Hello, My Name Is Frank (2014) Movie Script

( Music playing )
I never knew hate
( shot rings out )
( Muffled elevated heartbeat )
( Gasping )
Frank! Frank! Frank!
Please, somebody dial 911.
Man: Apply pressure
to his shoulder.
Hold on, frank!
Man: ( Narrating )
Well, this is ironic.
What an asshole I've been.
Used a disability
to hide from the world.
Look at me.
Gasping for my life.
When, during all of my 59 years,
I was already in a box
just waiting to die.
Maybe if I'd just...
( Sighs )
Here you
come along
I take a breath
and remind myself
that I, too, can be strong
thought I was cool
turns out I'm a fool
you've proved me wrong
I didn't know
what I was missing
when I was alone
and now I'm fruitlessly
waiting for
someone not thinking
before they start rushing
to my door
someone to run not walk
oh, someone to sing not talk
oh, no hesitation at all
I need you to be
the one to call
well, I'm lost
in my thoughts
they tumble ahead
over and over again
yeah, it's true
just take a look
at what's been done to me
( vocalizing )
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm.
Well, you can't stay here.
This is no kind of home
for a teenage girl.
You need to be
with a proper family.
Frank is not
your responsibility.
I appreciate your help,
but we'll be just fine.
What we're trying to say
is we want you
to come live with us,
don't we dear?
( Clears throat )
We... we'll...
Well, we want
to take care of you,
pay for your college,
buy you a car,
give you some fun money.
You wouldn't have to worry
about work or bills.
You could be
young and carefree for once.
Your mama and I were very close.
We went to the same church,
lived on the same block.
We did everything together.
I just want to make sure
you're taken care of.
You don't have to worry
about me.
- Really.
- Well,
you've been taking care
of others for too long.
First your mama
when she was sick
and now frank.
Hello, we haven't met.
No. I'm Louise.
I'm Cathy's cousin.
And this is my husband, Doyle.
( Clears throat )
You must be frank.
Cathy and I have
talked a lot about you
the last couple of months
and about Laura.
I was just talking to Laura
about her future.
Shut up, bitch.
- It's just a tick.
- Sorry.
Laura's gonna be
all taken care of.
I see.
And what about you, frank?
Do you have somebody new
to take care of you?
- Ah, no.
- Yes.
I... I don't need
a... a new caretaker.
I'm finding him
a new caretaker very soon.
I just hope
you're not expecting Laura
to take care of you?
Oh, no one needs to worry about.
Laura's future or... or mine.
Stupid bitch!
Ugh, sorry.
Look, um...
I appreciate your offer,
but I can take care
of things myself.
- ( Clanging ) - Frank: (
Screams ) Son of a bitch!
( Screaming continues )
And what about college?
I'll have him settled
before I go.
Doyle, honey, could you get me
some more wine?
- Of course.
- Quite a bit of it.
All right.
( Mixed chatter )
- Frank!
- Yeah!
You will stop it now.
- ( Kids laughing )
- ( Door slams shut )
( Yells out )
( Grunting )
Slow down.
I didn't bake that many.
Why? Chocolate makes
everything better.
Yeah, it's chocolate all right.
- Hmm.
- Will you quit eating them?
I made them for Laura.
I shouldn't feel better,
though, should I?
I mean, Laura's mom is dead.
- Hey.
- Oh, my god.
Laura, I'm so sorry.
Oh, my god.
I just said "oh, my god."
Oh, my god.
I can't stop swearing.
- What's the matter with me?
- You're high.
- Calm down.
- ( Laura laughs )
There's pot in the brownies.
- Oh, my god.
- ( Giggles )
You okay?
Hey, we can always
postpone the trip.
- Until you're ready.
- Yeah, Laura,
Stacy would totally understand.
No, I promised my mom
I would go.
I know.
We can celebrate Stacy's
18th birthday here.
Yeah, that sounds cool.
We can go to all the places
that she liked the best.
We can do all
of her favorite things.
No, I promised my mom
I would go on this trip.
She really thought
it would be good for frank
and, I don't know,
force him to take care
of himself or something.
And we all promised Stacy.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
( Both laughing )
It's yours.
I... I want you to have it.
- I can't take this.
- No, I want you... you...
- You take it.
- No, frank, I can't...
- No, frank.
- I want...
- Hey.
- ( Grunts )
How does the pot
get inside the brownies?
- Frank.
- Bitch!
- ( Barks )
- Frank?
- Me back.
- ( Bat clanks )
Frank was trying to give me
his Mickey mantle bat.
Really, frank?
Why would you do that?
Who knows what kind of
crazy caretaker
you're gonna line up?
I don't want my bat stolen
and sold for coke money!
( Barks )
Well, I promise not to hire
a cokehead.
Besides, Meth's the drug
of choice these days.
Why were you trying to give me
your bat, frank?
Ray, I told you
I want you to have it.
( Sighs )
Well then,
I guess I will take the bat.
No, when the time comes.
If your time comes before mine.
It'd be a lot easier
if you take it now.
Why now?
I mean, are you really afraid
that someone will steal it?
( Music playing )
I know what you want
and I know what you need
this can't be happening
to us
but I'll help you
try to fill
everyone's empty pail
if everything's
second best to none
where hope
is a lot like a rope
you're tangled
before you let go
I ripped up the canvas
that painted our sadness
I know you're my friend
not my foe
whoa, ho
Damn it, frank!
( sobbing ) No!
And hope
is a lot like a rope
you're tangled
before you get choked
I ripped up the canvas
that painted our sadness
I know you're my friend
not my foe, whoa
( sobbing )
( Yells out ) Ah, fucker!
Ah, fuck.
I got it.
I... I can do this.
You don't have to worry
about me.
Your... your mother
didn't always take care
of me, you know?
Hell, there was that time
when I took care of both of you.
Oh, so I've heard.
( Slurps, spits )
Bitch! Ow! Ow!
We're gonna get you
someone good, frank.
You're just like your mother.
You worry too much.
Good night, frank.
( TV playing )
Hi, I was calling to setup
an interview
for the caretaker position
you applied for.
( Snorts )
I'm gonna need
the television every night
between primetime
and 2:00 A.M.
I run a very successful
recap blog.
You remind me
of my late husband.
I don't cook or clean.
Just care take.
Dude, we are gonna kill it
when we hang out
at the skate park.
- Dude.
- Dude!
Yeah, this could
really work out.
But just so you know,
I don't clean or do laundry
with store bought chemicals.
- I'm allergic.
- Fuck you!
Whew! Oh...
( Chuckles )
( Laughs ) It's lavender.
It'll calm him down.
Can I get paid in advance?
Yeah, and can I borrow
your car, too?
You have to talk to her
about the car.
I can't drive.
- Thank you for your time.
- Ah.
( Thick accent )
A rose and, uh...
Have you ever been on a cruise?
