Hellthy (2019) Movie Script

~Clocktower Bell Ringing~
Yeah they reckon, they reckon I might be faking my back. Twats.
You are faking your back.
I'm not faking my back!
Yes you are!
How do you fake a back? Exactly!
Only got to look at me, to see what it's doing to me.
I met somebody in Kuala Lumpur who was faking his back.
So what you doing Phil he says, I've
gotta go back to England for a medical.
They want to check my back out. And he was on the social.
So to the social then everyone! The social! Cheers!
Talking of the social, why don't we use some of the social money and get a takeaway eh?
You're always thinking about your fucking stomach!
I've got a good stomach to fill haven't I? Yeah you have.
Beryl from Bury St Edmunds.
Own house, own teeth, 57.
Dawn her name was.
Let me guess, you had a 69'er with her, and you woke up at the crack of Dawn?
Pushing it a bit.
Who got me this one?
Bertie, Bob, Pete, Steve!
Oh I've got one cheers.
What were you saying?
You were saying, I wasn't saying anything. You were saying.
Was I?
Right, come on. I've gotta take you home, you're fucking pissed.
Aw, let him have his drink.
Look at the fucking state of him!
State of fucking me? Look at the fucking state of that!
Fucking state of the union mate!
Right come on fucking get up!
Come on! Get your hand in!
Bloody, useless old bugger! Get your arm in. Silly twat.
Hurry up!
Not so fucking fast!
Lets not go home straight away, lets go back to the pub.
The pub's closed. You know that.
Well lets go home and drink some more drink then.
No I'm going home, I've had fucking enough.
What you don't wanna stay with me then?
No I fucking don't.
Fucking hell! What the fuck's crawled up your arse?
Fucking YOU that's what!
Fuck did I do?
You called me a fucking state.
No I fucking didn't! When did I fucking say that?
To your fucking mates I saw you!
No I fucking didn't! I never fucking said that.
It don't matter now anyway 'cause I'm fucking going home
enjoy your stupid
drink and your fucking chicken!
Oh what's that supposed to fucking mean?
You know!
I like to fucking drink what I like to fucking drink.
Who gives a shit?
Fucking you are a state anyway!
Fuck you!
Well you are! Fucking so am I!
Who gives a toss? Just come back to mine.
Fuck's sake! Come back here!
No I've had a fucking enough of this!
Fucking had enough! All you do is to
sit there and drink and sleep.
I'm the best you've got now I'm gonna go huh!
What are you gonna do huh? When I'm gone?
You gonna go back to your family?
Oh no you can't do that though can you? Because you fucked them off as well didn't you?
You fucking dirty smelly fucking pig!
What's that fucking make you then?
Oh fuck you!
Pig! Fucking pig!
Fuck off with the fucking light Andrea!
What.. The.. Fuck?
What is this? Where the fuck am I?
This isn't fucking funny!
Let me the fuck out!
Let me out.
I ain't done nothing.
Sentence remaining...730 days.
I ain't done nothing!
Let me fucking out.
Who is this?
I'll fucking kill you.
What now?
Dear God no please!
Oh God, I can't do this, I've got bronchitis - I'll die
I can't do it! I haven't got my inhaler.
You sadist fuck!
What the fuck is this? I don't care! Just let me out!
Cold! Of fucking course.
Fuck! Not again!
This ain't funny anymore. You've had your fun! Just let me out.
I really need a drink!
I'm not feeling well.
What the actual fuck?
You can get fucked if you think I'm doing fucking sums!
Fuck you! You can't fucking do this! Let me out of here now!
Then you'll let me out yeah?
Fuck you! I'm keeping my pyjamas.
You're killing me.
I just need a drink.
I don't mind what. As long as it's got some alcohol in it.
Beer, whiskey, cider. Whatever.
Just get me something good to drink.
Fuck's sake, please!
Are you gonna let me out now? I'm sober.
I just wanna go home.
What the fuck is this?
There. I did it! Is that what you wanted?
You can't do this to a person.
You can't do this to a person!
Fuck my life!
I don't fucking know do I? I've done everything you've fucking asked. Just let me fucking out!
Well that's it then. I done what you asked for. Can let me out now?
I've done everything you've asked.
