Help Me... I'm Possessed (1974) Movie Script

Now come on baby,
let's go for a walk.
No baby, it's
too spooky out there.
I'll turn the lights on, come on.
No, I don't wanna.
Come on, come on,
just for some fresh air,
just for a minute, come on.
- Okay, for a minute.
What's that?
- Oh it's nothing, here.
- What is that?
- Oh god.
- Doctor, doctor.
She's dead.
- Dead?
There is no such thing.
Death is a fabrication of the mind.
Dispose of the body in the usual way.
I know you enjoy it.
Try to maintain some semblance of dignity.
- Excuse me, Dr. Blackwood.
You have a visitor.
- A visitor?
Come now Eleanor.
No one stops by to visit
in the middle of a desert.
- Well yes doctor, there's
a gentleman here to see you.
His name is Taylor and he
seems to be a policeman.
I mean he's wearing a uniform.
- Could you pull yourself together
long enough to show the sheriff in?
- Yes doctor.
- Welcome to blackwood sanitarium.
I'm Arthur blackwood.
- I'll try not to take
up too much of your time.
Get right to the point.
We've had a double murder.
- We, sheriff?
No, no.
Maybe you have had a double murder.
I've had no such thing.
We here at blackwood are totally
removed from that type of violence.
- Not anymore, doctor.
Two people were brutally murdered
and their bodies horribly mutilated.
- Really sheriff, I don't think that...
- Now these murders occurred last night
and less than half a
mile from this castle.
- Sanitarium.
- Whatever you call it.
Now the point...
- The point is this.
Blackwood sanitarium, I didn't say castle,
blackwood sanitarium is
not a lunatic asylum.
It's a rest home for
emotionally disturbed people.
Just because a couple of young people
get themselves killed you immediately
assume that one of my patients...
- Young people?
- What?
- I never said anything about
the victims being young people.
- You sound like Charlie chan.
Now I'm supposed to
break down and confess.
Why did you say young people?
- Sheriff, I've lived
here for seven years.
I've never known of anyone
but young people to be out
in that desert at night.
I understand that the road between here
and the main highway has turned
into a veritable lovers' Lane.
So naturally I assumed...
- Naturally.
Before I leave I'd like
to have a few words
with your nurse and your patients.
- Impossible!
I won't have my patients
excited in any way.
I've told you that they're all harmless.
Besides, they're locked
in their rooms every night
by my nurse and Eleanor
is above suspicion.
- If they're so harmless doctor,
why do you lock them up at night?
- For their own protection.
- Alright, I won't disturb them for now.
But I'd like to post a guard outside.
- That won't be necessary.
We have no fear and I'm perfectly
capable of defending my home.
- Nevertheless, I intend to put
two men outside to guard the area.
Let's just say it'll make me feel better.
- Of course sheriff.
Anything to make you feel better.
Thank you.
Can I use your phone?
- Help yourself.
It's no accident of
nature, this is my work.
Taming the savage instincts
in animals and humans.
- Well I'm all for that.
Just don't get to be too good at it.
You might put me out of work.
What a pleasant prospect.
- Arthur, why can't I...
Do we have company?
- It's alright.
Sheriff Taylor, may I present
my sister, melody blackwood.
- Are you a real sheriff?
- As far as I know.
How do you do, miss blackwood?
Sheriff was just leaving.
- I didn't know you had
a sister living here.
I'd like to ask her a few questions.
Of course,
by all means ask melody a few questions.
Melody, answer the sheriff's
questions like a good girl.
- Is this a game?
I'm not sure, but I think so.
- No, it's not a game miss blackwood.
A terrible tragedy has
happened and I need your help.
I wanna know if you've seen
or heard anything unusual.
- Oh yes I did, I did Arthur,
something very unusual.
- You saw or you heard something?
- Yes, I saw or I heard something.
- I don't understand.
Go ahead melody,
tell the nice sheriff
what you saw or heard.
- Please, miss blackwood,
it's very important.
- I know.
Now I remember.
- What miss blackwood, what is it?
R I had a Dolly j'
r sweet as could be j'
j' I lost my Dolly j'
I now I have none I
Good melody, very good.
Does that answer your question, sheriff?
- I'm sorry doctor, I didn't realize.
- Don't be sorry, sheriff.
I'm not.
When melody was 12 years old
she was as dangerous and
vicious as a jungle beast.
My parents couldn't afford treatment.
They didn't want to lose her.
So they simply chained her
in her room like an animal.
If anyone got near her
she would claw their faces
to ribbons, claw and bite and scratch.
You see this scar, sheriff?
When I was 20 years old I
decided to free my little sister.
