Hellhole (1985) Movie Script

I'm sorry I scared you.
That's okay.
I'm just a little nervous.
That's all.
Mommy, look, I know you are.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I promise.
I know.
Say, aren't you gonna
be late for class?
I mean, you gotta take a shower.
Dinner's gonna be ready
pretty soon.
Don't you wanna know
where I put the papers?
You know, I'm not even sure I...
I know why I had you
hide the papers.
Mr. Monroe probably doesn't
even know they're missing.
Mom, you gotta play it safe.
It's better.
I know.
That's exactly why I am taking them
to the police in the morning.
Okay? Now,
would you go take your shower?
Love you.
I love you, too.
Don't worry. Okay?
Everything should be fine.
How are ya?
Who are you?
You know those papers you got?
I'd like to have 'em.
I don't know what papers
you're talking ab...
Yes, you do.
The bank statements.
Dr. Monroe doesn't wanna spend
the next ten years in jail.
Come on, what did you do?
Hide the papers? Huh?
Where'd you hide 'em?
In the sauce?
Having a good time?
Isn't this fun? Huh?
Take the key and lock her up
- Lock her up, lock her up
- Please...
Take the key and lock her up,
my fair lady
Fucking bitch!
You bitch!
- Gonna get you!
- No!
Oh, no, you don't.
...falling down
London Bridge is falling down,
my fair lady
Hey, is dinner ready?
Die, bitch, just die!
Mom. Mom.
Holy shit!
The big fucking idiot!
No. No. No.
I can't believe
that you've done this to my life!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait a fucking minute, will ya?
Stop worrying about it, man.
I did my job.
They're both dead.
You didn't kill her.
She was in the county hospital.
Now, Mr. Monroe is on the state board
of examiners,
and he had to pull a few strings
to have her transferred
to a sanitarium in his jurisdiction,
so he could keep his eye on her.
Tomorrow you start work
as an orderly there.
Oh, hey, wait a minute, now.
How am I gonna go in there
as an orderly, huh?
She's gonna remember
what I look like!
She's got amnesia.
And if you're not there when she
remembers, we're all dead.
Hey, I got an idea.
Why don't we kill her?
Because of the papers,
You know, after you fucked up,
I had to take the body
and put it in a car.
- Mmm, mmm, mmm.
- I didn't even find the papers.
Hey, you know,
I'm sick and tired
of this asswipe following me around.
And because of that,
I'm gonna charge you
an extra 5,000 dollars.
5,000 dollars?
That's right. 5,000 now
and 5,000 upon delivery.
5,000 dollars?
I oughta make you
fucking pay for this.
You murdered her!
Hey! Listen, buddy boy.
My murder is your murder.
You understand?
Don't forget that.
Nurse Turner
to the outpatients clinic, please.
Nurse Turner
to the outpatients clinic.
Dr. Robinson to the front office.
Dr. Robinson to the front office.
Only her?
Nurse Turner
to the outpatients clinic.
All right, give me a D-5
and the results this afternoon.
Very good.
Nurse Turner
to the outpatients clinic, please.
- Whoo!
- Stop it! Let go of me!
Okay, look.
Okay, sweetheart, I've got her.
I've got her.
Come on, now. Come on.
I've got her. It's okay.
Go back to your room.
I'll get to see you later.
Hi, there, kiddo.
How you doin'?
I'm Ron Stevens, and you'll be one
of my charges while you're here.
Why am I in a wheelchair?
Can I walk?
I'm afraid not, Susan.
Not till Dr. Fletcher sees you.
It's regulations.
You had a pretty bad fall.
Come on.
You have amnesia, Susan.
One of those strange locked doors
within your mind.
I know the mind very well.
I just don't understand
why I'm here, Dr. Fletcher.
Because you're safe here.
Your mother's employer,
Dr. Monroe, had you sent here
while she's on vacation.
He's on our board of examiners,
so he asked me
to look after you.
I can open and shut
those doors for you.
You need me, Susan.
I will take care of you.
I'm not sick.
I just can't remember, that's all.
You're not mentally ill,
but you are emotionally disturbed.
Because of your condition.
I can remember everything that's
happened since I've been here.
Why can't I remember
what happened before?
Something traumatic, probably.
I'm tired now, Susan.
And I'm sure you must be, too.
That will be all for today.
Look out, girls.
Coming through.
- Look out, sweetheart.
