Hells Angels on Wheels (1967) Movie Script

Hello there!
Hi, vesla. Do you want candy?
- Do you have a guy?
- Have something else you can smoke.
Thin on you, I smoke.
- Can I have a seat?
- Have a train ever?
- Can I help them?
- Tullinger. Come on, full tank!
Super, normal or ethyl?
What are you doing? Get away,
I do not want you here.
What the hell is it wrong with you?
"I'm in a hurry, I said!
You are badly in the oil.
Is this how you treat customers?
You are discontinued. Begone.
Up with chin.
What happened?
Looks eaten out.
What is wrong with you?
Where did you get hold of
that scratch?
Want to pay for
the broken headlight?
Want to get your head broken too?
- What is the problem?
- The wreck ruined my headlight.
- Take it easy.
- Go to hell.
What do you think about it?
The driver is the poet.
All right. Come with me
then I'll get you a new smell.
Come on.
What about the smell?
Later. We have something
We are going to make up here.
Do not take it personally.
Have nothing with you to do.
Do you need help?
If someone comes running out,
can you take him
Hey hello, do you want a beer?
- I'm not your mate.
- What are you doing here?
- Shall give you a try.
Are you going to take us all?
Take a break now
See what you did
with him.
That's fine.
Do you think?
Spark into the toe.
I asked you to wait outside.
Where do you act
Here it's closed tonight.
It's my beer. Why do you help?
him? We just got him up.
When I was little wild
I become a nurse.
Do you get the guys to christmas up
each other so you can play sister?
I have a crack in my lip.
A crack in lip, I said.
Buddy, it's not
what it looks like.
You're my crap, right?
You're eaten.
Drive with him.
Your asshole.
We have all our kick,
Hi, Pearl.
Alright, everyone. Then we stick.
Sit close to me
on the bike.
You are not so important to him.
He is sticking with another girl.
But I like you.
Do not do it.
Do you want a ride?
Have no choice.
Come on.
See you later, okay?
Do you like the roller coaster?
- Yes, joe.
- What about you?
How about you, Shill?
Do you like speed?
Yes, I love it.
Come on.
Why should I drive
with the poet?
Pearl sat down with me. And three
on a bike are too many.
I do not think you care about me.
I care about everyone like that
do as I say.
- Go to hell!
- Fits me better than heaven.
- Look up where you go.
- Go to hell!
Shut up.
Sorry, I went in thought.
- Do not sound like an excuse.
- Did anyone hear that he was sad?
Let me hear that.
Not from me, mate.
Give them a carnival dress
they look all the same.
Which fools
are you from?
Hold him!
It's cowardly.
Are you going to join?
Stay away from that.
Is he worth it?
He guy ... the poet?
Yes, is he still there?
Four guests went loose
on him.
Was there four of them?
Did you see the gradient?
One of them had a propeller
with three leaves.
He is a mechanic. I mean
his degree.
We have a nice room all over the park
we find them.
Are they them?
Either they saw that we were coming,
Or they stuck right away.
We stay here for a while and
looking after them anyway.
- How do you feel?
- A little sore in the stomach.
Go over to Shill and relax a little.
I want to be with you
when you find them.
Just do as I say.
Jocko, get started.
Come, let's go.
Should I drive?
Sit down.
Relax she's just
my roommate
You have a wild mouth.
You know what-
I've wanted to kiss you
from the first moment.
Why do you say "Do you know what?"
Low self-esteem?
I have something for you.
Keep it
You're cheeky.
One moment ... and so ...
Really cheeky.
Will you make love to me?
Do not you want to?
Yes. I will love you.
No thanks.
If you want to do that,
so do it.
Wait. There are some here.
So what?
Let her look.
Is she never talking?
Not as much as you.
Do it now then.
Quite square, what.
Civil morality, right?
Do you have fun?
There are too many of them.
You were not too many
when you took the guy.
Just go to hell.
You killed him.
Let's sting.
Let the door stand up,
I want to see.
Did you find him?
- Yes, we found them.
Did you fix them?
- Yes, fix them properly.
