Hellhounds (2024) Movie Script

Think you're done for.
Listen, that sound.
Oh, girl, you've got a whole
lot of life left in you yet.
Yes, you do.
Yes, you can.
You're a lot stronger than
you give yourself credit for.
It's going to go dark
now, so don't fight it.
I'm going to need
a come in, hound.
I'd advise against it.
All I'm asking for is
a moment of your time.
You've already taken that.
Another one, then.
Dave Carroll, one of your
fellow Hell Hounds, where is he?
Hey, hear me?
Who the fuck are you?
Someone you're
going to want to be
awful careful how you speak to.
You want a beer?
Sorry about the mess.
Wasn't expecting company.
Yeah, I can see that.
Dave Carroll, how
do you know him?
Get that gun out of my face.
First thing we get straight,
Dave Carroll's no Hell Hound.
Just a prospect wannabe.
We clear?
Now get your mutt chops off me.
You a hard girl?
You going to kill me?
Show me you're a mutt,
just like Carroll?
Don't think I won't.
How'd you find me?
Good at my job.
And what job is that?
Dog catcher.
What are you doing, perv?
Mia Kaufman.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
You're a ways from
home, aren't you?
I've been on your
tail since Las Cruces.
More specifically,
Dave Carroll's,
but I'll take what I can get.
Ritter and Sons Bail Bonds.
You're a bounty hunter.
That's what it says.
Well, then.
Looks like the Silver
Bullets were trailing you.
Awful kind of you to bring
them right to my doorstep.
Nobody shadowed me, hound.
I'm sure of it.
Looks like you and Blondie
were getting along pretty well
before we rolled up.
Want me to rearrange
her face for you?
You'd do me that favor?
I just might have to.
Appreciate it.
Then a few words,
and you can go.
It stands to reason
I'd let you go
so you can tell all your
friends what happened here.
Now, drop the piece.
How deep you riding?
Three less than I was
a few minutes ago.
We rode in from Cali.
Knew the blonde had
found a Hound safe house.
She led us right to you.
Come on, man.
You said you'd let me go.
You OK?
I'll tell you once
my ears stop ringing.
Hot damn it, brother,
where you at?
What's the scrap yard?
Anyway, think I'm all
out of road down here.
Yeah, I'll find it.
Who was that?
Think you should get while
the getting's still good.
Where are you going?
Quite the host.
Gave you the beer, didn't I?
(SINGING) He's a Hell Hound.
You all right?
Should be now.
Just had a belt
come loose on me.
I think I got it, sweetie.
I don't mean to pry.
It's just you're the first
person I've seen out here,
save the landlord.
Well, try and keep out of
sight as much as I can.
That's not
I'm just messing with you.
We're neighbors now.
That little plot
off mile marker 40.
Um, OK.
It's just we were told there
wouldn't be anybody else.
Looking for solitude.
I just didn't expect
neighbors so close.
But it's good to meet you.
I'm Virginia.
You got that little
place off 45?
That's us.
I think I might have already
crossed paths with your man.
Blonde guy.
Really cute smile.
Maybe that came out weird.
So you're good to go, then?
Tell you in about 5 seconds.
Purring like a kitten.
All right.
It's nice meeting you.
It's just a bit of a fever.
You're burning up.
That's what it means
to have a fever.
Let me see it.
Looks better at least.
It's almost fully healed,
which I'd say is too good.
Once this fever breaks,
grabbing that .308
and I'm going on a
little mutt hunt.
Wolfy's had his last snack.
Speaking of which, you hungry?
Take a glass of water.
Would be nice.
And I don't want you
hunting any wolves.
Eye for an eye, right?
Plan on taking a
bite out of him?
Let me go!
Let me go.
Give that a rest, already.
Who are you?
Just another houseguest.
How'd you get here?
Same as you.
And the others before us.
What others?
One by one, he
takes them outside.
Horrible sounds.
Terrible screams,
and then, nothing.
It's... it's all quiet again.
We got to get out of here.
