Her Body (2023) Movie Script

- Here?
- What?
- Well, over there.
- I guess so.
But can we see anything there?
Last dive of the competition:
Andrea Absolonov.
Two and a half somersaults, reverse,
from ten meters.
Difficulty: 2.8.
- Great!
- Perfect!
8.5, 8, 8, 8.5, 8.
You could have waited
on the vault, but otherwise great!
- Super! Great!
- Yeah.
Andrea, perfect!
Easy now...
Thanks go to both the judges
and competitors!
And now the results.
The winner is Andrea Absolonov
with 387.92 total points.
- She did it!
- Here we go, she's won!
Second place - Jana Charvtov...
- You'll show them.
- 345.97.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Andrea Absolonov is the new
champion of the Czech Republic.
She now has the points,
and we will cheer for her
at the Olympic Games in Atlanta!
You won here, but you'll
have to beat others in Madrid.
- I know, my head at impact.
- Right, your head at impact.
You've got to see the water
and then straighten out.
- I've got to straighten my arms.
- That's right.
- Come here.
- My neck again.
You're overtrained. You can rest up
after the Olympics.
- There you go.
- Yeah.
Here she is... Our champion!
- Show us the medal!
- We have a medal!
Have you got it, Radek? Come!
Come here! What joy!
Come here! We're going to America!
Smile! Show us those pearly whites!
- That's enough!
- Okay.
- Mom, please take the flowers.
- You're a sweetheart.
You hold these.
Here's the art shot!
Girls! Listen, here's risotto,
dumplings with dill sauce, eggs,
beef and some vegetables.
- Thanks. Bye-bye, Dad.
- Take care!
- Bye, honey!
- Yeah.
We're very proud of you!
So, you could bring me something
from the hotel, right?
Like what?
- Cotton swabs?
- Nah!
The towels shaped like a swan!
- But those fall apart, don't they?
- Yeah, I guess.
You're not going to finish that?
What, you're not eating again?
If you had more discipline,
you could do better, too.
No, Andrea, not that!
Hey! When was the last time
we went out together?
After the Olympics, alright?
You're always saying "After this race,
after that one." Let's go dancing!
This one's better!
I'm nervous.
I'm a nervous wreck.
It'll be okay.
It'll be fine, don't worry.
- More, more.
- Okay?
- Here?
- Okay.
- Your breasts are getting bigger.
- I know.
Turn correctly and keep your head up.
Come on! Again!
62 kilos? Are you sticking to your diet?
Outta here! Knapov, your turn.
52 kilos. Good. Let's go! Binarov!
Shake a leg, let's go!
59 kilos?
You've gotten chubby.
You're all flabby. Get outta here!
Next! Absolonov, Andrea!
Excellent! Half a kilo down. Excellent!
Keep that up until the Olympics.
- I bet she's not eating again.
- Skinny bitch!
- Will you develop them for me?
- If they turn out well.
- What's going on here?
- We're having a party!
I can see that.
We'll keep the noise down!
Sorry, I was looking for the bathroom.
Is that a fighting fish?
They're divers, too.
When I was a kid, we had two
and one of them ate the other,
and then it jumped out of the tank.
I heard they do that when they're unhappy.
And you're really good at that, right?
- Good at what?
- High diving.
Yes, I'm quite good.
So why do you dive?
Why do you take pictures?
Come with me.
- How high is it?
- Ten meters.
- That's like four stories up.
- And no railing.
Not now!
Keep your body firm, come on.
Extend your toes. Extend those knees!
And once more! And twist!
Deep breaths. Good.
Legs together!
Straighten out! Belly! And you're done.
You're a real mess today!
I told you you must follow the regime.
You're not allowed to party all night.
Do you want to go to the Olympics?
So you must train every day! Get up there!
You too, Lucie!
Unbelievable. And move it, girls!
What are they doing here?
They were supposed to come tomorrow.
What's wrong with you?
You think I'm stupid?
Jesus. It was just a few photos.
I'm going first.
Really unbelievable.
You're not concentrating!
You're just going
to hurt yourself like that.
