Hellhound (2024) Movie Script

[Unsettling music playing]
[Dramatic cello playing]
[door opening]
[Dramatic viola playing]
[Loreno sighs]
[door closes]
[Loreno] Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.
It's been 18 years since
my last confession.
[Loreno Sniffles]
[Loreno Coughs]
[Loreno] I'm sorry...
Better late than never, my son.
[Father] The Lord shows patience
to those who sinned.
Would you like to tell me
What is troubling you?
[Loreno] Well, you see, Father,
I've been an evil
man for so long,
I'm scared my sins are too great
to be forgiven.
Have faith in the Lord and...
his humble servant.
Please continue.
[Loreno] I was 14 years old
when I killed my first man.
[Loreno] It was a mistake.
But you know, Father...
It's a hard thing to stab a man
[Children screaming] Shooting
someone's completely different.
You don't feel any pain.
You just pull the
trigger from a distance,
it's easy.
But when you stab a man,
Now, that's different.
You feel it.
[Children screaming continues]
You feel his pain.
You can hear the skin
pop as the blade rips
through the muscle.
Just seems to make
the whole thing a lot more...
[Priest breathing heavily]
[Priest breathing
heavily continues]
And it's truly incredible.
How one moment can
change your life
[Priest heavily
breathing continues]
and there's no turning back.
I don't understand.
Why are you telling me this?
[Loreno] Do you believe
in hell, Father?
Do you believe that all sinners
will burn in an eternal fire?
Yes, I...
I believe in that.
Then tell me,
why did you do what you did?
[Albert panting]
Who are you?
[Albert] What do you want?
You know what this is, Father?
This is holy water.
Holy water to cleanse
you of your sins.
[Albert groans]
[Albert] Stop!
[Albert begging]
Please, have mercy,
have mercy.
Oh No!
You don't know what
you're doing, please.
No, No!
I beg you!
I beg you!
I beg you, no!
[Albert screaming]
[Dramatic theme music playing]
[Car engine]
[Loreno clears throat]
I trust you have
a horrible flight.
Actually, I did.
Wow, how do you end up living
out here in this shithole, pal?
The fact is, my friend.
I'm tired.
And I don't understand the
world out there anymore.
I have all I need.
Yeah, you know what?
Maybe you're right.
[Cetan] Come.
Let's talk inside.
[Cetan] Now, what
is this bullshit
being your last job about?
[Loreno] Last one
and I'm done.
For the last ride.
For the last ride.
[Cetan] Let's get
down to business.
Who's the target?
[Cetan] Give me a minute.
Let me tell you a story.
That will help you to
understand the situation.
A wealthy older man in his 60s.
Retires in Thailand.
Falls in love with an
attractive young lady.
The kind of love that
an attractive young lady
has for an elderly wealthy man.
Money love.
[Cetan] Or real love, who knows?
Anyway, this gentleman.
Signs over his very expensive
condominium to his girlfriend.
And then the next day.
He step out onto the balcony.
Butt naked and...
[slams table] Boom!
Dropped 15 stories
to the ground.
The police file report.
No suicide letter?
Case closed.
Or someone threw him off.
Or someone threw him off.
The fact is...
He's just another
"Lonely Jumper."
Lonely Jumper?
[Cetan] As they call them.
There's two types, actually.
And feet-first.
[Cetan] Usually, the
feet-first jumper
also have their hands
tied behind their back.
I'm guessing our guy
is the last type?
Not according to the police.
[Cetan] As you can imagine.
This man has a family.
A daughter.
She doesn't buy
the bullshit suicide story.
So, she comes to Thailand.
And find the girlfriend living
in her dad's condominium.
With a new boyfriend.
Or a Pimp.
Or whatever you want to call it.
[Loreno] Classy guy.
He's not smalltime.
He's a Kingpin.
A dangerous man.
Human trafficking.
Illegal fighting, you name it.
What's his name?
And the girlfriend is Nill.
[Cetan] She's also
a part of the deal.
This should be
everything you need.
Anything else...
[Cetan] My guy, Somsak,
will give you support.
Some advice.
Do not underestimate
Tar or his men.
[Lorena] This one's my favorite.
Penetrates the skull
but doesn't come out.
spins around Inside
and makes a mess.
