Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012) Movie Script

Love ?
Will we?
I was probably the worst bed partner
of five continents
All my life,
so stupid
thought that sex
seem to mind the man who desperately wanted
and thought to deprive it was like depriving
a selfish act.
And all that bread
not worth a damn in hell.
What I've always intesado about life
is what happens abroad
and that... that was something to share.
I have always felt more at home
in the most difficult places
but love?
'm A war correspondent.
Of course there are wars
and wars...
Here we go
Strip. Look at that!
He is desperate motherfucker...
Yes, but you are also a bastard
. Hard.
It's something that no...
Good heavens
Let Papa! Hard.
Everything dies.
It was by chance that I met
I was in Kay West on a family trip
after my father died
There was a bar called Sloppy Joe's
I remember thinking the first time I saw it:
Who is the tall, dirty
with that disgusting filthy clothes?
My D-s, it is Ernest Hemingway!
Pope anoints the beast.
No, that seems a homeless man.
Skynny, another drink.
Do not look now dad, something approaching
. Oh.
Hello, all right? I've never kissed a fish.
Tradition of Sloppy Joe's.
Friend or foe?
false friend, you never know.
Is discovered in time.
Y elegance what's your name?
Gellhorn Matha
Well Gellhorn. A game is not fun if
only going in your direction.
But I'm not one of your animals
I can see that you're not.
Just try to guess what the hell you are.
If we go out for drinks
have to fight with your husband?
He is my brother and she is my mother.
In that case I hope you're thirsty.
You want to tell them to come?
Everyone says you're blonde?
Hard to believe indeed.
Know the song?
I'm Italian and I know the song.
What's been said that voice?
And you do, sophisticated?
Do I do?
I have been knowing the world.
And how is the world?
Is a surprising place sometimes.
This is mine?
That poison that Ron.
Here not drink to get drunk,
but to keep drunk.
The clientele here scares you?
If I scared? No.
Just back from Berlin.
The Nazis... yes those are scary.
They are like little stinky running with lugers.
Very bad company for a young froline.
Blondes have free pass in the motherland.
And do well so I read
. So health!
As America's plush bed of potatoes.
Do not be naive.
Many people are hungry.
Sound like Eleanor Roosevelt.
Believe me, I'm not as Eleanor Roosevelt.
I know that woman of a lifetime.
Sure. Listen to the review.
To see Gellhorn. All
writer retains a review.
You blame Mrs. Roosevelt,
She encouraged me to write.
Is titled "The problems I have seen."
The problems you've seen?
Aja. Which were?
What did Dad at the country club?
No. I've seen problems.
I did not say they were my own.
Walked the nation, lived in camps
enough clothes...
The book seems to be armed not with words but with
the very fabric of human
Who is that Martha Gellhorn? His writing burns.
Hemingway himself not write more authentically.
As always understood it all wrong,
and compare myself with you is ridiculous.
All I did was listen
. Is your dialogue.
The trick is to write as people speak
. Most ever heard.
Wanted to cover terrible lives...
... And ended up being glamorous in
the cover of Saturday Review.
I have the same problem.
It's time to go.
I owe you?
you could say I'm the owner of the bar
Pope, now we're really behind.
All right, I'm going.
Buy a new shirt Hemingway.
Nice to meet you.
Fast pope. Pauline will be furious.
Who is Pauline?
I can help?
This is the house of Mr. Hemingway?
Yes I Pauline Hemingway.
Madame Hemingway.
I met Mr. Hemingway at Sloppy Joe's.
Right. Sloppy Joe's.
Is overdue. Come in.
Is a very interesting room.
My husband says that killing animals
avoids killing.
I can see that he does not risk.
Ernest gives me everything he writes.
Ears'm his first and his first review.
So is his muse,
is very lucky.
A great big talent needs care,
we managed to have a happy life here.
Ernest enjoys being around people exotic.
Some believe that Franco
not be able to win this war
if he had no support.
Hitler and Mussolini,
literally throw him money and arms to Franco.
For Franco and fascists
America and the rest of the world do nothing.
Because the only images the world sees
come fascist propaganda.
The fascists are moving, do not be fooled.
What is happening in Spain
is a threat to our democracy also
We have to denounce what is happening in Spain.
These people are trying to defend their democratic government
Some Russian forces are supporting too.
All young people dedicated to the cause.
Who is that man dressed as a gravedigger
Pauilne this is Mikhail Koltsov, a Russian journalist.
Koltsov not only a journalist.
Is the eyes and ears of Stalin.
Supplies are given to the Russian army,
supplies to orphanages and could feed starving peasants.
I present the director of this movie,
Joris Evens, the great Danish documentarian
Using you may return to Spain
to finish this film.
It is also a great privilege to have with us
a man who saw first hand the horrors
and fascists are causing your Puebl
is also my dear friend :
Professor Paco Zarra.
There are many heroes who
would have brought here tonight,
but we have you to support us.
Hey, they started without me!
Hello . Here is our host.
Hey Joris... Hemingway
In case some are wondering
on how you sign your checks
write with a Parker as Hemingway.
The name sucks
This does not mean you can do something good
've Missed you rascal.
My book is you gaining in Russia, you know?
I want to say how happy I am for you?
You could, but that would ruin it.
Martha Gellhorn, John Dos Passos.
The greatest American writer not named Hemingway.
John Dos Passos.
Hemingway thinks that writing is a bloody sport.
Do not fool John,
Gellhorn is the author of a bestseller.
I read the review of his book.
We have both at gunpoint.
Y has not said a word.
Sidney llevs children
bullfighters play or something?
Sure. Come.
Children do not need to see that kind of movie.
Children need to see the world as it is.
Not tonight.
Paco Zarra.
Nice to meet you.
My pleasure.
I admire what you're doing.
There are two sides in this war of Spain
only collect money for one.
Why support the Communists?
Ms. Hemingway, communists
not the same as the fascists.
But the anti fascist Catholics do not kill?
I'm sorry, but the church
placed side with the fascists.
Sorry but this
house are Catholics.
Catholic in America is very different from in Spain.
I heard entering the house
and God help you if
find a cross on the wall
I'm not sure I can believe that.