You pulled and flopped over. Again!
Seriously, you might just as well
give it up, Andrea!
Let me do it.
You've got nothing to say?
Lucie, clean up the table.
Give it here.
Are you all set to go?
And you packed
your new competition swimsuit?
Yes, Mom.
Why aren't you eating? You'll be hungry.
- No, I won't.
- She's not allowed to eat.
Eat at least something.
You need the energy.
You're just skin and bones.
I am not.
You have to eat. This isn't healthy.
Your weight is fine.
Good morning...
Thank you. Here are your keys.
Hello, ladies.
Let's go.
Come on.
Welcome to the World Cup in Madrid.
The last competition
before the Olympic Games...
Ready? Let's do it.
Wait before the spring jump
and straighten out into the impact.
And breathe.
You show them.
Next competitor - Andrea Absolonov
of the Czech Republic.
Two and a half somersaults, pike.
Libuka, Mla. First round - words.
It's small, it eats flowers...
Do you want to turn over?
Should I call someone?
I'm truly sorry.
But prospects are really varied
with broken vertebrae...
- A white bird on the Vltava...
- A stork?
- No, a white fat one, on the Vltava...
- A gull?
No, it's big, fat, white...
We'll figure something out.
Hello, Lucie.
I'll ask her, okay?
It's Lucie. Do you want to talk to her?
Lucie, she fell asleep. Yeah.
Here she is, our champion!
There she is. Show us the medal!
- Show us the medal!
- The medal!
We have a medal!
And we're going to America!
Smile! Show us those pearly whites!
- It's us!
- That's enough!
- No!
- Mom, please take the flowers.
You're a sweetheart. You hold these.
Here's the art shot! Come on.
Why are you watching this?
Dumplings with dill sauce,
eggs, beef and some vegetables.
Won't you watch it with me?
So, since the last check-up,
there's been a slight improvement.
And so we can start slowly,
that is gradually remove the corset
and neck brace.
Though only for a few hours a day.
And when can I start training?
Training? Well...
Listen, Andrea, you have to realize
people suffering such spinal injuries
often end up...
being paralyzed for life.
You are very lucky you can walk at all.
But when can I start training?
I'm afraid you're going to have to face
the fact that professionally...
But you said I was getting better, right?
That I'm healing quickly.
Was that just bullshit?
No, that meant you're not in a wheelchair.
She can put the laundry away herself.
She's already folded it.
What do you say, Andi?
You have to do something!
- You can't spend your life in bed.
- Radek!
She just frets.
Leave her alone!
What will become of her?
Is she going to live here with us?
What's she going to do?
Can she find work?
What work? First, she has to recuperate!
She needs a plan.
If you hadn't pushed her so hard,
maybe she would've had other prospects.
- But now...
- What "now"?
I didn't want the girls to leave home!
For trainings in the city!
Yeah, right. You're just like your father!
Says you!
He never cared
whether you achieved anything or not!
But I wanted her to be somebody!
What has she to show for herself now?
Her life is ruined.
Is that my fault? I wanted her to win,
to travel, experience things...
I gave up my own career for her!
What more could I have done?
What career?
You never reached anything,
so you pushed the girls into
- a career instead.
- And what's so bad about that?
I wanted the girls to get
something out of this shitty life!
Come on, you may go!
Klra, your turn!
Keep your head straight and jump up.
I want to train. For the Olympics.
We're not having
this conversation, Andrea.
- The doctor clearly said...
- I'll pay for it myself.
- Travel, competitions, everything.
- Andrea, stop it.
So I'll train with someone else.
Nobody will train you.
Are you stupid, or what?
Stop, don't go there!
I'm already training someone else.
- Hi!
- Hi.
What are you doing here?
I live here, don't I?
You're tired of living with our folks.
It's just not working out.
I understand.
You should have taken better care of it.
How you doin'?
Come on. Here's your apron.
Do you know how to work this?
See? Another Einstein.
So label the canned pork, okay?
I thought I'd be working in the back.
You thought! We take turns here.
- Hello!
- Hi!
What are you doing?!
I'm helping you work out.
