Hell's Belle (2019) Movie Script

Well, hello.
How are you, pretty lady?
I didn't think I'd see anybody up here.
Well, then I would never
neglect a fine lookin' lady.
No, no (GRUNTS).
Get off me (SCREAMS)!
REPORTER: Topping the news today,
two murders and a robbery
in less than 24 hours.
Residents are in a panic
after a gun battle erupts on their street.
One person was killed and
four others are hospitalized.
Charlie, this isn't working.
You have to make more money.
CHARLIE: Carol, you know I'm on salary.
I know that, I know that,
but you have to something,
consulting, a night job, something.
You know I can't.
Maybe you could, if you would stop
going on those expeditions
of yours every five minutes.
REPORTER: Might be
related to the robbery.
The remaining suspects are still at large.
CAROL: We need more.
REPORTER: They're in their
early 20s or late teens,
with dark hair.
CHARLIE: I'm working on it.
REPORTER: 210 to 220 pounds.
They are considered armed and dangerous.
If you've seen either suspect,
or have any information that can help.
MAN: What do you mean leave you alone?
WOMAN: I don't wanna talk to you!
MAN: What're you talking about?
WOMAN: I don't care anymore!
I just don't care anymore!
MAN: Well, maybe I just don't care.
WOMAN: No, now leave me alone!
I don't care about this place!
MAN: Yeah, I know you don't.
Look, I don't wanna work all day,
I come in here and look at this place.
WOMAN: I work, I work.
I vacuum, I try, I cleaned the windows!
I do what I can!
MAN: You don't wanna do nothing.
You work on your hair is what you work on.
WOMAN: Well then, I
don't care about that!
MAN: You work on, you
work on buying your clothes.
WOMAN: Look, I have to look
good if I go out in public!
MAN: Who are you gonna look good for?
You don't have to look good for me?
WOMAN: I don't know!
MAN: I'm the only one
that matters around here.
WOMAN: Yeah, I matter too!
I don't know why.
MAN: I don't know why I married you.
WOMAN: I don't care.
I'm sick of cooking in this kitchen.
I cook something, you're like, it's lousy.
I feel like a slave!
I can't leave the house!
I can't do anything!
This will be brief, Charles,
because I'm gonna be honest with you.
Frankly, Mr. Donavan,
you're not worthy of tenure,
and are likely to be gone
before the end of the year.
Sir, sir, I don't, I don't think
that's a fair evaluation at, at all, I...
How old are you now?
35, sir.
Then you're old enough to know
that fair is a subjective term
used only by students and amateurs.
Sir, I feel like
within the next few weeks
I'm gonna be able to put on your desk...
It's right here in black and white.
Your presentations are minimal.
You have virtually no awards or honors.
Your professional development
has basically been ignored.
When this goes out to the referees,
they will recommend that you are gone.
When the department votes on your tenure,
they will recommend that you are gone,
and when this crosses my desk,
I will recommend that you are gone.
And, Charles, in 31 years,
the provost has never reversed
one of my recommendations.
You will not be tenured.
Charles, I'm having this
conversation with you
as a matter of courtesy.
In all honesty, I felt
you had great potential,
but it just has not come to fruition here.
This just may not be a good fit for you.
If you can put something
on here within 30 days
that shows you are worthwhile,
there may be a chance.
Otherwise, I'm telling you this now,
so that you can start to
look for something else
before the end of the year.
Good luck, Charles.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, Jared.
JARED: Hey, Lia.
CHARLIE: All right,
guys, let's bring it in.
KATIE'S MOM: Take this.
Okay, okay, gotta go.
CHARLIE: Bring it in, guys.
WILL: (sighs) Shit, man, here we go.
Come on, come on, bring it in.
All right, does everybody got everything?
Boots, tools, flashlight?
Lia, you know we're not gonna
have any cell phone service
within like 80 miles of
where we're going, right?
Oh, well, I guess I could
take pictures with it.
Now, any artifacts we find
will be property of the university,
because they're funding this expedition.
Now, as expedition leader,
I'm gonna be accredited
with any significant
discoveries, of course.
Of course.
Well, that hardly seems
worth going then, does it?
Well, I don't, I don't know, William.
Is it worth saving your failing grades?
All right, let's get this
show on the road, shall we?
Now, we're gonna be stopping
20 miles outside of the preserve
to gas up and get drinks and stuff.
