Hello Mr. Billionaire (2018) Movie Script

A goalkeeper
as we get older, we get better
a supervisor from
your team spotted me,
this old monster,
in a vast sea of people
although I am 37 years old now,
due to delayed puberty.
I'm still at my peak physical condition
also, with my young mindset,
I have the confidence to play
until the age of sixty,
which fulfill the statutory
retirement age in our country
the food is still warm
come and eat it's okay
but no harm to eat some.
Duoyu Wang,
actually I know you very well
you've been playing
football for 20 years
and spent most of your time
in the class C team.
You used to bite a person in a game,
which made you suspended for two years.
During that two years,
you played women's football,
Yuxia Feng, move a bit sideway
little bit more
and made Japanese cuisine.
Even, you became a nude model.
Please control yourself.
I'm sorry.
I stayed up too late
watching football last night.
To the extent permitted by law,
you develop your body's potential
to the maximum.
What you mentioned
are all my hobbies,
it can't prove my capability.
I think it's necessary
for me to show you
the foundations of an
excellent goalkeeper.
I'm actually showing you
the second reaction of a goalkeeper
after failing to save the ball.
At this moment
opponents will kick once again,
and I am going to
rely on my gluteus
my lateral thigh muscle
and the excellent burst of energy
to bounce my body up,
making another save.
Like this.
The floor is a little slippery.
Stop. Stop.
Take a rest
and leave my floor alone.
To be honest,
I was not intended to sign you.
If you don't want to sign me,
why do you let me do this here?
Are you kidding me?
I spent sixty yuan taking
a taxi from far away.
The day after tomorrow,
the match of our teams
is very important to me
with this two hundred thousand yuan.
I want you to lose three goals
good deal, isn't it?
Duoyu Wang, get excited!
I don't think there's any reason
for you to refuse the deal.
A goalkeeper
holds our own bottom line
as long as I'm still
holding on my bottom line,
you're not gonna get a goal.
What the hell are you doing there?
It's okay. Steady.
Even it's a missile,
I will get it.
Thank you.
Why are you guys throwing me?
Throw your own goalkeeper.
Put me down,
we are not in the same team.
Too high, too high!
Sorry, the number you have dialed
is not in service.
Buddy, keep the bill.
Duoyu Wang.
Is the door locked?
Pay me back.
I called you, but it was out of service
I just worried that you
will commit suicide.
Why do you change light
bulbs in the daytime?
Can't you pull the curtains?
You need to let sunlight in.
Duoyu, take it easy.
Those who claim your fraud
is only a small group of people
who know nothing about football.
Our team fully trusts you
we know it's just the limitation
of your capability.
What are you trying to say?
Back in those years
because of me, you bite others and
you were suspended
I owe you for this.
Don't worry about meeting our coach.
He won't fire you for my sake.
I wish that we could
we end on good terms
come back to visit once in a while.
I am not a vengeful person
I swear I never had a fraud.
That is not important anymore.
Whatever you did,
you're responsible for the outcome.
I don't want to leave in this way
moreover, the training will not be
smooth without goalkeepers.
It doesn't matter
aren't they doing well.
Coach, you're too much
today, he has to stay.
If he leaves,
I will quit too.
Double happiness.
I have a friend like you,
I feel much better.
There is always a way out.
In my career life,
I haven't played against
any top teams yet,
I can't simply give up.
What's wrong with my age?
I use my brain in the game even
though I'm getting older.
My head
bad luck will come to an end
good luck will come to me.
symbolize wealth
look at it.
How powerful it is.
Who knows I will meet my benefactor.
Why is this person kneeling here?
Your benefactor he
wants to extort money
go to hell.
We have a car recorder here.
You're lying.
Eight hundred yuan.
I didn't hit you, did 1?
What you wanna do?
It looks fake
let me help you.
Eight hundred yuan.
Here, here, here.
I give all the wealth to you
so you don't have to
do such bad things in the future.
Keep moving,
and clean the whole car.
Stop it.
Put him down.
How can you bully him?
Didn't you see that?
He wants to extort money
hi, beauty, are you going to
share it to social media?
Don't be arrogant.
You beat him and you hit him.
How could you do this?
Where did you come from silly girl?
Don't touch me.
I won't touch you. You ask him.
Tell everyone.
Tell everyone what you did.
Don't be afraid, sir.
Speak up bravely.
We all will help you.
I'm fine.
I think they don't
do it on purpose.
What do you mean?
Don't even listen to him.
He bends the truth.
We did it on purpose.
You are too arrogant.
Justice comes late
but it wouldn't be absent.
Girl, you did a good job
we have strength in numbers.
Send them into prison.
Right, into prison.
Into prison.
You can't escape.
Rage bristling under the cap.
I lean against the railing
the rushing rain has ceased
lifting my eyes
towards the sky I let out a battle cry
can you hear the cry in my heart?
Someone paid for the settlement.
Release them.
We don't need the settlement
if you would like to appreciate
the few goals I lost before,
we can't return the money to you.
If you are appreciated
for the few goals I lost before,
there's no need for that.
I have guts
if you really want to thank me
then sign me.
Mr. Jin,
my buddy didn't know the rules
sorry for the inconvenience caused
how about this.
You sign me too,
let me teach him the rules
actually, I'm not a team owner.
Previously I paid you for a fraud
it was just a test
duoyu Wang,
now I'm going to tell you
something shocking
you'd better be prepared.
this is an insurance company,
a rich company.
It must be a top team
Duoyu Wang, come in with me.
Please stay here.
Mr. Jin.
Mr. Jin.
They are.
Mr. Yin and Mr. Lai from
Guang Ming trust fund.
Hello, lucky guy.
Please, sit down.
It's okay I will just stand.
Duoyu Wang,
do you know that your grandfather
has a younger brother,
your great-uncle
back in 1949,
he fell out with his
family and lost contact.
All the relatives
thought he was dead,
he just passed away
last month in Taipei.
When he was alive,
the property he owned
is what you can't imagine.
Is he a millionaire?
He is a billionaire.
He is an insurance tycoon.
And you, are the only heir
of your great-uncle.
Don't get too excited.
Although you passed the first test
set by your great-uncle,
but it's not that easy
to get the heritage.
Come have a look at the will.
Duoyu Wang,
I'm your great-uncle.
I never expect you passed my first test.
When I knew you were my only heir,
I was almost dead.
You bastard.
You're a man
but you play women's football.
Shame on you!
Jin, slap him for me.
Respect the wishes of the dead.
Dutiful grandson.
Listen up,
I want you to spend a billion yuan
in a month.
If you can do that,
you could inherit my
thirty billion yuan.
There must be conditions.
Of course there are conditions.
you have to spend the money legally
in Xihong City.
And a month later,
you can't own any assets.
you can't give it as present
you can't do charity
you have to spend the money for yourself
you can't hire more than
one hundred employee,
they would need to provide
equivalent service.
I know what you're thinking,
buy some famous paintings
and and burn it.
It's useless because
the fourth rule is
you must not destroy any valuable stuff.
