Hemanta (2016) Movie Script

Hirak... what you've written makes sense
But we can't print this.
There's no evidence against them
They are political leaders for God's sake!
- Have you read the full thing? - Yes.
Mrinmoy cant we print it without naming anyone?
How? Have I ever rejected Hirak's articles before?
All I'm asking for is some shred of evidence.
These are very serious charges
Against some very important people in this city.
Hirak's source at the police can't be named.
Our sources at the HQ!
Will anyone believe that?
Hirak? Are you listening?
You give me the Shingur story.
Again the same sms.
This is the 6th time.
This message is not for thee
So hurry and just send
Because my spirit in Kolkata
Cannot find a peaceful end
As heir to my Kingdom of Agradoot
My murder shall be avenged
By thy childhood friend.
Same unknown number.
Agradoot the movie guys?
- Agradoot Pictures. - How do you know?
Childhood friend means Hemanta
His father was the owner of the company
Committed suicide 3 years ago
Can't think of any other explanation!
Done what I told you?
Did you trace the number?
Forward this message
Rather give your phone.
And forget my work?
But you're supposed to spend the night at my place.
Ya. But I have to file a story
Will do that and then come.
Will you? Or go off to Shingur for another story?
I'll come
Am ordering Chinese tonight.
Tell me
Yea Hirak. Can hear you. Tell me.
Am coming tomorrow.
Via Dubai
Via Dubai!!!
No I haven't called mom. I'll call her from the airport.
Ya. She'll be fine
But listen, I can't understand these messages
Who is sending them? What they mean?
Some crazy asshole playing games?
No no Hello? Hello Hirak?
Hey Marcus.
Tell me man.
I hear you Marcus I hear you.
Marcus I know
Just hear me out.
I know what it means for you for me
To get to direct a season of Psychopath.
I know that actors like Jim Caviezel and Woody Harrelson
Are not going to wait for me to come from India.
But I gotta go.
There's something really important happening out there
Screw you Marcus I ain't doping.
Hello? Hello?
Time will tell time bears fruit
There's something rotten in the state of Agradoot
Hurry home my son
Before it's late
It's only at home your destiny awaits
The Artist's job is to play the role
Thy role is defined by thy goal
Prepare thyself with
Prepare thyself with deep concern
Trust your childhood friend and none!
Welcome everyone, welcome!
So how do you feel?
This is my 5th film with Lalit
No. 5th.
The 100 days of our film
Great co-actress
Most importantly, the audience's love and wishes has
Made this into a hit film.
We are indebted to the stars as well as the technicians.
- You Are a Bengali? - Yup.
Why don't you make Bengali films?
Film is a universal medium.
It is our great pride that our film Dhongsho
Has fought 3 big budget Bollywood films
And is still at number 1 in Bengal.
Look, its commercial film and good commercial film
Makes the industry healthy.
But we should be careful of dubious producers
Money laundering
The man who literally pulled up Agradoot pictures from
Bankruptsy and has given it so much success,
One and only Kalyan Sen
And the biggest star of Bengal, Gayatri Sen
Have tied the knot.
Gayatri is not only a star
But one of the trustees Of Agradoot pictures.
After her husband, the owner of Agradoot
Ananta Sen's death
She retired from films.
To her it was probably justified
But it was a big loss to the industry.
The good news is, after the marriage last night
She announced that she will be acting again.
We are also very proud to have another very important guest with today.
Ladies and gentleman
The future owner and
The only son of Gayatri Sen Hemanta Sen!
Who has come all the way from New York for this ceremony
Now I'd like to call our beloved Kalyan to say a few words.
A lot has been said. So do enjoy and kindly have dinner.
But Uncle I don't know Hindi.
You'll learn.
I'll tell Malhotra to give you a Hindi instructor.
You still have a week for shoot. Go to Mumbai and mug up your dialogues.
Uncle, at this peak of my career
I'll play villain in a Hindi film?
Any problem?
Dad please help me say something.
I don't think we should argue.
I am not an amateur!
Got it?
I am getting into a deal with Malhotra.
You got to act in this film.
- But - Come on! Go
Theatre owner of Barasat has come.
Remind him that if he pulls off my movie
The theatre would be no more.
And tell the press to wait.
Come come Hemanta. Jetlagged?
Someone said you wanted to see me.
So you've finally come home.
This empire, Agradoot is finally yours Hemanta.
I'm just a trustee.
You are grumpy since the time you came.
Your mother is getting hurt.
It's not her fault!
Whose fault?
- Nobody's - Right
After your dad's suicide your mother
Was completely shattered.
She withdrew from everything.
- She never wanted to disturb you - Yea. I know
Didn't know about your marriage.
You want her to stay widowed forever?
So what do I call you from tomorrow?
- Uncle or Daddy? - Doesn't matter.
What matters is you see the truth.
And the truth is
Copying South Indian films to make money?
This film Dhongsho
What was the original title? Interesting
I keep forgetting it. What was it?
So there is something rotten in the state of things.
If you literally mean the State of Bengal then I'd say
You haven't been to Bronx or Harlem.
Stayed only in the tony places of New York.
And if by state you imply remaking South Indian films
Then I'd remind you that when Your Marty Scorsese
Cheats shot by shot from a Chinese film
And your America gives him the Oscar for Departed.
Press is waiting.
I have to give a press statement.