Keep that in mind, guys.
Professor, you wanna
ride in the back by me?
Ah, (CLEARS THROAT) you know,
I think I'm gonna sit up front with Renee,
but uh, I've gotta give
directions and stuff there,
but, but thanks.
A shadow right around,
around your pretty face
Christ, how much further is it?
Didn't he say that we
were gonna stop for gas?
I need a Coke.
RENEE: Or a beer.
Or a case of beer.
Renee, let's get Katie drunk tonight.
We're all in the wilderness.
We can get naked and howl at the moon.
RENEE: What?
I am not getting naked.
Can I stay as long as I please
Just to see you
tomorrow in the sunlight
There's a store up here on
your right, less than a mile.
Pull in there.
Ladies, you still with us?
As much as they ever were.
The sun is shining
The sun is shining
All around, around,
around your pretty face
Around, around, around, around
Around, around, around, around
You coming?
Um, no, I, I don't think so.
Okay, want something to drink?
Sure, root beer.
That'll be 18.16.
Wow, really?
Greed is its own punishment.
Um, thank you.
RENEE: Mm hmm.
CHASE: Hey, let's
ditch Professor Dickweed.
CHARLIE: Come on, Chase, Jesus Christ.
Unlock the door.
Hey, man, I'm, I'm sorry.
I didn't even realize, don't fail me.
All right Chase,
you're right at the fuckin' line.
Just drive, don't say
shit until we get there.
Hello, sir, I'm Professor Donavan.
You should be expecting us.
ABE: Abe, these are you.
Mess hall is behind us.
Showers are over there.
Which one's ours?
You pick.
Oh, man, hey, what
happened to your face?
It's okay.
No, seriously, did you like
tangle with a grizzly bear?
There are things more deadly
than the wildlife up here.
What're you like afraid
of Bigfoot or something?
Hey, man, I, sorry.
RENEE: Mine.
LIA: Is that a bug?
CHASE: Hey, Will,
check this out (chuckles).
My, oh, my, wherever did you acquire
such a valuable skill, man.
CHASE: I use to spend summers
at my uncle's ranch when I was a kid.
WILL: Yeah, okay.
Hey, fellas, school's
provided two meals a day.
Now, we're gonna have
dinner here in about an hour
over at the mess hall.
Breakfast is gonna be tomorrow
morning at seven a.m. sharp.
Oh, hey, what about lunch?
They're not providing lunch?
We're gonna be on the mountain, Chase.
There's not catering, here.
WILL: Come on.
All right, it's a short hike from here
to the base of the mountain.
Right on the trail apparently.
Now we're gonna leave here
at 7:30 tomorrow morning
after having had breakfast.
On this side of the mountain
is a well known cave
with fairly easy access.
We're gonna stay together
until that point.
Now, the artifacts that
we're gonna be looking for
are gonna be buried in or near a ravine
that was marked by a horseshoe
nailed to a cottonwood tree
next to another tree
with 12 bullet holes in a tight cluster.
Now, these markings were
created in the winter of 1876,
so they're gonna be
fairly grown over by now,
and they should stand somewhere
between eight and 10 feet off the ground.
So, we're looking for a horseshoe then?
CHARLIE: A donkey shoe technically.
Wait, um, stay together
until that point?
What do you mean?
We need to cover the entire mountaintop,
so we're gonna search everywhere
above the entrance of the cave.
So, to do that effectively,
we're gonna need to split up,
and then we're gonna meet
back here before dark.
Everyone get a good night's sleep.
You're gonna need it.
We're splitting up?
Mm, I think I'll grab
my shower tonight then.
Okay, I'll see you guys in the morning.
RENEE: Not bad.
There was no service
for the last 20 miles coming up here, Lia.
All right, guys, this way.
It's up there on your right.
All right, this is the
only trail to the cave.
That's where we begin.
Not cool.
It's pretty cool.
RENEE: Real nice, Will.
Okay, we can rest here
for a couple of minutes.
Then we gotta get started.
WILL: Have you ever
seen one of those before?
Hey, Will, do you know I was
having a conversation, yeah?
So, let's have, Lia,
let's have you and Chase,
let's have you guys go over
to the east side of the mountain.
Now, that's gonna be to your right
as you exit the cave, okay?
William, let's have you and Allison
go over to the west side.