Why don't you go running instead?
I don't think so. I'm beat from work.
I'm going to be in the
European Championships.
That's... great.
- Is that from work?
- Yeah.
Good. They'd throw it out, anyway.
- That'll be 87.50. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Hi, Andrea.
- And some cigs.
- Yeah. Okay.
45. Thanks.
What is it?
You didn't give me back my change,
but that's okay.
Look, two more shots.
Great! Thanks!
- Andrea, right?
- Right.
I'm Elena.
Let's dance!
Come on! Let's follow them.
She could be a good one, that girl.
Not her, pal.
- Sixty-five fifty.
- Sure.
Here you are.
If you knew about something...
You're off, so you could come in.
We're expecting a delivery.
We still need someone.
- I'll tell Jarka to fill in.
- Okay, if you really need me, call.
Okay, you call her, or I will.
- Adam...
- Yes?
- Take me with you.
- Where?
To your job.
This is my job.
I mean your real job.
Did you read the whole contract?
And you know you don't have to
agree to everything.
So you hereby agree to
everything in the contract?
Are you acting under any physical
or psychological duress?
You agree, of your own free will?
I do.
Is that all?
And... Stop!
- Good with me. Let's do the next take.
- Amazing.
Perfect. That's exactly what we need.
We have to fix that, up here.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
We're going to zoom in on the cum shot.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Bend back, baby,
so your breasts don't sag, okay?
A bit of make-up. Yeah, amazing.
- He's fine.
- Yeah, yeah.
- The camera is running.
- Can we shoot?
- Yeah.
- Action!
- Who slaved over these?
- Me!
That was awesome! Amazing!
Have you chosen a stage name yet?
- No.
- Well, you need something grand.
A real blockbuster! Such as...
Deep Diver Ela. Or...
Deep Lea.
Nothing to do with diving.
But Lea is good.
So just Lea, then!
Simple, and sexy. Great.
- Lea Mae.
- Lea. Lea.
- Andrea...
- Andrea...
come for a photo!
Your first scene!
We have to commemorate it!
- Hi.
- Hi.
I just wanted to ask
if everything was okay.
I just thought if you change your mind,
we could call it off.
Listen, you shoot porn,
and it doesn't bother you.
Yeah, but nobody sees my face.
Just leave it up to me, okay?
- Andrea! Your drink is here!
- Hi there, boys. Well, cheers.
I heard you got Pablo
for your first shoot.
- Yeah.
- You got lucky.
He's got the best cock, girls.
The last time I had a scene with him...
- Language!
- Shut up!
If you please...
Have you heard he just got back from L.A.?
He's shooting an action film with Rocco.
Wow. So if you're good enough,
maybe he'll take you places.
- Go for it, girl!
- Yes.
Oh, pizza!
Hello, uh, six pizzas.
You're a darling.
Hello there!
What's up?
Sorry, this is our kind of baptism!
Join us at the pool, everyone!
Three, two, one!
- How are you doing?
- Fine.
Where are you all the time?
At work.
Till 3 a.m.?
Andi, is something wrong?
I'm fine.
Bring it over here.
It's taking forever, right?
Why is it not working, damn it?!
The battery light is on...
I think the camera got wet.
It's not working.
- How much longer you think?
- Give me five minutes.
How much longer?
Sorry, five more minutes,
the batteries got wet.
- We're kind of freezing out here.
- Doing what I can, girls.
What the hell?!
I'm fed up with this!
If you want, we can pack up and go inside,
and wait till it stops pissing down.
- No, let's finish it.
- Are you crazy?
C'mon, pack up, we're going inside.
Andrea, sorry, but you're not here
to tell us what to do.
Calm down, it's no championship here.
Without me, you have no film. Right?
- Rolling!
- Good... Places!
- Let's go!
- Gimme a sec!
- Sound!
- Sound on.
- Rolling.
- Captive in Delight, Take three.
That's my swimsuit!
- It's the one I used to wear.
- But it's mine.
It's yours.
Adam got you into this, didn't he?
Then what, I don't get it.
Can't you tell me anything?
