Hellion (2014) Movie Script

Jacob! Wait!
Check this out guys!
Hey! Come here!
This time we talk about
school suspension.
Six months in Rawlins.
Sheriff Armstrong says if you're going to work
might consider
I was the only one there.
Do not bullshit me.
Do not betray my goal.
Look at me.
You almost got involved in all this brother.
Is that what you wanted?
Take responsibility, Jacob.
Forget it.
Fucking asshole.
Leave me alone.
Stop. Step back, Jacob.
How should I drive?
So sabere, that's how.
My mom gave it to me.
I hate you.
I fucking hate you.
Fuck you.
Listen, I did not want to push the way.
I will accept responsibility for their actions,
and the consequences of those actions.
I will accept responsibility for their actions
and the consequences of these actions.
Got something to say, son?
All you hear.
Since your first week,
loosen'll tell you, okay?
Son, it is easy from this side of the fence,
Evening can come home, sleep
in your comfortable bed.
But you better start caring,
or you'll end up
in juvenile detention, play
with the big boys.
Sure you do not go home to Mummy and Daddy.
You'll be locked.
Crying and commentaries in
bed every night.
The ground. 50 pushups.
I will accept responsibility for their actions
and the consequences of these actions.
I will accept responsibility for their actions
and the consequences of these actions.
Come on, let's go.
In your bed.
Hey, go back to sleep.
Four. Fuck.
I give her foursome.
You like this?
Hey, put that shit.
He's my fucking brother.
Get up, go home.
I want to stay with you.
I said no. Go.
Did you hear that Rick Martin was stabbed in
Juvenile last year.
's Fucking dead, man.
Who is next?
I did. Go home.
Sorry, baby. Give me a little.
-Take Your bag.
's Getting faster.
-Fucking True.
Totally should be racing again.
I know.
Fuck, look!
What would she worked.
Will you talk to her?
I do not know.
Show us your tits.
What the fuck Lance? You stupid idiot.
Leaving. Bravo.
-Don't Be such. Come back.
Wait a minute.
Look, look.
Hi. Hey honey. What nonsense
up to now?
Just hang out.
Yes, keeping in touch.
That's all, I swear.
Where's your dad?
Fuck if I know.
You created quite a reputation.
Come on Jacob. Hey, Jacob.
Yes, whatever.
Man, is pretty.
Shut up. That's his aunt.
Come on, sit down.
I'm not hungry.
You gotta eat something.
Do not get up.
Here. Take.
Dad today was in Galveston.
Another one I will try to arrange the house.
God had destroyed a reason.
We will be moving there.
-Wes, Eat dinner.
I'm not moving there.
Sit down!
What did you say?
How many times you gonna let
that stupid song?
Leave your brother alone.
Wes, straightening up.
Hey, Wes, get up. Come on.
Wes, let's go.
OK. Come on.
You alone.
You want to be a member of the team.
Will not do it.
Shut up.
Shit, he did it.
Shit. Hurry.
We have to go.
Hey, come here.
Come on Wes, let's go.
Come on, go faster.
Small, call the police.
-Take Bike.
Listen, do not tell anyone. Anyone.
Okay. I swear.
I will not let anything happen to you.
You did good.
Now stop crying and go to sleep.
Jacob? What that really go
Galveston as mom wanted?
I'm not.
Do you want ham or peanut butter?
I want to go a little bit.
-I You ham.
Who is this?
I do not know.
Hi guys.
I'm Mrs. Roberts and this is
cop Gardner. How are you?
Is this yours?
Well, I'll leave it here in case
it still is. How do you want.
Is your father at home?
Why are you here?
Let's go inside.
What do you want?
I told you not to
can not be here.
Daddy will come later,
can then return.
Can I talk to you?
Go there.
You can do it!
Get in the car. No!
Come on Jacob.
's Fine, let him.
Where is he? Calm down!
-Wes, Get off!
Hollis, he sleeps.
What do you think you're doing?
Do you think it was my idea?
CPS we had just left.
And you've got to pull yourself together.
I can not constantly play nanny.
Can I take care of the boys.
-Wes Will shortly be with me, that's all.
I can look after their children.
Really? Can you?
Rebecca would be broke your heart, and you know it.
Too much loved boys
to watching you abandoned them.
You told them? This is what,
you said that social workers?
