm your son-in-law.
What left field
did that come out of?
Kicking me in the guts
like a loco mule, and that bilge
about my taking a breather?
I'd have done that for George
or Joe or anybody.
- You sure of that?
- I'm damn sure.
And while we're on
that son-in-law bit,
what's the idea of bringing
Tish to these fires?
It's lousy food and about
as much privacy as an outhouse.
That's no place
to bring your wife.
She'll go wherever she wants to go
because she is my wife.
She's my daughter too,
She's got your luck at cards,
and she inherited some of your
guts. Are you satisfied?
If that's the way
you two want it, fine,
but just get off my back,
that's all.
I was in San Francisco
Had lunch with Madelyn.
- How is she?
- Oh, fine.
The usual questions,
all boiling down to one:
How is Tish bearing up
after ten fires?
Why ask you? Greg and Tish are
up there with her, aren't they?
She thinks Tish is
putting on an act,
and she really don't
believe me.
How is Tish
at the fires, Chance?
Well, she seems to be
bearing up all right.
And you?
Does there look like there's
something wrong with me?
Madelyn was hoping you might finally
see things from her point of view.
You gonna shoot
or stand there all day?
[Phone Rings]
Yes, Irene.
Buckman here.
Yes. Oh?
I think we could get there
by day after tomorrow.
We'll cable you
the flight number.
Fine. Thank you.
- [Receiver Hangs Up]
- Long haul, huh?
Malaya, above Penang.
Poison well fire.
Hydrogen sulfate.
Is Irene
calling Greg?
Well, I...
didn't tell her not to.
[Cart Approaching]
There's a call for you
in the snack bar.
Okay. See you
on the green.
I just scuffed a ball,
Mother, that's all.
Don't read anything into it
that isn't there.
You've been smoking more,
and I notice you've been
drinking a little faster lately.
Don't read anything into that
that isn't there either.
I'd rather have one week or one day
or one hour of happiness with Greg...
than the years of
loneliness you've had.
- Chance! Greg!
- Amal!
- Good to see you, Amal.
- Not half as good
as it is to see you two.
- We're in trouble.
- Tish.
This is Amal Bokru.
My wife.
- My daughter.
- My father-in-law.
- And my pleasure.
- How do you do?
- Welcome to Malaya, Mrs. Parker.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, Greg.
You must be tired. Your rooms
are ready, but they'll need
your passports at the desk.
I have them.
I'll take care of it.
How do we stand
on equipment?
Everything you cabled for is being
trucked into the jungle.
- Most of it should be there by now.
- What about the gas masks?
The army was a little upset
you would not use theirs.
For a sour well we want
equipment we're used to.
Poison well?
I never heard of such a thing.
Eight men were in the field house
when it caught fire 100 yards away.
- Seven are dead,
and the eighth is blind.
- Yeah.
- Have you got a chopper for us?
- The military's flying one in.
- It can't be here until late tomorrow.
- We'll drive out in the morning.
- Hello, Joe.
- Hi, Amal. This is George Harris.
- How you been?
- Fine, thank you.
I was in Sumatra...
and someone remembered
I'd worked with you before.
That's how I volunteered
to assist you in this fire.
It came at a most
inconvenient time.
Sounds like you got something
going on in Sumatra...
the oil business.
I'm afraid I'm getting in the way
of an interesting conversation.
Since you men are going gambling
at Madame Loo's and I'm not invited,
I'll look for a shop
and spend some of your money.
How did you know
about Madame Loo's?
People have to talk about
something when they're married.
Besides, I bought the cigarettes
you smuggled in for her.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
We're getting up at daybreak.
Don't be too late.
Tish, you're not
going to this fire.
- The jungle is no place for you.
- The conditions are extremely primitive.
You'd better
sit this one out.
A rejected woman
needs mad money.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Exactly what did you
tell her about Madame Loo?
Only that she's 80 years old,
weighs 300 pounds...
and is one of
your oldest friends.
- Chance!
- Loozie-Loo!
- Ha ha!
- Bend down here.
- What's new?
- Nothing.
When Amal phoned
you were coming... Wham!
My heart goes
as always.
- Greg.
