Hello Guru Prema Kosame (2018) Movie Script

Sanju Sanju...
You asked me to wake you up at 5
am as you had to bash someone up?
Wake up son...
- Be done with hitting him and then sleep
- Give me 5 minutes.
How can you sleep knowing someone
is teasing your friend's sister?
Get up...
Don't hit him with your hand, son.
You might get hurt.
Time to leave son.
Where's his bike? Oh no!
Sister, I don't see the bike outside.
Where did Sanju go so early in the morning?
He woke up early in the morning
and went to bash up someone.
Im getting Brufen and tincture ready for him
if he ends up having injuries or bruises.
Are you his real mother?
Weren't you there when he was
born to her brother-in-law?
Why do you ask like this again?
Brother in law,
too much of pampering isn't good.
- Stop now, it's time he'd be back.
- Mom!
There he comes.
- He's here, move aside.
- You took the hits instead of hitting them.
- I'll thrash them this time.
I brought the first aid as
you said it was a fight.
I'd have arranged an auspicious
welcome if I knew it was a wedding!
It was a fight I went to.
Laid my hand on him too.
Oh no.
How did the marriage take place
amidst such a big mess son?
- Hear it out.
- Hey, listen...
Are you here to hit me for
teasing Kavya or as I love Kavya?
Your friend said I'm teasing
you as he doesn't like me
Hit me if I'm teasing her.
There is no mistake in that.
But hitting someone
loving genuinely is wrong.
How would we know whether
your love is genuine or not?
How will we know that?
Tell the names of three
of your best friends.
- Ganesh, Sujith and Sreenu
- Call them
Tell me dude.
What's with Kavya and Kalyan dude?
He keeps talking about his love for Kavya
as long as the classes go on in the College.
Oh him! Just like the map of Sri Lanka
comes bundled with that of India,
I have to listen to his poetry
along with his love story
He buys me a beer and keeps narrating his
love story till the wee hours of the night.
Do you believe whatever his friends say?
Hey, a guy might tell a girl he
is loving her without doing so
but he never tells his friends that he
loves her without actually loving her.
As he told his friends about it,
he's definitely in love with her.
So I got them married.
How did you convince her brother, son?
Mom, in this situation either I
should let go of my friendship
or he has to let go of his love.
If I leave a friendship we can
get along some other time in life.
But if leaves his love now,
he can never get it back in life.
Anyway I just believe in something
It isn't hard to sacrifice, but is difficult
to get someone good enough to sacrifice for.
We can if we get such a person.
If you didn't have the concept of calling
the three, we would've been caught.
Actually, that's my concept
Morning dad
Where were you last night?
I've been to Satish's
house for combined studies.
Oh, call him once.
Come on.
Where was my son in the night?
He was at my house, uncle.
We studied together.
You don't trust your grown up son!
Call Eswar.
You heard me right, call him.
Are you still high Sanju?
Where was my son in the night?
He studied at my house, uncle.
Combined studies.
Actually dad...
Call Prasad.
- Dad.
- Call him.
- Hello.
- Where was my son last night?
He was at my house in the night.
We studied together.
What man? How many houses was
he studying in just one night?
Be warned!
Doesn't our house have a terrace
or beer stored in the fridge?
Don't you get it when I ask you to booze
silently at this place when you want to?
I'll thrash you all
- Dad.
- Yeah.
Is there a beer in the fridge really?
Hey you!
And Satish, heard you got a job in Hyderabad.
When are you going?
In a couple of days aunty.
When are you coming to Hyderabad?
Hey. We don't get into such things.
If it's a fight,
we'd even rise early and come down
but why do you call us for studies and jobs?
Don't you have any sense?
Just like one raises a family after marriage
Has the migration of people completing
engineering to Hyderabad become mandatory?
We'll go today to Hyderabad.
Get up early in the morning and go to
office and come home in the evening.
We go to office again and come back home.
After spending a week like this,
one night before sleeping, we'll feel
Did we leave all of them just for money?
That's why, there isn't a chance
that I leave mom, dad and Kakinada.
Why do you always stick to this place?
What's so great here?
You ask me what's there in this place?
"Mom and dad stay with us"
"They give everything even without asking"
"Relatives stay around"
"They are seen just by moving the
curtains and come to rescue in hardships."
"Friends come as soon as we call them"
"They bring things for fun in the evening"
"There are girls who suit us."
"who'd feel more bad if we don't look
at them thinking they might be upset."
"Our place stands as our strength
in case of fights or quarrels."
"There isn't a place like
hometown throught the globe."
"Native place is the
best place in the world."
"I have a friend who did a similar thing"
"He left the village for his job."
"He sold his land to meet his expenses."
"Now he says his salary doesn't even
support his rent and household needs."
"Let's talk about Venkatrao
from the neighboring house"
"He settled down abroad."
"He calls over Face time."
"and missed out enjoying
the fun face to face."
"Don't fall for feasts at other places."
"Even a regular stew at your
home gives you happiness."
"Native place is the
best place in the world."
"They come to village during festivals"
"They get over excited
during the celebrations."
"Carry back the pickles
and local delicacies"
"and keep eating them sarcely
till the next festival."
"They create groups on WhatsApp."
"They torture people on
the name of chatting."
"They keep waiting for get togethers."
"They lead lonely lives for
the sake of a goos salary."
"It's a work of bonded labor at
another place for a small salary."
"Even a small job in native place
is enough if you can enjoy a lot."
"Native place is the
best place in the world."
How long will you stay idle dear?
"I'll talk to my friend and get you a
good job in Hyderabad if you agree."
Come on uncle, see mom and dad.
They are so happily smiling.
Why are you tensed?
Are they smiling or are they happy?
They pretend to be smiling
while suffering within.
Twist it harder.
- No uncle, how can I leave you all...
- Give it a try.
It's not about me but even mom
and dad can't stay without me
They'll make fuss even if I spend
a night at a friend's place.
- If at all I go to Hyderabad...
- They too will give it a try.
Do something.
Tell them a lie that you're
going to Hyderabad for a job.
You'll get to know what they feel actually.
You can decide yourself then.
Dad, uncle is suggesting me a job in
Hyderabad, and I'm considering it.
- Really?
- Is it true?
That Nancharaiah has been acting
haughty that his son is working in Pune.
I'll teach him a lesson the next time.
Let anybody say my son is at home and
not working, I'll take them to task.
Where will you stay in Hyderabad, son?
- Let's ask him to stay at my friend's house.
- I won't stay in others' places.
- Trust your mom son.
- Please listen to me.
They are so good...
...all your skepticism will change into
fondness if you stay with them for a while.
- No mom.
- Okay?
- Please son. Say okay.
- Okay.
Your attention please! Train No...
Here is the water bottle.
Ok, but why did you take so much time?
A guy in a red striped shirt was
misbehaving at the soft drink shop.
A red striped shirt?
Nowadays, I'm scared to travel to
Hyderabad from Kakinada in a train.
All the boys share the same
motto once they board the train.
They keep checking all the coaches.
They stop wherever they
see a beautiful girl.
They wait till we sleep and then
they hold us tightly and run away.
Ok, be careful. The guy wearing red
striped shirt might get into your coach.
To hell with them.
Guys from Kakinada can never top a
Hyderabadi in terms of intelligence.
I'll bash him up, ask him to come.
Hey that's not me!
Can't guys from Kakinada can top a
Hyderabadi in terms of intelligence?
How low she considers our place!
We shouldn't sleep tonight
until we ruin her sleep.
Take the shirt off. Now.
A guy in a red striped shirt was
misbehaving at the soft drink shop.
They keep checking all the coaches.
They stop wherever they see a beautiful girl.
Go go...
Oh god!
Hello aunty...
Yes, I'm Anupama speaking.
I'm in a train, will talk to you later.
Ok, bye.
Ufma... Sir ufma.
- What's that?
- Ufma.
That isn't Ufma man. It's Upma. Say Upma.
- Ufma.
- Anupma.
Say it... Upma.
I can't take your coacing in the coach.
Ufma ufma...
Ticket please...
What's the time boy?
She didn't sleep yet to proceed dude.
The girl's in a good shape.
Whatever may happen,
I'll hold her tightly once and run away.
They'd just hit me if I'm caught.
I can take that risk for such a beauty.
You disconnect.
- How much is it?
- It's 250 bucks ma'am.
I don't have the change.
I don't need the change, keep it.
How dare he's followed me home!
Open the door dad.
Dad, make it fast!
Hey, why are you ringing the
bell so many times? Get in.
Hope she never messes
with Kakinada guys again.
This is the house Sanju! Come on in.
You didn't answer my called when I called
you to inform Anu was on the same train too!
- Caught unaware!
- Come.
Come on in!