And what can you believe? You go to the iglesa?
Not really.
Gellhorne, is not it?
'm Half Jewish.
There such a thing?
Listen, we're not closed minded.
When Ernest was in Spain met Sydney.
A Brooklyn-born killer.
Our Sydney is also Jewish, but
is like family.
Papa, why not go back to my country?
If you counted our history the world would listen.
No living writer
Has done more to support the Spanish people
but my husband has a family here
and a deadline for a novel.
And you?
I think the Spanish Civil War
is a test for the next world war
and I think anyone who can should go.
How the fuck do you think you handle that?
You tried to enter into a war zone?
Also I have resources.
Should go.
Enough of politics, it's late.
Someone has to stand up to write.
Want to join us? We need you.
We need journalists worldwide
that have what really happens in Spain.
Pauline is right.
All we need a new novel by Hemingway.
Addition, we need good men in this front
Come to Spain and see for yourself.
I'm leaving tomorrow. I hope you get to go.
People the world is going to Spain.
Writers, poets, artists
, workers
All passionate believers in the cause.
The people of Spain have to know
that help is on the way.
I will sing our song. Okay?
live the Fifth Brigade,
ba ba rumba rumba.
I thought what you did to go to war was
as a gesture of solidarity,
and be killed or
hopefully survive until the war ended.
A backpack with fifty dollars,
that was my team for Spain.
Anything else seemed unnecessary.
I needed to get roles ,
so I wrote to a friend in
Collier's magazine
appoint me to war correspondent
despite not writing
never a word about the war .
Beautiful necklace.
His name is Sandor.
Hello Sandor! How nice necklace.
Thanks. Rabbit's Foot
is good luck.
I'm on the front lines,
a fight against Franco and the fascists.
Good for you.
And you?
I am a writer.
With those legs?
In fact I do not use for writing.
Though once met a man
playing the xylophone with
feet. Want a drink?
True. Thank you.
When I looked at the faces of the men
In the International Brigades
inexorably discovered that I loved.
Were ordinary citizens who were there at their own risk,
going to Spain for a cause
Do not impelled the government but passion.
Like most wine Mr. Hemingway?
Feel the air!
Is the land of Spain!
We will meet with our battalion in Madrid
I can go?
No, it's hard for a woman.
I had the feeling that one,
has to work all day and all night
and love as many people as one can
and do it all
because everything happens awfully fast.
Come on baby, we will stand
. We will be a tripod.
're Not listening.
To defeat the fascists must be with propaganda.
Defeat the fascist ?
You mean kill...
They are wrong. We have to convince the peasants
give them education.
What scumbags?
Welcome Dad.
Welcome to Spain!
Now we will defeat Franco's bastard!
I still like the Madrid stew?
Lupe Sure, you think that
I returned to Spain?
For you. Thanks
is a great honor.
Mikhail Koltsov and I always say
Ernest Hemingway is the American Tolstoy.
Gentlemen... The toast. Health to all.
What a surprise!
Pauline did not think you loosen the belt.
See for yourself.
This will help to get some shit
, of...
Pope, what you do with Franco?
I'm here with director Joris Evans
and my good friend John Dos Passos.
Let's make a movie.
We'll show the world
the noble struggle defenders
elected government of Spain.
What was that?
Seems to be a tank.
Is Russian, a Russian...
There a doctor here?
Is a woman?
She got it.
I know very well.
Look who's here
Hello Hemingway.
You know how to make an entrance.
Why, are you jealous?
Everyone is a pumpkin Cinderella.
Cinderella needs a drink.
Hey guys. Hi Paco.
I told you would come.
I love being here.
I'm happy to have arrived.
Activity? Yes, please.
Hey friend, okay. Let go.
You a hard Hungarian friend.
Where's the front?
It's supposed to be here
A dozen blocks from here, just follow
streetcar rails.
University's happening,
can not miss.
'm Martha Gellhorn.
Martha Gellhorn.
From Collier's Magazine
You have some role in Collier?
I have.
War Correspondent?
Just a name.
I needed.
Not near Sloppy Joe's.
Put your claws kitten,
As it would be here.
Okay, sign here.
Room 428.
You are on the safe side of the building.
Capa Hey, look what we have here!
A real war correspondent.
Another one?
It's filling the bar, do not you think?
Most closest he's been a weapon
is next to a soldier in a urinal.
Not. I present to Martha Gellhorn,
Martha my Hungarian friend Robert Capa.
Layer? Nice to meet you.
I know your pictures.
Do you want another drink?
I need a shower.
Sydney bathroom.
Seriously, I can open the tap alone.
No hot water. Be heated.
Precise sleep.
I'm on the same floor.
Look at that!
Your legs start at the shoulders...
's All yours.
Hemingway opens the door!
Me out of here!
How dare you, motherfucker?
Sorry sweetness
Why the hell shut me up here?
In case you have not noticed
, Gellhorn,
Blonde're the only place
and this is a city of desperate men
Some know they will die,
That frees the beast.
And I have to tell you that one of
can do in the dark at
a beautiful white woman like you.
Hemingway got it.
There is a war here, do not trust anyone.
How do I know if I can trust you?
The best way to know if you can trust someone
is relying.
You were right, this is the best view.
Cmara here.
Look are coming
Marseillaise The French battalion.
This is the Canadian battalion.
And Abraham Lincoln Brigade
We're filming right?
Walking, go down.
The four men americada beauty
So many rides?, Monta both.
Brooklyn, Brooklyn!
Gellhorn, come on.
Wait for me, wait for me.
Hey Dad, wait! Pope!
Live Spain. Long live the republic.
Right there, to get to them.
Look, are spending your movie.
Not my movie.
Do not you like it?
I do not know. I never saw her.
Production was a shit.
I agree.
It was a mistake elect
Helen Hayes as Catherine Barkley.
- Oh yeah?
- Yes
Everyone is a critic.
Look there. Enfocala. Two Oye Come here.
Joris, come on. A photo.
It's so good to be doing this,
is a wonderful movie.
Irrigation? What happens with irrigation
Nothing, if you like watching guys doing
We do our work that people want to see.