What do you want me to say?
That I'm happy, finally free,
independent, successful...
I have a flat, decent money...
Decent, my God!
I'm an actress.
Now your hand, I can't see it... great!
Loosen up... that's it! Perfect, perfect!
Those pearly whites. Perfect. Super!
Can you lift it up a bit,
around the breasts?
Just to the edges...
- Like this?
- Yeah.
Good, once more! Let me try...
1, 2, 3... Now! Now!
Hold it! 3, 2, 1... Now! Great.
Now! Great.
Do you like it?
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Can you get
your message across filming porn?
I think I can.
You have to make the most of life.
Make a splash, get a bang out of life.
Make sure you're never bored.
Americans say that
when life gives you lemons...
make lemonade!
- That's a good one.
- Right?
How does it feel to win
awards for your work?
Last month you won
Best New Performer of the Year.
Good, it feels good.
It feels good to know you're the best.
They say even Larry Flynt
is a fan of your work.
I hope he's not the only one.
What about you?
Well, I thought Sensual Lea was a classic.
Can I ask a more personal question?
It's a well-known fact
you were a star diver, an athlete.
What does your family
think of your profession now?
We have a great relationship.
Here's how you do it.
- How much are you adding?
- I don't know. Two?
- And now what?
- Now you gotta have this thingy...
- It's on?
- That's how you turn it on?
- Yes. Here you go.
- I see! You put it there!
- You have to stick this in here.
- And then just turn that...
- And now what?
- Now take the cup and just do this.
- That's it?
- Yes!
- That's amazing! So quick!
- Yeah.
- Amazing.
- Coffee time!
- Lucie? Aren't you having one?
- No.
The aroma!
You didn't have to come here
if you won't even look at me.
You're so pretty.
How're you doing, honey?
Are you happy?
And you?
I've got a coffee machine!
That's good, thanks.
Just one? But you love liver dumplings!
I do, but I have no appetite.
Nothing, I heard you guys were insatiable.
That's enough, Lucie.
Enough of what?
Focus on your diving, okay?
Fucking for cash.
I can't believe this!
How did it happen, Andrea?
This is not how we raised you.
You raised me to be the best.
In diving! In sports!
- It's also kind of a sport...
- It is not!
Can we have a drink together?
- Let me pour it.
- Daddy?
Give it here.
Why are you renting my films?
So that nobody else can.
Not here, at least.
I hope you know what you're doing.
I'm going to paint a sun on you.
Do you have a tampon, please?
Here are some sponge thingies...
What do I do with these?
I've never had one.
What do you mean?
I kept training, losing weight...
Wait, you mean... you've
never had a period?
- You're like a maiden voyage!
- Mermaid voyage?
- Like a mermaid.
- You're another Ariel!
It works like a tampon.
You put it in and then you'll be fine
even on the set.
- But how?
- Squeeze it, stick it in, done.
Yes. But put it in deep, 'cause they say
Rick has a big dick!
What's that mean, "big dick"?
"Big dick" means
a kind of horn like a unicorn's.
Rainbow-colored and curved!
I licked her neck
and she had this kind of perfume
which stuck on my tongue...
Still better than those make-ups, dude.
- Yeah.
- I wanted to lick Petra, not Gucci!
- How about football tonight?
- Can't, it's our anniversary.
- Hi, Andrea!
- Hi, boys.
What's that?
- It's from the new American bakery.
- What is it? Thanks!
Yeah. Try it!
It has a hole in it!
Maybe I should wear it on my cock.
That's exactly for you!
Can you get me some coffee?
I was in Spain for holidays
and the architecture
is really beautiful there...
Okay, next position!
Let's roll.
How are you?
Great. And you?
- Good.
- I'll see you in Rome, okay?
Yes, sure.
- Come dance!
- Not me.
Come on! Let's go somewhere
where nobody knows us.
Andrea, that's your problem.
Nobody recognizes me.
You look great in these!
You think so?
Well, you're beautiful!
So you make the most of it!
And enjoy yourself. Okay.
You're a success, pure and simple!
That's the main thing.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
At least you're making money.