- Hi, Loo.
- Joe! Ohh!
- Hi!
- And this is George.
- Me too?
Oh, sure!
You did not forget.
American cigarettes!
Oh, but I worry.
He might think these are
the only reasons I love him.
Come. I saved you
the big table.
Married, baby.
Greg! My Greg!
Gum Drop!
[Customers Talking,
Amal did not tell us that.
You love her?
That's it, Gum Drop.
What's the matter?
That thing with Gum Drop didn't look
like any "Poor Butterfly" act to me.
You dirty old den mother. She's gonna
name her first baby after me.
- Ohh!
- And another thing.
If I don't want Tish
at an oil fire, I'll tell her.
- Well, tell her.
- I did!
Greg, this is
the Australian crew working the well.
Chance Buckman, gentlemen.
Greg Parker.
Hiya, mate.
Jim Hatch, driller.
When are you fellas
due back at the well?
Early tomorrow morning.
We're on day tower. Why?
- If you keep on this sauce,
you won't be much use to me.
- [Laughs]
Mr. Buckman, we're gentlemen
who pleasure ourselves
in drinking as we see fit.
Mr. Buckman, we're gentlemen
who pleasure ourselves
in drinking as we see fit.
- Right, mates?
- Right.
- Right.
What do you think
about that?
Very simple.
There's one boss.
He's all mine!
He's all mine!
- Now?
- Now!
Big Australian oaf!
Look what you've done to my place!
We had a little
to do with it.
- Add it up, lady. I'll pay ya.
- The boss pays.
You get your crew out there
in the morning, sober and on time.
- Right?
- Right.
Come on, you blokes.
Let's go.
- I'll buy you a drink.
- Let the dirty old den mother
buy the drinks.
I love you, Mother.
- He's all mine!
- The war's over!
Good morning.
What happened to you?
- Ran into them firefighters last night.
- How'd it end?
- Friendly.
- Good.
What a hairy beast!
Hiya, Mr. Buckman.
- I made it on time.
- "Fair dinkem," digger.
this is Dr. Songla...
and the field superintendent
Harry York.
- Glad to have you here.
- We didn't think we were gonna make it.
- We spent most of our time
airborne on these roads.
- They wash out when it rains.
- It rains nearly every day.
- You don't intend to bring
the nitro in over them.
- Well, I, uh...
- Don't try it.
Radio Penang and have it
brought in by copter.
I see the pumps got here.
How soon before you'll have 'em rigged?
- Should be tomorrow.
- Any pattern to the wind current?
- Shifting all the time.
- They're murder.
[York] That's why
everyone's been moved back this far.
The fumes are reaching the field house,
so we had to abandon it.
[Amal] That's where
the men were killed.
This side of
the yellow flags is safe.
Beyond them, gas masks
have to be worn.
That's why we brought
oxygen masks and tanks.
That way we can work
in half-hour shifts.
[Engine Off]
You bring the nitro?
Yeah, and I'd very much
appreciate if you'd unload it.
What are you doing here?
You'll never guess
what happened.
What do you mean,
what happened?
I found the greatest
delicatessen in Penang.
smoked salmon and...
- One of the lost tribes, I guess.
- It's not funny, Tish.
That's some greeting.
I thought I'd bring you fellas lunch.
Lunch? In a chopper
full of nitro glycerine?
If it hadn't been for me,
the nitro might not have gotten here.
No one wanted to fly it 'til
I found Lieutenant Singh.
- When I tell you I don't
want you here, I mean...
- [Man] Look out!
Get him out of here!
Watch his legs!
Watch it, watch it.
- He's dead.
- When did he take off his gas mask?
A couple of seconds before we did.
We were in the safe zone.
Move back
the warning flags.
Gimme a hand.
What is it?
It's a poison gas well,
You didn't
mention that.
You're going back
on this copter.
No, I'm not.
I was going, but I'm not.
We promised to level with each other,
not keep anything back.
She's staying,
- I'm not interested in any
damn fool promises you...
- Dad, I'm staying.
Get the hell outta here!
I'm gonna get something
to pry you loose.
[Loud Clanking]
[Clanking Continues]
Doctor, come on.
