Hello Hemingway (1990) Movie Script

To Alfonso,
my father.
The writer Ernest Hemingway
lived over
than twenty years in the
country estate Viga,
located in San Francisco de Paula,
a town in the outskirts of Havana.
The action in this movie
took place in 1956.
The Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria
Cinematogrfica presents
Come on, Flora, come on, hurry!
Come on!
Flora, hurry!
Hurry, come on!
Come on, Flora, come on!
Come on, hurry!
Hello, Hemingway
First voice in our hearts
that tells us that love has come,
first beat of our sweet sixteen
looking for love.
Nothing in the world can be better
that listening to that happy beat...
... for heaven's sake,
I lowly beg you to listen to me
as well as your only-Begotten
assisted the good thief...
oh... oh...,
it was really,
oh... oh...,
Ill be able to return to that sweet...
Hurry, Larita;
your lunch will get cold!
St. Dimas give me back my earring, thief.
Give me back my earring, thief!
Come on, girl, finish up.
Hey, Larita, hurry
or I won't wait for you.
oh, cousin, you think I can still
do with this blouse?
- Look at that...
- Let me see.
Look, like that youre trendier
and you hide the patch.
oh, but if its the Elvis Presley style.
I think you care more about self-love
than about your studies.
oh, no, of course not, Aunt Rosenda,
if it were so, I wouldnt
go to high-school.
Mom, Im leaving.
- Be careful, sweetie, yes?
- Yes.
Lalita, Im leaving;
Im not waiting for you.
- oh, wait for me.
- Im leaving. Bye, grandma.
- Girl, but...
- oh, no way, bye family.
Girl, eat,
that you cant live on studying alone.
- No way, Josefa, I have no time.
- Just a moment...
May St. Lazarus, the Virgin
of Regla, Charity
and your guardian angel
be with you, sweetie.
Praise be to God, Josefa,
what I have in tow is a procession.
- Hey, uncle... uncle, wait.
- okay, okay, okay... eh?
Hey, whats wrong with this girl
that shes always in a rush.
Wait up, cousin.
A man can be destroyed
but not conquered.
Grammatically, we can see
a passive voice in that sentence.
Which is the passive voice?
Underline it, Marisabel, please.
Can be destroyed...
You know the passive voice
is formed with the verb To BE
and the participle of the main
verb in the sentence.
Tomorrow I want you to bring me
three sentences in the passive voice
with the verbs that are
on the left of the blackboard.
Hey, the three Maras,
and the one in the middle is mine.
Hey, and who told you Im yours?
- Adela told me...
- Y if she passes Ill kill her.
Hey, Larita, arent you coming
to the ice-cream parlor?
- No, I cant now.
- I treat, serious, I treat.
- I cant.
- Victor.
Remember we have to draft
the association rules.
See you tonight at your place.
Hey, but for the nth time.
Are you drafting the rules or what?
Come on, the ice cream will melt.
No, I cant.
I have to see Dr. Martnez.
Thank you very much
for lending it to me, Doctor.
Thanks to you it got an award.
I put a new cover on it.
And thanks to your
studying, Hilaria,
otherwise, the loan would
have been useless.
In fact, you can have it.
- oh, no, Doctor, I cant accept it.
- Why not?
I don't know, Im embarrassed.
Embarrassed that youre given a gift
for your outstanding grades.
oh, thank you, Doctor.
By the way, Hilaria,
how about the other subjects?
Any flunks?
The best I have are:
first yours...
A great 1oo...
and literature.
Doctor, I wanted to ask you a favor.
Yes, lets see.
on the bulletin board theres
an announcement
of scholarships to
study in the U. S.
And you applied for one?
But what I need is a letter
of recommendation
from a teacher at the school.
to be able to present at the embassy.
By all means, my best student.
Hildelisa, I was clear
and said it in class.
Come along.
This is not a composition,
this is a political pamphlet
or I don't know what.
If you want to do politics,
you do it
on zulueta Street and beyond,
not in my class.
Come here.
No libels or demonstrations of any kind
are allowed here.
Do you know that I can
expel you from school right away,
without ceremony?
Now you go home and return
with your parents tomorrow.
Well look at the way
youve behaved.
Hey, Toms, how many marvels
you have here!
- Few can appreciate it.
- Do you want some?
oh, Id like to have
a library like this at home.
Im sorry but
I cant give them all to you.
If you guys are buying something,
choose quickly, its almost time to close.
Hey, Victor, tell Doctor Martnez
I already got her the book
I was looking for.
Give it to me, Toms,
Ill give it to her tomorrow.
To you?
Id rather not.
Its the Prncipe Edition of
The old Man and the Sea.
Hemingways novel?
oh, I know him; were neighbors.
Yes, really. I live quite close to him
there in San Francisco of Paula.
one thing is to be neighbors
and another,
quite different, is to
know a writers work.
Lets see, do you know
The old Man and the Sea?
Have you read Farewell to Arms,
''For Whom the Bell Tolls''...?
