Help (2008) Movie Script

Let her in.
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Hi, are you Mr. Yang?
I'm from the office of popuIation census.
And I'm Jiang.
Come in.
Xiaoxue, cIose the door.
Mr. Yang, how many peopIe
are there in your famiIy?
It's not right.
The data shows there's onIy one.
My daughter and I,
how couId it be just one?
What do you mean?
But, you have Iost
your daughter, right?
I toId you to cIose the door.
Come here and sit down.
PIease, sit.
Mr. Yang, how Iong have you Iived here?
Isn't it on your paper?
WeII, we aIso need to check about that.
My daughter can pIay vioIin.
She can pIay for you.
No, thanks. Come on, why not.
Xiaoxue, take your vioIin here.
I said take your vioIin here.
Don't you hear me?
HeIp yourseIf. I have some stuff to do.
Prof. Liu gave me a vaIuabIe case today.
I said Liu Feng gave me a vaIuabIe case.
I can't hear you, wait a second.
My daughter and I,
how couId it be onIy one?
Here you are.
Here you are...
Now, what did you say?
I said the apartment Iooked nice.
Wu zheng has bought it.
He is roIIing in cash.
Second-hand, and hire-purchase.
That's nothing.
Shut up and eat your food.
What's wrong? Having a baby?
No buIIshit. I haven't got much of an appetite.
What did Xiaoxue say?
She said she didn't Iike this girI.
She is my pupiI.
Don't take it seriousIy.
She's never mentioned about it.
And she said my daughter has died.
She's aIso here to heIp you.
I just got too much to handIe IateIy.
Xiaoxue wouId Iike her.
Xiaoxue, she is a beautifuI Iady, right?
I think you'II Iike her.
That's right.
Xiaoxue Iikes beautifuI Iadies, right?
Honey, come over for a second.
I'm in the bathroom.
How high do you want the bathtub to be?
You decide. I have no idea.
So do I.
You're the one that's gonna
do the bath for the baby.
So you decide.
What's the matter with you?
Stop that and get outta here.
Just cut it out.
Just go.
What's up honey? You aIright?
Can you have them back
after I finish my thesis?
But then we won't finish
the decoration before the wedding.
It's hard to find a job this year.
It's not reaIIy possibIe
to stay here in schooI.
And we onIy can find some work
that's out-of-town for you.
But you don't wanna consider about it.
I know many of you want to
go to America after your graduation.
Go to The MedicaI CoIIege
of Harvard University.
To be the speciaI assistant
for Prof. Stevens.
But this chance...
is up to onIy one of you.
You must compete with
the students who have doctorate.
So, you must have the sense of urgency.
Ok, caII it a day.
If you have any question
you can come to me.
Goodbye, Mr. Liu... Goodbye...
Mr. Liu, I have visited Yang Damin.
How did that go? VaIuabIe case huh?
Is his daughter reaIIy dead?
Yes, what's wrong?
He just sounded pretty firm
about everything.
Yeah it's pretty serious in his case.
You must choose the point to get into.
Dose anyone eIse have the same case?
Xiao Lin does.
She is writing her doctoraI thesis.
Jiang Yan, you two are
the best students I have.
It's a titIed composition.
You must do this on your own.
Does it have anything to do with
the getting a chance to be
Prof. Stevens' speciaI assistant?
WeII that's not what
you shouId worry about now.
Just focus on what you are doing now.
Mr. Liu, Iet's go.
Honey, where's my Iighter?
No, Ieave me aIone.
Let me aIone...
What's Prof. Stevens here for?
I have no idea.
Do you think it has anything to do with
the speciaI assistant situation?
I never thought about it.
Come at this specific moment.
It must be that then.
We must hurry on with our thesis.
I heard their choice
wouId depend on our thesis.
Xiao Lin, we both have
the topic about Yang Damin.
ReaIIy? How come?
It's you again. What are you doing here?
Mr. Yang. Can we taIk?
Who are you trying to be this time?
Mr. Yang...
Stop right there.
How many times have I toId you!
This bar must be protracted.
Do it again.
Don't be siIIy? She died haIf a year ago.
But I heard her pIay.
And even saw her cIothes.
That can't be true.
Have you seen his daughter in person?
Then what makes you
think she's stiII aIive.
But have you? Of course not.
It must be ghost if I've ever seen her.
Yang Damin don't want to see me at aII.
And he doesn't Iike me
to say that his daughter is dead.
WeII, just teII him
what he wants to hear then,
That's what I do.
Oh, that's why...
I said so.
Xiao Lin, are you free this evening?
Our department wants to treat
Prof. Stevens for dinner tonight.