[Greg Panting,
[Continues Panting,
Easy, Greg. You're gonna make it.
You're gonna make it.
[Continues Panting]
Greg? I'd like to
talk to ya.
[Door Closes]
I'm going to
dissolve this outfit.
Now, look, I know something's
been bugging you since Malaya.
You wanna talk about it,
let's talk.
I've made up my mind.
There's nothing to talk about.
You haven't made up your mind,
you've lost it.
Come on in here.
Sit down.
I've decided it's time
to quit this business.
I'm going with Lomax Oil,
and there's a spot for Greg.
I want him to come with me.
How do you feel about it?
- It depends how Greg feels.
- I'd go right up the wall.
I'll stick with the job
I know best.
[Chance] What job? I guess you
didn't hear me. This outfit's folded.
Then I'll start my own or
take over this one. Just tell
me how you want it paid off.
Look, the agreement
you two made...
to level with each other...
I saw the look on your face when we
dragged Greg out of that last one.
Tell him how you feel about it,
how you honestly feel.
Greg can pay all cash,
if you want.
Maybe it's a dirty trick, but I've got
the money you sent to me over the years.
- Wait a minute, your money's
got nothing to do with this.
- Forget it.
You can have it.
Call it
a wedding present.
I don't want any gifts!
I'll pay you twice what it's worth!
- Chance.
- Yeah?
How do you want it?
Do we stay with Greg or not?
That's a fool question. But there's
one thing I'm worried about.
He's not too smart about
which fires to walk away from.
- I read ya.
- Thanks.
looks like we...
got a new boss.
Next item
on the agenda...
is to finalize what color
or combinations of colors...
should be used to redo
the restrooms in our gas stations.
Since we have
over 1,400 stations,
this is a pretty
weighty matter.
Lipman here
of the art department...
has had the research section
make a survey to determine...
the public's preference
in restroom decor.
He'll fill us in
on their findings.
This soft willow green,
is preferred
by people of all ages,
according to
our survey.
They find it
soothing and restful.
Yet the very
chic women...
seem to prefer
this lovely royal blue.
However, research
points out...
a strong psychological
advantage to this color,
which we'll call
flaming heart red.
It tends to make people spend
less time in the restroom,
drives them out for the
convenience of the next customer.
Gentlemen, it's up to you.
Which would you prefer?
Flaming heart red,
the lovely
royal blue...
or the soft
willow green?
What are we arguing about? She's
cratered and the casing's shattered.
The only thing you can do with that fire
is kill it with a relief hole,
then go drill yourself
another well.
That one's
down 12,000 feet.
It'll cost us
over 300,000.
Plus my bill
for wasting my time.
I doubt Chance Buckman
would say just write it off.
Well, you just call him
and ask him.
[Engine Starts]
It is the unanimous opinion
of the committee that we
abandon the negotiations.
Mr. Buckman, since I've chaired
the finance committee...
we've made it policy
never to enter a joint venture...
unless we control
the drilling operations.
Now, the Jansen brothers
have always...
- [Intercom Buzzes]
- Yeah?
[Woman] I know you're
not to be interrupted,
but it's Mr. Mullen of the Mullen
Oil Company calling Mr. Buckman.
He says it's urgent.
Yeah, Mike?
Well, had the well cratered
before they called Greg in?
Greg must be gettin' soft.
You'd called me out there,
I'd have punched your field
superintendent in the nose.
Yeah, well, nice talkin'
to you too, Mike.
Regards to your wife.
Greg walk away from one?
Nothing to walk away from.
It was impossible.
Thompson, I don't know too much
about policy around here,
but the Jansen brothers were smellin'
out oil before you were born.
Check the fields
they've brought in.
You can call it luck or "seat of your
pants" or whatever. They find oil.
And speaking of policy,
the policy of an oil company
should be to find oil.
- They're most difficult men.
We just don't...
- Chance talks their language.
He'll take care of it.
Yes, sir.
Well, I guess that
kind of wraps it up.
Where are we gonna have dinner tonight,
your place or mine?
- Why don't we go to the club
for a change?
- No, I got another meeting.
Fiscal stuff.
