Hello Ghost (2023) Movie Script

Tonight is Lunar New Year's Eve.
People are busy going home
for the holiday.
Here is the latest update on traffic.
Southbound highway traffic
continues to jam up.
Early in the morning, Taiwan Railway
and High-Speed Rail stations
were already crowded with people
with big and small luggage,
hoping to reunite
with their families as soon as possible.
Yes. Today is Lunar New Year's Eve.
Businesses are taking the opportunity
to promote banquets.
It's very lively on-site
Every Lunar New Year,
Mid-Autumn Festival,
and Christmas,
when everyone is celebrating with joy,
I would feel like a leftover.
I don't know what I'm living for.
I'm tired.
Your order is here.
I didn't order anything.
You did.
I didn't.
It's all right.
It's the Lunar New Year.
Treat it as the heavens buying you dinner.
Today is Lunar New Year's Eve.
Why didn't your family visit you?
That's how it is in life.
You come and go alone.
One day, you'll get it when you're my age.
Those stairs outside aren't easy to use.
You should buy more groceries
at a time and store them.
If I'm really hungry,
you can deliver more stuff.
Many people hope to be lucky
in the new year.
On-site, it's very
Double-cooked Pork Slices
are very popular
I know that surviving is hard.
But it never occurred to me
that dying would be hard as well.
I've already failed 21 times.
Even if I'm a loser,
at least in this matter,
I must succeed.
Goodbye, world.
Let it all end now.
Your stay is over.
It's 500 dollars more to spend the night.
Are you going to top up?
I'm sorry.
The Internet said someone died here once,
so this shouldn't cause you
too much trouble.
I'm shit out of luck.
Wouldn't it be troublesome
if something happened?
the dummy.
To defibrillate, please press the button
for defibrillation.
The patient is alive.
Sir, can you hear me?
Does this hurt, sir?
Male victim on board, 27,
already OHCA,
given CPR,
and shocked with the AED three times.
Estimated time of arrival
at the hospital is five minutes.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
I don't want to be alone.
Don't be afraid.
You're not alone.
Are you an angel?
This is a much better place indeed.
I'll go ahead.
Looks like I've failed again.
Excuse me.
You can't smoke here.
Don't you know you can't smoke here?
No, it was him.
After my boss skipped town,
our factory was seized.
I got scammed and lost all my savings.
Is that why you attempted suicide?
I just think
dying now
or dying later due to old age
doesn't really make a difference.
But I don't know why
I can't seem to die.
Even just for a short period of time,
you actually did stop breathing.
Your physical condition is fine,
but we can't rule out
any possible sequela just yet.
By the way,
we heard you got a friend.
A friend?
Did he tell you to commit suicide?
We just met.
Is it another friend?
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
-Why are you hiding here?
-Who is it?
I'm sorry.
Why is she hiding here crying?
-Prepare to admit him.
-Why are you hiding here?
Is someone inside?
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Don't be afraid.
I'll take you out.
-Give me your hand.
-Sir, it's a tiny space.
No one would be hiding there.
-Okay, we'll take it from here. It's fine.
-Why is she locked inside?
-Be gentle.
-Why is she locked up inside?
The caregiver in Room 303
keeps talking on the phone.
the grandma in Room 305
took someone's remote control
and hid it somewhere.
Isn't that your job?
Don't you have to handle that?
Why are you so pretty? How old are you?
Don't be so picky since you're 35.
You'll end up with a fruit vendor.
You're still young.
You're not worried yet.
I think
the one in Pediatrics is great.
Or tell me the type of guy you like.
Young man.
Don't just frown with your head down.
That's bad.
Ma'am, it's late.
You should get some rest.
A new friend?
I didn't expect the sequela
to be so severe.
Never mind.
I'm going to die anyway.
Going crazy doesn't matter.
You'll turn into tomato sauce
after falling down.
Kid, what are you doing?
I'm imitating you.
How come you can do it, but I can't?
It's really dangerous.
Why don't you get down first?
Hey, knock it off.
Hey, watch out!
Gosh, what's going on?
I got him.
We got him.
That's so cool. How did you do it?
Are you not human?
Is it better to sleep here
than the hospital beds?
Did your friends tell you to sleep here?
They're all gone.
Your friends are all gone?
That's great!
you can be discharged now.
Young man, lend me your body.
I call dibs.
Me first.
-Get in line.
-Excuse me.
One, two, three, four.
The handsome newcomer is killing it.
Two, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
What's going on?
What is this lady doing with my body?
It's so embarrassing.
I've never smoked before.
Now I'm smoking so much at once.
What if I got lung cancer because of it?
-Why would you make that move?
What a waste.