And it won't last forever.
One day, you'll want a husband, children...
Andrea, all these shoes!
These ones are new, aren't they?
These pink ones are amazing! They are...
And here's something new for you.
Gold buttons! A wasp waist, my God!
What do you think?
- Perfect!
- This is really something! Wow!
Dad will love it.
Dad's not really interested.
We're not getting along too well.
Wow, look how thin I am! Right?
My dear Andrea...
Come on.
Grab a seat.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
Gimme a kiss!
Sugar first! We need some saccharides.
Waiter? We'd like three Sachertortes.
- Good.
- Okay?
You've got a cappuccino...
We'll have Vienna coffee.
With whipped cream, right?
- Two. That'll be all for now.
- It won't take a minute.
they have the best Sachertorte here.
How are you doing?
Hello, I don't want to interrupt, but...
Lea, right?
- Yes.
- I knew it.
I have an offer for you.
Get in touch, yeah?
I didn't expect that...
- I can't handle this.
- Sit down! Stay here!
You're sisters!
You need to stay together,
especially when the going gets rough!
It's no great art to love each other
when things are going well!
We're a family!
- A family?
- Yes.
- You mean, what remained of it?
- Yes, what remained of it!
Did you tell her?
That Dad filed for divorce?
Because of you!
What do you want?
I just want to talk.
- Are you drunk, or what?
- No.
You're destroying everything around you.
Is it really worth it?
Thank you.
Fuck you!
What is it?!
Damn it!
Stop pushing me!
What are you looking at?!
You filthy pigs!
Elena! Please, that's enough, okay?
Stop fucking telling me
what to do, all of you!
Hey, I'm calling you a cab. Go home.
You go home! I wanna have fun tonight.
- Mommy's still sleeping?
- Yeah.
Mom, wake up! Mommy!
- Let me sleep, kitten!
- Wake up!
- What's that?
- It's you, like a mermaid.
- It's for you.
- Thank you.
It's lovely.
There she is...
What's wrong with you?
Can we finally get started?
Everyone's waiting for you!
- They can wait a minute, okay?
- Hmm, sure thing...
She should get a fucking move on!
What's going on with you?
Don't you want to shoot in the USA?
I do. But I'm feeling really tired.
Listen, pull yourself together. Okay?
I get that you're tired or something.
But they don't get that.
They don't give a shit.
They want to see Lea fuck hard.
Got it?
- Got it.
- Great.
Alright, let's get ready.
Sensual Lea with a hangover!
Can you hear me?
C'mon, baby, get up!
Follow my finger.
Chin on your chest.
I'm going to press here on the eyebrows.
On the cheekbones.
On the lower jaw.
Now stick out your tongue.
All the way out.
And back in.
Thank you.
You will take that off, won't you?
Can I ask you for help?
Go home.
No, I arranged it so
that I could be here with you.
- Good evening, Ms. Absolonov.
- Good evening.
I've seen the resultsof your CT scan
and I have some, uh...
rather unpleasant news.
I'd like to ask if your friend
can stay to hear this,
because our policy states that
she shouldn't be here.
Yes, she can.
As you wish. So...
The results unfortunately indicate
the presence
of a brain tumor.
It is a serious diagnosis
requiring us to determine
what kind of tumor it is.
That will be done through a biopsy.
Do you know what a biopsy is?
That means we take a sample
of the tumor, of its tissue.
If we do that, then what's next?
Then you would have another,
bigger operation,
during which it will be necessary
to remove the whole tumor from your brain.
And then my colleagues
might want to treat you
with radiation and chemotherapy.
Could I die?
Well, we will do all we can for you.
- Wait, I'll give you a hand.
- I can pee on my own.
I'm going to get some rest.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Can I ask you for something?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Is she sleeping?
- The whole time I've been here.
What lovely veins you've got!
Ms. Absolonov, I'd like to ask
if you could sign this for me.
- I've already tried it on.
- And?
- Looks good!
- Yeah?
Nice, huh? Let's see here...
- How do I look?
- Great! Super!
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
ON DECEMBER 9, 2004,