Now, that's gonna be to your
left as you exit the cave.
What do you think about being
my personal assistant today?
Maybe for some extra credit?
I sure could use some
help with all these maps.
Professor Donavan, we
can't leave Katie on her own.
Oh, oh, yeah, um, Katie, you and uh,
you and Renee search the immediate area,
and uh, and then go directly
to the top of the mountain.
I'm gonna search just over
the back side of the top.
Now, we all have our assignments.
If anyone finds anything,
come to the top of the mountain
and find me immediately.
Otherwise, meet me back
down at the camp tonight.
Oh, and uh, be sure to
get off the mountain
before it gets too dark.
RENEE: (grunts) Shit.
You okay?
Fine (SIGHS).
You shouldn't have worn shorts, Renee.
Probably not, it's
good for my grade though.
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
What did you mean though.
What does wearing shorts
have to do with your grade?
Really, how do you?
Oh, oh, sweetie (CHUCKLES).
How much longer before
it gets dark I wonder.
Sooner than later.
What the hell does that mean?
Let's keep moving.
ALLISON: I don't feel good.
Probably just not used to the altitude.
Probably need some food and maybe rest.
Once you get used to the, Allison?
Allison, Allison.
You've got a nosebleed.
ALLISON: That's weird.
All right, let's head back to camp then.
(GRUNTING) Good God, Allison (GRUNTING).
ALLISON: I'm not even
that heavy, come on.
Where's Professor Donavan?
He's not back yet.
Why, do you miss him?
Wasn't he the one saying to get back
before it gets dark, dumbass.
Dinner in 30 minutes.
What's with him?
What an odd dude.
I guess I'll grab my shower.
WILL: Thanks for sharing.
Is someone in here?
That smells really good.
Do you need any help?
Thanks, no.
What're you staring at?
Where did you get that?
Where did you get that?
It's mine, I found it in the.
CHASE: Is there any beer left?
Where you going?
I'm making a plate for Professor Donavan
for when he comes back.
ALLISON: Suck up.
LIA: Hey, you got
any of that COOP left?
WILL: Yeah.
LIA: Hand me a DNR, would ya?
And with that, I bid you
all adieu until tomorrow.
CHASE: Katie.
You want a beer?
I'm good.
Damn, baby, you
should've said something.
CHASE: Did you have a
bad dream there, buddy?
No, Allison, she, she.
ALLISON: I think somebody
can't handle his liquor.
All right, hey, come on, brother.
Hey, back to bed.
Hey, sleep it off, sleep
if off, sleep it off.
A hot fuckin' mess.
My God.
You know, me too, it's getting late.
What about the Professor?
He's probably camped out in some cave,
jerking off to an inscription
found on the wall.
Anyone check his cabin?
Which one is his, I wonder?
I saved you some food.
Hey, guys.
Professor Donavan's not here?
He stayed out all night.
Dude, it looks like you
two stayed out all night.
(CHUCKLES) Clever girl.
I had some fucked up dreams.
He stayed out on the mountain all night?
What the hell?
I thought that they were gonna
provide us with breakfast.
Breakfast isn't ready.
Where's that old Indian dude?
His name is Abe.
Yeah, Abe, whatever.
Isn't he the one that's
supposed to be taken care of us?
I'm starving.
He got all weird last night
and just took off somewhere.
Got weird, really?
Well, weirder than usual.
No, guys, he's really
sweet to cook for us, and...
It's his damn job.
He gets to live here for free.
He gets paid to look after the place
and cook for his guests.
He should be looking after us,
not just take off without a word.
Totally not cool.
Man, I gotta eat something.
Maybe there's some Pop-Tarts in there.
I'm sure that when he saw the
Professor wasn't coming back
he figured screw it, why wake
up early, nobody's watching.
Hell, he probably got liquored
up worse than you two.
You guys aren't worried
about the Professor?
You don't think it's strange
he stayed out all night?
What if something happened to him?
Like what?
I don't now.
He could be hurt or lost up there.
Really, Professor Dora the Explorer?
Seems unlikely, this whole
expedition was his idea.
He bullied us into coming
with him for a grade.
He lives for this shit.
Well, maybe Abe went to go look for him.
Then why ain't he back yet
cooking us our breakfast?
You wanna go swimming or something?
No, not really, no.
