Hello (2017) Movie Script

'Can I tell you something?'
'Nobody comes into our life
without a purpose.'
'From the time we are born,
until we pass on'
'everyone we meet in this life'
'is bound with us
by an invisible thread.'
'This invisible thread
is what we call, destiny.'
'We meet different people
in different ways'
'so what about the way we meet
the one we'll share our life with?'
'I mean, our soulmate.'
'Try to imagine it.'
"Where are you?
"What happened to you?
"Can you hear me right now?"
"Will you come to me?
"Have you forgotten me?
"I think of you
every single moment."
"Where are you?
"I wonder what you're doing."
"Will I ever see you?"
"Will I ever hear you?"
"When will you come back to me?"
"Girl.. I say hello.."
"I feel your love
and it makes me glow."
You're my love for sure."
"I hear you calling me.
"No matter how far you are.."
"Wherever you may be hiding"
"I will find you."
"You are my dream."
"I want to be with you."
"I want to be with you."
"I want to hold your hand."
"Like your shadow"
"I want to walk with you."
"With you, forever."
"Where are you?
"What happened to you?
"Can you hear me right now?"
"Will you come to me?
"Have you forgotten me?
"I think of you
every single moment."
'Fourteen years, three months'
'and seventeen days.
That's how long we've been apart.'
'They say that no distance
is too great'
'when you run towards
the one you miss.'
'You are confused.'
'But when heart beats faster'
'we know it is consumed
with desire.'
'Every morning at 7:30 a.m.
throughout my entire run'
'I can't stop thinking about
the promise I made to you.'
'You told me to come
here everyday at this time.'
'What if someday you come
and I'm not here?'
'That is why,
be it thunderstorms or rain'
'even with an injured foot'
'I keep on running
and I keep coming here.'
'Ramakrishna signal..'
'Around 1000 people
pass by here everyday.'
'I am sure none of them
would've thought about me.'
'I know how tough it is to live
as an orphan.'
'There are so many people
around me'
'but not one of them
could sense my loneliness.'
'How did you sense it, Junnu?'
'You taught me the beauty
of simple conversation.'
'The sound of your anklets
while running..'
'The clinking of your bangles
while eating Pani Puri..'
'Your laughter
while talking to me..'
'I remember all of it
like it happened yesterday.'
'I'm ready to run all my life'
'hoping that it would bring
me closer to you.'
'But today, after so many years'
'I feel that universe
is trying to tell me about you.'
'You know what, Junnu?'
it feels like you're here.'
'Why are we apart
despite being so close?'
'Why are we apart
despite being so close?'
'When will we meet?'
- Hello, sir.
This is your Uber driver speaking.
Could you give me your
exact location please?
I haven't booked any cab.
- You haven't made a booking?
You seem to have dialled
a wrong number..
- One minute.. Hold on.
Don't say a word, please.
Hello. Sorry, sir. It seems
I have dialled a wrong number.
This is the one!
I booked the cab..
Somewhere near you..
Can you hear a violin being played?
Yes, I can hear it.
From where?
Is anyone playing one?
Yes, a girl is playing the violin.
Where are you right now?
Tell me where you are!
Please tell me.
I'll be there right away.
Just tell me..
At the music festival..
Hello? - Hey!
So much effort for a darn phone?
I don't want the phone!
Take this money!
Take it! Take it!
I'll give you even more! Please!
Just give me the last
incoming number, please!
You really don't want the phone?
- I don't!
I really don't want the phone!
You'll let me go?
- I will! I'll leave!
I swear, I'll leave!
Just give me that last
incoming number, please!
I'll leave.
- Note it down!
Tell me, please!
Nine.. - Nine.
- Eight.. - Eight..
Four.. - Four.
Nine. - Nine.
Where's the phone?
- Your phone isn't with me!
Stolen phones change hands
at the scene of the crime.
I would've given you
the number in the train.
How many times will you
cause me trouble, Pandu?
How do you know me?
- You don't remember me?
I don't.
- Ramakrishna signal.
The 'Ektara' you broke.
The 100 rupee note you stole..
Do you remember now?
Pani Puri.
- All right, little one!
Give me Pani Puri.
- All right, dear.
Here you go.
- Let her have this one.
Here, have it.
- First give me the Pani. - Okay.
Now give me the Puri.
Here you go.
I've never seen anyone eat
this dish in this way.
I prefer eating this way.
- Enjoy.
Do you only carry it
or can you play too?
- Next?
There's no pride in playing
someone else's songs!
What should I do then?
Play me your own song
and only then be proud!
- Bye, dear.
What is your name?
- Junnu!
What is your name?
- Junnu!
What's your name?
- Seenu!
'My own song?
- Yes!'
'Play me your own song
and only then be proud!'
Pani Puri!
- All right.
Pani Puri! - Sure.
What is it, dear?
You seem to be expecting
Nothing like that!
Give me Pani Puri!
Junnu! - What is it?
Where are your bangles?
They broke. - When?
They broke when I fell down
while running yesterday.
Please be a little more careful.
Okay! - Here you go, dear.
Your Pani Puri.
Will you listen to a new song
I wrote for you?
I'm late today.
My mom will shout at me.
I'll listen tomorrow, okay?
All right - Bye! - Bye.
Bye! - Bye.
Where are you wandering off
to in your drama costume?
I forgot my script here, Mom!
I've come back to take it.
Enrolling you in a drama school
nearby was my mistake!
Enrolling you in a drama school
nearby was my mistake!
You're loafing around too much!
Why did you force me to come
via Ramakrishna Signal?
Just look at the traffic!
The temple route would've
taken only five minutes!
Just do as you're told, will you?
He's coming!
I'll ask my dad to give you
Rs. 200.
Rs. 200!
The Pani Puri vendor said
that Seenu would be near this tree.
Where is he?
Junnu, come up.
Be careful. Hold my hand!
Close your eyes, please.
What for? - Close your eyes.
What is this? - Have a look!
Put forth your hand.
The bangles are for you!
Just do as I say!
I'm a gypsy.