Slow Hollis. I did not say anything to them.
What did they say?
-Idi To bed.
When he returns?
-Idi In bed, Jacob!
Hollis -Nikome not bother.
Neighbors complain again, you have to turn off the music and
get in there, son.
This is a free country,
I can do anything I want.
Do not make trouble, we do not want you back
bring if we do not.
Did you get your name?
Worthless coward!
You have anything to say, Harold?
Tell me in the face!
Hol... Holis. That's enough.
Come inside and take a nap. Come on.
Get your hands off me.
Go. No
Come on. -Get Your hands off me.
I'm going... I'm going.
Colleague was supposed to be there,
sorry I'm late.
You know you can not afford to
10-year-old is unattended.
I believe, 13-year-old parolee is not a good indicator
He is allowed to keep Jacob.
But you once a week at
advisers appointed by the court.
Do not miss a single meeting.
I have to stop drinking.
In a month we will again
make an assessment.
You're lucky that the judge
Bradley loves baseball.
He says he was at all
your matches.
Listen, I know that you and your family
passed everything.
It seems to me that you could use
little help.
Contact me and sister in law,
because you're just trying to help.
This is only temporary. You know that?
Not like last time, right?
Hey, have you been practicing dance moves
You're better than me.
OK, give me a hug.
Be good, right?
What is it, what are you laughing at?
Go to bed.
Aunt Pam!
Aunt Pam!
Are you okay?
Can you sit here until you fall asleep?
Do you want me to read you a story?
Or it can come up with.
Just sitting in that chair.
I want to come home.
-Stiaj Little. -Ti Hold your own.
I want to come home.
Go away.
Are you still there?
Remember how Carmichael
won 24 medals?
Before you were born.
after injuring his knee
again won all 24th
He is an American hero, you know.
I mean, who does not respect this guy.
Wes, bookstores are closing soon.
I have to go.
What is it?
I'll correct it, right?
Who was it?
OK kid, let's go.
Ricky runs for victory.
He was not afraid of work, he practiced
more than anyone.
Role model for young people.
Indicates that the life
get as much as you put.
I, 10 titles in
motocross, it's crazy.
Whenever you drive, only wants
first to pass the finish line.
The big difference between Ricky and all...
This, Jacob!
Good jump.
It will be great.
Here it is.
It, Jacob!
-Jacob, Are you all right man?
Remove your helmet. Too fast you went
the curve. Oh, really?
Come on, get up.
I go again.
Are you sure?
I just turn too fast.
Have you talked to Lorne?
Yes, we talked yesterday.
What did she say?
I do not know.
Walk? Yes.
Since when? -From yesterday.
Where did you go?
We're not going anywhere.
We were with her.
What do you mean, anywhere?
This is... nowhere.
So, you've never been on a real date
but walking.
It took a day
so we could go somewhere.
Then you walk.
We were with her.
Have you done something?
I would have rolled it in the first 20 minutes.
Shut up.
She invited me to a party on Saturday.
Entertainment rich kids.
This is good. Like it?
What is this 250? Yes
Much too, that's how.
My mom makes a chocolate cake for
Tim's birthday if anyone wants to come.
I can not. Parents want
some shitty conversation.
I thought Tim and your mom
interrupt. -Primila Him back.
Asshole, treats her like crap.
Do you remember when it was
your mom kicked?
Your mom did not suffer anyone's shit.
Was totally cool.
Jacob Listen, I'm sorry.
Forget it, let's go.
Did you hear that Bailiyi
renovated bowling alley? Really?
Saturday specijal.
-Were Are the worst in the league.
I, you, Rebecca and Janie Donovan.
This has had a good butt.
Every time he took the pink ball and crossed the track
I wanted to hurt him.
I've still got the trophy for last place
which Rebecca made.
Always said that
are the best losers.
Yes, it is.
Can I say something?
Why do not you sell this house?
She wants to continue to live.
This is no longer the home of your dreams
she thought.
You owe me six beers.
Shit. Who here which helps?
Seriously, where's my drink?
Hey Jacob.
Is Wes here?
I think it is not wise
that is currently associate.
Look... I'm gonna beat the
motorcycle race next month.
This year we're going to look at me
in the national competition.
Do you know who is Ricky Carmichael?
I do not know. It's great.
