Hellmington (2018) Movie Script

Got it. Got it. Got it.
You know, this was your
great grandmother's.
She gave it to your grandmother.
Your grandmother gave it to
me, and I gave it to you.
That's why I'm always with
you, wherever you go.
Sam Woodhouse is not available.
At the tone please record
your message.
Hey Sam, it's Rupert.
It's uncle Rupert, yeah um...
Look, I wish I was calling under
better circumstances,
but uh... it's uh...
Sweetheart, it's about your dad.
It doesn't look good.
He doesn't look good
at all darlin'.
Oh my God.
Look at you.
Big city girl, huh?
Is he in a coma?
The prognosis isn't very good.
Yeah, if the neighbor's
hadn't found him...
Sweetheart, I got to take this.
You go in, I'll be
right behind ya.
Yeah, hello?
You've seen better days, Joe.
Katie Owens...
Katie Owens...
I missed you, kiddo.
Missed you a lot.
Come on, I got a room set
up at my place for ya.
I booked a room.
My office, bright and early.
Get some sleep.
You too, Sam.
Oh fuck!
Oh shit.
I need a room.
You look familiar.
You're big Joe
Woodhouse' daughter.
Look at you all grown up.
How's he...
He's dead.
I just need a license
and a credit card.
Okey dokey.
Thank you.
Just gonna need your little
Jane Hancock there.
Put a pack of lights on my room.
You know it's your
dad's favorites.
He had this on him when
they admitted him last night.
Thought you might
wanna hang onto it.
Yeah... are you gonna
be available tomorrow
to go through your
father's affects and...
You and I haven't really
talked about that.
He said something last night.
When he was dying?
Katie Owens.
You tell me.
Her father and he were prison
guards together, umm...
There was also that thing
between you and Katie.
Yeah, but why Katie?
She's been missing for years,
what's the connection?
There is none.
I mean I was chief inspector
on that case.
It went cold fast.
I mean everyone else
took a run at it,
came up with the same
THING: Nothing.
Oh come on.
Your dad wasn't thinking right,
I mean his brain was
all poisoned and...
Who was the last
officer assigned?
Khan, detective Khan.
Mind if I talk to him?
I'll have him pull the file.
I appreciate you
taking the time.
Anything for the chief's niece.
I would start here.
Most of our info comes from
Brad Kovacs' testimony.
He was the last person
to see her alive,
and her best friend.
And our primary suspect
for the longest time.
Insisted that Katie was supposed
to meet some mystery person.
Oh there was also this.
Yeah this case brought all the
nuts out of the woodwork,
but at a certain point we were
taking anything we could get.
Any who, I'll leave
you with that.
If you have any questions,
give me a shout.
Impressive collection.
Scared to ask where
you found all these.
Ebay mostly.
That's a joke.
Taxidermy provides a good
secondary income.
What can I do for
you, detective?
What does the number nine
mean to you, detective?
Uh, the number before 10?
The last number before 10.
Last in a cycle that
repeats itself.
Take 25 plus five equals 30.
Three plus zero equals...
Three is the digital route.
Now we add nine to that number.
We get 39.
Three plus nine is twelve.
One plus two equals...
Adding nine to any number
is the same as adding a zero.
It doesn't alter the
digital route.
It's what we call casting
out the nines.
How does this relate
to the um...
They were a secret sect whose
belief system revolved around
the cycle of light and darkness.
360 degrees.
Three plus six is nine.
Half of that is 180 degrees.
One plus eight is nine.
Half of that is 90 degrees.
Nine plus zero is nine.
Half of that is...
Are you paying attention?
Four plus five is nine and half
of that is 22.5 and so on,
and so on, and so forth...
You were about to make a point?
More than a number, it's
the fundamental cycle
that transcends all cultures.
Teth is the ninth letter of
the Hebrew alphabet.
Represents the paradox
between good and evil.
Tesla believed that nine was the
key to unlocking the universe.
Norse mythology is divided
into nine worlds.
Jesus' spirit left his body
after the ninth hour.
Even in Satanism nine
represents the resurrection.
Beethoven wrote nine symphonies,
cats have nine lives.
I get it, nine's a
special number.
Nine months to create
a human life.
Thank you, professor.
I do hope you find
her, detective.