- Oh!
Are you okay?
You all right?
Get your hands off of me.
Come on, now.
Calm down.
Goddamn son of a bitch!
- Hey, behave yourself.
- Goddamn you!
Honey, honey, behave yourself.
- Come on!
- Damn it!
Come on, come on, come on!
Behave yourself!
Behave yourself!
That's it. That's...
Sweetie, are you okay?
No, I'm not okay.
I thought you said
they were harmless.
And I'm not gonna ride
in that wheelchair.
Susan, calm down.
I understand,
but for your own good,
don't make waves.
Okay, we'll walk.
Listen, I'm not crazy.
I don't belong here.
Susan, you've lost your memory.
That'll come back in time.
These people here
live in their memory,
and that'll probably
never change.
Take it easy.
You'll be all right.
I am all right.
But you need time to heal.
As my mother says,
''Let things unfold.''
This is Daisy.
Daisy, this is Susan.
Why don't you two sit for a while,
and I'll go finish the paperwork.
I'll be right back.
Daisy, take care of her.
Make her feel at home.
Relax now.
Leave me alone!
Chase me around the sand!
Kill her!
- Okay. Okay.
- Stop it! Stop it!
- Ladies! Stop it!
- Take it easy, take it easy!
All right, you fucking cunts.
Knock it off.
Son of a bitch.
You're Fletcher's meat now.
You're never gonna be the same.
No, no, no!
Who are they?
Oh, you don't want
to mess with them.
They belong to death.
- Hear her scream?
- Help me! No!
She's now part of Hellhole.
And once they take you to Hellhole,
you don't never come back.
This'll be the last time
you do this.
Come on.
Shh, shh, shh!
Don't open your mouth,
don't say a word,
don't do anything.
If I take my hand away,
you promise you won't
say nothing? Huh?
Promise? Huh?
You got what I want,
now, where is it?
Huh? Where are they?
Don't move.
Where are they?
You don't know nothin', do you?
Hey, you like my new 'do?
Come on. You know me.
You know me. Come on, bitch.
You know me.
How's your mother? Huh?
Sweetheart, you remember
your mother?
Now, listen to me...
You get me what I want,
or you're gonna stay here
for a long, long time.
We put you here, and we'll keep
you here until you die!
You understand, bitch?
Hey, scumbag!
Oh, oh!
What the hell are you doing, man?
What you think
you're doing in there, huh?
Go give somebody a pill, will ya?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
What the fuck is the matter
with you, man?
Huh? Huh?
It's okay, darling.
Go back to sleep.
Everything's under control.
Don't worry. He's gone.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
What was that creep doing here?
I just woke up, and he was there.
What was he saying to you?
He threatened me,
and he was asking me questions.
What questions?
He said they'd gotten you here
and they were gonna keep you here?
What does that mean?
I don't know.
Have you ever seen him before?
Damn it, I don't remember!
What does he want from me?
I don't know,
but I'm gonna find out.
Do you know how...
how frustrating it is...
not to know who you are?
Maybe it can be a relief.
People are always
telling each other their life stories.
For a little while now,
you don't have to do that.
You're in a kinda...
state of grace.
I'm glad you're here.
I'm gonna find out
why you're here.
What's Hellhole?
Susan, it's very important
that you don't ever
mention that again.
Well, what is it, damn it?
It's something...
For your safety, for now,
I want you to promise me
that you won't mention
Hellhole to anyone.
Will you promise me that?
Who is it?
It's me, Vera.
What's the matter with you, huh?
When I tell you to come here
tonight after dinner,
I mean after dinner,
not after Johnny Carson,
you know what I mean?
I'm sorry, daddy.
It ain't easy sneaking
around this joint.
Mmm. I love
when you call me ''daddy''.
Yeah, I know. It's like Coney Island
in here, you know?
So tell me,
what'd you find out, huh?
Mmm, Fletcher likes to play doctor.
She does, huh?
Oh, we gotta play layout...
That depends.
Let me see. Let me see.
Stand there.
This isn't exactly House Beautiful.
You ain't seen anything yet.
- Ooh.
- Why don't we use the bed?
You turn me on.
Yeah, huh?
Yeah, take your panties off.
Oh, yeah. Nice!
- Nice!
- Mmm.
Let me get a nice
little crotch shot.
Ah, that's beautiful, huh?
Come on, baby, gimme a nice pose.