I made the mistake of removing the chains
from her hands before I removed
the chains from her mind.
That's when I decided to
become a psychiatrist.
I'd like to go
through the castle some day.
- I'll take you through
the sanitarium someday.
Goodbye, sheriff.
- Goodbye.
For now.
Miss blackwood.
- Oh hello.
My name is melody.
- Happy to meet you.
- I'm happy too.
- Goodbye.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
- I really don't know anything.
- Well maybe not but I
think you could help me.
- Melody, did you go
to the cave last night?
- I had to Arthur, to see my friend.
- Melody, I ask you not to let
your friend out without my permission.
- But my friend gets so restless at night.
I had to Arthur.
I had to.
- Then you did let your friend out.
- Was I a bad girl, Arthur?
- Bad girl?
No, melody.
You may be the best girl who ever lived.
You're a very good girl.
- You're a good boy too, Arthur.
- I think Taylor finally flipped his lid.
Those killers are a thousand
miles from here by now.
And we're guarding this nuthouse.
- Well you think the sheriff's crazy.
What about that blackwood creep?
I mean, imagine actually
wanting to live in a mausoleum.
- Yeah well the doc can't be too crazy.
His wife is coming in tonight
and that goofy chauffeur showed me
her picture before he left.
She looks like she could
keep a lotta guys happy.
- Yeah well maybe she's loony too.
And what's with that chauffeur?
I mean why can't he talk?
- I dunno.
He didn't say.
I wonder what goes on inside this place.
I mean what really goes on.
- I dunno.
Maybe the doctor is creating a monster.
- Somehow that's not funny.
- Is your friend getting restless?
- Oh yes Arthur.
How did you know?
- I always know.
Later tonight, you'd better
let your friend out for a walk.
- Surely we're not there.
I mean this is the middle of nowhere.
Why have you stopped the car?
Alright Ernest, let's go.
Dr. Blackwood is waiting.
- Doctor, they're here.
- Go to your room Eleanor.
I wanna be alone with Diane.
- Who are you, ma'am?
- I'm Dr. Blackwood's wife.
- They're okay.
- Arthur, I'm so happy to see you.
- I thought you'd never get here.
How was your trip?
Oh it was wonderful.
- I can't believe you're here.
- I can't either.
And this place, it's unbelievable!
I also wanna say that man you sent
to pick me up is pretty unbelievable too.
- Did Ernest upset you?
- Well no not really, he's just unusual.
- The main thing is you are here.
- Oh.
Arthur, those men outside.
They said they were deputies.
Why are they here?
- Oh it's nothing.
There was some trouble
in the desert last night.
Those men are just investigating.
- Trouble?
What kind of trouble?
- A couple of kids were killed.
Don't worry about it, it
has nothing to do with us.
We are in no danger.
- Does someone think we are?
I mean, in danger?
Is that why those men are outside?
- No.
They'll be gone soon.
Now, I want you to meet
my little sister melody.
I told you about her, remember?
- Your star patient.
Oh, I'd love to meet her.
- Alright, you sit right here...
- Here?
- And I'll go get her.
- Why are you here?
Why are you here?
Why are you here?
Is it about the murders?
I heard them talking about them.
- You startled me, I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
There'll be more murders.
More blood.
- Yes yes, of course.
I'm Dr. Blackwood's wife.
My name is Diane, and you are?
- Dr. Blackwood?
I'm Edith.
I'm not supposed to be here.
I must go back to my room now.
But I did hear them talking
about murders and blood.
- When you marry a psychiatrist.
- What happens when you
marry a psychiatrist?
- Well, when you marry a psychiatrist
you meet the prettiest young ladies.
- This is my sister melody,
melody this is Diane.
- She's beautiful.
You, you look like my Dolly.
- Oh melody, we're gonna
be such good friends.
- Oh I hope so Dolly.
- Alright you two.
Melody will take you up to your room.
I'll have Ernest bring your luggage up,
and you can both get ready for dinner.
We're gonna be one happy family.
- We are aren't we?
One happy family.
- I'll fix you.
I'll admit you've suffered,
you've suffered badly.
- Carl!
Put Eva back in her cell.
Or would you rather I told
Dr. Blackwood about this?
Here, got a present for you.
- Now go to the cave, let your friend out.
- Can't you come with me Arthur?
- You know I can't.
Your friend doesn't like anyone but you.
Your friend might try to hurt me.
Now go, quickly.
- Get away, get away from me!
- Diane, what is it?
- Oh Arthur, thank god!
Get me out of this house!
Take me away from here, it's
horrible, I'm so frightened!
- Hold it, hold it!
Just tell me what happened.
- Everything.