I don't wanna be off having fun
when the Professor gets back.
If I fail another class, I'm screwed.
I'm sure he expects us to
already be up on the mountain
looking for that damn horseshoe
on a tree or whatever.
I'm bored as hell just sitting here.
Let's do something.
Maybe we should call the police.
That's not what I meant.
Couldn't call anyway.
There's no phone lines or
reception out here, remember?
Well, then we should
go to the nearest town.
Seriously, guys, Professor Donavan and Abe
have been gone all night.
We can't just sit here and wait.
What if something happened to them?
Look, Katie, it's cool
that you're concerned and everything,
but it would take half a day
to get to the nearest town,
wherever the hell that is,
and by the time we got to file a report
and bring anyone back,
the whole day would be gone,
if they even believe us.
I don't know.
Maybe we should do something.
Preferably not hang out at
the cop shop all day though.
I say we just chill
here till he gets back.
I'm still kind of hungover.
I didn't sleep well either.
I kept dreaming I was
hearing music all night.
We can't just sit here and
act like everything's normal.
We should go into town.
Professor Donavan has the keys.
Oh, good God.
Dude, hey, whatcha doing?
I'm gonna go look
for Professor Dickweed.
Then I'm going too.
I mean, I don't really
wanna look like an asshole
when you guys find him without me.
Guys, what about the police, seriously?
RENEE: Katie.
Maybe we can find the keys
to Abe's truck or we could um...
RENEE: Katie.
You coming?
Morning, Deirdre.
Morning, Lonny.
RENEE: We should've brought some water.
ALLISON: You think?
RENEE: Will, where are you going?
Well, logically we
start at the first cave,
and then go from there.
If in fact, he's not
already there that is.
Can you find it again?
I don't get it.
The path, it just disappeared.
Yesterday there was a path here
that led to the entrance of the cave,
and now it just doesn't exist.
Did you just get us lost
in the mountains, seriously?
No, I'm telling you,
there was a path like
stairsteps here yesterday.
I know what I'm doing.
Okay, the cave is right
above us halfway to the top.
Don't you guys remember?
Look at this shit.
So, what do you wanna do, go back?
CHASE: I guess we must've
wandered off the trail.
I didn't wander off the
fuckin' trail, damn it.
It's just gone.
Isn't that it?
CHASE: At least we beat the rain.
Now what?
We wait out the rain,
then we keep moving.
What's that?
DEIRDRE: A note from Crazy
Abe up at the campground.
More of that voodoo
medicine man crap I reckon.
Says some kids found a piece of jewelry
belonging to Belle Starr.
Well, I guess he'd know.
Not some missing Jesse James treasure.
Nope, just Belle.
Poor bastard.
That Abe's a sweet fella.
He just ain't never been
the same since the accident.
Accident (LAUGHING)?
No, no, it was her ghost
attacked him treasure hunting.
Don't you forget that.
I always figured it was just the peyote.
He got too fucked up and fell
face first on the boulders.
Well, I wish the hell
they'd find all that money,
so they can quit looking.
Leave us the hell alone.
Hey, Lonny?
He says there's a professor of some kind
didn't come in off the
mountain last night.
God, damn it, see what I mean?
So, I guess I'll go up
there after lunch today.
See what the hell Abe's hollering about.
God, damn it, son of a bitch.
(CHUCKLES) I guess the stereo type
has some basis in reality.
Native Americans and
liquor, a drunken Indian.
Oh yeah, I've heard that one before.
Go wake him up.
He can help us look.
Yeah, go wake the
drunk sleeping on a rock
in the middle of the day.
Yeah, that'll end well.
Really, Will?
WILL: What's wrong, are you okay?
RENEE: Oh, fuck.
KATIE: Oh, God.
What the fuck are you doing?
CHASE: I'm gonna check his pulse.
Ew, no.
He could still be alive.
Chase, Chase.
What happened to him?
Well, I think that's fairly obvious.
He passed out drunk in the
night and something ate him,
like a bear of a big cat.
We need to get off the mountain.
We need to go get help.
Help, help, we can't help him.
Look at this.
You wanna leave Donavan up
here with whatever did that?
He's right, we're already up here.
We should just find him
and tell him about this.
We can't leave him alone
up here to be eaten too.
At least then he'd
quit staring at my tits.
Oh, my God, Lia, shut up.