Well, neither have I. The truth is
Im not very fond of novels, you know?
Logically; these are adult readings.
Jeez! the old fisherman.
Be seated.
Have you been to Cojmar?
I have spent whole Sundays
there gazing at the sea
and Ive seen Hemingways old hero
fighting tooth and nail to save his fish.
Beautiful story!
Beautiful story.
Maybe Im just a sea book fan
and this is one of my favorites,
Hemingways best.
I mean, to me.
Listen up.
''It was an old man that
was fishing alone
in a boat in the Gulf Stream
and he hadnt caught a fish
in 84 days.
A boy had been with him,
over the first 4o days,
but after 4o days
without fishing anything,
the boy's parents had told him
that the old man was definitely
and altogether wretched,
which was the worst form of bad luck.
Did you see what a beginning?
And the whole story is like this,
simple and clear.
But behind all this simplicity,
there is a world.
If you like it so much,
as well as Doctor Martnez,
it ought to be very good.
Give her one, Toms.
Dear diary, I have two big
pieces of news for you.
one, I might go on a long journey.
How crazy, huh?
Two, today Victor gave me the first kiss,
and I felt like giving him one back.
Don't worry; I can control myself.
Keep it a secret.
Ah... he also gave me
''The old Man and the Sea.''
Think of me,
and at this moment youll...
- Where will I get the
money from, sweetie?
oh, I don't know if mommy does,
but I need clothes to be able to study,
shoes... and for the interview
with Miss Amalia at the embassy.
Mommy knows this is my only opportunity
to continue to study.
Larita, help me. Help me to find
that earring, for four eyes
see better than two.
oh, Josefa, I cant now, I have to take
a bath before going to school.
Ill look for it later.
oh, grandma,
youre still messing around
with that earring?
That earring won't appear anymore.
That earring has to appear,
or St. Dimas will lose his hide
and Clavelito the glass of water.
oh, sweetie, what happens is
my mom gave me that earring
the same day...
- You got married.
- That same day. That same day!
oh, Ive found it Josefa, Ive found it.
- You found it.
- I found it.
oh, you were born a lucky girl, indeed.
Yeah, lucky and with an
earring in her ear.
oh, grandma, let me see it.
oh, how pretty, how pretty.
Let me see it.
- Ill put it on tonight, grandma.
- No. No.
- Yes, babe, yes.
- I said no.
Mommy, I won't put on that blouse again.
The old man was thin and gangling,
with deep wrinkles in his neck
and his hands were full of scars.
Everything in him was old but his eyes,
which were the very color of the sea
and were cheerful and unbeaten.
His shirt had been mended
so many times that it was like the sail,
and the sun-bleached patches
had quite a few shades.
Young girl, please!
Thats no way to enter the class.
oh, Seferiano, problem is it rained a lot
over my place and my blouse didnt dry.
- Sefe, dont be like
that if you know me.
- Nobody is going to break
the rules here.
and much less with political
Hildelisa knows it.
You heard the principal. We
cant allow indiscipline
and you won't come into
class like this.
Hey, and what are you
doing here so early?
They didn't let me in
for my uniform was incomplete.
- Then you spent the 2o
cents for nothing.
oh, yes, Aunt Rosenda.
- Heres the coffee, mom.
- Thanks.
Seems there werent enough of us.
And where on earth have
I put my cigarettes?
- That happens to me because
I live so far.
- That happens to you because
youre always mooning.
Trying to conquer the world
naked and barefoot.
Thats enough, Rosenda.
From Diezmero to San Miguel del Padrn
the fare isnt so expensive
but from here, from San Francisco
de Paula... here everything
turns out worse.
oh, darling, ask your mom to get you
a penthouse on Paseo del Prado.
oh, leave the girl
with her illusion, Rosenda.
Yes, thats right, so she can
die of disappointment.
You and the clouds got
me quite crazy...
You and the clouds will kill me...
But the only thing I want to do
is to study, Aunt Rosenda.
Thats okay, but you should have chosen
a more practical career:
shorthand, typing, trade. Those that
end soon and yield money sooner.
oh, I have to finish high school
to be able to begin college.
Have a little coffee.
Careful, its hot!
So, may we know...
what the young lady wants to study?
Philosophy and arts.
Philosophy and Arts.
Philosophy and what...
Wow, a philosopher in the family.
The old man fell asleep
at once and dreamed
of Africa, of the time
he was young boy.
and of the long golden beaches
and the white beaches,
so white that they hurt your eyes,
and the high promontories
and the big long mountains.
But tonight, the scent of
the land breeze came very early
and he knew it was too
early in his dream
and he kept dreaming to
see the white peaks
of the islands rising from the sea.
He dreamed of lions on the beach.
Since hes been reading
that Hemingway book
he thinks its the greatest
thing on earth.
and, after all, the only thing
he knows about Hemingway is his pool.
- Hey, you too.
- Whats that?
oh, grandma, that was
2 or 3 years ago.
Stinger, the one next door,
does set the dogs on you,
but Hemingway...
okay, okay, but dont even
think about it again.