Why did you ring the bell in such tension?
Who is he?
Don't I keep talking about my
friend Gayatri in Kakinada?
Her son, Sanju.
He got a job in Hyderabad,
so I asked him to stay here.
You come in. Laxmi...
Laxmi, here is our Gayatri's son.
Hello Aunty...
- Son, are you a devotee of Hanuman?
- No Aunty, why do you ask?
I thought so as you are
carrying the bag with one hand.
- Then you are the ghost of our house
- Ghost?
Mom, that's guest. Not a ghost.
Mom doesn't know English
Oh! So it's a guest.
Ghost means a devil. Come mom.
Then I was right!
Why do you say I don't know English?
- Look boy.
- Its Sanju.
- You catch some rest. We'll talk later.
- Ok uncle.
The room looks good.
Hey boy, one minute.
It was him I was talking about.
She's working as a doctor at NIMS hospital.
General Surgeon Dr. Sailaja ma'am,
my elder daughter.
And yeah, she said there were too many
mosquitoes in the train yesterday night.
She said she had no sleep.
Is it the same with you too?
- Mom is calling Uncle.
- Oh, go ahead then!
- Yeah.
- Is everything okay there son?
Let's have a word before that.
What's that?
I feel like killing you
as soon as I'm back home.
What happened son?
What then?
You threw me into a ladies hostel here.
Three ladies are roaming around
in night wear here, I'm going mad.
Who is the third? They are just two of them!
One mom and two daughters,
aren't they enough?
Oh her? the elder one Sailu
is not their own daughter.
She's a friend's daughter.
She stays in a hostel.
She might have come to see him.
Did I tell you about him?
When he gives a word to someone,
he does anything for it.
When Sailu's was a child, her dad met with
an accident and was in serious condition,
my friend went to see him.
On his death bed...
when he felt sad that he wanted to see his
daughter as a doctor but wasn't able to
My friend gave a word to him that
he'd join Sailu in MBBS course.
Earlier, he was planning to make
his own daughter study MBBS.
As his financial status didn't
support two girls to pursue MBBS,
he stood on his word and made his
friend's daughter finish her MBBS
and has made his own
daughter pursue Engineering.
It's hard to believe such people
exist in today's world son.
But his wife feels something bad
happens at home when he gives a word...
...and displays sarcasm in her words.
Ok, give the phone to him if possible.
- See you daddy, bye.
- Fine.
- Bye.
- Good Bye.
Actually, you know mom doesn't know English,
don't you?
Ok. See you.
Mom, good bye means parting forever.
That's what I said.
Why do you say I don't know English?
- Mom wants to talk.
- Yeah.
- Tell me Gayatri.
- What's my son saying?
Whoever wants some coffee can have it.
Yes, tell me.
He got Shailu into MBBS
as he promised her dad.
She left to stay in a
hostel once she got a job.
When some friend was in need of money,
he promised to help him.
When we mortgaged the house and gave
him money, he absconded raising an IP.
We're having to pay that money
and the rent for this house.
He brought in this guy into a house
where there's a grown up girl.
Keep watching,
even this guy would create problems.
He might start playing things like love.
Nothing of that sort would happen mom.
I promise you I'll be careful.
I'll take care of it.
Anu's college falls on the way to
your office. Will you drop her daily?
- Actually, it's far for me.
- Oh, no problem uncle.
Hey, stop...
What's with your beard?
Would you go to work unshaven?
Oh no. There are a lot of expectations
for an entry into a software office.
You'll see me on the silver screen tomorrow.
Who's this guy?
- He has recently moved into Anu's house bro.
- Okay.
I think he's going to compete
with you in wooing her.
Huh! What's his ability when compared to me?
Where does his glamour stand before me?
While studying Engineering,
seeing 40 girls in just the CSE class,
we know how jealous the students
from other branches feel.
God exists.
He's given me what I missed out there.
Back there,
it was just a guavava tree bearing 60 fruits.
And here it's a guava garden,
fruits enough for everyone.
I've joined just now, where's my computer?
They'd first train you. They'd assign
you a computer only after you pass.
What if I fail?
They'll give a ticket of Kesineni Travels.
You can go back to where you came from.
- Oh! Where's the training room?
- That way.
What girls dude!
Whether its a school, college or office...
...do you know what's the first
thing they do the day they join?
Boys checking out on girls and
girls checking out on boys...
and choosing them.
- Good morning guys.
- Good morning sir.
The real time experience in JAVA...
Sir, we just arrived,
whats the hurry for the class?
Let's start it after a
round of introductions.
Haven't everyone signed
an agreement for an year?
So you have an year time for introductions.
How many of you know about
real time experience?
You... stand up.
You tell me.
Haven't I signed an
agreement for an year sir?
So I have an year time to know about it.
The girl is impressed. Continue it Sanju.
Don't play the jokes you
use at your village here,
Oh no! The village jokes are diffrerent sir.
These are freshly knit.
I've got this bunch separately for the city.
She's on track. Go ahead!
Hello, talk to me in English.
Didn't you study in the English Medium?
Sir, English medium in a village
teaches only medium English.
But we know complete Telugu..
Do you know who are saving the Telugu
language from becoming extinct?
It's the English medium students
like us from the villages sir.
Shut up! How and why did they
give this job to a guy like you?
What are the languages did
you mention in your resume?
Telugu, English and Hindi.
I'm asking you about the
programming languages.
Sir, whether I write or type in the computer,
I just know those three languages.
Telugu, English and Hindi.
I am asking about C, C++, JAVA, etc.
Oh! I See.
Why does he say I see instead
of answering my question?
What hobbies did you mention?
Shall I tell my hobbies or
those I mentioned in the resume?
- Are they both different?
- It's natural.
Tell me yours first and then
about the ones in the resume.
What hobbies do we have in towns sir?
- Going to movies after informing mom.
- Is it?
- Smoking without dad's notice.
- Oh!
Playing cricket in free time,
make time and flirt with girls.
But in resume, reading books, watching news
- Reading books.
- Huh?
- Watching news.
- Oh!
- Browsing net...
- A humble request to you.
- It's granted.
- Really!
Please tell your wife about your
crazy thoughts before marriage.
- Why?
- She'll become a scape goat otherwise.
Let's not discuss about marriage sir.
In a recent survey
they got to know that there are just 945
girls available per 1000 guys in India.
That means 55 boys are left over single.
Being depressed about not getting married,
they are turning into Atal Bihari Vajpayees,
Abdul Kalams and Ratan Tatas.
But those 945 men who got
married happily are...
Did the cooker give 5 or 6 whistles?
Did we turn the gas off
while leaving home or not?
Should we join our kids in Sri Chaitanya
college that scores multiple first ranks?
or in Narayana college with
the same multiple first ranks?
They are living in such confusions?
Do we need these marriages sir?
Oh, thank you...
- Will you come to office tomorrow?
- I will sir.
- Then, I'll not.
- But why sir?
That's all, bye.
It's strange. Is it done?
Why not just say sorry.
Looks like the brain wouldn't work
unless I have a smoke immediately.
Ahem ahem...
Looks like I'm destined to be caught by her.
The damage has been done anyways.
Please listen to me... one minute...
Let's talk about it once!
Look, we both have to live
in the same house from now.
Don't put on an irritated face.
Sorry for what happened in the train.
When you said Kakinada guys can never top
a Hyderabadi in terms of intelligence.
I got emotional and teased you.
But basically I'm a good boy
- Is it!
- I've seen it.
Come on, it's true. Look...
Ok, no fingers...
I mean, stop talking to me if you
get to know that I'm not a good guy
- Otherwise..
- How would I know?
you ask me some random questions about me.
Taking my answers into account
If you have anything you don't like in me,
take a Coffee Bean and place it in this.
By the time you are done
with your questions,
I'll have an idea on how much you don't
like me and how much should I change. Okay?
Do it.
- Don't play such childish games with me.
- Hey, try it once!
Please try just once.
Ok, when did you come to
Hyderabad for the first time?
Huh, I didn't come.
It's a recommendation job.
I mean,
I don't have much interest to work here.
I mean,
as I didn't like to come away from my place.
I mean, was unable to see my dad's pain.
Either you like or not,
I don't really like coming to Hyderabad.
I came just for my dad.
What else could I do?
Do you know what's the income
of a middle class father?
It's equal to his son's education.
If his son studies till 10th standard,
that means his income is till there.
The same rule is valid for
intermediate and engineering too.
Paying school and college fees for 20 years,
giving pocket money every day...
Paying for uniforms, shoe, ties, all
stationery items and India maps every year.
Dad spent his whole life for me and has
asked for just for one thing in return.
A job.
Huh... even in the favor that he asked,
It's me who gets the salary and not him.