I can tell your future!
Oh, tell me..
Oh, my God! - What?
You got 100 rupees from a car
at the signal today, right? - Yes!
Every morning at 7:30 a.m.
you will get
100 rupees from that car!
Really! Rs. 100 daily!
Yes! If you get Rs. 100
in the morning
you won't need to work all day.
- How is that possible?
Promise me
that you will go to the signal
every morning at 7:30 a.m.
Come on, promise me.
Come on, promise me.
I won't ever forget. I promise.
Junnu. - Yes?
Can I play the song
I wrote for you?
Play it!
Let me hear the sound
of your anklets!
"Once upon a time"
"in a magical land"
"two children met.."
"With joy under their wings"
"they soar like birds."
"Playing together in the sky."
"One was Seenu."
"One was Junnu."
"They were meant
to be together forever."
"Like the cloud and the rain.."
"Seenu was innocent."
"Junnu was the mischief."
"Watch as they grow together."
"Soulmates forever."
"Like the whole world
was their home.."
"Every second, a celebration."
"The beautiful dream they share"
"becomes stronger everyday."
"With warm hearts"
"and pure thoughts."
"This is how"
"their story started."
"This is how"
"their story started."
"Once upon a time"
"in a magical land"
"two children met.."
I want Seenu back!
What happened, Seenu?
This is string of violin.
You can fix everything using this.
Is that okay? - Yes.
Hi, Dad!
- Hey, Junnu!
Have you packed all your
sketches and books?
Not yet, Dad.
Hurry up. We're going
to Delhi tomorrow morning!
Hurry up. We're going
to Delhi tomorrow morning!
In all this confusion
about your transfer
Junnu's school hasn't yet given
us her transfer certificate.
Have you spoken to the principal?
Of course. I've spoken to him.
There won't be any issues.
What about our residence there?
Have you seen it? How is it?
Superb! You'll love it.
Trust me.
- I really hope so.
It's close to her school?
I've taken care of everything.
Don't worry, dear.
We've hopped three cities
in four years.
It's very difficult to start
from scratch every time.
Please, Suresh.
I can't handle it anymore.
Tell the people at your office!
Take it..
Call me, okay? Call me!
Stop, you!
What happened?
Call the police.
- Prakash!
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
Don't cry.
Calm down.
- He's just a kid.
I wasn't driving very fast.
He came on the road suddenly!
I'm scared.
I'm so scared, Prakash!
- I'm here now.
Don't worry!
Everything will be all right.
I informed the police.
Have they arrived?
I don't know.
Do this.
Sit right here.
I'll take care.
I'll be right back, okay?
Don't cry.
That's what happened.
I want the number written
on that note.
Don't tell me what actually
happened, my boy!
Say only what
I'm telling you to say.
Just co-operate with us
for 10 minutes.
We can change our lifestyles
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Just repeat what I said,
as it is.
Did a lady drive that car?
- Yes, my boy!
Her husband is filthy rich!
A real sound party!
My darling will co-operate now.
How is she now?
Darling, remember.
You didn't slam into her!
She slammed into you!
Poor thing.
It isn't her fault.
I came in the way.
Oh, my God!
This is why we should never
work with kids! They don't lie!
Sir, he can't lie.
He's worse than a terrorist.
He seems to be a clean hearted boy.
My note..
That number?
I'll find it for you, dear.
I promise you.
Listen. - Sir.
No use wasting time
rehearsing with him.
Write down what he says..
- Sir.
Get his statement and come
to the station. - Yes, sir.
Who'd have thought it?
A sentimental urchin.
Sir, you are..
I was the one who informed you,
Sir, you are very lucky.
Among all the no-gooders
in this city
your wife found the most
innocent kid to slam into.
your wife found the most
innocent kid to slam into.
Trust me.
Had there been any other kid
I swear to you,
you would've had it.
Why were you trying
to corrupt such a small kid, sir?
If everyone in the city
turns out good
how will we survive, sir?
Please try to understand me.
Come on,
let's find some other prey.
Heights, I say!
Mister, who are you?
You know the lady
whose car hit you?
I'm her husband.
Does it hurt?
- I'm perfectly fine.
How is your wife?
I am sorry, dear.
Seenu! Come here!
Come in.
Come on in..
The fan and light switches
are over here.
And the bathroom is over there.
Towels are in there.
If you need anything,
just call either of us
and we'll give you
whatever you need, okay?
We put him on the bed to sleep
but in two minutes,
he shifted to the floor!
Even if he had died today
nobody would've cared.
A street kid's life
is really tough, Saru.
No shelter..
No slippers..
No idea where their next
meal will come from.
But just look at him!
He's just 10.
All alone in the world
yet he's so sweet and good-hearted!
He's kept his innocence intact.
He's kept his innocence intact.
Such kids are rare to find.
What if
he had a mother like you
and a father like me?
I was thinking the same thing.
I prayed so hard on the way
to the hospital that he'd be okay
and promised the Heavens
that I'd do something special
for him if he survived.
We've been trying to adopt
a child since last couple of years.
It didn't work out so far.
Maybe it was destined
that he'd find us.
But we have to know
if he's okay with it.
Ask him.
How do you like the house?
It's lovely, mister.
This is the first time
I'm seeing a house this big!
I saw the tree in the garden
this morning
and I climbed it, you know.
- I saw!
You climbed so fast.
If you like trees
we'll surround the house
with trees!
- Yes.
- Yes?
Would you like to live here,
with us, from now on?
- Avinash.
Welcome to our new home!
- Wow, it's lovely!
Isn't it, Junnu?
Junnu, look!
There's a fountain here!
Junnu, how do you like it?
Look, there's a swing upstairs!
"Somewhere in my heart"
"Somewhere in my heart"
"along some unknown path"
"my mind wanders with her."
I'll learn how to play, Dad.
You want to learn to play
the violin, Junnu?
"Memories of a long
lost whispered tune"
"make my mind wander with her."
"Like the notes of a lilting song"
"my mind gently swings."
"And a beautiful dream was born."