Study, Larita, study,
even if studying oppresses you,
for a woman with no learning
is like a flower with no perfume.
Grocer, whats the matter,
why are you so happy,
I think its the result
of whats in vogue...
Every person is one world,
but you have to go on
with your own stuff,
elevating your thought,
mixing with people that
speak nicely, being in
weightier things.
- What you need is another...
- Another blouse.
No, another full uniform.
oh, Larita.
Let God give you luck,
for knowledge is worthless for you.
Yes, Josefa, but if luck comes
with the degree in my
hand, all the better.
I don't know, sweetie, I don't know.
No? Ah, look at what Hemingway says,
just in case.
Lets see.
Its better to be lucky,
but Id rather be exact.
Then, when luck comes,
Ill be ready.
Lets see, repeat that,
the last part.
Then, when luck comes,
Ill be ready.
youre quite right.
Hey, for days, Ive been...
Why don't you go and speak to Hemingway?
And what for?
I don't know, you never know,
maybe he gets you a job.
- Youre prepared; you know English.
- Yes.
He may even hire you
as his own secretary.
oh, Josefa,
hire me?
And how will I address him?
Hello, Hemingway.
To think he is there, at La Viga,
stinking rich,
and us here, at the foot, without a penny
even to buy a piece of cloth.
oh, darling, don't worry.
Look, wait until I come
from the United States
with my High School certificate.
Things wont be the same.
Larita, youll see well have to admit
Rosenda is right. Youre crazy, girl!
Its true Josefa. The Institute received
scholarships to study in the U. S.
Is that true, Larita?
Yes, of course.
- And do you have a chance?
- Yes, Josefa, like any other student.
But I cant miss
even one day at school.
You won't, what the heck.
They spread out after
leaving the port mouth
and each headed for that part
of the ocean where they
hoped to find fish.
In the dark, the old man
could feel the morning come.
His faith and hope
had never failed him,
what happens is that hes had no luck;
but who knows, every day is a new day.
Maybe Im not that strong
said the old man
but I know many tricks
and have will power.
The old man knew hed go
a long way off the coast
and he left the smell of
land behind and rowed
into the clean morning
scent of dreams
and when it began to clear up
he found he was farther
from where hed planned to be by then.
Today Ill work there, where
the bonito and albacore schools are,
and there may be a big fish with them.
Chances are my big fish
is moving around them.
If we want to make a career
and succeed in life,
we are constantly subjected
to choosing.
- Your name?
- Cinthia.
You all should fill out the
forms conscientiously
and think your answers well.
- Your name?
- Roberto.
Keep in mind that what you write
expresses your thoughts and likes.
- Your name?
- Enrique... Henry.
Very well, Henry.
The first selection will depend
on these forms.
You have two hours.
of course, anyone who
finishes before
may hand in earlier but,
please, never later.
- Your name?
- Hilaria.
Two hours is enough,
don't you think?
Time is money.
- Your name?
- Diony.
Its quiet;
the temperature is nice.
The air-conditioning perhaps
a little too high,
but its good that you
get used to the cold.
- Your name?
- Sulma.
Ah, and lastly, something very important,
write in ink.
If you didn't bring one, here
we have pens for all;
of course, as a loan.
- Your name?
- Patricia.
Blots are not allowed; just an I mean or
rather, if you need to change a phrase.
- okay?
- Yes, Miss Amalia.
Dear diary,
things that Id like to
have in the future:
one, to have a house
for me and my mom;
two, to have my own, blue,
car, of course;
three, to have a very elegant
and distinguished figure;
four, to have a college degree;
five, to be a world-renowned
writer, like Hemingway.
of all my ambitions,
I settle for the last two.
Hey, Hemingway,
I love you.
oh, Hemingway,
At sea, life is more pleasant.
At sea, I love you much more.
With the sun, the moon and the stars
at sea, happiness is all around.
Hey, Larita, drop the curtain
cause there is no show.
- Hey, a curtain, a curtain.
Im coming with a curtain.
oh, me, me, me. Come on, come on.
The curtain goes up and Batista
appears nodding...
The curtain drops. The curtain goes up
and Batista appears now shaking his head.
Whats the name of the play?
- oh, Batista at the theater.
- Batista at the circus.
okay, okay, okay, everybodys lost.
No, no, no, Lari, no; everybodys lost.
Batista mur-der-er.
How funny.
Rafael, one day youll be in a mess
like Hildelisa.
oh, speaking of Hildelisa,
did you see that?
- That little girl is gutsy.
- Gutsy? Id say shes crazy.
Issuing a proclamation against
Salas Caizares, in the
middle of the class,
and before Dr. Sanchez...
- Estela.
- What, Rafael?
That guy is extremely pro-Batista,
like the principal.
Look, Rafael, the association needs
people like Hildelisa.
Hey, buddy, I see youre
very fond of Hildelisa.
- My love...
- Why so jealous, you fool?
Quit that two-for-nickel jealousy.
oh, how funny you are.
- one has to defend oneself,
dont you think?