That's why
Even though I don't like it,
I came here for taking up the job for him.
Why are you leaving amidst the talk?
That one answer is enough
to excuse all the rest.
Sorry accepted.
Only friends.
Yeah only friends.
Hello, no smoking here.
There's a pan shop outside for that.
- Brother.
- Yes.
What's the fate of boys like me without
a wine shop and pan shop in every area?
Hello Boss...
Is it you who moved in to Anu's house?
Look here...
Brother is in love with Anu from two years.
Even you can't create a
rift between them now.
- Are you seriously in love with Anu?
- Yeah.
Tell me your story briefly!
I saw Anu for the first time when
she was on her way to college.
"Background music from the
movie Preminchukundam Raa"
'This isn't the way Giri...'
'What's this like a kid?
Come on... think of something else.'
It's better to present her a gift.
"Background music from the
movie Preminchukundam Raa"
To see her every day,
I opened my garage right in this area.
She used to come to this Ganesh
every time she had a repair.
But why do I feel Anu has reacted a
bit more than enough in your story?
That's my imagination boss.
Look my dear, I already am
connected to a girl in the office.
I've a doubt that, it maybe love.
You don't get tensed...
Ok, are you confident enough?
Is it just a friend at home?
And is it love at the office?
Why do you get tensed unnecessarily?
What's my ability when compared to yours?
Where does my glamour stand before yours?
Hello.. Everybody.
Madam, order please
Yeah... two black coffee.
- And two spring rolls
- Ok madam.
Anything else madam?
- And two grilled sandwiches.
- Sure madam.
Thank you madam
Hey, are you ok?
Thank you
- Tell her you've run out of grilled sandwich
- I won't lie.
Brother, I'm new to Hyderabad. I brought a
girl for the first time to a coffee shop.
- I'm low on funds.
- Ok, I'll lie.
You just denied?
Earlier, I used to bring a girl daily to
this coffee shop, order and pay the bill.
I'm taking orders and collecting the bills.
You won't look good in this dress.
So I'll lie.
Sorry ma'am, we don't have grilled sandwich.
Oh, that's ok.
Two red velvet cakes.
Tell her you don't have them too.
sorry madam, we don't have those cakes.
Hey, why did you say we are out of red
velvet cakes? There are so many lying.
Yes. We have those cakes madam.
How many portions do you want?
- Two?
- Yeah.
Hey, you come aside. You...
So, what type of a girl do you need?
As I said yesterday, right?
I need a girl who doesn't ask me to turn
off the cooker watching the whistles.
And you?
I need a guy who turns the cooker off
before I even remind him of the whistles.
Thats okay.
If we get a girl like you, forget the cooker
whistles, we would just do anything you say.
Do you eat words?
Oh, it's Dad's call. I have to go.
Have to go? And after ordering so much?
- That's okay. Do I drop you?
- No!
It doesn't look good is if dad sees us.
I'll book a cab.
I'll book it.
It's here
I'll go and come.
You are done for if he doesn't pay up.
- Careful.
- Ok sir.
- Hello.
- Are you going to be late?
I came to a coffee shop with a girl.
We had coffee and they gave a bill.
We'll pay if there's money enough for bill.
If not they'll tie me up.
Please come and release me before they do!
Miss you too.
Anu, get me some coffee. My head is aching.
- What boy
- Uncle.
Will you have a coffee too?
He just has black coffee
and nothing else dad.
Then, prepare the same.
Do you know how to prepare it?
Even if I do,
he'll not have that with people like us dad
- He has others for that.
- Hey, please.
Whom will he have it with? What man?
Anu, I don't need rice tonight.
Prepare chapati dear.
Is chapathi okay boy?
He doesn't eat anything
other than spring rolls dad.
Ok, prepare the same.
And he won't eat even those with people
like us, he'll have others for that dad.
Please, no.
Whom do you eat with boy?
- Laxmi.
- Yes.
- Do we have those laddoos from Bandar?
- Yes.
Serve one for each for me and him.
I don't want it uncle, thanks.
- He doesn't...
- He doesn't eat laddoos.
What else will he eat?
Red velvet cakes and that too...
He won't even that with people like us.
With whom will he eat then?
Please don't, I beg you.
- What's wrong with you both?
- No idea uncle
- Boy, have the meal.
- Enough uncle, I had too much already.
What's this bull shit?
Boy, that isn't bull shit but blue shirt.
She doesn't know English, remember?
Blue shirt?
bull shit means what's this dirty thing?
I said it correctly.
Why do you say I don't know English?
- She's a friend, right?
- Yes, man.
Shall we have a juice?
No thanks. Why would you have it with us?
Damn! I'm always getting caught by her.
I should either kill her or die myself.
Bloody nonsense.
Has she heard it?
I mean...
What's that for?
If she calls for coffee again
I don't like it if my friend is embarrassed
before her for not having money.
- But Anu...
- Bye.
- Are you sure she is a friend?
- A friend of course.
Then love?
"With large eyes"
"into my small heart"
"Hey baby you peeped in"
"With your tempting smiles"
"You touched my tiny heart."
"You pinched me like hell, hey girl."
"Like the stars around the moon"
"Your thoughts surrounded me."
"Like an ant bites when you
put a finger in its nest."
"They caught and bit me."
"With large eyes"
"into my small heart"
"Hey baby you peeped in"
Oh yeah!
"I have no grip in English language."
"I haven't read Telugu grammar."
"I can't say poetry in Hindi"
"It's your greatness
behind this poetry in me."
"I understood the greatness of Athreya"
"I applauded naughtiness of Veturi."
"Though I heard the songs from longback"
"I liked them and am singing today."
"Just like learning to
walk at 25 years of age"
"I'm toddling around."
"With large eyes"
"into my small heart"
"Hey baby you peeped in"
- Hello
- Hey, what's up?
Everything is fine. You tell me.
Sanju, you're in Hyderabad now.
It's better to pick up your English.
I English, you English and spoken English?
Now, you speak English.
So, what's your plan?
499 Rupees with unlimited
class with 4 GB mobile data.
Oh no! It's a bad joke.
You say that's bad?
People laugh over this joke
for an hour in my town?
Ok, let's catch up some time.
No. No catches. Only bowling or batting.
- I said let's meet today
- Aaw! Is it okay in the house?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, nobody in house. I'm okay.
He says there's no one at home. Is it okay?
Maybe he's gonna propose me at home!
I shouldn't miss this chance.
Ok, let's meet at 8 PM?
- Okay then, bye.- Bye.
Why did she ask me to come home when
no one is at home? Oh I feel shy.
He called me home at 8. Yeah,
I started already.
- Where are you going?
- Actually.
It seems there are stones diagnosed
in the kidney for my friend's dad.
I'll go and visit him dad.
I feel boulders hitting my heart
when you leave home at this time.
- Come back soon dear.
- Ok dad.
Where are you headed at this time boy?
It seems there is a technical
problem at the office uncle.
As the manager called me and
begged me for an hour to solve it
I said I'd be there in half an hour.
I'll solve it and come uncle.
- Oh!
- Aaw!
- See you uncle
- Okay then.
Hi... Uncle.
- Who are you dear?
- Is Sanju in, uncle?
You come in dear, come.
- Is Reethu in?
- Come in.
Sanju has been to office
on an urgent work dear.
Have you come on any important work?
He donated blood to my dad the day before.
So I came to thank him.
Damn, why did I say such an idiotic lie?
- Oh no, what happened to your dad?
- Amnesia, uncle.
This is better.
Do they donate blood for Amnesia?
That is, actually my dad got a
heart attack and forgot that.
It turned serious and an open heart
surgery was done, so Sanju donated blood.
It would have been better if your dad
was here to say thanks for that, right?
He too should've come uncle,
but he forgot that too.
Ok, see you uncle
What work do you have with Reethu?
She had some doubts and I
came to clarify them uncle.
Reethu clarifies everyone's doubts.
Have you come to clarify her doubts?
Do you have so much talent in you?
Yes uncle.
What is data base?
- Uncle?
- Explain data base.
A database...is called database
Have at least you understood
what you just said?
Oh no, didn't you catch it?
Ok, I'll say it once again.
A database...
If you're going to repeat what you just said,
don't say it.
What's Oops concept?
It's a very silly question uncle.
- Ain't it?
- Yeah.
Tell me.
But, I missed the class
exactly the day it was taught.
- What is an Array?
- Pass.
Is this any quiz show? What is a pass?
I mean, I was talking about passing this sir.
Which way?
That way.
This Reethu is like...
Thanks for coming so long
and dropping me uncle. Bye.
Girl, let me see your dad
as he was operated recently.
Ok, bring me a glass of water dear
Ok, what were you asking? What's an array?
An Array is a...
Ok, tell me now. What's an array?
