Her Boyfriend's Secret (2018) Movie Script

Well I get up
Like there's no tomorrow
girl, how you holding up?
Is Phillip still bugging you?
- No, you have no idea,
it's been a nightmare.
It's like he couldn't
take no for an answer.
It's not really that
big of a surprise.
He was a little out
there, you know?
- It's been three weeks
since we broke up,
and he's still texting me.
Not cool.
Way uncool.
You totally need to unwind
and forget about him.
Let's grab some drinks.
- That sounds amazing.
I could really use a night out.
You at Blair in 20?
Um, I
think it's your turn to buy.
Okay, I will.
I'll see ya soon, bye.
Na, na, na, na, na,
na, na, na, na, na
God, you scared me.
- Hi.
- Oh, hi.
Um, I'm Melissa Davis.
- Hi, ah,
Can I come in?
- Oh, yes, of course,
please, come on in.
- Thanks.
- So,
this is it.
It, ah, needs a little work.
- This is, this is insane.
God, look at this view.
- Place is pretty great.
The table and the
chandeliers were here
but other than that,
it was just like this.
- Wow,
This is wonderful.
Open kitchen.
This is gonna look really
great with what I had in mind.
Um, Travis said you were looking
for something a little
more contemporary.
- Mm-hmm.
- So, I took the liberty
of putting some ideas together.
- Mm-hmm, yeah,
these are terrific.
Found some pictures
of the interiors online.
- Oh, you can tell you put
a lot of work into this.
I'm a pilot,
I travel a lot for work,
so too much detail
is wasted on me.
I appreciate the
simple detail here.
- And I like this one
- Yeah, it is.
- a lot, too.
- Oh, yeah,
this is my favorite,
and look.
- Mm-hmm.
This setup.
- These are definitely
in the right direction.
It's like
you read my mind,
and you made it better.
- Oh, thanks.
- Would you like
to see the bedroom?
- Ah.
- What?
- Would you like to
go see the space,
where the bedroom will be
so that you can do your job?
Got it.
Wait, I have the job?
Are you sure?
Do you you wanna...
- No, your designs
are amazing, this is
exactly what I'm going for.
You're, you're
perfect for the job.
Special delivery.
Oh, hi, Travis.
- I got the tile for
the upstairs bathroom.
- Hey, man.
- How are ya?
- Good, yeah.
- You've got a little
- Yep.
- Plaster here.
- Thanks.
- You were right
about Melissa.
- Oh, he says that
to all the girls.
That's not true, so.
I'm just, and
your the best contractor
I've ever worked with.
- I will agree to both.
- You two are quite the duo.
- Well, ah, I'm gonna
started on this.
See you up there?
- Yes.
- Cool.
- Have fun.
So, um, do you wanna show
me the rest of the house?
- Yes, if you'll
agree to have dinner
with me tomorrow night?
I do it again.
So that we can
discuss the design,
the furniture, the carpets.
- Right, a business dinner.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um,
of course.
- Okay.
- Ah, do you mind if I
take some measurements?
- And then I'll show ya around.
And then, and
then this whole thing
of pink paint, it just splat
all over my white shirt,
and you know Beth, she's fuming.
And the clerk looks at me,
she's like, you don't
have to pay for that.
- What a saint.
- Yeah, and she actually gave
us two free gallons of paint,
and we finished the family
- Wow.
room with it.
A miracle.
- Wow.
- A miracle.
Beth, you never
told me that story.
- Yeah, I have these flashes
of memories sometimes.
- Yeah,
me too.
- Guys, get in.
A photo to celebrate
this job.
- And cheers to Travis.
- Cheers.
- Oh.
- Thank you for this gig.
I really appreciate it.
Alright, cheers.
You're welcome, cheers.
- Okay, Travis, that was
great, love the story.
- Thank you.
- It had depth,
I cared about everybody in it,
but here's the thing, ma'am.
Tell us more about
this hot new client.
Please commence to details.
- Well, there's
nothing really to tell.
He, ah, hired Travis
too remodel his house,
and then Travis, of course,
referred me to decorate.
- And?
- And, um,
he offered me the job.
- And he invited me to
dinner tomorrow night
to go over color schemes
and patterns and...
- And to talk about how
many children you want?
How tall is he?
Does he have great arms, and
please tell me
about his six pack,
is it visible,
is it
- Okay, Ash, calm down.
I have no idea what
his arms look like.
It's just gonna be talking
shop tomorrow night, okay?
- You're kidding me?
- Brown eyes or blue
because you love blue eyes.
- Okay, both of you
guys, calm down, jeez.
- Alright, fine.
What's his name?
- John.
- Oh.
- Well, what did you say?
- She said yes.
You said yes, right?
'Cause I'm available
tomorrow if you're not,
and I will take him on the
town and have a good time,
and all of that.
- I said, yes.
- Yay.
- Really?
- Yeah, really,
why? Are you jealous?
- Ooh.
- Someone's jealous.
- Wow.
Ooh, do-do,
I'm a little pouty bird.
- Put on your jealous pout.
- Oh, yes, oh.
My name is Travis,
I'm so jealous.
- No.
- No, it's, I don't care.
- I'm adoring that nice
- I'm not jealous.
- jealous pout.
- I mean, aren't
you the one that
told me never to date clients?
- Oh, and you really
took my advice,
and got right involved
with Beth, remember?
Yeah, I,
yeah, I remember.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said that.
- It's alright, it's okay.
Um, you know, it's getting late.
I should probably get going.
- Oh.
- No, stay for another beer.
That's okay, I got a
early morning
Good night, ladies.
- Good night, Travis.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yep, bright and early.
- Oh, man.
- Wow.
- I shouldn't have said that.
- Maybe not.
You know, we really need to
find a nice girl for Travis.
Or at least a really
cute puppy, but John,
blue eyed, man of steel?
- Oh, okay.
So, I walked into his door,
- C'mon.
he has blue eyes...
- I really like these.
- Yeah?
- They're terrific.
- Yeah, I showed them
to Travis this morning,
and he loved them, too.