Victor, dont even think about it.
That girl...
You don't realize everybody was speaking
of fashions, of cinema artists
and she came up with that bombshell.
Here are the documents
you needed.
- Thank you very much.
- Youre welcome.
See you.
Come on, Larita,
the little bird...
Larita, say cheese.
Hey, enough, enough
or Ill come out awful.
Come on, sweetie, serious.
Looking over here, my darling.
Look at the little plate.
Now, here. Soften up, soften up a little.
Serious, serious.
Dear diary,
what a busy day.
We walked around a lot and I got
all the documents I needed.
I took my cousin to the University,
and there, in front of the Alma Mater,
I promised him that some day Id climb
those steps and get my degree.
We looked for the fritter stall
where mommy works
but we lost our way
through the Havana porches
and we ended up sharing
a single roll with beefsteak.
Cousin, your scholarship
may be free all right,
but all this rushing around youre in
is what youre paying with.
oh, yes, my cousin, but
look, for making it
to college Id even go
to Santiago on foot.
up to Santiago on foot...
But not everything is a bed of roses.
My uncle Manolo is a little weird lately.
Last night he had a fight
with Aunt Rosenda until very late
and I seemed to understand
he had problems
at the police station.
But, anyway, as Hemingways
old hero says:
now I have to think
of only one thing.
He loves you,
- When did you study English?
- Mary's Academy.
Edison's Institute.
Havana Business Academy.
At St. George's School.
Havana Business Academy.
Kendler College.
Public School Number 2o
at San Francisco of Paula Town.
Now, every time I look at the sea,
I seem to be looking at the old man
trying to catch his big fish.
Hey, have you read our novel yet?
And, is it good?
Ill lend it to you.
No, no. Id rather
that you told it to me softly, here.
- Where?
- Larita, in Cojmar.
- It was here that it happened, wasnt it?
- Yes.
Come on, tell it to me.
It was an old man that fished alone.
And he sailed away and
away into the ocean,
until he no longer saw the shore.
His obsession was to fish a big fish.
And, finally?
- He fishes it.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- How nice!
It was a huge fish,
bigger than the boat.
Wow, how scary.
But then come the sharks
and start to bite into him.
- Into the old man?
- Hey, no, into the fish.
Look, he had such an obsession
that he even
makes a promise to the
Virgin of Charity
to go to El Cobre if he managed
to bring it undivided to the shore.
- To El Cobre?
- Yes.
If goes to oriente he does have
to wrestle with a heap of sharks.
- The people there are like hell...
- oh, no, Victor.
You only think about
the Association and the tyranny.
Yes? About the tyranny, too.
About the Association and,
also, about the tyranny.
And about you.
Don't I think of you?
Hey, don't you get mad now.
Tell me, does he finally go to El Cobre?
The sharks eat up his fish.
All of it?
- He makes it to the shore.
- How unlucky!
But only with the skeleton.
Come on, but nothing good
happens to that old man?
He dreamed of lions on the beach.
Listen to this, look.
At sea, life is very pleasant,
At sea, there are plenty of lions.
Look, buddy.
You and the old man.
At that time of day...
oh, Victor...
You make no sense of fantasy.
... I wasnt born to be poor, I like...
Hey? Milk for the shoes!
What a luxury!
I read it in a magazine, the best for
a patent leather shoe is milk.
Its better to drink it. Its hardly enough
for breakfast and you waste it.
oh, Aunt Rosenda, its
a little drop; look,
the fat that was at the
bottom of the pitcher.
Yes, darling, but its that fat
that makes you put on weight.
But, Manolo,
what are you doing sitting there?
- So you were rushing me...
- oh, Rosenda, leave me alone, please?
Hey, Larita, not even goat milk can
enhance those shoes. Nothing can.
Look, heres your dress for the feast.
- oh, thats gorgeous!
- How did it look on you?
Its just fine.
okay, but look,
now you rest and Ill iron the skirt...
No, sirree, Ill iron it; you werent born
to work; you were born to study.
- Hey, let her iron it.
- Yes.
Why should you iron it?
Let her do it.
You finished early.
I cant go on in this business.
Im embarrassed to death.
Well, at least you get
yourself something,
dont you?
I prefer to wash, iron, cook,
whatever, but in a house.
Sister, Im dead tired.
This six-by-six shift is killing me.
Why, don't you sleep
at the station once in a while?
In that mad-house?
Its clear you don't know.
Is what the people
there are saying true?
You dont want to know.
A lieutenant there has
taken it out on me.
I cant stand him.
The house and the family are
making me bite my tongue.
Youre crazy, Leonila.
oh, you did right, mommy shouldnt
be selling fritters on the porches.
Thats outrageous.
outrageous is not to have
a penny, sweetie.
how do I look in the dress?
You got that! Flora lent it to me,
Josefa fixed it and Aunt
Rosenda ironed it.
But, its the shoes that are...
These young people now, Leonila,
don't want to understand that those
shoes have to last
one year undamaged, one year worn-out,
and one year waiting for the others.
eat it up.