Well, I thought your
little excursion
this afternoon would have
taught you about that.
You know, I think he
does it on purpose.
Loose ties the binds,
half locks the doors.
Just fucking with us.
It's cruelty.
Or maybe he just likes the
thrill of catching us again.
Who is he?
I don't know.
You know.
I know we're going to die here.
And I think you should make
your peace with it, like I have.
Hell no.
I'm getting out of this place.
Fucking piece of shit.
(SINGING) Sitting on the bar
stool, staring at the glass.
Want to run up another
one, dfrink away my past.
Oh, ain't no way, girl.
I still want to keep you around.
Because there's too
much whiskey business,
whiskey business going down.
You say you leave me.
You're bound to go.
Why I'm always the
last one to know?
Got me standing, baby.
What are you looking at?
Looks like your shirt fell off.
Bother you, does it?
Hell Hounds?
Never heard of you.
Guess we're just that exclusive.
What the fuck, Trish?
Another one, Starla?
At least one.
What you having?
Are you going to
narrow that down,
or do you want me to guess?
I just rode down from
the high country.
As long as it's wet and takes
the edge off, I'll be happy.
Here you go.
Local microbrew.
Personal favorite of mine.
Didn't recognize you
without your cut.
Stowed my colors, Alias.
Us Hounds can't be too
careful these days.
Make that two IPAs, darling.
Hardly laying low in
a place like this.
One percenters don't
pay us no mind,
unless they catch us selling.
Most of these boys are
little more than weekenders.
Any of them square
with the Bullets?
The war is over, and we lost.
So I keep hearing.
Is it true?
What they said about Austin?
It depends on what they said.
Just since you're wondering,
it was a fucking massacre.
Well, at least you made it out.
I wasn't there.
I arrived just in time to say
my goodbyes to Pope, but not
with any time to stop it.
I know you two were tight.
But I'd be remiss if I didn't
tell you one more time,
let it slide.
There's no one
left to fight for.
Said you had something for me.
Sure looks like him, don't it?
Taken at a liquor store
not 10 miles from here.
June 16?
That was over a month ago.
Son of a bitch could be
halfway to Shanghai by now.
Oh, he's here, and he's close.
How do you know?
The man's been hunting, Alias.
Both inside and outside
the line of the scrap yard.
Scrap yard?
Tribal land.
Purchased from the
Indians by smugglers.
Started out as a safe zone
for coyotes and drug mules.
Now, kind of a hotel
for folks on the run.
What makes you think he's there?
Yards chock full of drifters,
whores, and junkies.
All wanting to stay disappeared.
Good hunting ground, for sure.
Couple that with the fact
he's been hunting undesirables
on this side of the line, I'll
bet the hog he's up there.
And she is too.
Come with me.
For old time's sake.
Sorry, brother.
But this dog don't hunt no more.
Brothers for life.
Brothers till the chips
are down, at least.
Hate me if you have to.
I won't hold it against you.
But I'm cashed out.
Consider that 411 on
Carroll as a parting gift.
You got to be
fucking kidding me.
I hope your little chat
with Rooster was productive.
You know way more about me
than I'm comfortable with.
I don't think that's true.
I don't even know your name.
I doubt that's what
your mama called you.
You didn't know my mom.
What I do know is we could
find Dave Carroll a lot faster
if we work together.
Never said I was
looking for him.
You know, at first I thought
you were helping old dave.
Then, I saw you heading
to the scrapyard,
and I put it together.
You're hunting him, too.
I started thinking maybe you
were one of the good guys.
Definitely not a good guy.
Something you'll learn quick
you don't get off my bike.
Forgot how you boys
were with your toys.
Now, back to Carroll.
I never confirmed my interest
in catching the prospect.
Besides, I don't ride
with any outside the pack.
He's at the scrapyard.
That's what Rooster
Cochran told you.
It's Mia.
And, yes, that's what
Cochran just told you.
So what if he did?
You know that country
pretty well, do you?
Got the patrol routes mapped
out, guard posts marked?