No, no.
Yeah, this sounds great,
but I have to ask.
Are there any elementary schools
within a quarter of a mile?
Do... do you have a problem
with little kids?
No, I love children.
Dude, you know what
we're gonna do?
We're gonna strap
some skates to your ass
and we're gonna
fly you down the ramp.
Dude, everybody's
gonna love you.
- You gonna strape...
- strap.
- Strap?
- Yes.
- Skates to my ass?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's gonna be awesome.
- No.
- Awesome.
I make a pupusas, too.
When can you start?
- Oh.
- ( Laughs )
Okay, yes, I guess.
Lastly, here is
our lovely kitchen.
- Oh.
- Hmm.
Frank doesn't cook,
so you'll have to do that.
And it's best
that you cook him things
that do not splat or squirt
or slurp.
Eh, excuse me,
splatter, eh, squirt?
With his ticks
it's just a lot easier
to clean up,
so you can stick to stuff
like burgers, sandwiches,
that sort of thing.
- Yes, yes, that's okay.
- ( Sighs )
- Okay, great, great.
- ( Sighs )
Lemme give you my number
and if anything comes up,
- you can...
- ( Grunts )
Frank, what the hell
are you doing?
What's it look like I'm doin'?
- Oh, bitch, hah.
- Okay, lemme...
Let me show you
to your room over here.
I think you'll really like it.
Come on.
( Snoring softly )
( Dramatic score )
( Snoring continues )
( Floor boards creak )
( Thump )
- ( Yelling )
- ( Screaming )
I see you!
Rapist! Rapist!
( Barking )
( Yelling in Spanish )
I guess you forgot
to tell her I sleepwalk.
With a, with a baseball bat?
( Exhales )
- Hi.
- Hi.
I don't suppose you have
hypoallergenic bedding, do you?
- ( Laughs ) - Frank:
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
Oh, god!
Oh, my god.
- ( Cheering )
- ( Graduation theme playing )
Kimberly Barbara Smith.
- ( Music continues )
- ( Cheering continues )
Alisa Edith Kumato.
( Cheers, applause )
- Man: Laura Kelly Pareesi.
- Oh, fuck!
( Cheering continues )
- Ugh!
- Man: I'd like to congratulate
- our graduating class...
- I missed it.
Oh, Laura.
( Grunting )
( Band playing )
- Laura.
- ( Laughs )
I missed it.
I dropped
the fucking binoculars.
Well, I graduated.
Thank you for coming.
Male sportscaster:
The Red Sox beat the tigers
6-5 in 10 innings.
( Sportscaster continues )
The final score
was 1-0.
Here are the games
still in progress.
Twins and mariners
are at the top
of the seventh...
- What're you wearing?
- Clothes.
Rick said
a gluten-free potluck.
But you have
the graduation party tonight.
Ah, that fucker!
What am I paying him for?
I don't care about the party.
I just wanna chill before I go
on our trip tomorrow.
Laura, you're going
to that party.
I can be alone for one night.
It's your graduation party.
Go party.
Live a little.
Loser bitch!
Ah, ah.
Yeah, look who's talking.
You gonna call your friends
or am I?
( Music playing )
Chug, chug, chug, chug...
( Mixed chatter )
Promise me
we don't stay out too late.
I mean, we got to get up
and go early in the morning.
- I promise.
- Okay.
Mm, party.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Look at the happy couple.
- Mm-hmm.
- Shall we?
- Mm.
Oh, my god.
I didn't think you were coming.
- Frank made me.
- Well, grab a drink, ladies.
- It's time to celebrate.
- I've got my punch, thanks.
Mm, no.
- Hey.
- This is better.
- ( Laughing )
- What is this?
Who gives a fuck?
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Hand it over.
- What?
- I'm not that bad.
- ( Laughs ) Right.
May we remind you
of the watermelon cooler night?
- Mm-hmm.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- That never happened.
Thank you.
A toast...
To no more fifth period,
no more curfews,
no more uniforms,
and tomorrow we hit the road.
It's only one shot,
so I don't want to see a drop.
- Mm.
- Race you.
- Mm!
- I gotta pee.
- Oh, jeez.
- ( Coughing )
- Wow, okay.
- Oh, yeah.
So, I'm surprised
frank convinced you to come.
- How did he do it?
- Um...
By being super annoying.
He's been acting really strange
since mom died.
How're you doing?
She was sick for nine months,
at least she's not
suffering anymore.
I'm fine.
I'm... I'm totally fine.
Those last couple weeks
I just...
I could not see her
like that anymore.
But I just...
You know, I worry about frank.
I mean, I'm all he's got.
Well, he's a grown man, Laura.
He'll deal.
I just don't know
what he's thinking anymore.
You know?
Well, his caretaker is gone.
- You're leaving for college...
- Mm-hmm.
And he has to adjust
to living with some
- stranger in his home.
- Oh!
I mean, he's probably
just at the end of his rope.
Ah, bitch!
( Barks )
What did you say?
You know, he's probably
just at the end of his rope.
- Oh, shit.
- Where are you going?
( Music playing )
- ( Yells out )
- ( Woman screaming )
- Ah.
- Come on.
- You sleepwalk now, too?
- ( Gasps )
Late night?
Guess I'll get breakfast.
Why were you giving away
your bat, frank?
I... I told you already.
My mom took care of you
my whole life,
and now suddenly you don't need
a new caretaker?
- Why?
- ( Doorbell rings )
I told you.
Where's frank?
He sent me this cryptic email
last night.
- Where is he?
- I wouldn't call it cryptic.
What does it say?
Please clean everything up
before Laura comes home."
Oh, oh, I... I meant
to send that
to my housekeeper.
I'm your housekeeper.
So, I hired a new housekeeper.
No, you didn't!
Where's the rope, frank?
What rope?
I did hire a housekeeper.
You're leaving.
- What would you know?
- ( Doorbell rings )
Don't you bother
answering the door, frank.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Shut up, bitch!
Oh, hi frank, is Laura ready?
- No.
- Yes.
I'm not going.
I gotta stay with frank.
What do you gotta stay here for?
I got ray and... and the gay
to take care of me.
You know why.
God, why did you
take the rope, frank?
Stupid, lying whore, fucking...
The zipper on your suitcase
is broken.
You told me, right?
Look at it.
So, I put slipknots
in the rope so I could...
Eventually I'll tie that thing
together so it'll stick together
and you could take it.
Satisfied? Bitch!
I'm sorry, frank.
I'm sorry,
but I can't stay around
- all of this negative energy.
- What? What?
No, no, no, no.
Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick.
No, you can't go.
I'm supposed to leave
this morning.
- So, you are coming?
- No, forget it. Nope.
Rick, Rick,
no, we'll pay you double.
- My trip's only a few days.
- Nope, no thank you.
We'll pay you a months' salary
just to stay till I get back.