Also, you are not allowed
to inflate goods price
exceeding the limits of market value
you cannot tell anyone about this.
What do you think, grandson?
Dare to take the challenge?
I doubt your courage,
so I added a coward clause.
You may act like nothing happened
take ten million yuan and leave
or, you can take a bet,
thirty billion yuan.
But if you fail,
you will get nothing.
This is the
one-billion-challenge agreement
this is a cheque worth ten million yuan.
Spending a billion yuan in a month
without leaving any assets
it's impossible the
challenge is tough
it's too difficult.
Some people after
winning grand prize
for no reason
they commit suicide
when they almost spent all their money
it indeed happened.
If I refuse to take the challenge,
how would you deal
with the thirty billion yuan?
That will be handled by
Mr. Yin and Mr. Lai's foundation.
Not really not really
when I was young, my grandfather told me
to do things you're confident with.
I choose to spend a billion yuan.
Good choice.
I've never listened to my grandfather.
12 p.m. on the 30th day from now on
we end the game
during this period,
following the rules of the will
I will monitor you
so, I will appoint an
accountant of our company
to keep track of your expenses.
If you expose this to her
or try to bribe her, samely
you'll be disqualified
if I break the rules,
my great-uncle's
grave will be exhumed.
Xia Zhu
this is the client I
mentioned to you earlier.
Mr. Duoyu Wang.
Is you, damn it.
Damn it?
I was handcuffed by the
police because of you.
Damn it?
Mr. Jin.
He inherits the billion yuan?
God is blind.
You're blind
your name is "Xia Zhu",
homophone of blind pig.
Listen carefully,
my name is Xia Zhu
blind pig.
Xia Zhu
Don't be stubborn, blind pig.
Xia Zhu. Blind pig. Xia Zhu.
Blind pig. Xia Zhu. Blind pig.
I'm warning you.
My name is blind pig!
See now you remember that.
Mr. Jin,
can I turn down this job?
we have no right to choose our clients.
Does the client have the right
to choose the service provider then?
I choose her.
Don't change.
Then I wish you both a
pleasant cooperation.
Would you like to see the
billion yuan in cash?
Of course, let's go
otherwise how to make her blind.
Qiang Zhuang.
Isn't she the blind pig?
Everyone judge you in a same way.
She is the accountant of this company.
she is my personal financial assistant.
You're poor why do you require assistant
did they sign you?
They didn't.
I just inherited a billion yuan.
What a pity.
I thought you've got a new opportunity
what did you say?
A billion yuan?
Duoyu, keep calm.
Don't let anyone look down on you.
Don't let others look down on us.
The floor is too slippery.
Get up.
Qiang Zhuang, let me help you.
I can do it myself.
Get up.
Get up. Ready. Up.
What are you guys doing here?
This is our major client.
Good courage!
Know some kung-fu, huh?
At least some military boxing?
Follow me!
I'll offer you the salary
of the president's bodyguard.
For a month,
shouldn't be less than a
hundred thousand yuan.
Okay deal.
Gather all your brothers.
You'll be the head of security
get the payment from my accountant.
Duoyu, why do spend so much money
to employ these idiots?
We can't do this no
matter how rich we are
I have my plans.
I'm going to do something real big.
Don't ask if you treat me as brother
just support me okay?
For sure I can support you
but I don't mind
to be the head of security too
don't worry.
I have other role for you
put more effort come on, shoot.
Show me your best.
Otherwise how are we going to win?
Come on. Nice shot. Keep it up.
Try to persuade people
living around here
tear down all their houses.
Demolish the platforms from both sides.
Tear down the outer iron fences,
then the sod...
Where is the sod?
Is this beach football?
Bring the sod here quickly
and it must meet the standards of UEFA.
Copy that.
Hurry up.
Bring the sod here quickly
are you two
going to carry out a terrorist attack?
It seems to me that
you guys are going to raze the field.
I plan to get along with you guys
as an ordinary person
but you drift it apart
no more hiding.
I'm a billionaire,
I reveal it to you
I'd like to rent this football team
then I will invite
Hengtai to play with us.
Let's have a real fight with them.
Let's do it
keep laughing.
to be honest,
I was a little cruel to
both of you previously.
My team is small,
I have no choice.
But I didn't realize that
the issue has great impact on you
let's put Hengtai's team aside.
You two should go to
hospital right now
for a brain check up
it shouldn't be dragged
I can pay for you
you don't have to pay me back.
are not a bad person
but you're too shallow
if you didn't tell those honest words
I probably just let him be the coach.
All right, things settled.
I'll pay you the rental.
Come over.
This man
looks ordinary and old-fashioned
but he's so generous
that makes him look handsome
he fits the beggar look well
some people who get rich out of a sudden
they will spend crazily
but it's just temporary
he should have regained
his rationality now.
The evening peak time is arriving soon
the main roads of the city
seems to be experiencing
the calm before storm
on a broad road,
a motorcade is heading south.
They swiftly form a phalanx,
and then it quickly disperses.
What a flaunt.
See how unlucky I am
my first time riding
a wedding car with you
you want me here.
"I meet my dream girl
on the street this evening."
Mr. Wang, I'm not your heritage.
Don't move.
Look at your sour face,
you will never find a boyfriend.
I already have a boyfriend.
I already have one.
What a pity.
What does he do for a living?
Is he rich?
He's not as rich as you are.
He is just an ordinary man,
one of the ten outstanding youth
in Xihong city.
Also, he looks ordinary,
a bit like Leehom Wang.
He is nothing but an
orator and an educator.
Usually he shows up on TV
and gives speech in different places
to spread the positive vibes
I thought you were just being modest,
I never expect that
he's truly ordinary
how about this, for your sake,
I hire him with high pay
just let him do anything he can.
Mr. Wang,
I know you have that thought
money makes the mare go,
but certainly not my boyfriend.
"I meet my dream girl
on the street this evening."
"I cannot control myself
but follow her home."
"The cold night wind"
"shall not bother her."
"Her deep eyes are
about to speak to me."
"Your slender and frail figure quietly
drifted into my view"
"and said to me,
'do you love me, my love?"
Spectacular, isn't it?
Spectacular it's imposing
this is alive.
Sir, you are not allowed
to take photos here.
Sir, no photography is allowed.
What can I do for you?
I'd like to invite my
team for a dinner treat.
Do you have any big room here?
Sorry, sir.
We require membership,
and according to hotel regulations,
you have to wear a
formal suit to get in.
Isn't this a formal suit?
Then call your manager
here, tell him
the richest man in Xihong city
wants to see him.
May I help you, sir.
How can I help you?
I want to rent the entire hotel.
How much does it cost per day?
Sir, you must be kidding.
This is the most expensive
hotel in the city.
We are small in size,
but if you want to
rent the entire hotel,
minimum one hundred
thousand yuan per day.
the hotel requires membership,
we open for members only
I truly understand
your will to treat your friends
and have a good time,
but I'm very sorry.
You probably are
the most polite one among the snobs.