[Chuckles] You'd hate it.
Go up and have a drink.
I'll call you when I can.
Good idea.
Well, I'll be damned.
That's probably the most
romantic greeting a woman ever received.
But it still goes.
I'll be damned.
Obviously Jack didn't
tell you I was here.
Oh, I was in hopes he didn't know,
but that's the pixie in him.
He likes to spring surprises, and this
is one that I'll hold still for.
And just in case
you might ask me for dinner,
Hernando's gone
to the market...
and I'm charged with fixing
Senor Buckman his long-hard-
day-at-the-office drink.
Do you remember
what it is?
Jack tells me you're doing
just great down there.
Well, it's not as dull
as I thought it'd be.
- As a matter of fact,
it's pretty interesting.
- That's wonderful.
I suppose Jack also told you
that Tish and Greg...
would probably be back
in time for dinner.
I'll check with Irene.
Chance, hang up.
They're not coming back. They're
on their way to Sun Valley for skiing.
- [Receiver Hangs Up]
- What happened?
Well, it was my idea,
There are times when children
shouldn't be underfoot,
nor should business.
When I left the store today, I simply
told them I was taking some time off.
Didn't even tell them
where I was going.
How's your time for
the next couple of weeks?
Looks like I'm gonna be
booked up solid.
Welcome home.
Fill that, Joe.
Look out
for the Venezuelan.
- Possible straight.
- [Radio Beeping]
Pair of cowboys.
- Hello?
- Well, cost you five.
- I'll go along.
- ?Quien habla?
Un momento,
por favor.
The call is for
Senora Parker.
Senora Parker.
It is San Francisco.
A Mrs. Buckman is calling.
Hi, Mother.
Hello, Tish?
Where in Venezuela are you?
I've never heard of it.
We've been trying to get you
on the phone for hours.
We're flying down
to Houston tonight...
Well, your father.
Yes, well, it took
a bit of female doing,
but with one thing
and another,
I finally convinced him I should
leave the store and come live with him.
- Of course, legitimately. [Laughing]
- [Laughing]
We flipped a coin and he won.
We're getting married in Houston.
Greg, Dad and Mother
are going to get married.
When? You can't.
Not 'til we get back.
A daughter has a right to be
at her parents' wedding.
She wants us to wait for...
Here, talk to your father.
Yeah, well, I kinda
like the idea too.
How long are you two
gonna be down there?
How long will we be here?
I'll let you talk to Greg.
About time you did something right.
We should wrap it up
in a few more days.
We'll start clearing
the junk off tomorrow.
I know how long we've been here, but
there's guerrilla activity in the hills.
They've been shootin' up
our water lines.
No, no, no,
the army's here now...
and I've got Colonel Valdez' solemn oath
there'll be no more trouble.
Yeah. Yeah. Madelyn wants
to talk to you again.
Yes, Mother?
We'll let you know as soon
as we're going to leave.
I love you, and I'm very happy
for you both.
My father is finally going to
marry my mother. Isn't that great?
That is very nice.
[All Laughing]
- Oh, let's see. Where were we?
- It's to you, Tish.
[Machine Gun Fire]
- [Gunfire Stops]
- [Jeep Speeding Away]
Second me.
[Gunfire Resumes]
[Engine Starts]
[Gunfire Continues]
[Engine Starts]
- Colonel, Mr. Chapman and Senor Caldes.
- How do you do?
Please come in.
Tanto gusto,
Senora Parker.
This is Senor Parker.
His Excellency Senor Caldes,
Minister of Interior.
- Senor.
- How do you do?
- General Lopez.
- Tanto gusto, senor.
- Senor Chapman of
your United States embassy.
- How do you do?
I was just going to make some coffee.
Would you like some?
- Senor, we have seen the fires.
It is most distressing.
- Yeah.
But will you be able to
bring them under control?
The end wells we can handle
one at a time.
The center three are so
closely spaced they'll have
to be put out simultaneously,
or else they'll
reignite each other.
- Can it be done?
- We've never tried it before.
Senor Parker, this oil field
is of great importance...
to the economy
of my country,
but even that is secondary.