At least, this way its used.
How delicious! From the scent
you can tell its very tasty.
Hey, pies.
Mom, Flora, hurry.
- oh, what a banquet.
- Whats that?
Christmas Eve was brought forward.
Im unhealthy but...
oh, look, look, this stuffed potato looks
like my cousin, round all over.
Shes round but, look,
the richest and tastiest
thing is in the middle.
These girls are
the devil himself
Fortunately Manolo is
not here, or else...
- No, Cachita, or else
hed be one more mouth.
oh, grandma.
Look, guys. This fritter here is my
cousin always trying to
get out of the pan.
Hey, here everyones going to bed
today with a swollen belly.
Dont you worry, a full stomach
makes for a happy heart.
Hey, the height of a fisherman,
to swallow the bait.
Eat, sister, eat
that your mouth is not twisted.
Im already tired of so much frying.
Save something for Manolo.
You guys can feel doubly lucky.
First, because youre part
of a rigorous group of select people
that have passed the tests
with flying colors
and thats a victory in itself.
Number two, because youre almost one step
from knowing the United States,
but not with the fleeting
and superficial outlook of a tourist
but as active members
of its social system.
Youll also have the chance to deepen
into the language, to make new friends
and to study under the most advanced
academic programs.
of course, if you win the scholarship.
For the scholarship.
- Congratulations, brave students.
- Thank you.
But you were very excited
talking with Hildelisa.
- Hildelisa?
- Yes.
Sure, good girl.
People like these are what
we need for the association.
By the way, we need your help
in the preparation of the newsletter
and the association rules.
Hey, and what makes you think
I can do it?
Your company.
No, no, serious, serious.
Were entangled in a part there.
The matter is we want to say some
things that cant be said openly,
then, we want those things
to be said so that
theyre said without seeming
to mean what they mean.
oh, no, thats too much.
I don't understand.
- But do you understand me?
- So-so.
But Hildelisa made a composition.
And are we going to keep nagging
at Hildelisa the whole afternoon?
You made me wait for her.
But okay... My neurons tell me
I have something for you.
- For me?
- Yes.
For you, for me,
for all the children here.
Hey, how cute.
But you know what?
I prefer the original.
Do you want me to dedicate it to you?
Though itll never be as beautiful as
what you wrote me in our book.
Its for a passport, isnt it?
How come?
oh, I see; youre going into exile.
- Hey, youll be in the fashion.
- Yes... Maybe...
Why not?
okay, okay, speak clearly.
What are you at?
Im applying for a scholarship
in the United States.
I waited until I was sure
to tell you.
But Ive already been shortlisted.
- Have you?
- Well, theres one last round to go
but I think there are
few applicants left.
Why are you doing this, Larita?
okay, you must know.
How long?
A year or so.
Larita, what about us?
I tried to tell you in Cojmar but...
I thought youd be happy.
At least about the picture.
- I had it taken thinking of you.
- No, no, you had it taken because
of that other thing
and by the way...
But if thats what you want...
- Thats not what I want, Victor,
its a scholarship.
Its a piece of shit.
- Im leaving.
- Larita.
Larita, understand,
youre planning to leave
me, to leave all this.
Don't you realize?
Don't you realize that now you leave
and the association and the rules.
Larita, understand me, please.
Think it over.
Take this.
- Do you know all that can
happen during this time?
Yes, I know it all too well.
If I lose this scholarship,
whats in store for me is the worst.
What nonsense are you saying?
Why, cant you study here anyway?
- No.
- This way we wont understand each other.
Well, if you don't like the way I am,
then you can walk away.
Do you know what you are? Do you know
what youre showing me you are?
A child.
An immature and lowbred child.
Yes, and what do you want me to be like?
Like Hildelisa?
Larita, youre too old
for that foolishness already.
if you go, forget that I exist.
Twenty three,
- Twelve.
- Evil woman.
When is Manolo supposed to arrive?
He was to be here a long time ago.
Have you prepared the bowl yet?
Because hes worse than
the 1926 hurricane.
Look if Im right?
- Policeman.
- Pair, mom. Pair, pair, pair.
Call out twenty,
to make a center, for I
already have a corner.
Corner, pair and center.
The only thing Larita washes in winter.
- Pig.
- Lie.
- Yes, look, thirty two, pig.
- Yes? Thirty two, Ive got it.
Hey, if you won, you could
be happier, couldnt you?
The princess is sad.
Whats wrong with the princess?
You sing, nightingale.
- Twenty-one.
- Snake.
Snake, snake, your moms whatever you say.
oh my, Manolo cant seem to arrive
and Im dying for smoking.
- Thirty nine.
- Hermit crab.
oh, Larita, you that always
find everything, find my pipe
Lets see if I get something
from this damned cardboard.
First, she has to find
- Here, in San Francisco de Paula.
- And where, Doctor?
- In San Francisco, California?
- Enough; leave the saints alone.
oh, Manolo, its good youve arrived;
I was crazy for smoking.