I did everything you wanted.
729 days? No!
I ain't fucking doing it!
It's unfair. You hear me?
I've got mental health problems.
My doctor says I'm depressed. Feeling suicidal.
I ain't fucking doing it!
Just give me something good to eat. Not this shit.
Did you hear me? I'm so hungry. Could you get me a pizza now!?
Six pack would be nice...
Yeah, that's right I want some fucking booze! I'm shaking!
I'm feeling weak.
I can't think. Just get me something good to drink.
Fine. I'll do it. I'll fucking do it.
Be reasonable I'm dyslexic. How do you expect me to pass these ones?
I ain't fucking doing it!
What the hell? That said 430? You got it wrong! It did didn't it?
Shit! OK, I'll try as hard as I can,
but if I can't do it, I can't do it!
Now I know you're taking the mickey!
I just want to take the time to say thank you.
I know you've given me the tools to a new life.
A better life.
I won't...I won't disappoint-
Dad it's me. If you're there pick up the
phone, it's your son.
Clearly not there I guess. It's probably easy to leave a message anyway.
I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for quite a while. I can't actually remember the last time.
Something's happened to me. I'm not the
person I was.
Could you try and get in touch with my old girlfriend Andrea? Mum always had the number.
Be really good to talk to you.
I'll try and get hold of Andrea myself but umm...
I really hope you're well. And happy.
You don't hug the same there's nothing
to you.
Like a bag of bones now. Got to admit, you do look good though.
Thanks, I think.
Didn't recognize your voice on the phone
you sound different.
Is that part of what this guy did to you?
Don't know if it was a guy for sure, just assuming...
And yeah, my vocabulary has been extended.
You think a woman would do that?
It was like a prison. That's not how a woman would do it.
What do you think a woman would do exactly?
Cut off your balls and sleep with your brother?
I don't know!
I think you threatened me with that before.
I don't know who did it, I never saw anyone.
Thought you were in prison or dead.
Thought maybe Alan had killed you and hidden the body.
Or maybe your dad had come and taken you away.
Well umm... I'm here.
That's a really good cup of tea by the
I don't think Alan would have the brains.
I'll wait to see if my dad manages to make contact.
Are you sure your mum doesn't know anything?
I called her just after you phoned, just to make sure.
She's heard nothing from your dad since your mum passed. No one has.
Listen, I know you've moved on. Understandably so.
And I know I used to ask you for a lot of favours.
I need to ask you of another one.
Can I stay here? For a few days. On the couch.
Just until I get myself sorted?
And the police, they don't have anywhere you can stay for the night? Or the council?
Unless it's a cell, I doubt it.
And I've had too much enclosed space to be honest.
Like I said on the phone, the police I've
been talking to don't really instil much faith in me.
I don't think they believe me.
Maybe it was to do with how I used to be. The old me.
When we were talking, they had a folder on the desk of my past transgressions.
One of them was chatting to me, the other one just kept flicking through it and nodding at his mate you know?
Still, at least I got out of them that at the time I went missing there was loads of other local missing people.
Like they were surprised I guessed that, you know?
Instil? Transgressions?
Instil means to-
You do talk funny, look, of course you
can stay. Barry's off shore until
Tuesday he's a week on week off, but he
won't like you staying though.
Especially the way you look. You do
look handsome.
So you better get your shit together quickly alright?
I'll be gone by then hopefully.
I just need to remember how the hostels work again.
That'll be an interesting experience.
I saw Eric the other day, you know your old flat?
Well after you left, he had 2, 3 guys go through it and redecorate.
He had to take out 7 skipfuls of your shit you dirty old bugger!
And he had to get the exterminators in to clear out the mice.
You could ask him about it, once you get back on your feet.
It might take a bit convincing though,
But I'm sure once he sees you an speaks to
you he'll be alright, and I could have a
word with him for you if you like?
I will ask him. That's a good idea, thank you.
Ooh! Taking my advice for once, and you said thank you!
Just can't believe it's you.
So um, what else have I missed with you Andrea?
You know me, same as always.
