Henry and Me (2014) Movie Script

I think life's greatest lessons can
be learned on the baseball field.
You got a little bit of everything,
heroes, hope, love.
Time stops,
you play at your own pace.
It teaches teamwork
and the everlasting joy
of shared victory,
and it also prepares you
to deal with defeat.
I mean let's face it, life
isn't just walk off home runs
and timely base-hits,
it's curve balls aplenty.
Nothing prepares you for the curve,
it comes out of nowhere
and can knock you off your feet,
but that's the great
thing about baseball...
if you stay with it...
stare down your fears...
you just might get a second chance.
Check out the movement on this
one, Dad. Here comes the heat.
Put it here, Jack right here,
right here. Steeeriike 2!
Atta boy, Jack. Good throw.
Here we are at the World Series.
It all comes down to this...
What will the great
Mariano Rivera do?
The wind up.
Steee-rike 3! That is the game.
That is the ball game.
Mo strikes him out with a
curve ball. The Yankees win!
The Yankees win!
Good game, Jack, good game. But I
have to tell you something, you know.
Uh, Mariano never
throws a curve ball.
C'mon. Ready for some dinner?
Hey, pal. Are you alright? Huh?
Matsui steps back in.
Boy they could really use a
little magic from him tonight,
- couldn't they, Michael?
- Yes, they could, John.
The pitch. It's a breaking
ball cut on and missed.
Well, that ends the inning.
Yankees still down by four.
Hey, everyone. How's it going?
Not so good. Top of the third,
Yankees are losing.
Aah, it's early. They'll
figure something out.
You know why, Jack?
It's called Yankee magic.
And I've got a whole stash
of the stuff in my office.
And I figured I'd give you some,
if you want it.
Can I speak to you
outside for a moment?
Don't go anywhere, kiddo.
I'll be right back.
You know we've always said that the mental
part is just as important as the physical.
And I'm really concerned because...
Jack isn't speaking.
And if we ever got
to a place where...
- Well...
- He's fine. He's just tired.
He's been through so much.
I know, I know. I just want to
make sure that he's ready for this.
Because there's a long
and difficult road ahead.
He's ready.
Okay. Then let's do it.
- How you doin' doc?
- It's time for a miracle, Ruth.
It's time for a miracle.
Alright Jackie boy, the doctor
says you are ready to go.
Hey, you can do this.
Compared to the other stuff,
this is a piece of cake.
Hey, Jack. This is going
to help you relax.
You're going to have
beautiful dreams. Okay?
- Wait.
- Hang on a second.
There you go.
I love you, honey, and I'll
see you in a few short hours.
Hey, Jackie, I found a
new batting cage for us.
Maybe we'll go try it
out next week, huh?
Alright now.
Mom, Dad, we'll see
you real soon. Right?
I love you, baby.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker, Jack.
Hey, Jack, they name that after you.
I don't care if I never come back.
Oh, it's root,
root, root for the home team.
If they don't win it's a shame.
'Cause it's one,
two, three strikes you're out
of the old ball game.
Sorry Jack, I got a little
carried away there.
You gonna be alright out here for a
couple of minutes by yourself, handsome?
Don't be picking up any
girls when I'm not around.
I get so jealous.
Hey, listen honey. Listen to me.
Don't be afraid. I'll be right back.
Once again, the Yankees
are shut down in order.
Looks like it's going
to be a long night.
Looks like you got a
bad break, huh, kid?
Not a big talker, huh?
That's okay.
You a fan?
Yeah, me, too.
Yeah, I got this a few years back.
Been very inspiring.
Still setting up in there, hmph.
You ever notice doctors
are always running late?
I'd have gotten fired if
I was late for my job.
Hey, wanna see some magic?
Your name's Jack.
I knew that'd get a
reaction out of you.
But I'll tell you a secret:
it's written on the
underside of your cap.
Well it's been great
chatting with you, Jack.
Always nice to run into
a fellow Yankees fan.
Too bad our boys in pinstripes gotta
lose one every now and then, huh?
It's not over.
Excuse me? Did you say something?
It's not over... 'til it's over.
Well, that's what I thought you said.
That's very profound.
I believe that, too.
Listen, Jack, I was thinking...
if I can swing it, you wanna watch the
game while you're waiting to go in?
No, I thought you
said you were a fan.
I don't think there's time.
World's biggest excuse.
If it's important enough,
you find the time.
Well, maybe we can
watch a few minutes.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Wait, what... What's happening!