One of them relaxed
too good.
Do not forget that we do not
was there tonight.
Could have been another gang,
but it's just forgetting.
I'll take care of it.
Buddy does not know how lucky
he is.
A girl with your hair
and your body.
Lori, do not start again.
With what?
Nothing, pretty.
Just a little girlfriend.
Same for me.
- They really got what?
- Yes, proper bank.
No one knocks us.
You should see him tonight.
A bit of a fight.
Wish I had
been there.
You're weak for Shill, what?
Yes, I am.
She is awesome.
But she is angry.
One moment, nice and straightforward
and next something else.
What kind of painter are you?
What kind of painter are you?
Do not know. Doseter, baseballs-
places, arm hooks.
Occasionally self-portraits.
- Yes?
- Yes. I can make portraits.
Do you think so?
Paint it
Yes it.
Hi, mad me.
Shill, you are beautiful.
Why can not you be that way?
when we are alone?
Can not we go somewhere
and being alone?
We can try.
Why do you lock the door?
Some may come in.
What is it with you?
Are you shy or?
Do not you care about yourself?
Yes I do.
I'm not ashamed
for something I do.
You're pissed on Buddy-
- and are looking to give up again.
And you will use that for me.
Be grateful
for small services
You want me to fight for you,
If you're scared, the little one ...
I'm not afraid of anyone.
Not for me once?
Or what can I do you?
I just know I want you
more than any other girl.
Will you fight for me?
I should kill for you.
Bingham is outside.
- Complain again.
- Are you bothering us again?
Hope it's not the beginning
a long tiring weekend.
If we go out and drive a bit,
do you bother us?
Do we have a quiet and fun party,
Do you come and disturb.
Is that what you are going to do?
do your career?
Not far from.
Are you going out and running this weekend?
Maybe. We have our rights.
It has everyone else too.
Take it easy. Otherwise I'll put
take you in a couple of days.
- Are you threatening me? Do you have arrest warrant?
- I'm just saying that.
That's okay, old friend.
Where have you been tonight?
I said so. We have been here
at a quiet and fun party.
A guest was killed in the park
tonight. Someone killed him.
So bad then.
And the perpetrator was comfy and
a jacket like you.
Do you want to arrest me?
Maybe do it this time.
We'll see. Best you get ready
to the big fall.
There are many who have comfy
and such a jacket.
We'll see. See you soon.
- Certainly.
- Many times a day.
So be careful to spit
on the sidewalk. All right?
- I will not do it.
- No do not do it.
Have it, mate.
What do you say about it? Warning
from our own private purk.
Shall we drive out
this weekend?
Do not want to
he's going to be on the go.
It's you who decide, Buddy.
Look at him a. The purse took us almost
and he has not noticed anything.
You should marry
and relax a little.
Do you know what we do?
We are going to Nevada
and make weddings.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Do you have a carburetor for me?
- Takes a week to get one.
- I'm knocking one. Available?
- Yes, Please.
The girls are waiting here.
Only members.
Who has my beer?
Alright, the meeting is set.
We have some things to talk about.
Firstly, the battle yesterday
was self-defense.
The guy pulled that knife, right?
You really calmed him.
If Bingham or anyone comes,
we do not know anything.
He's the poet guy is all right,
Who wants him?
as a member?
Okay. Who does he propose?
- I support him.
- He is a childhood pomp.
I like him.
Okay, go get him.
Third, just right.
Gypsy and Abigale will
Take him, Bull.
Take him
He likes it.
Here he is.
The poet.
You are now aspiring to become a member.
Come on. Take it on you.
See how well it fits.
- Purks.
- I've seen them.
Drink your coke.
We have nothing to hide.
What's up?
Looks like we get an escort.
See how people are there
with open mouth-
- and the island on the stalk.
Just like the president.
The bride must have flowers. Pick
some bouquets.
- Is this a good idea?
- Cold feet?
Just a little tired and hurried.
Poet, he pulls.
Not after we have traveled the whole
this way.
What's going on here?
- What is all this noise?
- Are you going to wake all the neighbors?
