Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between (2022) Movie Script

["Mover Awayer" by Hobo Johnson playing]
My girl moved away, huh
Can't help but think
It's something that I say that
Makes her flee
My loving arms and smiling face
And moves to a place where
Nobody even lovingly says her name
["Mover Awayer" continues]
[indistinct conversations]
-[girl] Yo.
You took long enough.
How long were you waiting
alone in the street?
-I wasn't gonna go in without you.
-It's weird, Clare.
I don't know anyone in there.
She makes my Ruby Tuesdays
Taste like Benihanas
I'm normal. I'm fun.
Clare, we're in high school, okay?
-[Clare] I know.
-We're supposed to be doing this.
-Having these these wild adventures.
-Ooh, yeah.
The suburban house party. Yeah?
Embrace it.
-See where I'm going here?
-I see. I Yeah.
We're having fun.
-No, I'm not.
-We are.
-We're gonna do karaoke.
-No, we're not.
[singing] Yes, we are
-["Mover Awayer" continues]
-[girl] You're signing us up.
Okay, but I'm gonna pick
a terrible, sappy song.
-They won't make good duet songs.
-They'll make great
-It's gonna be a disastrous Sorry.
-Oh, you're good.
I can help you pick.
-[boy 1] Your song.
I typically save my suggestions
for people in costume, but
Oh, well, then you're confused.
I am in costume.
Oh. Like, if I like squint my eyes
and tilt my head?
-[Clare] Hold on. Give me a second.
-I'm with you.
-[boy 1] Yeah.
Party animal.
-[boy 1] Let's Okay.
-[Clare] It's good, right?
-It it's on the weaker side of costumes.
-[Clare] The weaker side?
Well, I was dragged here against my will.
And I'm sorry,
but you're not really one to talk,
Mr. White T-shirt Ferris Bueller.
You didn't really have to go all out
for that one, did you?
This is iconic. This is movie magic.
Okay? And frankly,
I think your anti-party ass
could use a little Ferris.
Are you always this confident,
or is this the Ferris Bueller act?
He's always this confident.
-I can answer that. Buddy?
-[Clare] Good to know.
-Let's go.
-What what's going on?
Just, um just wait.
-[boy 2] Let's go.
[crowd cheering]
["Twist and Shout" playing]
Well, shake it up, baby, now
Twist and shout
[girl] Hey.
Who is that?
Aidan who?
-Okay. Uh
-I mean, we just I just met him.
He moved to town right after you left.
I just met him. I was wondering
We didn't introduce ourselves.
-[girl] Well, that is Aidan.
-Good to know.
Work it out now, honey
You know you look so good
You know you feel me goin' now
Just like I knew you would
It's looking good.
See, this is fun.
This is a lot.
[both] Ah!
["Twist and Shout" continues]
[Clare] Thanks for walking me.
You didn't have to.
[Aidan] It's not really Halloween
without candy.
-Right? Like we kinda have Yeah, come on.
-[Clare] Wait. [laughing]
Isn't it cheating
if we, like, buy it though?
More than stuffing on a party hat
and calling it a Halloween costume?
I didn't realize I was talking
to the mayor of Halloween right now.
See, you are though. There was a vote.
-[Clare] Must've been before I moved back.
-Moved back? You used to live here?
[Clare] Yeah, that's how I know Stella.
I moved away in the first grade.
Since then,
it's been six schools in three states.
-["Camera" by Charly Bliss playing]
It's why I don't spend
too much time being social.
I'd rather focus
on getting into a good school.
Oh! So that's why we never met.
You're a nerd.
["Camera" continues]
Oh, miss.
[both chuckle]
[Aidan] So I'm in a band.
Oh my God, of course you're in a band.
It all makes sense. [laughs]
Okay, you said it like it was a bad word.
No, but I bet it's actually good.
Which is the annoying part,
'cause it should be bad.
But I'm sure it's great.
Why is it annoying?
'Cause I bet you're one of those people
that's, like, good at everything.
The rest of us are out here overthinking,
and you're the king of karaoke.
I bet you're gonna go off
and become, like, a famous musician.
[both chuckle]
Actually, it's gonna be med school for me.
[Clare] Hmm.
Yeah, both my parents are doctors,
so they kind of expect me
to follow in their footsteps.
But you don't want that?
I mean, my dream, honestly,
would be to apply to Berklee.
It's my favorite music school,
but my parents don't think it's practical.
[crickets chirping]
Well, then you should change their minds.
[uplifting music playing]
Come on.
I mean, you get into the perfect school.
And then what? What's next?
And then I become a lawyer.
I'm gonna fight for people
that need protecting.
Something my mom and I talked about.
[Aidan] Like the next RBG.
[Clare giggles]
Sounds like you got
your whole future mapped out.
[Clare] Yeah, I don't know.
You move around as much as I do,
and you crave a little stability.
My parents were
actually high school sweethearts
that didn't pan out.
[both chuckle]
And since the divorce,
my mom's kind of taken us all over,
and usually, each stop means
falling in love with a new guy.
And right now, that guy is Steve.
-We don't like Steve.
-[Clare] He's fine.
But no, I'm just
I give her credit for never giving up.
I mean, she just
I don't know, she sounds
like a hopeless romantic.
I just don't wanna
make the same mistakes she did.
[upbeat music continues]
[Clare, Aidan] One
Three! [yelps]
[Clare laughing]
[both chuckle]
[thunder cracking]
-I think it's gonna rain.
-Yeah. Mm-hmm.
And we're still, like,
six blocks from my house.
All right.
-Let's go.
[rain falling]
[Aidan laughs]
[indistinct conversation]
This is me.
[Aidan] I'm glad to have witnessed
you live up to your party-animal name.
[Clare] Mmm.
I'm not looking for a boyfriend.
-Oh, yeah--
-[Clare] I'm sorry.
You didn't even ask and
I'm just afraid. We've had this night.
If we kiss, we'll wanna kiss again.
Or at least I will,
and I don't wanna do this whole thing
if we'll break each other's hearts
in ten months when we graduate.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
What? Why do we have
to break each other's hearts?
This whole thing,
high school, this is the prologue.
It sets the stage
for the rest of our lives,
and no offense, but I'm not
gonna be taking my prologue with me.
Okay, you think I'm insane. Look.
We we Okay.
We we we can kiss. That's fine.
But I just
I needed you to know all the facts,
'cause, like, I
[soft music playing]
-So okay, that--
-[Aidan] Okay. Okay. Okay.
-I think you need a new plan.