Anyway, that's all
I have for now.
I just wanna make
sure you're happy
before I start bringing
these things into your house.
- I am very happy,
and I have all the
confidence in the world,
you're gonna knock
this out of the park.
Speaking of Travis, he
said that you're from Ohio?
- Go Bucks.
I am from Ohio, I was
born and raised there.
My parents still live there.
They'll never move.
- My parents feel the
same way about Montana.
- Oh, your from Montana?
- Oh, yeah, big sky,
they own a ranch.
- Do you have horses and
the whole cowboy getup?
- Okay, so you fly planes,
and your ride horses.
You're a real modern cowboy.
Just don't call me ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.
Maybe we could go
riding sometime?
Or we can start with a hike,
and build up to actually
getting on a horse.
- Well, it's been a long time
since I've been on a horse.
I think starting with
the hike would be best.
- I don't wanna be out of
line or intrusive but, um,
can I ask you something
that's absolutely
none of my business?
- Ooh, okay.
As long as I don't
have to answer.
- Deal.
What's your relationship
with Travis?
- Oh, oh, gosh, we
just work together.
- That's it?
- Yeah, well, we've
been through a lot.
- How's that?
- Ah, well, Travis
was the contractor
that my best friend Beth
hired to remodel her house.
- He must have done
a damn good job.
- Oh, he did, he's
very talented.
- Maybe I should be
having dinner with Travis?
Well, maybe
you should.
No, before Travis and I
started working together,
I used to annoy him with all
my opinions on everything, and
he finally just
ended up hiring me,
and we've been working
together ever since.
- So that's it, you
just work together?
- That's it.
- Good.
- Well, um, thanks for dinner.
It's been really, very lovely.
- The pleasure's all mine.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't
wanna get to know you better.
I hope that doesn't offend you?
- No, it doesn't.
It's just been a
really long time
since someone's been
interested in me.
- I am.
Why don't we go grab
a drink somewhere?
I have a great bottle of
Bordeaux sitting at my house.
I've been saving it
for a special occasion.
- How 'bout this,
how 'bout we save it
until after I'm finished
decorating your house?
And then it'll be a
reason to celebrate.
- Sounds like a plan.
This place
is supposed to look like
the inside of a sports car.
Carpet seats, leather,
um, so what do you think?
- You're doing a great job.
- But, um, art and
furniture can't possibly
be making you this happy.
So things are going
well with him, huh?
- With who?
You're new
- He's not my boyfriend.
- Mm, how many nights have you
hung out with him this week?
- I don't know,
like three or four.
- Three or four nights
for three weeks now?
That's a lotta time.
- Okay, we're just
dating, relax.
- With a smile like that,
no, there's more
than datin' going on.
That's good, good for you.
You deserve it, Melissa.
- Oh, that's nice, thank you.
So what about you, huh?
It's been three years now.
- Mm,
I'm not ready.
- Hey?
Hey? Come here.
Beth would want you to.
She would.
And you're a catch,
Any girl would be so
lucky to be with you.
- Really?
- Really.
You know,
Beth said before she,
she kept saying,
"Travis promise me
"you won't spend the
rest of your life alone."
- Yeah.
She said that to me, too.
She also said, um,
"Please don't let Travis date
"any of your trashy
college friends."
- Yeah.
- She loved you so much.
- Not as much as she loved you.
- Yeah, I'm not gonna
argue with you on that.
- Look, when I meet someone,
and I have the same
look on my face
as you have on yours right now,
then I'll know it's time
to move forward, okay?
- Yeah,
sounds good.
Get back to work, punk.
We got the basement today, too.
- Great.
- Be ready.
And didn't
like all of New York City
get destroyed in the process?
It's a superhero movie.
Can't you just enjoy the
explosions and destruction
like everybody else?
- Of course not.
Then I couldn't bother
you with my questions.
Speaking of loving someone.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- And then having
it get destroyed,
what happened to that guy,
that guy you were dating?
- Really, that's your segue-way?
- Lame?
- So lame.
The lamest.
I'm kidding, um, well, you know,
he was perfect on paper.
- Mm.
- He was kind,
considerate, funny.
A successful psychotherapist.
- Oh, no, not a therapist.
- Yeah, but he didn't
take his own advice
because about a
year and half in,
he stopped calling, he
stopped returning my calls.
He just disappeared, I guess.
- So, what about girlfriends?
- Oh, my best
girlfriend's, Ashley.
You'll meet her if
you come to Travis
and my anniversary part.
- If I'm not on a
plane, I'll be there.
- Great.
Yeah, and what about you, huh?
What about your
past relationships?
- There wasn't
anyone before you.
- Good one.
- Well, my last
girlfriend, Phoebe,
was smart, funny,
Not as gorgeous as you.
But after five
months, we realized
we liked each other
better as friends.
- Hmm.
- There was no chemistry.
Nothing you can do about that.
- No.
It's not a problem with us.
- Nope.
- I want you to know that
I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not gonna disappear
like that other guy did.
What I'm trying say is,
I really like being with you,
and that
there's something about you,
about us that's special,
and I'm falling for you.
- I feel the same way.
- Yeah?
- But I hate your work schedule.
I really hate it,
it's the worst.
- So this maybe a bad time
to bring up the fact,
that I have to go
back out of town.
So I'll leave first
flight tomorrow,
but then I'll be
back by Wednesday.
- Okay, I hope that's not
gonna happen every week.
- Well, it's not gonna happen
every week.
- Christian?
It's Henry.
How ya doing, I can't believe,
I was just thinking
about you today.
- That's weird, I don't know.
- C'mon.
- Give me a second.
- How you doing?
- Listen, listen.
- How long has it been?
Really, what are
you talking about?
I don't know.
He was convinced I
was a friend of his.
I guess, I guess I have
one of those faces.
- I don't think you
have one of those faces.
- Hey, look, we
gotta get outta here.
Come on, let's go to dinner.
We're running late, okay?
- Give me two.
- Two.
Yep, C'mon.