[Devilish music]
What're you doing?
No, no!
Get off me, get off me!
[Bones crack]
[Man screaming] Fuck!
[Continues screaming] Jesus!
You have eight more fingers.
[Tar, in English] Nine.
[Laughs with satisfaction]
[Man] No.
[Man] No.
[Man] Oh please no.
[Man] No, no.
[Man] No.
[Vadim] Give it to me man.
[Man] No!
[Bones crack]
[Screaming] Fuck!
[Man] I'll sign it.
[Man panting]
[Bijan] Right here.
Good boy.
[Chattering indistinctly]
[Car approaching]
[Nill, in Thai] Bye, babe.
indistinctly continues]
[Car engine starts]
[Horror music plays]
[House music plays]
[Thunder cracking]
[car approaching]
[Loreno] Hey, baby.
Where are you going?
I think maybe you
can use a ride here?
No woah, don't go home.
[Loreno] You are too
beautiful to be going home
alone in the rain, okay?
Come home with me baby.
[In english] My
boyfriend is not okay.
Your boyfriend?
We keep it secret, me and you.
Come on.
[in English] Come on, how much?
Pick a number.
A number?
[Nill, in English] For what?
You like me?
How much you like me?
Ten thousand baht.
[Loreno] Come one, let me
take you out of the rain.
Come home with me.
[Suspense music playing]
[Nill, in English] Look.
My daughter.
Tomorrow is her...
her birthday.
[Faucet running]
[Suspense music continues]
What is this?
Why do you have photo of me?
[Nill screaming]
[Nill continues to scream]
[Bijan groans]
Come get me.
[Tuk-tuk approaching]
[Intense music playing]
[Sirens wailing]
[Intense music continues]
[Loreno grunting]
[Somsak sighs]
[Somsak. in English]
You rest here now a little bit.
And then
we go.
Please tell me.
What happened?
The girl's gone.
It was a fucking giant.
A giant?
[Somsak] The man you fight?
[Somsak] If girl go away.
We have big problem.
No, we don't.
Just give me a fucking
minute to pass out.
[Intense music plays]
[Loreno sighs]
[Lighter flicks]
[Puffing a cigarette]
[Nill panting]
[Horror music playing]
[In English] Police?
[Tar, in English] Police cannot.
Police don't take girl.
They want me.
They come for me.
[Tar] Bijan?
[Tar, in English] Where he go?
He doesn't pick up his phone.
He's dead.
[Vadim] Bijan is not
an easy man to kill.
[Vadim] If this guy killed him.
[Vadim] We must guard up.
[Vadim] Let's go.
[Vadim] Pull over here.
[Vadim] Nill stay in the car
You two, come with me.
Go ask around.
[Mouthing words]
[Dog barking]
[Dog barking]
[Kiet, in English]
That man over there.
He not see anything.
He hear glass broke night time.
And police come
to get a dead man.
He said that.
[Vadim sighs] Ok
It's okay.
Everything is okay.
[Sarawut, in English]
He saw something.
Ask him what he saw.
[Kiet, in Thai] Yea,
I think that's it.
[Sarawut, in Thai]
It's pretty clear.
[in Thai] yeah.
[Sarawut, in English]
I think we know him.
[Sarawut, in English]
He is a fighter.
[in English]
Not a tuk-tuk driver.
Are you sure?
[in English] We know
where to find him.
Let's go.
[Intense music playing]
[Shower water running]
[Intense music builds up]
[Somsak, in English] Why don't
we go to the girl's apartment?
They are not stupid.
They won't be there.
[Somsak] So why are we
go to this place?
Because we need help.
That's why.
[Somsak] Help?
Yeah, that's right.
We need help.
Let me ask you, why is it
you do this job you do?
[Somsak] Why?
Yeah, why?
That's what I'm asking.
I mean, why do you do this job?
I'm guessing it's for
the money am I right?
[Somsak] Yes, sure, the money.
Take care of my family.
[Loreno] Yeah, family.
Necessities, I understand.
This guy.
He used to do what we
do for the pleasure.
If you understand what I mean.
The man we meet?
That's right, my
friend, precisely.
How can he help?
This man?
Well, if you're looking
for anyone in this city.
This guy knows everybody.
[Upbeat intense music plays]
[Bones crack]
Well, I'll be damned!