Please. This is a damn movie
This is why there is a bloody war Hem
a year ago these people shoot
for being in this cursed land.
Daba pride see joy and determination
the Spanish people.
Seeing them know that our cause was just,
could not lose.
To control this country
have had to deal with two million brave souls.
It tastes like freedom.
Two, maybe that's the worst line you've invented
And that's saying something.
Maybe, but it's true.
Now these people can irrigate their land...
And grow food for the defenders of the motherland.
You are an idealist, not much to irrigate
when fascists have their boot on your neck.
How are our producers today?
Paco. There is Paco.
This may be the best scene in the movie
There is a battle
five miles away.
There should be , come on!
Russian do you expect? Come with us.
Two Hey, you coming?
I know how are the battles,
'll stay here.
should be closer.
What is that?.
Red dogs, their leader
sent here to die.
General Franco is willing to forgive.
Viva Franco, Spain!
Want to get killed?
They see the reflection,
have a direct target.
Damn fascists!
Attention! End with this.
Live Franco. He flew the damned.
Make sure to protect Paco.
Damn fascists.
Dog Republican. This is not over.
Stop to these idiots.
Madrid is protected.
Yes, it is protected...
For today. Are they okay?
Cress. Before I had the most horrendous indigestion
With this I can eat chili
and sleep like a baby.
Wild onions,
Local residents say that if you eat two onions a day
live like 100 years.
What locals say
on bad breath?
They say it's a taste you have to acquire...
Paco, my friend.
Come on, we need to talk, please.
Okay, leave it there,
discuss two minutes.
Talk just two minutes... Get in there.
By car, why?
Come now.
So how
learned to have fun in hell?
Family Vacation.
Ms. here I have his coat. Look.
She thinks it's your coat. My
coat? No, no, that's not my coat.
is yours and why you are giving it.
No, not very nice but...
What we want is
pay him something for him.
Paying? No, no. I can not.
At least give me a
pesetas. I'm old.
She just asked if you like the coat.
I like, is nice, but...
For the love of God, do not understand.
Look, take.
Now the coat is yours, as
she said from the beginning.
There are many opportunities and wartime.
If you do not mind wearing clothes of the dead
Now we go to celebrate? Anda
Put it beautiful, it is. It's cute.
Here is the mirror to see.
The hat is waiting
Look how beautiful you look.
This guitar kills fascists.
Hungarian Sandor where?
Sandor left.
He will return.
It will not.
When you least expect it coming back.
And the bartender says, it's nothing,
brings nothing for everyone.
If you have nothing brings nothing.
Give a nothing. All
days, nothing, nothing, nothing...
Two Hey, are you bored?
Paco and should be back.
Drink something for God's sake,
This man is invincible.
Is likely to seek
happen to some of our sluts here.
To a man Time magazine cover
Needs to be in the low
occasionally funds.
Fun Hem.
There is a real buzz kill.
Where's Paco?
For the cause!
Sorry Paco Have you seen Zarra
? No parlo Spanish.
Hey Sydney, go with it...
irrigation project today, is not it?
Yes, sir.
And saw Paco? He should be here.
I do not know.
You seen him lately?
No, sorry.
This was outside the hotel.
Look at the expression on this girl...
Bad his coat buttoned by haste.
Yes, yes.
You catch the human side.
This need to do something,
to exercise control,
Even when the world is out of control.
Yes, you understand...
I want to do what you do.
I want to write the way you take pictures
Seriously. There is so much going on in this war
and I sit down to write and nothing!
Nothing, I can not...
So what's your secret?
There is no secret.
The pictures are there, you just jacks.
If your pictures are not good enough
, you get closer.
But you've got the talent.
Not enough to have talent,
also have to be Hungarian.
I want you to know I'm the general Petrol.
I am a great admirer of your
divine figure.
And it would be an honor...
You dance with me.
Dance? No, no.
Come .
Come on, now.
Come and dance with me now.
General Depart Hey Caviar.
What the hell you think you're doing?
I'm trying to seduce a beautiful woman.
Enough, I'm not your property.
What if the two of us going out
We will have a duel.
I thought that the Russians had value.
How about a game of Russian roulette?
Sidney, a gun.
Oh, please.
Go, go...
This is crazy, what are you doing?
Wait! Wait!
Go back to your machine
journalist writing.
So one of you dies would be unfortunate,
but something must be done first.
Russian The honor is at stake.
Puta Russia!
Vodka! Vodka, vodka.
Made for Peter the Great.
Vodka, vodka.
A last drink before dying.
One more, just one more with caviar.
Fast, caviar.
The true bread, with music.
Papa Come, come.
We have to make a movie.
Maybe we've all learned something,
acquired a enseanaza everyday.
things we know about war are not simple.
You said fucking Russia?
And what if I told you?
Well, I say fuck America.
My nation is here, where is yours?
's Right, the United States should be here
Everyone should be here.
Fascists torment Spain
and you compare your testicles.
Is ridiculous.
No Sandor.
Hungarian How could that do this?
Sometimes sacrifice is an art.
disaster has spread like a compass needle,
exorbitant throughout the city.
Past the barricades in the streets
was heard the sound
hammering of machine guns on campuses.
And a bird...
It was a crazy war,
We could take a tram to get to the front.
What are you filming? What are you filming?
Yes, I do.
The front was only a few blocks away.
It was very cold,
And the cries of people
heard everywhere.
But we had to make a movie.
There are stray bullets everywhere.
Look at that.
Damn grace under pressure!
- Hey you.
- Get down
- Hey! What happens?
- At the hotel this evening.
In the hotel? But only if you buy me a
- Vale later.
- Goodbye.
I want to invite a few drinks after work.
Sure gave them a lesson.
Les threw grenades right into their fascist asses.
Well, they deserve it.
Fascism is a lie, told by children
One day one here is champion and the next is throwing grenades
Instead of balls...
Listen Hemingway,
It seems that his side is winning the war
is a tragedy for both sides
important thing is to report objectively.
To hell with all its objectivity.
What gave you?
Hemingway, no doubt.
That's a cat?
Not a cat.
Not a cat.
Not a cat!