Uncle, water
- Who's he?
- His uncle
Who is this fellow?
Sir, you ask who is he? Do you forget
the guy who donated blood to you?
Did I donate blood?
Did he give me blood?
Didn't he donate it when
you had the heart operation?
Was my heart operated?
- What? Does he have such bad Amnesia?
- I don't know uncle. Crazy guy.
- Do I even have Amnesia too?
- Great thing sir.
You've even forgotten
the fact that you forget!
Who're all these baby?
Why did they come here?
Will you remember even if she say it?
Let's go uncle.
What's our business here now?
I'll not talk to you again.
Is this the one who damaged his kidney?
It's his brain that got damaged,
not the kidney.
Don't go around with mad people.
Go and sleep.
Thank you.
So, you said you're going to Sanju's
house yesterday. What happened?
I thought Sanju called me home
to propose me and went prepared.
He confused me with his broken
English and upset the whole plan.
Is it? What do you intend to do now?
I'm planning to tell it myself today.
Why late then? Call him.
- Hello.- Hello.
Where are you?
- Right here, at the NIMS Hospital.
- Hospital? What happened?
- Nothing, a small accident...
- An accident? Are you okay?
- No Reethu...
- Wait, I'm coming right away.
- Hey!
- How did this happen?
Actually, to apologize for what happened
yesterday, I stopped at the flower shop.
- Is the bouquet for the friend?
- It's for the lover dude.
Lover is in college right?
It's the office, man.
It's the friend at office right?
It's believable as he said
without any confusion.
Once these two settle down,
it's then me and Anu
Hello Boss, I too will come.
He said he'd accompany me
but went with that fellow.
Couldn't you just say that you
didn't meet with the accident?
You know how much worried was I?
She says she was worried.
Sorry for making you worry.
- Do you need to use the word sorry with me?
- It's so confirmed!
- What did he say?
- Nothing, you say.
You didn't come to office today, right?
I was thinking...
- One minute.
- Yes.
Hello, is Anu with you?
No aunty, why?
She isn't answering the phone since long.
Maybe she is in the class aunty.
She called saying her classes were cancelled
and was starting when it disconnected.
When I called again, it says switched off.
I'm feeling very much tensed.
Don't get tensed aunty,
I'll just check and call you back
What happened?
You take a cab and go home.
Call me once you reach.
But tell me what happened.
Nothing, it's just a small work.
You go carefully.
- Tell me what happened and go.
- WhatsApp me the cab driver's number.
You should drink liquor for a high.
Why did you mess with her?
Little do I know that she would do that!
Hey, cops are killing us if they come
to know that someone messed with girls.
If they know about all this,
what would happen?
Shh! Silence.
What happened? You left tensed!
- Nothing, have you reached home?
- Yes.
- Is everything fine there?
- It's all fine. Tell me.
Actually, I was about to tell you something.
But you left by then.
What was that? Tell me?
I don't know whether I
can say that so early.
I'm telling you waht I felt in my heart.
I think...
I think I'm in love with you Sanju
Don't know why but the first day I saw you,
I kept looking at you for the whole day.
I enjoyed whatever you did.
I felt I could lead the whole
life smiling if I'm with you.
Instead of giving me a treat
at the coffee shop and leaving
you booked a cab for me and
waited till I get into the cab
gave him money, took his number and left.
I felt such caring is hard
to get from anyone in life.
I felt what more reasons
do I need to love a person.
That's why I am telling you,
I strongly believe that I'm in love with you.
I too understand now when
you're telling me Reethu.
I think I'm also in love.
Then say, I love you Reethu
I'm in love with Anu.
First time when I saw Anu in train,
I kept watching her for that whole night
I enjoyed whatever she did.
After you said it now, I feel I could
lead my whole life smiling being with her.
She came and paid the bill that day
after you left from the coffee shop.
Thinking I may be into trouble again,
next day she gave me money.
After you said it now, I feel where
else would I get such caring in life.
Even just now, you know how I came running
tensd that she isn't lifting calls?
My heart didn't calm down till I saw her.
I too understand now
after you said it Reethu.
What more reasons do we
need to love a person?
I just realized, I'm in love with Anu
What would you say now finally?
What's running in your mind at this moment?
I feel what we experienced towards
each other till now is just attraction.
So friends...
Sanju... shall we leave?
Did the far away sky far away
come close and pamper me?
"Not feeling the burden,
did it pull the earth along with me?"
"I never had this habit
of flying in air earlier"
"Some mistake took place even
before observing what happened."
"Saying this sweet mischief
is because of you."
"My world is flying"
"like a kite that cut it's thread".
"I'm just flying"
"Like the flight that
chose the destination."
"I've a feeling like my lids are
flying when I want to sleep."
"Have my eyes forgotten to sleep?"
"I feel my feet flying,
when I want to go out."
"Did my feet forget walking?"
"To tell it to you, I feel my workds flying"
"Did my lips forget talking?"
"I can't stay still, sit tight,
I'm liking this falling in love."
"My world is flying"
"like a kite that cut it's thread".
"I'm just flying"
"Like the flight that
chose the destination."
"If I don't see you or hear you for a while"
"I feel like my heart doesn't have a beat."
"If you don't get angry on me,
if you don't scold me sweetly"
"I get a feel that my heart can't breathe."
"I feel hard even to stay at a place I like"
"I'm waiting to see you"
"Missing you so much I feel I'm getting
wings that pull me towards you."
"My world is flying"
"like a kite that cut it's thread".
"I'm just flying"
"Like the flight that
chose the destination."
- Boss!
- Boss!
- Your words came true.
- Which words boss?
What exists between me and Anu is love...
...and what exists between me
and Reethu is just friendship.
How did you say so correctly boss?
Are you busy boy?
Uncle, do you know something?
Our Ganesh is more powerful than the
famous sage Sri Pothuluri Veerabramhendra.
- Why?
- Whatever he says is coming true.
Good, very good! Keep it up!
I'll be back in a minute.
Let's go. Start it.
What are you looking at?
This is the house I built for Anu.
I mortgaged it for my friend. I should get
it released by the time of Anu's marriage.
My daughter will however not
stay with me after marriage.
Atleast if she stays in this house that I
built for her, I would feel I'm with her.
One minute.
Anu is calling.
Hello. Yes dear...
Why are you not coming to work since a week?
I got to know you are on sick leave.
They won't grant me leave if I say
to have fallen in love, would they?
So I did that.
Reethu resigned the job and
left as you rejected her love.
- 'Why are you crying?'
- You aren't here to inform you.
Wait, I'm coming right away.
- Oh no, okay I'll call again- Hello.
Exactly when the daughters grow
up and are ready for marriage,
these guys appear suddenly
on the name of love.
What happened uncle?
Someone is teasing Anu on the name of love.
She called me crying.
- Hey Anu wait.
- Let go!
Hey! Anu, I love you!
- Come, we'll go.
- Climb back.
Tell me dear,
Is there anyone who makes unwanted comments
on you either outside or in Facebook?
There's a guy named Raghu who is
behind me every day in the college.
A guy named Rajesh is passing
dirty comments in Facebook.
Hey stop man! Wait.
- Hi Karthik.
- Namasthe uncle. What a surprise?
- Please come in
- Come.
- I'll be with you in two minutes uncle
- Yeah, ok.
You be seated.
Mom! dad! Viswanath uncle is here.
Come fast.
Isn't the boy good?
He is Karthik, a colleague at my office.
I'm observing this guy since two years.
He's the best in all aspects.
Somehow, I felt he's perfect for Anu.
Shouldn't I give her the best in everything?
As I was about to ask, he asked me
himself that he wanted to marry Anu.
And, today I came to know because of
you that there's no one in Anu's heart!
That's why I came to say
okay to his proposal.
- Eh?
- Eh?
I mean, why's did you decide so suddenly?
He's leaving to America today.
I came to tell him my
decision before he leaves.
Oh! Here they come.
Namasthe everyone.
- Namasthe, please sit
- Are you fine Sir?
Did you ask Anu? What did she say uncle?
I came to say we're ok for this match.
You should've informed a day in advance sir.
We would've had the engagement today.
Don't worry about the engagement dad.
I believe his word more than that.
I'm giving my word.
I'll get Anu married to you.
So my son would join the job there
setup a home with amenities
and come back in a month.
We'll have both engagement and
wedding at one go, once he's back.
Thanks sir.
- Thank you...
- Okay uncle.
See you sir.
Oh! You haven't had anything at our house.
It's not that I shouldn't.
They say devouring makes relations bad.
- So...
- As you say.
- Happy journey.
- Thank you uncle.
- See you
- Fine.
Come on...
Uncle, you didn't introduce him.
This boy is Sanju, my friend's son.