~So just to recap the strong west
southwesterly wind has returned and with
it comes storms throughout the week
luckily that will dampen the high pollen
count right down and all those pesky
insects we've been seeing so much of in
the air will soon disappear~
And Hiro with the forecast there, thanks for that
more weather updates in an hour. Right
now we are back with 14, or that's what
his captors called him with this
incredible story of incarceration and
what would you call it, forced dieting?
I think of it as a umm.. an involuntary rehabilitation yes.
Forced rehab guys, I know a few celebs who could do with a sentence or two,
but seriously though, a rehab though a tough thing to go through is considered a good thing,
Is that how you see your time spent in "The Cell?"
Well that's quite a contemplative question.
Oh I do try.
I've been released for about three months now,
I've gotten myself a job, first one in over a decade.
I've kept the weight down and I
haven't fallen off the wagon as yet.
No alcohol for him.
Yes... I've used the skills I learned on the
inside to... help me improve my life
going forwards.
It was a roller coaster of emotions though...
I was scared, I hated being trapped, I couldn't believe
that someone could do this to me, to
anyone, but then my mind changed.
For the longest time I felt that it was
a fine thing to be in there.
I started to enjoy the results of the exercise and
the dieting, learning the general
knowledge was quite an exciting thing
Perhaps I had succumbed to a bit of what
they call Stockholm Syndrome,
even though I'd never met my captors in person.
He never saw them once.
But the important thing for your listeners to take away is that what they did to me was wrong.
Illegal in fact, it was wrong against
every level of my basic human rights if
this was the war it would be against the
Geneva Convention this would be a war crime.
Now don't forget that whoever did this
is still out there,
could still be doing this to someone to anyone.
Kidnapping is illegal, just ask my ex-wife,
I'm glad you brought up the Geneva Convention,
as I'd like to think of my entire first marriage as a war crime.
What are our basic human rights?
What are the basic human rights?
Hang on, it's meant to be me asking the questions.
They took away my free choice,
they made me statistically healthy,
and with all the parameters they used to
measure health, it was average or good even.
Well then surely it proves this
whole process was a helpful one?
You wouldn't want to go back to the way it was would you?
Not entirely no, but just because I wouldn't be as big as I was then or lay around drinking wine in my
flat all day then it doesn't mean that
that I want to be how they want me to be
I feel like I've lost my identity,
maybe I chose to be fat back then, maybe
I would choose to be so now but it has
to be my choice.
As I said, I can't relate to my old girlfriend as much, or any of my old friends,
anyone I grew up with. I sure as hell
can't relate to anyone I've met since I
was released. There's not exactly a
support group for this you know?
15 years in regional radio, I can tell you
there's a support group for just about everything, believe me.
There really isn't.
The police are no closer to finding out
who did this, they have no idea if
someone else is out there suffering the
same fate. They can guess through
psychological profiling that this was
conceived by a man, but they have no idea
whether it was somebody working alone or
not, they gauged through the extensive
testing that I went through that this
person thought that I needed a higher
level of education to get a job and
from that that he can gauge that this
person is of a certain age because they
have no understanding about that the
drones or autonomous driving and the
advances in technology we have means
that people could no longer work the
hours that they used to work and it's
with this-
But I digress-
You say about finding the suspect or suspects even, but you haven't got much to go on have you?
After all you were unconscious
when you were abducted, is that right?
From alcohol, is that right?
Yes, but it wasn't because of the-
Then you spend two years disappeared and
miraculously reappear in the middle of
town out of nowhere
having been unconscious again..?
There were vents in the cell, I was gassed regularly
for periodical haircuts and clipping of nails and so on.
Well that's terrible and
gross, I can't imagine being inspected
that way, their hands must have been... All
over you.
Yeah, I try not to think of that.
When you reappeared you said you had
some printouts with you?
Yes it was the results of tests that I went through while I was in there. I think whoever did
this wanted me to repeat it again and
again and again like some kind of mantra.
I was so disorientated that I threw it in
the waste bin.
When I realized my mistake, it was too late.
So the best most vital evidence you had and you threw it away.
There could have been fingerprints or DNA on that paper who knows? We'll never know now.
I'm pretty sure there was no
trace of anything I mean there was
nothing on my clothes or on me-
Well I guess we'll never know the mystery of the mysterious "Rehab Room."
14 thank you very much, I wish you the best of luck buddy, I really do.
Thank you?