-[Clare] My plan's pretty set.
It doesn't include me, so I'd like
to make an amendment if I may.
I'll allow it.
Okay, how about we kiss again?
[Clare] Mmm.
If that kiss leads to something else,
then we make it
the best year ever, you know?
And then we'll just end it. It's done.
-Like a breakup pact?
-[Aidan] I'm proposing a breakup pact.
[laughing] So what's gonna happen
in ten months when this is over?
I'll take you on
some kind of epic date, you know?
And then and then
and then we just go our separate ways
to close out the
-Prologue. Yeah.
-Prologue. That's the one.
Do we have a deal?
["Groceries" by Mallrat playing]
-[Aidan over phone] Hi.
-[Clare] Hi.
[Aidan] Um
Yeah, I'll just go for it.
I'd like to take you on a proper date
to see a band I'm pretty confident
will be your new favorite.
Are you now?
["Groceries" continues]
-[Aidan] Saw you dancing.
-[Clare] I heard music.
I might have moved a little.
If anything, I just did like this.
-If that's the base, it started there.
-That's a light swaying.
-It was also like this right here.
-My arms were not up.
-[school bell rings]
-I just wanna get groceries
I'll pray you wanna get close to me
I'll give it some
Give it some, give it some time
But I think we're supposed to be
I wish that I could let it pass
I don't mind that you put it last
I made it worse, I put you first
[Clare] Whoa!
[bell clanging]
The senior swim to Rusty starts now!
-["Groceries" continues]
This sucks, I'm lovesick
Too important to rush this
I'd miss our kiss
If it ever left
-My lips
This sucks, I'm lovesick
Too important to rush this
I'd miss our kiss
If it ever left my lips
No one I know
Is sticky on my mind when I go
Heart broke, but I spend it
'Cause I'm Miss Independent
I just wanna get groceries
I'll pray you wanna get close to me
I'll give it some
Give it some, give it some time
But I think we're supposed to be
And if you wanna get groceries
And if you wanna get close to me
Just gimme some
Gimme some, gimme some sign
I think that we're supposed to be
[fireworks bursting]
What if he takes you
hot-air ballooning tonight?
He's not taking me hot-air ballooning.
[Stella] For your last date?
Clare, he could get a bunch of doves,
fricking release them,
and they assemble the words
"Clare, we can make it" in the sky.
[gasps] Come on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
If a girl sent me doves, I'd be done for.
That would require you
to actually talk to a girl.
[Stella] "Require you
to actually talk to a girl."
For your information, I'm working
a very diligent long game with Tess, okay?
-[Clare] Long game, now?
-Yes, it's very long.
Well, the long game's
gonna have to speed it up
because time is running out.
Time's kind of running out
for you too, dude.
[Clare] It's for the best.
I'm not gonna be like my parents, Stel.
I'm not doing that.
[Stella] Okay.
Casually pivoting,
uh, I think a few people are
maybe going to South Point Beach later--
-Tess is going to South Point Beach later.
-Don't make me sound like a stalker, dude.
-[Clare] I'm not.
-We did Spring Awakening together.
We're bonded.
That's one
of Broadway's horniest musicals.
It was hot and heavy.
Mrs. G didn't even make us
do the junior version.
-We straight up got to do regular.
-I think you should message her.
I think you should slide into her DMs,
but that's just me.
[Stella] Clare?
Oh f
[Clare] What?
I just sent a crying reaction.
-To to Tess?
-[Stella] To Tess.
Okay, fine, you DMed her.
That's good. This is a good thing.
Just say it was an accident
at the bonfire tonight.
Are you gonna be next to me
while I have to suffer and do this?
I'm at the mercy of Aidan tonight,
but, um, we'll see. I'll try.
Speaking of, he should be here,
like, any minute now.
-You need help.
-It's okay to ask.
-I don't need help.
-You do need help.
-Look, it's going.
-[zipper zips]
-Look at that.
Something ugly's in here that's asking
to not be brought to college.
-That's what's happening.
-Probably the whole bag.
-But don't worry about it.
-[Stella laughs]
All right, well, um,
call me if you need backup.
You, uh sure you're ready for this?
Yeah. Yeah, no, for sure.
It's obviously not gonna be
the easiest night in the world,
but it's a good goodbye.
[doorbell rings]
-[Clare] Lilies.
-Good choice.
-[Aidan] It's the flower of funerals.
I like it.
["Dancing Around" by flor playing]
-You ready?
-[Aidan] Final date.
-Ah, damn it.
[Clare] Oh, Mom.
-Hey there.
[Aidan] My folks are right behind me.
Good to see you. Let me help.
[mom] I mean, we were all ready,
minus the chaos.
Let's get this up.
We're gonna be lost without you.
[man] You kids break up yet?
-How are you?
-You know everyone thinks you're idiots?
-Of course.
-My favorite sister.
-Oh, my only brother.
[families laughing]
Okay, here we go.
[Clare chuckles]
While no parent loves their teen dating,
Clare did manage to find
the one thoughtful high-school boy.
I did.
[mom] And even though
she's letting him get away,
Aidan, I loved
having you in our family this year.
And, Clare Bear,
God knows things
have not always been easy for us,
but somehow, you have managed
to grow into this brilliant,
caring, and determined young woman.
[birds chirping]
I'll kill you if you're late
for our 7:00 a.m. departure, so
Okay, we know it'll be me
dragging you out of bed in the morning.
-Okay. Yeah, maybe.
-[Clare] It's true.
[mom] Okay. To Clare.
-[woman] Yes.
-[all] To Clare.
I I wanna thank you
for letting me into your life.
I mean, who would've thought
that a year after getting kicked off
the city council, I'd be living in a house
with a beautiful,
intelligent, capable woman
and sending a pseudo stepdaughter
off to college.
[whispers] Not me.
Clare, most importantly,
do not get mono in college.
[mom] Steve! He's not wrong.
-It spreads like wildfire, guys.
-He knows what I'm talking about.
[families] Cheers.
This is why
we didn't need to do the toast.
-[families] To Clare and Aidan.
[families laughing]
-So, Clare.
-Poli-sci at Dartmouth.
-That's amazing. So cool.
-I'm excited.
And Aidan is pre-med.
-I thought you'd do something with music.
No, Mr. Perfect over here
is gonna follow in their footsteps.
Yep. Cardiologist, like his old man.
Excuse me.
He's gonna be a radiologist,
just like his mama.
-I think we have places to be.
We should, uh we should get going.
It's a lot on the itinerary.