- Two, comin' at ya.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Okay, so what's the
deal with this party?
- Well, it's at Melissa's house,
so we pretty much just gotta
show up and dress nice.
- Oh, I'm gonna do some
awesome flower arrangements.
- I was thinking about doing
some lighting in the backyard,
maybe some like candle
display, something like that.
- Ooh, nice.
- How's that sound?
- Hmm?
- Hey?
- What? Oh, sorry.
- Oh, hi.
- Um.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- So how long has he
been gone this time?
- How'd you know he's been gone?
you're depressed.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
It's officially predictable.
- I mean, I miss him,
but I'm not depressed.
That's a little dramatic.
- Mm.
- Every time he's gone,
you're bummed out.
- Okay, fine.
I hate it when he's gone
on these long trips.
Am I crazy?
I mean, it's only
been a couple months.
- You're in love.
- I wouldn't go that far.
I would.
I see how you are
when he's around.
It's the same way
I was around Beth.
- My, my cell isn't working.
I'm gonna go post something.
- Ah, right, 'cause
it's been what,
a whole 20 minutes
since your last post?
- I'm getting itchy.
You're not getting
any service here.
- Bye.
- Give me two.
- So do you love
this guy or what?
You heard me.
- I think so.
- I'm happy for you.
- Oh, yeah, you look really
happy for me right now.
What's up?
I, I just
want you to be careful.
- What do you mean, careful?
- He's weird, that's all.
does that mean?
- There's just
something off about him.
I, I don't quite know how
to describe it, it's just...
- Okay, Mr.
Overprotective, he's fine.
We're fine, I'm fine.
- Maybe I'm overprotective,
but I can't help it.
And for the record, in my eyes,
no guy's ever gonna be
good enough for you.
- Oh, that's sweet,
and that's why I love you,
but you know, Travis, I
haven't been this happy
in a really long time.
- I know.
- Can you just let me
be happy, please?
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm calling this.
Let's just go all in.
- All in?
- All in.
wow, trips, trips.
- Wait, you won.
- Boom.
- You got all the cards.
- I won.
- Travis.
- Hey.
Just finishing up the
install on the stove here.
- Uh, great.
Is Melissa around?
- Over here.
- She.
- Hey, oh, I missed you.
I missed you.
- Oh.
- Sorry, sorry.
I wish you didn't
have to go away tomorrow.
- Hi.
- Can I help you?
- Ah, yeah, I tried
ringing the doorbell.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
I was vacuuming, I
couldn't hear anything.
- Uh, I was just
wondering if John is home?
- Ah, no, no, John
isn't at the moment.
- But he does live here?
- Yeah, I'm sorry,
what was your name?
- Are you his wife?
- Who are you?
- I'm an old acquaintance.
- Oh, okay.
Well, if you tell me your name,
I can tell John you...
- No, no.
No, that's not
gonna be necessary.
- Okay.
- Listen, if you are
involved with John,
you're not safe.
He's dangerous, just careful
how close you get to him.
- You still haven't
told me who you are.
- John and I used to date.
- Oh.
But that's over, right?
- Yes, no, of course, I broke
up with him four months ago.
- So what are you doing here?
You're not gonna, okay.
I'll tell John that his
ex-girlfriend stopped by.
- He attacked me.
- What?
- He started stalking
me after we broke up,
and then one night, I
was leaving my house,
and he attacked me.
Fortunately, I was meeting
a girlfriend for drinks,
and she found me,
I, I was lucky,
but you might not be.
- You can't be
possibly talking about
the same John that I'm dating.
- So you are seeing him?
- Well, that's none
of your business.
- He didn't go by John
Anderson when we were together.
He went by Phillip,
and then three months ago,
he moved to Los Angeles and
changed his name to John.
- Okay.
- Please, you have
to believe me.
- You need to leave right now.
I know
that this sounds crazy.
I know that I sound crazy,
but I, I promise
you, I'm, I'm not.
Just trust me,
you are in danger.
- Please go.
- Call me.
Just don't hesitate to call me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Come in.
Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
I mean,
I'm in a bit of shock.
- Well, from what you
told me on the phone,
she sounds like a stalker
who's still in love with him.
- I mean, I've known John for
months, he's a solid guy,
and then suddenly his
ex-girlfriend shows up
to scare off the new girlfriend.
I mean, that's weird, right?
- Hmm.
- I mean, she's a
lunatic or something.
She sounds a bit off,
but John, I'm not sure
John is as perfect
as you think he is.
- Uh, okay, well
nobody's perfect,
but I don't think he
would ever hurt anybody.
- Did you check him out online?
- Of course, standard
dating protocol.
His social media came
up totally normal.
Just some pictures of
him golfing with friends,
and some really cute
pics of his family.
Has he ever shown
anger or violent tendencies or?
- Really?
of course not.
All I'm saying is,
what if she is
telling the truth?
- Travis, he's
really good to me.
I would tell you if there
was something wrong.
There's nothing wrong.
- Okay, I'm just concerned.
Don't get mad.
- Sorry.
- Why don't we check
out her social media?
See what we can find out.
- That's a good idea.
Yeah, um, my
computer's over there.
- I'm sorry I yelled at you.
- That's okay.
Now, what's her name?
Um, Carrie Avery.
- Is that her?
- No.
That's her.
Phillip, if you're out
there reading this,
you will pay for
what you did to me.
The police have arrested
the wrong person,
they didn't do their job,
and Phillip Anderson
is still on the loose.
- Oh, gosh, these posts,
they just go on and on.
- Oh, my God.
She's from Tawny, California.
Maybe I should call the Tawny
Police Department tomorrow,
and see if I can find
out any information.
- Yeah, that's a good idea.
Do you wanna get food tonight?
- Ah,
no, I'm beat.
I think I'm just
gonna take a bath.
- Okay.
I'll just, I'll, I'll head out.
Pick you up in the morning.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It's Carrie Avery, A-V-E-R-Y.
Yes, I can hold.
- Huh.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I just got off the phone
with the officer who
investigated Carrie's attack.