You're saying you do?
And a whole lot more
you'll find useful.
I'll indulge you for a second.
And then, explain why
this can never work.
You're a bounty hunter.
That means you aim
to take him alive.
But I'm of the mind that
this world has seen just
about enough of Dave Carroll.
A sentiment I share completely.
And if you think I'm going
to turn him over to anyone
save an undertaker, well...
Personal thing, then?
Keep my motives to myself.
Now, normally, I work
alone, but I'm not
afraid to admit that
the scrapyard is
little more than I can handle.
I've seen how you took out those
Bullets like it was nothing.
Well, I got to figure you're
the man to team up with.
Scrapyard, you've been there?
I know the operation.
And it's a story I'm happy
to tell you on the way there.
Fuck it.
You know I have a
car we could take.
Or no problem.
Is everything all right?
Now that we're paid up
until the end of the
I'm not here for the rent.
I got word you were
spotted in town.
Is that true?
I just had some shopping to do.
Yeah, that's not how this works.
I know...
Your cell phone.
I don't have a phone.
You were spotted in
town talking on a phone.
Now, hand it over.
This time, it's a warning.
Next time you leave the
yard without permission,
it's happy trails, senorita.
Next time you need
supplies or anything,
you come to me or
one of the others.
All right.
Won't happen again.
See that it doesn't.
Hey, Remo, that new girl off
of mile marker 40, who is she?
You know, girl with the
dark hair, convertible.
Kind of hard to miss.
First time I heard of her.
Mile marker 40, you say?
I'll look into it.
Oh, oh, my God.
Oh, fuck Remo.
We're taking you
to the hospital.
I feel something.
Something's trying to
burst through my skin.
Come on.
Let's try and...
Oh, God!
I'll get help!
Oh, god, watch out!
Don't give me that fucking look.
Just be happy I fucking look
at you at all, limp dick.
Just like your mama,
putrid to the bone.
Just so seriously,
fuck off and die.
You first, bitch.
I'm out of here.
You had a hell of a night.
Why are we naked?
I had the sickest
dream last night.
It wasn't a dream, was it?
What's going on here?
It's all changed for you.
Who are you?
I'm your mother.
Don't touch me.
You really don't want
to go back there.
This the scrapyard?
Yeah, about a half
a click that way.
Where are you going?
Stow the bike.
We're on foot from here.
You're crazy.
Coyotes patrol the roads.
Any sign of outsiders, and
they'll radio in the cavalry.
So unless this thing's
got a stealth mode,
I suggest we stow it.
You want to tell me
how you come to know
so much about this place.
Chasing down a bail jumper
from here about a year ago.
Tracks lead us here.
Collar was his to make.
He reconned this whole
area from top to bottom
before heading in.
It seems like a lot of
work for a bail jumper.
Yeah, that's my thinking.
Boss man's too, but
Ronnie was determined.
So what happened to him?
Coyotes found him.
Did a real number on him
before letting him loose.
They let him go?
Not before breaking
every bone in his body.
They said that's what happened
to headhunters on the yard.
Spread the news.
Guys don't play around.
About six months ago,
they found the bail jumper
in a roadside motel
outside Tulsa.
For all we know, he
never even was here.
Hard break for your friend.
Not a total loss.
Putting his intel to use now.
Oh, baby, please, no.
It wasn't supposed
to happen like this.
What the hell do you think
you're doing in my house?
Let me help you.
Tell me.
Tell me!
Tell me what's
happened here and how!
How do you know my name?
I know everything there
is to know about you,
as any good mother would.
The last time was a warning.
What the hell is going on?
The beast is awake in you now.
What did I just fucking...
You're going to need to
listen very carefully.
You did this.
You killed my wife!
No, Kevin.
You did.
Light over there.
What are you doing?
Two of them.
Neither we're looking
for, but maybe
someone with some useful info.
Did your little commune
with nature tell you that?
Probably coyotes.
Good chance of that.
Taking them by surprise
suits me just fine,
as they'll doubtless make
excellent tour guides
after a little persuasion.