["Drift" by Peached playing]
-[Clare] Bungee jumping?
-[Aidan] Yes.
[Clare] We're going to buy a dog?
I've been really patient.
You need to tell me what's going on.
[Aidan] You texted me 13 times
asking me what we were doing.
It was me holding back.
It is my epic date. It's my rules. Period.
Technically, the whole "go to college
single" thing was my idea, so
Clare, do you trust me?
Yes, I trust you.
-Even though everyone thinks we're crazy.
-Oh, please.
They wish that they could end
a relationship this well.
We're like the anti-broken hearts club.
-Poster children of modern relationships.
-The king and queen of ending things.
I'm breaking up with you
because I love you.
[chuckles softly]
Easy breezy.
Oh, here we go
Yeah, here we go
There's an ocean in our mind
Where the world just floats
Thank you.
I thought you said this was sold out.
Summersets is like a big deal.
How did you manage to pull this off?
-I, uh have my ways.
-[Clare] Okay.
This takes me back to our first date.
[man] One, two. One.
Check. Check.
Colette, thank you so much
for hooking us up.
I can't believe you hooked him up
after he bailed on your band.
-[Colette] How dare he bail on us?
I'm still mad at him
for not applying to Berklee.
I am too. [in singsong]I told him.
But he just had to go pre-med.
-The golden boy has lives to save.
-Okay, I'm standing here.
-Yeah, we know.
-Yeah, we see you.
[audience cheering, applauding]
Have a good breakup or whatever this is.
[both laughing] Thank you.
Hey, we're Milk &Bone.
It's a first for us
to do a breakup shout-out,
but Clare and Aidan, here's to your song.
[audience applauding, cheering]
[Clare laughing]
I've been lost for a while
In this conversation
Mmm, it wakes me up
In the middle of the night
I can't say what it's all about
All I know is that I want out
The words ever-spinning
In my head for days
Can't seem to breathe
Running into space
Where did I go wrong?
I wanna know the score
I won't wait for long
["Daydream" by Milk & Bone playing]
[Clare] You didn't lie.
This has been
a pretty incredible first date.
What if you stayed tonight, tonight?
'Cause, boy, you're my daydream
Boy, you're my daydream
You're my daydream, boy
'Cause, boy, you're my daydream
You're my daydream, you're my daydream
You're my daydream, boy
Stella, hey.
So you were right.
This is, like,
a lot harder than I thought.
[Stella] Wait, take a breath.
What's going on?
Just what if I'm throwing away, like,
the best thing that ever happened to me?
But maybe I'm I'm also just clinging
to that, 'cause Aidan's safe and easy.
But also it, like, wouldn't be easy at all
if we were long-distance.
Also, we're supposed to go off
and be our own people
and have our own experiences and
That was the point of this whole pact
in the first place. Yep.
Know what? I'm being
really stupid right now. I'm sorry.
-[boy 2] How we doing?
-Great. Clare'll be out any second.
I wanted to make sure we're still good.
[boy 2] Yeah, we're all set, man.
This can't be the end.
We're making the right call.
Aidan knows it. I know it.
We're gonna have our last date,
and it'sgonna be incredible,
and then that's it.
I feel like we can make it, and hopefully,
by the end of the night, she'll
she'll feel that too.
["Daydream" continues]
[Clare] Thank you
for everything.
You don't want to be
the douchey guitar guy in your dorm.
Bring, like, a keyboard or something.
You think my dad is gonna let me haul
a whole-ass keyboard to school?
I mean, he's not the grandma from Coco.
I don't know. Music's allowed at college.
I don't know, you say that,
but he's downloaded
an eight-part cardiology lecture
for the trip.
-I'm dead serious.
Well, at least your parents can road trip
without killing each other.
Once, mine fought so bad
that, I kid you not,
my mom made us stop
on the Golden Gate Bridge
so she could get out and walk.
[laughing] No. No, no, no.
[Clare] Hockey?
What gave it away?
-I've no idea.
-Like the hockey rink? [chuckles]
Wait, okay, what are we doing?
What're we doing?
Tell me what we're doing.
-You got an hour.
-[Aidan] Thanks, Rhoda.
[Clare] Thanks, Rhoda.
[whispering] Who's Rhoda?
Oh m
-The whole place?
-[Aidan] Oh, all of it.
-You're impressed, right?
-[Clare] II I'm speechless.
[Aidan] Just take it all in.
No, just take it all in.
Everything that the light touches
is all ours for the next hour.
Tonight, we are reliving our firsts.
All right?
We've already gone on our first date,
and now we return
to our first hockey game.
Okay, but that hockey game
was our first fight.
I don't know why we need to memorialize
our first fight on our last date.
A first fight is momentous.
It's a moment of growth.
That is such bull.
-[horn blaring]
I don't know why
you just can't admit you farted.
I don't know why you're bringing this up.
[referee] Aidan and Clare?
-[Clare] Yeah.
This way.
The race's about to start in one minute.
You guys look good. Ba-boom!
Aidan, you can't say that you farted.
I announce it. Like,"Yo, I let one rip."
It's funnier if you do it like that.
You don't have to be perfect all the time.
Not with me.
Please turn your attention to center ice
for the intermission race around the rink.
We've got the hot dog and the popcorn.
We've got the mustard and the ketchup.
"Sorry, I let one rip. My fault."
It's not a big deal. Admit the truth.
I didn't fart. I don't know
what else you want me to say.
I was in the car with you.
Okay, so is it disgusting if I fart?
You can fart if you wanna fart.
Everybody farts.
[Clare] I'll hold it in.
Whenever I'm around you, I'll never fart.
You have my word. Oops, I just farted.
-Let me just move.
-[referee] Three!
-But that's what you're acting like.
-[referee] Two!
-Team Hot Dog, baby! Team Hot Dog!
[referee] Go!
-You can't admit it.
-[Aidan] Can we just focus on the race?
You were so excited two minutes ago.
-I'm over it.
-[Aidan] It's for Ellie's Deli.
I'm over it. I gotta go. [laughing]
Are you actually leaving
'cause you think I let one rip?
I'm leaving because
you don't trust me enough to admit it.
[buzzer blares]
I do think we owe it to ourselves
to finally win not only one
but two pastries
[Clare] Oh my God.
from Ellie's Deli. What're you No, no.
[Clare] Are you Excuse me?
Oh, no, no. You gotta win these bad boys.
We gotta right this wrong.
[Clare] What are
What are you doing?
It's on.
Booyah! [chuckling]
-No, no, no, no, no.