- Jack, Jack, it's fine.
- Fine. This is not fine.
- We're going...
- Mom!
- To watch...
- Dad!
The game!
Hang on, Jack!
- Hang on!
- Nurse Cyndi!
Help me!
How did you do that?
I touched my lapel pin.
Didn't you see me?
But I mean how did you all of this?
Like I said,
by touching my lapel pin.
Boy kid, you gotta
learn to listen better.
- Nolen!
- Going on another journey, I see.
Is Henry taking you
to Yankee Stadium?
I... I, uh, don't know.
Well, you look a little strange for
someone going to a ball game.
I don't know how I got here.
It's not how you got
here that's important.
It's where you're going that is.
Oh, no! Henry!
I have to go back.
I... I... I can't do this.
You can't? But you are.
I mean I'm sick.
I can't be around all these people.
I can't leave the hospital...
and I definitely can't
go to Yankee Stadium!
Well, is there anything you can do?
I want to go back. Now!
Where's my bed?
And my IV's?
I can't remember.
Yes, you can. You just don't want to.
Now, you wanna go dressed like that,
or you wanna wear
something a little less...
open... in the back?
- You're not listening to me.
- Sure I am.
You said you can go to Yankee stadium,
you just don't want to.
That's not what I... hey!
Stop it!
Don't you get it? I'm sick.
I'm not supposed to he here.
I'm not supposed to be anywhere.
What's wrong with them?
They're waiting for you to decide...
what you want to do.
What I want doesn't matter.
What you want is the
only thing that matters.
At least, in here.
Jack, it's okay.
Good Luck. We're all rooting for you!
- Who's rooting for me?
- Everyone, silly.
Let's go Yankees! Let's go Yankees!
Oh, no. The Yankees are down by six!
They can't come back from this.
I mean it'll be hard to come
back from that far down.
Yeah, hard, but not impossible.
Ah, can I see your tickets please?
Oh, welcome back, sir.
I didn't recognize you. Let me just
make sure your seats are ready.
- They know you here?
- Yeah, well,
I drop by a lot.
So, you want to meet
some of the guys?
- What guys?
- What guys?
- The Yankees!
- Really?
- Well, uh, only if you want to.
- I want to. I really want to.
Right this way gentlemen. Row one.
10... 9...
- Keep counting, Jack.
- 8...
- 7... 6...
- Ah, you're doing great.
- 5...
- Alright.
4... 3...
We weren't done, yet, were we Jack?
Wow... I'm back.
- Big guy, isn't he?
- That guy hits like Babe Ruth.
Well, he should...
because he is Babe Ruth!
Well, you said you wanted
to meet some of the guys...
Why isn't he wearing
his Yankees uniform?
Well, he's on a barnstorming tour.
Playing in the off-season.
Letting the fans get
up close and personal.
Besides, it's not the uniform that makes
you a Yankee... it's what's in here.
- Hey, George.
- My pal, Henry.
Long time no see.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.
I just got this suit pressed.
Who's the kid?
Well, this here is Jack.
He's a friend of mine.
Hello, kid. I'm Babe Ruth.
Nice to meet you.
- Can he speak?
- Well, sometimes.
Doesn't matter. Any friend
of Henry's is a friend of mine.
Come on kid,
you wanna take a few swings?
Me? I, I can't. I, I uh...
Come on, I don't want to hear that.
But I've been sick and my leg,
my leg kind of hurts.
I stubbed my toe yesterday
and... I'm allergic to peanuts?
Allergic to peanuts?
Yeah, me, too. Right, Henry?
Hey, Henry, you hear
what this kid said?
Next thing's he's gonna tell me
he's allergic to hot dogs, too.
Henry, we've got a lot
of work to do here...
Jack, come on. Don't be afraid.
What do you want to do?
I want to take a few swings?
Then batter up.
Hey, sorry about that.
There. That should do it.
Hey, hey, come on, Jack.
It's light enough.
Now let's see what you've got.
This is so cool.
- Steee-riiike!
- What are you crazy? You almost hit me!
- What are you nuts?
- Hey, hey, hey.
Come on kid. If you don't swing,
you're not going to hit it.
- Steeee-riiike!
- What are you, crazy?
Hey Jack, I don't want to bother you,
but you might have better luck
if you stay in the batter's box.
But the ball is coming right at me!
Hey kid, remember what
the Babe tells you,
if it was easy,
it wouldn't be worth doing.
- Stay with it, Jack! Come on now.