If this place is okay
let's rent this entire hotel
as our hostel.
Fill up the rooms.
I don't want to see any vacant rooms.
Okay, okay, okay
members pay one hundred
thousand yuan per day
since I'm a non-member
I have to pay at least two hundred
thousand yuan per day, right?
Then I have to bargain with you.
Let's sort out with peace first.
We are not decent gentlemen.
Considering the hotel's aging,
scuff and depreciation,
I would top up
to three hundred thousand yuan per day.
we will rent for a month
and you have to see us every single day,
it must be hard for you.
Add on the compensation
for mental anguish
we should pay half a
million yuan per day.
How about this?
No more bargains.
Twenty million for a
month, what you think
it's not too hard for you, right?
Sir, you are too smart.
I am totally speechless
at this moment.
Can I get an invoice?
If possible, I will pay you immediately.
You really make good bargains.
I know.
Let's get started. Let's eat.
Best wine and delicacies, please.
Sure my lord, inside please!
Come, don't drink too
much, eat more
who ordered the main course?
Change this bad habit
lobsters can make you full too.
Dali, you're fat
eat something
vegetables Matsutake.
Bring ten plates of Matsutake.
this Lafite is simply grape juice.
Let's take a bottle
and drink it off.
Fine. Fine. Fine.
Stop jumping and grab the time to eat.
Qiang Zhuang, accompany them.
I will kick your ass
if they don't vomit.
Come on, cheers!
Look how he show off
he really thinks we are
beggars, isn't he?
Duoyu has been poor
for a long period
he has the mindset of parvenu,
inferiority and
like to show off.
Right. Exactly. Right.
Hi, everybody in Weishi.
I'm going to perform
Remember to click "like" for me.
Bro, what do you think?
Are you satisfied with
all these arrangements?
Quite good.
But I prefer the way you first treat me,
the arrogant face
buddy, you're so close to boss Wang.
Buddy, I think you have such
a close relationship with boss Wang.
Didn't he offer you any
high paying position?
Our brotherhood is not
polluted with money.
You say this because
you don't have any speciality.
You are just a henchman
around a billionaire.
You accused me before
this it's over.
It was a misunderstanding.
Even now,
I'm not the kind of
person you think I am.
You can't judge a
book by its cover.
I think I have seen through you
all right, whatever.
Most importantly in near future
I will have huge capital flows
you must not miscalculate.
You can't make any mistake.
You should not hold
your personal grudges to my business.
I've never made any mistake at work.
I won't make an
exception because of you.
That's good.
Then I will do whatever I want.
I'm worried there'll
be a family conflict.
I am not your family!
Attention everyone,
just a couple of words.
we're going to launch a
new investment company
we're going to invest on
unfulfilled dreams in the world
the CEO of this investment company
will be my dear
friend, qiang Zhuang.
He is an investment genius
but often being underestimated
let's give him a
round of applause.
I give you all my money.
Duoyu Wang is my brother.
You guys always say I'm
a dog following him.
Today, I want those
who look down on me,
who think I'm useless,
take a look at me
what's wrong with being a dog?
Now I want to say...
Mr. Wang,
the one-billion-haircut
you asked for is done.
Do you think it's more or less?
Just right.
Then please have a rest.
Mr. Wang,
I've settled the payment
for your suit rental
the bidding advertisement
for investment company
has also been published.
In addition,
Hengtai has accepted
your ten million offer
for a football game.
I think you should think twice.
No need.
Quickly transfer the money.
That's great
worth it
and I really don't understand,
everything you have is rented.
None will be your belongings.
I don't want to be a parvenu
I have to concentrate on the business,
spend money on minor businesses,
and marginal businesses.
I want to remind you,
even though you own a billion yuan,
by looking at the way you spend money
within half a year
you'll back to
poverty half a year?
It will be a disaster.
I'll leave first if
there's no other errands
my boyfriend is coming to pick me up.
By the way,
he will have two speeches
at Xihong cultural palace recently
the theme is
never be the slave of money.
I will invite you for that.
Mr. Wang,
Mr. Jiannan Liu is at outside
who comes to see miss Xia Zhu.
Please come in, come in.
Let me see how
this little Leehom Wang looks like.
Oh, hello.
This is Mr. Duoyu Wang
whom I mentioned to you.
This is my boyfriend Jiannan Liu.
Mr. Wang is so young and promising.
You both are perfect couple.
Have a drink.
Sorry, I don't drink alcohol.
Neither do I.
I drink it because it's expensive.
I heard that you're having a speech soon
People nowadays value money too much.
I just want to convey the right values.
Are the tickets selling well?
Not really this
subject is serious,
people nowadays are too impetuous
if nothing else then we will leave first
I'll do block booking
for one of the speech
I'll invite all my employees to attend.
Mr. Wang,
have you forgotten the half-a-year-thing
that I told you earlier?
Another speech is on me too.
Come on, cheers!
You don't drink alcohol, do you?
At this moment and situation
it's hard to find a soulmate
you're not giving
speeches to make money.
I'm giving speech to those
who feel lost in life
I think Mr. Wang is lost.
I am indeed very lost.
I can tell.
Mr. Wang has great sense.
Foreign manufactured piano
from the 19th century.
Good taste.
You recognized it was not domestically
made at your first sight.
I noticed your yard is quite good
when I passed by.
But the plants are not well planted.
I majored in courtyard design in France,
it's simply my
hobby that's great.
I have a great idea
you take charge of my yard now.
Besides paying you
for the purchase of green plants,
I'll also pay you the
monthly maintenance fee.
I'll pay you by the
highest market price.
What do you mean?
He is an educator not a gardener.
Besides, your yard is rented.
Why on earth do you plant trees?
I just Cherish talent.
If you're not willing to do so,
forget about it.
How can we leave the yard like this?
Besides, the nature of work is the same
I'm not changing career.
Be a good gardener.
Stop contacting me.
No. No, Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu.
I'll be at work tomorrow morning.
I have all the tools.
This is the potential ranking
of current a-shares market.
What we want to recommend today
is the future ecological
network chain technology.
Six major ecological chain supply
each other circularly.
It is expected to become
an interactive hub.
Taking notes?
Hello, Mr. Wang.
We all should learn from Mr. Zhuang.
Write down his own words.
You take charge of the company
I feel relief
so, buying stocks,
you have to be conservative.
Those stocks in green buy it all
did I get it wrong, Mr. Wang?
Those are sunset industries
that could be forced to
shut down at any time.
See, it will be late if
you don't buy them now.
Go. Quick.
Right, if you want to
buy, buy the minority.
It's exactly what I thought.
I want to see Mr. Wang.
What are you doing
I am here to present my project.
Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang,
please give me a minute.
Let me introduce my invention
of a land swimming machine
I'll give you two minutes.
You can explain to me
the cause of your mental illness
your bidding advertisement inspired me.
Its full name is called,
land swimming machine.
My design concept
is to make swimming
not only applicable in water.
The biggest selling point of
my land swimming machine is that
you can change the scene
freely as you like.