And now he's my friend.
One minute uncle.
Laxmi! Do you remember the
guy Karthik from our office?
Son of Mr. Prabhakar Rao.
He got a job in America.
I'd been to his place to talk to him.
I gave them a word without
informing you both.
And what's that?
To give Anu's hand to him in wedlock...
Why do you say such an
awesome news casually?
My dear girl! You know how good the boy is?
Even after having such a good
job and such a huge property
He treats everyone warmly with a smile.
- Were they actually interested in this?
- It was them who asked first.
Is it true?
Boy, what was the first question
Karthik asked after coming down?
Hey! Weren't you there too? Tell them.
He said "What did Anu say? Did she say ok?"
- What did his dad say when I agreed?
- Why not you say? You were there too!
They aren't believing me, so you tell them.
He said he would have the engagement
done today if you've agreed yesterday.
Will you believe now?
Finally, something good is happening
in this house because of your word.
Anu dear, come here. Sit.
See, I gave them my word without asking you.
I would've left it to your wish even if
you'd asked dad. Should you ask me again?
Karthik will take better
care of you than me.
I'm giving you the word and
I'm giving you the best.
Sanju, no one at home knows that I drink.
I drink only when I do something
like this for Anu or I feel happy.
To day I'm very Happy.
I gave the best teddy bear to Anu
and it was there for five years
I gave the best school for ten years.
I gave the best college and for four years.
And now I'm giving the best husband
and she'll have him life long.
Karthik is best for Anu.
He's the right one for Anu.
He's best for Anu. That's all.
Now Anu will get married, so what about you?
You say yes and I'll get
the best for you too.
I won't get the best sir.
Her marriage is already fixed.
Is that love?
Is it at the village? Who's that girl?
Hey, who rejected you?
Sanju, the wedding is just
fixed but isn't done yet right?
Tell me who's that and I'll
go speak to her father.
As if he'll agree if you speak.
What's wrong with you?
You're good, have the best job,
great family...
A girl should be lucky to
be coming to your house.
Don't remind me of that uncle.
I'm already in great pain.
Say where did your love stop?
Aren't you a father of a girl too?
How can I tell you?
Why did you say that?
Did I treat you like that ever?
If I did,
would I send my daughter with you on bike?
How can you...
Look, what did I answer when they asked
me who are you at Karthik's place?
You said he is my friend's son
and is like a friend even to me.
Didn't I say that?
I'm a friend dude!
Share everything with this friend.
No uncle,
how can you think like my friend at your age?
What we feel right in our age wouldn't
be felt right for you in this age.
Oh, I didn't cross your age ever!
I jumped over it and came here.
Be friends man.
Stop it uncle, what's a friendship with you?
How different are we?
How can I share my personals with you...
You go down stairs...
No, I won't talk to you, leave.
Okay I should be friends with you,
is that it?
Isn't it?
That's not so easy uncle.
Then go...
Oh God.
Ok, everyone says you won't
break your word once you give it.
So first give me a word to be
friends with me for a month.
Then I'll tell you my love story.
That's it.
Here, I promise to be a friend
with you for this month.
Okay now?
Tell me now, who is that girl?
Friend, I'm in love with Mr.
Viswanath's daughter Anu.
Neither Anu nor her parents know about this.
You are the first person
I'm telling this to.
By the time I realized I'm in love with Anu,
her dad fixed another match for her.
I don't know what to do now.
I know its wrong to love the daughter of
the person who let me stay at his home.
But I love her so intensely that I
can't let go even if I know, friend.
Her wedding is in a month...
I gave a word to Karthik at their house that
I would marry Anu to him and you saw that.
Karthik is a good boy and
will take good care of Anu.
- How do you know uncle?
- I've observed him.
How's he at the office, how he respects
elders, how he behaves with ladies...
I've been observing
everyday since three years.
Observe me too.
Uncle, haven't you given a word that
you'd give only the best to Anu?
Today I feel I'm the best for Anu.
You too may feel the same tomorrow.
If you get Anu married without observing me,
you'll not be giving the best to Anu, uncle
You'd break your own word.
Sanju, I don't like talking about this
with you anymore. You please leave.
Earlier as a friend,
you said you would go and talk to her dad.
Now as you're that dad,
you're asking me to leave.
Why does something you felt right as a
friend look wrong to you as a father now?
When I say I love with your daughter,
every dad reacts the same way.
Because you just know the word 'in love'
What more should one know?
Uncle, do you know how tough is it for a
boy to make a girl fall in love with him?
He should follow her every day,
should bear even when she hates him.
He should wait for the whole day for
her to turn back and see just once.
To make it short,
we should show her the love you've
shown in 20 years within 2 to 3 months.
Then if we get connected
to them at some point...
if they get a feeling that can even
leave their family for this guy
then they'll fall in love.
Do you know who'll know all of this uncle?
Just the friend.
That's why they help to elope,
get beaten if caught and a few even die.
Because he has noticed
his friend's love closely.
Uncle, I'll ask you just one thing.
The way you were trying to be my friend,
be the same just for a month.
Notice my love closely.
It's good to be looking
at it from your angle.
But Anu doesn't love you, does she?
But she doesn't love Karthik either uncle.
Is it ok if Anu loves me?
you gave me a word to be friends with me.
You gave a word to Anu to give her the best.
That's why I'm telling you uncle.
Travel with me as a
friend for just one month.
You decide who is the best for Anu
among me and Karthik as a father.
Either if you don't feel me the best or
if Anu doesn't love me in this month,
I won't show myself to both
of you in my life again.
Okay boy.
I give you my word that I'll be
friends with you for a month.
It's not because I gave
a word to you or Anu.
As a father...
I'm giving you my word to check if my
decision about my daughter is correct.
Friendship accepted.
Thanks uncle.
Anu, what're you doing for so long?
He is waiting there.
I made drumstick curry and dal. I mixed
dal and kept rice and curry separately.
I'll prepare rice sweet and
keep it ready if you come early.
Mom, why are you so happy?
You want me to prepare
anything else for dinner dear?
Do something damn!
Dad, why are you so tensed?
Nothing dear.
I'll leave to college dad.
- Anu...
- Yeah.
- I'll drop from today
- That's okay dad, we'll go.
I'm telling you I'll drop you!
You say you'll go yourself.
You should learn to listen
when I say something.
Why do you get so angry for that?
Drop her yourself!
Mom haven't you given
BP tablets today to dad?
Uncle, Am I not taking Anu?
Why do you spoil everything?
She's my daughter and it's my wish!
Who are you to ask me?
Try to control yourself.
Anu's father says he would drop her to
college from today. What shall we do?
Can't you understand when I say it once?
Tell me as a friend, not as a father.
You gave me a word last night.
Okay, I'll tell you as a friend.
It's her father and he
is dropping his daughter.
What can you and I do? Simple!
Wow! How shamelessy are you breaking
the word you gave last night sir!
There's good talk about you that
you do anything for your word.
- So, it's all a blunder then.
- Hey...
What else is this uncle?
Will any friend say this at this time?
What will a friend do?
Tell me and I'll do that.
- Hey dude.
- Yeah.
Once he knew I love Anu, her father is
saying that he'll drop her to college daily.
I should take Anu. If you were here,
tell me what would you do as a friend.
What's the big deal?
I'll ask you to make sure no
one in her family comes out,
I'll go and puncture her dad's bike.
Then she'll automatically come with you.
Oh no, what will her father do then?
What great work does he have?
He'll take an auto or something else.
Haven't you said you'd
do what a friend does?
- Hey, this is...
- You gave me a word.
Hey, it's not right that I
puncture my own vehicle dude!
You go soon friend,
she'll get late otherwise.
New ringtone, I set it in the morning
thinking you'd connect with it.
She's coming
Shall we go?
Dad says he would drop me from today.
Aaw... whatever uncle says.
We should listen to elders.
You take her uncle, I'll leave
Oh no, it's punctured...
Oh no, that's bad. What shall we do now?
You take her.
But how will you go uncle?
What great work do I have?
I'll take some auto.
Won't you drop her again from tomorrow?
How can I puncture my bike daily?
What dad?
Nothing dear, you leave before you're late.
Came to know your air is down sir?
How do you know?
Your air is down just now,
mine was long back.
Are you okay both of them are
travelling together daily?
What're you talking?
They both are friends
- Are they friends for sure?
- What do you mean?
Is it the front tyre in
which the air is down?
Hello, can't you hear the phone is ringing?
Didn't I say I'd be busy at the office?
Why do you always disturb?
Hello, don't always tell us.
Your phone is ringing, look into that.
- Hello.
- Uncle.
Are you playing with my weakness of
doing anything for the word I gave?
Are you teasing me even after knowing
that I've fixed Anu's marriage?