Old Tonto here was passed out drunk
like an invitation to a buffet.
We're waking around in broad daylight.
As long as we're in
groups of two or three,
nothing's gonna fuck with us.
I don't think it's safe.
ALLISON: Of course you don't.
Look, the sooner we find the Professor,
the sooner we can all go home.
Couldn't we just go home now,
and let the cops worry
about the Professor?
No, he's got a point.
Plus, we're already guaranteed
an A after all this shit.
You guys.
Look, Katie, if you wanna go back down
you can by yourself.
I'm sure the Professor
would love to hear it
when we find him.
What're you thinking?
Just checking it out.
See, you guys, I told you.
There's no blood.
There's no mess.
There's nothing broken or torn.
He's probably somewhere geeking out
about a historical marker or something.
CHASE: So, where is he then?
He's probably close.
I doubt he'd wander far
without his geek Bible.
Probably went to pee behind a bush.
Well, he didn't head
back down the mountain,
or else we would've seen him.
Unless he went to the
West side by the lake.
There's a lake?
Yeah, down the base,
through the woods I think.
Maybe someone should go check there.
I don't mind.
CHASE: I better go with her.
All right, let's see what we got here.
Man, that was some weird shit.
I never saw a dead body before.
At least something finally
happened on this dull ass trip.
Hey, he seemed like a
nice enough old dude,
but I don't know him from Jack so.
So, that didn't freak
you out a little bit?
I was scared shitless up there.
Well, I can honestly say
it did get my blood pumping a little.
Oh hey, this is nice.
Yeah, I wonder why no one's around?
The season's over remember?
The school made a deal with the state
so we could be here after their closed.
Looks like we have the
place to ourselves then.
Ha, no password.
I wonder what's in this thing?
RENEE: Probably pictures of me.
If he walks up here and catches you
digging through his shit, you're screwed.
So keep watch for me.
Where you going?
CHASE: To take a leak.
CHASE: Polite.
CHASE: No, I need to
grab a cigarette too.
Now, that's cliche.
Hey, I wonder if the others
are having as much fun as we are?
This is Lonny to base, come in.
This is base, Lonny, go ahead.
Deirdre, did you ever hear
anything back from old Abe?
Not a thing since this morning, hon.
Okay, I guess you're
gonna need to go ahead
and call the South base.
Get a couple of guys up here.
Looks like we may have
a search and rescue.
Roger that, Lonny.
Whatever happened with Abe?
I don't know, couldn't tell you.
His truck's here, but he's not here.
No one else is for that matter.
(LAUGHING) Ow wow, that's classic.
What, what happened?
That old fucker.
This was never a historical expedition.
This was a treasure hunt the entire time.
He was using us to hunt gold.
Dude, where'd you even get that from?
It's all over his notes.
Apparently, he's looking for gold
that was left up here in 1873
when the James Gang got
caught in a blizzard.
There's money involved?
Apparently, about two
million bucks in today's money.
You know, that explains a lot.
A lot about what?
I never said anything,
because I figured he
was just full of shit,
but he said that after this trip,
he was gonna leave his wife,
and wanted me to go with him to Italy.
Bullshit, that's not true.
Of course it is, he said
that after this trip...
You're a fucking liar!
Why would I lie about that?
I was already screwing him anyway.
You're not fucking
going anywhere with him!
You got it?
WILL: Ooh.
KATIE: Hey, hey.
WILL: Damn.
RENEE: It's all right, I'm okay
Hey, you hungry?
I got an energy bar!
Seriously, Allison, what the hell?
Everyone knows what a horndog Donavan is.
Did you think you were the only one?
He said that he was gonna
work shit out with his wife
when he broke up with me.
He takes up with this freak?
Bitch, I will flat out fuck you up.
Guys, guys, come on.
This is not good for anyone.
She's right, you two can
figure out who's trespassing
when we get home.
The emphasis on the
part about getting home.
So, according to Donavan's notes
the James Gang stole a bunch of gold
from a Mexican mule train,
then came out here to hide.
Why would anyone come
to this lifeless rock pile to hide out?
It says here that Cole Younger
had an ongoing thing with
a woman named Belle Starr.
Lived a couple miles from here,
knew the area pretty well.
Apparently, they never made it back
to make a withdraw from their stash.
So, Professor Donavan would
be famous if he found it.
I call him Charles.