And don't ever smoke grass in my parties!
Vodka with coke!
Been looking for you for so long.
You've grown too tall.
- You sound like a - Know all. Intellectual?
Called you so many times, couldn't get through.
Taken a new sim?
Ya. Picked one up at the airport.
How long are you going to be here?
Dunno. Why?
Can't tell you here.
Tell me.
The number where the sms are coming from is untraceable.
I have a friend who is a hacker.
Before coming 30 calls.
After you land not bothered at all.
Everyone's busy with the marriage.
Plus the movie's a big hit.
No photos please
Let me give you a hug.
Got to smell you after so many years.
Change the perfume.
That's it?
Come, let me introduce you to some people.
Don't leave. Please.
What'll I do with a sweater?
- Am I going to Mumbai or Darjeeling? - Sorry!
- If you're in a hurry I can pack myself. - Why should I be in a hurry?
- Olly I know. - What?
I know that like me you have no choice.
Did he give you a call?
Did he write e-mails from New York?
If he truly loved you
He'd have tried to contact you first.
He was abroad for so many years.
No one remembers what happened in 7th grade.
Everything is not in our hands.
Do I want to go Mumbai to play a negative role?
But I have to do it.
Cause Kalyan Sen has made me what I am today.
Then be his lackey like dad.
It's not a question of being a lackey.
It's reality.
And if you think you'll marry Hemanta. You're being foolish.
Dad stop evesdropping. Come in and say what you want.
Er... Sir Jackpot.. meaning your dad... is in the studio since early morning.
Who are you?
I work under him in the production department.
He told me that since you'll be in Mumbai
I need to look after Olly madam.
I don't need to be looked after. You can go.
Sir Jackpot, I mean your dad
I don't need you. Go.
Dad'll never accept your relationship with Hemanta.
He can't argue my case with uncle
I love Hemanta.
No one can stop me.
Get it very clear.
Thy brother thy friend Hemanta
Guard him closely when he reaches your shore
Trust no one but him
And him only
The seekers of truth are always lonely
The latest sms.
You were talking about a hacker friend.
Bengali Christian.
Very young. Computer expert.
He says that the number doesn't exist.
As heir to my kingdom in Agradoot
If Agradoot is the kingdom then
I'm the king.
Because my father was the king.
Now I'm the legal heir of Agradoot. The owner.
My murder shall be avenged by thee
Meaning my father's murder!
Your dad committed suicide. It's well known.
Are you sure?
Are you mad?
He was suffering from depression for a long time.
Did you meet?
He used to just live with cell phone and computers.
Used to call me to sort out computer glitches.
But finally he ended up talking about you.
Who wrote his e-mails to me, you?
I just corrected them.
Want to smoke up?
Do you?
I'm fine.
Your phone number.
That's my number.
We'll meet later.
Not here.
Hey get up!
- To office. Important meeting. - Journalists attend meetings?
3 terrorist have been arrested from a hotel on Wellesly Street.
Have to cover that.
Then lunch at Yuri's place.
Received another sms last night.
Have forwarded to you. Will meet in the evening.
Sms again?
Hello hello?
Hello hello?
- Who? - Dunno
Not working.
What a time to have a power cut!
Why didn't you call me home?
You don't have power cuts at home?
Not that
Why secretly, right?
Come on it's more fun.
Smoke up?
You won't die!
Why're you being crazy?
You think I'm crazy?
Look, you come to Kolkata and don't call me first.
Then you land up late at night shit drunk.
Now we meet in a seedy hotel and your phone rings constantly.
Firstly, that's not my home, that's my dad's home.
At home, we couldn't have shared the same bed.
Do you want to make love only after so many years?
Do you want to talk only, after so many years?
Everything has its own time.
Ok. Let's talk.
Talking about phone
Try to solve a riddle.
Let's play puzzles here.
Check this out.
One and two and no one saw
Jack with his Beretta in his clothed claw
Betrayed by the queen the king fell down
Will you pick up the task or will you be a clown?
- What? - Going home.
Hey Olly! Hang on
Got you something.
This is for you.
Picked it up at the airport, last minute.
Now what did I do wrong?
No she hasn't yet come out.
I've been updating you.
I mean
Excuse me.
Give me the phone.
Hello dad?
Why have you put a spy on my trail?
At home... on the streets.
Listen I've tolerated enough!
I'm an adult now and I'm old enough!
And can't you trust your daughter?
What have you all started?
Hemanta's behaving insane.
Now, you too!
Please stop this please. Ok?
The cyber crime branch called.
The number is untraceable. Doesn't exist!
I told you!
But how's it possible? I can see the text. See the number
There are computers
That can read your mind.
Artificial Intelligence.
But not in our country.
All over world!
There are people who can read
Your mind by certain numbers.
Can read your horoscope and tell you the future.
While meditating, can rise above ground.
Everything has a scientific reason.
If there was only reason in this world
Would there have been any mystery?
Man's job is to solve all mysteries.
Now you do your job and let me do mine.
Work off to Hemanta?
He's my only childhood friend.
Do you believe in Spiritual intelligence?
A soul that gives a damn to our social norms.
Gives a damn to our middle class sentiments?
What a waste of knowledge!
Wasted your dad's money and became just a computer hacker!
Do you believe in the soul?
If there's proof I'll believe.
So you have proof that I simply wasted my dad's money?