See to sleeping
beauty over there.
Take care of this one.
Rise and shine, and
refrain from sudden moves.
This has all got to come
as quite a shock to you.
How the hell do you
keep doing that?
How's the whiskey?
Doesn't Seem to be
doing the trick today.
It never will again.
The only thing that
can quench your thirst
is the blood of a fresh kill.
What, rhymes and riddles?
It's hard to find the right
words to explain all this.
Just who the hell are you?
I told you.
Yeah, right, my mama.
Because that makes a
whole heap of sense.
Only it does, my love.
Don't call me that.
Because I don't even know you.
You don't remember.
So all this must really
be making your head spin.
And then some.
It wasn't but a week ago
when our paths first crossed.
Just on the edge of my tong.
I can still taste you.
Holy hell.
A kiss, Kevin.
The kiss that birthed you.
This is like a nightmare
I can't wake up from.
Nightmare for you.
Well sought reward for me.
What does that mean?
It's been a long
time, ages since I
shared the gift with another.
You did this to me.
Believe me when I tell
you I didn't wrong you.
I'm a...
Holy... you're
talking fairy tales.
And you're living them.
I know how scary all
this is in the beginning.
It's because of you,
my wife is dead.
And... [SHOUTS] Jeez!
That's the hunger.
The what?
It's awake in you now.
And enhanced by the
fullness of the moon.
God, this is... this
is a living nightmare.
Not so, dearest.
Let me teach you
how to quell it,
fill that need the
burns so bright inside.
Kevin, you haven't
the slightest concept
of what wonders await you.
Couldn't say I can believe.
All you need to do
is take my hands.
Hey, wake up.
He's back.
Thought you two could
use a little company.
Fucking psycho bastard.
What'd you do to her?
Hey, I'm talking to you.
Something like it.
That's how we got me.
How about you?
Guess I managed
that part for him.
I knew falling off the wagon
was going to hurt, but damn.
You're from the scrapyard?
What makes you say that.
Well, that's where we are.
This just keeps getting better.
Can't imagine a shittier ending
to my sordid little life story.
What about you?
Just a drifter.
Nobody's just a drifter.
Well, I don't have any family.
No one close.
Just go where the road leads.
And it led you here.
As you say, shitty
fucking ending.
How's the bondage?
Nothing turns me on quite
like a good [INAUDIBLE]..
I don't want to know.
Sorry, partner.
No Espanol.
Extracting info's
going to be a breeze.
David Carroll.
Where is he?
Let us go, and maybe,
just maybe, I'll tell you.
Tell us where he's at,
and maybe, just maybe,
I'll let you go.
Fuck you!
Don't promise me a good time.
Alias, think a little
tact would go a long way.
Listen to your...
Hold on.
What are you doing?
(WHISPERING) This is what
I've been waiting for.
We're going to play a game, OK?
I love games.
Every question that gets
an answer, I make a cut.
Fair enough?
Let's start with an easy one.
Dave Caroll, you know him?
Oh, good.
Where is he?
[CHUCKLES] Sorry, no cut.
Come closer.
Come real close.
[SNIFFS] Remo.
Remo is who you're looking for.
Who's Remo?
Shock collar in jefe.
King of this
motherfucking shithole.
How do I find him?
Can't you see I'm busy here?
I'll be very busy, huh?
[INHALES] See that
radio over there?
If you're a good little
girl, I'll call them for you.
All right.
No, don't get off.
Don't get off.
Yeah, baby.
Shut up!
Uno, dos, tres.
[GRUNTS] No more.
No more, no further.
We stop now, darling.
You're so close.
Close to what?
Breath in deeply
through your nose.
Just do it.
Can you smell them?
Now listen, are you there?
I hear voices.
They call to you.
Who are they?
Let's find out together.
Not half bad, but I prefer a
little more meat on the bone.
Same here.
Who that?
What you got cooking?
A meal fit only for kings.
What's wrong with him?
Boy's got a craving inside him.
