Hello, It's Me (2015) Movie Script

Come on, guys.
Come on, kick it, Milo!
Go, go! Go! Oh!
A little help, honey?
I got it! I got him!
- I got him! I got him!
Go! Go! Go!
Go, go, it's all you!
Go, Milo!
- ALL: Goal!
- Yes!
World Cup champions!
(CHUCKLES) That's it!
- Goal!
- Goal!
- Yay!
- You're next, Annie!
- No, I am not next.
You're not allowed to
throw me into the goal. No.
I hope we got all that.
Last day of summer.
Anything else to say
before I turn this off?
Just that this has been
the best day of my life.
You say that every day.
'Cause it's true.
You are seriously the cheesiest
person I have ever met.
And that's why you love me.
I know.
- Oh, battery's dying.
Say goodbye to summer.
I guess we should pack up.
If you don't mind, I'm going to
take the boat out one more time.
Okay. I'll see you at home.
- Love you.
- I love you.
Mommy, could I have
a cookie now?
Not until your Dad gets back
from sailing, okay?
Hey, it's me.
I just put the kids to bed.
It's getting late and I'm worried
about this storm. Where are you?
Mom, the cookies are
What? Oh, no!
Oh, shoot!
Oh, no. Shoot!
Oh, my gosh.
Now I'm a batch behind.
- Nothing.
- Oh...
I promised I would take you and
Maddy to the mall, didn't I?
Okay. Okay, no,
I can make this work.
You know,
Maddy just texted me.
She said she can't make it.
Okay, well, maybe you could have her
come over and just kick the ball around?
Soccer tryouts are
next week, aren't they?
I don't know.
I'm not trying out.
You're not?
I thought you changed
your mind.
I bought you those cleats.
I don't need them.
Maybe you could spend
the money on, let's see...
Tickets to ComicFest?
Oh, sweetie, not this again.
Well, tickets just went on
sale like five minutes ago.
If we don't hurry,
it'll be like...
I told you, you're not going
until you're older.
Technically, I'm older than
the last time I asked.
Not quite yet.
Okay, okay.
Hey, since you're staying,
do you think I could get some help?
I'm so far behind.
Come on, you used
to love baking with me.
You used to love baking.
MILO: I'm hungry.
I know. We'll stop
and get something to eat
as soon as I drop these off.
Or I can have a cookie.
Uh, no, sweetie,
these are for work.
Daddy would've let me
sneak a cookie.
Dad would've taken me
to ComicFest.
I know.
I wish he were here too.
Can we go to the beach
on the way, Mom?
No, I really have to do
this for work, sweetie.
There's not enough time.
Come on, it's on the way,
just five minutes.
Please? Please?
Real quick. Okay.
Let's get this up, guys.
Yes! In you go.
Daddy loved it here.
I loved it here, too.
I can't believe
it's been two years.
Can we watch the video?
Sweetie, there's not really time.
We have to get going.
But Mom, I want to see Dad.
Just that this has been
the best day of my life.
ANNIE: You say that every
'Cause it's true.
ANNIE: You are seriously the
cheesiest person I've ever met.
ANDRE: And that's why
you love me.
I miss him.
I miss him, too.
- Say goodbye to summer.
- Bye.
Come on.
- Mom.
- Yeah, sweetheart?
How could you let me
have hair so stupid?
You mean the "I have
to have this hairstyle
or I'm never speaking
to you again" hair?
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
What do all
of those lights mean?
It means we have
to call a cab.
Can I go collect some rocks?
Five minutes. Stay where
I can see you, okay?
- Okay.
Milo, come on. The cab's
Everyone is here, James.
What kind of host arrives
late to his own party?
The kind that doesn't
care about...
ANNIE: Are you okay?
Are you all right?
What's the matter with you?
What were you thinking?
I'm so sorry. You must've
been in my blind spot.
We were right behind you.
That's not a blind spot,
that's a "pretty sure you were
on your cell phone" spot.
Technically, yes
I was on my phone,
but I was on a speakerphone,
so totally legal.
- So you're a lawyer.
- No.
No, not a lawyer.
Okay. Well, it doesn't
All right. You should just
be more careful next time.
- Yeah. You could've killed us.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm glad I didn't,
and I'm glad
that you're all okay.
Well, we are.
What exactly is all this?
It's an entire day's pay,
that's what it is.
Well, let me cover
the cost of that, please.
No, thank you.
I don't want your money.
Nothing, I just, uh...
I don't hear that very
ANNIE: Well,
you're hearing it now.
You need to be more careful.
- There are a lot of kids around here.
- JAMES: You're right.
Want one?
Mom makes a lot
of fancy stuff,
but her cookies are
the best in the whole world.
And this one didn't even
touch the ground.
Well, thank you
very much, young man.
Would you at least let me drive
you to wherever you wanna go?
This is our cab.
Well, let me cover
the cost of the cab.
- No, thank you.
- I insist.
This is for the fare.
Thanks, but no thanks.
Really? Okay.
Is this where Batman lives?
- Hi, Ericka.
- Hi.
Milo, Ella, there is a room
at the end of the hall
with a fully-loaded Xbox.
And I'll bring you guys something
to eat in a few minutes, okay?
Can't I just stay in here?
Just give me and your mom a few minutes.
Okay, sweetie?
Come on, Milo,
I'll kick your butt at the dancing game.
MILO: You said a bad word!
It's only a bad word
if you're seven.
Cool. Then I'll say it
when I'm eight!
What happened?
We stopped at the beach,
and then the car wouldn't start,
and then some rich guy almost hit
us with his gazillion-dollar car.
WOMAN: James, I thought
you'd never arrive.
I want to introduce you
to a new friend of mine.
Oh, you're on a date?
That's great!
Does that mean I'm going
to have a new daddy?
Don't be ridiculous, James.
- She's for you.
- Oh.
Her name is Susan Slater.
She went to Sarah Lawrence
and she's perfect.
Is this someone
you actually know?
I know of her, close enough.
Mother, for the last time,
I don't need your help
finding a girlfriend.
No, just finding a wife.