Mom. Here. Arise
Mami Come with me.
Mom, Mom...
're A damned fool.
Do not leave in the middle of a bombing
A child should not see his mother
bleed and die.
I have blood on their hands. I can not.
Go wash.
Gellhorn, wash your hands.
Come over!
Is the bravest woman I've ever seen
Spying , Gellhorn?
You're supposed war correspondent.
Where is your mail?
What are you, a fucking war tourist?
I can not write...
I'm trying, but I get nothing
I feel I do not know enough about what
on the military and I...
The only thing that interests me is the people and their lives
... daily life
And I...
Who cares about that really?
No big deal write Gellhorn.
sit at your typewriter and bleed.
Do what you did in Appalachia.
Writes about ordinary people in the war, in Madrid.
No, I...
Gellhorn Subete the ring!
See what you're made.
Starts throwing some punches for what you believe.
Damn war correspondent.
I... What?
As bombs fall, know what
people thought of the street?
I have to go home.
For some reason you do not think will be killed
We gotta go.
Oh, you and your damn legs
two meters.
Is this what you want?
This is what I need.
How did you do this?
I fell off a ladder.
I fell over a skylight.
And leg?
Modena, shrapnel
If the Italians had not been for me had been ripped
It must have been bad.
For sweater knee remains united.
I have a boat beside the bed,
with shrapnel that took,
two hundred twenty-seven pieces.
I rewarded with the Cross of Merit
war with three appointments.
We have a hero here.
I hate the word hero.
Never saw a damn thing that was sacred.
Damn I slept foot
Bullfighters do,
One day a great matador ended Nero,
one who taught me this trick.
I think it ended with Nero
You think?
The important thing for a writer
is telling a good story.
So is it true about the scars?
Of course, it is true.
'll tell you something more about the writers,
the best are all liars.
It is hard to say exactly
the moment one falls in love with a person
But with him I knew exactly
the time I encamor.
And I knew why.
At that time were his words
you ever hear,
no matter how intimate they were.
You saw Hemingway?
Did not see...
The hotel was being transformed
in a vast haven for the wounded.
Could smell the slaughter.
Was full of men blindfolded.
Cappa, Hemingway has seen?
I know that voice...
I've been thinking about you, how are you?
How are you?
I'm fine...
And you, how are you?
'm Luxury now that you're here,
however, the Hungarian...
Where is?
Do me other questions.
I'll get you a drink.
I want to give you this.
You'll get lucky.
I'll get you a drink.
Take here...
Look here is Pope...
I'll take care of it.
In the event that fall Madrid...
Madrid will not drop ever.
But we can not be certain.
Why can not shoot this?
I'll tell you openly.
Zarra's brother is a colonel
This is a civil war,
brother fight against brother.
But Moscow does not seem to believe that.
Perhaps think Paco is a spy?
I saw him kill a dozen
fascists in an afternoon.
Can you imagine a better way,
for antifascist you create?
Do you think that?
What I think does not matter,
not comfortable Moscow
leader whose brother sits next to Franco.
Anything can happen.
What kind of things?
Something certainly can not stop,
but I promise
will have a fair trial.
Fair trial?
A man known to his friends.
In Spain
Russians can be very good to know.
We control the access to all brigades.
Y. ..
Our Comrade Dos Passos
it difficult to follow Moscow guaranteed this.
Maybe two can be a genius as hell
but no one is more anti-fascist.
No one questions the ideals of this man
'm talking about your behavior
can not deny
Dos Passos is in love with Paco Zarra.
Rumors and suddenly is everywhere
talking to people.
The war is full of rumors.
Let me be more direct,
Zarra seems that Paco is a spy
and if found to be co-Dos Passos
he might also be involved in espionage.
Then my hands are tied.
What the hell are you suggesting?
I'm suggesting
tell Dos Passos
that men should not be so emotional
Tell him to act like a man
on which Hemingway wrote.
Hem, you said something about Paco?
Two years later
Koltsov was detained in a purge in Moscow
and sentenced to death.
He really believed in Stalin.
Sometimes I wonder
if what he believed would protect Stalin
did not end with
a bullet in the head.
Hemingway who is bigger and stronger.
Your writing is phony,
pedantic, pompous!
Your voice is pompous.
Stupid fagot.
How dare you tell me how to write stories?
What do you know about the real war?
Funny how a man
need to prove their masculinity.
I wonder why that is?
Hemingway is right.
Your voice is very pasty, is a disaster!
You a overvalued, narcissistic!
Narrate it myself!
I like the idea of Hemingway,
let's try.
Manga of narcissistic,
Speaking of war.
Hello Orson.
But are you talking about? Resignations?
As so quit?
This Spanish soil is hard and dry.
And the faces of the men who work there
are hard and parched by the sun.
This land with water give more.
Fifty years ago we want to irrigate.
This is working.
Joris what the hell is going on?
I found Orson Welles
and said resignation.
Waiver? I send it to the street!
You what?
Can not...
You know nothing
narrate a movie, Hem.
Actors shit!
Turn off the projector, stop, stop.
Turn the lights.
With Orson Welles narrating was very theatrical,
But Hemingway hear a natural voice,
A real voice;,
a man who really was in Spain
and wants to tell the world.
Trust me, it's working. I think
Gellhorn, falling bombs.
Everybody ready?
Hemingway, ready?
Y. .. Action!
Before death came
if you were old or sick,
but now comes to this city
from high in the sky shining like silver
all they have nowhere to run,
or hide.
Three German planes did this.
This water would empty land lot.
Fifty years ago we want to irrigate
but we have prevented,
Now lets bring water,
to grow food for the defenders of Madrid.
This was my speech,
Hem is now?
Wait... Joris
Where is
Paco taking on the horse?
You said it was the best scene of the movie
These are Paco...
Wait a second.
What is this?
I took the whole movie?
Disappeared in Spain
and now want to disappear forever?
Two Good heavens, calm down.
The cuts were made to
the movie flow better.
This is how you make a movie of Two.
Are aesthetic decisions.
Wells's voice was not suitable for narration
and now he says that
Paco had to be cut.
Paco was...
Is for balance,
is for the good of the film.