The clandestine guerrilla
radio is boasting...
of what they accomplished
last night...
and claim the fires
will never be put out.
They'll turn it into
a propaganda field day to sell
sabotage all over South America.
I won't even begin the operation
if they're shooting at us.
[Lopez] Three more companies of men
have been ordered here.
We will blanket the area
with troops if necessary, senor.
I've been authorized by the State
Department to offer every assistance.
Anything you need
will be made available.
The one thing I really need
you can't give me.
The one thing I really need
you can't give me.
Why don't you gentlemen have some
coffee. I want to talk to my wife.
Tish, I don't care if they've
brought in the whole army.
I still worry about you. I want you
to fly back to Caracas with them.
I'll phone you every night.
I promise.
It'll just take me
a minute to pack.
Do you have to go back and talk to them,
or can you come and talk to me?
They can wait.
[P.A. Announcer,
What's all the mystery? Why do you
wait 'til you get here to call me?
And why don't you want
your father to know you're here?
Because I have to talk to you, Mother,
before I see him. Greg's in trouble.
He's on a job I don't think
he can handle without Dad.
I know what this means to you.
That's why I had to see you alone first.
[Sighs] Why couldn't they both
have just been insurance salesmen?
Please understand.
I've got to ask him.
Is this trouble anything
the State Department is aware of?
- Yes.
- Then he probably knows already.
When I left, he was talking with
two men who had just flown in
from the State Department.
Being told about it
is one thing.
- I've got to know his answer.
- Well, surely you can't
doubt what that'll be.
Tish, surely you don't think
I'd try to stop him.
Forgive me that, please.
I dreaded coming here.
I dread asking him.
Most of all, I dread
what this does to you.
Let's handle
one dread at a time.
You don't have to ask him;
I will.
It might be as well if we never tell
your father of this conversation.
Or Greg. He doesn't
even know I'm here.
He thinks I'm in Caracas.
Mother, there's
a plane back in an hour.
[Tires Screech]
[Tires Screech]
[Horn Honking]
Why didn't you tell me
you were in trouble?
Why do I have to find out about it
from the State Department?
The hell you're not!
Nobody ever tackled that kind of a job.
What size, uh, control heads
did you order?
It's Greg.
He has a little problem.
Well, the Air Force has put a National
Guard cargo plane at my disposal.
Of course
I'm coming with it.
I'll be there
in the morning.
I just hope you haven't loused things up
too much. [Chuckles] Right.
Well, at least
he had the good sense...
to get Tish out of there.
- She's in Caracas.
- Oh.
Madelyn, this is one
I've got to go to.
I know you do.
It involves Tish and Greg.
Well, we'd better face this
all at once.
This was bound to happen sooner or later
and it'll happen again,
and each time I'll...
I'll go.
Thank you for being
honest with me.
Well, where does that
leave us, honey?
I don't know.
I honestly don't know.
You gonna be here
when I get back?
The only plan I have at the moment is to
go to Tish. She could use some company.
Irene, call Bill Hansen.
Have him break the jet out of mothballs.
He's taking Mrs. Buckman
to Caracas.
Phone back
when the plane's ready.
Well, if five fires is
your idea of fun, you're nuts.
Sure, sure,
I'll send back pictures.
Color pictures.
They'll let you know
when the plane's ready.
I, uh, I guess
I'd better get packed.
Do you want your hard hat sombrero
packed, or will you pick one up...
- Pack it!
- Bueno.
It's about time you got back
to earning an honest living.
If you think I'm gonna say
it's a pleasure to be here, forget it.
- Hi, boss.
- George, nice to see ya.
Hi, boss.
Couldn't be lousier timing for you
and Madelyn, could it? I'm sorry.
Forget it. It's probably
kinder that she finds out now...
Let's skip talking about it.
I spent a lot of your money.
What did you do, buy up
all the control heads in Houston?
This far away from supplies,
you get all the spares you can.
This is Col. Valdez, Chance. He's in
charge of keeping us from getting shot.
I hope you do
a good job, Colonel.
If I do not, you'll have
my profound apologies.
The longer you guys stand there,
the longer it's gonna take
to unload this thing.
Right, Joe.