"Who knows how it happened"
"or if it was divine intervention?"
"They now walk two separate paths."
- Hello, seenu!
"Behold the eyes that search
for their beloved."
"Behold the footsteps
that tirelessly run toward you."
Hello, Seenu!
Hello, Seenu!
"How long they have
to wait for each other?"
"These dreams will stay alive till
they meet again."
"Behold the eyes that search
for their beloved."
"Behold the footsteps that
tirelessly run towards you."
"Somewhere in my heart"
"along some unknown path"
"my mind wanders with her."
"Until their dreams come true"
"Until their dreams come true"
"they refuse to wake up."
"Even if their path
is beset by thorns"
"these young seekers
won't give up their quest."
"All the memories of yesterdays"
"are safe inside their mind."
"Where has their little
world disappeared?"
"Will it ever come back again?"
"Behold the eyes that search
for their beloved."
"Behold the footsteps that
tirelessly run towards you."
"How long they have
to wait for each other?"
"Their dream will never break
before they see each other again."
"Behold the eyes.."
- Go meet him.
"...that search for their beloved.."
- Hello..
I'm Avinash's mother.
- Thanks.
This is his dad.
- Thank you.
I'm Avinash's mother.
Hi, ma'am! - Hi. - Hi..
I'm Avinash's mom.
Ma'am! Ma'am, look at me!
Please, Saru.
Stop crying.
What happened now?
He called me 'ma'am' in front
of all those people.
He didn't call me 'mom'.
He'll take a little while
to get used to it.
So what if he calls us
'sir' and 'ma'am'?
Will we love him any less?
Or will he love us any less?
Let him call us whatever he wants.
When he wants to call us
'mom' and 'dad'
he will.
Even if he doesn't, it's all right.
Okay? - Not okay!
Come on, it's okay.
But you have to promise
me something.
But you have to promise
me something.
Let's not let him know
that we feel bad about him not
calling us 'mom' and 'dad'.
Okay. Sleep now.
You never cry, Prakash.
At least let me cry!
How can you be so inert?
It scares me to even look at you.
You didn't even cry
when your father died.
Leave me.
Ma'am! - Saru.. - Leave me,
Prakash. - Please, Saru.
I don't care
- I'll quit, Saru
Listen to me..
- I hate you, Prakash!
Give me one chance..
- I hate you.
I said no! - Please..
Listen to me.
- You won't mend your ways.
Ma'am. - Yes?
What does 'I hate you' mean?
Where did you hear that?
When I returned from school,
I heard you say it.
If you love someone more than
you can express in words
If you love someone more than
you can express in words
when you want to care for them
and always want to be with them
and want only good things
to happen to them
and when you feel so much
love that it hurts
we say 'I hate you'.
I hate you.
I hate you too, darling!
I hate you, sir.
I hate you too, darling!
I hate you.
- I hate you too.
I hate both of you!
Hello, Parthu, any news?
Were you able to find out?
I've come from there.
It's no use.
The park has been demolished.
They even chopped off that tree.
There's going
to be IT park built there.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
What about the girl?
I searched for her.
I asked everyone there.
Nobody knows of any girl
named Junnu.
Where is Avi?
"Behold the eyes that search
for their beloved."
"Behold the footsteps that
tirelessly run towards you."
"How long they have
to wait for each other?"
"Their dream will never break
before they see each other again."
"Behold the eyes that
search for their beloved."
"Behold the footsteps that
tirelessly run towards you."
"Somewhere in my heart.."
- Ma'am! Sir!
"...along some unknown path"
"my mind wanders with her."
"These two became friends"
"just like a story out of a dream."
"If they are forced to stay
without each other"
"will their dream survive?"
"They were separated as children"
"and constantly wonder what
became of the other." - How much?
"They turn in every direction"
"wondering where
the other is hiding."
"Behold the eyes that search for
their beloved." - Call your friends.
So, what do you do?
"Behold the footsteps that
tirelessly run towards you."
"How long they have
to wait for each other?" - Seenu?
"How long they have
to wait for each other?" - Seenu?
"Their dream will never break
before they see each other again."
"Behold the eyes that
search for their beloved."
I can't find it.
- Why are you shouting?
I'm not able to find my phone.
I'll call your number, wait.
Hello, Prakash.
We are done shopping.
We are going home now.
You too come home soon.
You too come home soon.
We are on the way.
You are coming, right!
- Mom!
Mom, you've told me ever
since I was a kid
to look left and right
before crossing the road.
Now see, what a huge accident
this could have been.
Accidents have always
brought me good things.
What are you even saying, Mom?
What are you even saying, Mom?
I'm talking to you!
Why are you looking away?
It was an accident
that brought you to me.
And you were almost taken away
from me by this one.
I hate you, Mom!
I hate you too, my son!
This time I hate you means
I hate you.
Okay. I'll cross the road carefully
from now on!
Now take me to Prakash's office.
I have to go for a movie
with Pramod. I'll be late.
It'll take only five minutes.
Okay, I'll wait outside.
Five minutes means five minutes.
Or else, I'm off!
Okay. Thank you.
- Yes.
Oh, God!
Where to now?
Where, Kottayam?
- No.
- No.
- States, dear!
States, I know! Which one!
States, I know! Which one!
America, dear.
We're going to America!
America! - Yes!
- States! - Yes!
I love you so much!
I'm so happy!
- Happy now? - Junnu!
Junnu.. Aren't you happy?
- Come on..
Did you hear what he said?
- This is what you wanted, right!
Now you're happy!
- Congrats, Dad. I'm so happy!
What is it, dear?
I'm missing Hyderabad.
I want to go to Hyderabad, Dad.
After coming here, we never
visited even once.
And after we go to San Fransisco,
I don't think
I'll ever see Hyderabad again
in this life.
Kavita is getting married..
Please, Dad.
All right.
You go to Hyderabad.
Mom and I will join you there.
Mom and I will join you there.
After Kavita's wedding, we'll leave
to San Francisco together.
Happy now? - Thank you, Dad!
I love you!
Pramod had called this morning.