Come on, baby.
Mmm, baby.
Listen to me, okay?
I want you to find out all you can
about that half a fag Stevens.
Wow, you're into guys?
No, I'm not into guys.
I'm into swine, moron.
I want you to find out all you can
about that asshole.
I don't trust him.
You understand? Huh?
You'll do that for daddy, won't you?
- But I'm scared, daddy.
- Mmm.
If Fletcher catches me
snooping around,
she'll dump me down
in that basement
with the rest of her rejects.
What basement?
What rejects?
What are you talking about?
Down in Hellhole.
- Mmm, Hellhole.
- You think you've got drugs, daddy?
She's got stuff
that'll turn you inside out.
What kind of drugs are they?
Stuff she's been using to make
horrible experiments on people.
Oh, yeah?
And if you're lucky, you die.
And if not, you end up
locked in a cage
down in that basement forever.
You just...
You just do the right thing
for daddy, won't you? Hmm?
I'll do anything
for my pretty daddy.
Good. Come here.
Hey, Nicki, toss me some soap,
will ya?
Here, use mine.
It's hyperallergenic.
Mmm, smells pretty.
Here, I'll do it.
Mmm, that's good.
You've met that orderly Stevens,
haven't you?
Yeah. So?
So, what do you know about him?
I don't know nothin'.
Well, what can you find out?
What is this,
20 Questions or something?
Hey, slut!
You keep your slimy paws
to yourself.
That chick happens to be mine.
Well, why don't you go
sign up for tennis, moo moo?
Maybe they can use your tits
to play a set with.
I'll meet you in the under-room.
And don't forget my towel.
I'll bring you your towel,
you bitch!
Fight! Fight!
They're really fighting!
Here's your towel.
Get her! Get her!
Hit her!
Yeah! Yeah!
Hit her! Hit her!
Cut it out!
Cut it out!
Any more of these antics,
any more,
and I'm gonna turn you over
to Fletcher
for some of her little experiments.
And she's gonna make real monkeys
out of ya.
- Wow!
- I can't believe it!
Are you okay?
Must be the drugs
they put you on, eh?
Eat, Desiree. Get strong.
So what did you dream
last night?
A real weird one.
Must be those blue pills
they give you.
I'm getting out of here!
I can't stand it anymore!
What's the matter, honey?
Aren't you hungry?
You want my breakfast?
It's all right, isn't it?
Too much television.
No! Don't eat it!
It's poison!
The devil!
Poisoned the food!
Don't eat it!
It's poisoned!
Stop laughing!
Come here, you.
Stupid goddamn...
Get off that table!
What are you doing?
Listen to me!
God told me!
No! Don't, please!
Please, Dr. Fletcher!
Don't send me to Hellhole!
Please, Dr. Fletcher!
- No!
- Jesus Christ.
All right, let's clean this place up.
Evelyn, I think we just
might be right this time.
I'm adding exactly 5 cc's
of phenadrinatol
to our solution of diuride.
We might just be able
to rid her brain of those fears
and the hysterias...
That's 5 cc of phenadrinatol?
You know, I've got a good feeling
about this.
I think we just might be on the verge
of a big breakthrough.
We've always been on the verge.
But if we keep it
under control...
maybe we won't have
any more failures.
Miles, I'll worry about the failures.
Are you afraid?
What are you afraid of?
- Hmm?
- The devil.
The devil?
And what do you perceive
the devil to be?
Dane, hold her head.
No fear.
No fear.
Evelyn, this is it.
We have the first
chemical lobotomy.
Quick... 5 more cc.
No, Evelyn, you can't do that.
Miles, get me 5 more cc!
No, I won't! We've come too far!
Damn you.
Goddamn it,
you can't give her any more.
You know what her reaction will be.
You could kill her.
Get out! Get out of my lab!
All right.
But know this,
you're taking full responsibility
for this.
Get out of here!
No, don't die.
Please, don't die.
You had to give her more,
didn't you?
Don't get moral on me.
Christ, Evelyn, the girl is dead.
That's the price you have to pay
for science, Miles.
You should know that.
Oh, science.
Give me a break.
You're just using science
for your own little power trip.
I am using science as an excuse
for accidental death.
Don't bullshit me, Miles.
You're getting off, too.
Oh, that's good
rationalization, doctor.
The fact is the girl died.
She's not the first.