It's been a long time.
[Paul] Well, you could say so.
Look at you!
Prodigal son returns home.
Yeah, I guess I have.
I assume it's not to enjoy
the many amenities of Thailand.
I need some assistance, Paul.
I knew it.
[Crowd cheering]
[Paul] Who's this gentleman?
That's my driver.
He's okay, don't
worry about him.
Well, if you want to talk.
It's better to go
somewhere more private.
[Paul] Follow me.
[Crowd cheering]
[Fighter screams in victory]
[Loreno] Nice.
Seems like you've done
pretty well for yourself, Paul.
[Paul] I can't complain.
[Paul] Retired.
I run that little
show, you know.
[Paul] Just for fun.
[Loreno] Yeah!
I get it.
Seems like every
heartless son of a bitch
is retiring in Thailand, right?
Watch out,
you'll be the next.
Cheers to old friends.
And new ones.
We were in a job, Paul.
[Loreno] Officially,
it's my last job.
[Paul clears his throat]
[Loreno] But I need you
to help me find someone.
This guy right here.
You know him?
[Loreno] I need to find him.
And I mean.
I really need to find him.
That's a face I've seen before.
You want to know the real reason
I run that circus upstairs?
The reason is...
I admire those fighters.
[Paul] I love them.
is a fundamental part
of the individual.
If we look at nature.
Chimps, for example.
Violence in the
sense of killing is
very much associated
with the group.
And the reason is.
The individual doesn't benefit
by getting into a fight
in which they risk
being hurt themselves.
[Paul continues] It's only when
they have overwhelming power.
That the temptation
to try to kill another
individual arises sufficiently
for them to be able to do it.
[Paul] The number
of chimpanzee males
that attack a single
male is eight to one.
Eight to one.
[Paul continues] Now you take
your average man he's...
walking down the street
hand in hand with his
pretty girlfriend.
And they walk by some bad guys.
And the bad guys...
compliment his girl's ass.
[Paul] Now your average man
would prefer to let it go.
He will lie to himself.
In order to justify his fear of
taking action under
the circumstance
of good social behavior.
But now you take
that very same guy.
And you put him in
a riot against the police.
And he can't help but
kick and smash and punch
everything around him.
Now that he's not alone anymore,
all social prevention is gone.
And he becomes dangerous.
What, have you become the
fucking philosopher now Paul?
[Paul chuckles]
[Paul] What I'm
trying to say is.
There are three types of man.
Ordinary man,
Brave man,
And lastly the
third type of man.
A man so determined
to transcend human nature.
[Slightly whispers]
He embraces violence.
[Paul] A man like you.
Or me if you prefer.
[Paul] Now, I don't know what
you want from this guy.
But I can guess.
Since we're friends,
I'll help you.
Come back tomorrow,
I'll see what kind of
information I can gather.
Nice to see you, Paul.
[Somsak, in English]
Your friend, he crazy.
I don't understand
what he's saying.
[Loreno] He was a lot
worse than crazy, pal.
You see, he's what
we call a sociopath.
Right now we need
him as a friend.
Did you see his reaction
when he took a look
at that photograph?
He knew exactly who he was.
You trust him?
I don't trust anybody.
[Mysterious music
starts playing]
[Intense orchestra playing]
[Horrific female vocal]
[Horror music slowly builds]
[Heroic music plays]
[Glass breaks]
[Heroic music
continues to build]
[Both grunting]
[Somsak, breathing heavily]
[Somsak, gasping for air crying]
[Somsak continues
gasping for air crying]
[Breathing heavily]
[Footsteps approaching Somsak]
[Loud bang with
intense music plays]
[Somsak grunts]
[Vadim whispers]
It's time to die.
[Smashing of Somsak's head]
[Shower water running]
[Horrific music begins to hum]
[Door slams shut]
[Horrific music intensifies]
[Bucket drops]
[Breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[Bone cracks]
[Bone cracks]
[Somsak intensely rocks the
chair back and forth]
[Vadim] We can check this.
Let's call the last number.
[Phone ringing]
Hey, what's wrong?
[in English] You know me?
[Tar, in English]
You look for me?
[in English]
Look what I do to your friend.
Don't worry, I'm
coming for you too.
Come on.