Manolo. Whats wrong, Manolo?
Why do you do this to me, Manolo?
- You think youre at the
station, damn it?
You shut up, crazy old woman.
- Dad...
- Manolo... oh, my God.
- Shit, this damned old woman
with her witchery.
- oh, my glass of water
for the Holy Sacrament.
Get out of here, Pharisee.
Dad, take care or this will fall.
Dad, youll get cut.
- Let me go to hell, damn it.
- Dad!
A heap of women in this house,
and theres not even water
to drink. Damn it!
I won't let you come around
breaking things here, okay?
Here I break what I fucking wish.
Damn it, I break what I fucking wish.
cause Ive built all this
penny upon penny and nail upon nail,
scraping the ground, damn
it, for all of you
that don't deserve a damned thing.
- A bullshitter is what you are.
- Ill show you.
Dad, no!
- You cruel, with your
own daughter, damn it.
- oh, mom. oh, mom.
- Sit here, my god.
Dad, no!
You cruel, with your own daughter.
Whats wrong?
- Whats wrong?
- Dad. oh, I think dad is dying.
Could he have an embolism?
Rosenda, Ive been dumped.
oh, Manolo, for heavens sake,
don't tell me that.
You see, mom, that these
Bergointias are all crazy?
This one is dumped;
the other doesn't want to sell fritters
and the other, even crazier,
is thinking of college.
Damn it, I should drop dead;
the earth should swallow me.
Dear diary,
today I don't feel like saying anything.
Im sorry, but since one
cant scream or cry on this sheet...
Im sometimes very scared.
Could I be about to lose everything?
I wonder why people can be so hateful.
I hate Victor. He has also showed me
how far he is from me.
But some day everyone will know
what I am able to do.
We have something important
to tell you, please.
okay, as you all have known
for some time now
were trying to create the student
association that existed...
Its known.
of course, at other times
and that fell through at the time of...
But okay, okay, please,
the important thing is
that well very soon have
the Student Association again with us.
I guess youve already
read the rules, yes?
Then, you all know by now
what the purposes of the Association are.
To defend our rights,
the students rights.
- People, this has to be
taken into the street.
- Now therell be no
more abuse indeed.
Tomorrow the newsletter
will be distributed
with this and some other news.
okay, lets put this
to the vote right away.
Those who agree,
stand up.
Come on, boys and girls.
approved by a majority.
- Thank you very much, Doctor.
- Congratulations.
If it werent for you.
She stayed seated.
Yes, one of these days, morning
will find her with her
mouth full of ants.
You got out of it because
youre a girl, or else...
- This is none of your business.
- Come on, leave her alone.
She didnt feel like standing up.
Come on.
Look, I stood up but
I dont agree either.
Besides, my dad says
youre all a bunch of revolutionaries.
Hey, go to hell, will you?
Are you leaving?
Come on.
Aren't you coming to my place to study?
Well, Im leaving.
I treat you to an ice-cream;
come on, lets go.
See you tomorrow.
Hey, whats happened to you?
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry as much as you want.
You can flood the bookstore
if you want to.
Its not a bad place to think
and shed a tear in, from time to time.
of course Id rather see you happy,
like that afternoon when Victor
gave you the book.
- Do you remember?
- Dont even mention it.
Love heart-breaks
are the happiest heart-breaks there are.
But don't worry,
hell return.
Do you remember those terns
the old man gazed at from his boat?
or havent you read the book?
Yes, I did read it.
And we also went to Cojmar
and we thought of you.
I had sympathy for the birds,
especially the small, delicate
and dark-colored terns
that were always flying and looking
and that seldom found anything.
And you thought, the birds lead
a harder life than we do,
except for birds of prey
and big and strong birds.
Why should birds as delicate
and fine as those terns have been made
when the ocean is capable
of so much cruelty?
Rest, little bird, rest,
and then go try your luck,
like any man,
bird or fish.
Come on, get that ice down!
Come on, come on.
And what about the scholarship,
after all?
Not yet.
I smell a rat.
If I were you, Id get to work.
oh, no, its just necessary
to wait a little.
Besides, where?
Right here.
You just heard it Larita,
Look, I have a vacant shift.
If you want, now when Floras done,
you come in the early morning shift.
How do you like it?
Come on, Larita, so you can study by day.
Dont miss this chance.
No, no, no;
no studying at all.
Here there is a rotating shift
and you know that better than I do.
Who told you I wanted
to work at that place?
I did you a favor, didnt I.
A favor with that stupid.
He may be stupid all right,
but thanks to him
our home gets some money
now and then.
But Id rather wait a little
to see if I get something better.
I cant drop high school
in the last year, either.
Understand me, cousin.
The only thing I can understand is that
not a single penny comes into the house
and moms taking in washing.
Damn it.
When I get paid, the first thing Ill do
will be to buy a flash-light.
Youd better not be afraid
and trust, old man he said to himself.
Im not religious, but Id
say ten Lords Prayers
and ten Hail Marys to
catch this fish.