And even worse,
if they don't die,
they become living nightmares
- That's enough!
- No, it's not enough, doctor.
You're just using these experiments
for your own sexual hang-ups.
At least, I have sexual hang-ups.
You won't even have sex.
Sidnee, hi. It's Ron.
I gotta talk fast, so listen.
I've been to Hellhole,
I saw them kill a girl.
Good God, then, it's true.
Do you know where the body is?
It's gotta still be there.
The point is, now is the time
for you to move.
I can't go to the authorities
on hearsay.
I have to have evidence.
They're trying chemical
lobotomies here,
like we busted 'em for in Oregon.
You're worried
about your reputation?
I don't believe you.
You had evidence then, Ron.
You don't now.
What can I do?
My hands are tied.
I'm asking you to do something,
Sidnee, before this happens again.
You move fast, you have
all the evidence you need.
You get your ass in gear,
spring a surprise investigation,
we'll bust this fuckin' place
wide open.
Ron, stay calm.
I'll do my best.
Do me a favor,
find out anything you can
about a Susan Walker
from Sandstone Park
and an orderly, name of Taylor.
I gotta go. Bye.
Evelyn, my dear girl,
I think we've got a problem.
Wow. It's Mr. Clean.
Save your compliments,
will you, Monroe?
You owe me one.
What'd you find out?
I found out I look good
with short hair.
She don't remember nothin'.
What do you mean,
she don't remember nothin'?
I mean she don't
remember nothin'.
But she could also be fakin' it.
But I don't think so.
Goddamn it, what's takin' so long?
You know, you didn't send me
into no Plaza Hotel.
It's a fuckin' nuthouse
you sent me to.
The doctor runs the joint,
she's got legs
that start from here.
There's also some punk,
uh, orderly.
His name is, uh... Stevens.
I'm gonna give him a beatin'.
Keeps fuckin' around with me.
I don't care what you do,
just do it.
Okay, okay, take it easy.
I got it covered.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Remember...
...smooth as silk.
Thanks for ruinin' my day off.
Blast off?
Jesus Christ, I don't think
I can take any more.
You can take it.
Here, hit on this.
Of course! It's the goons!
I thought so.
Stealin' drugs from the dispensary.
Second time this month, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Take her down to the hole.
If there's one thing I can't stand,
it's a snitch.
No, please! No, please! No!
She stays with us.
I have special plans for this one.
The loonies are singin'.
It's party time!
Party time!
Come on, it's a party!
Come on!
It's a party!
It's a party!
Come on!
I gotta get outta here.
Party time!
We're gonna have a party!
All right, all right, all right.
I can't authorize this.
Back to your room.
Back to your room.
Party! Party!
Come on. Let's party.
- Here we go. Yeah. No...
- The party's...
- Back-Back to your...
- Hey, get back here!
Hey! Hey, you! Come back here!
Come on!
You know you want it.
Come on, baby, let's hump.
Yeah, give it to me.
Is anybody in here?
What the hell are you...?
Hiya, sweetheart.
Remember me?
You do?
That's nice.
Remember your mother?
- You bullshitting me?
- No.
Come on, now.
What are you gonna do?
Oh, haven't decided yet.
By the way,
you remember those papers?
Where... Where are
those papers now?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh, come on. You remember.
Come on.
Let's cut the shit now.
Listen, hun,
it's me you're talking to.
Now, where's the...?
Where's the paper?
I don't remember.
I want to, I... I...
You can remember.
Come on. Remember. For me.
Do it for daddy. Please.
I can't remember.
Pretty please.
With sugar on it.
I won't hurt ya.
Cross my heart and hope to die.
What are you doing here?
How did he get in here?
I don't know. I'm sorry.
I don't know how he got in here.
I came in through the window, doc.
I'm sorry.
- Should I break his fucking neck?
- No.
Go outside and make sure
you don't break your own neck.
Yes, Dr. Fletcher.
I see you found the beef,
huh, doc?
What are you doing with her?
Ooh, nothin'.
Just, uh, trying to get her, uh,
memory back.
Well, how concerned of you.
Who are you? Her mother
come back from vacation?
That's cute, doc.
That's real cute.
No, I figured, uh, we'd, uh,
scare it out of her.
Pretty primitive.
Yeah. Oh, well, then,
you know what we can do?
Use some of this
sodium pentothal crap.
If I use the wrong crap on her,
what if I bury her brains?