- You can do it!
- Come on kid, get in there!
- Come on, Jack. You can do it!
- Atta boy!
- You can do it Jack!
We're rooting for you, Jack.
Steeee-riike 3! You're out!
See. I told you I couldn't do it.
Okay. That's 'cause you're
doing three things wrong.
Number one, you're playing it safe.
Two, you gotta lay back
on the curve ball,
and three, you gotta believe you can
do it or you're never gonna hit one.
Let's start with number 1.
When you swing, swing like
your whole life depends on it.
Make it the biggest, best, most powerful
swing you can come up with. Okay?
Number 2, see how he's spinning
the ball in his hand like that?
He's tipping his pitch. He only
does that before he throws a curve.
And you know what to
do with a curve, right?
You lay back on it. And number 3,
the most important... you,
Jack, gotta believe you can do it.
Pitchers hate it when I point.
- You know why?
- Why?
'Cause it tells them I believe I'm
gonna hit it all the way out there.
Just believing you can do it,
Jack, can change the game.
- You still got it, George!
- That's amazing.
- I can never do that.
- Okay, you're turn.
Come on, Jack, give it a ride.
- Steee-riiiike 1!
- I can't do it!
Alright, alright. Time out,
time out. Come here.
You gotta believe.
Go ahead, laugh guys, laugh.
Come on, Jack, they can
tell your heart's not in it.
Come on, Jack. You can do it.
- Come on, Jack.
- Let's Go!
Come on Jack, you can do it!
- Now that's what I'm talking about.
- I did it. I really did it.
Boy, did you ever.
Did you see that? That ball
went over six hundred feet.
How do you like that fellas, huh?
You see my boy?
I did it. That was me.
- Hey, Henry, what do you think?
- Told you he had it in him.
That was me.
He's quite a kid.
You were right, Henry. He may not
look it, but boy I'm tellin' you,
that kid's made of steel.
I did it.
Right over the silo. It was amazing!
Remember kid. There's heroes,
and there's legends.
Heroes get remembered but legends...
never die.
Hop in slugger.
Goodbye, Mr. Ruth,
I'll never forget you.
I'll be looking out for you.
Okay, Jack... we've gotta get going.
We don't wanna be late.
- Late for what?
- Late for practice.
- Well, see 'ya George!
- It's good to see you, Henry.
Watch out for the suit, Ge... Geo.
So long, Jack. Remember,
Don't stop believing.
Shall we?
You got me, Henry!
...famous streak
that's got us all aglow
He's just a man not a freak,
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
You did good back there.
That was so cool.
I still can't believe it.
I mean, I can believe it,
it's just hard to imagine.
The top of the sixth.
Yankees trailing 8-2.
This hill's getting harder
and harder to climb.
Yes, it is, Michael. Yes, it is.
The final game of the season.
Win and the Yankees go to the playoffs.
Lose, and it's a long winter
of what could have been.
What do you think, Jack.
The Yanks have a chance?
Maybe. I guess.
Well, if you say it long enough,
you'll start to believe it.
This car can fly?
Fasten your seat belts, Jack!
It can fly!
This is totally awesome!
Hello down there!
- That was amazing.
- You ain't seen nothing yet.
Hey Henry, isn't this the old stadium?
I thought it was gone.
Well it is. But, its memories, Jack.
They live forever.
- What do ya say we go in?
- Yeah.
It's like a museum in here.
A museum? You ever seen a
museum with real people in it?
Is that... are those... are they...?
Ah, they drop by to play a
little ball from time to time.
You know, once you're a Yankee,
you always have a home here.
Wow! Mickey Mantle.
Do you mind?
Sorry kid... I'm just
messing with you.
Lefty, this is Jack.
Jack, Lefty Gomez.
One of the best Yankee
pitchers of all time.
Gotta be quicker than that if
you want to make the team.
Make the team?
- Hm, you sure he can throw?
- One way to find out.
Oh, boy, again? Can I have a warning
next time before you do that.
Ah, you'll get used to it.
Now, let's see what you've got.
You want me to pitch from here.
But, I've never pitched
from this far before.
And I've never sung opera. But you
don't see that stopping me, do you?
La Donna Mobile!
La Donna Mobile!
La Donna Mobile!
La Donna Mobile...
How will you know if you're
any good unless you try?
Oh, you tried, alright... Pavarotti.
Oh, look what the cat dragged in,
my biggest critic, Bobby Ray Murcer.