I'm just trying to
help you stop traipsing
around the world
and settle down.
I very seldom traipse,
You know what I mean, James.
I'm more of
a gallivantor, really.
(CHUCKLING) Stop trying to be cute,
You need to think
about your future.
I'm doing just fine.
You know what I mean.
Look, in two weeks,
I'm going to Hong Kong.
After that, Paris.
That's as much future
as I can handle right now.
Well, I'm just saying I want to
be a grandmother before I actually
- look old enough to be a grandmother.
- Pre-laser, of course.
- I'm sorry,
but the women I meet,
they're all the same.
Oh, give Susan a chance.
You never know
when love might strike.
I'd like to introduce you
to my son, James.
James, this is Susan Slater.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Hey.
Your mom told me that you
just got back from Istanbul.
- Uh, yes.
- And you were in Moscow also?
I travel a little.
Oh, and by the way,
I could not help but notice
the Kandinsky in the foyer.
You have great taste.
- She knows her art.
- Yeah, I heard, Mother. Thank you.
I know when
something's extraordinary.
Well, I'll just leave you two
to get better acquainted.
- Thank you, Mother.
- Mmm-hmm.
- (EXHALES) Well...
- SERVER: Wine?
Oh, yes please. Thank you very much.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So what do you do?
I'm a lifestyle blogger.
Sorry. You're a what?
I get paid to write
about things I love.
Interior design,
clothes, cars, travel.
And of course with my job,
I'm pretty much free to travel anywhere.
- Hmm.
- Just like you.
Good to know. Yeah.
Oh, oh...
- Can you hold this for a sec?
- Okay.
Just a little higher.
If I don't post every few
minutes people think I'm dead.
- Oh. (LAUGHS)
- That's funny.
- Yeah.
Oh, look, um, there's a friend of mine,
Nate, from Princeton.
I should probably
go talk to him.
Sorry, it was nice meeting you.
Okay, bye.
Excuse me. Gotta go.
I'm so sorry.
What are we going
to do for desserts?
You'll figure out something.
I don't know.
Annie, being creative,
- that used to be your calling card.
Come on.
The pantry's right here.
Think of this as a chance
to make something new.
- Expand the menu.
- What menu?
For your bakery, of course.
Ericka, I told you,
that's not going to happen.
Not anymore.
(SIGHS) Annie.
Well, this pantry
is practically empty.
What does this guy do,
eat every meal at a restaurant?
JAMES: Yes. Actually, he
Wait. This was the party
you were coming to?
Those pastries
were for this party. Yes.
Before they became gourmet,
intricately-decorated roadkill.
And I'm so sorry
about that. Really.
But I'm not sorry that I get
a chance to see you again,
so I can say sorry, again.
So, um...
- Sorry?
- Sorry.
Oh, and um...
- Yeah.
- No. Nice try.
This one's okay.
Yes. That's one
of the few survivors.
Might as well take a bite,
see what you missed.
- Really?
- Hmm.
- Mmm.
- See, don't you feel terrible now?
I really do.
Wow. Your son was right.
This is the best cookie
I've ever had.
I'm going to keep
all of these for myself.
Even the ones with the
Mmm, fiber.
I'm sorry, but they're
not yours to keep.
They belong to the guy
whose party this is.
James Braddock III,
which sounds like a made-up
TV name, but whatever.
Um, Annie...
It's a real name.
It's my name.
My house, my kitchen,
my empty pantry.
Why didn't you say
I just walked in.
Why didn't you say
You didn't ask.
Okay, so now that
you know who I am,
and you're still not gonna
let me pay for the cab,
would you at least let
me pay for the pastries?
No, it feels like pity
Pity money?
It's not pity money.
I want them, they're amazing,
broken ones and all.
I know you're not
really going to eat them.
And why would that be?
Because you probably have
a personal trainer
who won't let you get
within 10 feet of a carb.
I love carbs.
And gluten!
What will people think?
Come here. I want to show you something.
You're gonna love this.
Now, I may have just
a wee bit of a sweet tooth.
- Are these Grammy Bars?
- Yeah.
I thought they discontinued
these like 20 years ago.
- Man, I used to love these.
- That's impossible.
I'm the only one
that loved them.
That's why they stopped
making them.
How do you have these?
I got a guy.
You have
a discontinued candy guy?
Doesn't everyone?
Do you by any chance
have a rosemary guy too?
- This is beautiful.
- Yeah.
I like to come in here to get
away from everything, you know?
Why would you want to get
away from any of this?
Come on, rosemary is out
Oh, you do have
a rosemary guy.
Yes, I do.
It's lovely.
Yes, it is.
- Okay, I have what I need.
- Yeah?
You know, you really
don't have to do this.
Those people have
had so much to drink,
you could serve them
dollar-store donut holes
and they'd never
know the difference.
Well, I would.
Well, yeah. Uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to insult you.
I meant to insult them.
Sometimes it's just
a little too much, uh, show.
You know?
If you hate being around these
people then why have a party at all?
Raising money for charity.
But, uh, it's always the same
conversation, just a different house.
Except maybe this time,
a little different.
Well, I better get started
on dessert.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, can I watch?
Okay, hotshot, so where does
the rosemary come in?
Well, I'm making dark
chocolate-covered s'more cookies,
and the rosemary gives
it a hint of campfire.
- Get out of here.
- It does.
- Hey!
- I just wanna try.
Mmm. Oh, that's good.
- Really good.
- Thank you.
Do you have
any more baking sheets?
- This...
- Um, oh...
Yeah, I think maybe in here?
- You know what you need, James?
- Hmm?
You need to marry
someone who can cook.
Did my mother
pay you to say that?
No, but is she hiring?
I need the work.
Why, the baking biz
is not making ends meet?
It's unpredictable.
I hope you know
I wasn't hinting for a job.
No. No, no, no, no.
Not at all.
I mean,
I brought it up, right?
- Oven mitts!
- Will this do?
- Parchment paper?
- I have no idea what that is.
Look, look, I'm sorry.
I didn't...
I didn't notice
the ring earlier.
Your husband is
a very lucky man.