The guerrillas could still
pot shot the water lines.
I had that dredged
and filled for emergency water.
Give us time to run.
I sincerely doubt
there could be such an emergency.
The entire area is patrolled
from the ground and the air.
Well, you'll have to bear
with our worryin', Colonel.
We stay alive by being
scared to death.
- I do not believe this is ever so.
- Don't bet on it.
What's first,
To clear off all five,
we'll kill the ones at each end,
and then worry about how we knock off
the middle three at the same time.
I'll need that third
boom arm.
The hang-up's gonna be
gettin' that nitro...
into the middle three
at the same instant.
Given any thought to using
those end two for practice?
Blowin' 'em up
at the same time?
Welcome back, Chance.
- Here you are.
- Gracias, senora.
Just one cheat,
and I could win this one.
I won't tell.
I never cheat
when I'm keeping score.
Did you know that there are over
60 different games of solitaire?
According to Hoyle,
it's called patience,
and there are 102 games.
I played them all.
It's just being stuck
so far away.
I'm not like this
when I'm there with Greg.
It never worked either way
with me.
But that was a long time ago.
Do you want me to take another shower
so you can call Bill Hansen again?
- I haven't been fooling you
at all, have I?
- What did Bill say?
The area's under martial law.
No one is allowed in
except military or emergency personnel.
Bill's tried everyone
except the president.
So have I.
Well, Jack Lomax
is flying in.
He knows the president.
Forty-three, Joe!
on the money!
You can start loading
the nitro, Chance.
We got both barrels into the fire
at the same split second.
- Right, George?
- Right.
- How many runs?
- Fourteen times from 75 yards out.
The throttle governor wasn't working
'til the last run.
You only got it on
the button for one run?
You couldn't time it
any closer.
Try a half dozen more.
When you get it on the button
every time, then we'll load the nitro.
Yeah, you're right.
Let's go.
Yeah, you're right.
Let's go.
[Greg Shouting]
Tell them they're
bringing in the wrong stuff.
I want only the boxes marked
with a red circle.
Es todo lo mismo.
He says it's all
The boxes that're marked,
we've checked for exact mixture.
That's what we'll need if we're gonna
blow two wells at the same time.
Explain that to them.
Quiero no mas, las cajas que tienen
la marca del curculo rojo.
Es mucho peligro
cargar esto.
They have never worked
with nitroglycerin before.
- They are not happy.
- I gathered that.
- What's their bonus, double pay?
- Si, senor.
Well, tell 'em from now on,
it's double-double.
That goes for you too.
Tell them that, and call
your Caracas office and say I said so.
[Speaking Spanish]
Unless somebody has
some questions,
I guess we're all set.
Greg will raise the flag
for ready.
When he drops it,
you start.
If there's any reason to abort,
he'll raise it again.
Otherwise, we follow
set procedure.
- Is it understood?
- Check.
Let's go.
Go! Hit it!
Couldn't be better!
Hang onto the head!
Grab hold!
- [Gunshot]
- [Explosion]
- [Gunshot]
- Ohh!
- Get a jeep!
- There's one comin'!
Lie still.
- Hold his leg.
- [Groans]
That tight enough?
Yeah. That's good.
Let's get him in there.
Take his shoulders.
Easy does it.
All right.
Move out.
Bring the dozers!
Lay some dirt on those loose fires!
And fill up another
nitro barrel!
- Did you get your well capped?
- Hell, no!
Let's go finish it.
We'll come back to this one.
Then we'll pay the army
a visit.
I vote for paying the army
a visit now.
Not in the mood I'm in.
They hang you for murder
down here.
Si, si, bueno.
[Speaking Spanish]
Gentlemen, I told you I would
apologize, but that is not enough.
I feel like cutting
my throat.
A couple of hours ago,
I'd have given you the knife.
My Spanish is just
good enough to gather...
you're expecting more trouble
with the guerrillas.
Yes, I must be
honest with you.
That is why I have ordered
two more companies of infantry
and three more helicopters.
Huh. In the meantime, we're gonna try
and catch some shut eye.
Let us know when
you feel it's safe.
Have your men take the nitro
out of that shed...
and bury it 'til
we need it.