Yuri, I didn't mean that.
What I meant was, you could've achieved a lot.
Am I wrong?
Does it really matter?
Your 'just a computer hacker'
Wants to give you fresh news.
On to drugs, again?
Leave it! Now see this.
Hacking randomly I reached this site.
The name of the company is Help.com
Kolkata based company.
Does business with Bangladesh. The business is not clear.
But look at this.
Huge transactions. 85000 dollars
66000 72000 dollars
And see this
Mention of Agradoot pictures now and then.
Should I download these files to you?
Will meet in the evening.
Don't you work under Mr Jackpot in film production?
Did you have some work here?
Do you?
2 terrorists were arrested here.
Came to talk about it.
Then go. Talk.
One and two and no one saw.
Meaning only two people saw it.
Jack with a Beretta in his clothed claw.
Clothed claw meaning a hand that is covered.
Beretta obviously means a gun.
Betrayed by the queen the king fell down.
Meaning the queen betrayed so the king died.
Now who's this King?
The king to the kingdom of Agradoot.
Hemanta, I am trying to
The owner of Agradoot is my father.
If dad's the King then
Queen is my mother
Gayatri Sen.
Ratan there's nothing to clean there.
Go make a drink.
I'll get you lemon tea.
He too doesn't give a damn.
I've been trying to tell you something.
Yuri has hacked into an account.
Its called Help.com. Huge transactions take place.
Agradoot is involved.
Queen mother!
Don't we call our queens mother?
Mother Lady
Lady you are cruel!
Or, Lady you are frail.
Are you doped?
What's wrong
Here. Look at this.
It's a 1936 made Beretta. Belonged to may dad.
And what's this? Clothed claw!
These gloves too belonged to my dad.
It's pretty evident. Someone wore these gloves and
Killed my dad with this gun.
Then the gloves and gun were put back here
To give a feel everything's in order.
Hemanta, uncle shot himself.
And that too in his own studio floor.
He lost his mind. Everybody knows that.
You also believe in that? Really?
Are those sms simply lies?
Those sms surely mean something.
It means only one thing.
My mother was also involved.
And now
We are going to meet my mother.
Stop being a kid, man!
Kid man?! How can one be both?
A kid can be a girl or a boy.
What am I? A boy or a man?
If I'm the son, then my job is to
Avenge his death.
And If I'm a man, then what's my job?
Your job is to make good films.
- Then what's Jack's job? - Who?
Who's Jack?
Jack of hearts!
There's something rotten in the state of Agradoot.
Let's go to our office Driver!
Yes Sir!
Do you know the distribution office?
Yes Sir!
Brilliant! Let's go!
Hemanta for god's sake
Hey hey where are you going?
This is your office. You gotta job here, right?
And you wanna say you don't know about this help.com?
Pulakbabu knows about it. I'm just a staff.
And I'm the goddam owner of this place.
As the owner, I need to know about help.com.
And as the owner I'm ordering you
To turn on the computer and show me
No no more hanky panky. Just turn the bloody thing on, will you?
- Sir I can't my boss'll - Who's your boss?
- Pulakbabu - I know who he isI'll talk to him
Who are you?
What the hell? Why are you interrupting?
I'm the owner you boss's boss
I'm Hemanta Sen. I need to see what's in there
Hemanta needs a bodyguard.
Keep a close watch. Update me constantly.
He's upset. Can be a nuisance.
Back from USA after a long time
Finding it hard to adjust.
So he might do something crazy. Prevent that.
Allow him to go anywhere and do anything.
Yes Pulakbabu
I mean er Hemanta has met Oly
They secretly met at a seedy hotel on Sudder Street
Oly was saying that Hemanta is behaving strangely
He's not well
Not well?
How can I put it
According to Oly
Hemanta has fallen for her
Was acting crazy
Actually Oly looks at him like her brother
I mean she doesn't feel the same way about Hemanta
I thought of bringing it to your notice
Ok Pulakbabu
I'll talk to Hemanta
If Olipriya doesn't want to then I'll see to it
That Hemanta withdraws
Anyway he's going back in a few days
And regarding his health, you needn't worry
I'll take care
Ok madam
Call up and tell the production I'll be late for tomorrow
Where are we going?
You go to a caf? Don't you get mobbed?
People have forgotten me
Time flies
You're in love with Olipriya?
Oh, so this about Oly and me, not coffee!
Are you or not?
Frailty thy name is woman
Lady you are frail
Are you acting or really crazy?
Is there much difference between the two?
Look, if you don't like it here go back to New York
We want what's good for you
Who's the We?
As a kid you use to come here with us
Me, you, your dad, with our Sudebaker.
And today instead of shooting you bring me here
To grill me Time flies
Look, we I want your happiness
So you're taking Oly away from me
First you asked me to stay back.
Now you're telling me to go
Make up your mind
I waited for you to come and take up your responsibilities
Waited darling
You're my only son
Do we look like that?
People who're watching us, are they taking us
To be mother and son?
Don't think so
Let's make a condition
I'll forget Oly
You leave uncle and come live in dad's house
Come, who's better?
Me or Uncle?
I'm sorry - I'm not
Look, if you think I've married your uncle for money
You're wrong.
I don't want all this. Take it back
After all you're the owner. I'm just a trustee
The word trustee has been derived from trust
You think I've not executed my duties?