Why don't you come aIong?
I'II pick you up in a bit.
See you Iater.
You said you want to have an abortion.
But you are not pregnant.
What shouId I do?
You are not pregnant?
Xiao Lin has toId me.
That's not true.
The doctor said I wasn't pregnant.
You didn't have the abortion
behind my back, have you?
Do you have to go to the States?
Do you reaIIy think
going abroad is good for you?
Have you ever thought about
you won't come back at Ieast for 5 years?
What wouId I do?
Have you ever thought about me?
What's in Xiao Lin's mind you think?
I'd say you won't have a chance.
Mr. Liu, can you hear me? It's Jiang Yan.
I'm just checking about
if the going abroad thing is set yet.
No. why?
When do you think it'II be set?
Why do you wanna know?
Keep your mind on what you are doing.
I'm busy now, gotta go.
Mr. Liu,
is Xiao Lin gonna be the one?
Jiang Yan, you shouId Iearn from Xiao Lin.
Attend to your thesis.
Look over here, Iisten to me.
You can feeI the warm sunshine on you.
It's warming up your whoIe body,
even to your toes.
Yes, Iook over here.
Can you feeI it?
Xiao Lin, do you Iike men that's mature,
soIid and inteIIectuaI Iike Liu Feng?
Yes. Are you sure?
You sure you have a crash on Liu Feng?
Yes. Does he feeI the same for you?
I don't know.
Does he treat you niceIy?
Then you shouIdn't say you don't know.
Do you want to be with him? Yes.
Do you want to go to the States? Yes.
Can you go to the States?
I'm sure I can.
What about me?
You won't have a chance.
Breakfast is in the kitchen.
The court sits today.
I'II be back Iate.
You gonna have to eat by yourseIf.
Mr. Liu, are you free tonight?
What 's up?
About my thesis.
I want taIk with you for a bit.
Meet me at my office at 8pm.
Ok. See you then.
Do you know what I want?
SpeciaI assistant Miss Jiang.
What more do you want?
I'II stiII compIete my thesis.
That's good.
You scared the shit out of me.
You have used it. Who with?
I haven't.
I'm asking you
Who is he?
TeII me...
Jiang Yan, no wonder
why you don't even want me to touch you.
That's why.
You've got guts!
I shouId be saying sorry
We need to break up...
I decide to go to the States.
WeII, ok.
Wanna break up with me? fine
Why marry?
I'II break aII these...
You don't think I wouId?
I wiII, aII of these.
Wu Zheng, caIm down. I'II do that.
Come back.
You wanna go to find him now.
Who is he?
TeII me first. I'II Iet you go.
TeII me.
Come back.
Let go of me!
Don't be Iike this.
What are you doing? I had toId you...
Wu Zheng.
Wu Zheng.
Wu Zheng.
Wu Zheng.
This is 120.
May I heIp you?
Jiang Yan, are you ok? What's wrong?
Your house? Now?
What's up?
Ok, what's your address?
Be there soon. What's wrong with her?
She wants me go to her house.
WiII you?
You'd better go home.
It's better to teII
her boyfriend the truth.
Jiang Yan.
He knew it.
I... I didn't mean to...
It's none of my business.
It's not your business.
I'II caII the president.
I'II teII him you raped me.
Give it to me! Let go.
Wu Zheng.
We must remove his body, quickIy.
Get the eIevator.
It's not working. Take the stairs.
Go back... be quick.
What shouId we do now?
Hurry up. Bury him under the tub.
Wait for a better time to get him out.
Bury him at home?
What eIse?
Do you want to caII the funeraI home?
Don't come to me these days.
Finish your thesis first.
I'II connect you.
You've got a caII.
You've got a caII.
Honey, where are going?
Who's that?
Who? Honey, it's me. You're at home.
The tub is fiIIed with bIood.
Take the tub away. Check it underneath.
Miss, are you ok?
What happened Iast night?
Have you Iost something?
Last night...
What happened Iast night?
Oh, nothing.
Was the eIevator out Iast night?
Don't take these piIIs.
What's up, Xiao Lin?
What's up with you?
CouIdn't get through your ceII phone.
Nobody answer at home.
Are you aIright?
I'm ok.
Where is Wu Zheng?
Wu Zheng went back to his hometown.
Back to his hometown? Now?
Why do you ask? You were Iooking for me?
Yeah, the thing is
I have taIked with Yang Damin.
You can go and taIk to him now.
What are you Iaughing at?
Don't trick me.
AII right. I must go.
Remember, just teII what he wants
to hear when you taIk to Yang Damin.
You are Xiaoxue.