For the sake of the movie
or for the sake of the Russians?
Do not insult me.
I risked my life to film this war.
YES? Paco pelenado risked hers.
Hem for the love of Gd,
do not do that to a friend.
Why is that?
Every time we talk Paco...
What are you hiding?
Something I do not think you have to listen
something you have no stomach for that.
Okay, Two.
No one says a coward
can not be a great writer.
You should go write...
Would be nice a new book of Dos Passos.
After Spain Dos Passos changed.
He never regretted
be against Franco,
but because of what happened to Paco
political ideology is much oriented to the right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Congress of American writers
which is sponsored by the League of American Writers
Proudly presents the first film
the battlefront Spanish
directed by filmmaker Joris Evens,
and written by Ernest Hemingway
in collaboration with John Dos Passos.
Silence! Be still.
Damn it! What do you do?
Shame on you!
My fault?
I do not remember cornered against the wall
and try to put my hands on my pussy.
Y castrate you face the world now?
I get it.
Now I understood.
Hemingway has stage fright.
Is that?
Say you support my cause, Campanera.
And you with this damn fur coat.
It's your turn.
You'll do great.
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
Spanish newcomer Front
my friend, my hero, Ernest Hemingway!
Papa, come on!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am a writer.
The last thing a writer should be asked
is talking.
The fascists can destroy cities,
sonbrevivir land but to all kinds of tyranny.
Those who have come to earth with honor
entered and no more honorably
that those who died in Spain
reached immortality.
The film will see
is about these men.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Spanish land.
A moment, ladies and gentlemen.
I see a very special guest here,
A woman who shared our adventures in Spain.
A writer for Collier's magazine.
Please, give the Martha Gellhorn
Ladies and gentlemen,
people talk about glorious battles,
government of grandiosidades,
of the majesty of its leaders,
but entering the devastated cities
and sustain
hand of a starving child,
and partially burned,
and think differently.
My task
our task
is to give voice to the homeless,
be a witness to the innocent
and expose the lies that mask evil
with glorious images.
Thanks for coming and for their support.
Let me give you one of these
brochures for you to read Mr.
Explains our cause in Spain.
This is a good job.
Has a good title.
Is what editors want to hear.
For Whom the Bell Tolls.
John Donne.
The death of every man diminishes me
because I am involved in mankind,
Ask not for whom the bell tolls;
tolls for thee.
This will be his best novel.
Caught me off guard
low, as always.
Every time I think he can do nothing
That's the mark of a great author.
Exactly, I know.
Should know.
Michael says more or less the same
of your articles for Collier's.
You can believe me. Scribner is interested
to write a book.
Can not tempt,
I have it stuck in Colliers,
stories are so good that we want more.
Actually I was not sure that a girl had
to be a war correspondent.
Women are
bombs fall like men.
Yes, because I want to be bombarded
right now.
Come here.
Excuse me a minute.
Calma Hem.
Because nobody shits on your work.
I need another drink.
I was talking to my friends
what you wrote about my book.
Do you remember?
Not think so.
The banality of his talent was surpassed
Their fear
flagging their masculinity.
Then said...
Salt behind your fake chest hair
all you know.
Wow, I memorized.
Please Papa, you're not hurt...
Ah, no?
I just wanted to talk about this with you.
What you see here?
This is how you see the chest of a man.
Oh. Are you serious.
Let's see what's in your chest
fucking fagot.
Fucking Nazi!
You know that adultery is a sin?
This is a Catholic home.
You'll never get a divorce.
Do not see destroyed by a...
You told me you loved me so much,
that only love mattered.
Your love...
Is just another picture on the wall.
Your love is...
One of these dirty tricks
I taught sex
maybe learn some of your whores!
I have not taken good care?
Despite your hatred and your jealousy,
And your pettiness.
I told the world you were a genius!
I gave you everything!
A Hemingway son!
To prove you are not the son of mom
Toro... Toro...
Comparing your penis with F. Scott Fitzgerald,
telling everyone that is greater
but I know the truth.
What are you doing?
Take them out!
Come on guys...
What is the problem?
Your children mean nothing to you?
Do you think I'll let
I like to let Hadley?
This time you will stay married.
Do you think this Gellhorn
cares a little?
She's using you.
She will not be your muse
She will leave you bankrupt.
What do you want?
Who Wants a Double Daddy?
Dad what?
Is a drink made with rum
the juice of two lemons
half grape juice
and six drops of maraschino liqueur.
whole mix with crushed ice in a blender,
and you're ready to rumba!
I invented the damn bebid
and I have the record in drinking.
Fuck iron.
Serve me!
Double or nothing for the winner!
Death to fascism!
partly as a thoroughbred but lost in the final.
Let's see...
Ds I swear you're more man
I have known many.
Just say I win.
Say, say you won!
We together
we will declare a tie.
Draw my buttocks. Hell, I win.
I have less weight than you
technically took more alcohol than you so I win.
Why did not you mean that I win?
I'll give you a prize...
What does it cost?
How much you got?
Is called Finca Vigia.
We have it for almost nothing.
We can write together here.
Not perfect?
'll Have to give the guests
Who needs guests?
So we can stay?
I can not yet believe it.
You never know what you're fighting until you lose
After Spain
felt so much despair for the human race.
I thought we were forever cursed
Spain really hurt me.
No one listened. Nobody.
And the fascists won.
The fascists won.
Listen Gellhorn.
A man can be destroyed but not defeated
If he still can fight standing.
I write to show the world
why fought by Spain.
A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
If you still can fight standing
What time is it?
Noon was over an hour ago.
I'm writing from the six.
Let Gellhorn,
lift and start writing.
Do not bother.
What are you trying to do? Scare?
Five minutes ago I'm seeing,
write pages and let them float to the trash.
Never crush the leaves.
Always let them float gently to the trash.
Any writer who abuses his texts
is crazy in a safe year.
D-mine, drank two bottles of whiskey
wine and absinthe.
get up in the morning, at dawn and write?
Writing is as Mass
D-s gets angry if you do not show.
Sure. The Sunday did not write anything.
Is that Sunday is the mass.
Not understand your Catholicism.