- How is his dad?
Fourth stage cancer.
- What?
I'm really scared.
He smokes less than half
the amount you do
and he's in the fourth stage!
You have to stop smoking, Dad.
How many times have
mom and I told you?
What if something happens
to you?
Won't you think about mom?
Won't you think about me?
You have to stop, Dad!
Dad, are you even listening?
- What? Yes..
- Oh, you're home!
Finally, I made him quit!
- What?
Cigarette smoking!
- Who, Prakash? - Yes!
He's promised me countless times!
It's all just for show!
No, he promised me,
he wouldn't touch another one!
Remember, okay?
You've promised!
Poor fellow!
He actually believes you!
I'm used to your promises!
Why are you standing here?
He called you 'dad',
didn't he?
I wonder whether I should thank
you for accidently helping me
I wonder whether I should thank
you for accidently helping me
or beat you for doing
wrong with me.
Seenu, you survived?
You still remember me?
How can I forget you?
You are the most ominous person
in my life.
Hey, you have changed completely.
Did you forget that you used
to beg on the streets?
Give me my phone back.
I lost that 15 years ago
because of you.
And you again interfered
If I miss her this time,
you will have it from me.
Is it about love?
Forgive me.
- Leave.
Hey, don't you worry.
I had stolen the phone.
I'll get it for you.
I just need to make
one phone call.
And you will get
your phone back.
Yes, Shiva.
Hadn't we stolen a phone
at RK Signal today?
I want that phone..
Hey, do you want the phone
or a number from it?
I just want the number.
Can you tell me the last
incoming number on that phone?
Oh! - Hey, what happened?
What did he say?
The phone has been sent
to the warehouse.
Then let's get it from there.
There's no point in going there.
There's a huge market
of second-hand phones.
All the stolen phones
are sent there.
And the phones are taken
to some other city from there.
The phones are packed
in such a way
that they look brand new.
And all this is done
within an hour.
Phones stolen in Hyderabad are taken
to Jharkhand in containers.
Don't say anything here.
I'll do the talking, stay mum.
- Hey!
Didn't you leave
for Jharkhand yet?
I'll load the stuff and leave.
What are you doing here?
Who is he?
He is my friend.
He wanted to buy a phone.
That's why, I brought him here.
Are you out of your mind?
When I've asked to not come here
why did you bring him along?
If Rishi comes over
he will kill you both.
There's no phone here. Leave!
Come on, move it..
He said that the stolen phones
are sent here
but there are no phone.
Where are all the phones?
Sir, the container has been sent
to Jharkhand.
How long ago?
Just before you came here.
Take my bike, sir.
The tank is full.
- Sir, listen to me carefully.
'Didn't you leave for Jharkhand yet?
- I'll load the stuff and leave.'
How many people were there?
It was a youngster, sir.
A boy?
- Yes, sir.
One boy just came
and beat up these many people?
Yes, sir.
He's done a good job..
Was he that angry?
What did we do to him?
Did we kill his parents!
We stole his phone, sir.
- Phone!
All this..
For a phone?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, our truck driver called.
He has damaged the truck
and taken only his phone.
We have every bit of data
from his phone, right?
We do, sir.
- Now use it!
Track him down!
Use his phone signal to find him!
Track him down!
Use his phone signal to find him!
- Let's go.
For a phone?
Yes, sir? - I dropped my phone..
- I see.
It's switching on, but the screen
is smashed. - Okay.
I urgently need a number from this.
How long will it take?
Just wait for ten minutes, sir.
Let me check.
Please do it fast.
- Okay, sir.
Ten minutes..
Sir! It's him.
You boys, go this way!
Get him!
Go get him!
Go get him!
Get him!
Close the door!
Close it, quick!
I'm trying, sir!
He's going downstairs.
Hit him! What are you waiting for?
Hit him!
Close the door, I say!
- What is happening?
He's behind us.
Go.. Go!
There he is, sir!
- Catch him, quick.
Hurry! Get him!
- He's up there!
He's climbing up.
Get him!
Go.. Go! Hurry!
Your phone is ready, sir.
- I'll be right back.
- Hello, cab driver?
Yes, sir.
This is an Uber driver speaking.
This morning, you called me..
The wrong number!
I asked you about someone
playing the violin nearby..
Oh, yes, I remember, sir!
I had called you back, sir.
But the call didn't connect.
Where were you, then?
I was near Shruti Music Stall, sir.
- Where is that?
You know the RockFort Music Festival
that's happening today, sir?
She was playing
the violin there, by the stall.
She was such a pretty girl.
Hey, Priya..
I'll be standing there.
I specifically asked
for you to come, Prakash!
Why did you send him?
Don't you remember
what he did the last time?
For the sheer number
of fireworks he set off
I'm still surprised
they didn't arrest us.
Saro, I was meaning to come but..
- I swear, Prakash!
You're unbelievable..
Mom, over here!
My sweetheart! Mom!
Wait.. I'm coming..
Mom.. - Shut your mouth
and come out!
- Come on! - Mom!
Destination wedding.
It was wonderful, you know?
We should have one for you, son.
- My wedding?
First we've to find the girl.
Mr. Venu's daughter Vaidehi
is there, isn't she?
Mom, you know what I mean..
How long will you search
for that girl, son?
Until I find her.
You won't understand.
You don't understand!
They're street children facing
drugs, alcohol, murders, accidents.
It's a miracle if they survive
till the age of 18, Priya..
Kavita, please stop it!
This is really personal.
You know this, right?
I can't tell anyone about this.
I don't care if people tell me
to forget her and find someone else.
I don't care if people tell me
to forget her and find someone else.
I hoped that you wouldn't talk
like that, Mom.
This is exactly how I'll talk!
I have a lot of hopes
and dreams for you!
I'm your mother, aren't I?
Exactly, Mom..
How did I get you and dad?
Because of her, right?
When that's the case,
how can I forget her?
I have come back here
to search for Seenu.
Your wedding is just an excuse..
I know, I sound stupid
but no matter how many people I
meet, I'm not able to forget Seenu..