That man in the cage.
- Darling there's no one here.
- Arthur, I saw a man in that cage.
A bearded man, I saw him.
- That's quite possible.
Two of my patients have beards.
It could have been Mr.
Stone or professor zucker.
They're both quite harmless.
- Well maybe so.
But your man Ernest is not harmless.
- Ernest?
What do you mean?
- Well he came into the bedroom,
he turned out the lights,
and he was going to...
- Don't worry about Ernest.
He wouldn't really harm you.
Maybe he has a crush on you.
I'll talk to him.
I promise you, Ernest will
never bother you again.
- Arthur.
Those were gunshots.
- Alright.
I'll take a look.
- What is it Arthur?
- It's nothing, just
those ridiculous deputies.
A little target practice.
It's all over now.
- Good.
Now maybe we can get some sleep.
- I'm sorry doctor, I told him!
- It's alright Eleanor, wait outside.
Now really sheriff, I
think you should explain.
- No wrong, blackwood!
You are going to explain.
- Oh no!
- I've seen a lot of dead bodies, doctor.
Mutilated bodies.
Accident victims.
I've never seen anything like this.
- But what could have happened?
I mean, who could have done such a thing?
- What is it Arthur, what's wrong?
Now don't get excited.
Nothing is wrong.
- On the contrary Mrs.
- Blackwood, everything is wrong.
Do you recall nurse did anyone
leave the sanitarium during the night?
- No sir.
I locked all the patients in their rooms.
Ernest's room's across from mine
and I would have heard
him if he'd gone out.
I'm a very light sleeper.
- And Dr. Blackwood and I
were together all night.
So you see...
- And melody, is she locked in at night?
Now leave us alone.
- Sorry doctor, I'm leaving,
but you're not off the hook, yet.
Who are you?
- Fine, thanks, who are you?
- Did any of you hear anything unusual
or see anyone walking around
outside the castle last night?
- I did.
- You did?
- I did what?
- Look I'm sheriff Taylor
and I'd like a little help.
Did you see anyone
walking around last night?
Maybe through your window.
- I saw Dr. Blackstone.
- You mean Dr. Blackwood.
-I do?
- What was Dr. Blackwood doing?
- When?
- Last night.
You remember, last night.
- No, I don't think so.
- You're wasting your time, sheriff.
Mr. Barrett has a block.
He doesn't remember
anything he doesn't like
and he doesn't like anything.
He's perfectly happy because
he lives only in the present.
Two seconds ago is the past
as far as Mr. Barrett is concerned.
And the past is immediately buried
somewhere in the dark
recesses of his brain.
Isn't that right, Mr. Barrett?
- Isn't what right?
- You see, sheriff?
- I see, doctor.
- Are you here about the murders?
- Yes I am.
- There'll be more murders, more blood.
- Why do you say that?
Tell him Edith,
tell him how you know.
- Shh.
I'm not supposed to be here.
Happy doctor?
Have you had your little laugh?
- If you care to question
my other patients
I'm sure you'll find
them equally responsive.
There's nothing here for you, sheriff.
- I'll talk to you later, doctor.
- There's nothing here for you!
Come on Mr. Zolock.
Mr. Zolock.
Easy, come on.
- I want you to watch this.
I've tried to warn you all.
Evil must be destroyed.
Come here.
I hear you paid my wife a
little visit last night, Ernest.
That was very unwise.
Now you will have to be punished again.
You know I don't like to punish
you, it hurts me terribly.
Do you enjoy hurting me?
No, and yet you do it.
Even you, my old friend, are
filled with evil thoughts.
Go to your room.
I'll be along shortly.
Justice has been done.
And the serpent beguiled the woman
and she did eat of the fruit
and she gave also unto
the man and he did eat.
You shouldn't have tempted Mr. Zolock.
Now it's your turn.
Now Mr. Zolock you will notice
the candle burning the rope.
Very slowly.
Burning as your soul will burn
in hell if you do not repent.
Be not afraid of them that kill the body.
Fear him which hath
power to cast into hell.
Now, watch the blade.
As it comes down you will be purified.
Give up your evil beliefs, now!
There isn't much time
but it's not too late.
Hurry Mr. Zolock!
Repent, now!
And if thy righteye offend
thee, pluck it out
And cast it from thee.
Eleanor, what's the matter?
Answer me right now!
- Oh my god the cage, oh!
- What about the cage?
What about the cage?
Tell me about the cage, Eleanor.
- Yes doctor, I'm sorry.
The cage where you keep the
cat and the mouse together.
You know, I went into feed them.
And the cat, the cat had
been ripped to shreds!
Just like it had been
through a meat grinder!