-One, two, three.
Ready? We'll play nice and fair.
-You won't play fair.
-I'm a fair I'm a fair player.
["Big Boy Cruising"
by George Moir playing]
You ready? Three, two, one, go.
This time next year
Won't pretend that I know
Where I'm gonna be
Big boy cruising on my Radio Flyer
That's where I wanna be
Look, look, no hands, I'm unstoppable
Don't know the plan, so I'm dreaming
I'm gonna leave it
All up to you
You seem to know more about it than me
I'd love to be in on the plan
So tell me when you can
I'd appreciate it
This time next year
Won't pretend that I know
-Where I'm gonna be
-[Aidan] I have to tell you something.
I farted on the way to the game.
[Clare chuckles]
That might be the most romantic thing
you've ever said to me.
[door slams]
[Rhoda] Hour's up, lovebirds.
Let's go!
-I wanna watch Shark Tank.
-[Aidan] Thanks, Rhoda.
[Clare] Thank you.
This has all been so perfect.
[upbeat music playing]
First time you kept
outdoing yourself on a date?
Oh, first time we went waterskiing?
No, think, um think more sentimental.
More meaningful to us as a couple.
-If I can find it.
-[tools clattering]
Here it is.
Maybe this'll jog your memory.
The first time you ever
proposed to me on a boat.
-Oh, you wish.
[chuckling] No, open that.
Thank you.
It's a rocket.
Flip it over.
Easy breezy.
[Clare] Hey! Slow down, Scotty!
No, I wanna get off! No, no, no!
["Color" by
Wesley Jensen & The Penny Arcade playing]
[Aidan] It's good. I got you.
-Easy breezy.
-[Clare] Easy breezy?
[Aidan] Easy breezy.
[Clare] Easy bre easy breezy.
Here we go!
[Scotty screams]
Let's go! In three
[Clare] Scotty!
-[Scotty] two
-[Clare shouts]
-[Scotty] Here we go!
-[all screaming]
[engine stops]
[Aidan] Clare! Scotty, pull around.
Where the hell did she go?
[Aidan] Clare!
-[Clare] I'm over here.
Clare, Clare, you're good.
That's what I like to see.
Okay, okay, I got you.
I got you.
[Clare laughing]
I got you.I got you.
[struggles] Come here.
[peaceful music playing]
[Scotty] Yes!
Yes! Yes!
[Aidan] Hey.
[both panting]
-Oh my God [laughing]
-[Clare laughing]
I love you.
That was not easy.
What did you say?
I love you.
Easy breezy.
[Aidan] Okay.
[Scotty] You got rocketed!
-You got rocketed, Clare!
-Let's go.
-[Clare andAidan] Whoo!
[Aidan laughing]
[Clare] The first "I love you."
This was definitely worth the trip.
Clare, um
I know we made a deal.
We don't
I wanted to know what it was like
to be launched into the air.
-I mean, you were flying.
-Stop. Enough.
-It was crazy though, right?
-[laughs] I mean, it was crazy.
I made that work.
-You hungry?
-Pizza? All right, let's go.
["Automatic" by Houses playing]
[Clare chuckles]
In the end, it ain't the end
It just goes on and on again
[indistinct conversation]
And all the people that you meet
Are just the same as you and me
First Valentine's Day.
Okay, just, um
just chill here. Wait for me.
Will do. [sighs]
[rock music playing over the radio]
[emotional music playing]
You need to be
shutting this down, immediately.
[playful music playing]
You can put me facedown all you want,
but you can't avoid this.
-Okay, well, I just texted Stella--
-[grad Clare] Uh-uh.
-This is about you and Aidan.
-He's still my boyfriend.
Yeah, he's still her boyfriend.
Her Valentine.
No, no, no, no, no. One is enough.
[sighs] He'll hold you back from becoming
the woman you were meant to be.
Or or he'll be
your biggest supporter along the way.
-Guys, I have a plan.
And I'm gonna
I'm gonna stick to that plan.
You can't fault someone for loving
big, romantic gestures. It's kinda cute.
You can't fault someone
for wanting to do their own thing.
You wanna move forward
from your true love?
-[grad Clare] We are too young to know.
Thank you, but this is more than enough.
I'm getting a little anxious right now,
so let's stop.
-Don't wanna mess this up.
-No, look at me.
You give an inch,
and you can lose your whole future.
-You wanna move away
-[grad Clare] We need to stay strong.
I'm trying to. Wow.
It's okay. I'm here.
Okay, and so is James Bond.
You called Stella?
You're wearing a tux?
We never got a prom.
It's our next stop.
Stella. What's up?
-It's a it's a big energy shift.
-[Stella] I told you guys it was good.
-[Aidan] I like it.
Come on.
That's adorable.
-[Stella] This is a production.
-Planning the night for a while.
-[Scotty] You stud.
-I'm gonna miss this.
-Miss what?
-Us just, I don't know, all hanging out.
I mean
-Not to be sappy or anything, but--
-[Stella] Uh-huh.
[Clare] Okay, stop. I never thought
I'd have a group of friends like this.
[Scotty] 'Cause you did
nothing but school.
-[table thuds]
[Clare] No. Well, like, a little bit.
But because I, like
I moved around so much.
And, I don't know,it's our last night
before we all go off to our new lives.
Aidan and I are celebrating our firsts,
but how often do you know that
this is, like, the last time of something?
For real. I got suspended
before I even got to tag the senior wall.
Never got to leave my mark.
I'm pretty sure you did that
when you streaked at the soccer game.
Well well, yeah. I mean,
you know I like to show my school spirit.
Everybody saw your ding-dong, my guy.
-Aight, uh, this has been a blast.
-But I'm saying
-This has been a blast.
You guys are awesome.I love you both.
-But Clare and I--
-We should go tag it.
[Scotty] What?
I think you should tag the wall.
We have time, right, Aid?
Yeah, I mean,
it's kind of a full night planned.
I know, I know, but it's our last night
as a group together too.
And Scotty, Scotty needs to make his mark.
We can't leave him hanging like that.
We can't let him be forgotten.
No, we don't want him to be forgotten.
-Don't you have to work tonight?
-Dude, I got off like an hour ago.
[Clare] Aidan, it's just one stop,
and we get back to our night.
For Scotty.
Break into the school?
And also there's
-Your character shoes.
-Character shoes.
-Your what?
-[Stella] Character shoes.
-[Clare] In your locker.
-[Stella] In my locker.
Let's go. Let's go tag the wall.