I'm not exactly married.
- Oh, well, I thought with the...
- I was.
Happily, actually.
He passed away two years
That's terrible. I'm sorry.
I should get back to this.
Yes, yes. Um...
I should get back
to the party. Um...
Right, we wouldn't want you to get in
trouble for mingling with the help.
I just want you to know that this is the
most fun I've had at a party in years.
Thank you for that.
See? Everything
worked out great.
The client is happy,
and for a while there,
so were you.
Whoa! This is
the best house ever!
Can we come back?
Probably not, buddy.
Can we please go home now?
Oh, we still have
to get our car towed.
Oh, didn't James tell you?
He had his car guy
tow it to a local shop.
They've already fixed it.
- I can't afford to pay him back.
- Annie...
Annie, come on,
he almost hit you.
Take the gesture.
Well, tell him thank you.
Or you could call him
and thank him yourself.
I already texted you
his number.
(SIGHS) What am I doing?
Hi, this is Andre.
Leave a message after
- Oh, you know what to do.
I miss you.
(SIGHS) I'm being
Andre, are you there?
I hear you, Andre! I hear
Okay, this is insane.
This isn't happening.
I'm officially losing my
Time what? I don't...
I don't understand!
Come back.
Please come back.
Mommy, can I have a pancake
like Daddy used to make?
Of course. You want
raisins for eyes?
Chocolate chips.
Mom, I'm seven.
Yes, you are.
You look so much like
your dad, you know that?
Mom, P-H!
P-H! Pancake heads. Right.
It's coming, with chocolate chips.
And it's there.
I'm eating my head!
ANNIE: Oh, no,
you're eating your head!
Hey, pancake heads for
breakfast. You want one too?
I liked it Dad's way.
So did I.
I wish you'd talk to me,
I talk to you every day.
Like right now,
I'm talking to you.
You know what I mean.
It's just not healthy to keep
things bottled up inside.
Yeah. I know.
Brought back
your chocolate shaver.
What's going on?
Every time I try to talk
to her, she just runs away.
I don't know how
to get through to her.
She just needs more time.
You're doing everything
Then why do I feel
like I'm failing her?
You're not.
You're surviving. And soon you'll
be living again, and happy.
Like when you were
baking yesterday.
I haven't seen you enjoy your
work that much in a long time.
Of course, the company
wasn't so bad, right?
Do want a pancake
of your head?
Don't change the subject.
There is no subject.
There should be a subject.
You haven't had
a "subject" in two years.
You know, it's okay
to enjoy life a little.
Even without Andre.
Ericka, I know this is
hard to understand,
but to me he's still here.
I mean,
it's like I literally
just talked to him.
- And...
Um, missing anything?
(GASPS) My ring!
Yes. James just texted me.
Apparently, you left it
on the kitchen counter.
How could I not realize
(SIGHS) What's wrong with
Nothing's wrong with you.
Anyway, he said
he has business nearby
and said he can drop off
the ring on his way home.
Or he could mail it.
Or you could bring it.
Annie, I saw how much fun
you had together.
I've known James for years.
He's a good guy.
Even if it's just as a
it's okay to spend time
with someone new.
But, Andre...
Andre has been gone
for almost two years.
Have you ever seen those
where people who've died send
messages to their loved ones?
like the Montauk Medium from TV?
Annie, she has
private investigators
to get the scoop on everyone
before she meets them.
And her hair is ridiculous.
I mean, please tell me you did
not call that scam artist.
Of course not.
But last night I, um...
I thought I heard
Andre's voice.
Oh, Annie.
I know, it's silly.
I think I was just...
I was overtired.
It's natural
to want something bad enough
that you make it real
for yourself.
That's probably what
See? You're fine.
So can he drop by?
Why do I get the feeling you
already told him he could?
Because you've known me
for 30 years.
I have to go to
the farmer's market.
I'll pick you up
some fresh berries.
Ericka, this is so not okay.
Love you!
- Hello.
- Hi.
I like you, James.
But I love Annie.
Take it slow, okay?
What? I just thought I was
just dropping off the ring.
Great. Just great.
What am I doing?
Uh, is this a bad time?
No, I always look like this.
Like what? Normal?
I think you look pretty.
I mean, most of the women
I know spend two hours
getting ready to go
to the grocery store.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
There's a flaw in your
none of the women
you know actually eat.
Speaking of food.
Oh. Still trying to buy off
my forgiveness, I see.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Sold.
- Really?
- Mmm.
So your standards
end at Grammy Bars, huh?
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Good to know.
Uh, so can I, um...
- Of course. Yeah, come in. Come in.
- Yeah? Okay. Thank you.
- Wow.
This is great.
It's very, uh...
Homey. I was going
to say homey.
- Homey is code for messy.
Thanks for bringing
my ring back.
Oh, right.
Oh, these pockets...
Oh, right, yes.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
Milo, you remember
Mr. Braddock.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Okay. No.
- No, it's more like...
- Pew!
- Pew!
- Like that.
- Keep practicing.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, I will.
MILO: I wanna
show you something.
All right. Okay.
Milo, I'm sure
James is very busy.
No, no, no.
It's okay. It's okay.
- ANNIE: Sorry. Okay.
- It's okay.
Where we going, buddy?
Hi, Ella.
- Oh.
What is that, an astronaut?
Martian astronaut.
- Oh, Martian astronaut, of course.
- Yes.
Very cool.
Very cool. Hey.
You're reading
Freedom 2 already?
Yeah, I am.
No, that's mine.
Have you seen
the limited edition one,
where Jimmy Freedom finds out
the Screaming Skull was his son?
Screaming Skull
wasn't his son.
He was the son of
Jimmy Freedom's clone.
I mean, if you say so.
But I think
you might be wrong.
I'm going online.
Sorry. I, uh...
I didn't mean to upset her.
Upset is her default
Yeah, well,
she's been through a lot.
You all have.
Right, the ring.
Come on.
I need your help outside.
Okay, I'll be right back.
- JAMES: All right.
- MILO: Let's go.
- Look.
- Okay. Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right,
what do we got here?