[Tar, over the phone] Come on.
I'm coming.
[Horror music plays]
[Slow cellos humming
[shotgun fires] Bang!
[shotgun fires] Bang!
[Young Tar talks to
his dad, inaudible]
[Sarawut, in English]
[Sarawut, in English]
He wake up now.
[Vadim] We're almost there.
[Dramatic cello humming]
[grunting continues]
[Dramatic cello and
violins intensify]
[Somsak breaking heavily]
[Somsak, in English]
Hey, Loreno...
It's me.
Open, please open.
I'm here alone.
[Intense music rumbles]
[Somsak continues
to breath heavily]
[Loreno] What happened?
[Somsak] I don't feel good.
Please help.
Look at my hand.
[Somsak] Please help.
[Loreno] Let me see it.
There you go, pressure.
They go to my place.
And kill my grandmother.
[Somsak] And wait for me.
I fight so much,
but so many fucking
Russian guys.
They do this.
You lost a lot of
blood, my friend.
How'd you get away?
They think I almost died.
And throw me in the river.
[Loreno] No, they
don't make mistakes.
We got to go.
[Loreno] They're
probably already here.
No, I don't.
I'm so tired.
Listen, you get up
and we go right now
or we both die...
you understand?
[Somsak] Okay.
[Grunts in extreme pain]
[Loreno] Let's move.
[Somsak] Okay.
[Engine revs]
[Loreno] We got
fucking lucky, pal.
We got lucky, okay?
You try not to
fucking die on me.
You can die later.
[Loreno] you can die later.
[Intense knocking]
[Paul] How bad is it?
Call the doctor,
tell him it's urgent.
[Bodyguard] It's late, he sleep!
I don't give a shit if
he's asleep. Wake him up.
Put him down.
[Paul] Put him down.
[Slow dramatic
orchestra playing]
[Loreno] Just breathe.
[Loreno] He's alive
and I'm not sure
for how much longer.
Looks like your guy
found you first.
But he's a dead man walking.
About that, I've got some
good news for you.
The doctor is on the way.
[Loreno] So you
know where he is?
[Paul] No, I don't
know where he is.
But I know something better.
I know where he will be.
Why don't you just
drop it this time?
[Paul] I've been there too.
Sometimes you cannot win.
It would help a lot
You could let it go.
[Paul] It's only a job.
Nothing personal.
Your man is fucked up in there.
[Paul] And you're left alone
to face that other
guy and his friends.
I can tell you I'm
done after this, Paul.
[Loreno] I'm officially done.
But this is going to
be my grand finale.
I knew I couldn't
talk you out of it.
[Paul continues] Well,
there's a fight
night coming soon.
Big money.
[Paul] Your man
placed a big bet.
He'll be there to enjoy the show
and check on his investment.
I guess I'm gonna be there too?
[Doctor] He's lost
a lot of blood.
[Doctor] This man is dying.
You have to get him
to the hospital.
[Paul] You sure?
[Doctor] Yes,
I'm sure, sir.
I mean, look at him.
[Doctor] He's going
into cardiac arrest.
[Doctor] You got it!
Call the ambulance now!
[Doctor] Or you're
gonna lose him!
[Doctor] Come on!
[Doctor struggling]
[Doctor Whispers]
Come on!
Come on! you can...
[Doctor out of breathe]
You don't need to
do anything now.
[Doctor] He's gone.
[Emotional music starts playing]
[Paul] He died badly.
Yeah, he did.
What are you gonna do?
[Loreno] Whiskey?
Coffee, please.
I have forgotten the
stink of this city.
[Cetan] I promised myself
never to set foot in this place.
And yet here I am.
I must blame you for that.
[Cetan] You're slipping.
You have the right to blame me.
I cannot blame the poor boy.
His mama entrusted me with him.
And I feel responsible.
[Loreno] You telling me
getting old has made you
sentimental all of a sudden.
Any excuse is good for vendetta.
Now I recognize you.
Soon we'll get to
see your old friend.
[Loreno] I'm sure he'll
be happy to see you.
Happy to see me?
I also don't relish
the idea of seeing.
But if this is what you want.
We would do it your way.
It's necessary.
It's been many years
since the last time
we worked together.