Not that tone to me. And you there,
stay away from the flowers!
But, dear priest, they are for the bride.
All stores are closed.
Is there anyone who wants to get married?
Sure. These two
nice young people.
And we will pay for the flowers.
Just the couple and two witnesses.
Wait here. Pearl will join that
maid of honor.
She does not need to write
under something?
I love you with all my heart
from the bottom of my heart
I love you
Here you can sign
like the other witness.
Please, this way.
We are a motorcycle club.
I can hear that.
We've heard that parachutists
gets married in the air.
And divers
marry under water.
Have heard it. It is spotting
a holy ceremony.
That's your opinion.
But we also have our faith.
We mix in what you do.
I do not put myself on one
motorcycle and reading the Bible.
We do not expect that.
We can bring the bikes here.
I was born faster than this.
Everyone out there is his friends
and they will look at when he gets married.
Are you sure
that you will do this?
How long did it take?
with your wife?
Is it OK?
Should I take away from you?
this blessed moment?
Stand still in line
as an honorary guardian.
Let's sing.
Here comes the bride
completely dressed in white
Why do they make fun of it?
Who knows?
Do you, Abigale McKenna, this one
the husband of your husband?
Do you, Darryl Rickman-
- this woman to yours
- Yes.
- Rings.
Do you have a ring?
Lunatic. How are you getting married?
without a ring?
It's a flip.
So funny that one can cry.
As my authority
I declare you husband and wife.
You can kiss the bride.
Now it's my turn.
Rent a room for them. Have you
Look, Jesse James
and his ties.
Is this Jesse?
He is the leader. He's fine
the best horses.
You are going to lose.
I'm not alone. I have
many friends in the bar.
We just came to have a beer.
- Another place.
- You do not understand.
We do not want anywhere else.
We want to drink beer here.
Sorry, but it's full here.
- Not even a small one?
- Not a drop.
Take your smelly bastard bags and
bikes and sticks.
You are going to
get hurt. Did you know?
Let's make up then.
You do not understand.
Should I fight with anyone who would
I had to fight all the time.
If you want to fight with me,
do you have to fight with all of us.
Nice little comfy, what?
Has Gypsy got her room?
Could not have left
Who's left outside?
Then it's just stolen.
If I left you outside
you are also stolen.
They fight.
Come on, please.
I come. But it looks
as they may need some help.
They are doing fine.
Do not you come to bed?
Hi Buddy, where are you going?
Squaw Rock. With Moely and the guys.
Enjoy yourself.
How do you feel?
Why do you ask
Maybe I'll start
to like you
Do not leave what happened last night
get to your head
Did not mean anything to you?
That was what it was.
Nothing else.
You are me a nice rebel.
Totally broken because Shill does not swear
on a cloud for it last night.
- nothing to blow up
Love them and walk from them.
Is that why you joined the Angels?
So you can get down on
citizens and be free?
Why are you here
if you do not like it?
- Maybe I'm spying for the fool.
- Maybe you like rough treatment?
You learn.
Could I just make you cut
pisseprekenet and relax a little.
Wish you did it.
somebody could.
Everyone is terrified
to take responsibility.
I can take responsibility for you.
Have a beer. I like you
not when you get angry with me
You are different.
I have said so. So all out
Like me, I had not been anything.
When people see me on the street, I want to
that they should say:He is the leader.
Will you never grow up?
You do not need money
in order to live off?
I have enough.
A little money can be done all the time
Do you just want a little?
How much do I need? I pay
$ 50 a month in rent.
I do not drink champagne and
do not go to fine restaurants.
But if you want to marry one day?
Have already tried it.
And it's just crazy. Two people
that cling to a paper.
What's the joke about it?
I want you now.
Do you want anything with me?
And tomorrow you'll hit
other guy-
- and want to be with him.
And that's okay.
And I find something new.
I do not know if I like it.
Girls have nothing to say.
They just gotta shut up.
If you do not like it,
just jumping off.
You're joking?
Yes of course.
Want a ripe?
Why not?
Ally, everyone. Come on.
Hi, I do not share you.
As you wish.