Can you stack these boxes
on top of each other?
Mom's too short.
Yeah. Of course, sure,
I can do that for you.
I can stack boxes.
(GRUNTS) Here we go.
Now can you
tape them together?
Yes, sir.
And then go to the other
Can you make round windows?
You have a knife, right?
Not on me.
Right. Right.
No, left, left.
Can you put a triangle
shape on top?
Thanks! Bye!
What just happened?
I think Milo conned you into
building him a rocket ship.
I always wanted
to build a rocket ship.
You never did as a kid?
I tried once,
with brand new couch cushions.
And they were white,
so that didn't work out so well.
I can't believe it.
You were right.
Yeah. I thought maybe
I might have been right.
So, are you like
that guy who hangs out
in the comic book store all
day and writes fan fiction?
Ella, that's kind of rude.
Hey, my Battlestar Galactica
fan fic is awesome.
- There's that smile.
I haven't seen it in a long time.
I forgot how pretty it is.
Just like her mom's.
- It's true.
- That's very sweet.
I hope that was okay.
You can leave anytime
you need to.
No, it was fun. I enjoyed
Do you have any water?
I mean, of course
you have water.
Uh, what I meant was...
- Would you like some water?
- Yes.
Yes, please.
Thanks for helping Milo
with his spaceship.
Yeah, any time. It was fun.
So, look, um...
Ericka said that you wanted
to open a bakery of your own.
She shouldn't have said
I mean, I did want that
but now I don't.
I mean, if it's
a financing thing,
I'm sure I could help
you find some investors.
One taste
of your baking and...
I'm sorry,
but that's just not something
I'm planning anymore.
Oh. Uh, well...
I don't mean to
upset you, Annie.
I just, you know,
I know a good investment when I see one.
Or taste one.
I appreciate it.
But that can't happen now.
All right. Um, well...
I'm sorry to bring up
a sore subject.
I'll, uh...
I guess I'll go.
Okay. All right. Bye.
- I forgot the ring.
Thank you.
Right. Okay.
See ya.
Forget something else?
I got back five minutes ago,
but I didn't want
to interrupt.
- Interrupt what?
- You tell me.
You had no right to tell him
about the bakery.
He's an investor.
I was just trying to help.
But I didn't ask for it.
You know that was
my dream with Andre.
No. No, I don't want
to take a survey.
Ericka, I think I'm losing
After the sparks I saw
between you and James,
I think you're definitely
getting it back.
MADDY: Are you kidding me?
Mike from bio is way cuter
than Mike from social studies.
ELLA: Ew, no!
(LAUGHING) Mike from bio has one
of those three-haired mustaches.
It's really weird!
I'm so excited you're going
to come back to soccer.
We so need you up front.
You were a beast!
Don't do this again.
- Do what?
- Flake.
I'm not flaking, Maddy.
I just don't really like soccer anymore.
Oh, come on.
Nobody loves to play
more than you.
Every single night
you and your dad would...
I gotta get home.
Ella, I'm sorry.
But are you seriously
not gonna play?
I said no, didn't I?
I don't want to sound mean,
but it's been two years,
and you still say no
to everything.
I do not.
Are you coming to
my slumber party?
Look, Ella,
you're my best friend.
And I don't want to
give up on you.
But at some point,
you're gonna have to
start trying, too.
I miss the old you.
So do I.
Lobster salad, please.
He'll have soup
and day-old bread.
Okay, I'll bite.
Well, after the way you
brushed off Susan,
I'm certainly not gonna treat
you to an expensive lunch.
Isn't that just a little
passive aggressive, Mother?
There's nothing passive
about it.
I'll have the lobster salad.
I'll be buying lunch.
Look, I appreciate your
concern about my love life,
but I'm really gonna have to
ask you to stop helping.
I am just trying to help
you find the right person.
- Hmm.
- Like Susan.
Who just so happens to be
coming over for dinner tonight.
You're kidding me?
Oh, what am I saying, you've never
cracked a joke in your life.
I resent that.
I'm actually quite funny given
the right circumstances.
And a bottle of wine,
- Don't be crass, James.
Well, I'm sorry, Mother,
but as it turns out,
I have plans.
- I was just invited to dinner.
- By whom?
Oh, nobody you know.
I'm starving.
What's for dinner?
Oh, good question.
Let's see.
Looks like spaghetti
with butter and salt.
Maybe I can
scrounge up a tomato.
- Hi.
- Oh. Hi.
- What's going on?
- Uh, you invited me?
- You came!
- Hey, buddy.
- Hi.
- Milo?
I texted him from your
His number's not in my
Ericka gave me that.
Of course, she did.
That would explain the
Sweetie, you have to ask
my permission.
Okay. (SIGHS)
Can James
come over for dinner?
I'm sorry, I don't know
what he was thinking.
Oh, it's all right. It's
I understand.
I'll just head home.
Got a nice two-course
meal here.
But I want him to stay.
He's the best rocket ship
builder ever.
- How can I say no to that face?
- Yes!
Okay, hey,
speaking of rockets,
got a little something
for you here, buddy.
- Whoa!
- Yeah, I bought a refrigerator today.
And I thought maybe
you could build
a space station.
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- You need a hand, or are you good?
- I got it.
All right. Cool.
How did you fit that
in your car?
I just strapped it
to the roof.
That's what we rocket builders do,
you know.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- Well, thank you.
- Yeah.
You made his day.
- Please.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- Okay.
So, are you ready for
a fabulous gourmet dinner
of spaghetti
with butter and salt?
Sounds great. Can I help?
- Sure.
- Whoa!
(LAUGHS) Okay.
Who is this "Al Dente" guy?
Right. I forgot
who I was dealing with.
- You sit. I'll boil.
Probably for the best, yes.
There you go.
I feel like I just ate
a whole stick of butter.
There's a chance you did.
- But butter is good. Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah! (LAUGHS)
- Yeah, right?
- Mmm-hmm.
Can I be excused?
I've got to make a control
panel for my space station.
Sweetie, it's almost
And even in space,
astronauts still brush their teeth.
(SIGHS) Come on, Mom.