Come here.
Don't run away.
Hsu Chen-wei.
To a person who came back
from the death like you,
this could happen sometimes.
When the frequencies meet each other,
this would happen.
Don't be afraid.
They're not going to harm you.
I want to know
if there's a way to get rid of them.
They follow me all day
and take over my body.
It's very annoying.
If your fate together isn't over yet,
you won't be able to get rid of them.
If you can survive this,
you'll live to 120 years old.
Excuse me.
-Stop pushing.
-Can you move over?
But I don't want to live that long.
It's so exhausting to live.
Living in this world
is exhausting for everyone.
Why are you following me?
Who's following you?
So what am I supposed to do now?
They're still here
because they have wishes.
Just give them what they ask for.
Once they're satisfied,
they'll leave accordingly.
Yu Ching-tien.
Yu Ching-tien.
Yu Ching-tien is your brother, right?
What do you want?
What do we want?
Your brother owes us a ton of money.
-He needs to pay it back.
Which apartment are you in?
How dare you smoke in the corridor?
I'm warning you!
I've already
informed the security.
Tell Yu Ching-tien
to pay his debt quickly.
Otherwise, you're so pretty.
I can't guarantee
nothing will happen to you.
She's so ugly.
That's terrifying.
I'd like to ask you.
Can you go and find someone else?
Or maybe I can send you somewhere?
Look. You're all wearing
better clothes than me.
When you were still alive,
you must have lived a good life.
There's no benefit in following me.
They're still here
because they have wishes.
Tell me what wishes you have
that you didn't fulfill in time.
Whatever it is,
I'll help you get it done.
can you please leave me be?
Liao Shu-chen.
Okay, here you go.
Nice and easy.
Good luck today.
Thank you.
That's her!
Mei-hao, what have you been eating
-that you never get old?
-Sir, what's your surname?
My surname is Hsu.
Mr. Hsu.
Here, Mr. Hsu. Come this way, please.
-The event is about to begin.
Youngsters are always shy the first time.
But don't worry.
-I'll take good care of you. Come.
-You're mistaken.
Here's your spot. Have a seat.
You youngsters can chat it up later.
Ask me if you have any questions, okay?
Good luck. I'll get to work first.
No, Mei-hao.
It's me.
Mei-hao. It's me.
My goodness.
Aren't you supposed
to help me say something?
Ms. Yu, this way, please.
It's you.
Do you know me?
I rescued you at the hotel.
I'm a paramedic.
Fate has brought you together.
Ladies and gentlemen,
make good use of your time.
Connect with the person in front of you.
You have seven minutes.
My name is Yu Hsiao-yin.
You have a unique name.
How do you pronounce it?
This is not my name.
-I can't pronounce it.
Girls like intelligent guys.
Just guess from how it's written.
This is not my name.
Why would I take a guess?
-This is how speed dating goes.
Come on.
Leave the flirting with girls to me.
Can you give it back?
Can you give my heart
back to me?
Hey, miss.
Can you give me back the time
I spent saving you?
I'm sorry.
-I can't handle her.
-Earlier, it was
-If you can't do it, just say so.
-Why don't you try it?
Hey, don't--
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-He was so rude earlier.
-He was so rude earlier.
Let's start over again.
Here's a question.
If your mom and other half
fall into the water,
who would you save first?
I don't have my other half
and my mom passed away.
All this while,
you must have had a hard time.
Hey, don't cry.
Don't cry.
I'm sorry.
I can't breathe.
You can't breathe?
It's so hot.
Any chest pain? Does your heart feel fine?
She's so aggressive.
Are you okay?
-You're fine.
-Not fine.
-Not fine.
-You're fine.
-There's a problem.
-I'm not fine.
-You're not fine?
-There's a problem.
-There's a problem.
-A problem?
-Tell her you have a problem.
-Heart problem.
Do you think this is funny?
Don't you know, as a paramedic,
-we often risk our lives to save people?
Rather than being grateful,
you still act sick or seek death.
Don't you know how valuable our time is?
Are you eating this?
If not, can I have it?
What's wrong with this lady? How strange.
-She left after eating.
-Miss, our event is not over yet.
She won't let me have the cake.
I haven't eaten one for a long time.
What are you talking about?
What a mess.
Is this you?
Why would you fake your identity
to attend speed dating?
How am I supposed to explain
to this gentleman?
If you can't even afford
the registration fee,
how are you going to find a girlfriend?
I'm not here to find a girlfriend.
I'm here to find a dried old radish.
You're lying your ass off.
Come on.
Have a good look.
Does it look like
we sell dried old radish?
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, Mr. Hsu.
-Come on.
-Why did you apologize?