You have to forget her, son!
Mom, she's my soul-mate!
You found your soul-mate!
Shouldn't I find mine?
Who? Your dad?
- Of course!
Only I know how much
I have to endure with Prakash.
That's just love..
My soul-mate is someone else.
And who might that be?
I'm unlucky.
I never met him.
W-Which stone?
Him, son!
Guy who plays Rambo!
Not Silverstone, Mom!
Sylvester Stallone!
Okay, so be it.
It's confirmed, Mom..
You've gone completely mad..
You've been waiting
for one girl for 15 years..
Are you mad, or am I mad?
Are you mad, or am I mad?
Not 15 years..
14 years..
3 months..
11 days..
Oh, shut up! How can one know
who one's soul-mate is?
You'll know, Kavita.
You'll just know..
What happened?
I think we have a flat tyre, ma'am.
I'll be right back.
What happened?
- An old guy, Mom.
Look at him trying to change
tyres in the rain.
I'll just help him out.
- Fine.
Sir! Why don't you sit inside?
I'll take care of this.
All right.
Thank you, dear!
Mr. Murthy!
You changed the tyre already?
Take a look outside, ma'am..
Who is he?
- So many cars passing by
but did anyone stop?
This boy alone came,
told me to sit inside
and that he would change
the tyre.
Just look
how well brought up he is..
Please tell me, pal..
- Get lost!
Am I not your friend?
Where did you get
Rs. 100 from?
You won't tell anyone?
- I won't!
There's a young lady there, giving
out Rs. 100 bills to everyone.
I'll go there too!
Ma'am! Rs. 100 for me?
Ma'am, you're giving out
Rs. 100, right? What about for me?
You gave everyone but me.
Thank you!
- Hi.
I'm Priya.
Nice to meet you..
Nice to meet you..
I need to thank you..
It's all right. Just Rs. 100.
It's really not a big deal..
No, not for that.. I need
to thank you for something else.
What for?
You helped an elderly driver
change his car tyre
in the rain yesterday, right?
How do you know that?
I was sitting inside the car, then.
The driver came in soon
and I saw
that you were changing the tyre.
So while I was changing
the tyre
you were comfortably
sitting in the car.
Actually, it was raining, and so..
Oh, it didn't rain on me, is it?
The driver told my friend
and I not to get out..
What? Your friend too?
Do you know how heavy
the tyre was?
Do you know how much heavier
the car was?
It was so difficult!
My hands haven't yet recovered!
It's really hurting..
I don't know how
you could do that!
I'm shocked and I'm hurt!
I'm so sorry,
I mean, I really..
Sorry.. I'm just kidding.
Yes, so when I collected my baggage
and came out
I saw you for the first time,
at the airport.
You had placards saying 'Sweetheart'
and 'Love of my life'..
For your girlfriend, I think!
Yes. My girlfriend.
The love of my life.
My mother!
Your mother?
- Yes.
My mother..
I love embarrassing her.
You Indian boys
and your mothers!
I don't understand
your relationship.
I met a lady
on the flight yesterday.
She kept eating my brains out
with constant chatter about her son.
Typical Indian mother!
Not Indian mother..
Mother India!
These mothers, I tell you!
They never talk
about their daughters.
But ask them about their sons
and they'll bring the roof down
with compliments.
The lady I met yesterday..
She's the captain of the team!
I forgot my earphones
and she gave me an earful!
I went to the washroom
six times
and the lady still
didn't get the hint!
So my childhood friend Kavita..
- Okay.
It's her wedding this week.
- I see.
After that, mom, dad and I
are shifting to the US..
To the US?
- Yes.
Why do all the good people
leave India?
There are so many
horrible people here
and they've decided
to stay in India..
Our government needs to change
its passport rules.
They shouldn't issue passports
to good people
and give passports
and free tickets to the frauds
and send them
to other countries.
But why US?
Aren't you happy here?
I can't bear to stay here
for longer than a week.
I just don't belong here.
What are you saying!
This is Hyderabad!
If this city loves you,
it'll never let you leave!
Hyderabad doesn't love me
that much.
I don't know why
I don't think I'm destined to ever
meet the people I'm meant to.
Anyway, it's getting late.
- Okay.
I should leave.
It was really, really nice
meeting you.
Nice to meet you.
- Bye.
Hello! Ms. Priya!
What if destiny has other plans?
What if destiny has other plans?
What if this city falls for you?
What if the people you meet
are the ones meant for you?
For God's sake!
Stop moving, Prakash!
I have something to tell you.
I went to that wedding, right?
Yes, you did.
You told me a hundred times.
This isn't that!
- Just listen to me!
Where's your ring?
Lost it at the wedding?
Which ring?
- Which ring!
The one I gave you
for our anniversary!
Oh, that ring!
- Yes.
That was fake and you're building
it up like it's the Kohinoor!
Come.. Come..
Sit down.
Build-up, is it?
Yes, you gave me the ring!
This story has to do with that also!
Just listen to what
I'm saying, Prakash.
You know where the ring is, right?
Tell me.
Can you guess what happened
during the flight on my way back?
What happened?
Excuse me,
this is my seat..
This seat is mine, ma'am.
18-C. Could you check
your ticket, please?
Oh. Sorry, ma'am.
If you don't mind,
could you sit there?
Well.. - It's also an aisle seat.
- No, please!
Please, ma'am..
- No..
What is this, dear?
- I can't get up..
Why are you so late?
Don't you know we've nearly
finished boarding?
Come, sit..
You both are together?
You both are together?
Yes, we are together..
You're in her seat.
Why didn't you tell me that
when I sat down?
Oh, no..
Sorry, I didn't notice you.
You didn't notice me!
What are you looking at, dear?
Sit.. - Sure.
- All right then.
You sit.
I will take my seat.
Thank you so much.
No problem.
- So glad!
Now tell me about that ring..
That's what I'm getting at!
Okay.. - You can't imagine
how pretty that girl was!
What's your name?
- Priya.
I'm Sarojini.
Nice to meet you.
You're from Hyderabad?