- Give me my stuff.
- Come on!
- ( Grunts )
- Rick!
Donald trump
couldn't pay me enough
to take care of that lunatic!
That's it.
I can't go.
I can't...
You have to.
I can't be trapped alone
in a car for two days
with Hannah Montana over there.
She'll have me Kumbayaing
before we're even out
of the driveway.
( Sighs )
I can help, of course,
but I can't manage a 24/7 watch.
I'm sorry, you guys, I can't go.
I cannot leave frank alone.
You can go.
I'll be fine.
I... I... I'll call you
every day until...
Until the day
that you don't call me?
It's only for a couple of days.
It'll be fine, right?
Oh, please don't flake.
You have promises to keep.
Alisa, if Rick hadn't quit,
maybe I'd consider it,
but something
is going on with frank.
I can feel it.
I can't leave him
alone right now.
Why don't we bring frank along?
You mean frank?
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my god, Laura.
I don't know why I said that.
I'm just really hungover.
- And I...
- Alisa: Fuck no!
I'm not gonna be trapped
in a car with a grown-ass man.
We're supposed to have fun
on this trip.
Look, I lied to my parents
about going on a church retreat
this weekend.
- So, we can't bail now.
- No!
No, this is a totally
fucked up idea, Laura.
You can't seriously
be thinking about this.
I don't know if I have much
of a choice.
Come on, it'll be fun.
Hey, frank,
wanna go on a road trip?
( Bass guitar strums,
drum sticks tapping )
( Barks )
( Music playing )
Kim: Thanks for
driving first, Laura.
I'll take over
when my head clears up a bit.
No prob.
Do you wanna
sit up front, frank?
There's more room up there.
He can't sit next to the driver.
Why not?
- Sorry.
- Laura: That's why.
( Music continues )
Been calling the shots
of what you
sold this picture
been cold
in the shadows...
( song changes )
No way.
We are not listening
to your Satan worshiping,
air-drum thrashing
insult to music.
( Changes song )
Anybody wanna play
the license plate game?
Punch bug?
Alphabet game?
The movie game is a good one.
Yellow car?
( Bell dings )
Do you want anything?
- Laura?
- Yeah.
Why was Stacy
buried so far from home?
Well, her mom's family
is from up there.
So that is home.
And it was your idea
to take this trip?
Well, we all made a promise
to Stacy when she was dying.
She kept saying
how she'll never see
her 18th birthday.
And we were
just sitting with her
and all we could
think to say was...
We'll spend
your 18th birthday with you.
I don't think any of us
actually believed it.
No, nothing.
It's just...
I shoulda known this.
You and I lived
in the same house.
Fucking idiot.
Want anything?
What the fuck, Kim?
We're not even a hundred miles
out of town yet.
Why the hell didn't you tell us
this piece of shit only got
two miles to the gallon?
Sorry. I usually just
drive it around town.
So, I didn't know.
Holy shit.
Is that Kevin bowman?
The gas guy.
Oh, my gosh.
Remember him?
He was like, a living legend
in ninth grade.
Senior quarterback.
The most popular guy
in high school.
- Kevin bowman.
- No, it can't be.
I heard he moved to New York
with, like, a model girlfriend
- or something.
- Well, apparently not.
Remember Stacy
had the total hots for him?
Do you remember
she saved that piece of gum
- that he chewed for like a year?
- Oh, yeah.
And she made an altar for him
with all of his pictures.
Oh! Do you remember
the one year that Laura
gave her one of his jockstraps
for her birthday?
- Yeah.
- She slept with that nasty thing.
- What? What're you doing?
- Don't worry your little head.
My god, Alisa.
Alisa, don't.
( Grunts )
Hey, frank.
- Thanks. Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Welcome.
- Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Uh! Ah!
- Here. I got it.
- Fuck! I did it again!
It's okay.
Looking for something?
Oh, I'm looking
for something all right.
The question is...
Do you have what I want?
( Door bell dings )
- Restroom?
- Yeah.
Fucking asshole.
Fucking tick.
- Yeah, you like that?
- Yeah.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
Oh, by the way, Stacy says hi.
What the fuck?
( Laughs )
- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry.
What the fuck?
Frank, let's go!
Get in the car, frank!
Let's go! Drive!
Let's go!
- What the?
- Okay.
- Hurry!
- What? I'm driving.
What the hell did you do, Alisa?
Just getting Stacy
her birthday gift.
- You didn't.
- Kevin bowman's football helmet!
- Whoo!
- Are you crazy?
- He's gonna call the cops and
get us arrested. - For what?
This isn't
"Thelma and Louise."
I didn't rob a store.
I just, you know,
took a little memento.
Still we could've gotten
into a lot trouble, Alisa.
I can't believe this.
Yeah, if you want
your own stupid thrills,
do it on your own time.
Don't rope us into it.
You know what?
Fuck you guys.
Stacy would've
totally been into this.
You two need to learn
to chill the fuck out
and have a little fun.
It'll do you both some good.
- Ugh!
- Ow!
- Sorry.
- Frank!
Ah, sorry.
They're gaining on us.
Kim: Nobody's gaining
on us, frank.
( Sighs )
- I miss Stacy.
- Ugh!
It was never quite the same
after she died.
Sure. You had loads of fun
with Stacy.
Like the time she locked you
in the boys bathroom
with Johnny Dale.
Said you needed
seven minutes in hell
to make sure you really wanted
to go to heaven.
That wasn't really the time
I was thinking about.
And the time freshman year
when she unzipped your skirt
and your hello kitty underwear
was showing all day.
- That wasn't exactly when...
- Or, no, no, no, no, no.
The time she threw you
in the pool.
You were wearing
that white dress.
That was the first day I saw
your tight wet, hot pink bra.
So naughty.
That doesn't sound like
a very Christian color.
Stop it, okay?
My mom saw that.
I got in big trouble
over that bra.
- Do you remember when she...
- I hated Stacy!
Maybe that's why
you lied to your parents
about going on
a Christian retreat.
So you could take the car,
go to Stacy's grave.
Make sure she was really dead.
Why are you always
so mean to me?
I'm just saying it like it is.
You guys, stop!
- You know you're being a bitch.
- Ooh, Kim just said bitch!
You know, Jesus heard that.
You better ask for forgiveness.
- Oh... ah!
- Ow! What the fuck?
Are you trying to get us killed?
Seriously, Laura?
You need to choose
who you want to be friends with
because after this trip,
I am done with her.
Ooh, nice friends you got.
- Can you get out of the car?
- What?
What, wha... wha...
What're you doing?
Wha... ah...
Stupid mental bitch!
( Grunting )
( Alisa yelling )
( Music blaring )
( Screaming )
Mother fucking psychos!
( Music continues )
- ( Stuttering )
- Is she coming back?
We're fine.
We're fine.
We're just stranded
in the desert.