Some years ago a young
man came to me
asking very similar questions.
A friend of a young girl
who had gone missing.
You tell your uncle his
pickerel's ready.
Wait, wait, no.
Ignorant little dip-shits.
I got to stop renting
to students.
Don't worry, I'll get dad
to clean that up ASAP.
I just wanted you to know.
Clean room nine!
What time?
Room nine!
There's shit all over the walls!
Who called?
You sleep well
otherwise, though?
It's Brad Kovacs' testimony.
You know most of the info
we have comes from that.
He was her best friend and
the last person with her.
And our primary suspect
for the longest time.
No matter how many times we
grilled him he never deviated.
Without a body, we
couldn't charge him.
He aced every single polygraph.
Brad Kovacs?
I just wanna talk.
You a cop?
I'm looking for...
Sam Woodhouse, we were seniors...
Yeah I know.
Can we talk?
Am I under arrest?
Then fuck off.
Does the term Reveniens
mean anything to you?
Don't worry, I didn't spike it.
Not every woman I'm
with disappears.
Tell me about the night
Katie disappeared.
Same story I told your uncle.
Hasn't changed.
I wanna hear it from you.
It was after prom.
You already left town.
And it started with the letter.
An invitation.
If she agreed to meet with them
her life would change forever.
I thought it was someone's
idea of a sick joke.
I didn't like it.
It felt like something out of
a fucking horror movie
or something.
But she... she always
loved that stuff.
Given all that she'd
been through
I wanted to make her happy.
I owed it to her.
So I went along with it.
If I'd have been a better friend
I should have, you know...
Would have stuck to my gut.
Would have protected her.
The next morning she was gone
and everyone just
assumed I did it.
You don't remember
anything else?
It's the last time I saw her.
I still think about
her every day.
I should have stopped it.
Did you have anything
to do with this?
Where did you get that?
In my room at the motel.
You need to go now.
Khan, it's Sam.
I think I know why Brad passed
all those Polygraphs.
Why's that?
I think he's telling the truth.
I'd be careful who you say
that to around here, Sam.
Word spreads fast
in a small town.
You never know who
might be listening.
Hi, is this Samantha Woodhouse?
Yeah, I'm calling from
the coroners office
at Hellmington General.
Are you free to drop
by this afternoon?
It's about your father.
This was on his person?
I wager it's for a safety
deposit box at the Credit Union.
Got one myself.
Can I hang onto this?
Hang onto what?
Shit, I spilt coffee
all over myself.
Hey, what do you know
about Katie's father?
Vic, he worked with your
dad at the prison.
He was killed on duty,
but that happened before
Katie went missing.
There was a woman
who worked with him.
She retired a few years back.
Owns a bar downtown.
What time is it open until?
Owner in?
There we go.
To big Joe.
Fuck we were young.
Can't say I miss those days.
I was going through some
of my dads old things
and came across a photo
with you and Vic Owens.
Tragic what happened to him.
Vic was a hero, killed by
a son of a bitch
that didn't deserve to live.
I was the one who put him
up for the medal of bravery.
Where'd you get this?
Joe's safety deposit box.
We both know you're
not telling the truth,
so how 'bout you try again.
Those were wicked days.
That prison was rotten.
Made it easy to smuggle
contraband in.
Use your imagination.
Our only job was to stay away.
Punched in, punched
out, went home clean.
Just have to look after our
MAN INSIDE: Anton Buck.
Vic started getting greedy.
Thought he could
demand more money.
Anton didn't like that.
So he gave Anton the window.
Anton wasn't stupid enough
to get his own hands dirty.
So he passed the job off...
Lester and I were on duty
that night with Vic.
We fabricated the report
and buried the evidence.
But apparently not all of it.
Was Joe involved?
It was his idea.
He never expected
it to go so bad,
but he had an alibi.
He was at home
with his daughter.
How do you live with yourself?
I may be the last man standing,
but I will be damned
if I am gonna keep my
mouth shut anymore.
Hell, there's no one
left to stop me.
So go ahead, arrest
me, fuck 'em.
So you're telling
me all this stuff,
you're telling me how he came in
and he fucking lunged at you
and attacked you
and all that shit.
Sorry, I'm just really tired.
So you never saw him before?
No, never.