Three, two, one...
- Blastoff!
Shuttle to Houston.
We're prepared for liftoff.
(CHUCKLES) Night, buddy.
And thanks for the invite.
But please, next time,
clear it with your mother first?
- All right!
- 'Cause that was kind of embarrassing.
(SIGHS) Wow.
You know, I, uh, feel like
my being here
upset Ella a little bit,
I'm sorry about that.
Oh, she's just being 14.
She's been through a lot.
Well, this is her place,
and I'm imposing.
But I just like being here.
It feels very, um...
Well, it's as real as it
I haven't eaten out here
in ages.
It's very beautiful.
I should help him.
His bedtime ritual is this
five-part extravaganza
that includes
an original bedtime story
and a twelve-point
monster check.
Enough said.
I will get out of your hair.
Oh, please, stay and finish
your dessert.
Oh, and hey, um...
Thank you for letting me
I had a great time.
Lucky guy.
Or maybe not.
I thought you left.
I just thought I could help
clean up a little bit.
- Oh. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
James, I don't want you to get the
wrong idea about what dinner meant.
I'm not sure I'm ready
You know what I mean.
I don't want to pressure
I just really like
being around you.
Your energy,
your talent,
the way you are
with your kids.
- Oh, come on.
I'm sorry,
I have to take this.
- Annie, wait...
- No, I'm sorry.
Thank you for everything.
And for cleaning up. I...
I have to take this alone.
I'm sorry, James.
What? Wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, come on.
Come on, call back.
Call back. Come on.
Come on, I'm here.
I'm here. Call back. Come
Come on, be there.
Come on.
- Annie...
I'm here. I'm here.
I can hear you.
I know why you're here.
I'm so...
I'm so sorry about James.
Please, say something.
Yes what? What does...
What does that mean?
No, don't go!
(SOBS) Don't go.
I'm sorry that I pushed.
I just, um, wanted to say
good night before I left.
I'm sorry I had to
leave like that.
Say, um...
Why don't you meet me
at the marina tomorrow?
Slip 44.
- I don't think...
- It is not a date.
Not a date. Just hanging
What do you say?
- Uh...
Okay, great. Great!
I know my way out.
So, uh, thank you,
have a good night.
Um, don't forget,
slip 44, okay?
Hey. You found it.
I guess I did.
I thought maybe
we'd take her out.
I'm not a big fan of boats.
Oh, okay. Um...
Right. Uh...
- How about a walk then?
- Great.
Okay, let's go.
Come on, after you.
Can I ask you something?
Why did you suddenly
switch off last night?
Are you really
that scared of me?
No, it's not that. I'm just
nowhere near ready
for a relationship
or dating or anything.
Yeah, you've mentioned that,
several times.
So, what, do you just like
the challenge, then?
No, I like you.
I do.
Even if it's just friends.
Why do you want to be friends with me?
I'm kind of a mess.
- Eh...
- You've got everything all figured out.
I do?
Yeah, I mean,
you travel the world,
you have the freedom
to see things
and experience things
few people do.
Seems pretty perfect to me.
But they're just things.
They're nothing real.
I mean, you've faced everything the
universe has thrown at you head-on.
- You're like a warrior, you know.
You have a purpose,
you got a life.
So do you.
Yeah, but, I don't know.
I'm starting to realize that
it may not be the one I want.
Well, I'm happy to switch
houses with you.
Well, I do kind of
like my house.
It's not the house. It's...
It's what's inside the
And that's something
that I've never had.
Credit card debt, a
bills I can't even
begin to pay. Never mind.
Look, can I ask you a favor?
- As an official friend?
- Sure.
Would you please let me help
you open your own bakery?
Oh, James, not this again.
No, no, no, one of my storefronts
on Main Street just came open.
So it's a great location.
I mean, people would
kill for this location.
- Not me.
- It used to be a cafe,
so it's practically
ready to go.
You could be
up and running in a month.
- Okay, that sounds incredible.
- Okay, don't overthink it.
Just say yes. Say it with
Y-E-S spells...
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Did you just say yes?
- How did he know?
- Who?
- What?
(CHUCKLES) What? I'm confused.
Did you say just yes?
- I guess I did.
- Yes!
That's great!
You're gonna have a bakery.
Well, here we are.
The "Hurry Up and Think of a Name
for the Bake Shop" Bake Shop.
- I don't think that's going to work.
- Yeah, probably not.
So, any ideas?
I'll think of something.
You ready?
It's perfect.
- Very nice.
Where did you learn French?
Uh... Milo taught me.
Uh, you weren't gonna
do the whole
"Playfully splatter paint on the
other person" bit, were you?
- You're no fun.
- I'm super fun.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
You were gonna splatter me
with paint, weren't you?
- No.
- Yes, you were.
I can tell.
I'm telling you right now,
this'll end badly for you.
Oh, you can drip your paint
all you want, sister,
I will paint you up.
- Really?
- I'm very good with a paintbrush.
Jeez, what did we carry these,
like, a mile?
- It's not a mile.
- Think I'm getting a blister.
- I'm just, kind of like...
- You're not gonna get a blister.
- I just wanna stop for a second.
- Hey, what are ya doin'?
We got work to do.
- All right.
- It's so nice out, isn't it?
- See, you wanted a break, too.
- Yes.
- Are you guys hungry?
- Do we have to eat here again?
I feel like we officially
live here now.
Look, I know it's been tough
spending so much time here,
but trust me, once we open,
everything at home
will go back to normal.
- No!
- Milo?
I don't want it
like it was before.
You were sad
and now you're happy.
I like it like this.
I kind of do, too.
So pizza from down the
Pizza from down the street.
This bakery is gonna do great.
I know it!
What if no one comes?
What if this is a huge mistake?
What if I give everyone
food poisoning?
Uh, you took the Arsenic
Apple Fritters off the menu?
- Then I think we're gonna be just fine.
This may be more than we
should have tried at once.
- I think so, too.
- Whoa! Oh.
- Whoa, whoa, wait, no, no, no.
- Whoa, whoa!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- I got it.
- You got it?