And I promise to go on a pilgrimage
to the Virgin of El Cobre if I catch it.
Hail, Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee;
blessed art thou among women
- and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Say hello to your mom.
- See you.
- Saint Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the time of our death.
Saint Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
- now and at the time of our death. Amen.
- The completed form, photos,
a list of grades, a letter
of recommendation
from Doctor Martnez.
First Communion Certificate,
Certificate of Baptism,
Birth Certificate.
We need to know the
characteristics of
the applicants so that they
feel comfortable there,
for example, youre
a Catholic, if you
got the scholarship youd
go to a Catholic school;
a Protestant would go
to a Protestant one,
and so on.
Do you understand?
Here, in the Certificate of Baptism,
were you on Charity?
Well, in your certificate of baptism
you appear as Hilaria Surez Bergointia
and in the birth certificate as
Hilaria Bergointia Padrn.
Hilaria, the documents have
to be clear.
We understand there should be people
from Charity surnamed Valds.
- Yes, but not me...
- Im aware.
As well as I know there
are children taken out
of this or that orphanage
and adopted
Well, but the documents
explain the reasons for each case.
Yes, Miss Amalia.
Do you live alone with your mom
or do you have siblings?
No, with a cousin
whos like a sister to me,
- y with my mom and with...
- thats a housewife.
with my cousin's grandma,
with my aunt and with my uncle.
Whos the head of the family.
What does he do for a living?
You have to bring a letter
of recommendation for him.
Preferably from his boss.
And we also need a letter
of recommendation
from a respectable family
thats not your kindred
or a teacher from the Institute.
Don't you remember?
Any problems?
No, Miss Amalia.
Anyway, theres still a round to go.
For the next interview...
- Do you think there'll
be a next interview?
And why not?
If it isnt here, it can be at your place.
Ive never visited San Francisco de Paula.
The old man looked around the sea and now
he realized how alone was.
Dear diary,
Im crying of pain and anger.
Everything goes wrong.
I have lost my last hope,
Hemingway is on a trip through Africa.
I no longer have anything
or anybody left.
Now in my heart theres room
only for distrust.
- Rice and cowpeas again?
- Hey, thank God.
- And to make it more enjoyable,
sweet potato.
- The only thing thats missing
is the avocado.
- Bang, bang, dont talk nonsense.
- Stop fooling around.
And thank God I work my
butts off in the yard
so the stove can be used every day.
If everybody here worked,
wed be eating some other thing.
When I get my degree
Ill get a good job.
Thats the never-never tale, Larita.
Isnt it enough the way they
fooled you with that scholarship stuff?
- Which turned into nothing.
- Will you start with that humdrum again?
Im going to hell. Damn it, you can
no longer eat quietly in this house.
You see what the babble brings about?
Yes, but it was you that
started all this.
Stop talking nonsense,
lets eat the cowpeas in peace.
Leonila must surely be
cooking a nice meal.
But not for her.
Why don't you bite your tongue?
Larita! Larita!
I pawned them for your sake.
Don't give up.
Studying... studying...
Forget it, now I do have
to leave the Institute.
Hey, dont even kid about it.
How can you quit now
when youre about to finish, my dear?
oh, but what do you think, mommy.
I cant go on this way.
I don't dare to turn up empty-handed
in San Francisco de Paula.
To go on there, I have to work.
Here, go ahead.
You look a little nervous.
So many pictures, interviews, talks
and run-a-rounds they put me through.
oh, every time I think
a new year will begin
and instead of prospering
Ill be worse off. Worse off.
- Hey, you want to have it all at once.
- oh, I want have it all at once, mommy,
when I settle for less
and less every day?
Right now Id thank God for being
able to go to college even if in rags.
oh, my God...
I cant even focus on my studies
because of the shame
of having to sit
at a table thats not mine
to eat cowpeas and sweet potato
Im given as a favor.
Thats not a favor at all;
thats my brother's --
your uncles-- house.
Thats the house where
were taking shelter.
Why didn't you get married; lets see?
Why didn't you raise me in a house
I could call my home?''
Why so much changing
of names and surnames
that I cant even say who I am?
Come on, tell me.
Look, I waited ages
for your father.
I was hopeful; I don't know.
But then I had to register
you on my own,
for you needed a birth certificate
for school.
Do you understand now?
And if you turned out
good and industrious,
its also because of me.
I taught you to read, to pray
and I always wanted the best for you.
The best, the very best...
in public schools, in orphanages...
oh, my goodness.
- Im the only one thats
been sacrificed here.
Yes, with mended blouses, with
wornout shoes, with a borrowed life.
But not anymore.
oh, Ill get money even if
I have to sell coffee for three cents.
Go one then, I dare you.
I can get you out by the hair.
After Ive sacrificed and
struggled so much
so you can have a career
and be a decent woman.
Decent! That takes all I lack,
all you havent given me.
- Good afternoon.
- Hello.
- Im Laritas teacher, at the Institute.
- oh, how do you do.
- Come in. Make yourself at home, please.
- Thank you very much.