-[Clare] Yeah.
Let's go tag that wall
and save Stella's character.
-[Clare] Yes.
-Close enough.
[Clare] This is gonna be really fun.
Am I crazy?
-[Scotty] Aidan? Dude?
-Come on.
Let's go.
-[Clare] It's gonna be fun.
-[Scotty, Stella] Come on.
-[Scotty] Come on.
[Stella] Come on.
-I mean, I guess it is our only--
-Come on! Wow!
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-[Aidan] Yeah.
-[Stella] Okay, okay, okay.
-[Scotty] To the school.
-[Stella] Party bus!
-To the school.
-[Stella] Oh yes!
["This Is Me" by Kullah playing]
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
'Cause they ain't got nothin' on me
["This Is Me" continues]
Quite a vibe, huh?
If I spent a lot of money
to rent a party bus,
this is how I'd be behaving.
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
'Cause they ain't got nothin' on me
I could stay in, or I can go out
But whatever I do
I'mma do without a doubt
[Scotty] Aidan, what about you?
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
'Cause they ain't got nothin' on me
We the ones who turnin' the heads
Yeah, we the ones you hearin' about
We the ones who set all the trends
Yeah, we the ones you can't live without
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
This is me all day, all week
No, they can't say what I can't be
[Scotty] Yo!
[Clare chuckles]
[Stella] So there's no plan at all?
[Scotty] Here we go.
That's all I got.
Okay, follow me. Follow me.
I know what to do.
-Let's go. Let's go.
-[Stella] Be quiet, man.
-Trying to get us in trouble.
-I know people who've done this before.
-[Stella] You're breaking and entering.
-[Clare] I'm not breaking and entering.
So technically, this is the only door
in the school that doesn't fully lock.
I know 'cause of fire safety checks.
Whatever. Watch this. You go like
[door bangs]
[Stella] What the Okay, Clare,
you legit just made me a feminist.
-[Scotty] A lot better than my attempt.
-[Stella] Let's go.
-[Clare] Thank you.
-Student Council paid off. Maybe not.
-[Scotty] Football. Aidan, go long.
-Nope, took too long.
-[Stella] I don't like this.
-Scotty, why?Why would you do that?
-[Clare] Okay.
Okay, you and me,
we're gonna go to the art room
and get our paint for the hands.
You guys, character shoes?
-Meet back here?
-Let's go. Ready?
-Wait, what?
-Oh. Okay.
-[Clare] Scotty, we're out, okay?
-Pick up your feet, guys. Let's go.
-All right. All right. Okay.
[Stella] Okay.
[Stella sighs]
Nothing like the theater, I tell ya.
Well, okay,
time to find my character shoes.
-Which are in my locker.
-Stella, you can drop the act.
[Stella breathes deeply]
Yeah, we cleared these out in May,
and honestly, I've never owned
a pair of character shoes.
I mostly work on set stuff,
but you knew that.
[clicks tongue]
You know, we should be recreating
our prom night right now.
[Stella] You know,
when Clare got sick before the prom,
she was actually relieved
she didn't have to go.
Stella, you know good and well
that she would've had a great time
if we would've gone.
I actually don't think I know that.
[chuckles] You can't control
everything, Aidan.
You can't
"Aidan" your way out of situations.
Aidan my way out of situ
-What in the world Please tell me what--
-You know what
I think you know what I mean.
I have no clue. You used my name
as a verb. What does it mean?
Positively, when one,
an Aidan for example,
behaves in a sort of manner
where, you know, you sort of [vocalizing]
You know?
And then things kind of go your way.
I'm just saying,
you both set the rules at the start.
You can't be upset
if she doesn't wanna break them.
There's no way we could've known
it would've turned out
to be as good as it is though.
[chuckling] It's good.
Yes, you guys are my favorite couple.
I'm obsessed with you.
So you think I should keep trying?
You just need to be honest with her.
Just be real with each other.
And then when you're done with that
hope for the best, my light-skinned king.
[Scotty] Thank you. Yeah.
I feel like mixing black
-Wow, that's a lot.
-Just gotta get the right color.
You did just mix black paint--
[splutters, scoffs]
Now, can you check
that there's blue, please?
Or purple, for that matter?
Thank you.
You need to hurry up
because they're waiting.
What's the rush? I thought you'd be happy
about avoiding your relationship
a little longer.
-No, I wasn't.
-[Scotty] I'm messing.
Sort of. Kind of.
Not really.
This isn't working.
[Clare] I know.
I just wish Aidan would see that too.
[Scotty] I was talking about the paints.
Right, the paints.
Do you wanna just go
with a a solid color?
Not whatever that is.
Let's let's go with red.
Dude, tonight just wasn't the clean break
I was hoping it would be.
[Scotty] Please, Clare,
it was always gonna be messy.
And you know it.
I don't know, maybe if Aidan were
more excited about school,
or if he ended up
deciding to, you know, like--
[Scotty] Go to Berklee?
I've heard that.
[Clare] You know, he's just so talented,
and I know his parents think
it's a huge risk or whatever
to pursue that, but I don't know.
I don't know if it would end up actually
being that much of a risk with him.
[Scotty] Well,
I don't think Aidan thinks
it'd be much of a risk with you.
[emotional music playing]
[Scotty] Oh, there she is.
In the flesh.
My Everest.
[Aidan] What color you going with?
[Scotty] Red. The color of war.
[Stella] Disturbing.
-[Stella, Clare] Scotty! Scotty!
-[Scotty] Oh, yeah.
Ready for the Senior Week suspension.
Scotty! Scotty!
[all] Ooh!
-[Stella] Scotty!
-[Clare] Yo!
-Okay, a bold choice.
-[Stella laughs]
-But we'll take it though.
-There's so much paint and no towel.
-Okay, well--
-Well, thank you.
What you gonna do?
Wipe it on my jacket? Who raised you?
-Go to the bathroom.
-[Scotty] Okay.
-[Stella] Why would I voluntarily
-[Scotty] I don't know.
-[Clare] That is barely a handprint.
-[Aidan chuckling] Yeah.
How many couple prints
you think actually last?
I don't know.
Jade and Marcus already broke up.
Stella said she hooked up with some guy
at MSU before school even started.
[clicks tongue] Didn't even last a month.
-[soft music playing]
-[Aidan] Is that what you're afraid of?
I don't know, Aidan. I just
I wanna give ourselves
the chance to be our own people.
Don't you just wanna be able
to jump into any situation
and not have to give it
a second thought, you know?
I want that, and I want that for you too.