- Really?
- Yeah.
He said that there was a
mugging in town the same week.
The guy they arrested
for the mugging,
had a pair of
gloves at his house
with Carrie's hair on them.
- What about Carrie?
Did they say anything about her
thinking John was her assailant?
- Yes, despite DNA evidence,
she insisted that John was
the one that attacked her.
- What?
- Yeah, the cops said
that she was obsessed
with Phillip Anderson, and
when he broke up with her,
she wanted revenge.
And then he told me
that's she crazy,
and I should stay away from her.
- Okay, clearly,
she's dangerous.
If she comes around
again, you gotta
call me immediately, okay?
- Okay.
- She's got some screws loose.
don't know, though.
Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah, it's just this
whole John Anderson,
Phillip Anderson thing.
It's odd.
I'm overthinking, aren't I?
- Well, I'd probably
change my first name
if my ex started stalking me.
- Yeah.
Are you
gonna talk to John?
- Yeah, I'm gonna ask
him about all of this.
- Well, it's not like he's
gonna tell you the truth,
if he was lying the entire time.
- He's not lying, Travis.
You heard what the
police said, she's crazy.
- Still, when you talk to him,
it should be somewhere
public, okay?
You shouldn't be alone
when you talk to him,
or to her, for that matter.
- You're right.
I invited him to our party.
If he shows up, I'll
ask him about it.
- Hi.
Been a long time comin'
It's almost night
I can't keep runnin'
No, not this time
Feel the pressure
The pressure is
getting tight
Oh, wow, thank you.
Hi, so glad you made it.
- Well, it's a big
deal, third anniversary
of your company.
I wouldn't miss it.
- Oh, how was your trip?
- Oh, flight to New
York, car to the hotel,
wake up in the hotel, airport,
flight to London then
Paris then Geneva.
More hotels, really,
it's all tedious
'til I get back to you.
- Thanks.
Wow, London, Paris, Geneva.
How exciting, all
the places you see.
- Well, it would be,
but I'm always working so I
don't get to see anything,
which is why next month,
I'm gonna take us to Paris.
- What? Are you serious?
- Well, I get free airfare,
so the only thing I have to do
is book the penthouse
at the Ritz.
- The penthouse?
- Mm.
Excuse me, everyone.
I'd like to propose a toast
to my magnificent and talented
business partner, Melissa.
- Shh.
- Who's not only a visionary,
- Quiet.
- but also knows how to
throw a damn good party.
- Come here for a second.
Come over here.
Yay, aw, sweeties.
- Okay, so in celebration
of our three years together.
Three years.
- Wow.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, um, I'd like
to present to you
a token of my undying gratitude.
Oh, no.
- Yeah.
- Okay, I'll open it.
I'm gonna open it right now.
Oh, my gosh.
It's a bedazzled box cutter.
That's cute.
- This is really
the coolest gift.
This is what every women
would ever wish for.
At least me.
Right, you'll never
have to lose mine ever again.
It's gonna be great.
- That's right.
- Yep.
- I have my own.
Cheers, everybody.
Let me see
that, that's so cute.
- Congratulations.
- Oh, my gosh.
I'm so proud
of you, congratulations.
- You nailed it.
- Oh, yeah.
- I couldn't do it, so.
- Oh, good, good.
- Oh, thank you
so much.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you talk to him?
- No, I didn't, he
just got here, so.
- Mm.
- You know, giving
him a second.
Go talk to him.
- Ah,
Here I go.
- Go get 'em.
- Hey, hey, what are you
doing out here by yourself?
Who knew that
the way to a girl's heart
was through construction tools?
Yeah, oh, man,
he really gets me, doesn't he?
- You two have a
special relationship.
Yeah, we do.
- It makes me a little jealous.
- What, oh, no,
don't be ridiculous.
Hey, at least you've met Travis.
I haven't even met
any of your friends.
I didn't know
you were interested.
- Of course I am.
I feel like there's
so much about you
that I don't even know.
I don't know anything about
your past relationships.
- I told you about Phoebe.
That's it, that's my only
significant relationship.
- And there wasn't anybody else?
- Oh, now that is
a loaded question.
What do you wanna know?
- I wanna know
about Carrie Avery.
- I don't know who that is.
- You never dated a
girl named Carrie?
- I don't know where
you're going with this,
but it's a little concerning.
Okay, a woman
showed up at your house
when you were gone.
She said she used to date you,
and she wanted to talk to you.
- I, I don't know
Carrie, I swear.
Maybe you
know her from Montana?
- What? Why, why, Montana?
- That's where you said
you're from, right?
- Yes, but I don't know
Carrie from Montana.
What did you tell her?
- I, I just told her
that you were gone.
What else
did you tell her?
- I didn't tell
her anything, John.
You're sure?
- Yeah.
- Look, I'm sorry, but I don't
know who that could've been.
It's no big deal, I just,
I want our private
life to be private.
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- What did she tell you?
- Ah, she,
I mean, it's hysterical.
She said that you, um,
she said she broke up with you,
and then you stalked
her and attacked her.
- What else did she tell you?
Because it's
absolutely not true.
I will find out who she
is, but in the meantime,
I don't want you working
at the house alone.
- Okay, it's fine, though.
I'm not afraid of her, I
don't think she's coming back.
- Where was Travis?
You want me to go talk to him?
- No, you don't
have to talk to him.
I already told him, okay?
Just forget that I ever
brought it up, okay?
I mean, let's go
to the party, okay?
I want you to meet my
best friend, Ashley.
I've been telling you
about her, remember?
- Alright.
- She's so much fun.
I told her all about you.
You're not even gonna believe
the things that come
out of her mouth.
- Okay.
- Ah, but she's pretty sweet.
She's very successful,
runs a jewelry company.
- Okay, here he
comes, here he comes.
This is the man I've
been waiting to meet.
- Ashley, this is John.
Hi, John, act natural, my
name is Ashley.
- I've head a lot about you.
- Well, if you heard good
things, they are all true, well.
- Well, I will be right back.
Excuse me.