Three times a day on a treadmill, that is torture...
If you've been affected by this story then
get in touch with us by the usual
social media platforms tweet us at
Southeast local talk or use the hashtag
hashtag "RehabRoom." And look on the
bright side at least 14 here missed
England crashing out of the football again.
Yes sir I've just received that. No sir
I'll do it now. I'm doing that too. I won't forget.
I'm writing it down now.
Yes I'm very grateful for this opportunity sir. I know you took a chance on me.
I will get it done sir,
by the end of the week.
Fuck you dolphins!
18 months, cirrhosis? I see.
Look I'm sorry I wasn't there something
happened to me-
Auntie Christine I couldn't-
Uh-huh. Yep. Yeah fine. Okay thanks bye.
You got anywhere to stay?
Have you got anywhere to stay?
No family around here?
So no one knows you're here?
You want this?
I'm sorry okay?
I'm just sorry.
There was nothing that I could do. I had no choice.
Someone will come for you. Someone will.
Shit! I hope that was 14.
You worthless piece of shit you can't even count right!
You! You did this to me?!
You've done it now, you idiot!
Like you? I am nothing like you! I wouldn't want to be you either!
You're in trouble now. You should have done as you were told.
Good luck idiot.
Wait I just want some information.
You'll get nothing from me, except here's what you did wrong:
Number one: You're here when
you're not supposed to be.
Number two: She's conscious when she's not supposed to be
meaning she's seen my face when she's not meant to have seen my face!
Number three: You attacked me? Are you crazy?!
Like I said, good luck idiot! Zero zero watches everything we do.
Do it you worthless piece of shit! Fucking do it! Do it!
Come on!
Never mind then.
Give me a hit man?
I need that dope!
Kill me. Just fucking kill me.
Stupid game!
Oh... Maybe I should have tried this earlier.
I'm clean! You can let me out.
It can't be?
This is not a clean place to raise a baby.
You clearly want me to survive for whatever reason. You clearly want me to finish my days.
Well the numbers have started going backwards, and they'll continue to go up until I see my child or I die.
That's not good enough.
Show me my baby. Or I'll jump!
I swear I will!
I'll do it!
Show me my baby!
Now let me out.
Who's there, who are you?
Are you going to do as you are told? Yes or no?
You're fucking insane! Give me my ba-
Are you going to do as you are told, yes or no?
Is there anything I can do or say that
make you stop-
Are you going to do as you are told? Yes or no?
Stay there, I'm coming.
Bet I'm a sight for sore eyes.
Hi I'm Sally.
It's OK sweetheart, I don't want to hurt you.
You're gonna need to hold on
to that tight.
You've just been dropped here haven't you? I am right aren't I?
Yes... How do you know?
Call it an educated guess sweetheart.
You're the second one this year that's been dropped here, some of us have been keeping an eye out.
Second one? There are more?
People like you, you mean? Plenty.
Come on, come into the house, I'll show you everything.
The guards seem to like it here. Secluded and whatnot.
Guess it's easy to come and go unnoticed really.
I'm sorry I rather scared the last one away. Didn't get to chat to him like you.
Andrea Geoffries GEOFFRIES Geoffries
I'm really worried about her. None of her
family have seen her for six months. She
used to work for you for seven years?!
Now she's just gone. Gone.
Not all people are helpful people.
Well sweetie, there is a lot of fear and excitement happening right now.
I mean if anyone goes disappearing for any reason
they think it's gonna happen to them, now
I found one of the more helpful news
reports, would you like to see it?
Yes, thank you.
~Now this segment marks the
5 year anniversary of the first case
of a release of a person who is said to
have been kidnapped and isolated in a
makeshift prison somewhere in the local
area, he's said to have been kept there
for more than 2 years and forced under
a strict regime of diet, exercise and
education in order to secure his release.
Since then over a hundred people have
come forward but with only 20 people
confirmed by police to actually have
merits to support these claims, we ask
what are the facts? Here we have the
confirmed cases in blue a wide net of
the local area whoever is responsible
clearly has a wide knowledge of the east
of England. Now we add in the red dots
these are the unconfirmed cases these
are people who have claimed to have been
abducted and abused, importantly the
police have as of yet to verify these
accounts. You can see they spread out
much further than the region with some
even as high in the UK as Scotland. We
could even expand this map out further
to the rest of the world where copycats
have been reported across all other
continents, but let's stay with the facts
the tattoo is the most important link in
this case all victims have been inked
with a consecutive number correlating to
their time spent in the cell which leads
us to believe that as many as 50
people have yet to come forward or are
indeed still inside this prison of
unknown location.