- No, we stay in Delhi.
I'm going to Hyderabad
for a wedding.
Oh.. Yours?
- No, a friend's wedding.
Are you married?
I kept talking to her about Avi!
Our Avi is also not married!
Our Avi is also not married!
My only son.
Oh.. Of course.
Very sweet boy!
I find myself always
thinking about him.
So, nice.
I'll listen to music
for a while..
You know Avi also likes music.
Such a music buff!
He's always listening to music..
- Oh, God! Where are my earphones?
What happened?
I can't find my earphones.
I have earphones, ma'am.
You want them?
Family members
are speaking about Avi.
Why are you intervening?
Did you leave the ring
on the flight?
Do you know how much
I built up that fake ring?
Priya, see this ring?
Oh, so nice..
Avi bought it for me
on Mother's Day.
He keeps buying me something
or the other for every Mother's Day.
He loves me so much.
If he takes such care
of his mother
imagine how he'll take care of
the girl that comes into his life.
imagine how he'll take care of
the girl that comes into his life.
Ma'am, I need
to go to the washroom.
Yes, come back soon!
I have lots to tell you about Avi!
Where's the ring?
I secretly took the ring off
my finger
and put it into her bag!
Why? - Is it enough
if the girl is pretty?
Don't we have to know
about her character also?
What happened?
What took you so long?
There was a long queue, ma'am.
You won't believe it!
I need to go to the washroom
again, urgent!
I think, she had flying sickness.
Forever going to the toilet!
What happened?
Long queue this time also?
Yes, ma'am.
Lots of people!
- Yes.
So, I was delayed.
So, I was delayed.
I've given her directions
to our house, landmarks included!
Even the new beauty parlour!
She won't even need
Google Maps to come home!
That washroom is dirty.
Let me try the one
at the back.
That ring costs Rs. 50 lakhs.
What! - Rs. 50 lakhs
for a character analysis.
I beg of you!
Before we start finding
a match for him
let's draft a budget agreement!
God knows if she'll come..
I hope she does!
You told me you weren't destined to
meet the people you're meaning to?
This is Hyderabad!
Didn't I tell you?
No.. Mrs. Saro..
I've understood!
You used the excuse of having to
return the Rs. 100 bill I gave you.
You tracked down my address
and planned this!
What.. - My God!
This is too much!
No, that's not..
Hey, Priya!
Hey, Priya!
What a surprise!
- Hello, ma'am!
You'll live a hundred years!
I was just talking
to my husband about you.
I told you about my son
on the flight, remember?
This is him.. Avinash!
This is Priya, son!
I see.. So the Mother India
on the flight was..
Do you two already know each other?
- We met yesterday.
You should listen to her
praise you, Mom!
What did she say?
Why discuss those things now,
Won't my mom feel happy
if we tell her?
Mom, she was impressed
by all the things you said.
That's how I am, son!
Shall I tell her?
Let me tell her, please!
Tell me what?
Be a doll and let me tell her!
Just once!
Who was it?
Come inside.
Come in and meet my husband.
See who's come!
The girl with the ring..
I told you, I met that girl
on the flight, remember?
Priya.. - Oh, that girl!
- Give me your blessings, sir.
Bless you, dear.
She's been going on
about you since yesterday!
She's been going on
about you since yesterday!
It's a wonder
my ears aren't bleeding.
She praised you
to high heaven!
My situation was very similar, Dad.
I'm not joking!
She praised mom so much.
What a great mother,
what a loving mother..
Actually, ma'am, I came to give
this ring to you.
Oh, God!
This ring was with you?
I had no idea! Can you imagine
how worried I was?
I ransacked the whole house!
I didn't sleep or eat.
Yes, Saro!
No sleep or food.
I'll take your leave then,
Why so soon?
Stay for a while and leave, child!
No, ma'am,
I have to leave.
You go.
I'll sit them down and clearly
explain all that you said to me.
- It's all right.
I'll stay a while, ma'am.
While I'm glad
I got to know you
I'd like to get to know
sir properly, too.
So I'll leave after talking
to sir for a while.
Of course, come, child.
Come, have a seat.
So when are your parents
coming down?
What's the use?
She and her parents are moving
to the US in a week's time.
Is that true?
Only a week?
Is that true?
Only a week?
There's no time, ma'am.
We'll leave
soon after the wedding.
Tell me.
How long since you've
seen the city?
It's been many years, ma'am.
What's the point
of sitting with us?
Listen, Avinash!
Take her out for coffee or something
and show her the town!
Okay, sure.
Leave! What are you still
sitting for? Take her out!
- Okay, bye, Mom.
Bye, son!
- I'll be back soon. I hate you.
I hate you too!
He hasn't found the time
to hate me properly, lately!
Dad! I hate you, Dad.
I hate you the most!
I hate you too, my son..
Okay, I'll leave, ma'am.
- Don't say that.
Say, you'll be back soon!
- Okay. I'll be back soon!
- Bye, ma'am.
Bye, sir.
- Have fun. - Bye, child.
So, where to?
That can wait, first tell me this.
Why does everyone at your place
say 'I hate you' to each other?
Too much love between us,
I guess.
- If 'I love you' is Mount Everest
then 'I hate you' is like the sky.
If we love someone so much
that it breaks our heart
then we say 'I hate you'.
I've never heard
such crazy logic.
What to do?
We're a crazy family.
"Many dreams I have dreamt."
"I've walked on unfamiliar paths."
"These feelings
are mysterious to me."
"Though there is a lot going on!"
"What's going on inside of me?"
"What's going on inside of me?"
"What's this called?"
"What does this magic hold?"
"What is this called?"
"What does this magic hold?"
"Many dreams I have dreamt."
"I've walked on unfamiliar paths."
"These feelings
are mysterious to me."
"Though there is a lot going on!"
"What's going on inside of me?"
"What's going on inside of me?"
"What's this called?"
"What does this magic hold?"
"What is this called?"
"What is this called?"
"What does this magic hold?"
Five minutes, okay?
Forgotten me already?