Well, you know
what, little missy?
Because me and old
Coop here, we ain't
got to finish off this
massive feast ourselves.
Yeah, why not.
Go ahead and pop a
squat by the fire.
Nothing like a fresh
kill, is there, Kevin?
We're coming in.
Weapons stowed.
You the biker man?
Yes, sir.
Why are you here?
Lady and I are running down
a real piece of human garbage
named Dave Carroll.
Should be in the
company of a woman.
Real looker too.
It would be out of place
with a dreg like Caroll.
What the fuck!
Drop it.
You know, you really
fucked this up.
You could have come to me
as a gentleman, asked me
for my help.
You would have found me more
than willing to give up Caroll.
That so?
See, there's rules in the yard.
Laws keep the peace, keep
everybody safe, but Caroll...
Conformity has always been
a bit of a struggle for him.
See, [INAUDIBLE] leaves the
yard anytime he pleases.
That's bad enough.
But he's been making these
little abduction runs,
stealing people from the world.
Hell knows what he does to them.
He's a monster, there's
no denying that.
Monsters tend to draw
attention to themselves.
That they do.
This can all end tonight.
Tell me where he's
holed up and I'll
take care of your Dave Carroll
problem once and for all.
I'm afraid it's
too late for that.
Hey, mister...
Wasn't fucking talking to you.
See, you coming
at me hard, amigo.
Can't go back now.
So that takes us to this place.
I'm going to take
my time with you.
[INAUDIBLE] Dave Caroll style.
Tony, ease up.
You kill her fast,
I'll kill you slow.
I asked you not to do it.
Alias, how do you feel?
Don't move.
All right.
That could have gone better.
I know you're breathing, but
we need to call a doctor.
No one nearby, [INAUDIBLE].
The first one went through.
I can feel the second and
third like a fire in my guts.
You're really not going
to want to see this.
Crazy fucking idiot.
There's one.
Hey, girl.
What's your name?
What difference does that make?
I'm Emma.
That's a pretty name.
This is Tommy.
He doesn't want
to fight anymore.
How about you?
I think you still got
some fight in you.
Am I right?
I guess so.
Yeah, well, so do I.
What are we going to do?
Still working on that, Brandy.
That is crazy.
Now this sweet thing, they'll
put some hair on them titties.
You got a real lucky
find, [INAUDIBLE]..
You have no idea.
Man, you should learn
to live a little.
And you in the presence
of a celebrity.
Not me.
Coop over here.
Do tell, Coop.
Long time ago.
Glad to say nobody
hardly remembers.
Remembers what?
You know those airport
metal detectors?
Well, Coop over
here invented those.
No shit.
In a manner of speaking.
Wait, Coop.
You're not... DB Cooper?
Flattered to know the name.
All that happened 20 years
before you were born,
I'm guessing.
All what happened?
Don't tell me you've
never heard of DB Cooper.
Infamous airline hijacker,
made off with a pile of money
and was never seen again.
And been living the
high life ever since.
What about you?
What turn of fate brought this
pair of young and lovelies
to the scrapyard?
Oh, I just followed
the road, as always.
Led me here.
First to Kevin and now
to a bona fide celebrity.
What about you, boy?
You're in the yard, son.
Must have done something
to earn your keep.
I don't like to talk about it.
Come now, Kevin.
No secrets between friends.
Spill it, son.
What you in here for?
If you must know.
And he looked so
sweet and innocent.
My wife, her father didn't
exactly approve of me.
An old story.
And you killed him?
Not me.
That sweet little thing?
We got married in secret.
And once her father
found out, he
beat her within an
inch of her life.
For that I would
have killed him.
She beat me to it.
We saddled up, hit the road.
And where's your
better half now?
She takes no exception
to you traipsing around
in the dark with this one?
You're giving birth
over there, boy?
Don't pick on him.
He's not feeling well.
Well, he's just not right.
What the hell you
been eating, son?
Listen, you got to
get out of here.
This is our spot, slick.
Probably best you
both be on your way.