I'm a traitor?
And to execute is to kill
My car will drop you home
I don't need a car.
My car has been following me
I've even got 2 bodyguards
Cause apparently someone wants to kill me
You shoot. I take me leave
Adios Mother
It's a lot of money
Its saying help is an NGO
Gives loan to villagers
What's going on?
But no record of loans
Money's coming from abroad to Help
Then is being paid
To various hotels on Sudder Street and Wellesley
Payment in cash. Only cash
Big amount being collected and paid out?
Black money!
Money laundering!
Money's being cleaned. Black to white
But how's Agradoot connected to this?
Much of it is put into films.
Money's being rolled
Why don't you read the full thing?
How did you hack into it?
Won't say!
By accident.
The cell phone you gave led me into it
I'm downloading this ok?
I've ordered Italian
Will pizza do?
No. I have to leave tonight
Going to Hemanta?
To Hemanta?
I've got to show him this
Last 3 nights you kept me waiting and...
Last three months I've telling you to stop taking pills
Are you bothered?
Why create this drama
You're going to buy again tomorrow
Go to Hemanta tomorrow
Its important to give him this pen drive
Its urgent
Where's the other one, Gupi?
Where's Gupi?
Gone to do a small job
What's your full name Raju?
Rajesh Sinha
Been a bodyguard all along? Great muscles
Wanted to be Rajesh Khanna the star
Couldn't crack acting. Became a stuntman
Now Kalyan babu's bodyguard
Or are you James Bond?
You're not spying on me?
You can say that
Then let's hear who appointed you? Mom?
Mom, Tom, Jerry can't say the name
Well then give me a light
Can I smoke here?
Yes sir
Thank you
Rahul. Tow more
Since you're a spy... Carry a gun?
Was. You just nicked it!
Super! Super spy!
Mighty impressed
Can I say something?
If I pay you double, would you work for me?
I'm working for you
First tell me this
You've been in London for so many years
How do you speak Bengali..
America not London. Correction
Ya.. America
How do speak Bengali so well?
Since a kid I lived with my aunt in US
They constantly taught me Bengali.
Don't leak this. Where's the loo?
Out and right
Good day sir
I've nothing to do
I've been appointed by my client
I have to go to court
But you can't win this case
There'll be pressure from the top
Go tell whoever has sent you
I'll go to court tomorrow
There's a lot of evidence against help
And the police are also willing to be witness
A lot of black money is changing hands...
In seedy hotels between Help and an...
Illegal company in Bangladesh
I'm a lawyear my job is to fight for my client
So don't waste my time
Get out of the car
Couldn't you call and say, you'll be late?
Whatever I've been telling you
Whatever is happening
makes no sense to you..
Its perfectly understandable
These secret meetings
Never mind..
So you've told this to your dad or
The matter is
I understand your situation
Not that I don't. I do
But the matter is
There are certain things happening or happened
Which is very difficult to explain
Either you switch of or silence it or receive it
Who the hell is this
You were saying something
Don't you wanna say something?
Have been trying to
Look you better switch it on
It'll be easy to talk
You really want to know why this phone is disturbing me?
I'm not interested in your phone
I wanna know why you came that night?
Why you meet me at that hotel secretly? Why?
Cause I wanna see you god damn it!
I wanna make love
Wanna spend time with you
That's all?
No other plans?
What plan?
Don't you want to marry me?
There's a lot happening all around us
Every day, every minute
And all of them are rather disturbing
Get that?
And you wanna turn a blind eye to all of that?
Forget the world and get married?
You've changed so much
Why aren't you changing then?
The whole world is changing!!!
Don't call me, ever!
Pack up.
Let's go
Super Spy
Wow. Whose house?
Belonged to a maharaja
Kalyan babu has bought it
So, here?
You said you wanted to drink?
Won't last long
It'll be burnt down by an accidental fire
And a shopping mall will be built here
I was never a traitor
But couldn't keep my word
I got only
Is your gun loaded?
Now. Here.
The gun that you're carrying... Has bullets?
Have you ever played Russian Roulette?
Seen Russian Circus
But have played Russian Roulette?
What is it?
Gambling of sorts
A gun.
All the bullets will be taken out except one
We'll take the gun in turns
Point it at our heads. Here
And shoot
If it doesn't fire you live
If it does you're out! Gone for ever
Are you game?
Stop the drums. Play?
- Loaded. - Ooooo
Gupi, my pal
Take out the bullets Just keep one
Don't forget
Shoot shoot
Movie bullets!
Right! Movie bullets.
So you are movie spies?
You'll make a movie?
Rajesh Sinha wants to be Rajesh Khanna the star?
Any role. Any part. I can do it.
But the problem is the role
That's the main problem
Without a bullet a gun is useless, right?
without a role an actor is bloody useless
Like me, I've learnt so much in New York
But I'm fucking useless
No role - Exactly
So you're not gonna make a movie
I will.
I will
Movies have to be made
In fact will start the shoot in a few days
But no copies.
No Tamil. No Telegu
They'll be action?
Full on. Only action.
In fact will start with the climax scene
That's my man!!!
So what do have to do?
Will tell you
But first
Tell me
What's this?
Jack of Hearts?
Hemanta can't accept our marriage He's shocked
Getting crazy
He's driving Oly nuts
Let's separate and let them live happily
You'll be able to accept?