It's one of those things
I've always had in the back of my mind.
And I'm sorry if that sounds selfish,
but that's always been my plan--
For two seconds, forget
forget about your plan.
Okay? What what do you want?
[soft music continues]
[Clare] Aidan
-[school alarm ringing]
-[door opening]
I may have triggered the alarm.
He definitely did.
It's the one that's ringing right now.
[Aidan] It really doesn't matter.
Just run.
-["No Waves" by FIDLAR playing]
-I feel, feel like a cokehead
-I feel, feel likeI can't get drunk
-[Scotty] Go, go, go, go, go.
Looking for some matches
Just to cook up a score
I feel, feel like shooting up
[Stella] Come on.
-Where's the bus?
-Go, go, go, go!
[Stella] Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
[Aidan] Think someone's
actually chasing us?
[Scotty] To safety.
Here. I got you.
["No Waves" continues]
-[Stella] Come on.
-Dude, hurry.
[Aidan grunts]
[Clare] Come on!
[all chattering indistinctly]
-[Scotty] Oh shit.
-[Clare] Oh my God, are
Oh my God. Are you okay?
-I'm good. Yeah.
-[Clare] You're okay? Okay.
[Aidan] Oh God.
Oh no.
[Clare] Stella, no, no, no.
-Stella, no.
-[Scotty] Should I call the driver?
[Stella] Hold up, hold up. [groans]
-[Clare] You feel okay? Okay.
-I'm good.
[emotional music playing]
-[doctor] Just one more stitch here.
-[Aidan groans]
[monitor beeping in the background]
[emotional music continues]
How's our patient doing?
I'm all right, Mom.
I already told you, I'm good.
Well, you're lucky it's me on call
and not your dad.
You know, Dr. Olsen,
my son is gonna be pre-med this fall.
-[Dr. Olsen] Is he now?
-[mom] Mm-hmm.
He'll be just a short drive from Clare.
She's off to Dartmouth in the morning.
Bright and early. [chuckles]
[Stella] Oh.
-That was good.
[Scotty grunts]
[Stella] Ooh!
-Come on.Yeah.
-I mean, you know?
What's your plan? Like, after school
-I got a houseboat.
-You got a houseboat?
Yeah, well, I'm gonna have a houseboat.
That's my plan.
-[Scotty] What about you?
-You're going to college, right?
-[Stella] Yeah.
-[indistinct announcement over the radio]
-Is that--
-Meeting new people.
-[Stella] That is what it is.
That stuff takes time, you know?
It takes people actually, like, being, uh,
interested in you, maybe?
I was interested in you.
-[Stella coughing]Sorry.
-[Scotty] I had a really big crush on you.
-Yeah, in seventh grade.
On the bus back from Lansing.
I brought mints on it,
'cause I was gonna make out with you.
The mints are a nice touch.
[Scotty] If there's one thing I know,
you gotta be bold.
Be bold.
Tell me more about what women want.
I'm telling you,
it's gonna get you places.
Like a houseboat?
-[indistinct chattering over PA]
-So, your last stop is a bonfire?
Sort of.
It The beach was supposed to be
just the two of us,
but the night's taken a few turns.
Ah. Well, if I were a better parent,
I'd make you both go home right now.
Oh, thank God you're so terrible then.
We'll be okay.
-[Stella] Mmm.
-He's alive.
Ooh, let's see those stitches. Mmm.
This is gonna be the last time I see you.
-Clare, you're gonna do great things.
-Thank you.
And if you ever change your mind,
he won't be too far away.
When he didn't get into Berklee,
he was at least excited about that.
Oh, sorry, I I thought
that, um, he wasn't allowed
to apply to music school.
Oh, honey, no. Uh
He didn't get in.
Aidan didn't tell you.
No, he didn't.
-But it was good to see you.
-[mom exhales]
You too.
["Set Sail" by Turf Club playing]
When we sail into the sun
Into the sun
[indistinct chattering]
Sail into the sun
Into the sun
Won't touch the ground
-[indistinct chattering continues]
-I'll stay up here, just you and me
And I, I'll pull you closer
When you're floating far away
[Scotty] Oh, yay.
-So you were in the hospital?
-[Aidan] Relax.
I'm good. I promise.
Uh, we're gonna meet you guys over here.
We patched himup really good, though.
Really good.
["Set Sail" continues]
Dude, I'm sorry
I dragged you into all this.
It's a lot. [clicks tongue]
[Stella] Yeah,
sort of like my whole night.
But I am willing to excuse it
on the grounds of you being
in the midst of the most
complicated breakup of maybe all time.
You didn't lie.
[Stella chuckles]
["dayaway" by dayaway playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[sighs] But thank you.
Like, for real.
You know, this is, like,
our last night together too.
I know.
[fire crackles]
[Clare] Mmm.
Aidan is not the only one
who can do a big gesture, okay?
-I I've been planning for months, and I--
-Don't joke about that.
I present you this pine cone
which represents
[Clare] Mmm.
how I felt when when you moved.
All sappy inside.
I give you this.
-Cheers, bitch.
And may this pine cone
burn like our friendship.
-I don't know, I can be sentimental.
-Is that sentimental?
-You put a hex on me.
-That's not a hex.
-That's a bad omen.
I'm saying, like,
our friendship is like heat. It's like
Okay, for sure.
No, I got there.I got there.
No, but you know what's heat though?
This seaweed. [chuckles]
-Oh no, it's a sock.
-That's nasty.
[Stella] Oh!
It's a sock.
Did you just throw a sock at me?
Tess. Uh, that was that was an accident.
We were, like, doing, like, a bit thing.
Uh, 'cause here I thought
the sock and the crying emoji
were you acting out
'cause summer's ending.
[laughs] Uh, yeah, no, for sure. Yeah.
Some people have love languages.
I have a grief language,
where I throw debris
and send random emojis.
Yeah, a few of us are heading up the beach
to Ladarian's house, if you wanna come?
-We kind of like--
-That would be so cool.
-We'd love to come.
-Uh, yes, that is cool with me.
-I'll meet you guys in a sec.
-Hey. Do you--
-[Clare] Yeah, let's--
For the record, um, the beach was all part
of the date night anyway.
We're just hitting it kinda late.
Uh, yes. I assumed you wanted us
to relive the senior swim out to Rusty.
Yeah, had to happen at some point.
I mean, you kind of bailed
on the whole graduation race thing.
-Yeah, well, the water was freezing and--
-[Aidan chuckles]
I I just don't understand the tradition
of swimming out to a buoy.