My mother would be proud of you.
Can I come and hang out with him?
Not today. I'm sorry.
Come on, come on!
Jacob, come on.
What's wrong?
Do you want to get some ice cream
after the game?
Can we celebrate?
What to celebrate?
I have completed the back porch.
Fuck Galveston.
Look out how you express yourself.
Do not come into my room.
Let me know if you change your mind.
Best friend from school
told me a joke.
Really? Yes.
How's it going?
There are 30 cows and 28 chickens.
How not?
How not? I do not know.
There are 30 cows and 28 chickens.
How not?
Not you?
Is that the point? It's not.
There are 30 cows and 28 chickens.
I do not know what you're saying.
I want to know what's the deal.
There are 30 cows. Right.
20 cows eating chickens.
There are only 30 cows and 28 chickens.
There are 30 cows,
of which 20 are eating chickens.
Yeah, 20 cows eating the chickens!
I have to admit that lan- He told me
was hard enough to paddle
but I assure you that I gave it my all and I never spared
I noticed, though my
wind in your face,
us electricity and still carries. SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON
Aunt Pam.
Should go to bed.
Yes, you're right.
I love you.
And I you.
-Pst. Put your shoes, let's go.
Wes, do not be a pussy. Come on.
The two of them really enjoy.
Hey, it could be
me for a few seconds.
're Disgusting.
Katie. Katie.
Have you been in an old bookstore
12th Street?
They have a whole department of pirates.
And that strange guy Max works there.
Showed me his old rap recordings.
She is trying to buy your love
and you're too stupid to see it.
Do Aunt Pam. I bought your helmet
and took care of us when my dad was gone.
You're just jealous because they took me to the amusement park.
I do not care for the amusement park or
stupid pirate bookstore.
It's not your mom.
Do you miss her?
I miss my dad.
Did you get the paper for the trip?
Sorry, very late. I had an appointment at 5:30
Carl Raines.
I'm sorry Mr. Wilson had to go.
Waiting for you for 45 minutes.
Carla comes in the morning.
'll Make another appointment.
OK? Yes, ma'am.
I saw him at the window.
He told me -Buy me!
Good looking -Received him favorably.
Good buying.
Anders, talking about leaking
last night or about the gun?
She was favorable.
It was a bit lively. Good for him.
You're funny.
You know Danny,
new kid at the barber?
Bought a Smith and Wesson Model
10th beautiful.
'd Better shoot at this from him.
Watch where you direct it.
The kid is here.
Mean Jakieja?
Strong, are you a child?
Have you ever held a gun?
I do not want to play with guns.
One must learn, right?
We have to make a man of him.
This is one way.
Get from under the armpits small.
Come on strong, you're up.
Do it strong.
Go. He was not even charged.
Take it to the right and take the bottom left.
This advice always works.
Hold this tightly close the pipe, and when you're ready
singe just put it this way.
Push, do not pull.
OK, that's enough, get him Jacob.
's OK, Dad.
Enough, already has a record.
Go to your room.
Hi Jake.
Good night strong.
Enough me.
These are precious moments.
'll Be back.
These are precious moments.
You're right.
Come on. Time to get up.
Hey, get up, put clothes and shoes.
You should be ready in 10 minutes
I'm serious, Jacob.
Come on Wes!
Go Wes!
Wes, hey.
It was great.
You watched the game?
Yes, I saw it all.
How did Hollis?
It was great.
You did a really good man.
Better get going. We need to find a
some families to pizza.
Can be found there, we have no plans.
I can to meet your goal.
I think it's not a good idea.
What do you mean?
I think it is not a good idea
with whatever happens.
Just because you give
Court to briefly play mommy
does not mean that...
Do in front of the boys.
I'm his father.
Come here. Give me a hug.
I'm proud of you. I love you.
You know that?
Miss you.
And you, too.
OK. Be nice.
Let's small.
You have to accelerate in some corners.
At this bend slow.
I do not know. That's where you're going with external
hand, you need inside.
Let me see.
Shut up.
Do you see this as Carmichael.
Yes, it was great.
Stop hiding, let me see.
Let me. Calm down.
This was fast.
Shit, Lance.
Get off him.
You're in luck.
Your friend Lance takes all the blame.
I do not want you ever
seen in this park.
This is a public place for small children,
not for teenage punks.