She's coming back!
( Knocking on window )
Laura, you okay?
- Laura?
- Alisa: Laura.
- You okay?
- I think someone else should drive.
Let's get in the car.
Let's give him a ride.
Are you mental?
He could be a serial killer.
Ah! I'm with Kim
on this one.
Besides, I don't do well
with strangers.
- Axe murderer!
- Oh, come on. It'll be fun.
Besides, isn't it
the Christian thing to do?
To help others in need?
Ah, not if he chops us
to pieces.
( Frank grunts )
Do you want a ride?
Frank: Jeffrey Dahmer!
Jeffrey Dahmer!
( Barks )
There is no way I'm letting
him get in this car.
What the fuck, Kim?
He could be your future husband
for all you know.
Now, you'll never know.
I am not meeting
my future husband
on the side of the road.
Actually, that's how I met
Laura's mom.
- No, you didn't.
- Sure did.
Well, I met her at a bus stop.
She was still a nurse
at the time.
( Chuckles )
She was wearing
this bubblegum pink cotton
nurse's uniform.
She had her hair up in a bun,
and she had on these
spotless white shoes.
Ah, she looked like an angel.
So, you hit on her?
She sat next to me on the bus,
and we got to talking
and, well,
that was after
I hit her in the face.
So, I guess in a way,
I did hit on her.
( All laughing )
It was like god
just put her at that bus stop.
See, Kim?
Sometimes it's good to step out
of your comfort zone
and live a little.
Well, that was an exception.
Haven't you ever heard
of the expression
"you play with fire,
and you will get burned"?
Haven't you heard the expression
"you better use it
before it gets old"?
"To each your own."
Laura, ( Clears throat )
You're not hungry?
I'm just curious, frank.
Why do you always bite
that key ring?
Is it because of the tourettes?
Oh, my god. Kim, is having tact
anti-Christian or something?
Frank doesn't mind.
Do you?
I just have
never known anybody
with tourettes,
and I have a lot of questions.
And Laura's never
let us spend this much time
with frank before.
I... I'm worse around people.
You mean your tourettes is?
I mean, you aren't
your tourettes, right?
I read somewhere that it's like
this evil twin
that comes out
when you least expect it.
Like, you just can't control
what it says or does.
I can relate to that.
I just think it's really cool
that you can swear like a sailor
and never get in trouble for it.
( Laughs )
Well, I... I wouldn't
say never.
Can I hear what you're like
without the key ring just...
Just once?
He needs a trigger.
Shut up, you little bitch.
Fuck you, cocksucker.
- Damn it!
- ( Laura laughs )
God damn, fucking asshole,
crazy bitch picnic...
( Barking )
That is no way to address
teenage girls.
You ought to be
ashamed of yourself
with that mouth.
( Frank grunts )
- ( Gasps ) You...
- Laura: Whoa!
Bitch picnic, bitch picnic,
bitch picnic.
Stop it right now!
This is a public place
with children present!
Stop it!
He can't help it!
( Yelling, barks )
I'm sorry.
I didn't know
you were afflicted.
But you really
shouldn't be in a public place
with kids present.
And you need to learn
how to pick on someone
your own size.
It was a mistake.
I have tourettes, too.
Sorry. Me, too.
What she said.
I have a right
to protect my children
from being exposed to profanity.
I have that right.
( Sighs ) We'd better get
the hell out of here.
- ( Sighs )
- Oh, my god,
that was like,
the best lunch ever.
- You were awesome, frank.
- I was?
- Totally.
- ( Groans )
You had some really
good digs at him.
You gotta teach me
some of your moves.
( Laughs )
I think... I think
I just had my first fight.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Give me some five.
- ( Chuckles )
- You shouldn't be afraid
of a little danger now and then.
Oh, I... I'm not thirsty.
- Thanks.
- No. No, it's for your eye.
- Ah.
- ( Alisa chuckles )
All right, let's go.
- We bad.
- Oh, yeah.
( Laughing )
( Music playing )
Do you know Laura's plans
for after we get back?
She got a volleyball scholarship
to my college,
but lately she said
she's not going.
Ah, I don't know
what her plans are,
but, heh, she's going.
It's a little selfish of me,
but I was kind of afraid
I'd have to go alone.
It's a private
religious college,
did you know?
Well, they've got a lot
of secular majors for Laura
to choose from,
but, my future's
already been decided.
I'll be taking religion classes,
so I can be a teacher
in one of my church's schools.
I think I'll be good at it.
I hope I like it.
How do you think people know
what they're supposed
to do with their lives?
I mean, school doesn't
teach you that.
Mm. I... I...
I wouldn't know.
I... I've never had a job.
And I... I...
I live off disability
and a trust fund
from my parents.
What would you do
if your parents wanted you
to do one thing...
But in your heart,
you really wanted to do
something else?
Do you think
that voice in my heart is god?
You got me.
I'm currently not
on speaking terms with god.
Because of Cathy?
Is she okay?
Laura, I mean.
There's just been so much,
I mean,
with graduation and her mom,
Even before then,
she seemed kind of...
Forever sad ever since...
Stacy died.
I... I... I wouldn't know.
Little bitch.
( Grunting )
( Clears throat )
Wha... what's okay?
She doesn't cry, a lot.
Is... is that okay?
I can't imagine
what it must be like.
It's scary enough going off into
college out into the real world.
I... I don't know
what I would do
if I didn't have my mom
to talk to about it,
even if we don't always agree.
At least her mom's
not hurting anymore.
She's in heaven.
Watching out for Laura...
For all of us.
You believe that,
don't you, frank?
I... I... I don't know
what I believe.
Sometimes I've wondered
about it, you know?
How do you know
that the people who taught you
to believe it...
Were right
to believe it themselves?
I love this song.
( Music playing )
Things'll get better
when it's Easter
are you still sick?
Are you still sick?
People will be happy if I go
I won't go out again
Bonnie, don't you
worry about me, so
I've never been free,
no, not really
Bonnie, don't you
worry about me, though
I've never been free enough
why would you
mess with my head?
Cuss and then repeat
what I said
and I carry a machine gun
just to fix what you want
no, don't you carry
your machine gun
just to spit
what you want.
( grunting )
I have a name tag in my hair.
- ( Laughing )
- ( Music playing )
Ow! Kim.
( Mixed chatter )
All right.
My kind of motel.
So much for sleeping tonight.
- Laura?
- Yeah.
( Clears throat )
I... I... I lost my key ring.
- What?
- Yeah.
Well, when we were, you know...
Ugh, forget it...
Forget it, frank.
Oh, wait.
You know, I'm gonna wait here.
- So, here.
- Thank you.
- Can you guys?
- Oh, yeah.
( Mixed background chatter,
music playing )
You say he's your grandfather?
You got different last names.
- Uh-huh.
- You adopted?
Something like that.
Well, I hope you don't mind
a little noise.