But if we're forced to part then
This time I'll commit suicide
Why are you reminding me of the past?
Cause that was the best time of my life
The past.
Secretly going to brother's house
Just brushing my hand against yours
Just watching you
You came to the studio with brother wearing your shades
I watched you from a distance
Those days were the most important days of my life
Just watching you
Never imagined I'll take so much responsibility
Hemanta wants to make a film
Let him
Working will help him get focused
And after all its his company
Let him make the film.
I'm turning in. Have shoot tomorrow
To the spirits!
May they rest in peace
Er Kalyan sir said to manage whatever you need for your film
So, you're the Manager?
Actually Pulakbabu is the Manager
I just organize whatever is required
So you're the Organizer?
The expenses.
Pulakbabu is the Production Controller
I work under him help him out
So, lets's talk about your company called help.com
I'll come later
Just a sec!
Later will become very fishy
Yup. You're the fishmonger Deal with fish right?
Which fish is rotten
Which the Bengalis love
Which the audience will buy?
Pomphret? Illish? Cod fish?
I just wanted to hear the story of the
Words, words, words
Only sounds. No meaning. No story
Take the call
Someone wants to buy fish
Yes sir. I'm in his house
Guess he's drunk
Talking about spirits
About Cod fish, Pomphret
Yes I have tried.
I keep wanting to know the details
He's saying only sound
He needs a sound recordist only
Ok Sir Jackpot I'll call you later
Who called?
His pet name is Jackpot
Your dad called him Jackpot Cause he was your dad's lucky mascot
Since then we all call him that
So you are the Jack of Jackpot
Do you know whether Jackpot has gloves?
I'll come later - No
Dealing with fish you have to fall in the net sometime
Tell me
What's this?
In the card?
So tell your Jackpot to hire a camera, that's all
All else will be take care by Raju
Your hired spy
Scene 48 by 1. Take 1
Gargi called and asked me to meet here
Look Mr Anadi Sen, your father was a
Legenday film producer
A milestone in history of Bengali cinema
But right now your situation is very grim
Bollywood and TV has destroyed your market
All your single screens
Specially the ones in the villages
Are like graveyards
And in the cities Bengalis are least interested in
Bengali cinema
Your production house
Its moribund
Me and your wife have told you To take Save.com seriously
Why can't to understand
Money will flow Cash
We need money right?
Cut it!
Rakesh, we got a problem here
By this time the camera needs to come on the gloves
Where are the god damn gloves?!
Sir - Shut up.
Can't do a single thing!
Ruju go give the gloves - Here
Production. Tea please
See, you gotta pull this then Shoot. Got it?
Alright Actors
We gotta take this from the top
Again? God!
You're good?
Ok? Right?
Sound speed.
Shit what do you say?
Roll sound, right?
You'll live long
And action
Look Mr Anadin Sen, your father
Was a very successful film producer A milestone of our Bengali film industry
But now your company is on the downhill
Bollywood and TV has ruined your market
Your single screens,
Specially in the villages
Are like graveyards
If you continue this way
You'll be gone
I and your wife have been telling you
To take save.com seriously
It will get you funds, money You need money, right?
I wont get into money laundering
Who's sending cash from abroad?
What they're doing with this money I no nothing
What does it matter?
We'll just create an NGO organization
Money'll flow in
We'll just say were trying to help the poor
We just wont do it
We'll just have some fake records. That's it
We'll use that money to improve our single screens
We'll invest in films
Right. And our company will again grow
But why are they sending the money through us?
What's it to you?
Everyday so much shit happens in the world
The twin towers collapsed
Prostitution, drugs, kidnapping
Does it matter what we think?
And even if we do, will the world change?
Why're you wearing gloves in this heat?
Cut it. Got that. Next shot
Rakesh we need to get the girl in now
Go get the actress
Yes sir
You got your lines right?
You know your dialogues?
Ok. Lets roll. But we need to change the lens
Is it mineral water? Doesn't matter thanks
A little tighter please
Get the 85
Let me know when you're ready
Ready sir
Ya we are ready
Roll sound
Roll camera
And action
Why're you wearing gloves Jack?
Gargi? What are you doing here?
Here, sign this
Or else you'll kill me?
And you gave him my pistol?
Don't force me to shoot. Sign this paper
My son will avenge my death
You'll call him in London? After death?
Sign I said
My son will take revenge
Hey she's fainted
Get some water
Stop this circus! Stop it!
Bring the script to my office
I need to read it
And as long I am the trustee of the company
No shooting without my orders
Pack up!!!
Betrayed by the queen the king fell down
Will take up the task or will you be a clown?
Pack up
Sorry I'm late
New Empire theatre caught fire short circuit
What're you doing with a gun?
It was set to fire right? What?
If the theatre burns down then the
Hassle of shutting down, sacking workers
Won't be required.
Remove the garbage and build a shopping mall
It maybe your assumption
One can't print news on assumption
What's assumption and what's the truth?
You tell me?
You're making a movie based on a few sms
Cause you think your uncle will get rattled
And confess that he's killed your dad
I need a proof. That's all
Proof of what?
That my uncle has murdered my dad
And mom's involved
And what'll you do?
Kill your mom and uncle?
Why not?
Are you in your sense?
Are you in your senses?
A man has swindled my dad's company
And is cheating
And I'll accept?
How can you?