Okay, get out.
Nathan, Nathan, except you.
Come here, sit down.
Lance, you are.
The rest of you, go away.
Lance's parents are getting a divorce.
This is bullshit, man.
Sher told me that Lance's dad
had an affair with Nathan's mom.
To Sher know?
Her mom works in the theater.
Probably knows everything.
I fucking hate cops.
Old will kill you.
Shut up.
I know it's not like my mom but...
What is it?
You wash my clothes?
The bed's.
Where did you get the plum?
-Neki Kid in the park.
Did you get him back?
Where did you get the women's makeup?
From Hyder sisters.
She told us about the kid from
"burger palace".
The juvenile had so shattered face
month that he could not speak.
Therefore has a scar.
Another kid was stabbed,
died 2 months ago.
Then it's best not to end up there.
You've got to be better.
I have the qualifications for the state for 2 weeks.
Hey, we need a camera.
Are you there? Get dressed.
Open the door.
The penalties are you?
Can you get out?
My brother takes us on track.
Where's your mom?
I do not know.
Want to come? I told you I'm
! Just take your camera.
OK. I'll come get you, okay?
What are you, Pam?
I need to talk to you.
So... the other day I was offered a job
in Houston.
I've thought about it.
I will accept it.
Do you remember how we wanted to get out of here
when we were kids?
And you always have Galveston.
Wes lawyer tells me that you missed
meetings, and quarterly estimates.
Says it is in his interest to
come with me to Houston.
Get out of my house.
Get out!
Wait, Hollis.
You know that Jacob will end up in
juvenile and then what? And Wes?
The next time you come
'll bring him home.
I just want the best for him.
Travis went because you did not want children.
Never wanted children, Pam.
Why are you trying to take mine?
You've Pam and Wes.
Leave us a message.
Hey Wes, Jacob.
Just call me, okay?
Look at this ass.
You'll win it.
You have a certain victory.
I heard that Robert Ramirez yesterday
stuffed some kid in the hospital.
Not end up in the hospital
but it is good arranged.
They took Robbie in handcuffs.
Shit. Have you seen?
Have you seen Wes lately?
I did.
You got it, man. You'll win the race.
I have to.
Have you seen my belt?
I did.
Did you find tie your mom bought
? Yes, here it is.
I do not know her tie. She told me she did it.
Come here.
Raise your chin.
Here. It's good.
What did they say?
Dad, where is Wes?
We'll get him back.
What are you doing here?
Why do not you call me?
What does that mean?
I do not know.
What do you mean, you do not know?
I do not know.
Listen, I have a race next week.
I will win for you and Dad.
The whole city will see.
-Treba Me there.
You have to tell Pam.
Leave me alone.
Hey, Mom is still the bridge,
Are you a beer?
You do not have to go back.
Everything will be sorted out, do not worry.
Dressed, you're scaring the children.
Can you drive this?
Come on, get.
If you are just entering, set the radio to 87.5
for today's race.
Race 2 just ends
preparing to race No. 3
Open Amateur class for 85cc and larger.
Everyone tries to earn a place on the all-star
amateur national race.
Race 3 at the starting line.
Go Jacob!
AND 40 drivers entering the first turn on
Cowboy Badlands MX track.
Again, the top 12 qualify for the
amateur national race.
Jacob Wilson puts pressure
as it pushes forward.
Gary Owens also in the middle.
Several rounds passed, Gary Owens,
Jason and Jacob Wilson
These are the first three.
Jacob Wilson takes the lead.
Gary Owens is on his track.
passes and throws Jacob Wilson over the edge.
Is Wes here?
You were great.
Here. Can I get you anything else?
I think that's all, thank you.
Another Coke.
My mother would be very proud of you.
Would be proud punk?
Close your mouth while you're eating.
Very nice.
So, how was school boys?
I hate school. Good.
This is ridiculous. Father of the year.
Do here.
Why? Everyone knows you're the CPS took the child.
The whole town knows.
Shut up. Immediately.
I do not know how to Galveston. Enough.
Left us.
Stop. Do not tell me what to do.
I was not responsible to take care of everything.
Worry about Wes while you were getting drunk.
OK. Come on.
Three weeks ago, Dad.
Been gone for three weeks.
Admit it, you wanted to get drunk to death.
