Henge (2011) Movie Script

Love Story of husband and wife...
Yoshiaki Kadota
Hypnotherapy & Ideometor Action
Where are you?
Who are you?
You surprised me.
- You knoW you shouldn't Watch
that any longer. - All right.
You don't need it anymore.
Keiko, give me it.
Are you OK today?
- Good. We have to finish
this job. - Yeah.
So..., hoW often do you
have a seizure?
Probably every three days or so.
Do you take breaks?
I've hardly ever got out,
the last two years.
Shall I get you a neW job,
as Well as translation?
Actually, that job's a good
pastime. Thanks.
Don't mention it...
I must do much more to repay your
kindness in our days as med students.
That's over noW...
but don't you believe
in my seizures?
You doubt if I have a neurosis or something,
because I came off the rails as a surgeon?
No, that's not the point...
the important thing is What
you think about it.
Mr Sakashita,
thank you for coming today.
HoW is he?
He feels like a kind of bugs take
over his consciousness, he says.
Did he explain the 'bugs' in detail?
What they look like, or hoW many there are?
No. The only thing he said
Was "the bugs".
He hardly talks about it to me.
Keiko, you also have to take a break.
Um, thank you.
What happened to me?
- The photo Will make your
condition clear and... - No!
You can't imagine hoW badly
they'd treat me.
Please talk With Mr Sakashita,
at least.
I'll try.
- Yoshiaki...
- I'm scared.
I know.
Where are you?
Do you knoW Where you are?
Where are you?
The bugs cause this?!
Those Words...
Be careful; just one shot Will
paralyse him all day long.
Keiko, you did all you could for him.
You have to live out the rest of
your life happily.
Please give me more time.
Here you go again!
What are you going to do With him?
HoW should I knoW?!
We're the experts and We'll alWays stand by you.
I Want What's best for both of you.
But he doesn't Want to
go back there.
Don't Worry.
I'll take care of him.
It's fine today.
The Washing Will dry Well.
You don't remember What
happened to you, do you?
Aren't you scared of it?
Actually... I'm not scared of it.
I don't knoW Why.
Why? Why do you keep so cool?
Well, I don't knoW...
Ah, yeah...
Who was it?
- Never mind, it Was a Wrong number.
- I see.
- Stay there, I'll get it.
- OK.
Are you all right?
Excuse us.
- Please, don't be hard on him.
- I understand.
Get off!
Get off me!
Please put up With this,
for your Wife's sake.
I promise you, We'll bring back the
real him, as he used to be.
Mrs Kadota...
It's been a long time.
Some say that in ancient times,
people and animals...
communicated With each other in
the language he's speaking.
HoW does he knoW that language?
What do the Words mean?
We don't knoW the exact meaning.
He probably just heard it someWhere.
That Wouldn't be such a strange thing.
I think it would.
- By the Way, is there anything different?
- What do you mean?
Nothing, but if anything happens,
please let me knoW right aWay.
Where are his clothes?
Here's the neW key.
- Thanks. - Thank you.
US forces are withdrawing from Iraq,
but there are questions about the
Iraqi Security Forces'readiness to take over...
Last night, the body of
what's believed to be...
a 30-something female was found in
the street in Suginami Ward.
The body was severely injured
and had lost a lot ofblood...
and the police believe the
case is connected to...
the spate of indiscriminate killings
of the past few weeks.
are you scared of me?
No, I'm not.
Then please let me in.
But I can't do anything for you.
I'll never go back there.
Help me!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry!
My husband, Yoshiaki.
I'm Yoshiaki Kadota.
Thank you for coming.
Pleased to meet you.
I praise you, I worship you, please guide all of us
and banish all creatures possessing this man.
- Well, noW I'll purify you.
- Thanks.
Please cure him.
Please boW your head.
- Yoshiaki?
- Get back!
God, please purify him, mould him
and fill him with yourself...
NoW the other creature in his body:
Come out sloWly.
SloWly and sloWly...
Sorry, I just pretended.
I'm really sorry...
I just Wanted to make you
feel relieved.
I apologise, miss.
Who are you?
What do you mean?
Doesn't matter...
Excuse me.
Please Wait!
I'll talk With her.
Stay here.
Oh, Keiko.
What are you doing?
Eh? Well, I...
They keep whispering...
"Do it, do it," in my head.
The voices drive me to do it.
So, never let us out!
Do you understand?!
Only a little medicine left, right?
Please allow us to do what we want.
We have no choice.
Yes? Mr Sakashita,
sorry I made you Wait...
What's Wrong?
Mr Sakashita!
That's enough!
He's never come back as yet.
Why did he get out of the hospital?
It's because...
he's quite different from What
he used to be, Keiko.
You mustn't be in touch With him, OK?
Something should have happened
to him at the hospital, right?
The meaning of the Words is becoming
clearer, little by little.
Really? What do they mean?
At the time, he said he Was the representative of
the thoughts of all living things, except humans.
In other Words, he Was the
representative of the Whole World.
Mrs Kadota, you got pregnant
by him twice, right?
So What?
And then you suffered miscarriages...
but he seemed not to feel sorry about
them from the bottom of his heart.
He should have taken better care of me.
Looking back on those times, I'd guess he
felt relieved at your miscarriages.
What are you saying?
You knoW What I'm talking about.
Don't be silly.
Anyway, you'll have to come With me.
He'll definitely come back here.
Leave me!
Please... forgive me!
Stop him, Mrs Kadota!
Thanks for Waiting.
Want to get a drink?
It's nice, for a one-person home.
Wait for me in the bedroom.
All right.
Smells terrible...
Connecting to the Voice Mail Service...
Good evening...
Are you free?
Want to get a drink?
It's OK.
You're Mrs Kadota, aren't you?
Good morning.
Can We have a Word With you?
Yoshiaki, they're from the police.
Hello, sir.
What's Wrong?
We just received a Weird report.
Can I ask some questions?
Excuse me, sir...
- Don't! - Quiet!
- Let me go! Yoshiaki!
Don't Worry.
We'd better not remain here.
The police Will come again.
- Fresh air!
- Right.
Just like the police!
HoW can We leave toWn noW?
Yes, everything's going Well...
Yoshiaki, stand up.
There they are!
He's not human! Shoot him!
Hey, grab her!
Go! Go!
Kazunari AizaWa - Yoshiaki
Aki Morita - Keiko
Teruhiko Nobukuni - Sakashita
lordretsudo for ADC
Shinsuke Fujioka & Ai Nagura
Hidetoshi Shinomiya
Art Direction:
Sayaka Fukui, Jun lto, Hayato Noma
Special Effects:
Kiyotaka Taguchi
Costume Design: Maya Kato
Make-up Department: Yu UdagaWa
Sound Department:
Asuka Nemoto, lppei Shingaki, Shinya Takada
Music by
Hiroyuki Nagashima
Written, Edited & Directed by
Hajime Ohata