Thy brother, thy friend is Hemanta
Guard him closely when he reaches your shores
Is this is what's happening?
You too got the sms
What're you doing?
Bunking office. And downloading facts of that
Lousy dirty company
Not creating a drama
What'll I do with that?
If you really wanna fight
Get a lawyear. Got to court
Court? Don't make me laugh
He buys politicians. You know that
I stay back, fight for years
You think I'll win in the end?
This is a democracy
Rajeev Gandhi went to trial. Even President Nixon!
This democracy you're talking about
Does a communist hunt during HUAC by Macarthy
They drop the Napam in Vietnam in the name of democracy
They create an Osama an kill an Osama
And back home, back here, they declare President's Rule
In the name of peace
Democracy my ass!!!
Are you talking of Jihad?
No I'm taking about my uncle who killed my dad
This is assumption
If you really wanna fight file a case
Of corruption and money laundering
You get it?
Or else?
Go back to New York
Cause your craziness is getting us nowhere
You don't have to get anywhere
My father was murdered. Not yours
You obviously don't care
And thy brother thy friend
Whatever that is, you don't need to guard me
I have enough bodyguards
Your dad was my dad too
After my dad died, he raised me
You went off.
I was with him till the last
Don't you ever forget that
And yes,
those last e mails were not written by him
I wrote them for him
Hey Gupi and Raju, come in
Need to talk
Sit, need to talk
Thanks I just
Give me the gun
You can't be a killer. Give me the gun
You're an artist Hemanta,
not a killer
I'm fixing an appointment with
A shrink, who's a friend
Get your head checked
You can't accept our marriage
I can't help it
I love your mother
Much more than your dad
You can't digest that and are acting crazy
I take it as mental disturbance
But if you think...
I killed your dad
And took over,
Your mistaken And I won't accept stupid mistakes
Neither will I allow you to disturb your mom
I agree I produce lousy remakes
Have evaded tax to keep the company going
Every businessman does
But if you make villain out of me and act crazy
I wont accept
Your mother isn't well
She had a stroke
Doctors have ordered total bed rest
stop this idiocy
Or I'll have to
I mean
Hemanta will go home Take him there
Hey, come on, lets go
This is Yuri
You're not receiving my calls
Not replying to my sms
I know you're busy
But I'm not
Disturbing you for myself
Its for your Hemanta
I've hacked some new mails
Through that help.com
Help is involved with
Some very dangerous things
I just want to let you know that
That's it Help is sending a lot of money
To some newly founded Madrasa
A lot of money
But these Madrasa...
are not legitimate
Not real Madrasa.
They are fake schools
They are actually terrorist camps
Terrorist training camps
Do you get it? Hirak?
A mail has come saying that
Money has to be sent to a guy called Yakub
Who's holed up in a hotel on Wellesly Street
This guy is connected to Mumbai blasts
Look, meeting me may not be important
To you anymore But these information is important or not?
As a journalist?!!
Get coffee for sir
And also for me
You were told no coffee mam
Get it
When did you return from hospital?
You should've stayed there a bit longer
You should've not done what you did
You not only hurt me but your father too
And if I say you have hurt my father and your husband too?
Stop this smart talk
It'll take us nowhere
Then you stop lying
Cause that'll take us nowhere too
How you've changed
Totally changed
Come Come
See in the mirror
Look at yourself Just look
See, how much youve changed my queen
Its hurting
Its hurting me too
Its been aching me for a long time
Think. Two brothers.
One tried to struggle, honestly
The other took to dishonesty, short cut
And being a queen, whom did you choose?
What the hell?
I know physical desires are important
The body is important Lust is important
But you chose dishonesty for your lust?
Yes I chose Kalyan for physical desire
I'm flesh and blood
Not a wooden doll
Don't you know how young I was when I got married?
Tour dad never saw me as a girl
I became a mother at the peak of my career
Every business has ups and downs
But will a man forget his wife?
Day in day out I slept separately
I lost my youth.
I lost my youth
Your dad lived with his cellphone, laptop, computer
He became a machine, a computer chip
Got my point?
I couldn't live with a machine
No I couldn't live with a computer
I'm a normal woman
I have physical desires
I couldn't live with a machine
Its come again. Message
And this time in Bengali
Listen to this
Lies beget more lies
Lies will lead to the end
No use of reason anymore
The only option is revenge
Why in Bengali?
Cause you can understand more clearly
you've gone completely mad
Totally crazy
Didn't you kill Dad?
Kill? I Killed your dad?!!!
How did his gun go the studio floor?
He always kept the gun with him
You didn't steal it?
I can't take it anymore
Not anymore
Do this.
Stop this dirty company called Help
Divorce my uncle
Come over to the next house
My house
My father's house
Will you?
Will you? Please
Has Pulak's car come?
Both of you put the deadbody in the dickie
Then drive to a lonely highway
Wait till 10.30
Turn the car and burn it
Before burning, pour a lot of whiskey
All over the body and in the car.
Got it?
Keep me updated on my other number
no matter how late
You have to take Hemanta to our empty mansion
He shouldn't escape.
Wait for my next order
And if he escapes
It'll take me 2 mts...
to dig up your old cases and dump you in jail
Got it?
Go to Hemanta's house.
Spy on him
Who's coming. What they're saying
I'll call you on your private number sir.
Enough Kalyan.