Thought we were friends.
Sorry, girlie, this one's
kind of spoiling the mood.
We're asking nicely.
Yeah, you better get a
body here now, sweet tits.
Now, Kevin, I thought
you were chivalrous.
You're just going to lie there
or will you defend my honor?
Time to go.
Well, children often are a
disappointment to their mother.
Yo, I'm not going
to warn you again.
Oh, hell no, bitch.
Hey, easy, Toby.
You're going to
let him hit me too?
Kid's got that
much sense to him.
Now get out of here before
I make you both my bitches.
Kevin, baby.
No, I said no!
Let's just get out of here.
Do as he says, missy.
Not ready to kill.
Fine, Kevin, have it your way.
Yo, I'm not going to warn you...
I took care of the
hard part for you.
That we are.
And it's about time you stop
fighting what's in your nature.
Good boy.
That's right.
Make mama proud.
Mama's hungry too.
[GRUNTS] For fuck's
sake, you boys are heavy.
Where'd they go?
I was tired of
looking at them, so I
did a little housecleaning.
What did I just tell you?
We've got to figure out
what we got to do next.
They'll be coming in any minute.
What the fuck?
Your wounds
I tend to patch
over pretty quickly.
Who are you?
Besides the guy
with a fake name.
Last of a dying breed.
All right, enough with
the quippy remarks.
So you should be dead
twice over by now.
Sorry to disappoint.
[CHUCKLES] Alias, I've seen
a lot of things in my life,
but this...
You're a...
[LAUGHS] Fuck you.
Tell me what's going on!
I just did.
You're a werewolf.
And a biker.
A lover of Craft IPA.
Speaking of which, this
water is not going to cut it.
You're a fucking asshole.
That too.
(WHISPERING) Calm down.
Now we're talking.
Hey, drink.
I didn't prepare
to come to this.
I've been try to hold it
off as long as I could.
It's another one of
these things you're not
going to want to see.
After eating those rounds
and losing all that blood
tonight, I have to feed.
There's plenty in the kitchen.
Our friends left
it well stocked.
It's what's outside I'm craving.
What do you mean?
What are you doing?
Much better.
You're a werewolf.
I know that.
You can't pass out on me.
I just need a moment
to catch my breath.
Eating lead's not as
easy as it used to be.
[SNAPS] Come on.
Eyes open.
All right.
[SIGHS] [GRUNTS] What do
you need to talk about?
Well, I've got
questions, naturally.
Fire away.
Were you born like this?
I mean...
Then how did you become...
Too long an answer.
Are there more like you?
A few.
Dave Carroll, is
he a werewolf too?
Not unless she turned him.
Who's she?
That's the one you
asked The Coyote about.
You think she's with Caroll?
[SIGHS] I do.
Tell me about her.
She's been riding with the pack
longer than I've been turned.
But her and the alpha,
fella named Pope,
they had a difference
of opinion.
So she saw this
out to The Bullets.
And The Bullets are...
Silver Bullets are
werewolf hunters.
Of course, right.
Blood feud's been going on as
long as anybody can remember.
So you're tracking down
Lucella for revenge?
Simple, old revenge.
I guess it's a good motive.
Time was Caroll had
been up for membership,
but Pope found him
lacking in quality.
No doubt that's why he
joined up with Lucella
and helped The Bullets
massacre everybody.
I can feel her in my bones.
She's close.
You're gonna sniff
her out, hound dog?
That's the plan.
There's one flaw I've
yet to reason with.
What's that?
If I'm close enough
to pick up her scent...
She'd have picked up yours.
That's the onion.
There will be no surprising her.
If she's turned Caroll or
anybody else, I'll be...
Fucked royally.
So now you know my secret.
What about you?
Why you doing this?
You might be a werewolf, but
Dave Carroll is a true monster.
I could tell.
On his westward journey,
he stopped at a little town
called Moriaty, New Mexico.
Never heard of it.
Well, if you have,
you would still
give a damn about
the people there.