If you like to swim in the sea
add some salt
if you prefer other flavors, you may
add milk, beer, and orange juice.
I think
he just get out from
the mental hospital.
Time's up.
I invest on your project.
Put it into mass production immediately.
You are going to throw money on this?
I shouldn't interfere personal stuff,
but I'm curious
do you hate the money you inherited?
Money is a bastard.
We should respect dreams.
Mr. Wang,
I have a dream which has
been buried for years.
Just tell
the more difficult
to fulfill your dream, the better.
I come from Alashan.
My hometown is always in draught,
it costs 20 yuan for
a glass of ice water
this is the north pole.
My dream will be like this
firstly, go to the north pole
then, choose a suitable size of iceberg,
on which we dig a row of holes,
with propellers, and a twenty thousand
horsepower diesel engine.
Then we can drive the iceberg
along the Siberian sea,
pass-by Yenisei river,
and arrive at the great Gobi of Alashan.
The iceberg will melt halfway.
I did the calculation.
We speed up when the sunlight is strong.
The total loss is no more
than thirty percent.
I only need two million yuan
to buy the diesel engines.
you think my buddy is a fool, huh?
I will give you five million yuan,
to speed up the process.
Mom, I made it!
I told you before,
your money is enough
only for half a year.
I was too optimistic.
Two months at most.
Two months
anyone else has a dream?
I have a dream, too.
Sir, you are awake.
You are not fully relaxed.
Okay. Let's stop here.
You must be tired from doing massage
all night long.
I can't waste any time with you.
Your charge is too cheap.
Sir, you are sarcastic.
We have reasons for being expensive
and my service worth it
what are you doing?
For what?
What we are doing
right now is illegal
in our country, right?
You are hilarious.
You like role play?
So, you are playing the role of
a secret agent who refuses to conform.
No. No. No.
Say it.
No. No. No.
Where does your country
hide the missile?
What missile? Stop pranking.
If you keep doing this,
I will ride the horse to run away.
Go ahead.
Or, we add each other
on Wechat first.
I am not convenient this month.
I'll contact you next month.
Then you can torture me as you wish.
No way.
If you don't tell me
now, I'll give you
a whipping.
I surrender.
Mr. Wang.
I'm sorry but the door is open.
I am here to inform
you about the meeting.
After the massage
she suddenly came up
with some bad things.
I kept refusing.
Then she changed to
disco dancing instead.
You came at the right time.
Hello, Mr. Wang.
Hi. Hello.
Hello, Mr. Wang.
Hi, how are you?
Hello, Mr. Wang.
Hi, have you eaten yet?
Hello, Mr. Wang.
Our great educator is working now.
Mr. Wang must have misunderstood me.
When I said hello Mr. Wang,
it's not that I'm greeting
you like the others,
but the theme of the
garden that I designed
is called hello Mr. Wang.
When you stand on the balcony
overlooking the whole courtyard,
you will find that
every tree is waving
to you as if saying
hello, Mr. Wang.
He is brilliant.
You flatter me
how's that?
I didn't let you down, do I?
Stay away from me
understand avoid
causing suspicious
it is unnecessary we break up.
I want you to stay away from me
because when I see you I feel...
Disgusting damn disgusting.
What's wrong?
Why can't you even get this yokel?
Last time was an accident.
I almost got him.
I'll definitely get him next round.
Duoyu Wang, right?
Let's see!
How I make this stupid
fall into my trap?
Sorry, sir.
We need clear the field.
Mr. Wang has made a block booking.
Not strangers, I am
familiar to both of them.
I almost didn't recognize you
with your clothes on.
We're gonna play against Hengtai soon.
We have to move up for training.
Searching for a long time,
this is the most expensive turf.
It's almost lunch.
I specially brought several
chefs from abroad.
How about having lunch together?
don't take too much we
have training later.
Come on come on
our team will follow
this standard in the future.
I'm sorry.
There are rules in my will
that I only invite
to the people who work for me.
I'm afraid that
you can't get used to the local food,
I paid out of my own pocket
buying you some Taiwan specialties.
Let's eat enough foods.
Our team will follow
this dietary standard in the future.
the most expensive lunch in the world.
The most expensive lunch,
it's not what you eat,
but whom you eat with.
It's like if you were eating with Mr.
the cheapest steak
will worth tens of millions.
a mysterious rich man in the city
bought the lunch with Mr. Lafitte,
the founder of the investment world
with the whopping price
of 40 million yuan.
After the visit of financial summit,
this is his first time
informal visit to China.
The latest breaking financial news.
Warmly welcome!
Come on.
Have a big kidney.
I've had enough of lobster
and abalone lately.
This meets my taste.
Qigihar barbecue.
Mr. Wang said that he has prepared
special localities for you.
Yes, very nice.
Mr. la.
I want to ask you what's the worst
investment you've ever had.
No one understands what you mean.
I want to spend money on lessons.
Don't be so loud.
He just doesn't understand
what you were saying;
It's not that he cannot hear you.
He wants to hear your business failures.
If you want to hear about
business failures,
you should buy a hamburger for a beggar.
I only teach people how to succeed.
He only teaches you how to succeed.
He can't answer your question.
Then I have no more questions.
Can you ask him one last question?
Can I have lunch with him for a month?
It's a rude question nobody would ask.
Can you ask him?
This question is very important to me.
Mr. Wang asks
if he can buy your lunch
everyday in a month?
That's fucking ridiculous.
You sir are ridiculous.
This whole place is ridiculous.
I'm sorry. I tried.
Mr. Lafitte.
Let's go.
What the hell are you doing?
I told you that you are rude.
How am I being rude?
He should be happy that
I helped him make money.
You've spent tens of millions
to invite him here
just asked these silly questions?
Don't you know how many people
want to consult him?
You tell him
I've paid him the money
even though he didn't eat much,
he cannot return the money.
Mr. Lafitte.
No need.
Help me open it.
I don't have fingernails.
Still mad at me? It's not a big deal.
I've worked for
five insurance companies in Taipei.
I work hard every time,
but I have no idea why these companies
all closed down,
bankrupt during my tenure?
Every company.
Don't know what they say behind me?
The finance street black widow.
Why didn't you put
this speciality in your resume?
That's why I came to the mainland,
I would never let any bankrupt company
appear on my resume.
I must find a truly promising company
and an ambitious leader.
I am a rich man.
And I became rich overnight.
Trust me,
you have fulfilled the
factors of failure.
Then, how should I do?
Don't you know your
behaviour these days?
To me people often saying that
Oh my god.
Finally say it out
feels good.
Now, you can fire me.
Do you feel better after saying that?
You're a black widow to them,
but you're a mascot to me.
My company cannot lose you.
"I want to fly to the sky."
"Go shepherding"
"give my dearest sheep
some marshmallow to eat."
"I want to stand upon the sea,"
"fetching a big moon"
"and putting it up to the roof,
the moon shining and brightening."
"I want to do whatever I want to do;"
"I want to be tough and I can be tough."
"What can you do to me."
"I don't want to worry,
and I surely don't;"
"I'm not lost and I'm surely not."