Does the name Anton Buck
mean anything to you?
Were you investigating him?
Can you get an address on him?
Sam, we really need to bring
your uncle in on this.
Not yet.
Yeah I got her.
Son of a bitch.
You couldn't call me, I got to
hear this from dispatch?
I'm really sorry, chief.
I'm not talking to you.
Oh my God.
It's fine.
How would you know?
Don't worry about it.
Can you please...
Turn around.
You really think this
is a good idea?
You brought me back here.
Yes, for your father's funeral.
This is my jurisdiction, you're
not in the big city now.
Then arrest me.
Oh come on, Sam.
Can you drive me home, please?
You need to trust me.
So how's your mom
holding up with all this?
She died when I was young.
Were you guys close?
Oh Sam, I just got
my car cleaned.
Was she very young
when she had you?
What's your story, detective?
How do you mean?
Well you're not from
around here.
I don't think that's
a compliment.
I can take it from here.
You should wait in the car.
Legally, I'm the only one who's
supposed to be here, Sam.
You got me there.
How does someone like Anton
get parole anyway?
Didn't say in his record, but
he's been out since last year.
I don't have my gun.
Just don't shoot
anybody, alright?
What the heck is happening
in this town?
I need another room.
One that's not a crime scene.
I'm so sorry.
Dj vu.
Now what?
Where's Katie's mother?
Does she still run
the funeral parlor?
These days she's off the grid.
Well, where can I find her?
I can't really give
you an address.
What do you mean?
You'll see.
Are you sick?
You have no right.
Look, wait, look, look at me.
Look at me.
Joe and Vic's deaths
are connected
to your daughter's
and I need your help if
I'm gonna find her.
Yes Katie.
I couldn't be there for her
when she needed me.
Then my savior, my God,
my Lord found me.
Now I serve his will.
I've kept this for
a very long time.
Maybe it will help you.
You were always so cruel to her.
There were times she
came home crying.
But Katie didn't
deserve your wrath.
This is Sargent Rupert Woodhouse
of the Hellmington County
Sheriff's department.
Case number 402C.
Please state your name.
Katie Owens.
And what would you
like to say, Katie?
Go ahead sweetheart.
It's okay.
I'd like to drop the
charges against Sam Woodhouse.
I thought about what happened,
and it wasn't her fault.
We got into an argument
at school earlier
and um... things got
out of control.
And what else sweetie?
Wasn't her fault.
For the record this is
your truthful testimony
and not influenced by
anyone else, correct?
Sweetheart, you
got to speak up a little bit,
I couldn't hear you.
I am proud of you, baby.
Is that everything?
Almost, we need her
statement in writing as well.
Katie, you're doing
the right thing here.
You okay?
Oh my God.
He drank battery acid.
Hollowed out his insides.
You must hate yourself
something real bad
to wanna bow out like that.
You're not supposed
to be in here.
Come with me.
You secure this crime scene.
I gave you permission to look at
a file, not work in the field.
You missed the God
damned appointment
at the funeral parlor.
You could at least pretend
like you give a shit, Sam.
Now I love you, what you
had with your father,
that's your business.
But I lost my brother, who
I loved very much.
I need you to show up.
Do you hear me?
Show up.
It's hard all these years
after you left.
Being stuck in the middle.
Both you two goddamn fightin'
to pick up the phone
and talk to each other.
Joe missed your graduation,
he missed your wedding,
he missed the birth of his
goddamn grandchild
and that's a fucking tragedy.
Truth is it didn't matter
who showed up today.
Son of a bitch had made all the
plans when your mother passed.
He paid for the plot.
Carving the fucking stone
while we're standing here.
He always was one to plan ahead.
When did that start?
Being here brings
back old habits.
I need you to stop poking
around in active cases.
What are you doing here?
Sorry to hear about
your old man.
I always liked him.
How long you here for?
Nice family.
How old's your daughter?
She's six.
And your wife?
Why don't you cut the shit, Sam.
Why the fuck are you here, huh?
Katie Owens.
You're still holding onto that?
After everything?
Fucking unbelievable.
May I?
Go over there.
All this time I thought you
cheated on me with Katie.
But it turns out she
didn't have much
of a say in the matter, did she?
Are you here to arrest me?
I just want the truth,
are we clear?