Place ain't more than a
little truck stop and a motel,
after all.
Anyway, the motel is where
the girls work the spot
and conduct their business.
That is, until Dave
Carroll crossed their path.
So why you?
You know someone?
Just lost and forgotten souls.
Easy prey for a man
like Dave Carroll.
You're prepared to
settle the score.
Someone has to.
Yeah, I guess that's right.
If you could have seen
him torn up, like...
As if by a wolf.
You think?
Lucella, probably.
Unless she turned Caroll,
then it'll be a meal for two.
Sun'll be up soon.
You should get some rest.
I'll stay and look
out, give a holler
if any more Coyotes show up.
A guard dog.
I seem to have made
a mess of myself.
You have to remember to
strip before you turn.
Well, I can't control it.
It's like that in the beginning.
But in time, you'll learn
all the tricks of the trade.
How long have you been a...
You know.
You can say it.
I was turned ages ago.
The first 100 years
were a challenge.
The last few centuries
just seemed to fly by.
So you're like,
400 or something?
Never ask a woman
her age, Kevin.
I'm just saying.
You wear it well.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
It's a surprise.
I am done with your surprises.
You OK?
You had no right
to do this to me.
I hate you so fucking bad.
Because I made you.
We're a family now.
A pack.
The two of us
hardly make a pack.
True enough, but I'm
very careful about who
I choose to blood with.
Blood with?
It's a gift.
It's not easily won.
Why me?
I came across you by the stream.
I had no plan on doing
any more than killing you,
but when I tasted you I
knew I wanted you to myself.
And then I killed my wife.
I told you it wasn't
supposed to happen that way.
It's exactly how you
wanted it to go down.
Still I desire you.
At least as much as I crave
taste the blood on my tongue.
A werewolf and his maker are
joined down to our very bones.
What was that for?
You'd be what I hope'd to be.
Thirsty, fellas?
Time to move.
I need you all to listen good.
I am expecting company
tonight, so I need you
to be at your best behavior.
Wakey, wakey.
Get up.
Don't just do what he says.
Pipe down over there.
What's the point of
making this easy for you?
You told me what happens when
he takes him out of here.
How they're never seen again.
Hey, mouthy bitch,
clamp it shut.
Or what?
Where are we going?
I had something special planned.
A welcome to the family party.
I think we're just safer
in the company of friends.
What friends?
I like it when you
make me work for it.
Your friend lives here?
There you are.
You're not alone.
They meet with your approval?
They're beautiful.
What is this?
Your friend's not really
hip to the program.
I won't let you!
But darling, they're not for me.
Go on, listen to the
rhythm of their hearts.
Tell me the desire
is not consuming.
Hold up now.
I know it can be hard
in the beginning, Kevin,
but you've tasted the flesh now.
Spirit of the hunt
is awake in you.
This isn't hunting.
This is slaughter!
You're so close.
I won't.
You blooded with him.
After everything.
Everything I've done for you.
And you make another before me?
Your turn will come.
When it does, I promise you
it'll be worth the wait.
But we're out of time.
So pick one, Kevin.
Gain the power of the hellfire.
Because tonight you're
going to need it.
Silver-tipped crossbow.
A little gift from
The Silver Bullets.
Should be a nice little
surprise for our boy, Alias.
Oh yeah.
Please, help us.
I want to.
Then fucking do it!
It's not... it's not that easy.
This the place?
She's here.
And Caroll?
Three or four people.
Plus another blood kin.
This is going to get messy.
Oh, shit.
We got to get you
guys out of here.
No arguments on that.
Hello, Alias.
I hate to watch you suffer so.
I feel sorry for
you, young blood,
to be pack bound
with such a creature.
A fate worse than death.
Hard words, old friends.
True words.
We missed see each
other in Austin.
This all should
have ended there.
Hear this, boy.
She betrayed us, our
maker and the rest of us.
She'll do the same to you.
Not so, Alias.
Kevin and I are family now.
In fact, I'm the only
family he has left.
Better than even odds it was
you that made that come about.