When Duncan found, you wanted us forever
leave. -We're Clearing. We're not going.
Up. What do we do now?
How to get it back?
All your fault.
This is all your fault.
Do you want to play that game?
Do you really want?
Good to see you, son.
Come on, let's go.
Leave me alone.
Come on! -Get Your hands off me.
Fuck you all.
I left money on the table.
I'm sorry about this.
Hit another.
Hit it.
Good shot.
Let me see that.
-Opei'll Be.
Stop. Give me a lighter.
I do not give.
Jacob, let me try.
Do not hit someone, Hyder.
Shut .
Putz could not hit his own face.
Shut up you moron.
Shit, no longer under house arrest.
Give me the bat to show you as it works.
Hold this for me.
Fuck you.
Do not be a pussy.
Lance, stop.
Do not be a pussy, put it here.
Not funny. Get away.
Come on, Lance.
Fuck you.
What the fuck is he doing?
Lance, what the hell?
Stop it man.
Jacob what are you doing? Stop.
Give me a break.
Get away from me. Stop it.
Go away.
Get off him.
I'd supposed to protect.
And she takes him to Houston.
-Fuck That whore.
Come on, get up. Let's get out of here.
Are you done?
Form conditional on the bed.
Mr. Deming says he was soon going back to Barker.
I'm proud of you.
Did you hear me?
What is it?
I do not know, I just...
look like her while you sit there.
We were a great team, are not we?
The four of us.
Come on Wes, get up. Come on.
What are you doing here?
Hurry, take things.
Hurry, get your shoes on.
What's taking him so long?
I do not know. -You Should we enter and exit.
Stop touching things.
Shut up.
Lance, stop. Give it back.
I can not go anywhere.
-Nema Election Wes.
Take books.
Hurry, get the shoes.
Where's your jacket? Take a good jacket.
Shit. Lance.
Roger, return it.
What was that?
I'm going up.
I'll stay down.
Good. Be quiet.
Where did you get the fuck?
-U Dad's house stupid.
Go on. Go.
Come on.
Drop the bat.
Lance! Sit down.
What are you doing Lance?
Sit down!
Put the gun down.
Are you okay?
Shit, Hyder.
-Is It well, Roger?
Better hope he's right, bitch.
Just put the gun down, please.
Shit. Oh, God.
What the fuck, man?
This bitch hit Hyder.
I did not know it was him.
Where did you get the gun?
-Jacob. Stop talking.
What are you doing Lance? -I'll The police, we're all going to
Sit down!
What are you doing?
Shut up! Sit down!
Lance, calm down, I'll handle this.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
Shut up. Stop resisting.
Stop moving.
Stop moving. Get down!
You think it's wrong and what you did?
Stop Lance.
You'll wake the neighbors.
Fucking bitch, rastavlja family.
Can we go, it's not good.
Take it easy.
Rastavlja family.
Do you know what this is fucked up?
How about I just kill myself?
Lance, stop it!
Let him go.
Get off me!
Lance, get away with it.
Rise. Here comes the cops.
We have to go.
What's going on?
Slow down. Say that again.
What the hell happened?
Jacob not guilty. He tried to help
and Lance is just...
The boy is in the hospital. He'll be fine.
Do you know where to go?
I do not know.
Detectives want you both to come to the station
. Are you kidding me Walter?
Children were alone and scared,
I do not go to the station.
When you find them, bring in them.
They're fucking kids.
What is he doing?
Just staring at me.
Come on.
Hey, stop!
Where are Wes and Jacob?
Where are they? -Na Beach.
How long?
At least 30 minutes until it returns.
OK, we'll come back.
Remember when our mom
brought you here?
We'll start over again in Galveston.
Just what she wanted.
We'll be like
"Swiss Family Wilson"
I'll take care of you, okay?
Come in from the left wing guys.
Are you okay?
I am.
Hey, did you see the two boys?
Did you see the two boys
10 to 13 years?
Two boys of 10 and 13 years, are
in? Yes, somewhere above.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Come on.
I'm sorry.
I screwed up, okay?
I did not have to drop.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I love you more than anything.
Do you understand?
Everything will be fine.
Wes, let me out, I'm not well.
Are you okay?
Stay with my dad, okay?
Stay with him, do you understand?
Promise me you'll take care of him.
OK guys, come on.