Went right after marrying Pauline
in time to say I agree
I was powerless.
She took me to church and work.
I had my own resurrection.
No. ..
Heck, have kissed
Juan Bautista to have it hard.
This is an image I will treasure.
After that I decided to remain Catholic.
Why screw things up?
Hey do not peek.
Come muses always spy on.
Maybe all learned something today,
learn something every day.
The things you get to know about the war
are never simple.
Koltsov That's what I said.
So Koltsov Korkov is based on?
Who knows? Could be.
You did not forget anything, right?
I forgot something.
You dedicandomelo me?
Inspire you all in my!
- Wait, I have to tell you something.
- Not now.
Yes, I have. I have to tell you something.
Not now. This is my philosophy.
Life should not be so perfect,
really should not...
Definitely should...
The perfect time.
But all still out there.
What is out there?
The world...
The magazine Collier
I want to go to Finland.
In this world when you find a good place
not leave it.
I know.
But Stalin is moving westward and
bombardando Russians are civilians.
Do not pretend that you care about the Finns.
Want a war to yourself.
Was you who taught me.
Some wars are necessary and need to bring witnesses.
Damn it, I write a novel here.
Are not you happy?
I love you.
I love you completely.
But innocent people are being bombarded.
Someone has to go,
Someone has to write about it.
Someone has to go...
I want to go.
I want.
I have to go.
There are things that I do...
Things I want to find out.
Why not write a novel for Scribner
Do not want to write a novel.
Marty, stay here with me!
smart people is the weirdest thing I know.
Dad does not want you to go.
're Not my dad.
Will you come with me?
Come with me.
The war in the Arctic
is an amazing thing.
joke that do not believe in Russian propaganda,
but I believe the Russian bombs.
I saw a boy of nine,
outside his house on fire,
seeing bombers.
Looked skyward with a stubborn and serious expression
Is dominated himself to shrink by
no noise.
And he said, slowly I am feeling very angry
Put my money on three million Finns
against 180 million Russians;
after all, was fighting for his life
and homes.
My dear Marty,
have to know one thing:
love is infinitely more durable than hate.
Last night howling at the moon,
and some poor beast
I replied from the darkness ..
Maybe Marty has also.
Then ahuyamos together;
the animal,
And the man who became the love
Your book will remain as legacy after us
and make intelligible the war.
Love ,
poisoned my typewriter.
How I can write each key screaming?
Since you left I have hangovers
could call after battles.
Today I remember the warmth of your bare skin.
I can not wait to return to Cuba
and balarme sun and tranquility
but, above all,
I'm happy to be home with you,
where pertenezo.
My love,
learned from you not having the vanity
to imagine that all planes were buscandome
and each bullet had my name.
I'm tired and I want to be with you.
'm Disgustingly only
We promise, mourn and swear
drunken gods of love on high,
never again,
We part again.
We will never part again.
're Back.
The employee resigned ..
I wonder why...
Well, you left for two months,
wanted to come back and everything right?
I have something that will make you happy.
You look horrible.
I'm fine now.
Just spent two months in the Arctic missing you like crazy
And I return to a Tijuana brothel.
Not so
Well, you know.
How do you write these letters?
Oh, well. You got a divorce.
Had to do and I did.
And Pauline?
But I did it for us.
So that we marry.
I have a horror of marriage,
You know.
I prefer to look respectable.
I want to make you an honest woman.
So what do you think?
Hemingway marries magazine writer.
For whom the wedding bells.
Hemingway on honeymoon in New York
I've never been so happy.
Oh, oh. The last time you said that
end up in Finland.
What will happen now?
Shiang Kaishek.
Collier made me an offer.
Here we go again...
My job is to teach what Japan
does to innocent people in China.
And an interview with the
world's most powerful couple.
's Us, right?
Portate seriously.
I serious?
Jackson love your wife?
Sometimes .
The man is a clown.
What do you think then?
What do you have against China?
Mugroso know what that is China?
Please. Like dirt.
I had an uncle there, was a medical missionary
He had removed his own appendix to
appendix of your uncle. Nobody is covering.
This may be our war.
Ay Marty How many wars do you need?
Do not think of it as a war.
Honeymoon would be paid.
Our honeymoon.
Animate. You do not want a honeymoon?
This is our honeymoon.
A real honeymoon.
We Hemingway, say yes. Please
Oh fuck . For all the heavens
A man can not go
leave his wife alone to China.
Can not.
Especially if she's blonde.
So, it would be very dangerous.
Imagine what could happen...
Had been in Finnish cities during the Blitz
and Madrid was swept almost daily
enemy artillery,
however, China was
in a different category.
The Japanese destroyed, the
Chinese residents repaired.
Perseverance was China's secret weapon.
The japonseses should have understood that
and everyone else will be remembered better
Have feet stuck.
His feet are stuck.
Were bombed.
Nothing can be done.
The Japanese are bombing everything.
What is that?
You should be careful.
No, I heard...
Do not approach,
nothing we can do for them.
Is off limits.
Are you sure you want to go?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Watch lady.
No, you should not use water.
It is very, very bad.
We are celebrating,
For Whom the Bell Tolls is selling
like ice cream in hell.
Someone said it's the best book
the decade.
Maybe the whole damn century, eh?
again Greta Garbo's panties.
Hey, it's Marty.
She is very bad.
They washed their hands with water.
She what?
You want to suffer.
Should be, I'm in love with you.
We must hurry, please
I got an interview
with Generalissimo Shiang Kaishek
Madame Shiang, looks even more beautiful
that on the cover of Time magazine.
You know how boring it is
posing for magazine covers.
The Generalissimo want to tell
that Communism is a disease of the heart
The Japanese are a disease of the skin.
Beautifully expressed Generalissimo.
Communism weakens our military,
against the Japanese invaders.
You should tell your friend Roosevelt.
You can count on that.
They also tell you not to worry
Mao and Chou Enline.
They are communist leaders.
Mal called leaders, of course.
No one can replace Generalissimo
in the hearts of his people.
I can ask,
Mrs. Hemingway, do you
that war is men's business?
Does it really matter?
In China apparently
all companies are held in slave labor.