-Why did you
-You're making no sense.
-Be a man.
Here, our staff will help you.
Mr. Hsu, this way, please.
-This is ridiculous!
-Don't give it to him!
What you did is fraud, you know?
I won't let you off the hook today.
I'm calling the cops.
Enough, Tseng Mei-hao.
You took my client list 22 years ago.
I can call the cops
and have you arrested too.
Let's go to the police station.
-No need to call.
What's wrong with you?
Twenty-two years ago?
You were still in diapers 22 years ago.
What the heck?
-You're the best in this world.
-You're the best in this world.
-I wonder who
-I wonder who
-got thrown out by her husband
-got thrown out by her husband
-in the middle of the night
-in the middle of the night
just wearing a piece of lingerie
and came knocking on my door
while wailing.
-The red lingerie.
-The red lingerie.
-So expensive for a small piece of cloth.
-So expensive for a small piece of cloth.
I took you shopping for it.
-Do you remember?
-Do you remember?
My sister.
I found it.
Are you really my sister?
Your sister is over there.
-My sister.
-Open it up.
Actually, I really miss you.
Thank you so much
for taking care of me before.
Now, the company
-A plastic bag is inside. Take it out.
-is doing well.
No. I found the dried old radish already.
-I'm done.
-My goodness.
You're asking for it.
It's okay. I'll do it myself.
I want to claim the prize.
This is so old.
We're no longer doing this now.
My dad issued this,
but it's 20 years overdue,
so it's invalid.
It's still a win even if it's overdue.
Go and get his old man.
Let me talk to him.
The owner said it's overdue already.
They have a business to run.
Do you think I died on purpose
and show up this late?
But it's really overdue.
You should just forget it.
I burned an American bank
and a truck of US dollars
in ghost money for you.
Did you get it?
Can he see you?
I'm sorry.
My dad has dementia.
We can't really help you.
Do you remember?
I won first prize.
I won first prize!
Do you remember?
I won first prize.
See? Here's the receipt.
What took you so long to get here?
Did you get the bank and US dollars
I burned for you?
As if.
I didn't receive a damn thing.
Go tell your son
and pay me my prize money.
How's that possible?
I was calling your name
while burning them.
My goodness.
Just tell your son
and pay me my prize money already.
How are you doing over there?
Why didn't you come to meet me
in my dreams?
I missed you so much.
It has been so long.
Are you still not over me?
I'm sorry.
When you were still alive,
I should've treated you better.
Bring my dad inside.
You still have regrets.
I'm sorry.
I should've treated you better.
Was that bookie your sweetheart?
The hell he is.
No point talking about my previous life.
Don't you want to tell him you're here?
Maybe I can help you.
The dead should leave the living alone.
As for you,
live your life well
while you're still alive.
Don't keep seeking death.
Do you understand?
I want the money
because I've made a promise to my grandson
to let him marry a beautiful wife.
How nice.
The ambulance is here.
Young man,
why were you beaten up this way?
-Do you need help?
-I'm fine. I'll get going.
-Why is he leaving?
Hello, sir, I'm a paramedic.
Sir. Please hold on.
Yu Ching-tien.
How was the speed dating?
That hurts.
What happened?
I'm fine.
They're just making a fuss.
Why did they call an ambulance?
What do you mean by you're fine?
You're badly wounded.
Apply pressure to it.
Anywhere else?
Who did this?
The guys that went to your place?
What about here?
That hurts.
Did you sell Mom's bracelet?
I didn't sell it.
I just pawned it.
-Where's the money?
-It's gone.
Where's the money?
What do you mean it's gone?
-They took it as soon as I got it.
-Who took it? Where is it?
Where's the money?
Can we get him to the hospital first?
We can't see the moon on rainy days.
Every time we see the moon,
don't you think
it's like Mom's smiling at us?
Mom wouldn't be smiling
seeing you like this.
Hey, those are Mom's belongings.
Don't you need to ask me first
before selling it?
It's not like you'd agree.
I got a really great
investment opportunity this time.
Fine, I'll buy it back
in a few days, okay?
-What is it?
-It hurts. Hold this for me.
Why? Where does it hurt?
Is something wrong?
It sounds pretty normal.
Didn't Mom say that
as long as one's heart is still beating,
Everything is going to be fine.
Hey, you're really annoying.
Stop quoting Mom
to make excuses, all right?
Yu Ching-tien,
I'm getting tired of lecturing you.
I'm your sister, not your mom.
You're not my sister.
You're my tag-along.
Hey, what are you doing?
Slow down!
-You're still pretending.
-No, it really hurts.
It's raining and you're pretending.
You're so annoying.