[Dark music plays]
[Cetan] We were on an
assignment in Cambod
We snuck inside this house.
A beautiful villa.
And our targets?
A married couple, are
serenely watching TV
on the sofa with their child.
[Dark music continues]
[Cetan] The little
boy first saw us.
I still remember
how he looked at me and my gun.
[Dark music continues]
He didn't flinch.
[Cetan] Like he
didn't know fear.
But the parents were less brave.
The mother began to beg and cry.
And the father pissed his pants.
[Dark music continues]
[Cetan] Paul then
lined them up and asked
how much they loved their child.
And then he forced
the boy to tell him
who he loved more.
Mommy or Daddy?
And to choose one of them.
The boy resisted as
long as he could.
In the end,
he choose Mother.
Paul shot her first.
Her brain ended up
on the curtains.
Then he killed the father.
The boy was so scared.
[Cetan] He couldn't
stand to look at Paul
So he kept...
staring at me, begging for help.
I couldn't stand to
look at him anymore.
So I put a bullet
between his eyes.
[Dark music continues]
[Dark music fades to silence]
You know the rest of the story.
I know who he was.
And I know who he is.
That doesn't matter.
Because this isn't
a job anymore.
It's turned into a war.
[Loreno] And he's our ally
for the moment.
[Loud ambient sound fades in]
[Loud ambient rumble]
[Door unlocks]
[Noi sobbing]
[Continues crying]
[Paul] When people sense death
coming, they have a last burst.
Is that why you're here?
You fucker.
I'm surprised you
are still alive.
The devil always
looks after his own.
[Loreno] Wow.
Have a look at you two
together again, yeah?
[Loreno] Got confirmation?
I do.
He'll be there.
Fight's set.
[Paul] I'll Have
my guy pick you up.
Tell us a little more
about the location, Paul.
Location is called the Ditch.
It's been there for decades.
Started during the Vietnam War.
Unlike anything you've
ever seen before.
How is the security there?
[Paul] Just a couple of guys.
You know, to make sure
nobody's causing trouble.
Tar will have his guys with him.
It won't be a problem.
[Cetan] Will they check
us at the entrance
No, they won't.
I just have one request for you.
[Paul] Wait till
the fight's finished
before you make your move.
I placed a very
large bet myself.
[Paul] I want to
see how it goes.
What have you done with the boy?
The boy?
What time is it?
Don't worry, we got time.
[Cetan] I've never
been late in my life.
[Guns click]
Death doesn't wait for anybody.
[Loreno] Paul's
guys coming soon.
I'm ready.
You religious?
[Cetan] Nope.
That's another thing
I've never been.
My father was.
And now you are?
[Cetan] This point of my life?
I prefer to believe that
there's something better
afterwards, you know
Something a bit
better than this shit.
Yeah, well...
There's not.
There's nothing.
Just blackness.
And if there was something
it pains me to say that
you would not be welcome
in that paradise, my friend.
[Emotional piano music plays]
maybe I can do better
next time then.
I don't know much
about salvation.
I don't know much
about the afterlife.
But there was a passage
in the Bible that
when I was a child.
[Loreno] It's a
story about this guy.
I think.
His name...
I can't remember.
That doesn't matter.
[Loreno] This guy, he's
walking through the middle of
the desert one night, right?
He bumps into God.
[Emotional violin plays]
God made him so flesh and bone
just for the occasion.
So these guys, they fight.
They fight all night long.
They fight until
the sun comes up.
[Loreno] And God
in the morning, instead
of punishing him.
Turns him into a king.
Means God favors the strong.
And you're still
strong, my friend.
Well, we'll see about it.
[Rock music playing]
[Crowd cheering and yelling]
[Crowd cheering and
yelling continues]
It's a beautiful
night to make money.
[in English] Always
good you make money.
Tonight, big fight, big bet.
[Tar, in English] After, we make
party at club.
You come?
I thank you for the invite,
but I'm getting too
old for this shit.
I'm exhausted.
I hear my bed calling.
I'll see you later.
Up to you.
[Cheering continues]
[Bike rider] Hey, bro.
[Bike rider] Hey,
where are you go?!
[Baseball bat being
dragged on concrete]
[Upbeat music starts]
Fuck you!
[Cetan grunts]
Come on!
How many of you motherfuckers
want to die tonight?!