Uncle, it's useful to me if I impress
you but what'll I get by teasing you?
As you are thinking like a father...
...you feel that I'm teasing you.
But if you think as a friend,
you'd ask, "Would you do anything
just to go out with Anu?"?
Uncle, I want to be very sincere with
you in regards to our friendship.
Ok, what shall I do now?
Actually... I wish to see Anu.
I want to take her to lunch.
I'll kill you!
Sorry, it's my friend.
Hey man! You created such a havoc
and took her in the morning.
Can't you wait till she
comes back in the evening?
You want me to feel that he can't stay
without seeing Anu just for some time too
and that he loves Anu so much! Isn't it?
Don't you think it is a bit too much?
When Anu was born, after you left to work
after playing with her in the morning...
...knowing that you would return
home anyways in the evening
...didn't you ever go back home
at lunch just for seeing her?
When it's love that made you want to see her,
how can my wish be too much uncle?
I feel like seeing Anu, friend.
When I just called Anu and asked to
meet for lunch, she said has to ask dad.
Tell me what shall I do now?
Simple friend,
call Anu and tell her to go with Sanju.
Shall we go?
You book the table dear, we'll come.
Ok dad.
As you said, I called her to tell
her to go with you as your friend
and I came here as a father
when she asked me to join.
How it's my responsibility
to support you as a friend,
isn't it my responsibility to
safeguard my daughter as a father too?
Daughter is calling.
Excuse me, take the order.
- Tell me, ma'am.
-3 Soups.
1 Chicken Biryani and 2 Veg Biryanis.
Ok madam.
Dad, I'll go to the wash room and come.
Ok dear.
- Okay.
I came to talk personally with
Anu and you you are here...
If she has called me, doesn't it mean
she doesn't like to be alone with you?
Tell me as a friend, not as a father.
What can any friend do when
the girl don't like it?
It's your bad luck.
Hey dude, when you, me and my girlfriend
come for lunch at a restaurant...
and I feel like talking to her personally,
what'd you do as a friend?
What's in that?
I'll go out saying I got a call.
You both will talk and I'll come
back once you give me a ring.
- You said you're a friend...
- It's not right!
She's coming.
Dad, who's on the phone?
- It's a friend maybe.
- Yes dear.
A new.
He is such a pain,
I'll talk to him and come.
What happened?
I read a joke on Facebook.
You look great when you smile.
Even dad says the same.
Leave dad aside, anyone should say the same.
Because it's a fact.
The dress is good.
Dad selected it.
- The hotel is good.
- I came here with dad first.
You chant dad's name for everything.
Dad bought this, dad said that.
I'm dying with this protective dad stories.
Ain't dad the boyfriend for
any girl till she gets married?
Shopping, films,
holidays and everything is with him.
After marriage, a girl's life turns
beautiful because she becomes a mother.
Before marriage, a girl's life
is beautiful because of her dad.
All this crap is good just to listen.
It's only the lover who risks even his
life to save a girl when she has a problem.
That's true!
The guy who saves a girl when she
is in a problem is called a lover.
But the one who makes sure she never
gets into a problem is called dad.
I'm unable to bear this dad felicitation.
Please come to eat.
What's your friend saying?
Well... he started a business even
when I said no, and is repenting now.
- What business dad?
- Cotton business.
He trades cotton.
He started it paying no heed to warnings.
So he is now crying without a break.
- Shall we eat before it gets dry?
- Didn't you have enough already?
Sorry sir!
Psst psst...
Hey, what were you doing there?
Try to woo her, friend.
Yeah, didn't I notice it in the morning?
She said she wouldn't come without me.
She spoke about me in my absence.
Hello, she isn't such a girl.
Still, you couldn't do anything with
so much time in hand in the morning.
What'll you do now after she
came back tired from the college?
You ask me what can we do at this time?
Come closer.
When the girls return at 6 in the
evening either from college or office,
they talk to her parents for an hour,
watch TV for another
and after eating for sometime...
They go into their room at 9 in the
night and sleep at about 12 in the night.
This time of 3 hours in between
is called the golden time.
80% of the Indian girls go flat in this time.
Why do you ask what can we do?
you are in this room and she's in there
both can't see each other.
I'm asking you what can you do?
Mark Zuckerberg, a great man has invented
Facebook to woo even a girl abroad.
Is it a challenge to woo
a girl in the next room?
I just put a friend request in Facebook.
Why did she put up this idiotic pic
keeping so many good pics aside?
It's been an hour since I sent a friend
request. Why didn't she accept yet?
She won't accept...
Hi Anu.
She won't reply.
You look good in the profile pic.
Hey, you just said it's not good.
Don't you have any shame to be lying?
I don't know if girls are born because
of lying but they sure fall for lies.
Keep seeing...
I'll get lot of smiles
along with a thank you...
What are these messages
now like never before?
If you want to talk something,
come into the hall and do it.
Don't disturb me at the time of
my studies with your messages.
Why now?
The one who boozes in the happiness of doing
something for a daughter is called a father.
And the one who boozes in pain that
his love is rejected is called lover.
Ok, what do I have to do with this?
A person who gives company to a guy boozing
in the gloom of his lover's dejection...
...is called a friend. Come.
Eh? My ill fate.
What are you doing on
the terrace at this time?
We are friends and we'll have a
hundred things. What's your problem?
Are you clear about being friends?
Why, do you have any doubt?
earlier you said they both are friends
now you say you both are friends.
I doubt if we both become friends tomorrow.
Hey. Get lost you!
You are unable to understand your future.
When I say to have understood,
you don't understand.
Your bad luck...
Sanju, after you started loving Anu,
I liked her a lot.
How much ever you're trying, she isn't
even looking at you and I feel so proud.
If you hadn't made me agree to be friends,
I wouldn't have realised
my daughter's strength
Thank you for the friendship
So you say it helped you
by being friends with me.
You say you got all the help.
- So you say it didn't help me at all?
- Yea...
When it's only you who got the help,
then help me now.
Now it's clear that Anu won't love you.
Ask me, what help u need?
Give me an idea to make Anu love me.
Hey, me?
Don't over act as a father.
But give me a plan of action as a friend
Yeah... send her flowers daily dude,
she'll fall flat.
She'll be yours.
What, flowers?
Is she starting any flower shop?
not for the shop but to decorate the hair.
Oh no. She's not someone to fall
for flowers or whistles, friend.
She's a high end girl.
Stop these dried out ideas
and give me a fresh idea.
The coke tins she emptied,
hair pins she used
Thrown away chocolate
wrappers and Ice fruit sticks.
Store them carefully boy.
To maintain this love lifelong, I have to
make the house a Municipality dump yard.
So, say another idea friend.
"Break 101 coconuts in the
temple pleading for her to love."
"With that my friend,
your life would settle down."
"If I break 101 coconuts,
the shop owner would settle down."
"My life would be ruined for
sure if I folow your idea."
"Hey friend, your idea is a dead end."
"Hey friend, change your trend a bit."
"Atleast protect the oil lamp with both
the hands when she is watching you."
"She'll get connected to you automatically."
"Isn't LIC already there to do that?
To hell with your idea."
"Hey friend, your idea is a dead end."
"Hey friend, change your trend a bit."
"Write a poem describing her,
any girl would fall for it."
"This is good..."
"Anu, I love you as dearly as my life."
Friend, how do I spell that?
Write as your wish.
"Girls like the sense of humor in boys,
my friend"
"My foot... if that's so, there'd be
no better lover boy than our Brahmi"
"Hey friend, your idea is a dead end."
"Hey friend, change your trend a bit."
"Try arranging hired goons
and you go hit them yourself."
"The reaction would make you
the best guy in the world."
"How much would be the charge?"
"I don't have an idea,
this is the first time"
"No, how much would you charge
for not giving such ideas?"
I got it.
"Hey friend, your idea is a dead end."
"Hey friend, change your trend a bit."
"Try threatening her once to
jump off the cell phone tower."
"The babe would come running saying
who else would she love than you."
"Yes, I too feel like jumping"
"You can't reject this idea of mine."
"I feel like jumping and dying unable
to listen to these worthless ideas."
That's mine.. I got it.
This is not the right way.
First Anu should know that I love her.
Would you open up?
Whatever destined would happen now.
I'll open up.
I got to speak to you for two minutes Anu.
About what?
I was sleepless for the whole night.
So, please don't mind if I don't make sense.
But about what?
Don't interrupt me for just two minutes Anu.
I love you Anu.
- Didn't we decide to be just friends?
- We did and I remember that.
My anger towards you in the train turned
into friendship once I reached your home.
We've been in the same house for so
many days, wouldn't it turn into love?
I don't know if it's a
mistake that I'm in love.
But it's not a mistake that I loved you.