- Of course.
- Okay, thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
Is your
night going okay?
it's going great.
We need to get to know
each other a lot better.
We can.
Can I get you
something to drink?
- Yes, a chardonnay please,
and snacks while you're
at it, if you don't mind.
- Coming up.
- Great.
- Alright, I'll be right back.
- Thanks, you're such
a gentleman.
- What happened?
he seemed really rattled,
and he didn't even remember
telling me he was from Montana.
- Why would you lie
about where you're from?
- I don't know,
and I don't know if he's the one
that actually attacked Carrie,
but I know he's
hiding something.
- Are you sure, though?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
I think, I mean, I don't know.
I think I'm sure, am
I just being paranoid?
- You gotta trust me
on this thing, okay?
We gotta look into this dude,
and maybe you should
call that girl.
- Carrie?
- Yeah,
try to find out everything
she claims to know about John.
Look, we're gonna get
through this, okay?
Is everything okay?
Sure, fine, you scared
- I'm sorry, why
would I scare you?
- No, you didn't, I mean,
the door just flew open.
It's fine.
- I was looking
all over for you.
Are you guys sure
everything's okay?
- Yeah, um...
- Yeah, we were just,
having a moment of
reflection on our
three year journey together.
- Yeah.
- Sorry to keep your girl.
- Oh, I don't mind sharing
her with you, Travis.
Yeah, mm.
We should go back to the party.
- Actually, I've got
some work to catch up on,
so I was gonna tell you
that I'm heading out.
Busy day tomorrow.
Yeah, but thanks
for inviting me.
It was great to celebrate
with both of you.
- Travis and I will be working
at your house tomorrow.
- Good, I don't want
you working there alone.
- You won't be there?
- I'll be in and out.
- Oh, okay, well, um,
listen, if I don't
see you tomorrow,
then I'll just give you a call.
- Do that.
- Look what I found.
- Oh, great, will you
put 'em on the bed?
- Hey, can I borrow your knife?
Oh, wait for it.
Wait for it.
- Oh.
- Wait for it.
- I'm so proud of you right now.
- This is a great day.
This is really great.
- Oh, shut up.
- It's great.
Did I order these colors?
How's it going?
- Hey.
do you like the pillow?
- Uh, they're bright, colorful.
- I think we should
say no to the pillows.
- So I'm gonna go run
errands for a little bit,
but I'll be home if you wanna
have dinner before my flight.
- Oh, I think that we'll
probably be working here.
- I hope so.
- Did you have a chance
to check his car?
- No, he's been
circling like a hawk.
I'll check when he gets back.
- Okay, you should go check
out the office right now.
- Yeah, good call.
Will you just keep
an eye out for me?
- I'll watch the garage.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
- Hotel, hotel,
- Hey, I thought you
were running errands.
I was until I realized
I left my wallet.
- Um, did you see Travis?
He's hanging lights
in the guest bedroom.
- Ah, no, I didn't because
I came in through the back.
What, what are you
looking for in my desk?
- Oh, uh, I, I need to
find a pair of scissors
because one of the
drapes downstairs
is a little bit
longer than the other.
You probably didn't even notice.
- Are you sure
everything's okay?
- Yeah, why wouldn't it be?
- You seem anxious.
- I do?
Oh, I, I mean,
I'm a little anxious.
I just wanna make sure
we finish on time.
Um, I think our extra
curricular activities
have slowed us down a bit.
- I'm not in a hurry.
- Oh, I know, me
either, but, um,
I just wanna come
in on schedule.
Travis does, too
'cause you're not
are only client.
- Right, I understand,
but you'd, you'd tell me
if something was wrong?
- Mm-hmm, yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Hey, Mel?
Hey, there ya are?
Um, I need your eyes on
the guest room first.
- Duty calls.
Thanks for meeting me.
Of course.
Uh, well, I, uh,
I talked to John about you.
You did?
- And he said
he didn't know who you were.
- Of course he denied it.
- But I know he was lying.
I could see something
in his eyes.
Some flash of recognition.
I know he was lying even
though he said he wasn't.
- Yeah, well he
thought I was dead,
so I'm sure it
came as a surprise
to know I'm still alive.
- I also contacted the
Tawny Police Department
about your case.
- Good, that's the first
thing I would have done.
The guy they arrested
was Willie Ross.
He was the town druggie.
He robbed a woman the same
week that I was attacked,
and the cops pinned it on him.
- What if he did it?
- No, you see, John was wearing
a pair of gardening gloves
when he attacked me.
They found the gloves
in Willie's apartment
with my DNA all over them,
but I know that John
planted them there.
He's vicious and he's smart.
- Okay, why did
he move here then?
- Because he knew the cops
would question him, so he ran.
It was so much worse not
knowing where he was.
- Did you tell the police
you were being attacked?
- Yes, of course I did, but
he had an ironclad alibi.
Listen, he wasn't just
trying to scare me,
he was trying to kill me.
The idea of him doing
that to someone else.
- Carrie, look, I'm really
sorry that this happened to you,
but I'm just, I'm having
a really hard time
accepting the fact that this man
that I've been seeing could
do something like this.
He takes long trips.
He's gone for extended
periods of time.
He was always
disappearing on me.
He said he was a pilot.
That he traveled for work.
He's not a pilot.
I know John's
lying about something,
I just can't believe
that he attacked you.
- Look, it was dark, but I
can assure you it was him.
And if I were you, I
wouldn't wait to find out.
- I, um, I looked through
one of his credit card bills,
and I saw that he's been
flying to Milford every week,
Monday through Thursday,
and coming back here
over the weekends.
- What's in Milford?
- I don't know.
I was hoping you could tell me.
- I, I'm sorry, I've told
you everything that I know.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Did you
find anything out?
- Not a lot, but definitely
something we should look into.
- He didn't see you, did he?
- No.
- Alright.
- So, I went through his car,
and I found some blank legal
pads and some magazines,
and then I found this booklet
from Davrow University.
It had staff on the front.
I didn't have time
to look through it.