It's you. Did know you were coming.
Doctor Xiao toId me the other day.
Saying that you were trying to test me.
WeII, you, IittIe smarty pants.
Yang Damin.
It is your daughter,right?
You're definiteIy good at acting!
Jiang Yan, are you Iooking for Mr. Liu?
He is in the cIassroom.
Is he having cIass this afternoon?
No. Prof. Stevens is having
an interview this afternoon.
Nobody toId you?
The professor said, currentIy,
he appreciates Xiao Lin and
Jiang Yan though he never met her.
And what's your opinion, Mr. Liu?
You've got a good eye.
They are the most appreciative
students of mine.
Jiang Yan's definiteIy
stronger at capabiIity.
But for knowIedge, Xiao Lin is better.
But, it's better
to see their thesis first.
You make the decision.
That's aII today.
Do you stiII remember me?
I'm Li Fei. My major is cIinicaI medicine.
She's Sun Wan. Hi.
Jiang Yan. Psych. department.
Iet me buy you dinner Iater.
What for?
I don't want to be
a postgraduate in my major.
I can't stand autopsies.
I wanna study in your apartment.
WeII, that's good.
So Iet's get together Iater.
I reaIIy wanna ask for your advice.
No probIem, see you.
Ok, Iater. See you.
What do you think about the professor?
TeII me.
Isn't she your cIassmate?
Yes, in high schooI.
She is in poIice coIIege.
Major in forensic medicine.
What's the matter?
Nothing. I have stuff to do. I must go.
So can we have dinner then?
Who? Who did aII these?
PIease, don't do this to me.
Come out. Don't you hear me?
Come out. You hear me?
Stop that...
What's wrong?
I've recorded aII...
Record what?
We can't wait.
We must move the body away tonight.
There's ghost in the house. Ghost?
Wu Zheng is at home.
He came out from the tub.
No way.
You must be haIIucinating.
It's ghost. It has to be.
Can't wait any Ionger.
We must hurry up. It's nearIy dawn.
Quick. Open the door.
Hurry up.
Hurry up. What are you watching?
Don't worry.
Can I see your Iicense?
Do you need heIp?
She is my patient.
PIease show me your empIoyee's card.
Can you pop the trunk.
Teamsix... Meet up at
No. 1 assembIy point, now.
Copy that.
Drive safe.
Thanks. Let's go.
Hurry up. It's nearIy dawn.
Quick. Let's go.
I'II drive you back.
No. Where do you want to go?
I don' t know
Why don't you stay at Xiao Lin's for now?
It's better for you to stay with her.
I've caIIed her aIready.
Remember to teII her
you and Wu Zheng broke up.
Xiao Lin. Are you ok?
It's aII right... Take this.
I'II not going in.
Take care of her.
She'II move when I find a pIace for her.
It's aII good. No worries, Mr. Liu.
Take a good rest. Don't go anywhere.
I must go. AIright.
Come in.
Xiao Lin, do you have DV cam?
You've got up.
Let me finish this,
then we can have breakfast.
Want a drink?
Have some.
You haven't. It's impossibIe.
Jiang Yan, what's up?
Jiang Yan, where are you?
Jiang Yan... What's the metter?
Open the door first.
Jiang Yan, open the door. What happened?
Jiang Yan, what's wrong?
What 's troubIing you?
Open the door.
Jiang Yan, open the door. Are you Ok?
Open the door.
Open the door. What's wrong?
Jiang Yan...
Are you ok? I'm fine.
You're up. I'II get the breakfast.
Drink this.
You can work here after eating.
Xiao Lin, did Prof. Stevens Ieave?
I'm not sure.
Anything new?
Ok, I'II be downstairs in the second.
Jiang Yan, I gotta take care of something.
Just make yourseIf at home.
Are you ok? I'm fine.
Where's Wu Zheng?
Wu Zheng went back to his hometown.
Back to his hometown? Now?
Why do you ask? You were Iooking for me?
Yeah, the thing is
I have taIked to Yang Damin.
You can go and taIk to him.
Don't trick me.
AII right... I must go.
Remember, just teII what he wants to hear.
Jiang Yan, what are doing here?
Mr. Wang, where is Mr. Liu?
Mr. Liu accompanied Prof. Stevens
on an inspection to the hospitaI.
Are you Iooking for him?
She's gone.
What's up with you?
We gotta find her.
Come to my office first.
Jiang Yan.
I gave you everything I have.
And you heIp her to be scheming at me.
What the heII are you taIking about?
Why I cannot compare with her?
You said I'm better than her.
What made you change your mind?
Jiang Yan,
you've gotten too emotionaI. CaIm down.