It was hideous.
- And the mouse, what about the mouse?
- Oh the mouse was just sitting there
as if nothing had happened.
How can that be, doctor?
What could have done such a thing?
- I want you to forget
the whole thing, Eleanor.
- The cat was just ripped apart.
Just detectives and that young couple.
I better call sheriff Taylor.
Somehow this is connected
with those murders.
I've got to call the sheriff,
I'm frightened there's
something in this house!
- There's no need to call anybody!
Now go to your room!
- Let me go!
I'm calling sheriff Taylor!
- You're going to your room.
No I'm not, let me go!
- Come on!
I told you to wait in your room.
- I'm not one of your patients, Arthur.
Was all that necessary?
- She was hysterical.
- Tell me about the cat and the mouse.
- She was hysterical, now
get back in your room.
- Yes, Dr. Blackwood.
- Please darling, I'm quite upset.
The cat and the mouse were an experiment.
I'll tell you all about it when
the experiment's completed.
Now go to bed.
I have some work to do and I'll
join you when it's finished.
- Alright Arthur.
And Eleanor?
- Tomorrow she'll be a new woman.
I'll apologize to her in the morning.
Now run along and let me get to work.
- Yes Arthur.
I'll run along.
- We're going to let your
friend out again tonight.
- I wish my friend
didn't have to come back.
My friend would like to
stay out for a long time.
- Soon melody, soon.
- Oh I hope so, Arthur.
- Guess who.
- Oh you scared me.
Ready for bed yet?
- Yes.
I am definitely ready for bed.
In fact, I'm gonna sleep
like a baby tonight.
- You seem awfully happy.
Good news?
Very good news.
My work is progressing beautifully.
- I'm telling you she's gone, vanished!
I went to her room this
morning and she wasn't there.
Sheriff, I know something's
happened to her.
- I'm very busy with this
murder investigation.
Are you sure she didn't just go into town?
- She had no way of getting into town.
Listen sheriff, I don't have much time.
There was a scene last night...
- Hello sheriff, this is Dr. Blackwood.
I'm afraid my wife is a little confused.
- I'm a little confused too.
Where is your nurse?
- Eleanor became quite
hysterical last night.
All this murder business.
I was forced to lock her in her room.
About five o'clock this morning
I became concerned about her.
So I paid her a visit.
She told me she wanted to leave my employ.
Naturally I agreed.
I even offered to find her
another job some place else.
She insisted on leaving then and there.
- May I speak to your wife again?
- Of course.
- Yes sheriff?
- Are you absolutely satisfied
with that explanation?
- No, of course not.
I'm sorry to have bothered you sheriff.
I'm sure Eleanor will turn up some place.
- Alright, now I have things to do.
I'm taking in my patients to
the county hospital today.
- Couldn't Ernest drive them in?
- No, Ernest is, I've
given him the day off.
I'll take them in this afternoon
and I'll be back sometime tonight.
I want you to stay here with melody.
I don't like to leave her alone.
- Alright Arthur.
Anything you say.
- You don't know my friend.
Nobody does.
My friend lives under the castle.
- Under the castle?
You mean, there's no
basement in this castle.
Is there?
Melody, are you making this up?
- No, I never tell lies.
Lies are bad.
- But how do you get under the castle?
- Through the books.
I go through the books.
- Oh you mean you read about them.
- I never read anything.
But I could show you.
- Alright melody, show me.
- I said I could, I didn't say I would.
Arthur might get mad at me.
- Why would Arthur get angry?
- Because he told me
never to show anybody.
- But melody, I'm not just anybody.
I'm your new sister.
Arthur loves me and he loves you
so we're one happy family, remember?
- One happy family, I remember!
Arthur said that!
Alright, I'll show you.
Just as soon as Arthur gets back.
- Oh please melody, show me now.
We can surprise Arthur when he gets home.
- I like surprises.
Alright, but I can't go with you.
I'm only allowed to go at night.
- Alright.
- See?
I never tell lies.
- Good melody.
You stay here, right in the office,
and I'll be back in a few minutes.
- You won't find my friend.
Not in the daytime.
- Maybe not.
But I'll find something.
You just stay here.
So far only melody
has responded to the drug.
I am keeping the more
violent patients locked
in the dungeon between the
laboratory and the cave entrance.
I may have to destroy these people
in order to save their souls.
It's strange but when I saw
Mr. Zolock's head severed from his body,
I felt a definite sexual thrill.
I must be very careful not to become
like the thing I hate most.
- I'm sorry I'm so late.
That idiot sheriff stopped me on the road
and asked me a lot of
ridiculous questions.
I want you to...