"The moment thoughts flash
through me"
"I always know their worth."
"The moment we come together"
"seconds unveil their value."
"seconds unveil their value."
"No matter how you are,
good or bad, you are mine."
"And I am yours."
"You are working
your magic on me."
"Only yours!"
"Ever since I met you,
my heart blossomed like a flower."
"Like a flower."
"My heart blossomed."
"Many dreams I have dreamt."
"I've walked on unfamiliar paths."
"What's going on inside of me?"
"What's going on inside of me?"
"What's this called?"
"What does this magic hold?"
"What is this called?"
"What is this called?"
"What does this magic hold?"
- What is it, Saro?
Have you noticed?
He hasn't gone jogging
in four days!
You're right!
For the first time in his life..
- All right.
It seems,
he has forgotten Junnu.
All because of that Priya!
I knew it the moment
I saw her on the flight!
See how happy he is
after she's come.
Oh, Saro, you're brilliant..
You're superb..
You're God's gift to mankind!
- Quiet! You might wake him up.
It was great fun, indeed.
Yes, ma'am.
Chaat or Pani Puri?
Chaat or Pani Puri?
Pani Puri.
Not like that.
First give me the spiced water.
Here you go.
- And now the Puri.
Remember me, sir?
How're you?
It's you!
You've grown up so much!
Still eating Pani Puri like this?
Childhood habits die hard, sir.
A boy named Seenu
used to accompany me.
Remember him?
How can anyone forget Seenu, dear?
What a wonderful boy!
He played music so well!
- Sir!
Do you know where he is now?
No, child.
Years ago, he didn't come by
for few days.
So I asked all the people nearby.
Someone said,
he met with an accident.
Nobody has seen him since.
They demolished the park
and built a software complex.
They drove us all out of there.
I left my cart and joined
the catering business.
But I'll say one thing.
Nobody can ever forget that boy
that easily.
"In this moment of separation,
why does only pain remain?"
"Even forgotten memories
bring pangs of hurt."
"We got separated
but my heart is still not at peace."
"We got separated
but my heart is still not at peace."
"There was only regret.
Why are we apart?"
"Why is this happening?"
"The joy is missing in life
and my heart is lost."
"My heart wants
to meet you again."
"To meet you again!"
- Hello, Priya!
Ma'am, hi!
What's this child? It's been
two days since you came home!
What happened?
- It wasn't on purpose, ma'am!
Been busy with Kavita's wedding..
- I refuse to accept any of that!
Come and meet me
for at least five minutes.
- All right, ma'am.
Okay, bye.
- Hello.
Actually, I tried to call you..
I tried calling you as well.
I was busy with the wedding
arrangements when you called.
I see. Come in.
Sorry, I got a bit busy as well.
How are the wedding arrangements
coming along?
Leave the arrangements aside.
Kavita will kill us both
if you and your folks don't come.
The music ceremony is tomorrow.
You'll come, right?
Done. I'll definitely come.
- That's it?
You won't call us?
Aren't we needed there?
Oh, ma'am! The three of you
must definitely be there!
Hello, sir.
- So you've finally come!
The wedding went well? - The wedding
is day after tomorrow, sir.
Two minutes, I'll be back.
- Sure.
Avi, just set my laptop right,
will you?
I'm more excited than you
for your friend's wedding!
Do you know why?
Why, ma'am?
It's because your parents
are coming!
Priya, I have only one bad habit.
I always freely express
what's on my mind.
I know what's in Avi's heart,
I don't need to ask him.
I know what's in Avi's heart,
I don't need to ask him.
You're leaving
for the USA in two to three days.
So I have to ask you. Do you like
Avi romantically, my dear?
I like him..
My heart isn't my own.
I'm so sorry, Priya!
- I have to go, ma'am!
What's this, Mom?
That poor girl came here
so happy.
Is this the way to ask her
something that important?
I'll go drop her and come.
Priya, I'm really sorry.
My mother doesn't know
what to ask when.
I'm really sorry for putting you
in an embarrassing situation.
I apologise on behalf
of my mom.
So you have no feelings
for me?
Of course, I do, Priya.
I really like you a lot.
It takes a long time for me to be
myself with anyone new.
Somehow with you,
I opened up really fast.
When you go off to the US, do you
know how much I'll miss you?
But it isn't like you think.
You told my mom, right?
That there's someone
in your life?
There's someone in my life too.
Hey.. Really?
She's a very lucky girl!
You're a really, really nice guy.
I mean..
Can I be honest with you?
- Yes.
For some reason, Avi..
I'm feeling jealous of your girl
for some reason.
Hey, could you apologise
to your mom for me?
I just rushed out of the house
like that.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
So then, we'll meet
at the music ceremony.
Tomorrow evening at 6:30.
Don't forget! - Done.
Sir and ma'am should
also come. Okay?
Done. We'll be there.
- Okay.. Cool.
"I can see a light shine."
"Shining in your eyes."
"Isn't your heart smiling too?"
"I know that it is."
"In your beautiful smile"
"I see magic of moonlight."
"All these are new in you"
"and I have seen it."
"and I have seen it."
"Trumpets flare"
"and when they do"
"does this girl's beautiful
"fill with hopes and dreams?"
"Let's all welcome
this lucky fellow"
"who will take her hand
in celebration of their union."
"Come on, play the drums!"
"Come on, play the drums!"
"When two hearts become one
through the act of marriage"
"the pair is bound together"
"forever, till the end of time."
"This is a bond across lifetimes
and as they take their vows"
"This is a bond across lifetimes
and as they take their vows"
"everyone present here
will go into revelry."
"Happiness and joy
have garlanded the pair"
"bringing them together
in the bond of love."
"Family and friends of the
happy couple have ensured that"
"their love is celebrated here."
"Come on, play the drums!"
"Weddings cause
lots of problems."
"Don't you understand?
Let me tell you a story."
"Before marriage,
a man is the king of his life."
"After marriage though,
he becomes her puppy."
It's true!"
"She expects praise
all the time."
"'You're the best,
all the time!"