- Okay, well, um, pull
up Davrow's website.
Maybe we can find him there.
And go to professors.
Usually they have
pictures online.
Oh, my God.
- Who is Christian Wellesley?
- That's John.
- Christian Wellesley is
the Head of Neuroscience
at Davrow University
in Milford, California?
- He's been teaching
for 15 years.
He's about to publish
his first book.
John's a neuroscientist?
The other day at the park.
There was a man that
called John, Christian,
and John acted like he
didn't know who he was.
- Maybe that's why
he attacked Carrie.
Maybe he thought
that she found out,
that he was lying
about his life,
and that's why she dumped him.
- That's impossible.
- Look, we don't
know who this guy is,
or if this John or
what, but we need proof.
We need proof that John
is Christian Wellesley.
- I have to find out.
- Wait, what, no, are
you, are you crazy?
No, no, no, no, no.
Are you crazy? It's
way too dangerous.
- There's only one
way to find out.
I have to go to Davrow
University and see for myself.
- We'll call the police, okay?
- Travis, the police
aren't gonna do anything.
It's not a crime to
change your name.
- Okay, I'll go.
If I go, it's excusable,
but Melissa, if you're gone,
John will be suspicious.
- Travis, I should have never
let you get involved in this.
- Mel,
let me help.
He said he was going on
a business trip tonight,
but I'm sure he's just
going back to Milford.
- Okay, I'll drive up tonight.
When I find something,
I'll give you a call, okay?
- Be careful, alright?
- Okay.
- Jesus.
Hey, shouldn't you
be at the airport?
- Tonight, I wanted to
see you before I left.
Did you know your
doorbell's broken?
- Ah, no, no, I didn't.
- Hmm.
Mind if I come in?
- Of course.
- I called you.
- Oh,
I know,
I got really busy.
I started this
really big project.
I'm sorry I didn't
call you back.
Is everything alright?
- Yeah, of course.
Yeah, why wouldn't it be?
- You just seem
on edge ever since
that woman showed
up at my house.
- Oh, yeah, well, that
freaked me out a little bit.
I'm sure you can understand.
- Huh.
Do you mind?
- No, go for it.
- Why didn't you tell me
that was bothering you?
I thought we talked about
all of it and it was fine.
- Yeah, we talked about it.
It's just a little weird,
- Look, things have been
moving quickly between us.
We're still getting
to know one another.
You're still figuring out
if you can even trust me,
and that, that has to be earned.
So, if you need some space,
I can take a step back.
- Yeah, I think, I think so.
I mean, for the both of us.
Just slow it down a little bit.
- You're
an amazing woman.
You're smart, you're
funny, you're talented,
and you're worth waiting for.
So I'm not going anywhere.
Now that is clever.
Why don't I have one
of those in my house?
- I will get you one.
- That would be great.
Gotta catch a flight.
- Okay.
- Call me when you're ready.
- Bye.
- Hi, excuse me.
- Good afternoon,
how can I help you?
- I was looking for
the class schedule
and office hours of
one of your professors,
ah, Dr. Christian Wellesley?
Are you
a student here?
- Grad student.
- Do you have an appointment?
- No.
- Then you know how
busy Dr. Wellesley is?
- No, I did not know that.
- I'm feeling generous today.
Here you go.
Contact info is on the sheet.
- Thank, thank you so much.
- And it's your grade,
I can see.
- Hey, um.
- I can see.
You're able, okay?
- Great.
Thank you.
- Hey, watch where you're going.
- Sorry.
Excuse me,
are you a professor here?
Could you help me find
my class on.
- Oh, my God.
He's married.
How's she doing?
She's doing better.
Are you sure?
How's your mother?
- C'mon, C'mon.
Oh, thank, God.
Here we go.
Are you almost ready?
What's your food mood?
- Chinese?
- Ooh, yes, please.
- Pick up, pick up, pick
up, pick up, pick up.
- Have you seen
my phone anywhere?
- Um, uh, there it is.
I'll get it.
You finish.
Did Travis call?
- Yep, just missed him.
- Hmm.
- I did?
Straight to voicemail.
- Is everything alright?
- He went to look for John.
- Why? He's workin'
on his house?
- Yeah, so, um,
we think that John
might be lying about who he is,
and Travis went up there to
find out if it's true or not.
- Where did he go?
- Milford.
- Ooh, the vortex of
no cell phone service?
Girl, my cousin lives there,
and even the wifi
is on crutches.
- Are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.
You'll probably hear
from Travis again
when he drives about
10 miles outta town.
- I'm really worried about him.
- Why? He just doesn't
have cell phone service.
- Maybe I should go up there.
- Why, what is going on?
- Oh, it's a long story.
I'll tell you over
- You'll hear from Travis again
when he realizes he's miles away
from any working
cell phone tower.
Now what's going on.
- Oh, okay, so the other day,
I was working at John's house,
and this woman showed up.
- Uh.
- And she said that she
was his ex-girlfriend.
- Jeez.
- Hi.
- Honey, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Did you get lost?
Been gone an awfully long time
just for a bottle of wine.
- Oh, no, I'm sorry, I
didn't pick up the wine
because I got a
call from my Booker.
There's a speaker who dropped
out of a conference in LA,
and they want me to
fill in tomorrow.
- What? You just got back.
- I know, I'm sorry,
but it's only gonna be two days.
- Are you sure you can
get a flight this late?
- No, all the
flights are booked,
so I'm gonna have to drive,
which means I need
to get my suitcase,
which means that, hi.
- No.
- I'll make it up to you, okay?
- Can I help you get
anything up there?
- No, I'm good.
I'll call you when I get there.
Drive safe.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm, I'm sorry.
- John, you scared me.
- I didn't mean to scare you.
- You did.
I thought you had a flight?
- It got canceled.
- Oh,
You following me
or something, John?
Why would I follow you?
I didn't know you ran here.
- I've never seen
you here before.
I thought we were
supposed to be taking
some time from each other?
- I know, I'm just
going for a run.
- Sorry,
This is she.
Oh, my God, when?
is he okay?