I'm not pretending.
Are you okay?
What's the problem?
Let me run some checks for you.
Good morning.
What did you dream of?
You're in love.
-You dreamed of the angel lady, right?
When will it be my turn
to go to the amusement park?
Are you all not tired?
Are you mocking me for being a ghost?
You took me to this godforsaken place.
If you don't want to help, then forget it.
I'll follow you forever
and never allow you to die.
I'm sorry.
I only got enough money to ride this.
Also, you can't blame me
for the bad weather.
Don't say sorry to me.
My mom also gave me
just enough money to ride this.
after riding this,
your wish is fulfilled, right?
We've only just begun.
Eat my ball!
Why are you throwing at me?
What's this?
Stop it!
I want to play this.
You've played a lot already.
How many wishes do you have?
I don't care. I want this, this, and this.
Are you okay?
-What should I do? He's sweating a lot.
-Can you hear me?
Get him some air.
-Does anyone have water?
He's probably having a heatstroke.
Sweetie, can you hear me?
Little boy, are you all right?
Hi, we're paramedics.
Thank you, sir. We'll take it from here.
He's conscious.
-Are you his family?
-I'm his mom.
Ma'am, do you have water?
If you do, let him have some.
-He's conscious now.
Are you feeling okay?
Let the lady know
if you're not feeling well, okay?
Yellow cuckoo chicken, I'm coming for you!
I got it!
-One more time.
Green cuckoo chicken, I'm coming for you.
I got it!
Hey, let's try it too.
What a coincidence.
Your jacket.
Thank you.
How's the kid doing?
He's much better, thanks to you.
You're really good.
Did you get all of these?
Do you like it? You can have one.
Hey, I won that.
How can you give it away?
Are you really giving it to me?
-How does this work?
-Why use my virtual pet to get girls?
I'm not using
your virtual pet to get girls.
You've got so many.
It's fine to let her have one.
I want all four of them.
My grandma said three means scattered.
The chickens will get lost.
Virtual pets won't get lost.
Let her have one, please.
Who are you talking to?
Phone number.
Give me your phone number
so I can check on my chicken.
Come on.
It's fine to give her one.
The last thing the dead
and a suicidal person need is a toy.
Then just don't die.
Do you think living is much better?
Do you think being dead is great then?
Kid, you said you'd just play for a while.
He's not a kid, he's a miser.
The miser drinks cold water
and turns into a pouty ghost.
I'm not.
-You are.
-You are.
I'm not.
-You are!
-Do you love Dad?
-What about Mom?
-You're pouting.
-Do you know? We love you so much as well.
Try me.
Keep pouting.
You're the pouty one.
Pouty ghost.
You're a devil.
Mr. Chen, don't worry.
It will definitely work this time, okay?
I've invested a lot too. Don't worry.
No problem.
Thank you.
Okay, bye.
This is for you.
What's this?
To increase your femininity.
The sneakers you're wearing
don't go well with the dress I gave you.
It's hideous.
By the way, ten dollars.
Where did you get the money for this?
Listen, the mining machines
I invested in will be making bank.
Give me ten dollars. Don't jinx me.
I'm begging you.
Pay the loan sharks first
if you have money, okay?
Don't always let me worry about you, okay?
-So annoying.
-I've sort of dealt with that.
What do you mean by that?
It's dealt with anyway.
You better.
Why are you checking on real estate?
You said you wanted a house
with a huge terrace, right?
I'm about to make a lot of money.
How can I let you live in a dorm?
Mind yourself first.
Who gave you that?
A boyfriend?
None of your business.
Hey, first things first.
If you're dating someone,
he has to go through me.
I'm your guardian.
I'm more like the guardian.
You're my tag-along.
I'm your guardian.
You're really childish.
What do you think of this one?
It's 260 sqm?
Are you crazy? How am I going to clean it?
-Are so-called family and friends
-Just clean it.
I don't need such a big house.
the ones who care for you
and still keep you company
amidst arguments and fights?
You're not feeling well?
A ghost!
-You're too dramatic.
-Yes, what's there to be afraid of?
If only they were humans.
Hey, I found it.
That one over there. That's the one.
Hurry. Over there.
So that's the one.
So your wish
is just to smoke a cigarette in that car?
That's right.
It's as simple as that.
My goodness.
Why is it so dark?
Let's go left.
What's wrong?
I think we shouldn't go.
It's so dark and spooky in here.
Of course it's dark and spooky
with you guys here.
Some time ago,
I bumped into a female ghost.
She had no face at all.
Her head would turn 360 degrees.
It's really terrifying.
I think we should stop looking.
We might end up meeting her.