Go to hell.
Oh my God, would you both stop.
What makes you think
he would tell anyone?
That's why he's using students.
As soon as anyone found anything,
he would've dumped us
back home and gone solo.
So where is he now I wonder?
Counting his gold maybe.
Something's not right.
He wouldn't have left all
his stuff just lying here.
We need to find him.
He could be hurt.
ALLISON: Or rich.
WILL: Allison, where are you going?
To be alone, away from this bitch.
Hey (SIGHS).
Look, for what it's worth,
I'm sorry about the thing with Renee.
I hear Donavan's got a
new freshman every year.
She doesn't even really care about him.
You can see it in her eyes.
She's just screwing him,
because she thinks it's
cool and edgy or some shit.
Well, you can call him
out on it when we find him.
He can kiss my ass!
In fact I don't know why we're
even looking for the bastard!
I say we just leave him up here.
We can go sit and wait.
Still make him share whatever he finds.
Well, clearly he would deny
having found anything on his own
and just come back later.
I guess so.
I didn't get much out of this damn trip.
Damn it, God, can
somebody just kill me now
and get it over with?
Well, you're right about one thing.
This whole fucked up weekend
definitely wasn't worth the trouble.
If I had to do it all over again,
I would just fail the course,
and forego the whole dead Indian,
missing professor bullshit.
But I suppose that'll be over with soon
when we find the Professor.
Hell, he's probably
already back at the camp.
Why don't you come on back?
Not yet, maybe in a minute.
Yeah, okay, okay.
To hell with this.
I'm not gonna just sit here on my ass
waiting to see if he's coming back or not.
He likely ditched us
for a reason, Renee.
Listen, you two head east.
Me and Allison will check
on the top and the center.
If he's found anything,
we'll let him know in no uncertain terms
that we're onto his little scheme.
He can't cut us out.
Either way you two head
back to the first cave
before meeting at the campground.
Yeah, whatever, come on.
Deirdre, what's going on with my help?
Did you ever call the South Base?
I sure did, Lonny.
They're sending a guy.
Said they'd be there in about an hour.
Hold it, wait a minute.
You said a guy, as in one person?
Are you shitting me?
Wouldn't shit my favorite turd, Lonny.
They said one guy, be
there in about an hour.
Come on, where'd you go, baby?
Quit fuckin' around now.
This isn't funny.
Couldn't wait five minutes for me, bitch?
what the hell did I do with that rope?
Oh, screw it.
Lia, Lia, wait up!
Baby, it's not safe for you alone.
You could slip and fall.
Asshole, God, you lying fucking asshole!
No, no, no, no!
Allison, Allison!
Allison, if you quit
now, I won't be sharing.
Renee, please, we've
gotta get somebody to help.
Okay, something's not right.
You've gotta know that.
You can say that again.
I can't believe Charles was ever with
that greedy, little gold digger.
No, I mean with Abe dead
and the Professor missing.
He's not missing, Katie.
He'll be back.
20 bucks says he won't leave without me.
You don't understand the
power we have over guys.
Is Lia with you guys?
RENEE: I thought she was with you?
CHASE: No, she left me behind.
RENEE: What did you do to her?
Nothing she didn't want.
Ow, shit!
KATIE: Oh, my God!
RENEE: Damn, dude!
CHASE: God, ow.
Are you okay?
Ah, I'm okay.
What the fuck?
Holy, fuckin' shit!
Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!
Renee, help me!
Chase, Chase!
Did you see that?
How did that happen?
I told you we need to
get off this mountain.
Something's not right.
We need to go get help.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
We'll head to the cave,
and then we'll meet everyone
down at the campground.
RENEE: Then we've gotta
go into town for help.
Maybe the Indian still has
his keys in his, in his pocket.
Katie, this way.
Did you see that?
I didn't see anything.
What was it?
There was a woman. There was
a woman standing right there.
She was all messed up.
Come on.
Hi, I'm D.W.
I'm supposed to talk to Lonny.
Well, glad you could
finally make it, D. Dub.
Hell, I was the only one workin'.
Had to do my rounds then
get everything locked up.
So, what's going on?
Something about the caretaker guy?
Don't know, can't find him,
but he did leave us a note
implying that there's a
teacher and some kids up here,
and the teacher never came
off the mountain last night.
What kids?
Exactly, I can't find them either.