Why you give us the same case?
Why do you heIp her harm me?
What is it that you want?
Jiang Yan, you get emotion.
CaIm down.
I can't go to America.
How can I caIm down?
But I didn't promise you
can go to America.
You Iied to me. And you kiIIed Wu Zheng.
I didn't.
You didn't?
You raped, murdered, buried corpse.
You did aII these to make
Xiao Lin go to the States.
I hate you.
Listen, Jiang Yan.
I've never done the things you said.
Then who was it?
Listen, I have got nothing Ieft.
Liu Feng, you have to keep your promise.
Or I'II ruin everything you have.
You heard me?
You must keep your promise.
Did you hear me? Keep your promise.
Wu Zheng... you are just in time.
Jiang Yan, focus on the Iight.
Yes. Now Iisten to me.
You are sick.
I'II cure you.
Do what I teII you to. Listen to me.
Forget about aII the things you just said.
You've done nothing. I didn't either.
Are you tired? Just go to sIeep.
Come here.
Let go! What are you doing?
What are you doing? Let go of me...
What are you doing?
Did you see a girI in bIue skirt
and about this height,
ran away from here?
Jiang Yan.
Where are you? Jiang Yan.
Over there. Go get her.
Quick... Jiang Yan, haIt.
Go and get her. Quick...
Jiang Yan, haIt.
We want to heIp you.
We're not hurting you.
Jiang Yan, come here.
She's not here.
Go downstairs.
Let's go. Go...
Be aIert.
Anyone there?
How's it going?
Can't find her. Where wouId she go?
What the heII!
When can be eIectrified?
You two go downstairs.
No one here too.
Iet's go.
What's the matter?
She is mad. We are doctors.
She is Iying.
Miss, are you ok?
Mr. Yang, is Xiaoxue in?
I came to see her.
PIease come in.
Xiaoxue, you are practicing.
I can pIay too. Do you want to hear it?
Yang Damin,
why do you heIp them hurt me?
Why did you pretend to be sick?
How much have they paid you?
What are you taIking about? Pretend?
Are you crazy?
You pretend to be fooIish intentionaIIy.
Your daughter is here.
Why did you say she is dead?
I've never said that.
They aII say so.
And you stiII deny?
She was here aII the time. Can't you see?
I've never said Xiaoxue is dead.
Get out of the way.
TeII me. How did you guys pIan aII these?
It's dangerous! Put it down...
You must go to the poIice yourseIf.
Or I'II kiII her.
Let go of her...
Wu Zheng is dead.
You kiIIed him.
You made my baby Iose his father.
And you wiII Iose you daughter.
Who is dead?
Did somebody die?
You kiIIed him. Stop pretending.
Come with me and
give your evidence right now.
If not, I'II kiII her now.
Forget it...
Xiaoxue is dead.
She is dead.
Who is she?
You said it's Xiaoxue right here.
Nobody. I Iied to you.
You're stiII Iying to me now?
Do aII of you want me to be crazy?
Xiaoxue is dead. She is dead.
You are sick, badIy.
You want to make me crazy.
And then
Xiao Lin can go to the States.
And aII these dirty tricks
were done by me, right?
If I'm crazy,
everyone wiII beIieve that
I kiIIed Wu Zheng.
I'm sorry, Wu Zheng.
I'm sorry to our baby.
Listen to me...
I've toId you the truth.
Xiaoxue is dead. She is dead.
She jumped off from here.
It's my fauIt.
I made her pIay the vioIin.
I made her pIay the vioIin every day.
And one day she didn't want to pIay.
I hit her.
She jumped from here.
Let go...
What are you doing?
Let go!
Let go!
You've got what you pIanned for?
I'II never forgive you.
Xiao Lin... I'm begging you.
PIease Iet me go.
I'm having a baby...
Jiang Yan, open your eyes.
Where did you hide Wu Zheng?
Maybe you stiII don't beIieve
even the patient herseIf.
She refused to beIieve that she's sick.
By citing my anaIysis,
I'II show you my point of view.
The patient faced Iong-Iasting emotionaI,
physicaI and schoIastic pressure.
It caused her emotionaI strain.
Then pseudopregnancy happened.
Her personaIity tended to be suspicious.
She suspected her competitor
wanted to frame her.
Her emotion was extremeIy fraiI.
Under occasionaI seIf-suggestion
and environmentaI-suggestion...
Xiaoxue, cIose the door.
I said take your vioIin here.
Can't you hear me?
Are you crazy?
She is dead haIf a year ago.
It's pretty serious in his case.
You must choose the point to get into.
You just say what he wants to hear.
I just start this way.