Okay, uh,
uh, yeah, I'm gonna,
I'll be right there.
That was Travis's dad.
Travis was in a car accident.
- Oh, my God, is he alright?
- No, he, he, he drove off a
roadside cliff on the coast
- Melissa.
- And he was thrown from
his car.
- I am so sorry.
- He was airlifted to Los
Angeles for emergency surgery,
they don't know if
he's gonna make it.
- What can I do?
I, I don't know,
I, I,
I have to go see him,
I think, I don't know.
- You shouldn't drive
right now, you're upset.
What are you doing?
John, let go.
- Let me drive you.
Let me drive you.
- Okay, you're hurting me.
- No, I'm protecting you.
- John,
- You're upset, and you
- let go of me.
- shouldn't drive right now
because it's dangerous
- Let,
Let me...
Yes, I understand that.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
he's going to be in surgery
for at least two more hours,
and there's nothing you can do.
Okay, can you just
please tell me what kind
of surgery he's having,
I just wanna make
sure that he's okay.
Sorry, all I can tell you
is it's gonna be at
least a few more hours.
- Okay, thank you.
Hey, it's Melissa, can
you come and meet me?
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, I'm sorry.
I am so
sorry about Travis.
- He has surgery
for two more hours,
and there's nothing I can do,
so, I just feel really helpless.
- Well, I'm happy
that you called me.
We're gonna figure it out, okay?
- I can't think, I can't go home
because John showed
up there unexpectedly,
and he showed up
on my morning run.
This, I think he's
following me, I don't know.
Did you see him?
- No.
Listen, I already called the
Murphy Police and the LAPD.
I asked them to
check the tire tracks
around the scene of the accident
to see if they can match
them with John's SUV.
He is not getting
away with this.
- Thank you.
- Is Travis gonna be okay?
- I hope so.
- What do you think
Travis found out there?
I think he found out
that John isn't Phillip or John,
but he's someone that
works at Davrow University.
I don't care about that, all
I can think about is Travis.
I just want him to be okay,
that's all I can think about.
And I wanna make John pay
for what he did
to you and Travis.
He will not get away with it.
Thank you for being here
You're the only one
that understands.
Unfortunately, I do.
Do you want me to stay
the night with you?
Oh, no,
that's sweet of you.
I'm just gonna go
back to the hospital,
and crash there with Travis.
Okay, well call
me if you need anything.
- Hello, I didn't know
- Sorry.
- he still had visitors.
Is he gonna be okay?
That man's a fighter,
I can tell these things.
- So he's gonna pull
through then, right?
Well, I
can't answer that,
but if anyone can, it's Travis.
Um, I'm so sorry, this
is gonna be upsetting,
but visiting hours are
over in five minutes.
- Oh, no, I'm like
family to him,
I was just gonna sleep here.
- Typically, I
would let it slide,
but my boss is on the
floor tonight, and...
- Please?
I'm sorry, sweetheart,
five minutes is all you got.
- Hey, I can't stay, but
I'll be back tomorrow, okay?
security system has armed.
Please enter passcode.
This is
Vestige Security,
your house's alarm has been...
- Someone's in my house,
please come quick.
Stay on the
phone, we're sending help
- Okay.
Hello, hello?
Where are you?
I'm not afraid of you.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Are you here?
Oh, God.
- There are 42 John
Anderson's in the LA area,
and we don't know
which one's yours.
The social media accounts
you directed me to,
they've been deleted.
- Did you go to his house?
- We sent units by the house,
no one was there, of course,
but we'll continue
to check back.
Now, we did look
at public records,
and we found out
that this residence
was purchased by a private
trust four months ago.
A Fenneman Trust.
Does that ring a bell?
- No, I don't...
- Well, we're looking into
individuals at the trust now,
but until then, we have,
we have nothing to go on.
I mean, there is
no John Anderson
that matches your description.
No evidence that he exists.
What about Christian Wellesley?
- We looked into Mr. Wellesley,
he is a prestigious professor
at Darvow University
in their neuroscience
He's got no criminal record,
and he has a residence
in Milford, California,
where he lives with
his wife and child.
- What?
- I'm sorry, you just,
he has a wife and a kid?
- Oh, my God.
- What is it?
- Travis found out
about John's family,
and that's why he
tried to kill him.
He killed Carrie Avery, he
attacked me in my own home,
Travis is in a coma.
There's nothing that you can do?
- Milford Police have
promised they will interview
Mr. Wellesley, his wife,
and his colleagues
at the university.
- Good, ah, he might have a
bandage or a cast on his arm,
I think I broke it
in our fight tonight.
- That's good to know.
- You can't move any faster,
I mean, there's nothing
at all you can do?
- I assure you, we're conducting
a thorough investigation,
but until we find this guy,
I'd suggest you get
a restraining order.
- Oh, really?
How is that possible?
You said John Anderson
doesn't exist.
Christian Wellesley does exist.
I can't arrest him now,
but if he breaks a
restraining order, I can.
- So I have to be
attacked in order
for you to do anything else?
- You get that
restraining order,
we'll make sure
Wellesley doesn't come
within a 1,000 feet of you.
- I wanna file that right now.
- That's a smart idea.
So this is it.
- Suspect should have a
cast on his right arm.
It was broken when he assaulted
the victim in her home.
- Let's go.
There he is.
- Professor Wellesley?
- Yes, how can I
help you, officers?
I just wanted
to ask you a few questions.
Do you know Melissa Davis?
- No, I don't.
you taken any trips lately?
- No, I just work full time
here at the university.
- Where were you on
the night of the 28th?
- Ah, I believe here in Milford.
I was probably in my
office working on my book.
If you'd like to
speak with my wife,
I'm sure she'll tell you.
that'd be great, can we?
- Yeah, please.
Okay, I'll be
back in a little bit
to check up on him.
Thanks, Lisa.
Hey, you warm enough?
White is not your color,
by the way.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that,
that I let you go look for him.
It's my fault.
I need you Travis, I need
you to pull through, okay?