Shes been absent some days
because she feels a little sick.
Yes, thats why I came to see her,
for I was told she was sick.
- Yes, come in.
- Thank you.
Larita, look whos here,
your teacher at the Institute.
But get up and look after her, baby;
she came to see you.
No, let her lie in bed if she feels sick.
oh, what she has is a mere cold,
but shes sleeping her life away.
Do you care for some coffee?
- Yes, please.
- okay, with your permission.
I was worried about you. Don't tell me
youll flunk the year for a mere cold.
oh, Doctor, you don't know...
What is it I don't know, Hilaria?
That youre a striving
girl thats trying
to rise above the environment
she was born in?
I had to make sacrifices
to study, too.
Yes, Doctor, but
you had your parents, your home...
- Youre not living under a bridge.
- Worse than that.
Dont be sorry for yourself, Hilaria,
because that doesn't help you.
What happens is youre very sentimental.
So am I.
Did you read it?
Did you like it?
But youre a Hemingway admirer.
I don't know.
Its a very sad novel.
That old man alone in the
middle of the ocean.
At the beginning, I thought hed win,
especially when he gets
to catch his fish,
but then,
the fight with the sharks,
beating his way through,
with nobody to help him.
I don't like novels that end up wrong.
I felt like itd happen to me.
I prayed to God never to
find myself like that.
Fortunately, Im not a fisherman.
You didn't understand the novel.
Don't look at that book
as a defeat story.
Are you going to class tomorrow?
- Let me try; youll see.
- Why cant they let me in?
- Dont become exasperated.
- Hey, Im going to come in.
That is an order and you cant enter here.
You cant enter here.
You cant say that. He is the president
of the association and hell enter.
Association, my foot.
Thats worth nothing here now.
- okay, nobody will enter, then.
- You cant come in. Go home.
- You cant come in here.
- Victor! Victor! Victor!
Dont let anybody in! Dont let anybody in!
Dont let anybody in!
- Estela, what happened?
- Youre back, my friend.
- But, what happened?
- Salas Caizares was killed.
Thats the best news
we could have received.
But, Marisabel, youre crazy.
Don't you realize
that man had a family
like you and me?
Hey, and the people he killed, too.
Look, I didn't know you were pro-Batista.
Im not pro-Batista; Im just humanitarian
and Im not happy about anybodys death.
So they kick out Victor, they ban
the association, and this girl... Rafael!
- Rafael!
- Victor! Victor!
Estela, nobody cant enter here
if Victor is not allowed in.
Thats his problem, Rafael,
not mine.
What a jerk this girl is!
... should be ashamed, hes a partner that
fought with us. And you unruffled.
Hey, Marisabel, nobody can come in here;
lets make a chain.
Dont let anybody upstairs.
Long live Victor, pillar
of the Association!
Thats one of the main troublemakers!
Hey, young man, for the good
of your government,
I tell you this is...
A good government is what
Cuba needs...
- Victor.
- Down with Batista.
Down with Batista! Down with Batista!
Batistas head!
Batistas head!
This is crazy, Marisabel,
you dont do things this way.
Why do you say that?
Come along, come on,
don't get into trouble.
- Pedro... what are you up to?
- Come in with me, come on. Come on!
Come on!
Lets beat it quick; this
will end up in a shooting!
- I have to see Doctor Martnez. Doctor!
- Hey, Doctor Martnez, my foot; come on.
- Lets go, Victor!
- I have to see her. Doctor!
- Lets go!
- Victor!
Ill speak to Doctor Martnez
but now go.
okay. Tell her well meet
at The old Man and the Sea bookstore.
- Come on, Victor.
- Come on, run!
Get in, get in.
Wait for me in there.
Whatever youre about to do,
abide by the consequences.
I won't let them push and shove
any of my students.
oscarito, shut the doors.
- Let me out! Doctor!
- No, not.
Let me out! Doctor!
No. Doctor!
Let me out! Doctor...!
Its a Galician song.
My father used to sing it to me.
You know, Josefa? once I dreamed it was
chilly and that a strong wind was blowing
and I was alone in the
middle of the ocean,
yearning for my bed.
Ive had them too, and worse.
oh, baby, gather all your
strength, pain, and
pride; go through with it
and don't fall asleep.
Dear diary,
I havent paid much attention
to you lately.
Forgive me if I couldnt
tell you all Ive been through
but you know youve always
been on my mind,
just like Victor has.
I miss him a lot.
His parents sent him out of Havana
and I havent heard from him.
Can he have forgotten me?
A strange peace overwhelms me;
I don't know what it is.
Its maybe the warning that
Ill feel unsuccessful later.
Something has changed in me.
You know it and you understand me
because youve been my best friend
this year. My only comfort.
Merry Christmas.
Hilaria Bergointia?
Thats me.
Do you want some coffee?
Thank you.
Its good to see you.
Up there, by the road, in his cabin,
the old man was sleeping again.
He was still sleeping
face down and the boy
was by his side, gazing at him.
The old man was dreaming
of lions on the beach.