- Yeah. Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah, okay. I got it. Okay, yeah.
Okay, here we go.
Just take one bite.
No, look, I understand
that it's trendy,
but I just don't get the whole
"bacon in dessert" thing.
- Don't you trust me?
Well, it's not...
Well, now I don't trust you.
Just taste it.
I don't understand.
Sometimes two things that
don't seem to belong together
make a pretty good pair.
You're absolutely right.
All right. Thank you,
everybody, for coming.
This is a really
special day for us.
So... Ready?
- I'm more than ready.
- Okay.
But, before we do that,
there's one last thing.
- I'm famous!
Everybody, please, come in.
- What do you think?
- Kind of cool.
I'll take it.
I wish Dad was here.
He is.
- Can we go in?
- Let's go in! Let's go in.
Mother, you made it.
I was surprised
to hear from you.
I thought you were
in Paris and Hong Kong.
- I decided to stay home.
- Oh!
Shall we go to Silver's
for coffee?
Actually, this place is having
its grand opening today
and I was hoping you might
try it with me.
- Yes?
- Well, all right.
- You look lovely, as usual.
- Thank you.
This is amazing.
Thank you so much.
I couldn't have done this without you.
Why is she thanking you?
Why are you thanking him?
Uh, I'm the bakery's
primary investor.
Um, Annie, please meet
my mother, Lillian.
this is Annie Harlowe.
- So nice to meet you!
Our neighbors go by that
same name back in the city.
- Any relation?
- Probably not.
We're Long Island,
born and bred.
In my case, bread.
Bakery, bread.
- I'm sorry. That was terrible.
I don't know why I said
James, can I steal you
for a minute.
Uh, sure. Consider me
- Well, congratulations.
- Thank you.
But I've really gotta run.
I'll get my coffee and scone elsewhere.
Oh, no. Please stay.
My scones are amazing,
and James loves them.
Yes, James is well known for
his occasional sweet tooth.
But after a while,
he always goes back
to the food he knows
is best for him.
I wonder what Susan
thinks of the place?
- Susan?
- James' girlfriend.
I don't know.
I haven't met her.
Oh, well, I'm sure you will,
- I look forward to it.
- Mmm.
Just tell James I've gone
to our usual place, hmm?
Hey, where...
Where's she going?
Listen, I...
I know we're just friends and
this is none of my business,
but you could've told me
about Susan.
(SCOFFS) I'm sorry, what?
Not that it matters to me,
because it doesn't.
But it's just weird that you
never talk about her. You know?
I mean, we're just friends.
It's fine.
Yeah, you've mentioned that.
Right. So it kind of
makes you a jerk
for hitting on me
in the first place.
Not that I care,
'cause I don't.
Yes, you don't care.
Got it. Registered.
But for the record,
I'm not dating Susan.
I'm not dating anyone.
My mother wants me
to date Susan
because she has
this grand idea
to bring
two great families together.
But anyway, it doesn't matter.
Point is, I'm not with Susan.
I'm not interested in her.
- We're just business partners.
- That's it.
Just business partners.
Bye, thank you.
- Okay, okay, turn it.
- MILO: Turn it.
- Let's do it... It's official.
- Ready? Ready?
We did it!
- Whoo-hoo!
- We did it, we actually did it.
Oh, yeah.
Ella, come on!
We're doing the sprinkler.
Can we go, please?
You said we would be home
for dinner this time.
You know what, I got an
How about you guys let me take
you out for dinner to celebrate?
- Sure.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- Yeah?
- Yes.
I just want to go home.
We can go anywhere you want.
That would be home.
Ella, I've had enough.
Yeah, me too.
- Ella.
- Hey, it's all right.
It's all right,
maybe just some other day.
No, we're going out.
We've all made sacrifices
to get this place open,
and we're gonna go celebrate.
Okay. So what did you
have in mind?
Someplace I guarantee
you've never been.
- Okay.
I'm only ever eating here
from now on.
What about the bake shop?
- Okay, two places.
- Okay.
Since my name's on the sign,
can I eat as many cookies
as I want?
Nope, but good try.
- ALL: Cheers.
You're a soccer fan?
Any chance we don't do
the whole bonding thing?
Ella, come talk with me
right now.
You will apologize to
James for being rude.
And if I don't, what are
you gonna do, ground me?
I'm already at home
all the time,
so that would
only make it official.
- Is this about ComicFest?
- No!
(SIGHS) Just forget it.
- No, I'm not going to forget it.
- Mom, Mom!
You need to tell me
why you're so angry.
- What, sweetie?
- I have to go to the bathroom.
- Okay.
- I'll take him.
I just... I don't know
what to do with her.
Well, it's okay. I get it.
She, uh...
She sees what's happening
between us, I think.
There's nothing happening between us.
We're just friends.
Come on, Annie.
I don't want to kiss
any of my other friends.
And it's more than that.
I've never met
anyone like you.
And these last few weeks,
they've been life-changing.
They really have.
And you have incredibly beautiful eyes,
you know that?
Hey, so, Maddy just texted me
about the sleepover tonight.
- I thought you didn't want to go.
- They convinced me.
Besides, I do kind of miss
hanging out with everyone.
So can I go?
I mean, I shouldn't let you
after the way
you've been acting.
But I think it would be good for you
to hang out with your friends again.
So do I.
I'll drop you off
on the way home.
Awesome. Thanks.
Goodnight, Milo.
Sorry, long bedtime story.
I couldn't just leave after
what happened at dinner.
No, please.
You got to stop doing that.
- I'm sorry, I'm just...
- Look.
What happened to Andre
is a tragedy.
It's terrible.
I can't imagine anything
more painful.
But it doesn't mean that you
don't ever get to love again.
- You don't understand.
- Well, then help me, Annie.
Help me understand.
I promised to love
Andre forever.
I can't fall for someone
But you did.
- (GASPS) Andre!
Did you just say Andre?
I did... Did I?
- You did.
- I'm sorry, James.
Listen, a lot of things
have happened.
I wish I could explain them,
but I can't and...
And now it's happening again.
And I just... I can't...
- I should not have done this.