The owner son's having a...
His graduation party.
That little bastard's
ruining the place.
No, we don't...
We don't mind the noise.
( Frank barking )
Did you hear a dog?
There are no pets
allowed in this place.
Ma'am, how much
can I give you for that
key chain over there?
All right, who's sleeping where?
I'm not sleeping
with any of you guys.
I've got the cot.
Well, that settles that.
I'm gonna take a shower first,
if that's okay?
I feel dirty.
Well, that's a first.
- Ha, ha, ha-ha.
- ( Giggles )
Mm, hey frank, chew on this.
- ( Grunts )
- Well.
You guys sleep tight.
I'm gonna go to that party.
You can't go out there alone.
- You don't know those people.
- You're not my mother.
- I do what I want.
- I'm not your mother.
But I'm your friend,
and I think you should stay in.
- That's how women go missing.
- Kim, it's just a party.
No one's getting murdered.
You keep thinking like that,
you'll always be afraid to live.
( Clears throat )
We've... we've all had
a really long day,
and tomorrow's another one.
May... maybe you should,
You know, stay here
and get a good night's sleep.
Yeah, I'm gonna go to the party
and find a hot guy
to hang with tonight.
- Alisa.
- Later.
Does she always try to go
find a hot guy
- to hang out with?
- Yeah,
that's the understatement
of the year.
She's not big on commitment.
Alisa should be committed
to an insane asylum.
We can watch her from here.
Kim: Yeah, as long as
she stays outside.
( Music playing )
( Mixed chatter )
Do you want me to take over?
No, I'm good.
Why don't you get some sleep?
In a little bit.
I'm not afraid to live,
you know?
I know.
I just want to be
smart about it.
Not take every risk I can find
like Alisa.
I swear that girl's
got a death wish.
( Music playing,
mixed background chatter )
Why does she hate me so much?
She doesn't hate you.
You guys are just...
She hates me.
Stacy couldn't stand me,
but at least she didn't hate me.
No one hates you, Kim.
They wouldn't
have been your friends
if they hated you.
They wouldn't have been my
friends if it weren't for you.
You're the only reason
they let me hang out with them.
You know that's not true.
I wish I could be more like you.
Everybody loves you.
You're the nicest person I know.
You sat next to me
on my first day of class.
You always help Alisa out
of her jams.
You visited Stacy every day
at the hospital.
You took care of your mom
when she was sick,
and now you're taking care
of frank.
Come on!
Hurry up!
- Hurry up!
- Go, go, go, go!
- Oh, my god...
- Oh, there it is!
( All yelling )
Oh, my god! Go!
You're all gone!
( All cheering )
She went inside.
I can't see her anymore.
Okay, I'm gonna text her.
Tell her to text us
every five minutes
so we know she's okay.
- ( Phone buzzes )
- ( Gasps )
Oh, good.
She texted back.
Just one letter though.
- ( Phone buzzes ) - Oh, my god.
- Here's another one.
"U." Oh, my god.
Do you think she's in trouble?
Is she sending us
a secret message
one letter at a time?
Yeah, she's sending us
a secret message all right.
What? F...
( Phone clicks )
It's late.
I'm going to bed.
You should, too.
- What about Alisa?
- She'll be fine.
She always is.
Come on, I want to talk to you.
( Alisa grunts )
What, you're not much
of a talker?
Ow! Can you slow down?
Ow! Get off of me!
Somebody help! Stop!
Get off of me!
- She said "stop!"
- ( Grunts )
Now get out
before I call the cops!
You okay?
( Laughs )
- I know you.
- Yeah.
( Kids playing )
God damn fucking assholes!
( Muffled yelling )
( Music playing )
Hey, how 'bout we slow down?
- Huh? Yeah?
- All right.
My eyes are blue...
shame on you, bitch.
Shame on you, bitch.
Oh, my god.
Frank, what're you doing?
Is he a friend of yours?
Wake up, wake up
say hello to what we have
I know I'm braver
than you
I know you're shy
but don't let that
be why I can't be with you
raise your stakes
'cause I will always
drop by first
so if the falling hurts
you'll be
my favorite scar...
( frank snoring )
Wake up.
Alisa's not here.
I didn't eat the cookie.
- What?
- Hey, Alisa's not here.
Oh, my god!
Someone killed her.
She could be
lying in a ditch somewhere.
I told her not to go.
- I told her, didn't I?
- Ow.
Who... who... who is dead?
Oh, check the car.
( Clears throat )
( Snoring continues )
Is she alive?
Oh, she's more than alive
all right.
I had to fight her off
the whole night.
Latte for Kim.
Espresso for Laura.
Hey, is frank up?
You actually
talked to Alisa last night?
Yeah, is that unusual?
Like a conversation?
About us?
Yeah, we talked all night.
We watched the sun come up.
You are the cute hitchhiker?
Well, I do prefer
to be called by my name.
You must be frank.
It's herbal tea.
Alisa told me you had
the tourettes.
That means no caffeine, right?
She wasn't sure what you drank
in the morning,
so I figured
that was the best bet.
( Moans )
What're you staring at?
( Sighs )
Good morning, Princess.
( Sighs )
So, what's your boyfriend's
name again?
And he's not my boyfriend.
Then why are you staring at them
like a jealous girlfriend?
I don't give a shit
what they do together.
Can we just leave already?
- Hey.
- Would you believe it,
Vinnie's heading
to the same place we are.
Oh, well, not the cemetery.
I'm hitching to my aunt's farm.
It's only about, what,
like, 20 miles away
from where you guys are headed.
And it's a big house.
You guys can all stay there,
and it's miles from anywhere.
Frank can swear
as loud as he likes,
and he won't even
get kicked out.
He's going our way.
He needs a ride.
- Yeah, I don't see why not.
- Ooh! Yay, you can come.
( Giggles )
Well, there's not gonna be
enough room in the car.
You know frank and his ticks.
Oh, I... I don't mind
getting hit in the face.
I mean, that's what
seven years of bad luck
- does to a guy.
- ( Giggles )
It's fine, right?
Oh, look, you know,
I get it, guys.
I don't want to cause
any troubles, so...
Ah, wait, Vinnie,
just hang on a minute.
- Kim: What?
- I don't want him in the car.
Why not?
He's cute and he's nice.
Total boyfriend material.
He's a guy I hooked up with
last night.
That's it.
And we can stay
with his aunt for free.
I'm sorry. No.
I'm not spending hours
trapped in a car
with some random guy
I hooked up with.
It's not happening.
Hey, Vinnie.
( Clicks tongue )
Let's go.
( Music playing )
( Horn honks )
- ( Shuts music off )
- We're gonna play a game.
Well, no,
it's not really a game.
We're gonna go around and say
what's on our bucket list.
Won't that be fun?
A bucket list?
- Can it be anymore lame?
- I'll go first.