Maybe all the people...
The people here are hungry.
I met a girl in a house today
With so many sights
and went to visit a house of opium?
Maybe you like the opium?
No, I never touched the stuff.
But I can see why your people do.
Your views are very interesting.
But I think we know
what is best for our people.
No Thanks.
So it is better for children
misera be working on?
It is better to be
lepers begging on the street?
That esinteresante, but not civilized.
Your wife has a wonderful sense of humor.
Yes it has.
China was already a great civilization
when their ancestors lived in the trees
and body painted blue.
What ancestors says
Gellhorns Apes?
Gave him this.
No, I can not accept.
Thanks, it's beautiful.
You see,
We are not so wild.
That galls Gellhorn.
Tell that to the Empress of China
and against Chiang Kai-shek.
Not you invite us again?
We'll be lucky if we do not hang.
What the hell happened?
I keep remembering that little girl in the house of opium.
That bothers me.
They do not care about their people.
I need something, my hands...
Do not scratch, very bad.
You have coseledice?
Cosele What is he saying?
Sarna China.
Too late for calamine,
Need a bit of this.
No, what is this?
Snake urine also has coseledice
This will work.
Stop scratching and put it on now.
That is correct.
Now you need gloves.
Here ,
These are the best,
gloves man.
You enjoy the honeymoon?
I'm here darling.
Mr. Ma can go find
distillate snake?
Yes, sir.
Enline Chou wants to see with Hemingway.
Make sure not to follow.
Just walk. The look.
But hurry.
Do you see this woman?
What woman?
She disappeared
Chou said
Enline wants to meet with us.
Remember who?
Is the Empress communist
said not to worry.
That means concerned.
I like now.
We will have to outwit you know who...
Mister Ma?
He said we continued walking
we find.
Here, come.
Please come.
Put these sales.
Why the hell would I do that?
Chou has many enemies,
better not to know how to find it.
At least it will be fun.
How fast can wear these things?
Depends on who to follow.
This is fucking honeymoon Gellhorn.
What does the black flag?
Means that there is no anger.
We went to the coast.
A row of strange men, like black statues,
pulling the boat toward forward with all his might
and slowly dragged the heavy barge.
Sang to synchronize their efforts
And the sound was like a wave
up and down through the water.
Sales may be removed.
'm Chou Chou Enline.
Del told them not to worry.
Hi, Gellhorn.
A toast Hemingway and Gellhorn.
I think where it comes
call moonshine.
Where I come from is called gasoline.
I admired the book A Farewell to Arms.
You understood the true heart of the war.
The film, however.
You saw the movie?
Yes, but, sorry, it was Helen Hays
Catherine Barkley.
Do not blame me,
When it comes to Hollywood,
I leave the book with one hand,
and took the money with the other.
It looks very glamorous.
Not as glamorous a clandestine Communist leader
opposing the Generalissimo.
Yes, I live simply
because my people live simply.
Most have not chocolates.
Not often that Chiang
remove teeth for your guests.
Has excellent informants.
Gellhorn, I see you have one of
jade brooches Madame
She was very insistent.
I mentioned that blind children do?
And they own the factory?
My wife thinks Madame Shiang
has castrated.
His wife knows much about castration?
Not surprise me.
Castration is not electoral politics.
My friends in the U.S.
said you know Eleanor Roosevelt.
A brilliant woman.
Tell the Generalissimo is the past
and the communist victory is inevitable.
I wish I had more time to talk,
Unfortunately, I have a Country
to defend against the Japanese invasion.
How do we turn from here?
Mister Ma?
What side are you?
No sides.
Only are the past and the future.
Must wait here,
When safe'll come for you
Chou is a winner, right?
Is incredible,
is intoxicating.
If you asked me to follow him,
'd follow you anywhere.
Are here on our honeymoon alleged
And say you want me to flee
Chou Enline damn?
I thought you liked.
I like a lot of subjects.
I was just speculating.
A wife does not speculate on fuck with another man.
Who was speaking to fuck?
I speak of a charismatic leader,
someone who is intoxicating.
Do you have to think about taking?
I will not fuck with him.
I would love to interview the person who did this.
Miss human interests.
You have to watch
to keep the train of history
and confused with stories about people.
The story is people
should get out more of the bars.
I like bars, I met one.
I like getting my stories firsthand.
In this case you have two hands.
Chou Enline damn.
Had been outrageously selfish of me.
At the time I wanted to thank you for your
letting me drag him to China.
Your tolerance for not murder
and even his unfunny jokes.
I wanted him to know that he regretted
lost in a season in hell.
Quitame your filthy hands off me!
're The biggest asshole!
You are.
Where are we?
In a cave of shit.
We Mrs. Roosevelt
had seen and was very receptive.
Encouraged We talk to the president.
And the Department of State.
We told them Enline Chou was the man to see.
We told them that the communists would win.
Imagine that, communist China.
were branded as sympathizers.
I thought it was funny.
But Hem did not like.
He did not want the government
think he was a communist.
I think that made him a super-patriot
Right on target.
Stopped writing
and spent all the time with their parasites in
hunting submarines.
People say jealousy
are the greatest enemy of love.
They are wrong.
The greatest enemy of love is boredom.
Colebagh? I Gellhorn.
I wanted to be where the action was real.
What? There will be a
invasion in Europe?
I cover for Collier's.
Hem and his friends are playing war
They managed to designate an official boat
hunt German submarines.
I will not write a work
hunts Hem
German submarines in the Caribbean.
Because it's ridiculous! For that reason alone.
In six months there has been more than
floating tables.
Is the damn cat.
Multiplied by hour here.
I know how you feel the army
about women correspondents.
But, you know me.
I am proof of battles, I'm different.
Come on, Charlie, you have to help me out
But you said Collier's
I love my stories Finland and China.
You're going to call me?
Devils. You...
They cut the balls serious?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
A second. What cut?
The no balls left.
No. What will you do at night?
One thing I will do is
no longer spray my clothing
all I have smells like cat!
Do you know obsessive?
You are obsessed with being dirty!
We are men, not tulips!
big man playing at war?
No one here is playing.
Felipe can throw a grenade at a
submarine when it appears.