Because anyone will like you.
There are 760 crore people on this earth.
You might be acquainted with
about 4000 of them by now.
You would've studied with a 1000 of
them and have 50 of them as friends.
And 20 from them would definitely like you.
At the most, 10 of them would dare to
come to you and propose their love.
When they come to you like that,
if you have to say, "I'm sorry,
I have someone in my heart".
"and he is the love of my life"
I wish to be that one person, Anu
Actually, I said what I wanted
to say two minutes back.
But I'm saying all of this with the fear
that you may say no if I stop talking.
I'll stop this and say
I love you once again.
Will you please say no?
I love you Anu.
You said no as I asked you to. Else I've
the confidence that you'd have said yes.
Till you feel like saying yes by yourself,
keep saying no whenever I ask you.
Don't let dad know about this.
He believed you a lot.
Why are you sitting like a
girl who lost her husband?
Change it dude,
I'm unable to bear the sight of it.
What's the problem now? Anu rejected you.
Didn't you go to her knowing
that she'd reject you?
Oh! So..
I should feel that you love
her a lot as you turned so sad.
Isn't that the expression about?
Enough, sleep now.
Anu's message.
She might have asked you to flee from
here before people are up in the house.
So that people are saved
from seeing your dirty face.
We'll go out at 3 am
once everyone is asleep.
- What?
- Will you come without dad's knowledge?
I'll tell you why, once we meet.
I'll be waiting without
sleep for 3. Don't miss this.
Is it that, Anu knew about your presence
when I proposed to her in the morning?
So maybe she rejected me then to
propose me when no one was around?
- Huh?
- Yes!
It's personal
The reason why you're sitting that way
is the very reason why I
was sitting so from morning.
We get into a state of shock
when girls reject us...
...and you get into a state of
shock if they respond positively.
Uncle, your love and our love are alike.
But we fail to understand
why they both collide.
- Aren't you coming?
- No.
Good choice!
Oh, it's night effect.
She said let's meet once everyone is asleep.
She said she would. wait without sleeping
- I'm happy seeing that light.
- I'm dying here.
Hey, she asked you to meet at 3 am,
the time is 11 now.
Why not wake up at 3 instead of over acting?
- What if I can't wake up?
- You should set the alarm
What if I fail to hear it?
Am I not here as your friend?
I'll wake you up.
What if the father in you wakes up first?
Don't you believe me?
Anyway, she asked me to meet for the
first time, that too at such a wee hour.
How would I get sleep in this excitement?
Oh! I got you man.
Shouldn't I feel that you love Anu a lot
as he is waiting at this hour of the night?
It's the generation gap, easy on it.
Oh no, why is the time running so slow?
Why is she moving so fast in this time?
I'll take a small nap.
What a treat is it when a girl we love jumps
over the wall for us in front of our eyes?
You know how painful it is when daughter
jumps over the wall in front of dad's eyes?
Okay she's coming, you hide somewhere.
Go and hide there, not here.
- Did anyone notice us?
- No way.
Thank God! It's the first time, you know...
- Me too.
- Okay start now.
Where to?
Start fast!
- Auto!
- Yeah!
- Hey auto! Stop...
- Yeah it did stop.
- Go now.
- Where to?
We should go behind them.
- And where are they headed?
- I don't know that.
- How will we go if we don't know that?
- Hey, you start it man...
- Go, follow that bike...
- Okay.
- Sir.
- Yes.
- Is that boy your son?
- No.
- Oh, is that girl your daughter?
- Yeah.
- So what's the use? I'll turn back.
- Whats wrong with you man!
- Keep going!
- Okay sir.
- Sir.
- Yeah.
- Shall I tell you something?
- What?
As long as girls follow their dad's word,
boys follow girls.
Once, girls start following boys,
dads will follow the girls like this.
You idiot, I'll kill you.
Shut up and follow them
- Bye.
- Hey.
What's it Sanju?
- Hi Anu.
- Hi aunty!
Tomorrow is dad's birthday.
The day you came to Hyderabad...
...wasn't dad telling aunty that
he was missing all his friends?
That's why, I called all of them to
surprise dad when he wakes up tomorrow.
He is Rajarshi and he is Sundaram.
Dad... Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you...
Hey, Anoop, Malini, Gopi, Gayatri...
how come all of you are here?
- Surprise.
- Surprise?
Yes, I'm surprised. What a surprise?
- Anu planned it to surprise you
- Thank you
Get ready fast... you have to cut the cake.
- Get ready
- Ok.
- Anu.
- Yeah dad?
Thanks dear, it's my best birthday.
Fresh up and come, dad.
Why sport a fake surprise knowing that
all the friends had come in the night?
That's for the happiness of my daughter.
When your lies to keep your
daughter happy are part of love
isn't me lying to my lover that she looks
good in her profile pic a part of love too?
To hell with your logics..
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you...
An annoucement please.
My daughter's wedding is on the 5th next
month and there are just 10 days left.
Don't think that you have visited me now so
it's okay to skip it, please don't skip it.
Viswa, are you doing the love
marriage or the arranged marriage?
That is not decide yet.
- Phone.
- Oh.
You didn't say yet,
is it a love marriage or an arranged one?
It's an arranged marriage.
But I'll go for a love marriage.
Just saying...
Sanju, are you in love? In this city?
Did the girl accept your love son?
You say yes and Viswa will go, talk to them.
- Huh?
- Me?
Where do you find dads who think about
it when a guy loves their daughter?
That's why, Viswa will go and talk.
What will he talk with them now? Leave it.
Come on son...
I was by Viswa at the time of his wedding.
Can't he support my son's wedding?
Hello, your friend was saying something?
Yeah, she told me to go to that girl's
house and discuss about your wedding.
Tell us the girl's name.
- Let's leave the topic here.
- Why not?
Aren't you both in love?
Tell us where is her house?
Why are you forcing me?
Come on, when you don't feel shy to love
her, why feel shy to reveal her name?
- Why is he forcing me mom?
- Come on, tell her name
Ask him to say
- Say it son.
- Tell him to.
What can I say if you force me?
I said I'd go for a love marriage,
but never said I'm in love.
What's the beep discussion about?
That isn't beep but deep.
Mom doesn't know English.
All of you please come down and have dinner.
Let's eat fast and sleep.
We should start early in the morning, right?
You should attend Anu's
marriage without fail.
Would you get Anu married in my absence?
After the wedding, bring the girl and
son in law for Sriramanavami festival.
I'll come
You keep saying so
I gave a word! So I will come.
I am going to office...
I'll have the lunch at out.
Let's do some shopping in the evening.
Did you see?
It's for you.
The coffee.
I thought you meant the saree.
Oh... How is it?
It's hot.
The coffee.
Looks like there's no one at home.
Wow, it is great if it's like this daily.
I meant the coffee.
"I tied a knot making her dad fall for it"
"I impressed her mom and
tied the second knot."
"I'll tie the third knot if you say yes"
"and do the job of saying
yes for everything."
Hello boss, I built the love kingdom
in my heart for the sake of love.
"Maybe my dad fell for your flatter."
"Maybe my mom said ok falling for your hype"
"I'm the important one here
and I won't fall as easily."
"You can't sweetly say 'Hello boss,
it's for love' and cheat me"
"Jasmines guaranteed at the day end."
"A film is guaranteed at the weekend."
"A salary packet every month end."
"A pair of saree and
blouse for every festival."
"Life goes on a mortgage
for your bunch of jasmines."
"The movie goes silent with your whistles."
"My life which is like a festival everyday."
"Would become nil in your hands."
"I'll write our story and make a film."
"I'll prove that my love is a super hit."
"I'll see your film,
write a review and give the rating too."
"Hello boss, I built the love kingdom
in my heart for the sake of love."
"You can't sweetly say 'Hello boss,
it's for love' and cheat me"
Put me down.
Don't you think it's a bit awkward?
It's my imagination babe!
Please come in. We met at the
shopping unexpectedly. Please come
I asked them to come home as we met anyway.
She looks beautiful. Come, be seated dear.
Your aunt is so missing you.
Even our son wants to talk with you.
We said we'd come home
thinking it's good both ways.
Shall I call him, will you talk?
Please go ahead.
- Hello.
- Yeah mom.
Hey Anu, how are you?
That's okay girl, go and talk inside.
What else brother in law?
How did the shopping go?
Well we just bought the engagement rings...
But we are tensed if that
suits the boy or not.
Well that maybe manageable.
How could that be?
He should wear it and go around right?
In that case test it on your friend.
He's your friend anyways.
No problem, we shall see after he's back
It's okay, he's your friend.
Your doubt would be cleared too.
No problem brother, check it.
Here it is.
Isn't it looking good?