Okay, I'll buy your shit.
For now.
Thank you.
Let me give you some advice, doc.
Don't fuck with me.
Why not?
'Cause if you don't do what I tell ya,
your ass will be
in deep trouble.
My ass,
as you so poetically put it,
is always in deep trouble.
Evelyn? Evelyn, I knew it.
I told you so.
Goddamn Board of Medical Examiners
is here.
It was that Stevens guy.
They're on to us.
I'll talk to you soon.
But, remember,
don't touch a hair on her.
Dane, you've got 10 minutes
to clean this place up.
I'll go out there,
I'll say something to them.
Get this place together.
And keep that big
blue goon off her.
Take it easy.
I wonder where he is.
Never mind.
He'll sleep real cozy tonight.
We are supposed to meet
Dr. Fletcher here at the...
I'm sorry I'm late.
It seems I was the only one
who wasn't told you were coming.
I know this is short notice,
but there are things I'd like
to see around here.
Of course.
That's why you're here.
Well, can we get on
with this little inspection?
Yes. Let's start inside.
No. Uh...
There's nothing I'd like
to see in there.
Dr. Fletcher?
Yes, Dr. Hammond?
I know that building's
used for storage.
Uh, do you use it
for anything else?
Uh, no.
It was used for research
in the past,
and it's a dead building now.
This is the sandbox that I had
installed instead of a swimming pool.
I really feel that sand is much more
therapeutic than water...
I wanna see that building.
Is that really necessary, Sidnee?
We came here to inspect.
Let's inspect.
By all means, Dr. Hammond.
Lady, the way that you handle
these doors.
Well, thank you.
Where does that corridor lead to?
It's an old underground corridor.
It goes back to the main building.
So, um...
We'll go this way.
Dr. Fletcher
only gave us 10 minutes.
I don't know if that's enough time
to do you right, baby.
What's the matter, baby?
Please don't tie me up.
Why do you have to tie me up?
Look, I won't... I'll do anything
you want, just please...
Hey, that sounds real tempting.
I wish I had more time.
But I don't.
Just lay down.
Well, this was the old morgue.
Fortunately, we rarely have to use it.
That does it.
We've seen everything.
Shall we go back?
You must be exhausted.
What's in there?
Dr. Hammond, it's the boiler room.
Come on, now, Sidnee,
we are not going to inspect
the boiler room.
While we're here, Dr. Bloom.
Do you mind?
Oh, really, Dr. Hammond,
don't you think that's ridiculous?
Is it?
Damn it.
What's down there?
I mean, the lower part
of the boiler is down there.
That's all.
Look, I really do not care to inspect
the bowels of this building.
It'll just take a moment.
Hey, baby, it won't be too bad.
Look, kind of think of it as like
having your own private room
at the Hilton.
Isn't this fun?
Stop it!
Get back!
Get back!
You like it!
You love it!
Please stop it!
Whee! Whee!
You get back in!
Get that girl out!
She's got no business
being in here.
Shh! Come!
Hey! Leave her alone!
Get her out of here.
Shh! Be quiet!
Shh! Just be quiet! Shh!
Shh! Shh! Shh!
Shut up, will you?
Dr. Hammond! I must insist
that we have seen enough!
You bitch.
I beat you, and you know it.
Damn it.
Mmm, yeah.
It's so good.
Mmm. You think this works?
Your nipples are getting hard.
No, silly.
I mean the mud therapy.
I don't know.
Dr. Fletcher says that this
will help cure my nymphomania.
Aw, gee whiz.
I didn't know you had
a drug problem.
Not drugs, silly.
Well, what do we have here?
Ooh, nice. Huh?
You know, if Fletcher
caught you two in here,
your ass would be grass.
And my pud would be mud.
Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Oh, I'm the, uh...
I'm the, uh...
mud control inspector.
Oh, control me.
Ooh, I wanna be rolled
and controlled.
What's this you have here?
Huh? Holding out on me?
God, it's the real thing, man.
This is pure crystal meth.
I mean, like...
The white knight is here!
I tell you what,
you be a piece of bread...
...and you, you be
a piece of cheese.
Provolone cheese.
And I'll be baloney.
And together we'll make a sandwich.
How do you like that, huh?
What are you laughing at?
Don't think I'm gonna do it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I feel like I'm in a lake.
Oh, boy. Look at that.
This is nice.