"What else can make
people's ego more inflate?"
"I want to sit on the mountain top,"
"listening to the wind singing."
"When the cloud departs, and the sun
arrives, the first sun shines on my face."
"I want to wander alone"
"to somewhere far."
"When I get too tired to
walk, I will not panic."
"I want to do whatever I want to do;"
"I want to be tough and I can be tough."
"What can you do to me."
"I don't want to worry,
and I surely don't;"
"I'm not lost and I'm surely not."
"What else can make
people's ego more inflate?"
"What else can make
people's ego more inflate?"
Good morning, Mr. Wang.
Good morning, Mr. Wang.
Everyone comes so early.
Little mascot.
How much does our company lose today?
I'm sorry.
I apologize for my madness yesterday.
Mr. Wang.
Please accept my praise.
You invited the stock deity for luncheon
was the greatest trade in stocks
I've ever seen in 20 years.
Most investors followed our stock.
Our stock is rising wildly.
Sell it all.
We got it, Mr. Wang.
All the stocks converted into cash
at the highest point.
We earned
at least one hundred million yuan.
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Oh yeah.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
let me tell you a bad
news while you are happy.
When the iceberg was moved halfway,
we found that Yenisei river
could not reach to Alashan.
The project considered fail.
Good news.
How do you know there will be good news?
There are a bunch of polar bears
in the iceberg,
and the Russian polar park is willing to
pay the full expenses of this project.
It was a waste of time.
Not at all.
bought the portrait
rights of polar bears
iceberg project
earned a lot
damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
There's another good news.
The first land-swimmers have been launched
into every street of Xihong city.
Over 100,000.00 samples.
It was meant to be a surprise,
but you found it.
Get out.
All of you, get out!
Get out! Leave me alone.
But he behaved as if he went bankrupt.
He loses his temper even
after earning ten million yuan.
He is too difficult to serve.
Duoyu Wang, a silver-spoon guy
what did he do with his money?
The information reveals that
he has no mansion
nor sports cars.
And he didn't hook up
with any female celebrities.
But he invested in his dreams,
invested in capitalists
the not promising
Xiyang property project
he gets a high return,
and also helps traditional manufacturing
He is the kind-hearted in the market.
He is the greatest man in the world
just like Mr. Wang
well managed himself
especially at good times.
Buddy, lighter, please.
Second grandfather.
Duoyu Wang,
I'll burn more money for you.
Take the money.
Take all the money.
what the hell are you doing?
Duoyu, you're under too much pressure.
I must share with you.
I'm here to introduce someone to you,
my primary schoolmate.
The nickname given to him is genius.
You don't have to
introduce anyone to me.
I trust nobody but you.
You don't know how much energy
you have in your body.
Compensate money is not a big deal.
To witness your endless potential
it's my pleasure.
I know,
but he's already here,
let's go at least meet him.
Please join my team
you're impressive
have you heard about my story?
But I saw it
on your face.
You said that you do
not need to see him?
I have no vision.
I can't believe that
an ordinary elementary school
is able to train both
of you two talents.
My goodness
after I graduated,
I've been thinking about investment.
If it was not my mother forces me
to go out and do exercise,
I am not willing to work for you.
I tell you first
my price is very expensive
I don't need salary,
but if I am able to help you make money,
I'm going to take ten percent
of your profit.
No way!
Beside profit sharing,
you have to take half a million yuan
as a basic salary like him.
I accept the offer because of you
that's it.
My investments will be
under the supervision both of you.
Duoyu, congratulation to you!
That you have us with you
after we made money for you,
let's us celebrate with fireworks.
Qiang Zhuang.
That sounds amazing.
Go-go-go let's light
the fireworks now.
Let's go.
I will never celebrate
my birthday alone again.
Good evening.
Leehom Wang of Xihong
gives you a surprise.
This flower
really looks like what
you plant in the garden.
I pluck the most beautiful ones for you.
You'd better plant them back.
You bought cake again.
Girls should eat less sugar.
Why don't you turn on the light?
Are you saving electricity?
I am sorry, let's talk business.
I have some new thoughts,
I want to publish a book
the title of the book is.
Jiannan teaches you gardening
so, I hope Mr. Wang
could give me some financial support
please help me talk to Mr. Wang
this's why you're here?
Or else?
Get out of here!
Don't forget about asking the money.
Mr. Wang.
You are just in time, Xia Zhu.
Just now qiang Zhuang and genius
spent a lot of money.
I feel there's something
you must take a look.
We don't talk about business today.
Let's talk about romantic.
Duoyu Wang, what are you doing?
Show time.
The show end.
I can't help you
if you want to have more of it,
because I have brought
all the fireworks in this town
how do you know today is my birthday.
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
I wish duoyu Wang,
are you interested in me?
This's a good question
the question
caught me on the hop
should I say no?
The atmosphere has been just right.
Should I say yes?
But in fact I really think so...
We can't.
Please don't fall in love with me
we live in two different worlds.
But thank you a lot for the fireworks,
it was really beautiful and touching.
From now on,
I'll treat you as my uncle,
elder brother.
please don't purposely impress me
and spend money on me.
I... You have so much money.
You should save it and
use it in the right places.
Thank you.
Stop putting your money into the drain.
Put my money into the drain.
Well, at least I will stir up
some waves in the drain.
Excuse me.
Move away, please.
Sorry. Sorry.
Keep going. Kiss the bride.
Change the pose.
Is she?
Looks like her.
I think so.
Hello, may I take a picture with you?
Just one.
Oh, my god.
Can I have your signature?
No, no.
Can I have your signature?
Can I have your signature?
Can I have your signature?
It is not me.
duoyu Wang,
it's you, isn't it?
I am a little nervous
picking up your call.
Take it easy.
Just act like nothing ever happened.
Nothing happened?
What do you want?
Do you really not
understand what I mean?
I just want to
invite you to a concert.
You are dreaming.
beep-beep taxi is at your service.
This song is
requested by Mr. Wang for miss Xia Zhu
he wishes miss Zhu xia
a belated happy birthday.
She again.
How beautiful is
she able to attract billion of fan
even the radio station is all about her.
Is she Medusa?
Who turns him into a stone.
What are you doing?
I'm the Medusa.
I don't want to listen it, alright?
You're Medusa.
You're Melissa.
Little Melissa.
You have to testify it
what the hell.
Come on. Keep going.
I suddenly want to know more about you.
Didn't you invite me to a concert?
"Open the windows for ventilation alone"
"the house that closed"
"cheers still floating in the air"
"as gorgeous as the empty."
"I gradually lost consciousness"
"on as a kind of self-escape"
"flew to the edge of your day."
"I do not guess where they fall"
"I need dreams,"
"need direction, need tears."
"Need someone to light up the dark days"
how are you guys on the second floor?
Feeling great.
"Sometimes it only takes one song"
"for me to be at ease."
"Forget the wet air of waiting in line"
"and the bad salesman"
"it is then that there is a Rose"
"blossom in my heart."