Well, if she's faceless,
how did you know
her head can turn 360 degrees?
I knew you were a genius.
I've found it.
You scared the shit out of us.
I've found it.
Hey, get in here quickly.
Aren't you going
to smoke a cigarette in this car?
I don't want to now.
It took us so much effort
to find this car.
Why don't you want to do it now?
You usually smoke nonstop.
Why is it so hard
to smoke just one cigarette now?
Yes, if it were me,
I'd be done smoking already.
That's enough.
Forget it.
There are a lot of things
I can't do anyway.
I hope I can be more useful
in the next life.
I'll leave the cigarette here then.
What's going on?
I think someone is here.
Let's get out of here.
-Okay, come on.
What are you doing?
Fuck, stop right there!
Why did you drive the car away?
The key is in it.
It kept hinting at me.
Besides, I want to take the car somewhere.
You don't necessarily need a car
to go somewhere.
I just suddenly feel like going somewhere.
He's so annoying. Gosh.
Watch how I'm going to lose you.
Impressive, right?
-Cool, right?
Watch out ahead!
Don't worry.
It's just an accident.
Fuck you, car thief.
Get out!
Hear me out.
Say your last words.
Fuck you!
There's no battery in that car.
How did you drive it away?
You juvenile scum.
You have no idea I can make
water freeze and the ground move.
I dare you to come at me.
Watching scary movies actually does help.
-Volt in!
-Volt in!
Listen to me.
Sir, I'm so sorry.
Don't be afraid. They're not hostile.
It's my fault.
For that car, I didn't
It's my bad.
The battery.
Good night.
It's not your car.
Why are you so happy?
I'm going for a drive.
Of course I'm happy.
Where's your car?
It's smashed.
Why are you driving then?
Hey, I wasn't planning
on getting in the car.
You lit the cigarette, so I--
Then you should've told me.
Hey, you can choke when eating
or drinking.
Are you not going to eat or drink?
Give me a break.
Take it easy.
It's good for your health.
You're not thinking straight
even as a ghost.
For a lot of things,
it's fine if you don't figure it out.
Just give it some time and
And what?
You won't remember it.
It's not as easy as you make it to be.
Like a few words of wisdom would work.
Hey, look.
I can catch the wind.
Well, it's just wind.
Nothing special.
It's not just the wind.
There are a lot more things.
We don't have a chance anymore.
But you're different.
Your life is still thriving.
Your future is limitless.
I think this is my first time
at the beach.
It's salty
and sticky.
Is this what the sea smells like?
Were you married?
What was it like to be married?
is two people living together.
If you have a kid,
it'd be three people.
I can also do the math.
I meant,
is it good to get married?
Of course.
From having only one person's strength,
you'll have three people's
strength combined.
Of course it's good.
Then you need to have
three times the effort.
Won't you get exhausted?
Not at all.
If you feel exhausted,
have another kid.
You'll have
four people's strength combined.
That will be more exhausting.
Life is exhausting.
your family can also be your support.
If you're tired, you can lean on them.
There's never anyone I can lean on.
Hey. What are you doing?
-Why are you taking your shoes off?
-I'm going swimming.
-No, I can't swim.
-Come on.
I never learned how to swim.
Just learn and you'll know how to.
-I'm serious.
I don't want to swim.
You'll learn it after I teach you.
-I really don't want to, please.
-Let's go.
Please, no.
-I don't want to.
-Let's go.
It's so cold!
Help! I'm sinking!
Your body should face up.
Body up.
Yes. Lean your head back.
-Lean my head back.
-Take a deep breath.
Open your arms and you'll be floating.
That's easy for you to say.
You know how to swim.
Face up slowly.
I think I'm doing it.
It feels good, right?
If no one is there to support you,
you can be your own support.
Don't worry.
I know how to deal with cops.
Stay calm.
Thank you for your hard work.
You were speeding.
License and registration, please.
It's R120202065.
You gave a dead person's ID.
Were you driving without a license?
Tell him
that you were not the one driving.
Police can understand supernatural events.
Tell him.
You're the reason
I can't get off work yet.
Say something.
Say the thoughts on your mind
out loud to him.
No need to complicate things.
Are you not going to tell him?
I'll do it.
What are you doing?
He's not talking, so I'll do it.
Mr. Officer.
May I ask
what I am violating
to deserve this ticket?
-That one, look.
-Actually, I was the one driving the car,
not him.
I do have a license.
I used to drive the airport route.
I even gave Michael Jackson a ride before.
Michael Jackson.
-You know him, right?
Look at you.
You're silly and naive.
Come on. I'll show you.
Michael Jackson has long passed away.
-When did that happen?
-Come here.
Sit down.