How'd it go, Lucella?
You killed his
wife, his children.
[INAUDIBLE] didn't
have any pups.
His wife.
You made me think it was me.
A werewolf never
forgets his first kill.
[SCOFFS] Because I'm
a jealous girl, Kevin.
And for her to be
pact bound, I'll
have there being no
secrets between us.
It's time you know everything.
Make the hard choices.
Listen, to her word, son.
Hardest thing for
a werewolf to do
is turn on the
one that made him,
but Miss Lucella here
can personally attest,
it's not impossible.
Finally, Jesus.
Now go, run.
We can't leave him.
I'll see to them.
Just get out while you can.
It'll be faster if
we work together.
So now you know it all.
So make your choice, Kevin.
What's it going to be?
Got it.
All right.
All right, let's go.
The hell is going on out there?
Trust me, mister,
you look out there,
you're asking for
years of therapy.
Now go to the stream, don't
stop till you get there.
I'll catch up to you guys.
Don't need to tell me twice.
What the hell was that?
I think we should listen to her.
I think you better
run, prospect.
The smart money
stays on Lucella.
How about if you're wrong?
You be very careful.
Be a shame if you
hit the wrong one.
Well, there's one hound dog
I can put down for sure.
I better help the pup.
You don't quite
look up to the task.
You're the cause of all of this?
Just the bad parts, sweetie.
That werewoman, where'd she go?
It's gonna sting real bad,
son, if it don't come out.
Just do it.
Silver Arrows.
would have guessed?
Silver anything, actually.
Well, the only thing
that can kill you now,
but save a hangover.
You three all right then?
How about you?
Strong and spry.
Thank you.
Think nothing of it.
You know, you were right.
You did get out of there.
Yeah, that we did.
I don't mean to seem
ungrateful or be offensive,
but I really hope I don't
see you guys ever again.
Take care of yourself, drifter.
I will.
Put up a hell of a
fight for a young blood.
Gave me a run for my
money and then some.
Just thinking of Virginia.
That was my wife.
I guess, I go from here.
Seeing as you earned
it the hard way,
the cut's yours if you want.
We are pack animals.
That we are.
You know, she didn't
even tell me her name.
She's still out there.
And you're still on the
mind of tracking her down.
She's got a lot to account for.
That she does.
Well, I guess this is
goodbye, bounty hunter.
See you around then?
And just like that,
we say goodbye.
Road's calling, hound.
Ready to ride?
You got to work on
your name though.
What's wrong with my name?
Kevin, it doesn't
sound quite right.
I like my name just how it is.
Going my way?
Where exactly might that be?
Just wherever the road takes me.
Well, hop in.
That's exactly where I'm going.
So West good for you?
It's perfect.
LA sounds cool.
Maybe San Diego.
Anywhere that's got warm
beaches and lots of sun.
Name's Mike, by the way.
Nice to meet you.
I don't mean to
pry, but you don't
see many people hitchhiking
these days, especially
ones as good looking as you.
You say that to all the girls.
Yeah, I do.
But this time I
actually mean it.
[LAUGHS] You're sweet.
You don't mind, do you?
You want one?
I don't smoke.
I got some water in
the back, if you want.
Or if there's anything
else you might need.
Now that you mention it...
I'm a little hungry, actually.
'Cause I'm a hell hound.
'Cause I'm a hell hound.
In the dead of night,
checking it out.
You know it's time for a fight.
Who the heck cares if
they're than bigger than me.
Best say your prayers.
You could die today.
I'm on the prowl, I'm
starting to growl.
You know I'm hungry
when you hear me howl.
I'm a hell hound.
I'm a hell hound.
Something stinks really
bad somewhere out there.
Checking it out, you know
it's raising my hair.
No one cares if you disappear.
Best say your
prayers and get out
of here or something bad
going to happen to you.
I'm a hell hound.
'Cause I'm a hell hound.
Hell hound.
Hell hound.
Hell hound.
Hell hound.
Hell hound.
Hell hound.