Okay, why don't you
move over here?
Oh, oh, she's nice.
Why didn't you tell me
she was so nice?
Oh, boy, oh, boy.
Double your pleasure,
double your fun
with a mud bath with two broads
that's better than one.
Nice. Huh?
Hey, man, come on.
When I told you I meant baloney,
I meant it metaphorically.
Now, get outta here.
Don't use those big words
with me, buster.
I know you just wanna
dip your stick with Laura.
You bet your ass.
Well, enjoy it while you still can.
What does that mean?
Enjoy it while you still can.
Well, what is that supposed
to mean? Huh?
What is that supposed to mean?
Tell me.
Come on. Tell daddy. Huh?
Tell daddy.
What does it mean?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
I overheard Fletcher...
You overheard her what?
I overheard her talking with that
goon of hers.
What goon?
The... the blue goon, Brad?
Huh? Huh?
She was telling him
to take care of you.
- She...
- What do you mean ''take care of''?
She knows you've been
snooping around.
Oh, yeah? Yeah?
So what is she gonna do? Huh?
What is she gonna do?
She wants to kill you.
Get outta here! Go ahead!
Get outta here!
You too. Beat it.
- Anything else?
- Another Coke, please.
Another Coke, hun.
You got it, Tony.
Thank you.
And some mustard and ketchup.
Comin' up.
There you are.
Anything else?
- No, perfect. Thank you.
- All right. Next.
Ron, I'm... I'm really sorry
about what happened to you,
but it still doesn't alter the fact
that you weren't there.
You're missing the point, Sidnee.
You've already
embarrassed me once.
If it hadn't been
for Mr. Monroe intervening,
I wouldn't be
with the board any longer.
You said that already.
But you're asking me
to help you get someone out.
How do you expect me to justify this
to the board at a time when...?
Oh, Sidnee, Sidnee,
you're so full of bureaucratic bullshit,
you can't see straight.
Wait a minute.
You wait a minute, pal.
I'm talking to her.
Now, listen.
There's a woman in there
whose life is in danger right now,
and I'm not gonna let her
get a needle in the brain
while you wait around to get
the right kind of evidence,
so you don't lose face in front
of your board of directors!
Keep your personal life out of this.
She has amnesia.
I was told
that her mother's out of town
and can't be reached.
Your problem
is you let your emotional life
get in the way of your job.
Well, it's been nice
working with you, kiddo.
Ron, what are you gonna do?
I'll get you
your goddamn evidence.
And if it's not too late already,
I'm getting Susan out of there.
Is this the kind of professional
that you use?
I want him off the case.
And if you pursue this any further,
I'll have the authorities on you.
I don't give a flying fuck
what you do.
Be careful.
What's going on?
You two again.
What's that?
How very juvenile.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me?
Stay away from me,
you filthy piece of shit!
Don't you ever raise your hand
to me again.
Now go to your room.
Put this uniform on.
We're getting out of here.
Now, there's one thing
that I have to do,
so I'll be right back.
- Please don't go.
- I'll be right back, sweetheart.
Just don't leave this room.
You're nervous.
Why are you nervous?
Well, I don't know. I...
You wanna get high?
I know you like to get high.
It's okay. So do I.
And, uh, after all, I'm a doctor.
Drugs are my specialty.
What is it?
It's gonna get you
a lot higher than glue.
Why don't you take off your gown?
Go in.
Get me outta here!
Somebody! Goddamn it!
I'm buried in sheets!
Anybody! Help!
This feels good.
Are you gonna get us
some more drugs, Dr. Fletcher?
Florence Nightingale
and her sacred vow to humanity.
Hush! Shh! Shh!
I dedicate this performance to you,
my most faithful fan.
Krista, five minutes to curtain.
You'd better hurry up.
Go on.
You must be new here.
Yeah, uh, I...
I used to work the day shift.
Oh. I've been on vacation
for a week.
Why did you switch to nights?
I've been trying to get on days
for months.
Have you announced curtain yet?
Krista, what are you doing
out of your room?
Susan and I are in a show tonight.
She's playing my maid.
But you'll have to change
your costume, though.
Wear what you had on
when they first brought you here.
Uh, come here a minute, will ya?
Come back here, you bitch!
Come back here!
Stop it!
Soto! Syringe, quick!
Stop it! God...!
Get her off! Jesus!
Nurse, get the syringe!