I won't accept anymore.
Its time you call the cops
Hand over Hemanta?
You've any idea what'll happen to the company?
He's the owner of the company
Take your medicines Go to bed
I think you should listen to what I'm saying
Take your medines. Don't sleep in the bedroom
Move to the guest room. Nurse!
It's a problem with you males
The moment you disagree you decide to sleep separately
Your brother did the same
You're crossing your limit
Hey Hold on
I havn't finished
I'm a trustee too
A bad thing happened, we hushed it up
Another has happened and I'll have to lie again
This must stop.
On one hand Hemanta is getting crazy
On the other you're getting nastier
Get one thing clear
I will not support any more illegal activities
Ok? I'm out from now on
Can you hear me clearly?
Here drink this
You think you can avoid this so easily?
Stop all arguments by coming upstairs?
Bloody Coward!
I'm not your marionette, got it?
This scotch that you're drinking,
That you're ruling it cause of me
Only for me
If you're so concerned about justice then you call the cops
Cause the murder happened in your room
Stop being childish
Suddenly you choose Hemanta's side
Out. Get out from my house Out!
Guess you're forgetting this is my house
Yours is next door
I'm used to sleep in hotels.
Good night
can't find my dad
I've looked everywhere
Left in the morning without his car
Now his car too has vanished
I'm really afraid
Take sleeping pills and go to sleep
Once you sleep you'll forget your fear
Why're you talking like this?
How should I be talking?
Dad said he had work with madam
Then he was supposed to meet you
I can't find him
And you don't care?
To care and not to care?
To do or not to do
To be or not to be?
That is the question
To question or not to question
I can't find my dad too for a long time
People say he committed suicide
I don't believe it
So should I raise hell and destroy everyone
Or should I just try to sleep it off?
There's a lot of peace in sleep
You don't question when asleep
Everything seems so resolved
Do you take sleeping pills?
Are you doped?
Do you want to dope?
I came cause I have no one
Then fuck off
See, you got two options
Get hold of a good man and get married
Raise babies, like a TV series,
Live an ordinary life
The other is become an escort, a whore
Have fun, make money
Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
Go. Get the shit out of here
Hemanta? What has happened?
I've killed someone
No. Pulakbabu
Why're you doing this?
I didn't know
Was talking with mom
He was spying on us
I hit him with a statue
I didn't know it was him
Ok. Get up
Where's the corpse?
I don't know
Kalyan's taking care of it
You need to come away from all this
What should I do?
Just fall asleep?
You're an artise
Kalyan said the same shit
I don't care what Kalyan said!
I don't give a damn
My company is rotten to the core
I'm neck deep in a filth
Ritwik Ghatak was steeped in filth but made great films
Don't you dare lecture me now
Do you realize my dad has been killed
The murderer is sharing bed with my mom
I'm having to lie, cheat
And now I've killed someone!
Do you know what that means?
This world will never change Hemanta
Come sit
Himalayas will melt
Cities will be destroyed by earthquakes
If anything survives they will be the books in your dad's library
Theatre, films
Ray's Song Of The Road
Seen it?
You see it!
Hey hey what the fuck!!!
Why can't you tell me if Hemanta is involved or not?
Why can't you be honest?
Just for one tell me
If Hemanta is involved or not?
You're insane
I'm mad?
Why can't you tell me the truth?
I understand your situation but
Will you stand there or answer her questions?
Uncle, tell me
Is Hemanta involved?
Why're you avoiding the truth?
Please tell me
Get hold of a nurse
Not nurse. You tell me
Is Hemanta involved in dad's death or not?
Hemanta is not involved
Everybody knows they have to go home
Everybody knows that the other one knows
Everybody knows knows that to come closer
Everybody takes off their clothes
Ok sir. Yes sir...
Ok sir
All this sir and sucking up
Will he make you a star?
What's it to you? Will you?
I'll go to the restroom
Out and on your left
And no tricks ok?
Everybody knows thou shall not kill
Everybody knows they make mistakes
Everybody knows thou shall not lie
Everybody lies for their own sake
So what's he doing?
Lock the door?
Hey that's rat poison
Huge rats here
Can't sleep at night
Boss called
What's he saying?
To kill Hemanta
You'll do it?
Why not you?
I can't man
He's a good man basically
He's the real owner of the company
I admit he's crazy,
But he's a good guy
Havn't you bumped off a good guy ever?
I have.
But not as good as him
Uncle is waiting to dump us in jail
Minimum 20 years.
You're forgetting Roshan? Kartik?
And he'll let you off?
I'm not questioning. You are
let's get rid of this nonsense
Get him drunk, take him to the roof
Throw him down
As it is he's screwing up our live
Look he is
What if boss gets to know
All set man
But I'm pretty hungry
Anything will do
Kebabs and stuff
Getting it. No tricks
Off course not
Thank you
Can I get some ice or cold water?
Everybody knows that water is free
Everybody knows the price of booze
Everybody knows what's left what's right
Everybody's always free to choose
Everybody knows the pain of hunger
Everybody knows insecurity
Everybody knows where it really hurts
Everybody feels, everybody can see
Everybody has got wet in the rain
Everybody wipes off their sweat
Everybody knows when the song is over
Everybody will forget the rest
Everybody wants a little more
Everybody knows that little is less
Everybody knows when the battle is over
The good guys lose like always
I'm fine
Hey the bottle is fucking empty
Don't you want a drink?