Yes Arthur darling?
You want me to what?
- What have you done?
- What have you done?
You don't understand anything.
- No I don't.
Suppose you tell me.
Tell me about that tunnel and
the cave and the laboratory.
Tell me Arthur, tell me about the murders.
- Alright.
I'll tell you everything.
But first call that sheriff
and get him off my back.
I need a little more time.
- No Arthur, you explain
things to me first.
Then I'll call the sheriff.
- Alright.
Where to start?
I've been working for years on the theory
that all men are basically good.
Perfect creations of a perfect god.
But that all mortals
entertain a sense of evil.
They believe evil, therefore
they experience it.
This sense of evil is lurking
in their subconscious,
ready to come out at any time.
I believe that if we could remove
this false sense of evil we
would behold a perfect man,
good and pure in every way.
- Very idealistic for a doctor.
- Idealistic only because I
was dealing with intangibles.
But if evil could become
tangible, substance,
if it could be isolated
in a material form,
it could be destroyed.
- But you know that's impossible.
- Impossible?
My dear, I've done it.
- But how?
What do you mean?
- I have managed to take a sense of evil,
isolate it, materialize
it, and control it.
- And those people, the cat, Eleanor?
Those murders?
- Those murders were committed by no one!
No person!
Only a, a sense of evil that's
wandered into the desert.
It was tragic of course,
but the end results!
- Will justify the means?
- Surely you see how important this is.
Now please!
If you love me, call the sheriff.
- Alright Arthur.
I'll call the sheriff.
I'll do this because I love you.
- Good girl.
Tell him we've heard from Eleanor.
Tell him everything is alright.
Tell him...
- Sheriff Taylor please.
Mrs. Arthur blackwood.
You won't regret this Diane.
You're going to be very proud of me.
- Hello, sheriff?
I'm calling about those murders.
About Eleanor.
My husband Dr. Blackwood killed them all.
He's been taking some sort of drug.
Sheriff, he's insane!
I love you Arthur!
- You fool!
You stupid, ignorant little fool!
I thought you would understand!
- I don't!
- Now you leave me no choice!
- Arthur no!
I don't, stop!
- Melody, listen to me.
Go out there and tell them,
tell the sheriff that
I have to stay in here.
- Alright Arthur.
You'll come out later?
- Someday.
Here, take these with you.
Don't show them to anyone but Dr. Turley.
Give them to him and to no one else.
And melody.
Everything I've ever done, I did for you.
Do you understand that?
- Yes Arthur.
You're my only brother.
- Go now, quickly.
- Alright blackwood.
I'm gonna blow up the cave.
Come out blackwood.
Come on!
- Alright children, I'm
gonna let you all out.
We're going to play a little game.
Now we don't have much time.
Charles, Charles don't be afraid.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Come on, come on Charles.
We don't have much time,
you know what we have to do.
Just put your arm up here, that's it.
This will only take a few
minutes, we haven't much time now.
Please don't be frightened.
Now quickly, girls, quickly now.
Don't be frightened.
Eva, come with me Eva.
Come on.
Come on, this is all
a game, you know that,
it's just a game, none of this is real.
- This is your last chance.
Come out or get blown to bits.
- Very good, very good.
And now it's almost over,
it's almost over, we're
almost there, all of us.
We're going to all be
free in a few minutes.
It's all your fault!
You and your evil!
- Well he was in there alright.
We found enough to make a
positive identification.
I'm very sorry.
- No you're not.
Neither am I.
He was like a mad dog.
He had to die.
I'm glad it's over.
- What will you do now?
- Go home.
I'll be leaving in the morning.
- You mind staying here tonight?
I could find a place for you in town.
- I don't mind.
I'm not alone.
I I'll find my Dolly r
I and we will be I
- I still have melody.
J' happy together r
I Dolly and me I
- I'm taking her to New York with me.
I'm going to care for
her until she's well.
That's the least I can do for Arthur.
- Let me know if I can help.
Call and I'll send a car
for you in the morning.
I'm surprised that the explosion
didn't destroy this entire castle.
Maybe it should have.
- Maybe so.
Well goodbye sheriff,
and thank you so much.
- Goodbye, ladies.
- Melody, I have a call to make.
Now you run upstairs
and get all your dollies
and clothes together.
I'll be up to help you in a few minutes.
- Will Arthur really come
out of the cave someday?
He said he would.
- I don't know.
Maybe someday.
Run along now.
Hello, operator?
I'd like New York City please.
The number is 876-9056.
Person to person to Mrs. Barbara Elliot.
Thank you.
Alright, keep trying
operator and call me back.
Thank you.
Is that you?
I Dolly is gone I