Call your family.
Ask them to come and drive the car back.
I'm a grown man.
I'm my own guardian.
Call your family.
Don't cause me any trouble.
I don't have any family.
Friends then.
You have friends, right?
Get up.
-Mom, what are you doing here?
-Walk properly.
I'm sorry.
-Let's go home, come on.
-Keep drinking.
What are you going to do without me?
-Watch where you're going.
-Later, I'm going to
Do you know
when I want to die the most?
It's moment like this.
I've always been alone growing up.
Whenever photos are taken,
I'm the only one in it.
I wish I had a home of my own too.
Someone to join me
for a warm dinner every night.
But now,
no one can even come to pick me up.
No one can comfort me.
No one is waiting for me.
Even if my heart stops now,
no one would shed a tear for me.
If no one really needs me,
what am I still doing here in this world?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know who else to call.
It's all right.
Are you always by yourself?
It's okay to be alone.
I find my family annoying sometimes too.
That's how people are.
When you have it, you don't appreciate it.
When you don't have it, you want it.
I'm sorry, I haven't driven
a manual car for a while now.
Don't worry.
I'll definitely drive this home for you.
You're already much better than me.
I can't even drive a car.
You can't drive a car?
Then who drove the car before? A ghost?
Lady, you're going to break the car.
Change gear.
If you have a problem,
I'll help you solve it.
It's not the car's fault.
Do you get it?
Come on. I'll teach you.
That's it.
Keep holding it. Don't let go.
Is this where you live?
It belongs to my boss.
I'm just crashing here.
Thank you.
No problem.
-Are you having cramps or something?
-Go on.
Run to her.
-You can do it.
-Good job.
-Look at him go.
I was thinking
of getting some grass jelly.
Do you want to join me?
It's a bit late today.
Maybe next time.
Do you really like the moon?
can I ask you something?
Back at the police station,
why did you
I'm sorry.
Did I scare you?
Before my mom passed away,
she always had bad health.
Every time my brother and I felt scared,
she'd pull us to her chest
to hear her heartbeat.
She said
as long as the heart is still beating,
everything is going to be fine.
That's why I got this habit.
How was it?
My heartbeat.
It's great.
Your parents gave you a healthy heart.
Is that so?
Do you want to hear it?
Do you hear it?
Gosh, it's pounding.
You're so young and energetic.
-It's pounding.
-It's really pounding!
It's thumping!
What are you doing?
I hear it.
Watch out.
You guys, slow down.
I can't hear it.
Stop it.
Your wish is the last one.
What do you want?
If I can be like when I was alive
and live through a regular day,
that would be great.
That's too vague.
I had a bakery back then.
Before people go to school or work,
I hope they can taste
the fresh bread from my bakery.
So I'd get up in the morning
to prepare the dough.
When it's almost afternoon,
I'd start preparing cakes and desserts.
Then in the evening,
I'd be preparing dinner,
eat with my loved one,
and chat about our day.
Every day was someone's birthday
on our alley.
My favorite thing back then
was to make each person
a unique birthday cake.
I felt happy seeing everyone being happy.
It just meant living another year.
What's the point of celebrating birthdays?
It's ugly, right?
I don't remember how I got it.
Has no one ever celebrated your birthday?
Today will be your birthday then.
Don't waste it.
You only live once.
Don't have any regrets!
-Don't run.
-It's snowing.
Why did we come to this world?
What does a birthday signify?
It's probably a day to be remembered by
for those who are loved.
Do I deserve
such happiness?
-Happy birthday to me
-Happy birthday to me
-This should be almost over.
-Happy birthday to me
-Happy birthday to me
-Happy birthday to me
Give me five.
All right. Your wishes are all fulfilled.
I want to prepare dinner.
I want to cook sweet and sour fish,
fried rice noodles,
braised pork, steamed egg, and--
That's too much.
How can we finish them?
We can invite the angel lady to join us.
PAY YOUR DEBWhat the hell?
We're a police administrative institution.
It's outrageous that they dare to mess
with the fire department!
Didn't I tell you
to take care of your brother's affairs?
Didn't I?
I'm sorry.
Why are you still standing here?
Organize the equipment!
PAY YOUR DEBPAY YOUR DEBIt's nothing. You should get going.
You can talk to me about it.
It's nothing.
I'm sorry.
Why did this happen?
No, I
I really thought the mining machines
had a chance to make huge profits.
Don't worry.
I'll explain to your captain
and clean up this mess.
How are you different from Dad?
Digging a hole to fill another one.
How are you any different?
Get out.
Get the hell out.
-Don't act this way.
-Get out!
-Go. I don't have a brother like you.
-All right.