"It is then that the sun comes down."
"I see the whole city in love."
"It's impossible for me to miss you."
"Fate is strange enough."
"I didn't expect it to
come, but it did."
"It's impossible for me to miss you."
"Love always makes people in haste.
How joyful."
"How free."
"Sometimes it only takes one song"
"to make me want to fall in love."
"It costs a lot to forget
about not being free."
"Friends blame you."
"It was then"
duoyu Wang,
give back my shoe.
"It was then"
"the rainbow appears
"that's your smile and love."
"It's impossible for me to miss you."
"Fate is strange enough."
"I didn't expect it to
come, but it did."
Xia Zhu, you are pretty.
You are pretty how much money I left.
Duoyu Wang bought out the billboards
to show his love to miss Xia Zhu.
I have two questions here.
First, is it appropriate to waste public
resources like this?
can you find a true love
if you show your love
in a lavish and well-publicized?
Thanks for watching.
This show is
exclusively sponsored by
In order to get thirty billion yuan,
duoyu Wang must spend
a billion yuan in a month.
That's why he is in a rush.
You and your little girl friend
are all victims.
Don't feel bad about it.
Most girls difficult
to resist the temptation.
You have a better choice.
Girl, stop whatever you are doing.
What do you really want to talk about?
I'm sorry.
The education that I grow up with
does not allow me to do this.
You're looking for the wrong person.
You've looked for the
exactly right person.
Why are you always wearing
these old gloves?
My father gave it to me.
His greatest wish
is that I can continue his legacy.
Your father is a goalkeeper too?
He sold gloves.
I heard that Hengtai
is the best team.
Do you have confident?
Even though our team is a C class team,
and you can't imagine
how hard we train ourselves.
"send you to me"
what the hell?
What the hell is going on, all of you?
What are you doing the competition
against Hengtai is around the corner?
Take it easy, Mr. Wang.
We are training.
I really don't want stick to the rules
when playing against Hengtai
you think you can fool me, huh.
You drink while training?
Who allowed you to drink?
Is me
you should drink when you feel happy.
I think I'm qualified enough
to let everyone drink.
You suck
don't be so unhappy.
We must learn to be a cultivated person.
I've been waiting for you for a long
time to tell you something urgent.
What's your rank?
Say what you have to say and
get back to training.
Back to training?
Go hell for training.
You'll have to treat me well later.
Tell him genius.
We bought several abandoned buildings.
I admit I had made a bet.
But I made the right bet.
The government suddenly planned
to build a school there.
Unfinished buildings
turned into a school.
After I resold it,
earned ten billion.
Ten billion.
Ten billion, ten billion.
Ten billion, ten billion.
The endless wealth
the endless wealth.
Are you okay?
He's changed.
He became jealous of my talent.
The endless wealth duoyu Wang.
I'll burn more money for you.
Do you know your
grandfather has a brother.
He is an insurance tycoon.
This is an insurance
company, a rich company.
I have worked for
five insurance companies in Taipei.
These companies all went bankrupt.
Every company.
I don't want your explanation.
You beat my head.
It's your losses if
you damaged my brain.
Duoyu, where are you going?
Duoyu, are you alright?
Have you found him.
He didn't come back last night.
I couldn't reach him by phone.
I made the police report.
I said that we earned a ten billion
and he disappeared.
The police said he
probably went clubbing
and advised us to go to the club.
Found him.
Hello, everyone. I'm duoyu Wang,
I am a late silver-spoon
I've been in pain recently.
Even though I squander
my money every day,
squandering day and night,
I trying hard to find ways
to spend all my money,
but my money is like
growing expedite
the more I spend, the more I have.
It evacuates my soul
and only left
me a handsome face.
It's too annoying.
Today, I will show you,
how it looked like, two billion
yuan cash to form a giant mountain
a man who earns money
easily by doing nothing
but legally to own
the wealth that
you guys will never earned before.
Are you mad at me?
Are you mad at me?
No, I am not.
Can't be. Don't hold it
in your heart. Are you mad at me?
Louder! Are you mad at me?
Am I annoying?
Am I bothering?
Do you want to beat me up?
Protect me.
I want to beat you up too!
Do you want to see me bankrupt?
Here's your chance.
Let me introduce
our latest insurance policy.
Fat insurance
spend a yuan for the fat insurance
we will pay you back one
yuan per gram of fat.
Let me calculate for you
if you lose a kilo of fat,
you'll get a thousand yuan.
please stay angry.
Burn excess fat.
Let duoyu Wang bankrupt.
Let duoyu Wang
bankrupt let duoyu Wang
bankrupt let duoyu Wang bankrupt.
Xihong notary public to notarize
the fat insurance is effective.
Insured time is within fifteen days
two billion insurance premium
for compensation.
Notary public Ru Jia.
Notary public bi he.
it's definitely charity.
He fouled. He fouled. You are not fair.
You cover him
according to the rules,
this is a commercialize insurance policy
it's not consider as violation.
I'm a businessman.
I have no reason to refuse
this kind of business collaboration.
"The first thing that
I say to myself each morning"
"is cheer-up!"
"Each time, I eat a grain of rice more"
"I will say sorry"
"mirror, mirror, look at me."
"Can you see my collarbone?"
"Beauty, I want beauty"
"I want to be a stunner"
"pose pose!"
"I want to be a stunner"
"pose pose!"
"For having a tiny waist,"
"I hold my breath every day."
"For fitting into a bikini,"
"I eat veggies like salad maniac."
"Natural beauty never gives up."
my appetite is too good."
"Work hard. Work hard."
"I want to be a stunner."
"Calorie, calorie, calorie,"
"calorie is my natural enemy."
"Burn all my calories."
"Goodbye, doughnuts"
"bubble tea, instant noodles,"
"hot pot, rice, and big plate chicken."
"Take, take them away from me."
"Goodbye, caffeine"
"stay away from coke-cola
and greasy food."
"Stay away from couch,
take-outs, and games."
"Don't stay up late and harm health."
"Come, come. Back rotation."
"Hot yoga. Sit-ups."
"Spinning. Plates."
"Brew goji berries in a thermos cup."
"Come. Come. Deep breath."
"Jog in the morning and night.
Swim a few meters."
Welcome to the traffic
radio live on time.
The early peak is the
busiest time in the city.
Let's take a look
of today's traffic
"for having a tiny waist,"
"I hold my breath every day."
"For fitting into a bikini,"
"I eat veggies like salad maniac."
"Natural beauty never gives up."
my appetite is too good."
"Work hard. Work hard."
"I want to be a stunner."
"Calorie, calorie, calorie,"
"calorie is my natural enemy."
"Burn all my calories."
"Goodbye, doughnuts"
"bubble tea, instant noodles,"
"hot pot, rice, and big plate chicken."
"Take, take them away from me."
"Goodbye, caffeine"
"stay away from coke-cola
and greasy food."
"Stay away from couch,
take-outs, and games."
"Don't stay up late and harm health."
"Come, come. Back rotation."
"Hot yoga. Sit-ups."