- Okay, you're pulling away again.
- Please, Annie. Don't...
- No, I'm sorry.
It's Maddy's mom.
Hi, Kim.
Of course
she's at the sleepover.
No, she has to be there.
I dropped her off.
Okay, um, I have to go.
Ella left the sleepover.
And Kim, the other girls,
nobody's seen her.
They don't know
where she went.
Okay, it just went
to voice mail.
She turned her phone off?
Why would she do that?
Where is she?
Okay, okay.
Let's go find her, okay?
I'm gonna call the police.
So you don't have
a GPS tracker on her phone?
I didn't think I'd need one
with her.
You have to find her.
Annie, we'll find her.
We'll find her.
Okay, I think I have
everything I need.
Try not to worry, ma'am.
We've got patrols out,
and her name's in the system.
So unless she has money
to travel, she can't be far.
She has the money saved from
helping me with catering jobs.
How much?
- At least $100.
I don't know what to do.
My little girl is just
out there, alone.
I want to go...
I want to go find her.
Just let me make a few calls,
all right?
James, I think I've made a terrible
mistake having you around.
She's just not ready for it.
- It's too soon.
- It's gonna be all right.
I'm gonna go check on Milo.
Hi, this is James Braddock.
I... I need a little help.
Milo's asleep.
I just spoke with a private
investigator friend of mine
and he's calling all of his contacts
to try and help us find Ella.
- Thank you. (GASPS)
- You're welcome.
Maybe I can reach him?
Reach who?
(VOICE MAIL) Hi, this is Andre.
Leave a message after the...
- You know what to do.
Andre, I need your help.
Annie, stop.
He can't help you.
Come on, come on.
Where is he? Where is he?
Come on!
No. My battery's dying.
Oh, my gosh,
I've got to talk to him.
My charger.
I need to talk to him!
Annie... Annie, look,
I know you want more than anything
in the world for that to happen,
but it's impossible.
Listen, I have reached him before,
I have talked to him.
The first time I got through
to him on his old cell number,
and then on the video.
And I might be able
to reach him again.
Please, please,
you've got to believe me.
Okay. All right.
Give me your phone.
But it's dead,
it doesn't work.
- Look, it's dead...
- Look, just trust me, all right?
- It's like the bacon donut thing.
- (SNIFFLES) Okay.
- What are you...
- I'm just gonna switch the SIM card out
- and then you can use my phone.
- ANNIE: Okay.
JAMES: We could just
put this right in there.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
Oh, that's it!
Yeah. That's it!
I can't go through this
- (GASPS) Oh, God!
I'll find her.
That's it.
Annie, I think I know
where she is.
- Where?
- ComicFest.
In the city. It has to be.
- How do you know that?
- Let's just
call it intuition.
- Okay, I'll go.
- No, no, no.
You stay here in case
Milo wakes up. I'll go.
- But she's...
- Hey, I need to do this, okay?
I promise you, Annie,
I will find her.
- Bring her home, okay?
- I will.
I'm so excited.
I've never been here before.
I love your guys' costumes.
It's so unique. I love it.
Oh, my gosh.
I wish I wore a costume.
Oh, perfect. Go away.
I am taking you home
to Montauk. Come on.
Hey, Ella, listen. Listen!
Your mother is out of
her mind with worry.
You know what she went
through two years ago.
How could you possibly
put her through that again?
- That's not what I'm doing.
- Think about it for a minute.
Except I'm not dead.
So it's not the same.
If anything were to
happen to you,
it would be her
worst fear realized.
And if you'd seen her tonight,
you would know.
She is inconsolable.
And I hate seeing her
like that.
Do you really care about her
that much?
Of course I do.
I care about all of you guys.
Why? I've been such a brat.
Yes, you've been a
but you know what,
you're just protecting your mom.
So really,
you're being a great daughter.
But what if you just want to
look like the big hero
who swoops in and saves
the poor widow and her kids?
And then what if you get bored?
You just gonna move on?
Then what?
Then I have to watch my
- Oh, forget it.
- Ella, look at me.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Come on.
Like you want a teenage step-daughter
who runs away from home?
To a comic book convention?
Come on. (CHUCKLES)
I can think of a million worse
places you could've gone.
So, please.
Let me take you home, okay?
I can't leave. I didn't even
get to meet Tim O'Connor.
- Sorry, who?
- Tim O'Connor?
- Why is that funny?
He's a genius.
- I want to be him one day.
- Come with me.
- The exit's that way.
- I know.
I can't believe
you're letting me do this.
You're about to be grounded
for eternity,
so you may as well finish
what you started. Thank you.
Jimmy B.!
I can't believe it!
What are you doing here?
Hey, buddy, good to see you, man.
How are you doing?
This is Ella.
She's a huge fan and
I'm friends with her mother.
Well, it's a pleasure
to meet you, Ella.
Any friend of James
is a friend of mine.
Um, can you sign my book?
I'm your biggest fan.
You got it.
Well, she might be
your biggest fan,
but seeing as how
I was in the room
the first time you drew
Jimmy Freedom,
I think that makes me
the original fan.
Wait, what?
Yeah. Jimmy B.
was my roommate in college.
Of course, back then,
he was a huge nerd.
Well, I still am a huge nerd,
but now I work out. So...
I based the character's look
on James here.
- Really?
- TIM: Mmm-hmm.
Why didn't you tell me
all this before?
Well, seeing as how this is the
most you've ever talked to me,
I didn't have a chance.
- Did you?
Thanks for doing that.
It was...
- It was cool of you.
- You're very welcome.
But if you ever pull
something like that again,
you can kiss your Tim O'Connor
connection goodbye, all right?
What? What's so funny?
You sound like a dad.
Really? I do?
Look, Ella, you know that
I would never try to replace
your dad, right?
Actually, that's like,
literally what you'd be doing.
No. No, that's not it. I...
I'm just trying to find
my place in all this.
I want to make your mom
And you and Milo,
if you'll let me.
We'll see.
- I can live with that.
I can live with that.
- Hey, I'm so sorry, Mom.
- Oh, sweetie.
Oh, gosh.