It's good on your friend,
so it would be great on my brother then.
Is it not coming out?
It'll come.
Don't use force to take it out.
Isn't your friend in pain?
Leave this here, Sanju.
Not as a father but...
I am telling you as a
friend for the first time.
What can either a father or friend
do when Anu has no love on you?
Anu is ready for this marriage at her will.
Don't disturb her heart at this time.
- What if you go and say Sanju really...
- Sanju...
I just gave the word to be friends with you.
But I gave them word to give my
daughter to them in marriage.
You know about me. Good night.
Anu texted me.
We both shall go out at 1 in the
midnight once all are asleep.
Don't let dad know this.
My brother is coming in the morning.
I think she's planned to
surprise me when I wake up
I won't come, you go.
You'll say I'm acting later.
Isn't it time for uncle's train?
I need to talk to you for two minutes.
About what?
I'm sleepless since a few days.
So, please don't mind if I don't make sense.
- What's it about, Anu?
- Two minutes
I love you Sanju
Take me somewhere and marry me.
Come on Anu, don't make fun.
How can you love me Anu?
I didn't notice even once that
you were in love with me...
Don't interrupt me.
You gave coffee beans that
day and spoke about your dad.
I felt that our characters
are the same about a father.
So I said we are friends.
But when I was jealous that
some girl came home for you...
...and switched off my phone and sat
in the library that I came to know
that I'm in love with you.
When I said a guy was teasing me,
you chased down and hit everybody.
Didn't you notice the love in
my eyes when I opened the door?
When dad said the match was finalized,
I looked at you.
As you didn't say anything,
I said it's dad's wish.
Wasn't I angry on dad as he
wasn't allowing me to go with you?
Didn't I come before anyone else and
waited as I wanted to have lunch with you?
Isn't for you that I daily hold
the book and sit before you.
When you messaged, I shouted on you as I
felt dad might see it as he was in the room?
Why was I so eager to show
you that I wore a sari?
Why did I take out the ring bought for
Karthik when they were testing on you?
Isn't that because you were feeling bad?
When there's love as close as breath,
how can you not notice it?
Let' get married, Sanju
Why didn't you tell me till now that
you loved me so much? Crazy girl!
I thought to get married just
for dad and didn't tell you.
But when I was talking to Karthik earlier,
I felt like someone placed their hands
on my body without my permission.
What do I do? You are in me.
That's why I'm saying,
take me somewhere and marry me.
Anu, don't get tensed.
I'll talk to uncle and convince him.
Tell me something.
Dad gave them a word that
he'd marry me to Karthik.
Do you think,
he'll break that word and marry me to you?
You are the best one for me Sanju.
Even dad wishes to give me
the best guy in marriage.
But this isn't the time he can
understand even if I say that's you.
There are two mistakes before us.
One, if I wed the one dad likes,
dad will be happy till the wedding is done.
But once dad gets to know I am
not happy after the wedding...
...even dad wouldn't be
happy throughtout his life.
Second, if I marry the one I like,
dad won't be happy till the wedding is done.
But seeing me happy after the wedding,
he too will be happy for lifelong.
I feel this mistake is better among the two.
Take me somewhere and marry me. Please...
Why did she call you?
Is it to receive my brother?
Didn't I tell you already?
Haven't you slept yet?
It looks easy...
but which father can sleep with engagement
in two days and wedding in a week ahead?
I'm checking out Anu's childhood album,
it's a strange feeling.
Should I be with her for the whole week, as
she's getting married and leaving in a week?
Maybe she won't leave me and go,
if I get too close.
Brother-in-law just called me and said an
auspicious time is at 10 am on the 15th.
For them both to unite in wedlock
and for both of us to get separated.
Why do they call a time a father
parts with his daughter auspicious?
Why don't you say why she called you?
Anu said, she's in love with me.
She asked me to take her
somewhere and marry her.
Are you kidding me?
Didn't she reject you till the very recent?
I'll talk to Anu.
Will you stop her dad from
stopping me when I take Anu?
You gave me a word to be friends with
me till Karthik comes to Hyderabad.
There's still 12 hours
left for him to arrive.
There's just 12 hours for you to stand on
your word and for me to secure my love.
Would you be friends with
me just for this one night?
What are you planning to do?
I booked two tickets for the 4 am train.
Request the TC for an AC coach.
She suffered with mosquito bites when
she travelled in second class last time.
I booked in AC already.
Maybe to some hotel or a friend's house...
I'm taking her to my house.
There's still time. Why don't you sleep?
I have to pack the luggage.
I'll be outside.
I'm feel a bit uncomfortable here.
You're up already?
Why didn't Sanju wake up yet?
There are so many works pending!
Sanju... did you send him out somewhere?
Didn't he wake up yet?
Why's Sanju's luggage not here?
Hubby, why isn't Sanju's luggage here?
Where did he go?
He'd be somewhere right here aunty.
You first go and wake up Anu.
We're waiting to see
the bride since morning!
She'd been talking to me for a long time
in the night. Let her sleep for a while.
Did the dad and daughter need
so much chitchat night long?
What's the need of ruining
sleep for chitchat?
Hello, why's Anu right here Sanju?
Didn't you take her?
When I'm your friend,
aren't you a friend to me too?
How could you think I'd keep quiet...
when someone is eloping with
my friend's daughter my friend?
Won't I risk even my life to stop it?
Please don't mind that after staying
all these days at your home...
...I'm leaving your house
at the wedding time.
I've kept the gift I wanted to give
your daughter, on the dressing table.
Bye uncle.
Sanju! Get up son...
Vishwanath came down from
Hyderabad with his family.
How's Anu?
She's fine
Is Karthik taking good care of her?
How are you?
Anu got married.
Have you stopped loving her?
A guy who failed in love
won't stop loving sir...
...he'd just stop showing it out.
I thought you might be tensed,
but you look alright.
Nothing sir, I forgot everything
and am happily working here.
You know the advantage in my story sir?
I loved a girl from other place
and not from my home town.
As she's from another city,
I'll just have the same visuals of
seeing her the last time for lifelong.
You just said to have forgotten her.
then why are tears rolling out of your eyes?
God is a bigger sadist than us.
He gave a mouth to lie
and eyes to say the truth.
Forgetting isn't as easy as we think sir.
We don't remember Newton's law from school,
nor we remember Ohm's law from college.
we won't remember Bernoulli's
theorem from Engineering either.
But about where, when and in which dress
did we see our love for the first time...
...can't be forgotten til death.
We tend to forget what we study to remember.
But when we try to forget a girl... damn!
We can't forget her till death.
Are you really missing her so much?
Shall I tell you something, which only a
guy who fails in love understands, sir?
When I remember her in the night
before sleeping and feel like crying...
You know what hell it is crying without
parents in the next room noticing it?
That girl is making me cry every night for
teasin her just one night in the train.
When you loved her so much,
why did you leave her go when she
asked to take her and marry her?
It's because of you sir.
As a token of our friendship,
either you or I should sacrifice Anu.
If I sacrifice,
I have friends to avoid remembering Anu.
and my parents to console
me when I remember her.
And people show a bit of sympathy
considering me a love failure.
But if you have to sacrifice,
every guy who wishes you with a smile
on the street will laugh at you.
You who worked in the office with respect
for 40 years will have to work in shame.
That's not it sir.
Even your relatives who look at you as
an elder won't even consider you a human.
You ask me why didn't I elope with her.
How much time does it take
to elope with her sir?
It's just two seconds.
I too understood when the
time to take her came...
that I wasn't taking Anu with me
but was taking her away from you.
First time, I didn't like myself.
What are you both doing here
leaving the Kalyanam there?
Will you marry Sanju to my daughter?
You mean that Doctor? No, I won't marry her.
You won't give me whom I ask for but
want to give whoever you wish to.
Listen to me boy.
I don't like that sadist face.
She and her attitude of
dominating her well wishers
Mom, tell him I'm not interested.
Will you take Anu as your daughter in law?
Anu? Didn't Anu get married?
Ganesh even sent me her
photos in bridal attire?
We just decorated her in bridal attire,
that's all.
But what about the word you gave to Karthik?
When you sacrificed your love for us...
...can't I sacrifice my word for you?
It isn't difficult to sacrifice,
but to get someone qualified
enough to sacrifice for.
We can sacrifice when we get a guy like you.
I should see Anu urgently.
Mom, I'm going to Hyderabad.
- Okay son.
- Hello Friend, Anu isn't in Hyderabad
She's waiting for you at the
place where your love started.
Careful... the Kakinada to
Hyderabad route has become very bad.
It seems they are teasing girls
wearing red striped shirts.
To hell with them.
Guys from Kakinada can never top a
Hyderabadi in terms of intelligence.
I'll bash him up, ask him to come.