"Spinning. Plates."
"Brew goji berries in a thermos cup."
"Come. Come. Deep breath."
"Jog in the morning and night.
Swim a few meters."
"Plank, dumbbell, and rowing machine."
"I never give up until I reach my goal."
"Calorie, calorie, calorie,"
"calorie is my natural enemy."
"Burn all my calories."
"I never give up until I reach my goal."
"I want to be a stunner."
The one who wins
the only outstanding
youth of Xihong city is,
philanthropic pioneer,
Mr. Duoyu Wang.
Thank you.
I am ashamed of getting this award.
I should repeat.
I'm not doing
charity, is a business
and is just a buy and sell business
you are too humble.
We'll soon be playing against Hengtai.
Please support me.
The Hengtai bus has
arrived at the stadium.
Class C team challenges
the national champion.
It's definitely a suicidal invitation.
Hi, Ran Gao.
May I ask playing with such a team,
how many goals do you plan to score
before the game starts?
Two digits.
Hengtai plays guest game in Xihong city,
but they seem to be back at a home game.
There is a red sea in the stadium.
We can also see right
in the middle of the football field
stands our Hengtai.
Don't know why the members of Daxiang
team have not entered the stadium yet.
Or, it is their bus
again, broke down on the road?
The stadium looks strange.
Why is there a big H in the middle?
H for Heng, Hengtai.
The whole city is trying
to lick our shoes.
The appearance of the parvenu
is indeed extraordinary,
but this entrance makes their opponents
very uncomfortable.
What are you showing off?
Gao ran,
finally meet you in person.
Xihong people-slim.
I think is your shirt slim.
I watched you played last week.
You scored the best goal of the season.
I think so too.
I watched your wife's TV show.
She was good.
I think
the femme fatale she
played was so natural.
What's the problem?
What you said?
What's the matter?
Red-carded, is he?
Gao ran was sent off by the red card
without touching the ball,
it was unexpected 11 vs 10
this is the best start for Daxiang.
The Refree's decision
may affect the course of the game.
Nice shot.
What are you guys thinking about?
Why were you passing the ball to me?
I am the goalkeeper.
I have to goalkeeping their shoot
and yours too.
1 against 21?
Isn't it you who sponsored for the game?
Everybody is being nice
if they do win in two digits,
we will be engraved in
the pillar of shame.
Is there really no other ways?
The game comes to the second half.
The Daxiang adopts
the chrysanthemum formation
with duoyu Wang as the core.
I've been a football
commentator for years,
and it's the first time
I see a goalkeeper running this far.
Are they tricking?
Two digits?
They push us too far.
This scene vividly illustrates once
you have enough money,
you'll be surrounded by people.
Tactics for the second-half.
We take
offenses as defenses.
But if you use money to
sustain a relationship,
run fast.
Sure enough,
the relationship is not strong.
Two digits!
Two digits!
Kick them in two digits!
Nice. That's how you play.
Deserve it.
Daxiang deserves it.
Deserves it.
There you go.
I'm sorry.
Jiannan Liu.
There's a balance on your plant lease
that you haven't reported the deposit
of two thousand yuan.
We need to...
Are you insane?
Would he ever remember a subtraction
of two thousand from a billion?
Isn't the job of a financial treasurer
should clearly figuring out the account?
Don't be silly, okay?
You really think he likes
you, don't you?
That's none of your business.
Hurry up!
Duoyu Wang is completing the challenge
given to him by his second grandfather.
He has to spend a billion yuan in
a month to get the full heritage.
He's pursuing you not
because he likes you.
He is using you to squander money.
Wake up, silly girl.
I have brought all the
fireworks in this town.
I just want to invite
you for a concert.
Xia Zhu, you are pretty.
You are pretty, how much money I left.
I choose her.
Could not change
you're a black widow in their eyes,
but you're a mascot to me.
I will not spare anyone who hurts you.
There was a unit trust that
gave me a two thousand yuan rebate.
I'll return it at the last minute,
right before the challenge ends.
Turn him into a pauper.
Pretend you know nothing.
I'll give you three
hundred thousand yuan.
I'll tell Mr. Jin everything.
Excuse me.
Xia Zhu.
Xia Zhu.
Don't hold back.
Two digits.
Must be two digits.
Come on.
Two digits.
Stop chasing.
Don't push an honest man
to his bottom line.
Although the winner is obvious,
Hengtai clearly has no
intention of stopping.
Look at the Daxiang.
They've been showing strong wills,
since the score turned 9 vs 0
the two-digit score is
like their underpants.
They clung to their underpants,
fiercely defending their dignity.
It's too tragic.
Each player of Daxiang on the field
is using every inch of their skin
and every hair to guard
its own penalty area.
It's not a game anymore.
I want to take my words back.
They are not slaves.
They are warriors
another member of Daxiang is injured.
The next thing they are facing is
no substitutes.
Immediately 10 vs 0
let's get out of here.
It's a shame. Reporters are everywhere.
The game is drawing to a close,
can Daxiang team hold on at this score
at the end of the game?
And hold on to their last dignity?
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Daxiang, hold on.
Daxiang team, hold on.
I still want to be with my team.
Stand together.
Hold on! Daxiang.
Coach is warming up.
Hold on! Daxiang.
Come on, coach.
Hold on! Daxiang.
Qiang Zhuang, stop holding on
your face became puffed
hold on! Daxiang.
I took a bribe of five hundred yuan
from the 5 vs 0's game.
I know you hate people
that plays fraud games
that's why I don't dare to tell you
let's watch.
Heard that Hengtai
is the best team.
Do all of you have confidence?
Even though our team is class C,
we are a talented team
and you can't imagine
how hardship when we are training.
I don't owe you anything.
The referee blew the whistle of
ending the game.
Daxiang team really did a great job.
Well done.
Keep it up
congratulations to you.
Congratulations to Hengtai team
it has always been my dream to
play against such a great team.
I can buy a game,
but I can't buy the real victory.
I know that
in your eyes,
duoyu Wang is just a parvenu.
To be honest, I've never been
proud of getting a huge fortune,
but I'm proud of being a goalkeeper,
even if I am not that
good at being a goalkeeper.
I have a good news.
After Mrs. Heng, chairman of Hengtai,
watched this game,
she was very touched.
She decided to donate a
hundred million yuan
to fat insurance.
No, thanks.
Before I spend all my money,
don't come trouble me
tell Mrs. Heng my appreciation.
Hello, Zhu Xia.
Where are you? I don't see you anywhere.
Duoyu Wang, haven't used
up all your money huh?
Bring money to ransom your girlfriend.
Beat them.
What's the matter?
Too tricky
you played dirty.
To let me foul,
you kidnapped Zhu Xia.
Zhu Xia was kidnapped?
Still pretending
give her back to me.
Kidnapping is illegal.
I don't have the
guts to do it I won't
still not willing to tell
me the truth, huh? Okay
I will tell.
We have asked Jiannan Liu
to fiddle on your bills.
We didn't kidnap her, no.
Jiannan Liu.