It started with Brad.
Brad didn't want money,
he wanted to be liked,
he wanted to be popular,
you know, one of us.
How does Katie fit into this?
Katie just happened
to tag along.
I wanted to have a
good time and...
I always got what I wanted.
And Katie she... she disappeared
before I had a chance
to square things.
You can keep that copy.
I have more than enough.
You were always so cruel to her.
But Katie didn't
deserve your wrath.
It was after prom,
you had already left town
and it started with the letter.
It felt like something out
of a fucking horror
movie or something.
She always loved that stuff.
He said something last night.
Katie Owens...
Was Joe involved?
It was his idea.
And what about my uncle?
I need you to stop poking
around in active cases.
Did he know?
Reveniens... they're
a fanatical group.
Katie was researching them
before she went missing.
I think they're involved in
her disappearance.
So you're saying
someone is doing all this?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Nothing's adding up.
Nine years ago Katie
It all starts here.
I do hope
you find her, detective.
Are you paying attention?
I get it, nine's a
special number.
Nine months
to create a human life.
Let us turn to the words
of the Apostle Paul.
"To die is to gain,
to be immortal."
"In death we gain a better body
that can never age
or feel loss."
"In the city of God we all
experience dissolving circles
that come with death."
"But the circle's unbroken
in heaven."
"There's no sorrow or pain
for these passed away."
"And for me to live is money..."
"And to die is loss."
"And if for me to live is
self, and to die is loss."
"And if for me to live is
ambition, then to die is loss."
"And if for me to live is
sin, to die is loss."
"But if for me to live in
Christ, to die is forever."
I invite you all to remember...
What's going on?
Father, brother, and friend.
Joseph Woodhouse...
Sam, is everything okay?
Are you Ashley's mom?
Are you Ashley's mom?
This is for you.
Where did you get this?
The goat man.
Police, don't move!
Son of a gun!
God damnit, Sam!
You followed me?
Of course I did.
The way you tore
ass out of there.
What the hell are
you doing here?
We're not alone, there's
someone here.
It's all connected.
What is?
Katie, Joe, Ashley, all of it.
Ashley, Jesus Christ.
Don't do that.
Do not do that.
I have talked to all of them.
To all of them.
Katie, Joe,
Ashley, the guard, the fire.
Vic Owens, all of it,
it's all related.
All of it, it's all related.
Will you listen to yourself?
I am not crazy!
Just listen to
yourself, will ya?
Listen to yourself!
How can Ashley be
a part of this?
She never set foot in this
God damned town!
As far as the rest of
it being connected,
of course it's connected,
it goes through you.
It all goes through you, Sam.
It all goes through you.
Come on Sweetheart,
come on baby.
Sweetheart, you're scaring
the shit out of me.
Put your weapon on the ground.
Behind you!
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to hurt you.
Come on out.
Let me see that you're alright.
I just wanted to help
you, sweetheart.
So many unanswered
questions, sweetheart.
Like what happened
to Ashley, huh?
Whoa, whoa, relax.
Just breathe.
You know as a child you were
always trouble, stubborn.
You get that from your dad.
Your father was
drowning in debt.
He didn't wanna
be a part of this.
He just, he just had to.
I had the product, your father
had the customers.
Vic... that was unfortunate.
But we had to do it.
And Anton, Anton was only
supposed to scare you.
Oh Christ, I never
should have let you
look into Katie's file, never.
You're a sick girl.
And we both know who started
the fire that killed Ashley.
I promised your father
I'd take care of you.
That's exactly what
I'm gonna do.
Jesus Christ.
What was I supposed to do?
Let him kill you?
Khan, Khan.
This is detective Khan.
I need immediate
medical assistance
at 63 Shadowbrooke Road.
Khan, unlock the handcuffs!
Do it!
I'm gonna get you
outta here, Sam.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
What does a girl do when
she loses everything?
Her father, her dignity,
her will to live.
What does she do?
She gets revenge.
And Katie, she...
Not every woman I'm
with disappears.
She disappeared before I
had a chance to square things.
If I'd been a better
friend I would've protected her.
She didn't have much of a
say in the matter, did she?
I took from you what
you took from me.
For nine years they showed
me my true purpose.
To watch you suffer in a prison
of your own making.
Now you will live in it.