Don't be mad anymore.
Don't be so mean to your brother.
He knows he's in the wrong.
Don't get into a big fight
with something trivial.
Do you call this trivial?
Do you know that because of him,
I can't even go back home?
I can't even study.
Yu Ching-tien.
I'm very scared.
I'm terrified every day.
You're even taking
this place away from me.
How undignified do you want me to be?
he's still your brother.
You don't have a family.
So you have wonderful delusions about it.
But I don't want a family like this.
Spare me.
Your brother is still outside.
Look at his huge butt.
I haven't had chicken popcorn
for quite some time.
-A lot of them aren't that good.
-Who said so?
-That's the debtor.
Stop running, you scum!
Stop! I'm going to cut you to pieces!
Fuck you!
Fuck. What the hell?
-Fuck, didn't you tell me to stab him?
-Just teach him a lesson. Fuck.
-Let's leave. Hurry!
-Shit! Hurry!
Hurry! Run faster!
Take care.
Your brother asked me
to pass along his message.
-He said--
-Thank you for coming here,
but I want to be alone.
Don't you want to prepare dinner?
We need to buy the ingredients for it.
Which one do you think we should make?
Steamed or braised?
Anything is fine by me. Do what you want.
Then help me pick one.
Pick one.
Young man, here you go.
Thank you.
Do you want to buy
some dried herbal grass?
Here. Let's filter the unwanted parts.
Add some cornstarch, then cook it.
After it cools off, it'll become jelly.
You can drink some now while it's hot.
Dried herbal grass.
Selling dried herbal grass.
Dried herbal grass.
Selling dried herbal grass.
Dried herbal grass.
Selling dried herbal grass.
It smells so good.
Come and eat.
I'm telling you.
Chicken soup with dried old radish
is great for health.
You should have some more.
Don't be scared of its dark color.
This is a poor man's ginseng.
Whether you have a cold,
a cough or you're detoxicating,
this is the go-to dish.
If that's the case,
I'll be Superman after I drink this.
You're not going to be Superman.
You are Superman.
How could I be Superman before?
Eat fried rice noodles with pumpkin.
It'll help you make money.
Have a dumpling too.
Hey, why aren't you eating?
Are you looking down on us ghosts?
You can treat me as a human.
I don't look like a ghost anyway.
All right, just eat.
You look like a ghost the most.
You're the gluttonous and naughty ghost.
I think you look like a ghost.
Fine, stop talking. Eat.
-All right.
-Enough, dig in.
I'm telling the truth.
-I know.
The other day,
you said my brother left me a message.
What was it?
Are you having dinner?
-Do you want to join me?
This is chicken soup
with dried old radish.
A poor man's ginseng.
It's good for your health.
Thank you.
The grass jelly
is dessert.
Have it later.
Do you know how to make all of this?
Let's eat first.
Is someone else coming?
It might be hard for you to believe
if I tell you.
I can see dead people.
So they're here too?
Your brother asked me
to tell you he's sorry.
He hopes
you can stop being sad.
He said
I'm sorry.
I can't look after you forever anymore.
And I can't
keep you company forever.
I can't do
what I promised Mom.
Even though I always made you feel sad
and let you down,
I'm really not like our dad.
I really do want you
to have a better life.
Hey, it's 260 sqm. Are you crazy?
How am I going to clean it?
You idiot, we can hire someone to do it.
You idiot, I don't need a place so big.
Please just stay healthy and safe.
I'll thank god for that.
Of course I'll stay healthy and safe.
I promised Mom
I'll look after you forever.
Gosh, stop being cheesy.
What is forever?
Forever means forever.
Is it so hard to understand?
I've already
bought back Mom's bracelet,
so don't be mad at me anymore.
I just hope you won't be sad.
Don't forget me.
I hope you know
that being your brother
is the happiest thing
in my entire life.
Is he here now?
Just tell her that her brother is here.
If she finds out he's not,
she'd be so sad.
Yes, you're doing it for her own good.
Try it.
-Stop thinking. Tell her.
-Try it.
-Quick, don't be afraid.
Just try it.
It's me.
I'm here.
I'm sorry, Ching-tien.
I'm sorry, Ching-tien.
It's my bad.
I left you behind.
Stop crying.
Remember to eat well,
sleep well,
and take care of yourself.
Even though
I can't be around you,
when you're feeling down,
just look up to the moon.
I'm right here.
Do you think it's funny to trick me?
My brother would never call me by my name.
He just calls me Tag-along.
He said it's because I was born after him,
so I'll be his tag-along my whole life.
My brother is gone now.
I don't have any family left
and you're making a joke like this?
Do you know how many people
are making their best effort to survive?