Will it be Liu Jiannan
who wanted the money desperately?
Duoyu Wang,
don't you like to flaunt your wealth?
Come and see your friends.
Hello, Mr. Wang.
By six oh 'clock this evening,
bring ten million to
save your girlfriend.
If you don't come,
or if the police comes,
she will be the next person
you've shown your wealth too much.
You are targeted
call the police.
Call the police and then
she will be killed.
Take the money and save her
and that will break the rules.
Thirty billion will be gone.
You can only use the money on yourself.
Thirty billion
is enough to make people
forget about the troubles
in the world.
Thirty billion.
Kill me.
Mr. Jin.
Am I over reacting?
Just right.
That's good.
this is the final test Duoyu Wang's
second grandfather left to him.
He only Abe to give up
on the thirty billion yuan to save you
he then inherit that money.
What does this have to do with me?
He has no reason to save me.
Even if he...
He likes me a little bit...
Can't be.
He must be more prefer
the thirty billion yuan.
Money is cold,
but a lover's hand is warm.
I'm not his lover.
Duoyu Wang,
if you make any sound,
he will be disqualified.
Mr. Jin,
something happened.
Zhu Xia was kidnapped.
Stop the test.
I have to take ten million
yuan to save her,
otherwise she will be dead.
Her ex-boyfriend
was dead.
It is really beyond my expectations.
But I'm sorry,
no matter what happens,
the test cannot be stop
do you have conscience?
Zhu Xia will be dead.
Now, this is an exceptional case.
I can only express my regret.
Otherwise, you make police report.
She will be killed if I do that.
Mr. Jin, how about like this.
You call her parents
and ask them
if they can gather ten million yuan.
Let her family get the money.
I have no way to
contact with her family.
Mr. Jin.
I take money to save her,
and you turn a blind eye to it.
After that I'll give you
one hundred million yuan as return.
Three hundred million yuan.
Duoyu Wang.
Take back your words.
If you buy off the supervisor,
I can immediately determine
you break the rules.
I don't care.
I can't save money.
I will finish the task soon.
Thirty billion yuan
can help me forget all the troubles.
You are different, Mr. Jin
you need to be responsible
for the death of Zhu Xia.
You will repent it for life.
Let me tell you, Mr. Jin.
When you go to the Washoom at night,
the moment you open the door,
Zhu Xia will squat there.
You come back
you wake your wife and
would her about this
the one you waken up will be Zhu Xia.
Wherever you go, she
will always follow you.
Zhu Xia is close to death,
and my phone's battery is drained.
What are you doing?
Drink with me.
Get me drunk.
Help me forget who I am.
Let's drink
what happened?
Hug, hug him.
I am not thirsty.
I seems to have diabetes.
I trust my judgment.
Duoyu Wang values friendship.
"Day lilies. It is good to forget."
"How much do you know in your dreams?"
Rest assured.
I believe in duoyu Wang.
He won't let go of you.
"There is a kind of love called let go"
"in the name of love, we
give up eternal love."
If a person gives up
humanity because of money,
he will live his life in guilty
"let the weak of us learn to be cruel."
"Face the coldness of life every time."
"Those who loved deeply are"
"destined to meet but
fate tears them apart."
I'm late, baby.
I'm sorry.
I guess I overestimated him.
It's over.
I'll drive the car over.
I don't want to see
you, so you can't
just kill me.
You let her go
and get out of here
with the filthy money.
After that,
don't let me meet you again.
Each time I see you,
I don't know who are you.
Zhu Xia,
I come to save you.
You jinx.
Do you know how much I
gave up because of you?
In the future,
if you don't make dozens
of babies with me.
You have no conscience.
Congratulations for passing the test.
Congratulations to Mr. Wang.
Lovers become couples.
Zhu Xia.
What? What do you mean?
Making a choice between
money and humanity
is the ultimate test
your second grandfather gave you.
You passed it.
let's see.
I know you couldn't pass the test.
Sorry about that.
It's real that you did not let me down.
I know you were able to do it.
Because you are just as good as I am.
Money didn't consume your humanity.
You deserve it
you deserve my heritage.
Buddy, wish you happiness.
See how lucky I am
and how much I get from you.
Second grandfather too
in your life, don't have a partner
why don't find a partner?
you should call me
second grandmother.
Careful, baby.
We've just traveled around the world.
We've enjoyed enough.
I feel I have so many money
in my hand... Such a waste
I just want to make it more meaningful.
So, I will donate all,
without leaving a penny.
Mr. Wang, Mrs. Wang,
I need a final confirmation
both will give up the fortuner
by donating it completely.
May I ask,
have you thought of your considerations?
No doubt, for sure.
We have thought it for a long time.
what's wrong?
Is our son kicking again?
Does our son have something to say?
You said that we both
have enjoyed enough
but we leave nothing for our kid.
We will definitely donate all my money,
but we just want to keep
some for our child.
Don't worry, not too much.
Just enough to raise the child.
Of course.
It is your right.
That's good.
So, let's start from the beginning.
Just five minutes.
A piece of paper, please.
You see
we need a babysitter
when the kid is born.
Diapers, breast pumps,
molar rods, milk powder
fruit puree, meat puree,
and vegetable puree.
When the child grows up,
piano, swimming, roller skating,
English and Lego.
Should learn all of these.
In future, if our son does
not study well,
I can only guide him on sport
and other subjects are
counting on tutors,
let me tell, it's all about money
shouldn't go with empty handed
you couldn't just go
there without gifts,
so we have to keep the money
our son can't always let his
girlfriend pay for the hotel room.
Boys shouldn't be too stingy
and should often present girls
with little presents.
After a year of dating in hotel,
it's time for them to get married.
I have many friends here,
there will be at least 20 tables
for wedding ceremony
if his future mother-in-law
is very demanded,
the bride price is
gonna be a large sum of money.
The house shouldn't be
too far from the city.
The decoration must be
green and environmental friendly.
The money for that should not be spend
home appliances should also be well-known
brands which are more durable.
And also to buy a car;
Then to buy a parking lot
and after that,
car insurance is required.
It's better to have a daughter.
He is born to cost money.
We're done.
We finished it.
Wait a minute.
What if we have a second child?
"It seems that I have lost my mind."
"Something joyful happened there."
"I held you up under the light,"
"not because of too excited,"
"not because I was too odd,"
"not because I was too real;"
"maybe that I was a little naive."
"One of my nostrils can't breathe,"
"it's been a long time
I did not handle it"
"not because I was crying."
"I want to be a big
tree shining in gold."
"I want to be a big
tree shining in gold."
"Sadness is one of the typical emotion"
"abandon also consider reasonable."
"I seem to have lost all my strength."
"Something that made me
crazy happened there."
"You had a mouth-full of pop corn,"
"the way you held my
hand in the theater,"
"the way the escalator
would go forever,"
"the way the movie would never end."
"I want to be a big
tree shining in gold."
"I want to be a big
tree shining in gold."
"I want to be a big
tree shining in gold."
"I drop a bag of leaves
when sadness comes."