However we have to talk about the wave
of support for these crimes sweeping the
a lack of perspective by young people or
a warranted talking point in Parliament,
whichever it is people of all ages
classes, races, religions and genders have
fervently argued for and against the
actions of these perpetrators many of
which tattooing themselves with a number
in order to show their solidarity, thus
making the most important appearance of
these criminals untenable as a way to
catch them.
I can't watch.
Wow um... You mean people actually tattoo themselves like that psycho?
I'm sorry, but they do, people just seem to be a bit swept up with their ideals but..
I'm more fascinated with people like you though.
I mean people who have been through a long hard journey.
Just when I need my faith restoring in humanity eh?
Look, that report is skewed in one direction, the vast majority of people know you've been
through a terrible ordeal. There are swarms of people on the
internet dedicated to their own
investigations, here I'll show you.
They are trying to locate the prison.
They will find it eventually. They have to.
Hi, are you Jessica?
Hello, I'm Jessica, it's nice
to meet you
Pleased to meet you too. So you know
about printers then?
Yes I know about printers, do you know a lot about printers?
no I don't that's why I've come
to see you, this manuscript was attached
to me when I was released-
Oh! Attached to your person not like an e-mail attachment?
Yeah... Exactly.
Would you like to see it?
Yes please!
The guys in the group said it was really important there were duplicate copies?
So you like collecting things?
Certain porcelains, antique dolls, flotsam and jetsam.
Printers and stationary, yes,
I like collecting things. My mother used
to limit my collection to only my own
bedroom but since she moved in with
Garth I've been able to spread over the
entire apartment which I find ideal for
my purposes. This is very interesting.
Which parts interesting?
It's the paper that's interesting to me not the words printed on it.
What have you got to tell me?
Well it has 9 duplicates, that's very
unusual not many offices require 9
copies of the same paper. I suppose a
large prison would maybe need it.
So you think maybe the prison was bigger than we realized?
Perhaps or maybe they share the copies
out for some reason?
Keep a watch on me probably, it's always
felt like a binding contract.
Only 3 printers use this type of paper 2
sorts of SONEP and 1 KIO in my 12
years and 6 months working at printer
galaxy I can recall selling only a dozen
of the SONEP's and 0 of the KIOs.
My friend Simon still works there, I don't
know what my mother has told you but
he's not my boyfriend.
He is sympathetic to your situation.
I could ask him to
email me a list of any customers whose
addresses are linked to their purchases,
either for additional warranty purposes
trade in for old hardware or because they
ordered online for in-store pickup.
If you could that would be fantastically
helpful Jessica.
I mean he's not supposed to give out that information, that would be against the customer confidentiality
agreement, but he's always breaking the
rules. I remember one time he went to
lunch for 2 whole hours and he had the
warehouse key and no one could get in
he was reprimanded for that but it is a
good example of his rebellious attitude
He sounds like a really helpful chap.
Based on my past experiences, yes he is.
He's not my boyfriend.
66,600 minutes running staring at a grey wall.
168 hours to go.
That confuses the hell
out of me, is that double negative?
What's the correct answer?
~Explosion distant~
~Explosion distant~
~Explosion Close~
~Alarm Starts~
~Alarm Ends~
~(Reporter) Another victim of the cell has come
forward today, after more requests for
information from the police. Since the
discovery of the structure in Doggerland
by previous abductees, total verified
survivors is now up to 35, but
authenticated wrist tattoos estimate
that they could have been as many as 90
people abused over the last half decade.
With an unknown amount of assailants
still at large
the mystery lives on as fear of
reprisals against the numbered continue.~
~(DJ) And that was the news, it's now 30
minutes past 4, gripping stuff still
with more and more sick people out there
have had themselves tattooed on the
wrists on purpose declaring themselves
as victims, and in favor of the guards
ideals, we want to know your thoughts.