Do you know what death is?
Words you never said
and things you never did
can't be said and done anymore.
Don't you want to die so bad?
Let me know in advance
when you want to die.
I'll surely take the day off
and never save you again.
Let's eat first.
Right, let's eat.
I want to go to the amusement park again.
Let's go again. What do you say?
That's enough.
Aren't your wishes fulfilled?
Isn't that enough?
You told me to be my own support.
To not have any regrets
since we only live once.
You thought you were helping me,
but let me tell you,
after you guys showed up,
nothing got better at all.
Disappear quickly.
Whether I'm dead or alive
is none of your business.
One, two, three, four, step back.
I want two cream-flavored ones.
Hello, is this Ms. Yu?
Your necklace is ready.
Mr. Yu said your mom's bracelet
is a bit old-fashioned,
so he asked us to make it into a necklace.
Your brother said
he bought back your mom's bracelet
and hope you're not mad anymore.
Do you want to have
some grass jelly together?
I'm sorry about last time.
So you really can see ghosts?
they are all gone now.
I don't like them that much anyway.
Smoking, crying,
nagging, and being unreasonable.
It was really annoying.
Actually, I almost gave up
on myself that day.
But when the car was full of smoke,
I heard the sound of a heartbeat.
At first,
I thought it was yours.
But then
I realized
that it was my own heartbeat.
This time,
I woke myself up.
I want to try living on.
I want to see you again.
Thank you.
Do you really like grass jelly?
I used to get heatstrokes
during summer as a kid.
I'd get better after having grass jelly.
But grass jelly looks dark and bitter
so my mom would make them
into different patterns.
She would always say
Selling dried herbal grass.
Dried herbal grass.
Selling dried herbal grass.
Mom, the grass jelly is here.
Dried herbal grass.
-Selling dried herbal grass.
Is it good?
Then have more of it in the summer,
so you won't feel dizzy
and nauseous, okay?
When picking a fish,
its eyes should be bright,
its body should be bouncy,
and the gills should be bright red.
It's a good fish
if it meets all the criteria.
Keep it well.
I'm sorry.
I'll take you
to the amusement park today, okay?
Give me back the tickets!
It's okay. I'll take you there next time.
Grandma won the jackpot!
But you always say you won the jackpot.
You always jinx me, so no rewards for you.
I'll give it all to Chen-wei
so he can marry a beautiful wife.
Chen-wei, you won the jackpot now.
Where do you want to go?
I want to go to the beach.
To the beach?
Come on.
I will drive the new car,
take you to the beach,
and teach you how to swim, okay?
I want to build a sand castle.
Me too.
-I want to pick some shells then.
-Me too.
Hsu Chen-wei, stop imitating me.
That's because you like
your brother the most, right?
Yes, I like my brother, Mom, Dad,
and Grandma the most.
You're so clever!
Don't leave.
Don't leave me!
I remember it now.
I remember it all.
Please don't leave me.
I'm warning you.
We raised the four virtual pets together.
Don't give them away so easily again.
My brother.
Hsu Chen-wei, do you know
what will happen if the chickens die?
You'll beat me up.
Good thing you know.
My goodness.
Stop crying.
I couldn't bear to leave.
Listen to me.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Don't give up just yet.
A lot of interesting things
are waiting for you.
You've grown so much.
You're so handsome.
He looks a lot like me, right?
Chen-wei is more handsome.
Why didn't you tell me?
They're such painful memories.
It's okay to forget about it.
That's a blessing as well.
There are plenty of things in life
that you have to face on your own.
If you can't figure something out,
after a while,
You won't remember it.
I'm sorry.
You must be having a hard time, right?
But now I know
that you're a brave and strong adult
who can face this world on his own.
So I can feel relieved and let go now.
I don't want to.
Remember, Chen-wei.
You're not alone.
You have Dad,
your brother,
and Grandma.
Do you know that?
Listen to me.
We never left.
We're here.
We're always here.
You're so good.
Harder! You can do it!
He's dying!
Hurry, come on.
Get up. You can see it.
He's looking at it.
-Give me five!
-Give me five!
Come on. Give me a hug.
-I'll take this.
-Watch out. It's hot.
It smells so good.
Don't sneak a taste.
Come now. Time to gather around.
-It's dinnertime, Grandpa.
Thank you, I'm really glad.
If you two get married soon,
I'll be even happier.
Getting married so soon
would be going too easy on him.
-She's giving you a hint
to not cheap out on the wedding ring.
Grandpa, I didn't mean it that way.
Don't twist my words.
I'll take a great photo for you two.
-A photo?
Grandpa, join us for a photo later too.
I'm taking it now.