What were you thinking?
I was worried sick!
You are grounded
until you're 30.
Wow, she let you off easy.
Thank you
for bringing her home.
I promised you I would.
I'm starving.
I'm gonna go make a sandwich.
- I'll make you a sandwich.
- It's all right.
James, no.
It's okay, Mom.
James and I, we're cool now.
- Thanks again, James.
- You're welcome, kiddo.
I thought we were okay?
We're not.
After what happened tonight,
I know that I just
can't love anyone else.
Because I can't lose
anyone else.
I don't ever want to
feel like this.
I'm sorry.
Why did you let him go?
It's hard to explain,
but it's for the best.
This is all my fault.
If I hadn't left,
you wouldn't have freaked out
and James would still be here.
this is not your fault.
It's my fault for letting
him in in the first place.
Oh, Matt, tell your mom
I'm gonna call.
There you are.
Why haven't you
called me back?
Are you still mad at me
for telling Amy about Susan?
There is no Susan.
And it's Annie. Was.
- Was Annie.
- I knew it!
I knew you were dating
the cookie lady.
Please don't call her that.
She's a world-class
pastry chef.
And it's over.
Well, that's a relief.
I don't have to tell you
how difficult it would be
to bring somebody else's children into
the picture. You don't want that.
You know what, Mother,
you have absolutely no idea
what I want!
Fine. Just sit down
and tell me.
I want...
I want what Annie has.
A life.
A real, a wonderfully messy,
normal life.
When I was with Annie,
I was happy.
For the first time in my life,
I didn't have to play the role
of James Braddock III,
and that felt really good.
I'm tired, I'm so tired
of going everywhere and
feeling like I'm nowhere.
I'm tired
of not having a home.
And when I was with Annie,
I was happy,
and I felt like I was home.
And now...
I just feel lost.
I'm so lost right now.
I had no idea
she meant that much to you.
Yeah, well, doesn't matter
much now, does it?
I know I can be
hard on you sometimes,
but it's because I want
the very best for you.
You're a good man.
Your father would've been
so proud of you.
He's not dead, Mother.
He's just in Florida
with wife number three.
Same thing.
- There you go, ma'am.
- Thank you.
You know, your father and I were
brought together by our families.
And yet I'm not sure
we were ever happy.
Not even at the beginning.
I don't know why I thought
I could do any better.
It's okay. You meant well.
No, I should just mind my own business.
And from now on, I will.
- I would appreciate that.
I can always talk to her
and apologize.
No. Please.
It has nothing to do with
what you did anyway.
Just wasn't meant to be,
I guess.
Because that would be bad.
Just, uh, doing
my afternoon check-in,
which is what investors do.
Well, it's, uh...
It's going well.
Getting busier by the day.
So, it's great.
It's great. That is great.
That's great.
Is that a new lemon cake
in the window?
- Yep.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's great.
Love lemon cake.
(CHUCKLES) Me, too.
Look, um...
I was thinking maybe
tomorrow afternoon
you could have
Ella and Milo come by?
I miss 'em.
They miss you too.
So, have you heard from
Andre at all?
I'm sorry.
I don't know why I said that.
Back to the lemon cake.
I need to go do something
in the back.
Of course, I understand.
(SIGHS) This is stupid.
- What?
- This is stupid.
please don't talk to me that way.
Or what?
- I'm not gonna do this again.
- Do what?
Watch you disappear.
You were finally becoming yourself
again when James was around.
Sweetie, when James was around,
you were miserable.
That's because I knew that
if he broke up with you,
you'd be even worse
than you were before.
And that maybe I'd
never get you back.
I'm just so tired
of having to worry about you
all the time, Mom.
It's too hard.
Is that what
you've been doing?
Protecting me?
Oh, my little girl.
You should never have had
to carry that burden.
I'm the one who's supposed
to protect you.
All this time, I thought that you were
just angry about your father's death.
I was.
But also that you just
gave up!
Ella, I am so sorry.
Okay? You just...
You should not have any of
these worries at your age.
You should be free
to live your life
and not worry about mine.
And you deserve to be happy.
That's what your dad
would want.
Do you even hear yourself
right now?
Don't you deserve to be
Isn't that what Dad would
have wanted for you?
I just, I don't...
I don't know what to think.
Well, I'm sure
what Daddy wanted
wasn't this.
(VOICE MESSAGE) Hi, this is Andre.
Leave a message after the...
- You know what to do.
It's me. Just, I want to...
I just wish
I could talk to you.
Ella, sweetie, could you watch Milo?
I'll be back in a few minutes.
ELLA: Sure.
Hi, it's me.
You're here, aren't you?
I'm so confused, I thought I
knew what you wanted, but now...
Just, just tell me what to
ANDRE: Love.
Yes, I love you.
I'll always love you.
ANDRE: James.
But how can I love someone else
when you're still with me?
Are you sure?
It's okay.
Bye, Annie.
What are you doing here?
I got a message.
"Try Copper Beach."
- Who sent that?
- Ella.
I thought for a minute
maybe... You know.
Imagine the roaming charges
if it was?
- I mean, I don't mean...
to make light of it.
Especially since I kind of...
I might have heard something
the night Ella went missing,
but probably not.
Probably just
your imagination.
Probably, yeah. Yes.
It's strange to be here
where we started.
And where...
Something else ended.
And where maybe
something's starting again.
Hmm. So, um, any messages?
No. I think he's moved on.
How about you?
It's time for me
to do the same.
Hmm, okay.
I'm so sorry
for pushing you away.
Oh, I'm sorry
that I pushed so hard.
I couldn't help it though.
I fell for you
the moment I saw you.
You mean, when you almost
hit me with your car?
Okay, well,
I think that was an accident.
Yes, it was.
Actually, I don't think
it was an accident.
- Hmm?
- I think it was all meant to be.
From the very beginning.
I think you're right.
- I love you, Annie.
- I love you, too.
- ANNIE: Uh-oh, here he comes.
- JAMES: Hey, buddy.
JAMES: You were right.
That's where she was.
- Let's get inside.
- ALL: Yeah.