I want to teach
in my church's school,
volunteer in Africa for a year
and start an orphanage.
I want you to shut up
for five minutes.
Come on, this is important.
We could all die today
and have all these regrets.
So it's good
we list them all down now.
Well, if we all died today,
then your stupid list
wouldn't matter, would it?
I'll go.
( Clears throat )
I want to brew beer,
start my own brewery,
and then get married
and have a huge family.
Awe, that's so nice.
All right, fine.
I'll go.
I wanna live every day
like it's my last
which is what
I've been doing anyway.
I wanna get a Harley
and ride around the world.
Where will you go?
It doesn't matter.
It's all about the journey
and not the destination.
Yeah, yeah, that's cool.
I'd totally do that.
I mean, you know,
before I settle down
and everything.
Yeah, I'm not settling down.
To be stuck in
one place forever.
It sucks being stuck in hell.
What about you, frank?
Well, ( Chuckles )
I... I... I've never really
thought about it.
Stupid, crazy bitch.
( Grunting )
( Clears throat ) I've always
just lived day by day.
With my condition
there's certain limitations.
So, I... I just stay at home
and watch TV, read,
listen to my music.
I... I don't really dream
of doing anything.
Yeah, but if you
could do anything,
what would you do?
I have always been curious
to try one thing.
To drive.
To drive?
That's it?
( Laughs )
If you could do anything
in this world
and you just want to drive?
Yeah, sit behind the wheel
and have my foot on the pedal
and just drive.
Fucking asshole.
( Grunting continues )
- ( Clears throat )
- ( Alisa laughs )
What do you want to drive?
Mm, anything.
A car, a truck, a bus.
Anything with wheels
and a motor.
Well, let's do it then.
Laura, let him drive.
There's no way
I'm letting frank drive.
Oh, come on.
It's his dying wish.
- Let the man drive.
- I'm sorry, frank,
but I don't think
my parents would be too happy
if I let you drive the car.
Nah, it... it's okay.
It's just a stupid wish.
Fucking crazy bitches.
- ( Clears throat )
- Yeah, my sentiments exactly.
Well, what about you, Laura?
What's on your bucket list?
I don't know.
I just graduated high school,
I've worked really hard,
and mom's was sick.
I haven't had time to think
about what comes next.
You plan on going to college?
We'll see. Um...
I just want to make sure
frank is settled
- before I go.
- ( Laughs ) Oh, she's going.
There's no question about it.
Well, it's my life, isn't it?
All right.
Say you don't go to college,
what... what're you gonna do?
I don't know, frank,
but I'll figure it out.
The problem is,
you spend so much time
thinking about everyone else,
you haven't had any time
to think about yourself.
- Dumb bitch.
- It's true, Laura.
Not the dumb bitch,
but the part before that.
Yeah, I mean,
frank can take of himself.
Right, frank?
What is this?
An intervention?
We're just saying that,
you know,
you need some time
to take care yourself.
- Right, guys?
- Uh-huh.
Has everyone aired out
their grievances?
'Cause we're not talking
about this anymore.
Kids: ( Chanting ) Frank!
Frank! Frank!
- Ow!
- ( Chanting continues )
We're here, frank.
- Wow, this place is amazing.
- I got it.
The best place to grow up.
Aunt Flossie!
You got it?
Oh, have fun, guys.
You coming?
Cock fucking
son of a slut whore.
( Barks )
( Laughing )
Aunt Flossie,
I'd like you to meet Alisa.
Hi, nice to meet you.
- Are you his girlfriend?
- Oh, no, no,
well, I... I mean,
not yet anyway.
Well, welcome Vinnie's
not yet girlfriend.
Thanks so much for having us.
And these are her friends.
This is Kim.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Laura and...
- bitch tractor fucker! (
Barking continues ) - Frank.
Well, aren't you a colorful one.
Welcome home.
She's says that to everybody,
but it's true.
For the next couple of days
consider this home.
Or forever long you wanna stay.
Come on.
Come in, come in,
and make yourself comfortable.
Vinnie will take you upstairs
and show you your bedrooms.
I'm gonna make
a little bit of tea.
Thank you.
Get that apple out.
Now, you stay here, all right?
You don't say a word.
I don't want to hear you.
I don't want to smell you.
And for the life of god,
keep that mouth closed.
Okay, now,
just stay right there.
Don't you screw this up for me.
Hello, hello.
Oh, am I interrupting?
You got company?
- Come in, come in, come in.
- Oh. Yeah,
I just wanted to drop by
and bring you some apples
from the trees.
Aw, thank you,
preacher Alexander.
Well, you keep baking
those apple pies
and I'll keep
bringing them over.
Stupid Jesus lover bitch!
( Clears throat )
Fucking shit eating whoreface
Bible trash!
( Grunting )
Well, my offer still stands,
And you know I'm offering
more than market value
for this house.
I don't think we should be
talking about this now.
You're not seriously gonna sell
the house to Puggis, are you?
Your uncle promised Puggis
that if he would
stay and work the farm
and take care of it,
he would sell it to him
for a lower price.
Yeah, but he's not
taking care of it,
and besides, you know
uncle is in no condition
to be making those decisions.
You know Puggis manipulated him.
I don't know that.
Oh, g...
You fucking freak show.
Why didn't you stay
in your mama's womb?
Stupid fucking
white trash bitch!
- ( Clears throat )
- Dear god...
What the hell is go...
Ah, shit.
Are you the preacher's son?
Y... yeah, yeah.
I'm his son, John.
Wh... why hasn't anyone
fixed your teeth?
( Sniffs )
My... my pa says it's the way
god wants me to be.
I already told you,
preacher man,
she ain't sellin' to you.
Well, that's for her to decide,
don't you think?
After all I done for you,
you and your husband.
Is this how you gonna treat me?
He made me a promise,
a fucking promise.
This is her house to sell,
so she's making the call.
The offer's good until Monday.
- You think... - y'all go
get the hell outta here!
Go on!
She ain't got nothin'
to think about, preacher.
( Door slams )
Fucking Satan
worshiping asshole!
Hey, don't swear
in front of my son!
In fact, I don't want you
talkin' to him, neither.
Why didn't you stay put
like I told you to...
Fix his fucking teeth!
I'm not sorry.
Your husband made me a promise
on his deathbed.
You got to honor that.
Oh, yeah, you're the one
to talk about honor.
Making him promise you
to sell the house
for almost nothing
on his last breath.
This is between
your aunt and me.
You ain't got
nothin' to do with this, boy.
If I ever see that preacher
around here again...
There's gonna be trouble.
( Door opens, closes )
You ever meet someone
who doesn't give a fuck?
Well, I don't give a fuck.
You wanna bully someone?
You bully me.
Get off me, you retard.
You nut!
Don't worry, aunt Flossie.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I don't know what to do.
Just leave it to me.
I'll take care of everything.