I am providing a service to my country here!
What patriotic!
A continuous and endless party
For the love of Gd, Hem,
German submarines here in Cuba?
Do not give that or even a bad novel.
What you say bad novel?
Here we go.
not a single submarine has passed.
Well, well.
Keep America safe for democracy,
I'm leaving.
This woman loves mankind,
but does not support the people!
Always told you that, did you?
Pope, forget it!
Gellhorn, do not run away from me!
Insulted me in front of your friends,
you have become a braggart. Not attractive.
What the hell you need from me?
I do not need anything from you,
There will be an Allied invasion and I need to be there.
That's .
Always run away there is a cause.
We have an obligation not? As writers.
What happened to your conscience?
You know what? I's are returning.
I'm so excited to be flying
in a week.
I and I have a guaranteed place.
That's fantastic,
So we go together.
What? What?
Dear Congratulate
I'll be the correspondent for Collier.
For Collier's?
Is this a joke? Do not think so.
You know you can only hire
a correspondent.
Oh, my God,
could close with who you wanted.
You took my job.
You kept my work in Collier's?
I know.
I have big shoes to fill.
You have done an excellent job.
You trying to do
impossible for me to love you
Oh please.
Might kill me there,
that make you happy, right?
I'm not...
're An idiot!
So how are you leaving?
Cargo plane.
Get me a seat.
Is the least you can do.
I can not. It is only for men and military
Hem, why?
So Dos Passos was right.
In what was right?
Basically what you said.
Said you were a selfish bastard
Not have to do that.
YES had.
You know too much, but I do not know
is how much I needed to.
Now back here!
What a waste of time!
Will continue reading me long after that you will eat worms.
Believe in my words
Everywhere said
that the invasion was coming.
And my problem without contact
was like being there when it happened.
I am a nurse, of Collier's.
Good luck blonde.
I left
on a hospital ship.
He wrote about this vision for more than 100 years
I have seen never forget.
After the first shock of astonishment and admiration
looked around and saw
separate details.
The flame of a cannon, a distant roar
An invisible plane behind the gray city.
Troops unloaded from huge ships
up in long lines to the shore
clawed brown hill.
Tanks slowly and steadily moved forward.
Forded the bank having agreed
that would meet the injured.
Everyone was busy violently dangerous on that beach.
Dust rose as
fog of war itself.
There was a terrible sense of working against time.
Wounded who had complained in dreams or shouting.
And there was the soft murmur of conversations
among the wounded who could not sleep. Point.
Was a boat load of pain
but we were together and we had
to each other. Point.
Ernest, are you okay?
I'm fine.
What did you say your name?
Mary, Mary Welsh.
You can say that you're my kind of girl.
What kind of girl is this?
The class that takes care of a man.
That encourages.
That supports it.
Nice idea. Could.
Oh yeah?
's Beautiful. It's Italian, right?
Ms. Hemingway!
Ms. Hemingway!
You Mrs. Ernest Hemingway?
And that children
is the best way to control a Chinese
wielding a knife.
Ernest is a great storyteller.
My D-s, is Marty.
First journalist in the beaches of Normandy.
Although not really accredited.
My heart and my home to my wife.
She decided to marry war.
Not so fearless?
Accidentaste heard you.
Just a scratch.
Obviously not affect your personality.
Unless you're a
bragging, why did you come?
I do not know.
I think...
I think I just came by divorce.
What the hell!
Pope you're doing?
Look what you did that bitch!
's Bleeding.
Marty, I am.
Marty, open the door.
I will not let you in, you
drunk. Go.
I told you I want a divorce.
Open Mrs. Hemingway,
Mr. Hemingway's love.
D-s me, look at you.
're The queen of heaven.
It's too late.
Marty? I need you.
I deserve a chance.
Give it to me.
If we divorced in Cuba
so no more waiting.
Always know the local customs.
Damn journalist.
Fucking bitch!
I gave you everything!
I made you!
I made you!
Enough! Enough is enough.
Alejate. Please stay away.
We were good in war.
And when there was no more war,
create ours.
The battlefield where not survive
was the home life.
I try not to think about it
afraid I can not think with tenderness.
But only terror.
God, as I want my little problems
not blind me to everything.
There were two things that affected my worldview
One was the defeat of Spain.
The other
was Deca.
Deca was lower compared to Auschwitz.
It was an incredible horror.
Something so horrendous
you could not understand it without going
frantic and hysterical
and crazy.
I spent the night crying
perdp I think faith in this whole twisted humanity
I think is a big one.
What are you doing, Dad?
Pope pulls hard.
You remember that song you used to sing?
Suddenly I remembered it.
I'm glad we moved
here, away from the bars?
I remember you used to stay hours.
Need peace and quiet.
We need to focus on keeping healthy Pope.
at its best leads to a lonely life.
As a writer grows to the public
frees her loneliness,
and often his work deteriorates
because he works alone.
And if a good enough writer
must face eternity, or the lack thereof
Ms. Gellhorn ?
You are considered one of the greatest
war correspondents of all time.
The last 45 years
has covered conflicts everywhere
Bremen, Singapore, Middle East
, Central America,
Vietnam, Africa, Bosnia, etc..
And for a woman who did all this,
was trying to be compromised?
I have no such complex
That's a guy thing
Yes, men
And since it mentions men
are both journalists, I'm sure you will understand
= = Our viewers want to know more
about his relationship with
with one that that was one of the synonyms for
masculindad older.
tell us about your debt.
My Debt?
Its debt to Hemingway .
The man has been dead for thirty years.
tortured anyone as much tortured himself.
I want peace for him.
It's all I have to say about
I do not see myself
as a footnote,
in the life of another person.
Turn it off.
Thanks for your time, Ms. Gellhorn.
My beloved Marty,
You have to know one thing,
Love is infinitely more durable than hate.
'm Gellhorn,
In the end I decided to go.
Because as always, the
Times was wrong again.
All that nonsense and supposed objectivity.
I'm going up to the next plane.
No. What the hell .
I will pay my own money.
I want you to grow a pair of balls.
Do not worry about me.
I love you too.
I have not died yet stupid.