- Listen, Mr. Gomez...
- Whoa, time out.
Time, time, time. Please...
call me El Goofy.
Mr. Goofy, I'm not so
sure this is a good idea.
So, you're not so sure
it's not either. Right?
So, let's get it on. Here we go.
Alright, come on, give him
some signs here! Not that sign.
Nod your head so he
knows you understand.
- But I don't understand.
- He understands.
Alright, he got the sign. Okay.
Show him the curve ball.
But I don't know how
to throw a curve ball.
It's easy.
Arm back,
and throw!
- Come on Jack!
- Give 'em the curve ball.
Yeah, Lefty. Piece of cake.
Listen, are you sure you're
serious about baseball?
- Yes. Very serious.
- That's your problem. He's too serious.
I wanna explain, okay. You choke the
ball between your thumb and pointer.
Cock the wrist like this, okay.
Then you snap it down hard...
so that the ball rolls out of your hand
like a river going down a waterfall.
You got that.
You grab the ball like this.
Then... throw it into the river?
No, no, it's, you,
you turn your wrist,
- while you go over the waterfall...
- He's got it.
Mr. Goofy, sir, could
you show me again?
Look, Jack... it's all
about enjoying yourself,
even when you're down in the count.
Yeah, enjoy myself.
Now you're getting it. I like that.
Now let's see what you got.
Come on Jack! You got this!
Henry... are you kidding me?
Thurman Munson?
Okay, Jack. Remember. This next
guy can hit just about anything.
Now batting, the center fielder,
number 7,
Mickey Mantle, number 7.
No way.
You want me to pitch
to Mickey Mantle?
No, I want you to dance for him.
Of course I want you to
pitch to Mickey Mantle.
But Mr. Munson, I'm not
really a pitcher. I'm just a kid.
He doesn't know that. All he knows
is you've got a crazy curve ball.
Now what do you say
we show it to 'im?
Come on, Jack!
I don't know. Maybe you
should bring in somebody else.
Someone with more ex.. experience.
So you're telling me
there's something you'd rather be doing
than trying to strike out Mickey Mantle.
- Mr. Munson...
- Hey, kid. Listen close.
Remember what Lefty taught you.
- Relax..
- That's right.
Have fun.
It's a game kid.
It's supposed to be fun.
Dr. Acosta. Something's not right.
His pressure is dropping.
I don't know.
I don't feel well.
You gotta take these opportunities
when they come to you, kid.
'Cause you never know what
tomorrow's gonna bring.
- BP down to 65!
- No, wait. Hang on.
- Down to 60!
- Please, Jack.
Come on, Honey. Fight. Come on kid.
- Pressure down to 55!
- You can do this.
You can do this, Jack. Come on, Jack.
Fight, Jack! Fight!
Lying in my bed
I hear the clock tick
and think of you
Caught up in circles
Confusion is nothing new
Flashback, warm nights
Almost left behind
Suitcase of memories
Time after
Sometimes you picture me
I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me
I can't hear what you've said.
Then you say go slow
I fall behind
The second hand unwinds
If you're lost you can look
and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Time after time
If you're lost you can look
and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you
I'll be waiting
Ohh, time after time
Time after time
I've got a suitcase of memories
I almost left behind
Do you miss your mom and dad?
Come on, Sissy. Let's go!
You're up!
Remember, Jack.
We're all rooting for you.
Jack. Jack.
Listen. Just listen to your heart.
Come on, Jack. Pull through. Come on.
Come on, now. Come on, Jack.
Well, what's it going to be, Jack.
- That's it.
- Heart rate's coming back.
There. Way to go, Jack.
Thank God. He's back
ladies and gentlemen.
Good work, Doctor. He's back.
Hey, Jack, are you in or are you out?
I'm in. Let's strike this joker out.
Okay, break it up you two.
Let's get back to the game.
I'm not sure I'd be
calling Mantle a joker,
but now you're starting
to sound like a Yankee.
Who's the kid?
You're about to find out.
Yeah, alright. We'll see.
Okay. Relax. And have some fun.
Come on, Jack. Come on.
Come on, Jack, Put it right in there.
You know what to do.
Steeer-iiike 1!
- That was nasty.
- You're in for it, Mick.
- Okay. One down.
- You can do it.
One more, Jack. One more time.
Just like that.
You can do it, Jack. Come on.
- I can do this.
- Yeah, okay. Show me.
- Steeeer-iiiike 2!
- That kid is filthy!