No I'm fine. Got grass
I wanna smoke grass
Go for it man
Then where'll we go to the roof?
Why roof?
Didn't we have some work on the roof?
What work on the roof?
What work?
Hey Gupi? Stomach ache?
Drink water. Hey buddy
Lie down. Rest.. Water?
You'll fall baby.
Easy easy
The rats won't bother him anymore
The packet of poison is empty
Where did it go?
In the bottle. All of it
I never wanted to kill you
Neither did I
Everybody knows you can't serve all
Everyone knows someone'll take the fall
Everybody knows when you hurt somebody
It comes back to you cause the world is small
Everybody knows when the was is over
The bad guys won, the good guys died
Everybody knows when you get drunk
Everybody knows your tongue gets tied
What're you doing here?
You won't come.
So I came
Not to stay.
Just to say a few words
Come lets..
Don't touch me!!!
You've again taken pills?
I'll listen. But let's go in
No no. Don't touch me
I havn't come to spend the night
Yuri you know I was busy
With Hemanta!
Hemanta is my childhood friend
His dad raised me
He's back after so long
He's just my friend
These are some important information
You'll need them
You got what you needed
And Hemanta's back
I'm no longer required
I'm old enough to understand that
What're you talking about?
You know what you mean to me..
What am I to you?
Yuri Hemanta's in serious trouble
Am I not?
Yuri your messed up.
You need treatment
Or else you can't think straight!
Straight!!! So you're straight!!
You're straight and I'm bent? Right?
Yuri - You're straight and I'm bent???
Don't touch me!
Just fuck off you cheat
He's my friend. Just a friend!!!
Everybody know you have to go back
Everybody knows yes everybody knows
Everybody knows when you say goodbye
You bid farewell without your clothes
Guess she hung herself. From the fan
With that scarf
God knows when
You were in the next room
You returned yesterday
What were you doing?
I'm always with her
Just stepped out for a few minutes at night
Gayatri madam came.
Kalyan sir is coming
Don't touch the scarf. It'll go for post mortem
Come you fucker. I'll kill you
Lalit please
Get up you asshole
I'll kill you
Lalit stop it.
Hemanta please
Stop this.
Feeling better?
What happened to him?
Drug overdose
You were both brought in together
make it fast. Got to call the morgue
Hang on.
Have to clean the body first
Drug overdoze?
Came before. For 7 days. Survived and left
Yuri Bose
What did he do?
Something to do with computers
Am sick of it all
There's this patient in the next room.
Won't live. Brain cancer
But they're spending money like water
What's the point of all this anguish?
Finally everyone will be either buried or burnt
We all have to go
Life is very short my son
Dr Mukherjee!
Gayatri? Why aren't you taking your medicines?
- Sir she's sleeping. - But she has to take her pills
You know how adamant she is
You're paid to do your job not be her slave
I'm told she's sleeping since morning
Is this a joke
What did the doc say?
She has to take her medicines
If you don't like my work I'll leave.
Get lost. Give me her medicines and go!!!
Gaytri get up and take your medicines
Get up and take your pills
Nurse! Nurse
Give me the keys. I'll drive uncle home.
You can go
You can out?
Aunty's body is not cremated?
Did you go to Yuri's Funeral?
Couldn't face it
Can't face it either
Here. Take this
Do what you want
What's this?
Keys to Kalyan's car. Given the driver off.
Do it
Or your coming back makes to sense
You take this. Print it all.
Your job is to tell the truth. Tell it.
All that can happen later
It'll be too late
Or else Yuri's death will not make any sense
Take it
See you
If you can, spare a few good words for me
Where are we going?
We've a lot of work
Need to call a press meet
Have somehow managed to bribe the cops and
Hush up the suicide
Now we need to hush up the press
After all she was Gayatri
She deserves better
And she was your mother
Your brother was my father
He also deserved better that what you gave him
Where are we going?
I dunno
What I did was for your good.
For the good of the company
Pulak's death was hushed up to save you
Or you would've been in jail
I know you killed Raju and Gupi
Yet I'm not handing you over
Can't you guess why?
So Pulak was an accident
Olipriya genuine suicide
Raju and Gupi
Oh of course.
The house will be burnt down and youll...
Build your shopping mall
What about dad?
Accident or heart attack?
That was accident
Gayatri gave me the gun to just scare your dad
And you wore gloves to scare him?
Your father refused to understand
That we needed money at any cost
To save the company
He started arguing.
He tried to snatch the gun
I had to
Whatever I've done was to save our company
Look at our studio now.
This big boom in Bengali cinema
Multiplex is screening so many Bengali films
Audiences are coming back to the halls
You need money for that Hemanta
You need power
Its your company. Run it.
You cant run away.
Turn the car
- You know what? - What?
Marty Scorcese remade a Chinese film and won the Oscars
But years ago, he also made a film called the Taxi Driver
Which is being remade all over the world almost every year still
So, we are all robbers! Everybody steals
The suspicious accidental death of the head of Agradoot...
Pictures and his nephew has caused a huge uproar...
In the entertainment and political world.
CBI enquiry has come up with facts...
That connect the company to money laundering, illegal activities,
even terrorist funding
Agradoot Pictures have been locked.
The government wants an immediate report.
A lot of important names are cropping up.