Well, hell.
- Should we go take a look?
- Yeah, definitely.
So, what about this caretaker guy?
What about him?
He left you a note?
Yeah, he left a note
down at the Ranger Station
last night some time.
What did it say?
What, it's a secret or something?
Look, you've gotta
take anything Abe says
with a grain of salt.
We don't call him Crazy
Abe for no reason at all.
Back in junior high there was a time
when he didn't show up to
school for about like a month,
and when he did come back,
had that big scar on his face.
He didn't talk much after that,
but when he did talk,
he was spinning these yarns
about the ghost of Belle Starr
and how she attacked
him up on the mountain
when he tried to pick up a souvenir.
He swears she was real.
Nearly tore his face off.
Belle Starr, the bandit
queen from the Old West?
Not the Old West.
She lived the last half
of her life right here,
oh, about four miles over
this mountain right here
to the north.
Yeah, yeah, I've heard of her.
She rode with Jesse James.
D.W.: No?
No, local townfolk believe
she was sleeping with
one of the gang members,
one of the Younger
brothers, Cole I believe.
She didn't ride with them.
They were train robbers.
She was a cattle thief.
Oh, okay, so what about the note then?
Abe had indicated in the note
the kids found a piece of jewelry
that he thought belonged to Belle Starr,
and they brought it down
off the mountain with them.
Sounds like trouble, doesn't it?
Are you saying it was a ghost?
LONNY: I don't know.
You know that's why
they call him Crazy Abe.
I don't believe in ghosts myself.
D.W.: Yeah, me neither.
LONNY: But I'm telling you,
there's some weird shit
goes on on this mountain.
D.W.: You're telling me.
RENEE: What?
KATIE: Renee, come here, come here.
Oh my God, it's Allison.
What the fuck?
We need to get down there and help her.
We need, we need to bring her back up to...
She's gone.
You wanna just leave her down there
like Abe and Chase, Renee?
She's gone, Katie.
Get it through your head.
We can't help the dead, let's go.
My God, Renee.
What, what, did you think
I wanted her to do this?
I didn't know she would literally
jump off the damn mountain!
I can't help it if she...
KATIE: Renee!
- RENEE: What?
- What if she didn't jump?
We need to go.
Oh, my God.
Come on, we need to go, we need to go.
Professor, we've been
looking everywhere for you.
We found your stuff.
What've you been doing?
Oh, shit, man, oh, fuck
me, oh, fuck me, shit!
Poor crazy bastard.
What do you figure, Lonny, bear?
No, ain't no claws did that.
That's a straight blade knife.
That's a big knife.
From the looks of it, they
quite literally tore him apart.
That took someone strong to do that.
Maybe several someones.
Base, come in, Deirdre.
Come over, Deirdre.
Too far in?
I believe so.
We're not gonna be able
to help him, come on.
Let's find those kids.
Allison, Allison!
Allison, Chase!
Oh fuck, fuck, where
the fuck is everybody?
Oh, fuckin' shit.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Lonny.
What the hell's going on here?
One thing's for sure, it ain't animals.
Depends on your definition of animals.
What do you reckon?
I reckon there's some young
folks up on this mountain
that we need to talk to,
and we need to talk to
them right the hell now.
Renee, Renee!
Hang on, Renee!
Okay, okay, okay.
Hold on, hold on.
Leave me the fuck alone!
Hey, you!
Don't you move!
You stay right where you're at right now!
No, you don't understand!
Don't you even breath!
You got her, D. Dub?
I do.
You stay on her.
You keep her covered while
I get the cuffs on her.
D.W., D.W., God dam it, D.W.
You stay right where
you're at, young lady!
Don't you move.
Don't make me shoot you.
Hey, stop, shit!
D. Dub, where you at?
Ah, shit.
Fuck you, get away from me!
Damn it, girl, don't you ever.
Right here.
Foot up.
Hands up.
Deirdre, come in.
Whatcha got, Lonny?
We're gonna need the
State Police up here,
and the Medical Examiner.
Roger that, you okay up there?
Soon as you can, Deirdre.
Yes, sir.
Open your hands.
You've got a lot of explaining to do.
You might as well start at the beginning.
What do you want me to do
with all this stuff, Lonny.
Just leave it by the door.
The Sheriff's gonna send
somebody over this afternoon
to pick it up.
Alrighty then.