Come on, Jack. Let's go home.
Let's do this, Jack.
One more! One more!
Just one more, Jack!
I can do this.
It's up to you, Jack.
Mariano is set.
Good night, Mick.
You're out!
That's my boy! Right there!
Hey, Henry!
We did it!
Hey, buddy. You've got
quite an arm there.
- Mr. Steinbrenner.
- I think I can use you on the team.
- Really?
- What do you think, Reggie?
This kid's really good
in the clutch, man.
Comin' from him that's
a real compliment.
Reggie was great in the clutch
especially when it really mattered.
- What are you talking about, Yogi?
- Hey, Yogi, come on, now.
It's true. He gave a hundred percent,
a hundred and ten percent of the time.
A hundred and ten.
What Yogi's trying to say is that
when everything seems lost...
That's the time to turn up your game.
That's right, Goose.
Be a winner, Jack. Be a winner.
Remember Jack. Be the curly
straw that stirs the drink.
Be the straw, Jack. Be the straw.
Yeah, sure, Reg. But listen, son.
You're gonna have to start at the
bottom and work your way up.
Like somebody famous once said,
"If it was easy,
it wouldn't be worth doing."
- I know.
- Good.
Now go out there and make me proud.
Yes sir. I will.
No way.
Hey, little man. You look great.
So cool.
Granderson steps back in with
the Yankees down by five.
Come on, CG. Here we go, man.
Bases loaded, bro.
- Come on, Curtis. You can do this.
- Come on, one-four. You can do it.
Here we go! Here we go!
The pitch... Granderson hits a
ground ball into the hole at short...
What a diving stop by the shortstop...
he gets to his feet, throws... safe!
Yeah, baby! I got it!
Oh, what hustle by Curtis!
The Yankees now trail 10-6.
Hey, to all you kids out there,
that's how you play the game.
Right there. That's how
you play the game.
Hey, we need you on base, Tex.
Let's go. Come on, Come on, let's go.
Come on Tex, big at bat, right here.
You, twenty five.
Two Five, let's go Tex.
Teixera steps in as the tying run.
Teixera broke his bat on that one.
More kindling for the fire.
- Teixera needs a new bat.
- What?
Tex broke his bat. Get him
another one. And move it.
Oh, Okay. Got it! Got it!
Well, wouldn't you know it.
It would all come down to this.
Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs,
bases full of Yankees
and a 2-strike count on Mark Teixera.
It doesn't get any better
than this, does it Michael?
Well, here comes the bat boy
with another piece of lumber.
Maybe this one has some magic in it.
Come on, baby. What do
you say, Tex. Let's do it baby.
- Come on, Tex. Get on base.
- Come on, Tex. Big at bat.
Come on Tex, come on kid.
Come on 2-5. You're right on it, baby.
Tex, hey, we need one in the right field
seats, Tex. Big hit here. Let's go, Tex.
They really think they can win.
They don't think it. They know it.
Here's the pitch, he lines
a base hit to right field.
That scores Cano and the
Yankees are now down ten-seven.
These are the moments we live for.
Hideki Matsui steps to the plate
hoping to change everything
in one single swing.
Come on, Matsu. Come on baby.
Here's the pitch,
- cut on and missed.
- Steeeee-rike 1!
Hey, that curve's been
tying him up all night.
I want to see 500 feet, baby.
A gigantic one.
Matty, we need you right now PacMan. This
is what you do best, picking up them RBIs.
You got this!
See how he's spinning the ball
in his hand like that, Jack.
He's tipping his pitch. He only
does that before he throws a curve.
And here's the 0-1,
Steeee-rike 2!
Hey, guys, look. Look.
He's tipping his pitch.
He's tipping his pitch.
Yeah, that's what I'm
talking about baby.
I got to tell him.
It's you now, it's you.
Now he comes set to the belt...
Just believing you can do it,
Jack, can change the game.
Let's go Yankees!
Let's go Yankees!
Excuse me, Mr. Matsui.
Hey, what's the kid doing?
It looks like Matsui is being
told something by the bat boy.
I wonder what they
could be talking about.
- Hey, kid, what did you say to him?
- Something that Babe taught me.
The Yankees are down
to their last strike.
Hey, hit one in the seats, let's go.
Now, Matsui digs back in.
I'm feeling the pie, Jack.
I'm feeling the pie, Jack.
Come on, we've done it all year long.
There it goes. Deep Center.
It is high, it is far, it is gone!
Into Monument Park.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, baby!