( Knocking on door )
Hey, aunt flossie's
taking a nap.
Anyone up for a swim?
- Yes!
- Yeah.
- Fuck yeah.
- Okay.
( Music playing )
You're a lot like me
you got your sensibility
it shouldn't
make you nervous
when we're talkin'
in the breeze
well, everyone's
got their idea
of who you shouldn't be
but I won't compromise
us all
even if it's killing me
pressed against the rails
and, lord,
you know I chose to die
but just because
you're winning
doesn't mean
they're on your side
- get in the water.
- No way.
And everyone's got obstacles
they'll throw into your life
- come on! Come on!
- No. No.
But I can't
help you out at all
not until you decide
no! No!
And I won't miss you anymore
and our lips won't kiss
the portions we've sold
I believe
we were framed
from the start
with all the links
that have torn us apart
You're a lot like me
you've got
your sensibilities
it shouldn't
make you nervous
we're just
talking in the breeze...
- all: Hello.
- Ha-ha.
You look like you had some fun.
Hurry up and get changed,
I'll be ready in a few minutes.
But I won't
compromise us all
the salt you put in me
and I won't
miss you anymore...
( sighs )
Well, I think
that was the best meal
I've ever had in my entire life.
- Thank you.
- ( Laughs )
You know, I really like
having you girls here.
I don't get a lot of visitors
except for Vinnie.
Oh, we'll be sure
to visit you then.
I'd like that.
Is this okay?
What? Did you think
your generation invented this?
( Laughs )
Some of us use it to calm our
ticks from time to time.
Besides, didn't someone
once tell me
I shouldn't be afraid
of a little danger now and then?
I haven't done this in so long.
( Giggles )
- ( Hacking )
- ( Laughing )
- Ah!
- ( Frank laughs )
Why do you think
we hurt the ones we love?
That shit is deep, Kim.
We just started passing
the joint.
( Groans )
You know, I don't think
we hurt the ones we love.
It's just that
when we love someone,
we care so much that...
We can hurt them.
Yeah, I'm not gonna get myself
stuck in that trap.
I don't buy that.
I bet there's nothing better
than falling in love.
( Clears throat )
I can't say I know
anything about falling in love,
but I do know about being alone.
Ah, fucking bitch loser.
( Barking )
( Clears throat )
But I can tell you this.
( Sighs )
Well, I don't care how much
losing Laura's mom hurts,
I wouldn't trade a second
of the time
I had her in my life.
Even if it meant
I could get rid
of all this pain.
Being alone...
It's worse than any hurt.
Hmm. In all my life,
I've pushed people away.
( Chuckles )
Ironic, isn't it?
I've avoided going out to stores
being in public places.
I've always been afraid
of what other people
might think.
Motherfucking whores.
( Barking continues )
( Chuckles )
You even made those
stupid name tags
just in case
I did meet someone who
didn't understand.
Do those work?
Not really.
( Sighs )
But you know what?
I don't care anymore.
I... I... I'm sick and tired
of not doing what I want
because I might offend
other people.
( Sighs )
I wanna see what's...
What's out there...
Who enjoy people.
So, I've decided...
I'm gonna stop being miserable.
I'm not gonna
live in fear anymore.
And you shouldn't either,
You sell this wonderful place
for as much as you can.
Life's too short.
Chicken shit!
Well, I don't really
have a choice.
Either I sell it to Puggis
or the bank gets it.
Frank is absolutely right.
We shouldn't
live in fear anymore.
What did uncle promise?
He promised
to sell the house to Puggis
so he can take care of the farm.
And he hasn't been and he won't.
We're not breaking a promise.
You know what we're gonna do?
We're gonna keep the farm.
- Can you?
- No.
- No, of course we can't.
- Sure we can.
I'm gonna move back here
with you.
I'll help you run the farm
and get it up and running again,
so we can make those payments.
We're gonna make this work.
Oh, Vinnie, I love you for that.
You can't come back here.
You've got your whole life
ahead of you.
Aunt Flossie,
you took care of me
my whole life.
You are my life.
I think that's
the most beautiful thing
I've ever heard.
everything's gonna be different.
I'm into that.
Stupid bitch farm.
Speaking of tomorrow.
What time do you guys
want to head out
to the cemetery?
We'll go after breakfast.
I just need to find
a church to go to,
but I'm good after that.
You'll come with,
won't you, Vinnie?
Well, if you...
If you want me there.
We want you there, don't we?
It's a birthday party anyway.
( All laughing )
Where's the joint?
( Knocking on door )
Come in.
Are you girls
gonna be okay in here?
It's a little cramped.
We'll be just fine.
Thank you.
This works for us.
We're really close.
( Laughs ) All right, then.
- Good night.
- Girls: Good night.
- Good night, frank.
- Yeah.
Are you sure
you want to stay here?
Because this room
can really be hot.
Ah, better
if I'm away from everybody.
I can be loud
and won't wake anyone.
Okay. Well, here we go.
Bitch. ( Grunts )
- Franklin!
- ( Distant ) Frank!
( Grunting continues ) Son of a bitch.
( Barking )
Children: ( Chanting ) Frank!
( Echoing )
Franklin, that's enough!
( Chanting continues,
sound of tape rewinding )
- On this number...
- Yeah, yeah!
( Chanting continues )
( Blinds clatter )
( Water dripping )
( Engine turns over )
( Gears grinding )
( Grinding continues )
Where's frank?
Oh, my god!
( Dog barking )
( Revs engine )
( Barking continues )
( Banjo music playing )
- Frank!
- Pull over!
Hey, frank! Whew!
( Overlapping yelling )
- Frank!
- Vinnie: No, frank!
I'm driving!
I'm driving!
- No!
- No, frank! No!
( Yells )
( Loud crash )
- Ah!
- Sorry.
( Sighs )
All right, try not to sleep
on your face.
I'm sorry.
You tell me
I'll never have to worry
about you, frank,
but you're always
getting yourself
into trouble.
I didn't plan it.
I... I... I woke up in front
of that tractor.
And, Laura...
There it was my dream come true.
And, that damn Puggis...
Stupid redneck bitch!
( Barking )
I... I just didn't care.
I... I got on it
and I started driving, Laura.
I took you on this trip.
Now, I don't know.
Somehow I wanted
to convince myself
that you really were okay
to be on your own.
But everything
that you've done so far
has made me realize
you're never gonna be
okay alone.
Am I ever gonna get
to live my life without always
worrying about you?
( Door closes )
( Music playing )
We see what you do
when you're out by yourself
now I'm not
talking Hollywood
where all, all is swell
you forget
what they meant to say
better off, you're too sweet
let's sway by this coffin
from the lake
then we're not too late
we still have time to change
and if not for the great
and the grace.
You coming with us?
You really want me to?
See you downstairs.