No sniper can get
that close.
Two did.
Bury it!
Whatever you people
wish done will be done.
Uh, gentlemen?
Thank you very much.
Forget it.
[Helicopter Whirring]
Just a precaution,
I understand there was some
guerrilla activity in the vicinity.
What are you doin' here?
Greg, what the hell
is Tish doin' here?
- It was my idea.
- Somebody wake me up.
Hold it, hold it!
Blame me. I brought 'em.
If I wanted Tish here,
I'd have let her stay.
Why do you think
I sent her back to Caracas?
I didn't know you did. I was told
it was the army keeping her out.
I guess I forgot
to mention about Greg.
Yeah, everybody did.
Well, we left in such a hurry.
And that's the way you're goin' back.
In such a hurry.
- And no arguments.
- I am going to argue.
- But in private, if you don't mind.
- Outside, lady.
Hey, Joe!
- Where can I get a cup of coffee?
- Uh, what?
- Where's the coffee?
- In the field office.
Jack, Madelyn!
Never mind Madelyn.
Show me where the coffee is.
I'm reading a lot into your being here,
'cause I want to.
Am I right?
Or is it only because Tish is here?
It was terrible
in Caracas.
Tish said it would be better here.
I came to find out.
I hate to say this,
but Greg's right.
You should go back.
All right.
But if I do,
we'll never really know...
if there's any hope
for us together, Chance.
This fire is it for me,
it's the answer.
I-I may fall apart and get
the screaming meemies, I don't know.
But if I can take
this one...
From what Tish tells me,
there'll never be a worse one.
- I think it's worth it
for us to find out.
- [Door Opens]
It's settled.
They're going right back.
- They're staying, at least Madelyn is.
- What's with you?
- They're staying.
- Yowiee!
I can't fight
all of ya.
The detonator wires on all three
nitro drums lead back to this pit...
where they're spliced in
to one plunger.
Now, nothing triggers
'til that plunger is pushed.
- You hope.
- Fervently.
We knocked off the end two together.
This setup is better.
The wire runs are closer
to being the same length.
You tried two,
and you happened to come off lucky.
Now you're tackling three.
All it takes is one
oversensitive blasting cap booster,
a loose piece
of asbestos wrapping...
or a hot spot burning
through an insulated wire,
and any one of those drums can go off
prematurely, or not at all.
Then where will you be?
Depends on where you are
at the time.
Jack, believe me, it's our firm
intention to double wrap the asbestos,
to triple check
the booster caps,
and if the insulated wire
does burn through,
we'll sue
the manufacturer.
[Laughs] You two are pretty
sure of yourselves.
Not if somebody has
a better idea. Do you?
No, I don't.
You wanna know the real
reason I came down?
To tell you this is one
you ought to back away from.
You wanna know the real reason
I'm glad you're here?
So I could ask you if you
wanted to handle this plunger.
I'd like that very much.
Esta libre todo.
No hay peligro.
All clear, Sr. Buckman.
I read you.
Looks like that practice
paid off.
- Es un peligro, mi General.
- Bueno, vayan. Andele.
Please, senoras.
Por favor.
You're connected.
Hit it!
Man, ain't it beautiful!
Friend, we made it!
What're we standing
around here for?
[Air-Raid Siren]
Bueno. Si. Tambien.
What is it?
Radar picked up
guerrilla planes.
[Gunfire Continues]
Don't say that to me again.
There are no excuses!
- It was idiotic and irresponsible!
- Senora is overwrought.
I am not overwrought!
I'm just plain damned mad!
How dare you risk the lives
of men who come to help you?
- They were in no danger.
- No danger?
One bullet in those...
He knew the guerrillas had airplanes!
We didn't know.
We suspected aircraft was made available
to them from outside the country,
so we took every precaution.
Five aircraft crossed our border,
but only two reached the area.
Those are the two I'm talking about,
you... Say something!
You're doing just fine.
- Sr. Buckman...
- No apologies necessary, Colonel.
Everything turned out
just great.
Damned if I understand
your attitude.
It's very simple.
You'll do.
Well, what do you think?
I think we ought to
get her a tin hat.