I know, it's stupid.
[Clare] No, it's
But Rusty is still bobbing out there,
and it's waiting for us.
Aidan, your mom told me about Berklee.
-Whoa. What?
-Why would you have kept that from me?
Clare, I'm It's not
There was nothing to talk about.
-Not a big deal.
-All I've ever been is honest with you.
Clare, it it it
I don't I don't know
what you want me to say.
I just thought tonight
was about saying goodbye.
Or is that just another lie too?
["Love Is an Ocean"
by Wolfgang Black playing]
It's dare.
[Scotty] Truth bomb.
-What do you wanna know?
-Dare, baby.
First song you knew as a child,
like an opera.
[singing] Itsy bitsy spider
[all chattering excitedly]
All right. Dare.
Go smooch that orange, Stella.
You are making out with an orange.
Gotta make it steamy.
-[Aidan's sister] Ooh.
-[Tess] Make it good.
Mon chrie
[Aidan's sister] Ooh, yes!
-Look at that.
-[Aidan's sister] Very good.
Thank you.Thank you.
-[Scotty] Thank you.
-[Stella] Thank you very much.
[Scotty whistling]
Ooh, ooh, okay, I got one. Uh
Tell us a secret
that nobody knows about you.
Secret. Hmm.
Well, I don't know if it's a secret,
but the truth is that
I wish you would've dared her to kiss me.
-[Scotty] Ooh!
-[Aidan's sister] No, I heard it.
[Scotty] You heard it.
-[Aidan's sister] Okay.
-Now that's a dare. Now that's a dare.
-Now that's a Yup.
-[Aidan's sister] Oh! [laughing]
Yup. [grunts]
-[Aidan's sister] Oh. Oh my
[indistinct chattering]
["Love Is an Ocean" continues]
["Santa Monica" byHoosh, Offrami playing]
Tell me what to do
I'll say that I'm great
The people that surround me
Half of them are fake
-But half of us was real
-[boy 1] Hell yeah. Sorry about that.
Everybody wants to know
where the dorms are
You were my friend Allie's
prospective student. What're you studying?
Uh, poli-sci.
[boy 1] Okay. Whatever you do, avoid
Professor Holmes for political theory.
["Santa Monica" continues]
You going?
-To Dartmouth? [chuckles]
-Oh. Yes. Yes.
Yeah, I'm, like,
actually leaving tomorrow.
[indistinct conversations]
[boy 2] What's up?
[Aidan speaks indistinctly]
Oh, it's so good.
Hey, what up, my man?
Uh, sorry, have you have you seen Clare?
No, I I haven't.
Are you good?
Cool, no, yeah.
You don't have to answer. It's all good.
I'm good. I'm fine.
You seem fine.
-I'm good. Yes. No, we're good.
-You sure?
We're gonna be good.
-You don't seem good.
-["Who Dat" by LG (Team Genius) playing]
Tryna figure out
Who dat chick, who dat chick, who dat
Who dat chick, who dat chick, who dat
Who dat chick, who dat chick, who dat
Who dat chick, who dat chick
-[Aidan's sister laughs]
["Who Dat" continues]
Yo! Yo, yo, can we, um
can we cut the music real quick?
[song stops]
-What's up, guys? How we doing?
-[crowd cheers]
[Aidan] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's been a cool night, right?
-Oh, he's standing on a table.
-It's uh it's been a year, man.
-[girl cheers]
And it's just weird,
thinking about, like, moving on
and growing and and all that stuff.
And, you know, you you meet people,
and you hope that you have them
for a long time. It's crazy.
Some of us might see each other
in college, and some of us might not.
And the good parts,
I don't really want to end.
And I'm sure we all feel the same way.
Either way, it's the end of the year,
and it's the end of summer,
and and what's what's the end
without bringing it back
to the beginning, right? So that said, um,
I would love to invite Clare to come over.
-[crowd] Yeah.
-[girl] Whoo!
Uh, it it all started with a song,
if you guys remember, back at Halloween.
-["Twist and Shout" playing]
-[crowd cheers]
What's up, everybody?
Aidan. Aid
["Twist and Shout" continues]
[song stops suddenly]
[crowd murmuring]
["Gimme Da Loot"
by Trevor Lewallen playing]
Gimme da loot, gimme da loot
Hands up, and I might not shoot
Swerving, blowing out of the coupe
White gold, champagne, campaign
[door opening]
-[Scotty] Occupied.
-[Aidan's sister giggles]
-[Aidan clears throat]
-It's not what it looks like.
It looks like
you're kissing my sister right now.
-Well, yeah, you got me there.
-[Clare] Aidan--
-We kissed. It's not a big deal.
You guys kissed?
I don't I don't know what to say
about any of this.
About any of this, actually.
We're gonna leave.
Yeah, um [sighs]
[door opening, closing]
I don't know what the hell
that was back there.
Oh, it's just it's me
trying to do some anything to save us.
I'm sorry that you put
an impossible expectation on the night.
-That's not my fault.
-[Aidan] Impossible expectation?
Clare, we we made a ridiculous joke pact,
and you somehow
turned it into a binding agreement.
It wasn't a joke. I know you think it was,
but I was very serious
when I said I wasn't going
to college in a relationship.
That was before we fell for each other.
That's Sometimes things change.
Eventually, the prologue
turns into the book, Clare.
Right, because we're the ones who make it.
We're gonna feel the same way
for the rest of our lives.
We're not gonna hurt each other.
It's already starting.
We can't do this the rest of our lives.
Oh my God,
you should be studied for your ability
to see the worst possible outcome.
Aidan, but that'sAidan!
That's not the worst possible outcome.
That's the most realistic one.
I'm sorry you can't be real,
but I kept it real with you,
and you couldn't even tell me
about Berklee.
[splutters] What do you want me
to say about Berklee?
My parents finally let me apply,
I went to the audition and bombed it?
It was the most humiliating thing
I've ever experienced?
-There. There you go. There's Berklee.
-Oh my God.
Oh my God, Aidan, it's it's the fart.
-It's always the fart.
-What are you talking about?
You have this impossible expectation
to be perfect all the time.
It's bleeding into everything.
-I'm not trying to be perfect.
-Yes, you are.
Berklee's not the only program.
There's hundreds of other programs.
You know what? Maybe if you told me
and let me in, I could've helped.
-But it's too late.
-No, no, you're right.
You're right. Is there a world
where I wish I could say screw it
and go to LA or New York
and try to make it work
and most likely fail doing so? Yeah, 100%.