A thriller by Godzilla.
We win!
Game over. Regular Season Over.
Yankees win!
The Yankees win!
And the Yankees are now
headed to the playoffs.
What do you think
about that, Michael?
Well, it looks like mystique and
aura have crossed the street
and now live here at the
House that George built.
Omedetou Jack!
I bet you never thought
you could do all that.
Not in a million years.
Hey, Henry, can I meet some
of the other guys like...
Joe Dimaggio or, or Roger Maris?
Or Billy Martin?
Well, maybe some other time.
Right now...
it's time to go home.
But I don't want to go home.
I want to stay here.
Look, I have hair.
No tubes. I can move.
And I can hit home runs
and throw curve balls.
I'm not tired anymore.
Can't I just stay here a little
bit longer? I just got here.
Sorry, Jack.
That's not the way it works.
And what about the team?
They need me.
There's another team that
needs you even more.
That's not fair.
I'm not ready to go yet.
I can't...
I just can't.
Are you in there?
Yeah, of course.
I'm not ready to go, Henry.
I see you found my chair.
Leave me alone.
You know, when I was scared,
I used to come in here, too.
I'd sit in that exact
chair and wait...
until I felt strong enough
to face the world.
What did you have to be scared about?
Oh, I've got a few monsters
in my closet, too.
But the way I see it,
you have two choices...
either you hide from them,
or you step up and face them.
Head on.
Come here, I want to
show you something.
Okay, you wanted a warning, here's your
warning. I'm about to touch my pin.
You mean you're Lou Gehrig?
At your service.
Fans, for the past two weeks you've
been reading about the bad break I got.
Yet today I consider myself...
the luckiest man on
the face of this earth.
How did you do it?
You were just as sick as I am.
How did you keep playing every day?
I'm a Yankee, Jack.
That's what we do.
Okay, Henry.
I'm ready.
What a brave kid, guys?
That kid's got a lot
of Yankee in him.
Of course he does.
'Cause he believes.
He sure does.
Jack? Can you hear me?
Hey sport. The doctor
said everything went well.
Now all we need you
to do is wake up, okay?
We were so worried.
Don't worry, Jackie. You'll never
have to go through this again.
I can if I have to.
Dad. He tipped his pitch.
Matsui. He knew it was
going to be a curve.
- How on earth did you...
- Excuse me, Jack.
How you doing, Sport? You're looking good.
Listen, I found some people out here...
roaming the halls saying they want
to visit. Should I send them in?
I don't think this is a good time.
Maybe if you all could, could just...
- Big guy.
- Mariano!
- Should we come back later?
- No! Now is great!
What's going on,
buddy, how you doing?
Hey, Jack. What's going on buddy.
How you feeling, man?
Like that hat. Love you're
showing the colors.
Would you like us to sign it?
No, he's not really comfortable
taking it off in front of...
There's nothing wrong
with a good looking dome.
But don't worry kid,
it'll all come back.
- I hear you're a big fan.
- Yeah! The biggest!
You're doctor told us
you're one brave kid.
I've had my eye on this
one for a long time guys.
He definitely has what
it takes to be a Yankee.
And you know, Jack,
once a Yankee, always a Yankee.
You know, you look
really familiar to me.
Yeah, me, too.
Now that you mention it,
have we met before?
- Hey, boys.
- Hi, Boss.
- How ya doing, Mr. Steinbrenner.
- Mr. Steinbrenner!
You got the Boss here.
- How are you, Jack?
- I'm great.
Listen, the whole team...
we're real proud of you,
so we wanted to give
you a little something.
This is to certify that Jack
has earned the right...
to be called a New York Yankee.
For me.
I got mine a few years back
and it's been very inspiring.
Hey Regg... how do
I get one of those?
Hit 3 bombs in a World Series game,
and maybe we'll talk.
- Man, he got you, Tex.
- Tex, that's cold, man.
Mark, just don't strike out as much.
Go ahead. That's right. Pile on.
I'm used to carrying you, anyway.
Yeah, yeah.
That's right Reg, thank you.
Hey, Jack!
That's what I'm talking about.
Remember... live as big as you can.
You made it, Jack.
Enjoy every minute of it.
Watch out for the suit, George.
George, not the suit!
"Henry and Me"
is dedicated to the Boss,
George M. Steinbrenner III.
Boss, you ready?
Okay, Henry, I'm ready.
Henry, you drive.
Babe, get in the back.
For you, Boss, my pleasure.