But, you have Iost your daughter, right?
My daughter and I how can it be onIy one?
I have said many times.
This bar must be Iong.
Yang Damin, she is your daughter, right?
Jiang Yan, you shouId Iearn from Xiao Lin.
The patient began to induIge in fantasies.
She was stiII unabIe to
divorce fantasy from reaIity.
At the bottom of her heart,
the whoIe things, reasonabIe as it seems.
But a Iot never ever happened.
I've toId you.
Jiang Yan, are you ok? Your home?
Jiang Yan...
I didn't mean it...
Don't move.
It's not your business.
I'II caII the president.
I'II teII him you raped me.
Get the eIevator.
Go back.
So in her mind,
her boyfriend is dead.
She Iost the feeIing of his existence.
In her mind, he is dead.
But, in fact,
her boyfriend is stiII aIive.
Here is the deaI.
Honey, it's me.
At the moment, everyone incIuding me
was bIind to see how serious
the probIem reaIIy is.
Her boyfriend didn't reaIIy
trust my words either.
For her prospects,
her boyfriend chose to keep siIence.
He wanted to be with her and
Iook after her to make her recover.
But, she thought she was
possessed with an eviI spirit.
Honey, don't take these piIIs.
Don't Iie me.
Wu Zheng went back to his hometown.
When she went to sIeep,
tension eased.
Her consciousness came back.
Then she couId feeI
the existence of her boyfriend.
But when she woke up,
her consciousness wouId stop.
It's the reason she couId feeI ghost
when she woke up.
The terror in pseudesthesia
and psychoIogicaI barrier
couIdn't break through the reaIity.
In her dream,
everything returned to normaI.
That's why she couId see her boyfriend
in DV cam, mobiIe phone
and video.
And she couId communicate
with him when she's sIeepwaIking.
But it deepened her fear.
And her iIIness continued kicking up.
We reaIized the gravity of probIem.
We began to know the things happened
in her mind.
To research into the cause of the iIIness,
we decided to cooperate her
to finish aII these
in order to find
the key for the treatment.
A ghost in the house.
It can't be possibIe.
You must be haIIucinating.
Ghost. It's ghost.
We must be quick. It's nearIy dawn.
Be quick, it's nearIy dawn.
Xiao Lin, Jiang Yan was seriousIy iII.
Let her stay with you these days.
You must treat her with medicine.
Xiao Lin, I toId Prof. Stevens
Jiang Yan's situation.
He takes this seriousIy.
We are having a meeting.
I'II pick you up soon.
Right now?
Later the patient suddenIy
appeared to my office
hurIed at me that a student
and I act together to harm her.
When I used the treatment
that discussed with Prof. Steve,
He denied
what she thought she has done.
She went into hysterics and shouted that
she has devote herseIf to me
to go to the States.
You did aII these to make
Xiao Lin go to the States.
I hate you.
Listen to me, Jiang Yan.
I've never done such things.
I tried to hypnotize her immediateIy
to make her caIm.
But she broke Ioose and ran off.
She thought I wouId hurt her.
As the Iast resource,
we had to take a risk.
We attempted to further stimuIate her
in order to open
her cIosed mentaI disorders.
Let go! I'm having a baby.
Jiang Yan, open your eyes.
As you know,
she suffered from hysteria.
This disease mainIy affects femaIe.
It's caused by psychic factor
or strong emotionaI experience,
suggestion and seIf-suggestion
The main features of
the iIIness was hard to
divorce strong and dramatic
fantasy from reaIity.
As the iIIness deepen,
the patient wiII Iose
the sensation in a region of the body
Though she made Yang Damin
return to normaI accidentaIIy.
But, herseIf,
did suffer from the mentaI iIIness.
Is there any other treatment
for this patient?
Even the most extreme resorts,
but she didn't show signs of improvement.
If her iIIness deepened,
she wouId Iose the feeIing of most things.
Jiang Yan, is that right?
It appears she was known.
Wu Zheng... wake up.
Wu Zheng... I'm sorry, back to me.
Wu Zheng, wake up.
One, two, three.
Ok. Stop for a whiIe.
The girIs are great.
Boys, come on, smiIe.
Get ready.
Jiang Yan, you reaIIy wanna give up
this chance to go to America?
Yes, Mr. Liu.
Think about it.
Prof. Stevens is very happy
with your thesis
that comes from your own experience.
I feeI the same too.
But, it's too hard.
I'm afraid no one wants
to have this experience.
And, aIso because of that,
I reaIize
what I need.
To Iive Iike others.
To feeI Iove is around. To Iove.
That's what wiII make me feeI truIy happy.