[laughing] And you say I'm unrealistic
when I'm going to school close to you
so we could try to make this work.
Don't use that as an excuse.
It's not why you're going to that school.
It's not an excuse when you believe in us.
It's not an excuse when I love you.
And maybe you would feel the same way
if if if you could actually say it.
-What are you talking about?
-Easy breezy. "I love you." "Easy breezy."
Do you have any idea how much it sucks
to tell someone you love them,
and their response is "easy breezy."
What does it even mean?
-You know exactly what it means.
-Just say it.
Just say it.
So we're we're done.
[door opening, closing]
-[crickets chirping]
-[dance music playing in the background]
-Come on.
-[door opening]
[Clare sobbing]
[Clare's mom] Honey.
I feel like I can't breathe or something.
My heart's like beating out of my chest.
Okay, okay.
[Clare breathing heavily]
I know that you wanted it
to be painless between you and Aidan,
but that's that's not how it works.
Not when it's real.
I just thought I was so careful.
You and Dad
you know, you committed so young and
and fought until you broke.
I just I didn't wanna do that.
You were so unhappy, Mom.
Well, I'm no expert at love,
no need to tell you that,
but there is one thing that I do know.
And that's
a relationship doesn't have a shot in hell
if you start planning its end
before it even starts.
I just don't wanna lose myself.
If he's the right guy, he won't let you.
[engine starting]
Need some space
Just a little bit
Get my head together
Take my time
All of these questions
Fuel the pressure
Don't always know why
'Cause I've been missing one to ones
Is my thinking overdone?
We don't see eye to eye
And I know it's not the same
'Cause you messaged me again
Can I see you in person?
I really don't mind where
'Cause what's the point in friends if
You're not even there
I'm finding it so hard
You know I'm bored of staying up
To watch the stars
You're still my friend
But all my days start just
As lonely as they end
I'm finding it so hard
You know I'm bored of staying up
To watch the stars
You're still my friend
But all my days start just
As lonely as they end
["Lonely (Feat. Blossom Caldarone)"
by George Moir continues playing]
[vehicle approaching]
[car door opening]
I was afraid.
I was afraid of falling for you
because I was worried that if I did,
I wouldn't be able to be on my own again.
I don't know.
I've moved around my whole life,
and I've always been
just so focused on the future
and picturing what that was like.
I never put much energy into the now.
[emotional music playing]
Then I met you [chuckles]
and I I had the best time of my life.
But I was terrified. I
[laughing] You messed with my plan.
So here I am in the middle of the night
on a beach giving you this speech,
because I'm not afraid of that anymore.
And I wanna swim out to that buoy,
and I wanna finish this night,
and I wanna have our last first,
because I love you so much.
I love you.
Easy breezy.
If this is love
I want my money back
My world's become a mess
I'm second-guessing all the things
I used to wanna be
So if you think it's love, it is
Come on.
And if you think it's trust, it is
So if you think it's love
[Aidan] It's so cold.
Maybe this was stupid.
["If You Think It's Love"
by King Princess continues]
And if you think it's trust, it is
Sorry. Come on.
[both chuckle]
-["If You Think It's Love" continues]
-[Clare] So close.
[Aidan chuckles]
And if you think it's trust, it is
This doesn't have to be the prologue.
-[exhales deeply]
-[Aidan] Except it is.
You're right. [chuckles]
You're always right. It's really annoying.
And if you think it's love, it is
And if you think it's trust, it is
And if you think it's love, it is
-So are you really gonna defer?
-[Aidan] Yeah.
Just going to LA.
Do you know where you're gonna live
and where you're gonna work and stuff?
[Aidan chuckles]
Thank you
for the push that I needed.
[upbeat music playing]
You always make it work.
All right.
-What'd you pack in here? A body?
-[Clare] Yeah.
[bell ringing]
[Clare] I'm gonna miss you, dude.
Love you, bud.
Miss Nancy, you look good.
Done some exercise?
[Clare] So
-This is it.
-This Yeah.
This doesn't have to be
the whole "goodbye" goodbye thing.
No, no.
Could be like a "see you later."
See you later.
I like that plan.
[Aidan] Me too.
I'll see you later, then.
[crowd cheering]
[man] Lift.
["Everything I Ever Wanted"
by Jordan Fisher playing]
I'm not sure what you see in me
But I miss the nights we stay up late
With no care for what's tomorrow
I wish I had it in me
-Three words that I just want to say
'Cause your heart I want to follow
Yeah, I'm better with you
You're the reason
I don't want to feel it
The other way, another way
I'm elevated, come alive again
You show me a meaning, so hear me out
I don't want to get too deep
Oh man, that's too deep
But you're kind of
Everything I ever wanted
Everything I ever wanted
If I sound too cheap
It's 'cause I can't fight this feeling
You give me everything I ever wanted
Everything I ever wanted
Everything I ever wanted
Everything I ever wanted
[Clare] Heard the new song.
So good.
["Everything I Ever Wanted" continues]
Everything I ever wanted
[Aidan] Hey, stranger.
Thinking about you.
[Clare] So I'm gonna be home
for the summer.
Too soon for a first hello?
Would you come back home
If I told you the truth?
'Cause I just can't let go
To the thought of who
I can be with you
[indistinct conversations]
["Everything I Ever Wanted" continues]
Everything I ever wanted
Everything I ever wanted
["Seventeen" bySjowgren playing]
I know I can't
I know I can't
I can't be everything
All in one
All in one
Just the one for you
We make up
-Up some pieces
Puzzle pieces
We'll fit, all adding up
We'll fit, all adding up
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
A balance act
A balance act
I fill up everything
Down to one
Down to one
Just the one, it's you
You make up
-Up a pieces
My favorite piece and
You fit, all adding up
You fit, all adding up
You fit, all adding up
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
A balance act
A balance act
I fill up everything
Down to one
Down to one
Just the one, it's you
You make up
-Up a pieces
Favorite piece and
You fit, all adding up
You fit, all adding up
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
A balance act
A balance act
I fill up everything
Down to one
Down to one
Just the one, it's you
You make up
-Up a pieces
Favorite piece and
You fit, all adding up
You fit, all adding up
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going nowhere, yeah
I'm coming up with all the things
So won't
So won't you come and join me?
Life, life can deal some crazy things
But don't worry
Don't you worry, we'll find it
If you want a second to breathe
I'll give you all of my love
I'll give you all that you need, yeah
Don't worry, I'm not in a hurry
Not going nowhere
I'm not going