[Bike rider gasping for air]
[cheering and yelling]
[cheering and yelling]
[in English] You're fucked.
Fight finished 2 hours ago.
[Cetan grunts]
[Loreno] Hey, get it together.
[Loreno] Let's go.
[Loreno] I'm gonna
get you to a hospital.
No, you're not.
Just promise me.
You're going to kill
that motherfucker.
I'm gonna kill him.
[Car tires screeching]
[Upbeat war drums play]
[Car tires screeching]
[Slow emotional
orchestra playing]
[Slow emotional
orchestra continues]
[Thai disco music]
It's done, they're gone.
It's done!
Good, very good!
I gotta go.
Stay, enjoy the party!
[Loreno] Yeah.
it's me.
[Loreno] Weren't expecting
on seeing me again,
were you? Paul.
Sit down.
The hunter became the hunted.
They underestimated you.
So did you.
Go ahead.
I'm not afraid to die.
Actually, you know what?
I think you want to live
now more than ever before.
[Loreno] But
I'm going to finish
what I started.
So you're going to
take me to see this guy
and I'm going to kill him.
Then I'm going to
kill his woman.
And only then...
Only then,
I'm gonna kill you.
Is the old dog still alive?
I'll see him in hell.
[Loreno] Get up, Paul.
Let's end this thing.
What does that mean?
You're some kind
of "Soldato" or something?
[Paul] Man, you Italians
are fucking weird.
When you get it, you deserve it.
When you deserve it,
then you don't want it anymore.
[Paul] You remind me of
myself when I was young.
Nothing would have stopped me.
You and I are nothing alike.
[Paul] Let me tell
you something.
It doesn't matter if
you get the job done.
Doesn't matter why you do it.
[Paul] Doesn't matter
if you win or loose.
[Paul continues] Guys like us
never find peace,
no matter how hard
you're looking for it.
I knew someone
who found it once.
At least for a little while.
Yes, where is he?
Just fucking drive, Paul.
We're here.
[Loreno] Now.
And we're here.
End of the road, Paul.
Give me the keys,
don't try anything.
[Paul] You son of a fuck.
[Paul] You motherfucker.
[Thai disco music continues]
[Thai disco music end]
Where is he?
Where is who?
[Loreno] I'm guessing
there're about 10-15
people in this room.
I got 19 bullets in this gun.
[Loreno] I got two
full mags in my jacket.
[Loreno] and I could
turn this little part
into a fucking nightmare.
A hecatomb
is what we would
call it back home.
So, I'm going to ask
you motherfuckers
one more time.
In a way that you understand me.
Where is fucking Tar?
He go upstair, boom boom ladies.
[door knock]
[gun shot]
[gun shot]
[Gun shot]
[Screaming continues]
We've been waiting for you.
[Julia] It is not
easy to climb up here.
I know it well.
[Loreno] But hey,
you made it.
Please, let's go
inside and talk.
After you,
right this way.
[Julia] I wanted to thank you
for what you have done.
I, I...
[Julia continues]
I mean...
to have avenged my father.
I'm very sorry...
for what happened to Cetan.
[Julia continues] So... I am...
bringing you the final payment.
And I have doubled the amount.
What does it mean to you?
All this money, what
does it mean to you?
I don't understand.
It's your money.
[Slow emotional cellos playing]
You're a very brave woman
coming out here to see me alone.
But, you should be
afraid of men like me.
[Slow emotional cellos continue]
But I had to come.
I mean...
that was the
agreement with Cetan.
I pray to God every day
to help me get...
And finally, he listened to me.
He listens to you?
Sometimes I wonder,
if God's up there,
why doesn't he stop me?
Why doesn't he stop me
doing the things I do?
Why doesn't he reach
down through the cloud
with his Godlike
hand and stop...
All the bullets?
[Loreno] And
because he does not.
Isn't he partly to blame?
Isn't he partly guilty?
[Loreno] And you?
God recognizes evil.
Oh, he does?
[Julia] Yes.
Okay, then.
Let's see if God exists.
[Loreno] I'll give God 60
seconds to strike me dead.
I'm going to put a
bullet in your heart.
[ticking continues]
[ticking continues]
[ticking continues]
[Gun shot]
[Slow horror music cues]