"And if he doesn't,
all hell breaks loose."
"And if he doesn't,
all hell breaks loose."
It's true!"
"After working hard
to praise her so"
"her demands keep increasing!"
"If he doesn't buy her fancy
things, he won't hold value."
"It's true!"
"Come on, play the drums!"
"Come on, play the drums!"
"Come on, play the drums!"
"Come on, play the drums!"
"Come on, play the drums!"
I'm really sorry, Priya.
Are you hurt?
I didn't intend to do this.
I'm really sorry, Priya.
Priya, I'm really sorry.
Priya, I'm really sorry.
It was a mistake.
Found anything?
There's nothing inside, sir!
No diamonds, no drugs, nothing!
All of that,
and the phone is worthless?
I want to know the real reason
he did all this.
Make a list of the losses
he caused!
We've done it already, sir!
Really? Wow!
You boys learn discipline
only after a beating!
I should have thrashed
you guys much earlier!
Okay, read it out!
Rs. 22 lakhs
for the container, sir.
I rounded it off to Rs. 25 lakhs!
Cell phones came up to Rs. 27 lakhs.
I added three and made it Rs. 30 lakhs.
How did you become so brilliant
all of a sudden?
You inspire us, sir!
- Right!
Give me the list.
Here you go, sir.
How much was the total?
Including the two cars
and the mental disturbance
we faced
three crores in total, sir!
- Yes, sir.
My wife keeps asking me
why I don't abandon this
gun and cell phone business
and settle down after a few
high profile kidnappings.
Will we listen? Never!
When he wakes up,
call his father.
Got it?
- Yes, sir.
'Give me 10 minutes. I'll have
a look. - Please do it fast.'
'Okay, sir.'
What are you doing?
- I need to dismantle these
and fill them in the box.
Okay! Once you're done, leave
this right here and go upstairs.
He's struggling to free himself.
Hurry up..
He'll run away..
He's doing it too.
Come on..
Put it down!
Get up!
Come on!
Give him your car keys,
he'll let us be!
Tell him there's a full tank!
Full tank!
Sir! Hear me out..
Sir, please..
If you don't mind,
could I ask you something?
Actually.. What's so special
about that phone?
Actually.. What's so special
about that phone?
Okay.. Okay..
You seem to be in a rush!
Please go!
I'll handle it here.
You please proceed!
Close the door, idiot!
Have a safe drive, sir!
I'm really sorry, Avi.
I shouldn't have reacted
that way.
I tried your number all day
but it said your phone was
switched off.
but it said your phone was
switched off.
But I think,
the call not connecting
was for the best.
You might have said
that you didn't want to meet
and this serendipity
wouldn't have happened.
I didn't sleep a wink last night
and I'm leaving in a few hours.
I just cannot bear the thought
of leaving
with such a heavy heart.
I can't leave
until you've forgiven me.
Stay right here.
Excuse me.
- Tell me.
How much for this red bangle?
This one?
- Yes. - Rs. 400.
Thank you.
- Okay.. Sir! Sir!
It was my mistake, Priya.
For you to react that way
that bangle must have been
very important to you.
I regret that I caused you
so much pain.
I really need to rush now,
Priya, you were right all along.
It's possible
that not everybody meets
the people they're meant to.
You're going to have
a wonderful life.
Excuse me.
A young lady was here
this morning.
She played the violin!
Do you remember?
We've had a lot of people
come by today, sir.
How would I know who
you're talking about?
Please recollect! She'd be about
22 or 23 years old, sir.
Please, try to remember!
Nearly everyone here
fits that age group.
And there are over
a thousand people here.
Would there be any CCTV footage
This is a small shop, sir.
I can't help you out.
She played the violin!
She might have
bought something!
Debit card, credit card,
Only cash, sir.
She played it right here, sir.
This was what she played.
Right here.
Please try to remember.
- I don't remember, sir.
I'm so sorry.
This morning.. Right here..
She played the same tune.
She played it right here!
Do you remember?
I can't help but wish I was here
this morning, sir!
I really would have been able
to help you.
My shift began just a little
while ago.
I don't know who was here
this morning!
I'm really sorry.
Excuse me.
Can I have your phone
for a second, please? - Sure.
Junnu.. It's me, Seenu.
We were friends as children.
Do you remember me?
We climbed a tree
when we were children.
And we ate Pani Puri together!
I used to play the one-string
You asked
and I wrote a song for you.
Do you remember me, Junnu?
What happened to you, Seenu?
For a single phone call..
Why did you make me wait
so long?
Your number was taken away
from me.
I searched so hard for you!
I searched so hard for you!
I've waited so long for you!
My every thought revolves
around you.
You possess me
every single second.
I really missed you.
I really missed you.
Where are you right now?
Hyderabad, at a music festival.
What? I'm also right here!
Where are you?
Hello! Hello!
Hello, Seenu!
Hello! Hello!
Hello, Seenu! - 'The number you're
calling is switched off..'
Junnu, I hate you.
I hate you too, Seenu.
'If two hearts
are meant to be together'
'no amount of time is too long'
'and no distance is too great.'
'We may decide who we meet
in this life'
'but the choice of who we
share our life with'
'is made by destiny.'
'It's just magic!'
Where are you? Hello."
"What happened to you?
"Can you hear me right now?"
Will you come to me? Hello."
"Have you forgotten me?
"I think of you
every single moment."
"I think of you
every single moment."
"Hello. Where are you?"
I wonder what you're doing."
"Will I ever see you?
Will I ever hear you?"
"When will you come back to me?"
"Girl.. I say hello..
I feel your love"
"and it makes me glow. Girl.."
"You're my love for sure.
I hear you calling me. Hello.."
"No matter how far you are,
wherever you may be hiding"
"I will find you.
You are my dream."
"I want to be with you."
"I want to hold your hand."
"Like your shadow,
I want to walk with you."
"With you, forever."
Where are you? Hello."
"What happened to you? Hello."
"Can you hear me right now?"
Will you come to me? Hello."
"Have you forgotten me? Hello."
"I think of you
every single moment."