It's far to go to town.
Come on. Jump on
Get up with you.
- Do not imagine anything.
- Just fine.
Otherwise, we get out of the way over the road.
- Do you never bathe?
- A month ago. My charm.
- You're sitting with me.
- Okay, Buddy.
Hi, wait a minute.
Shill is not a potato bag.
And you're not an Angel yet,
We keep learning about you.
So just relax.
Find out by yourself.
I'm still a little sleepy.
What do you have?
Guaranteed full speed.
You are a rat. A beautiful rat.
The only rat boy, baby.
That's the girl for Bull.
You delicious sheep.
- Drive to the side!
- Come on, gammer.
Idiot, away road.
Come on, get away!
Swing away.
Now you are not sitting properly.
Cut out, your baby.
Relax, you're sitting on
with the best.
I can make it sit down
and give a lab.
He drove off the road. I saw the dust.
Just got a hole outside.
It certainly went well.
- Hey, shit.
- Sergeant Bingham.
A welcome committee. Watch
blank sign.
Do you have refreshments?
- I told you we'll see you again.
- Yes, you did.
You've been having fun?
In Nevada? It's beyond
your district.
- This time it was flausing.
- Flause this time.
Not in hell either.
Hello shill
Who are you with today?
Is not that personal?
Who are you wearing?
I'm sitting on with Buddy.
I'll hold you, Buddy.
You're joking.
You were involved in an accident.
Impossible. Look at my bike.
Not a scratch on it.
You last ran with a girl behind
on the bike. I have two witnesses.
They were wrong. I ran last and last
He front as usual.
He is out of control. I drove last
with that pretty little girl at the back.
- No, that's the way ...
Wait a minute, I was.
Why did you do it?
Wanted to. Would not blame him
something for the guests.
- We did not want to lie to you.
- Take them all together.
What is this? A guy will be
scared of us and driving off the road.
Should we pay compensation, or?
He was killed.
Come on.
They can not arrest me.
I have not done anything.
I do not even know them.
It was him. He drove last.
Well, Jocko. You stay with us.
You will not see your friends
other than in prison.
You will have one to five years
for this.
Too bad it was not you.
- But I'll take you for guests.
- Just try.
Do you want to tell me about guests?
Perhaps you get reduced punishment
Cut out now!
We'll see.
No hassle now.
Get off.
Do you believe Bingham
Are you looking for Pearl?
Are you involved in this?
We'll take back Jocko.
- Are you crazy?
- Should we kidnap him?
- It's too dangerous.
- I do not ask.
We wait until they are down in the valley.
Then we take them in the intersection.
They continue
and Jocko is driving with us.
We explain to them that Jocko
not so often in prison.
And if it does not help,
we'll find something.
They are armed.
- There are many more of us.
- Are you trying to kill me?
You are too naughty to die.
Squaw Rock is canceled.
Drive towards the ruins.
Tonight there will be a party!
Hi, Moley.
- How are you?
Look here. The newlyweds.
- Did you enjoy it?
- Drink two beers and fall asleep.
Now you are joking.
I'm sticking now.
Down the beach to La Paz
and forget the scorpion.
That's fine.
I would be alone.
Without Buddy too?
Without all.
You said I'd figure it out
Find out what?
Why you stuck so fast
Buddy waved his finger.
You took it hard, what?
Stop staring at me.
You look like an idiot.
Want to tell me
what is the problem?
The problem!
The bourgeois way to say that!
A girl has a problem?
They can not help me.
I'm taking a mess on them all.
I'm one big clich.
I want kids.
With Buddy?
Have you told him?
Why should I do that? So he can
marry me?
Do you want to marry him?
I do not know...
- Do you think he wants?
- Why should he?
- I want that.
- It's not yours.
Does not matter.
Do you want to marry me anyway?
She is my property!
Do not you ever learn?
Do not you?
She will have children with you.
Tough. Do you plan to be midwife?
Is nothing important to you?
- You're just a damned bluff.
- Shut up. Just do as I say.
I'm not in your tires.
- Then you can just stab.
- I do not need you.
Come on!