Because I can't lose you.
I don't know what
I'll do if I lose you.
- No, no, no, it's
okay, it's okay.
Hey, you're awake.
- John,
He's not, he's not...
- No, John, I know, I know.
I know about his other family
Listen to me, Carrie's dead.
John killed her.
And John almost killed you,
I'm gonna take care of this.
I'm gonna end this right now.
You need
to go to the police.
- No, I went to the police,
and they're not
going to do anything.
- They will, you just have
to give them a chance.
- No, I just have to be
grateful that you're okay,
and I have to tell
you that I'm sorry,
that I didn't listen to you.
What you said about John,
and I need to tell you
how special you are to me.
It's horrible when we realize
how important someone is to you.
I mean, you think that...
- Please, don't go up there.
You have to promise me.
- Travis,
I have to,
You gotta promise me
something, though.
You gotta promise me,
that you're gonna hang in
there until I get back.
Because you're all I've got.
- Okay.
- Because I can't
live without you.
I love you.
Say that again.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Thank you for your
help, Mr. Wellesley.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, if I hear of anything
else, I'll call you immediately.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- He didn't mind us.
- His arm was fine looking.
don't like the wallpaper.
- Oh, hi.
- Can I help you?
- Are you Mrs. Wellesley?
- Yes,
and you are?
- Oh, sorry, I'm Melissa Davis.
I'm a friend of your husband's.
- Oh, well I'm afraid
he's not home right now.
- Yeah, I know, he's
at the university.
Um, I was actually hoping that
I could speak with you alone.
- About what?
- About your husband.
It's important.
- Okay.
- How old?
- She's six months.
- Ah.
It's a beautiful house.
- Thank you, it was
my husband's father's.
So, how do you know my husband?
- I'm an interior
designer from Los Angeles,
and John hired me.
- Oh, I think there must
be some kind of mistake.
We don't own a home
in Los Angeles.
- But the Fennelman Trust does,
and Christian is beneficiary.
- I don't quite understand.
- No, why would you.
Ms. Wellesley, this is going
to be really
difficult to accept,
but your husband has
been living part-time
in Los Angeles under the
alias, John Anderson,
and when he goes out of
town on business trips,
he comes to LA.
- Christian is one of
the foremost authorities
on neurosurgery.
He gives speaking engagements
all over the world.
Not just Los Angeles.
- He's not going to speaking
engagements, he's
coming to Los Angeles,
and he's spending time with me.
Look, I didn't know that John,
that Christian was married.
I would have never gotten
involved with him, if...
Why are you smiling at me?
- Because, you're not the
first woman to come here.
- What do you mean?
- Well, sometimes
there's students.
Other times they hear Christian
speak at a conference.
You see, Miss Davis, my
husband is very charming.
Women often mistake his
friendliness for flirtation.
- This is much more than
flirtation, Mrs. Wellesley.
We've been dating
for four months now.
- Hmm, he told me
you might come here.
- He did?
- He said that he met a
woman at an LA conference,
that had become,
how did he put it,
He even said that he had
to file a restraining
order against you.
- That is a lie.
I filed a restraining
order against him.
He attacked me in my home.
He murdered my
friend, you have...
- I can assure you, that
I have grown accustomed
to women coming
after my husband, but
I haven't met one so delusional.
- Your husband is a
very dangerous man.
- I have been married to
Christian for 15 years.
He loves me.
And I love him.
I think it's time
for you to go now.
Have a nice day.
- Thank you for the tea.
- You should not have come here.
Just what did you think
you were gonna accomplish?
- I told her everything
you son of a bitch.
Do you know
that the male medulla
is larger than the
one found in females?
Therefore, men
have more aggressive
responses to danger.
It's an astonishing,
neurological difference
between the sexes,
that even when women
are presented with
overwhelming danger,
they're response is
- Please.
less than that of men.
We are physically
and mentally stronger,
yet you continue to come around
looking for the best in me.
That experiment
that I've emulated,
which is why in the study
only confirms my theory
that men are biologically
and neurologically superior
to women, which is why
I'm able to dominate them,
and that will be the
final chapter of my book.
- Christian?
What did you..
- I didn't know she
was gonna come here.
- Well, I think you
should call the police.
There's laws against
things like this.
- Please help me, he's
trying to kill me.
- Listen to me,
this women is sick,
and I need to get
her to the hospital.
Oh, God.
- Christian, what are
you doing with a gun?
Oh, my God, you're bleeding.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
- No, do not call an ambulance.
What do you mean?
Oh, my God.
- Put your gun down.
I said drop
the gun.
Look, I'm not gonna
tell you again.
- You're never gonna hurt me.
You are just like
all the others.
- Oh, my God.
- Get away from him.
Christian, Christian?
Did you kill him?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
He's been lying to you.
He's been hurting other women.
He tried to kill me.
You have to believe me.
- Go.
Go, get an ambulance.
- Put that in your book.
forget napkins
when setting the table.
- I'm pretty sure
that was your job.
- It was not.
- It was.
- It was your job.
You look so much better.
- How bad did I look before?
- Did you see Rocky?
- I did not look that bad.
It was really bad,
It was really, oh, oh.
- Oh, don't make me
- Oh, no laughing.
No laughing allowed
- Yep, yep.
At this table.
I know you're in pain,
but I'm just really
glad you're here.
- I am, and I'm here to stay.
- Oh,
I just wish I could have
stopped it all from happening.
- Stop it, stop it.
You're one of the strongest,
bravest women I know.
- I don't know about that.
John's still alive.
- John's gonna go away for
a really, really long time,
especially now that his
wife agreed to testify.
- It won't bring Carrie back.
- He's not gonna hurt
anyone ever again,
and that's because of you.
You got him.
And you're home now.
It always feels like home
when your here.
- Uh, uh-hmm.
Hey, what happened
at the hospital?
Hey, we're about to eat.
Come, okay, well you
guys are super cute,
so I'm just gonna
take this picture.
For the record,
I knew this was the
all along.
Look at you.
- Let me see those.
That's a picture...