( Laura gasping )
- ( Gasping continues ) - Jesus
Christ, Laura, are you okay?
What's going on?
What's wrong with her?
- I'm...
- I think she's having a panic attack.
- Can you pull over?
- Are you all right, Laura?
- Laura?
- Um...
- Okay...
- Breathe.
I... I... need to go
to church anyways,
so, let's just stop
and have a breather, okay?
I never thought
I'd say yes to church,
but, why the hell not?
- Okay, great.
- Just breathe.
( Music playing in church )
Okay, yeah.
This'll calm you down
a little bit.
- Come on.
- Okay. Okay.
( Music continues )
Good lord don't let
no devil their house
lord, they ain't got
no devil in their house
we got the good lord,
we got the good lord,
we got the good lord,
we got the good lord,
- praise the baby Jesus!
- don't let the devil in my
don't let the devil
in my house.
Yeah, yeah! Yeah, the lord!
The lord sends fire
from the gates of hell
to rain down
on those demon worshipers!
Those Satan worshipers
corrupting this world.
But darkness, she's still...
The devil is in that man!
Damn son of a bitch, serpent
worshiping, kiss my ass, Sally!
Won't even fix your own
kid's teeth!
Up yours!
Up yours! Up yours,
stupid bitch!
- ( Barking )
- The devil.
- The devil is in that man.
- I'm not sorry!
- ( Barking continues )
- The devil is in that man!
Smite that devil.
( Screams )
Holy fucking Christ.
That wasn't...
What was that?
Oh, god, you can't
call that chr... Christian.
( Sobbing )
How can someone mistake me
as being possessed by the devil?
Stup... stup... stupid bitch!
( Grunts )
I... I'm such a normal,
ordinary guy.
( All laughing )
Oh, frank.
( Laughing continues )
They had snakes in that church.
- ( Laughs )
- Snakes.
( Music playing over car radio )
What the hell?
Now, Puggis, don't get upset.
What the fuck happened
to my tractor?
Now... it... it was
an accident.
- And, um...
- It was Vinnie, wasn't it?
Motherfuckin' little shit!
It was not Vinnie.
It... it was frank.
You see, he sleepwalks,
and he acci...
Well, he drove your tractor.
Yeah, well,
I'll teach that bastard.
He'd better not touch my things
because somebody's
gonna pay for this!
- Puggis, don't you dare!
- Accident, my ass.
Puggis, don't... don't...
( Sighs )
Here we are.
Here we are.
I'll get our stuff.
I'll help you out.
I'll wait here.
Are you sure?
You go and have a good time.
( Sighs )
I couldn't afford...
I couldn't afford
to buy you anything.
So, I knitted this for you.
I hope you like it.
( Sniffs )
It's alpaca.
- Happy birthday, Stace.
- ( Sniffs )
( Clicking )
Maybe you should go
check up on them.
Laura: Am I ever gonna
get to live my life
without always
worrying about you?
Frank: You don't have
to worry about me.
Laura: God, why did you
take the rope, frank?
You sleepwalk now, too?
Laura, ( Clears throat )
I... I just want you
to know that...
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm... I'm here for you
whenever you might need me.
Thank you.
I am glad and I will
need you.
( Sighs )
Hey, how do you suppose
that mom knew
I needed to come here?
Why would I want to visit
the grave of my best friend
right when I was about
to lose her?
Ah, I... I...
I don't know.
Closure I guess.
Stacy was wild crazy.
She loved life so much
she sometimes
took it too far.
I'd gotten over her death
by focusing
only on all the things
that I didn't like about her.
Maybe your mom...
Didn't want you
to get over her that way.
Maybe she wanted you
to remember the best of her.
I think we're gonna be okay,
Yeah, we're...
We're gonna be just fine.
I don't want you fraternizing
with that devil man again!
I almost lost you to the devil,
and thankfully
he only scarred you
with them demon choppers!
You understand me?
Now, I want your face
in that Bible!
I want the baby Jesus spirit
to flow all over you
and heal you, son!
Now, stay down there!
Yeah. Come on.
( Screams )
Yeah! Corinthians said,
"you live by faith
not by words."
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
You need to Polish
the baby Jesus.
Polish the baby Jesus.
You... you want me to read
or do you want me to Polish...
Don't back talk me, boy!
You Polish the baby Jesus.
Okay, okay.
Retard touched my shit.
( Mumbling )
retard son of a bitch.
( Music playing over car radio )
I guess I'm not gonna
need that anymore.
- ( Laughs )
- Oh, come on, frank.
You don't wanna waste
a perfectly good name tag.
( Screams )
Oh, that devil of a man.
He needs to feel
the wrath of god.
( Rattling noise )
( Music continues )
( Rattling continues )
Let me out.
Let me out of here!
( Chuckles )
'Bout fuckin' time.
( Crow cawing )
( Shot rings out )
Frank! Frank!
( Sound of muffled
elevated heartbeat )
- Shit.
- Oh, no.
( Muffled )
Frank? Frank?
Oh, my god, frank!
( Voices echoing )
Frank, don't you dare
leave me behind.
Don't you dare.
Puggis, put the gun down!
Be smart!
Wait a minute, son!
The gun ain't even loaded.
What the?
- ( Muffled heartbeat )
- ( Groaning )
( Sobbing )
Come on, frank!
( Beating stops )
( Music playing )
I never knew hate
not like today
with yellow red sparks
I never knew
how to grasp...
whoa, hang on.
Are you family?
Yeah, I'm the only family
he's got.
Oh, okay.
Sorry, go ahead.
( Music continues )
( Sobbing )
Can you hear me, frank?
I need you, frank.
I've always needed you.
( Gasping )
Can you, um...
Didn't I tell you?
I'm not going anywhere.
While this sad priest
is counting grievances
for me
and I'm
I'm so scared...
Laura did go to college.
She even graduated with honors.
I was there.
Third row on the isle.
( Barking ) Stupid bitch!
Make you custard
with yellow red sparks
make you custard
with yellow red sparks
another war won
we are young
might as well have some fun
stressed, stressed
to be blessed
if heaven is rest
then I'll be its best
while this sad priest
is counting grievances
for me
and I'm
well, I'm not scared
for the first time
but I'll never know why
we're all so weak
but they can't stop
our yellow red sparks
no, they can't stop
our yellow red sparks
and I can't be anything
but yours.
( music playing )
Here we go.
I might pick the better side
of frustration
go to other parties
on the lower side
of damnation
how many other ones
I want around
I might look you
straight in the eyes
with everything in me
yeah, whoa-oh
I can't deny
there's a darkness
I withhold my prints
of wax
my best friend
I can't deny
when my best friend
grabs and holds
hold on
I can't deny
there's this darkness
I withhold my prints
of wax
my best friend
I can't deny
when my best friend
grabs and holds
hold on
I might be a time bomb
but I got the fix
and I might be waiting
for the right time to blow.