Get the syringe, goddamn it!
Get the syringe!
Let go.
Afraid, Susan?
I'd like to rip your fucking skull off.
But instead, I'm gonna make you
permanently insane.
Your sedation's wearing off.
Well, good.
Because I want you awake for this.
I want you awake to hear your brain
scream in your head.
Then I have to set fire
to this place.
I have to burn my files
and my failures and you.
You're gonna wish
you were stillborn.
Miller time!
Come on, bitch!
Come on! Come on! Come on,
take your medicine!
That's right!
Here, right on top.
Take the key and lock her up
Lock her up, lock her up
Take the key and lock her up,
my fair bitchy
You... You killed my mother!
I told you, scare it out of her!
You killed my mother!
Ah, yeah.
No, come on. Come on.
Come here, come here.
I'm sure that felt great, doc,
but I gotta talk to her now,
you know what I mean, baby?
Not bad for an amateur.
What a bitch.
How do you like that?
What, do you want your money back
or somethin'?
Come on, honey.
You're gonna come with me now.
Oh, come on. I haven't got
my information yet.
No, but you did
an excellent job
in helping her regain her memory.
Okay, I have done it, though,
haven't I?
I have done an excellent job.
By the way, you know, um,
you see this scarf?
This is the scarf that got us
into this jam, you know?
I mean, it's been through a lot,
let me tell ya.
And I have this funny feeling...
No closer, Silk!
Okay. Okay. I just wanted
to tell you about my scarf.
I'm not...
No problems.
You know, you'd better take it easy.
You're gonna have a heart attack.
What's the matter?
You don't trust me, huh?
What do you think you're playing
with, huh? You big shit!
You struggle,
and this is in your neck.
Rip your head right off, you fuck.
Come on.
Squeeze your fucking eyes
right out of your head.
It's time.
Come on. Come on!
Rat bastard slime!
Get back here, damn it!
What the fuck? Die!
We're late!
What the...?
What's going on here?
It's over, Miles.
All of our precious experiments,
no one's ever gonna read 'em.
Wait a minute.
What are you talking about?
Typical. You still don't know
what's going on.
Read... my... lips.
We're finished.
Don't you understand
that we're on the verge
of landmark discoveries in the fields
of lobotomy and psychiatry?
Oh, give me a break.
Wait a minute, lady.
There's more
to what we're doing here
than pretending research
for your personal pleasure.
Miles, can't you just
shut up and die?
You've gone far enough.
I'm not gonna let them die.
Hi. How you doin'?
How was your day?
Better now that I saw you.
You know, I think I'm gonna
rearrange your face a little bit.
You really oughta sit down
and have a cup of coffee.
You're always so uptight.
You're gonna have to do better
than that, buddy.
You better grab yourself a new toy.
What's the matter, little boy?
Too much fun for ya?
Get up!
Get outside. Quick.
I'll be right behind you.
Come on.
Hey, come on out.
Come on. It's okay.
Come on. No one's gonna
hurt you anymore.
Come on, let's go.
No, there's gonna be
no more experiments.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Come on. I'll take you out.
Now, take my hand.
Come on. That's right.
Here we go.
Back off!
Get back!
Back off...
No! No!
No, get away! Get away!
Get away! Get away!
Gotcha. I gotcha. Come on.
Just give me a hand down here.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
You wanna fight? We'll fight.
Ooh, you. Ooh, harder.
Come on, bitch.
Harder. Harder.
Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
That's it. Squeeze it.
Squeeze it. Ooh, come on.
Right up there.
Right up there.
Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Oh!
You wanna play rough, huh?
You wanna play rough.
Oh! Shit.
Hey. Get outta...!
Get out!
Oh, Suzie Q!
Susan! Susan!
Let's go.
Get behind me.
Three blind mice
Three blind mice
See how they run
Oh, come on, big boy.
Come on.
Come and get it.
Come and get it.
Come on. Come on.
That's it. Come on.
Get outta here, Susan! Go!
Come on!
I'll cut ya. Watch this.
Oh. Come on.
That's it.
You gave me a hard time.
I was only fucking around with you.
You're gonna go meet
the big guy now.
Sh... Shit.
Would you hurry up?
Come on. Come on.
Okay. Okay, down there.
Down this way.
This way. This way.
Oh, I know this one.
Watch it! Watch it!
This way, now.
It's okay. It's okay.
You all right?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Come on.